Summary of the preliminaries

Method and Extend of Investigation as well as Definition of Concepts





Christian "theologians" say that there are 72 chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") that were found, respectively, found again. In addition, this only is the current number and the very restrictive Christian view! So, one can say that Christian foul mouths declare four of about hundred chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") to be "non-authentic". However, if only four chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") of 72 or about hundred were "authentic" ones and 68 or even about 96 were "apokryphe", the Christians hereby inadvertently and indirectly admit that lies, forgeries and deceits are the rule among them and truths, if at all, only an exception. This says more than Christian felons of deceit want to admit. We have good case for taking into account as much as possible. The Nicene council of Christian foul mouths in the year 325 determined Jesus "Christ" the accursed one of god (see: De 21:23) to be "god". After the Nicene gathering those the accursed ofgod (see: De 21:23) viz, Christian foul players, tried obliterating the so-called „non-authentic“ chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") and threatened everybody keeping those scriptures even by death penalty. However, even the "ordinary" Christian Bible was prohibited to keep for Christian brainwashed sheep or programmed robots. Does not the "ordinary" Bible debunk that "he who hanged is accursed of god" (see De 21:23, Ga 3:13), like Satan and his followers (Christians) are anathema to god? Worshiping somebody that is accursed of god (like Jesus "Christ") means worshiping Satan, Satan's Christ or at least a monkey-God as "god". How else one could fob an anathema to god off as "god" but on ignoramuses? Prohibiting reading the Bible to the Christian hoodwinked sheep and/or robots was a matter of to be or not to be for Christian crooks and rogues in frocks of deceits. This prohibition was withstood until the Vaticanum I, which started 1869.

 Only liars and deceivers being afraid of the truths are used to destroying scriptures. Honest people evaluate forgeries correspondingly but do not obliterate them and threaten others with death penalty when keeping them. As they destroyed books even of their own, Christian hangmen's sect later destroyed human beings. Most of the alleged “non-authentic” or "apokryphe" chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") -- the Christian foul mouths tried getting rid, forever -- were found again in Egyptian Nag-Hammadi, in the year 1945 – at the end of Christians' holocaust.

 The Christian foul mouths are not out of the wood when excusing that this or that book is „non-authentic“ because even forgeries do not grow on trees, even if the Christian foul mouths beseechingly try asserting that. 

 There is a transcendentalism of forgeries and deceits, i.e., premises of the possibility of forgeries and deceits. We already said that such a relationship of "authentic" and "non-authentic" writings as the Christians claim is already sufficient evidence of an organized crime of deceivers and other sort of foul players. It is proven that mendacity and deception are the breathing soul of everything, if forgeries are the rule and „authenticity“ the exception, as Christian foul mouths hereby indirectly and inadvertently admit. Therefore, one has to infer that Christian sect is about a gathering of liars, deceivers and brutes, viz, an organized crime concerning religion. If the “great master” deceives, why should not his henchmen do so? If forgeries happen at all, among honest folks the relationship of authenticity and forgery are the reverse than that one of the Christian underhand foul players  and their chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels"). It is not to deny that some of the chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") became declared to be “non-authentic“ only because they debunk the (almost) perfect deceiver and criminal (Jesus "Christ“) and his fellow the accursed ofgod (see: De 21:23, Ga 3:13). In particular, the  chronicle   (Christians' cant: "gospel") imputed to Thomas, "The Apocryphon of James" and  the chronicle   (Christians' cant: "gospel") imputed to Peter are to mention in this context.
 Deceits have the logic and necessities enabling their debunking. 

 A deceiver always has the two faces: The one, the mask (in Christian terms: sheep's clothing), by which he worms this way into his victims’ confidence. The other is the true face that is hidden behind the mask (in Christian terms: the wolf behind the sheep's clothing). Nobody shall deem the deceiver being capable of that what he precisely is about to perpetrate. The deceiver even must express abhorrence against his own traits, nature, intents and deeds in order to lead the victims astray about himself and that what he really wants. That is the ploy of each deceiver’s success. However, somewhere each lie always collides with the truths.

  That is why lies have short wings. Criminal investigation means to scrutinize whether behind the “official” version (sheep's clothing of very pretty terms like, for instance, "love", "brotherly love", "charity", "truths", "humbleness", "modesty", "god", "god's son", "Messiah", "martyrdom" etc.) is another (contrary) one or face (of a wolf or brute). Criminal investigation evenly means that each liar lies for the benefit of his own, even if Christian foul players imploringly try making us believe the reverse that they only would lie for their disadvantage and only after announcement, in advance …! 

 Debunking Jesus "Christ" means to provide  evidence of the hidden true (wolf's) face of Jesus "Christ" and to unveil it (behind his sheep's clothing).


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