Summary of Introduction,

 How  Christians concealed Jesus monkey-God's
Homosexuality even by Perjury





There are people, who voluntarily made themselves eunuchs because of the realm of heaven, Jesus claims. However, he indulges homosexual pleasure with gay Lazarus and heterosexual John. The latter he makes submitted to his gay wishes, presumably by hypnosis. Three times John wants to marry and three times Jesus intervenes. Jesus does not want to lose his catamite to a woman. Finally Jesus makes him blind for three years, presumably again by hypnosis.

Thus, John is unable to watch women. The “new’ chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") and other Christian scriptures that were found in Egyptian Nag-Hammadi in 1945, e.g. “The Book of Thomas the Contender’ provide evidence that gay "Jesus Christ" deemed sexual intercourse between man and woman to be an abominable sin. Early Christian Clement of Alexandria (150 – 215 C.E.) recommends denying authenticity of the scriptures reporting Jesus´ homosexuality, even by the felony of perjury, if necessary. Much is at stake. In Le 18:22 god says to us a homosexual one is an abomination to him. In De 21:23 god more over informs us that "he who hanged is accursed of " him (god). That is what the god says to which Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: "Jesus Christ" ) refers for spurious evidence of his claims!

The Christian infamous sect's “god’, the Christian foul mouths´ would-be “lamb of god’ in truth firstly is an abomination to the god and secondly an accursed one of the god to whom he refers. That is what the scripture says he refers for spurious evidence! How did Christian Mafia react to those clear sayings of god? It prohibited to read the Bible to the victims of its deceit. Catholic sect could stay the course of prohibition until the second half of the 19th century! Hence, the (almost) perfect crime and terror is endangered. Perpetrating perjury is a less “evil’ than admitting lying and deception. Who – except Christian foul mouths – believes in felons of perjury? Who but the followers of Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ
and other Satan's followers worship an accursed one of god as "god"? Even as an old man and when facing death, John brings charges on Jesus because of this rape, having made him sick: having castrated him and having tried to drive him to commit suicide. The faking "redeemer" of Christian, viz, Satan's sect firstly is an abomination and secondly an accursed one of god to whom he feigns to refer for spurious evidence! What else but a hangmen's sect one can expect from an accursed one of god?

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