Chapter: 9, Summary


Miscellaneous  - or the Christian "Martyrdom" in the lunatic Asylum





         Partially, some of this articles that are published here, do exist as web pages of their own. The article “(Jesus) Christ and anti-Christ”, was written in the year 2000, the 100th anniversary of astute German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's death. In the meantime it  became very popular, in particular, in Christianly enslaved countries. Provided that one can trust in the statistics – it has half of the amount of all the hits of this comprehensive web page. (In non-Christian Asia the article of “Christianity and cannibalism <“Eucharist”>” is most popular).   Many web pages of other people and organizations from around the globe establish links to this article.

Since Christians presume to puke that Jewish prophet Isaiah allegedly predicted Jesus "Christ" as “Messiah” and “god” we composed the sections of chapter 2.1 and 4.1 arguing the relationship of Isaiah and Jesus and publish it in chapter 9.7., here. On the contrary, prophet Isaiah warned of religious rogues and prophets of deceit and disclosed their ploys. Astonishingly this matches Jesus "Christ“.

In this chapter general problems and those that are relevant to the present situation are argued, for example, the most important differences between Islam and Christianity, Jesus in Islam, the trick of the “declaration of repentance” of the pope-terrorist of March 2000.

More over in paragraph 9.8 we publish some aphorism, verses and verses of fun on Christian sect.  Whoever wants and needs something like that, here certainly will meet a treasure house. This paragraph always is to be continued. Readers also may contribute. The worst one can do is to confuse this abominable felony of deceit as "profound philosophy". This is only a due and debunking treatment to Christian sect!  


For Christians everything is smooth,

If the audience is full of wolves n' fools!


Sometimes, I write some song for times when Christian spook will be over.  Often visiting the Isles of Hawaii, I made friends with the music of Queen And according to my view I rendered her melody of “Aloha Oe” a text worth of the melody and her.

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