Chapter: 7, Summary

 Satan has a Catamite -- his name is Jesus "Christ"!



Sometimes Mafiosi  have strange manners and customs of their own and Monkeys, at all. Christian objectifications of perfidy or  underhand foul players have ones  other Mafiosi hardly can outdo.  Christian incarnations of perfidy even practice cannibalism.  The Christian underhand foul players are terribly conceited about their Eucharist. However, this is pride  of depravity, goofiness and foolishness. Nowhere self-blindness and fooling oneself  are  more rampant in Christendo(o)m.   In truth, Christian Eucharist  is stemming from Jesus’ cannibalism that in particular is unveiled in  the chronicle (Christians' cant: "gospel") of Thomas. Jesus foolishly believes that one also absorbs the spirit of a being while eating its meat, for example, of a lion.  For those reasons he favors and orders the Eucharist. By the way, precisely by this custom conspicuous  similarities of  Christian underhand hangmen's sect to quite other  ordinary organized crimes become evident. Drinking the blood of another accomplice that’s a frequent custom among Mafiosi.  

More over, by the example of  “church-father” Augustine’s “confessions” we demonstrate that the Christian foul mouths’ pretension that folks morally improve when becoming Christian underhand foul players is nothing but self-deception.  In general, in this chapter we demonstrate that Christian sect thoroughly depraves the evil and how to counter the Christian foul mouths’ conjuring  lies, deceits,  perpetrations of crimes and bestiality and their corresponding prevarications. Even if everything would matter in Christendo(o)m, one saying of Jesus "Christ" never matters to them regarding themselves: "You shall know them by their fruits" (Mt 7:16),  e.g. depravities, insidiousness, perfidy, infamy, outrages, stakes, genocide, barbarities and other abominations. The Christian foul mouths counter and “correct” their omniscient “god” (Jesus), if it is about Jesus or themselves. Christian underhand foul players neither want Jesus nor themselves to be known by his, respectively, their fruits but by  their never-ending quibbling, prevarications  and apologies they  unload on the market …


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