Chapter: 5, Summary

 Jesus' Perfidy of canting his own foul PLay





The sinner, the braggart boasts gravely: 

       "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me” (Mt 28:18).  

On the other hand, this hypocrite feigns in the so-called “Lord’s Prayer”: 

       “Our father in heaven … Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” (Mt 6:9-10). 

However, could the father’s will be done if all authority is given to somebody else? Hand on heart, does not Satan boasts like Jesus "Christ“? Let us recollect:  “And the devil said to him (Jesus "Christ" ), "To you (Jesus) I (Satan) will give their glory and all this authority; for it has been given over to me (Satan), and I (Satan) give it to anyone I please” Lu 4:6). Like Satan, like his (Jesus) Christ! Now we know how Jesus got “all authority in heaven and on earth” (potestas ligandi et solvendi). Like Satan, like his (Jesus) Christ!

       Both are braggarts! 

       Both allege that they keep all the things that belong to god and that they arbitrarily can pass it (potestas ligandi et solvendi) to whom they want for being worshiped as “god”, in exchange!

At every step, we can see Christ’s and Satan’s identity – indeed, according to the Christian “doctrines”! Once cornered, the Christian foul mouths purport their belief to be beyond reason. It belongs with the perfect crime making oneself unassailable by reason. A perfect crime is unassailable. We already demonstrated in previous chapters that Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul mouths are the accursed of god (see De 21:23 and Ga 3:13). That harshly god’s word (“Old Testament”) debunks and condemns the Christian underhand foul players as Christians of Satan not less than reason does! This according to the scripture Christian underhand foul players  misuse for spurious evidence for all their deceits! One does not need to resort to reason or god to condemn Jesus "Christ" as liar, deceiver, braggart and felon. One just needs to read what he said with a long-term memory. Jesus "Christ" debunks and condemns himself as hypocrite, braggart, liar, deceiver and felon. 

 I.e., that what the Christian foul mouths are faking as (sham-) evidence debunks and condemns Christian underhand foul players not less than reason. Corresponding reason, Christian sect is the most abominable organized crime. According to god’s word, Jesus and the Christians are a gathering of those, who are under curse of god (see: De 21:23). Due to worshiping an accursed one of god as "god" (De 21:23) Christian sect turns out to be a Satan's or underhand hangmen's sect like its history demonstrates and what the Christians try veiling by millions of prevarications and  "apologies" .  Who wonders about the spite, perfidy, crimes, infamy, outrages and abominations of the accursed of god?

Even in the „sermon on the mountain“ Satan's Christ  says that to receive remission of sins by god, it exclusively is necessary that those, who want forgiveness by god should not demand something from god they will not grant to their fellow human beings (see Mt 6:14f) Thus he indirectly and inadvertently debunks that  the fairy tale of the “innocent lamb of god carrying the sins of the world on the cross” later was contrived to cant his disgrace as loser on Palm-Sunday and his very ignominy of a death penalty convict. This canting of the death penalty convict's execution presupposes that human beings nothing can forgive but only  "god" by murdering a conceited "peer"  or " associate" of his ... So, "god" gives the example that murder is the right way for forgiveness ... What honest one ever could doubt that Christians address and  worship Satan and his "Christ" as "god", respectively, "god's son" ...


Here, we get involved in Jesus’ sayings, think them out and compare them with others of his. Thus, we judge Jesus and the Christian foul mouths by measures of their own. For example, by Jesus’ own description of Satan we compare the traits and deeds of Jesus "Christ" . More over, we compare the deeds and words of Jesus "Christ" with the Ten Commandments, the "Sermon on the Mountain" or the "Lord’s Prayer". Here, we judge him solely by his own words, not by reason. 

Judged by the measures of their own, Jesus and his Christian underhand foul players stand self-debunked and self-condemned, regardless if the standards  are rational, irrational or whatever they may claim to be. Reason and faith reach the same conclusion. Would a devil or a devil’s son introduce himself as Satan or as “god” or “god’s son” to  the victims of his deceits? Reason only differs with Christian brainwashing and its millions of prevarication and apologies  but not with god’s word (Bible of the Jews)!  

God’s word says in the Holy Bible (of the Jews) that a “lamb being hanged (on the cross)” that so gladly wants “to carry the sins of the world” at best is the lamb of Satan, a sham-god and a sham-martyr (see De 21:23). “Morals” that this ( Jesus "Christ") "lamb” is disseminating are nothing but rogues’ "morals" or “honor among thieves”. Moreover, the “lamb” is only a mask hiding a rat or brute! Is not it “stunningly beautiful” to listen a sham-god and/or his brutes of priests n' beasts “advise”, e.g., that one should “love” one’s enemies -- before reviling, jailing and/or burning in numbers of hundreds of millions them at the stake -- but that one shall hate one’s father, mother, wife, husband and even the children of one’s own…?

Therefore, never forget that Satan, his Christ and all their henchmen (Christians) want to be released from the “yoke of god’s (!) law,” while faking to comply with them. Why faking? Because they want to be reputed as "god", respectively, "god's son“...

 Finally, all rogues and objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) are at loggerheads with the “yoke of the laws” and want to be freed from them by breaking the laws. Because they are used to breaking them, they are criminals, felons, rogues and Mafiosi. They are objectifications (incarnation) of perfidy since they are use to faking the reverse of that they really are, intent and perpetrate. The one is their mask and the other, i.e. the reverse, their real mind.  That is why Jesus knows the importance of releasing his infamous objectifications of perfidy or "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) from abiding by the laws. Hence,  Christian underhand foul players  are “released” from the “yoke of the law, e.g., that they shall not associate somebody else to god or honoring one’s father and mother. After being freed with that by Jesus Satan’s Christ, they become instigated to hate them. In place of this “yoke of law” that sly brute concocts silly yokes of laws to torment the Christian slaves: e.g., ”suffering rut” as Paul says verbatim. There even is “honor among thieves” and so among Christian creeps n' crooks or  rogues in frocks. Those lawless ones want to feign discipline to themselves and others. Thus, the ineptly select an area to sham “discipline”. Due to their odious ugliness, Satan and his (Jesus) Christ hardly have sexual pleasure and they do not allow any pleasure and greatness to someone else they do not have. That is why Christian rogues chose sexuality as demonstration of “honor” among all their rogues. What is the end? Christian sect does not only become a felons’ sect but also the Planet’s most gathering of sexual offenders! Summary: Christianity is (almost) perfect criminality! Christian or Satan's "charity", "love" "love of  their enemies" and/or other sorts of Christian "loves" and "morals" Christian underhand foul players or other followers of Satan contrive  is only "honor" among thieves, rouges (in frocks) or henchmen of Satan!



Our Jesus, murder bomb,

Out of the Christian catacomb!


Your deceits and folly,

We always sham to be holy!


Your underhand foul play shall be granted,

By us it always will be canted.


Holy be Eucharist feat,

It's you we Christian cannibals want to eat!


Your crimes will be done!

As long the world has not gone!


Our Constantinian donation give us today,

Cause even a Christian underhand cannot murder all the way!


And finally free us form our bad conscience,

That always threatens us with vengeance!


Consider, since you want to be worshiped our "god":

We never want to know that we are poor old sod!


And yours are the rats,

The pope traps!


And the creeps n' crooks,

Stooping to your spooks!


And the shit,

In the pit!


And all the underhand,

Without end!




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