Chapter: 3, Summary

Jesus' Perfidy of canting his own foul PLay



  Everybody can rise from the “dead”, who does not die but a double of his. Jesus "Christ’s" attempt of the perfect crime primarily is based on three pillars representing Christianity’s true trinity:  a) semantic simulations (“juggling with names”, b) psychological projections and c) provocation crimes. The latter primarily is our topic, here. Provocation crimes are committed because the perpetrator wants to lay the blame for them at somebody’s (preferably his enemies') door. E.g., when Catholics and Protestants Christians fought one other, the Catholic destroyed churches of their own to pin the blame for their destruction  on the Protestant enemy. The Protestants did not refrain from doing the same on the Catholics.  The evil one despising himself cannot bear the truths about himself. Therefore, he lays the depravity of his at his enemies' or rivals' door or even perpetrates crimes putting the blame for them on his enemies. 

Provocation crimes are a specialty of Christian (almost) perfect crime by which felons fake to be “martyrs”. The depraved one cannot admit the truth  being that depraved or that felon to himself (see: Joh 16:12).   That is why he resorts to psychological projections and finally even to provocation crimes to provide spurious evidence for his self-deception. By NKJV writings, we produce evidence that originally Jesus "Christ" never intended to suffer on the cross, but even despised suffering. He wanted to become the Jews’ Messiah and „King of Israel “ but no (Christian) sniveler. The Christian foul mouths’ -- always faking that they do not sin --  allege that he (already in the beginning of the universe) purportedly was designed by „god” to suffer „as innocent lamb carrying the sins of the world on the cross“. That means that he attempted something on Palm-Sunday (to become „King of Israel “) he in advance knew that it was completely in vain and impossible...

However, the worst is yet to come:

De 21, 22-23 NKJV

22 “If a man has committed a sin deserving of death, and he is put to death, and you hang him on a tree,

 23 his body shall not remain overnight on the tree, but you shall surely bury him that day, so that you do not defile the land which the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance; for he who is hanged is accursed of God."

(See: also Ga 3:13). Oh yeah, - the Christian foul mouths seriously want to fob off on their victims that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ“)

 a)  on Palm-Sunday intended to achieve to become „King of Israel “ he allegedly knew that it was completely hopeless and in vain and 

b) wanted to   identify himself as an accursed one by god to all the Jews knowing their holy scripture. 

However, how else could he cant  disgrace and ignominy being a felon and  death penalty convict? A Messiah never can be accursed but beloved by god. Jesus "Christ" wanted the Jews to acknowledge him as messiah of god and not as one that is under god's curse like Satan is accursed by god. This coach of underhand foul players (Jesus "Christ“) and his fellow objectifications (incarnations)  of perfidy, try palming the latter off on their victims.    The way he and his accomplices (Christian objectifications of perfidy,) succeed in doing so, proves that nobody can outdo Christian liars, deceivers and barbarians as such! That is  (almost) perfect crime and (almost) perfect terror!

Instead of being „god’s“ son or „god’s“ lamb, Jesus "Christ" is accursed of god – like Satan is a under god's curse! Whoever wonders about the spite, crimes, outrages and barbarities of this sect? Do you expect something else from a sect worshiping an accursed one by god as its “god”? If Jesus "Christ" really believed in god’s word (“Old Testament”) he already would had provided a stuntman for his death penalty because of De 21:23 in order to escape from being hanged and thus becoming accursed by god.  What does “accursed by god” mean? Damned to go to hell, eternally!  According to Lu  24:25, after his defeat on Palm Sunday and after  having survived crucifixion (death penalty) by a double, he all of sudden declares  everything to be nonsense what the prophets have taught – those prophets that allegedly prove everything he claims to be, fails and otherwise fakes to fulfill.

 In Christian sect the term of “god” only is a semantic simulation for Satan! Satan does not desire to be addressed and worshiped as Satan but as "god" or "god's son". Now, having failed to become "king of Israel" -- a feature of the Jewish messiah - and hereby having failed to turn out as messiah (Greek: Christos, English: Anointed One)  grudge, envy, avenge, i.e., perfidy and infamy, becomes the soul of his (Jesus "Christ") and his  Christian Mafia trying the perfect crime and terror, all the more! Now, the world has to pay for that what this felon failed to achieve among his fellow Jews! Later on, Saul-Paul will continue giving the shake-up to his „tenets“ because officially the chief of this terrorists’ band (Jesus "Christ" ) is escaped and said to be „dead“ ("residing to god's right in heaven"). Otherwise he would run the risk of repetition of his death penalty with true evildoer. For this “favor” to Jesus "Christ" Paul gets wallops, until today.  Most people think: if Jesus was dead who else was capable of giving the "tenets" such a shake-up ...?

Thus, Jesus "Christ" unmasks himself that his reference to the Bible (“Old Testament”) only is fake for the purposes of deceit. The alleged “candidate” for the office of the „King of Israel now facing the gallows or cross becomes an insidious, perfidious and infamous dastard, even more! So, the torturer of humankind is palmed as the alleged “tortured” one off on the victims of Christian deception. Jesus "Christ" raiding on the Jerusalem Temple, his failed putsch to become „King of Israel “ are already Christian provocation crimes. If we follow the “official” gospels’ version, then he beats up the visitors of the Jerusalem Temple by a weapon. 

However, who is to blame for that battering according to Christian deceit? The knocking perpetrator? No! The victims, those who are bashed up! Perhaps still even some that neither were involved in trashing nor in getting walloped: the Pharisees …! The latter are to blame for all evilness of Jesus "Christ" and his accomplices by psychological projections, very typical of Christian!  Very, very typical of Christian, the walloping one is faked to be Christian „martyr“ and the bashed ones are the “perpetrators” …! Those are Christian “truths”, “morals” and “love” …! And there are still some stubborn guys that do not believe in Christian "miracles" …!  Only rogues, desperadoes and terrorists can believe the Christians' faking of perpetrators as “martyrs” …   However, this  “brawl” tremendously is played down. According to the „Gospel of Peter“ terrorist Jesus "Christ" and his fellow terrorist („disciples“) were wanted by the authorities because of setting fire to the Temple. Demonstrably there were terrorists (“zealots”) among Jesus “disciples” if one does call the Jesus gang to be a gathering of terrorists.   

By the way, this arson makes the Jews’ hostility on Jesus and his fellow terrorists understandable. What would the Christians groan and cry for jailing if anti-Christians would do that to the Vatican what Christian top terrorist Jesus "Christ" did on  the Jerusalem Temple?  Of course, the Christian underhand foul players realized that they could not continue to concoct the fairy tale of „the innocent lamb of god“ that does not suffer for the sins and bestiality of his own but for those of the world, if they keep „The Gospel of Peter“ to be part of their „New Testament“ to which „The Gospel of Peter“ originally belonged ("canon muratori"). 

That is why this gospel was removed from the “New Testament” and declared to be “non-authentic” since  it contained some truths the Christian cannot bear according to their “god” , see:  Joh 16:12 (The “martyrs” of the “truths” cannot bear truths according to their “god” …!) By death penalty (Christian “brotherly love”!),  it finally was declared to be „non-authentic“.  The perfect crime cannot exist if the so many truths become known. Likely, this is the most important reason that 68 of 72 chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") became declared to be “non-authentic”. Christian underhand foul players were able to forge, fudge and tamper with four gospel in the sense of canting the disgraceful defeat of the “accursed one by god” (De 21:23) but not hundred. However, even here, they did not succeed perfectly.  Does not the great impostor (Jesus "Christ") call himself the "morning star" (see: Re 22:16) that is debunked as Lucifer or Satan according to prophet Isaiah (see: Isa 14:12)?  And the books of Moses identifying Christian underhand foul players' "god" as an accursed one of god evenly  could not be forged by the Christian foul mouths  since the Jews are keeping the Deuteronomy, too!

Victims crying at the stake,

Christ is Satan’s fake!


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