Chapter: 2, Summary

Jesus' Training of Foul Play




Realizing mendacity, perfidy or infamous crimes one needs concepts as tools of cognition.  Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ") and his fellow henchmen deliberately destroy the latter. In this manner, the total foul mouth and the total crime (totalitarianism or terrorism) become unleashed while each (moral) reverse is pretended. Totalitarianism is terror mainly perpetrated by the authority of the state and other institutions designing the society such as media. Behind the mask of human rights and democracy, each Christian state is a totalitarian one, indeed the more it is Christian. Christianity -- that is Mafiosi's skills perpetrating foul mouth and foul play while being reputed as "moral" whoppers.   The differentiation only exists since no state executing terror allows calling it terror or terrorism. It is only a juggling with names. 


Christian "values" are hypocrisy, insidiousness and perfidy how "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  perpetrate utmost foul mouth and foul play (crimes, felonies, murder, atrocities, bestiality, barbarities and other sorts of abomination) while being reputed as "the healthy" (see: ibidem), viz,  "moral model", "reverend", "excellence", "martyr",  "saint" or even "god's son".


Christian "values" are traps how tricksters, shifters n' grifters or bastards n' dastards, poor sods n' hogs in the bog or crooks n' brutes trick their victims by successfully  camouflaging themselves as the "meek", "modest", "humble", "lovable" or  even  as "martyrs" playing the "innocent" ...  Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus “Christ”) provides these tricks (of "love") of disguising oneself for being worshiped as "god", in return. For his successful insidiousness and perfidy, Christian desperadoes gather and worship him as their "god", in exchange.  Jesus "Christ" is the best coach for falsehood, insidiousness, perfidy and infamy, viz, for foul mouth and foul play nobody can outdo. So, the most criminal on planet Earth -- lawfully sentenced death penalty convict Yehoshua-ben-Pandera -- becomes worshiped as "god" by a selection of "sick one needing a physician" (Lu 5:31, viz, foul mouths,  bastards n' dastards and brutes n' crooks  among human beings, especially among goofs n' fools. So, they can  feign  to be "martyrs" and play the "innocent", all over... Christian "values" are tricks how to perpetrate the (almost) perfect crime, i.e., how to make one's foul mouth and crimes unassailable. There is no more crime, there is no more totalitarianism but Christianity. It is the most successful (organized) crime or totalitarianism (terrorism) on Earth.


In Latin, fides means faith, confidence, trust, equity and reliance. Perfidia in Latin means the contrary of that, e.g., faithlessness, unfaithfulness, underhandedness, deceitfulness, dishonesty, disloyalty. Perfidy destroys equity and good faith among individuals. This means perfidy eridactes the basis trust and reliance human beings must have,  one to another to exist as community or society. Even animals need somewhat equity and good faith to live together.


E.g., the one that enters a bus must rely on the bus driver that he will try driving the bus corresponding the schedule, not to another location as announced, that he will not arbitrarily provoke a crash, does not drive us to Mafiosi that we get plundered or plunge down the bus from the next high bridge because he wants commit suicide and does not care about health and life of others. The same is if one enters an aircraft. A pupil must have the confidence of becoming instructed by the teacher and not sexually abused. A child must rely on his parents that they do not torment torture or choke it and that they will feed it and prevent from starving as much as they can. On the other hand, husband has to rely on his wife that she will not pilfer, betray or even stab him when he is sleeping or that she or he does not secretly mix poison to the food they are going to eat.


If one joins a religion that offers a Messiah (Greek: Christos, English: Anointed one) one should be able to trust in the priests of that sect, that they really preach a Messiah (Christ) and not an accursed one of god (see: De 21:23).  If one enters a religion one must be able to be confident that the managers (priests) of this sect really believe in god and that they are not interested in deception and that they do not  misuse  the notion of god, e.g., for waging war on those to whom “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31) cannot hold a candle. A religion must provide equity and good faith so if it talks about truths and loves that it really is interested in them and not misusing those terms as a sheep’s clothing, for instance, to camouflage their depravity and foul play, especially their crimes, murder, mass-murder and other sorts of atrocities and barbarities. Jesus “Christ” and the Christians strive for the advantage of theirs by arbitrarily destroying and tricking equity and good faith. That is why nothing is more to detest on Earth but Christian sect and Christian priests.  Thus, Christendo(o)m  really can be called the selection of the  scum of all creatures.


Once more, there is no equity and good faith in Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ and Christendo(o)m.

Once more, without equity and good faith even animals cannot live together.

Christians morally and pertaining to love are still below most animals! 


A psychological projection means to accuse someone else -- preferably one’s rival and enemy – with the depravity, shortcomings, deficiencies and abomination of one’s own and to  believe  “innocently” in such  self-deception. Next to provocation crime, psychological projections are the peak of  perfidy, if they are not caused by mental disease. The projecting ones believe in their psychological projections because they once decided to prefer lies to the truths, viz, to repress the truths once forever. The projecting perpetrator is unable to bear the truths (see: Joh 16:12), he is unable to endure himself and therefore he projects the hated truths  about himself on others (the projection’s victim). That is why Jesus “Christ” demands to hate oneself if becoming a disciple of his (see: Lu 14:26) because perfidy is the “heart” and “soul” Christian organized crime breathes.  


 Purportedly it is about “love” and “forgiveness” in Christian sect. However, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus “Christ”) and the sect he instigated consists of two basic parts: The true face of ravenous wolves or brutes, on the one hand and their disguise in their sheep’s clothing, on the other.


Lu 14:26 NRSV

26 "Whoever comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and even life itself, cannot be my disciple."


That is the Christian sect of "love" -- the love for perfidy and underhand foul play resulting from perfidy! By beguiling parents into hating their children or husband his wife and vice versa (see: Lu 14:26) Jesus Christ and his fellow Christians henchmen try destroying the  individuals’ basic sense of trust not only human beings but  even most  animals cannot do without. You are reading correctly: The faking religion of “love” concerning love and morals even is below most of the animals! The quoted passage shows that Jesus and his fellow Christian henchmen destroy the sense of basic trust, individuals must have,  one to another. In addition Christian perfidy destroys  equity and good faith, the very foundations of human's social existence and replace them by perfidy and foul play (resulting from perfidy). Not only human beings but also even most of the animals would perish if they would be that goofy, moronic and imbecilic as to follow the “prophet” or Satan of perfidy, viz, Jesus “Christ” and Christian hangmen's sect. Without parents’ love to their offspring, not only human life would perish but also most live that emerge above plants, viz, animals.



Here, we demonstrate that he verbatim declared that he wants to destroy humankind. He knows that he most effectively can perpetrate it by destroying the foundation of human's social existence and human's sense of basic trust: equity and good faith. Perfidy - that is the poor "soul" and depraved "heart" of Christian abominable sect camouflaged by love ("sheep's clothing) to make this destruction of humankind and humanity unassailable. There is no more abomination but Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ"), the Christians' mon(k)ey-Christ! There is no more abomination but Christian sect! There is no more perfidy but Christendo(o)m!


Becoming  Christian means making up one’s mind to refrain from equity and good faith, replace them by perfidy and to perpetrate foul play corresponding  perfidy and to hide everything by a sheep's clothing, viz, by the terms of each moral reverse. Even Christian attitude to sexuality is only perfidy and foul play and if still something else,  then it is  ridiculous or “honor” among thieves or “morals” among rogues (in frocks) … (Rogues with frock or without frock suffer from the depravity of their own. Therefore, they select a special matter to fool themselves and  others that they allegedly have discipline. So, silly, ridiculous and preposterous sexual "morals" of Christian gobs, slobs' n' flops or of the lastthat so gladly want to be the underhand "first" ones  was concocted!).

Whoever joins a religion must be able of being confident that  it means the corresponding concepts if it talks about truths, love, sacrifice, martyrdom etc. and does not camouflage lies, hatred, spite, crimes, murder, outrages, atrocities and other sort of barbarities by those pretty terms. However, that is not the case regarding Christian sect of perfidy and resulting  foul play!  Therefore, Christianity turns out as a threat to humanity and humankind. Christianity is perfidy in its very principle, from the very outset beyond belief and past description.


Ancient Roman emperor Julian  (332 – 363) alertly watched the Christian when saying:

“I experienced that even beasts of prey are not that hostile minded on human beings than Christians on one to another.”

Emperor Julian correctly noticed that there is no more moral downfall but Christendo(o)m. Again, this fact is camouflaged by a sheep’s clothing. Indeed, the Christians fooling themselves  to be god's chosen ones can take a lot of  animals as their moral example, in particular,  as their model of love ...  


More over, it is to state:

Firstly:  Each organized crime, especially Mafia, is used to substituting equity and good faith by perfidy as Christians do.

Secondly: Replacing  equity and good faith by perfidy  also is the nature of terrorism. Therefore, Christianity is to call terrorism, too. Everything is only a matter what political power they have to perpetrate.

Thirdly:  The sheep’s clothing of the ravenous brute or wolf Jesus “Christ’s” perfidy is “ love”, “god”, “god’s son”, “Messiah”,  “martyrdom”, “revelation”, “atonement”, “forgiveness”, “sacrifice”, “humbleness”, “modesty”, “doomsday”, “vicarious atonement” etc.

Fourthly: The victims of Jesus’ deception shall think and think: The one that warns us that “heartily” of ravenous wolves in a sheep’s clothing never can be one of them

Fifthly:  One also can prove abomination of Jesus monkey “Christ” by Christian “New Testament”. In Lu 14:26 the monkey “Christ” beguiles his  victims of his deceits into hating, among others, even one’s brothers and sisters. In 1Jo 3:15 the one that hates  his brothers and sisters is called murderer lacking of eternal life. Consequently, the alleged “innocent” monkey  “Christ” on the cross suffering for the sins of the world” according to the Christians’ own scripture is a murderer deserving maximum penalty … He cannot be in heaven since he lacks eternal life! The Christians knowing and wanting to destroy the man's social existence by their sect of hatred incarnate and their "prophet" of perfidy  (Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ), they disguise their perfidy and abomination by the sheep's clothing  of "love" and their "prophet" of perfidy, who contrived that heinousness -- a Satanic monster of creature - the lift up to their "god", instead of god. Those gobs, slobs n' flops of  creature deem their heinous perfidy to be unassailable if feigning it as ones of "god"  or if they fake their mon(k)ey-Christ -- this incarnation of perfidy and Satanic ugliness -- as "god's son" or even "god" ...  


Christianity is the success of perfidy and if something else, then it is the downfall of humankind below the animals. Even wolves and hyenas love their offspring, poor mon(k)ey-Christ instigates to hate … Therefore, comparing Jesus monkey “Christ” with hyenas and wolves is an insult for those animals …! Christendo(o)m is no question of freedom of religion but only one how to fight organized crime.

There is no spite,

Like Jesus Monkey "Christ“!

There is no infamy and perfidy,

Like bestiality of Christianity!


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