Chapter: 1, Summary

The Homo scelestus' Deceits, Megalomania, Lust for Powers and Satanism




Here, we start with the evidence that Ben-Pandera (Christians' cant: Jesus "Christ") is a liar and deceiver. After the impostor's bragging that he is a deceiver to whom no other one can hold a candle, we point out the “three temptations" of his by Satan in the dessert. It is irrelevant if somebody believes that he really encountered Satan or if it is  about a dream, in which his guilty conscience upbraids him to be like Satan. The results are the same!

Lu 4:6-7

 6 "To you (Jesus) I (Satan) will give their glory and all this authority (over the world)"...

7 If you (Jesus), then, will worship me (Satan), it will all be yours."

To this passage, we have to take into account the Christians' very hype of the "sermon on the mountain". Here, Ben-Pandera (Christians' cant: Jesus "Christ") proclaims the commandment:

"Do not resist the evildoer..." (Mt 5:39).

Latin Vulgate Bible is the only relevant one in Catholicism. It translates: "non resistere malo". This mean both: do not withstand the evil and and an evildoer. It is assume that Satan is an evildoer doing evil... So, however can Christians assume that Ben-Pandera withstood Satan in the desert, if his very commandment of the "sermon on the mountain" is that one shall not withstand the evildoer? If he resisted Satan as Christians feign, he turns out as liar  and deceiver transgressing the commandments of his own, the hypocrite obliges  each Christian to comply (see: Mt 28:18-18). However, if he did not withstand the evil (Satan), then  Christian sect uncovers as the result of Ben-Pandera's  deal with Satan. Consequently, Christians  address and worship Satan and his Anointed One (Greek: Christos) as "god." This turns  Christianity out as the trinity of  Satan's perfidy, infamy and criminality on humankind.  The latter tallies with the criminal history of planet Earth's most and most abominable organized crime and/or Satan's sect (Christianity).  That is why Christian sect is to call planet Earth's most and most abominable organized crime. There is no more abomination like Ben-Pandera and his instigation (Christian organized crime).


After having made the pact with Satan but not before, Jesus "Christ" boasts of being able to

         bamboozle everybody but nobody was  able to deceive him,

         perpetrate the perfect crime and terror.

 He is sure to succeed in accomplishing that.

Is not he largely right?  However, there is no perfect crime and no perfect deceit. The impostor talks big „all authority in heaven and on Earth is given to me (Jesus "Christ" and not to god, Mt. 28:18). However he does not retort to Satan's proffer to him of   "all kingdoms of the world" (Mt 4:8) for being worshiped as „god“, in return. He does not say to Satan that he  (Satan) is offering something to him he (Jesus) is already is keeping according to Mt 28:18.  Why does not he reply to Satan that way? The answer: Because at that moment the deal with Satan had been in the phase of offering and not of  conclusion.  Evidently the boaster is swanking about „keeping all authority in heaven and on earth“ (Mt 28:18) after his encountering with Satan in the desert or in the desert dream of his but not before! Otherwise, Ben-Pandera would had answered Satan trying to bribe him with something he already is keeping in his safe. Why does not Ben-Pandera answer Satan in that way: "All authority in heaven on Earth is given to me (Ben-Pandera and not to Satan)" (Mt 28:18)? Ben-Pandera could not answer that way to Satan since at this moment the deal was not made with him. According to  the way Satan passed the „authority to bind and to loose on Earth what simultaneously is bound and loosed in heaven“ Jesus "Christ" passes this counterfeit money on to Peter (see: Mt 16:19), he (Jesus) now and then calls Satan (see: Mt 16:23) and hereby to Christian Satan’s sect.  So, Jesus got the “authority to bind and to loose …”) from Satan and downright passed it on to a Satan and his fellows.  Of course, that is only done on condition that each “donating one” is worshiped as “god.” Therefore, the ominous „father“ to whom Jesus always refers is to identify as Satan, who is  addressed and worshiped as „god” by him and thus his Christian sect.   History of this Christian Satan sect teaches:


Victims crying at the stake,

Christ is Satan’s fake!


Those, who worship Satan as “god”, do not say that they do so but that they allegedly only worship “god” …

Jesus "Christ" believes in nothing he obliges his „sheep“ (slaves) to believe. The latter shall believe everything enabling him to be worshiped as „god“ by the (almost) perfect crime. Jesus "Christ" is up to all the dodges. He knows that he has to worm himself into his victims’ confidence so that they finally believe he even was unable to hurt a fly. That is a presupposition of the perfect crime.  He says, whoever wants to raid a strong man’s house, at first has to bind  the house owner so that he becomes defenseless. After having fettered him one should plunder his house (see: Mt 12:29; Mr 3:27)

Perfidy is to make the victims unsuspecting and defenseless before assaulting them according to one’s (evil) heart’s content. Jesus "Christ" feels capable of the perfect crime and the best way to accomplish it is to make the “sheep” (slaves) believing that their enslavement is to the benefit their own. Therefore, notions like „god“, „truths“, „love“, „morals“, „heaven“, „redemption“ and „doomsday“ etc. – matters at which he only can poke fun – become “accomplices” of the perfect crime. By perfidy the victims become deprived of the arguments they could fight (Jesus’ and the Christian underhand foul players’) crimes, i.e., the victims are fettered. Hence, Jesus is convinced to get his and his fellow underhand foul players' crimes unassailable, i.e. to achieve the (almost) perfect crime.   

Hereby, another important requirement of the perfect crime is accomplished. Sometimes Jesus "Christ" even pokes fun at human beings' credulity and jeers at it. Everybody is to blame himself when being bamboozled. In this regard, he does not seem to be that wrong! Is not he right? Did not he warn  of wolves in a sheep's clothing? Did not he warn that a bad tree only bears bad fruit?   He deems human beings goofy comparable to sheep.  As far as most Christians are concerned he certainly is right ...!

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