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"Jesus' Bluff - The Universal Scandal of the World"


Hans Atrott

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Jesus' Bluff from Casey Morin on Vimeo.


“And if thou (John) wouldst know concerning me (Jesus), what I was, know that with a word did I (Jesus) deceive all things and I was no whit deceived.” (The Acts of John", §96)




English-language version -  Para la versión en español, haga clic aquí

 (The book also is going to be translated into French, Portuguese, Hindi, Chinese, Korean and Japanese).


 Hans Atrott jesus bluff softcover book 9781635080599

"And if thou wouldst know concerning me, what I (Jesus) was,  know that with a word did I (Jesus) deceive all things  and I was no whit deceived." (The Acts of John, § 96)



FEEDBOOKS.COM FOR  € 5;83 (click here)






0.1 Kilibro

0.2 Google 

0.3 ("Evidence that Judas died in Place of Jesus on the Cross"), 17th chapter of the book, click here




 CCBOOKS - a comparison of the different prices and time of delivery  - click here


ISBNS.CO. UK  (Comparison updated in the year 2013 for the U.K., other parts of Europe, Africa and Australia)  click here  (Comparison of the prices starting from the year 2013

in North America) click here 


GetTextbook compares the prices  of Jesus' Bluff   CLICK HERE


00.3   Alibris - Happy HolidaysALIBRIS.COM  compares the prices  of  Jesus' Bluff - click here


00.4 AbeBooks  compares the prices  of Jesus' Bluff  and you can look at the next Abe-Books store in your vicinity -click here

0o.5  informs you what the book costs right in your book store within the U.S.A. (click here).




 Das Online-Shop - compares the prices of Jesus' Bluff in German speaking countries ( klick here)



00.7 WITHIN DANMARK, Sammenlign priser på bøger fra boghandel til boghandel compares the prices of Jesus' Bluff in Danmark (click here).


 I. Availability as E-BOOK (the fastest and cheapest way to get the book)

1. As E-Book from AMAZON'S KINDLE STORE readable with any pc or any other electronic reading device, e.g. Apple's IPAD. People from other countries, e.g. from German speaking countries can apply to the respective branch of the company, e. g. (click below). In addition,AMAZON KINDLE delivers the book  with an English to English dictionary(no extra charge). When clicking on a word, a mask appears to explain  the concept in simple English words. Especially recommendable to people who do not have English as the mother tongue! Amazon delivers the download of the  e-book to all locations, in the world (click here)

The prices for the Kindle Edition:

1.1  From AMAZON.COM  at US $29.78 click here. (Amazon delivers the book with an English to English dictionary explaining specific notions bysimple English)

1.2 AMAZON CANADA at CDN$ 16.32,  delivery within 10 to 13 days-  click here

1.3   From AMAZON.DE  at €11.69  click here

1.4  From AMAZON.CO.UK at £22.46  click here

1.5 From AMAZON.FR at 10,48 click here


1.6 INDIA: The Kindle E-BOOK also is available in INDIA at JUNGLEE (click on the name) for Rs 875,42 (JUNGLEE  also sells the hardcover, see below: Asia, then India).


1.7 INDIA: AMAZON.IN  (Amazon Digital South Asia Services, Inc. ) click here  (for 875,72  Ind. Rs) immediately downloadable ( also sells the paperback version)

If your country does not have an Amazon branch, the Amazon website redirects you to the next available branch. For instance, people from Lithuania referring to become forwarded to or

2. at US $14.16 click here (only to download within the U. S.A.). This GOOGLE E-BOOK also is sold  as an immediate online download by numerous other US-book stores, e. g.  by TATTERED COVER BOOK STORE (Denver, CO.)  at US$ 15.95 (click here) or Toadstool Bookshops in New Hampshire $15.95(click here) or PLOWELL'S BOOK at about  US $14.16 (click here) . For instance, Powell's sells the electronic version at US$ 14.16 (click here). However, all downloads  of the e-book directly or indirectly referring to only are to get within the United States.


3. Barnes & Noble

As NOOKbook-(eBook)  from Barnes&Noble to all locations of the planet at US$ 34.95 click here


4. from PUBLISHAMERICA (U. S. A.)  at  US$ 15.95 download world wide click here


II. Worldwide Delivery of Copies

1.PUBLISHAMERICA  also has edited as well an inexpensive paperback version  of "Jesus' Bluff" (price: US$ $15.95   plus US$ 3.99 shipping within the USA and US$ 12 internationally), click on the company's name)


sells to book in all the countries in which it is represented at US$ 26.56  (free shipping) from America click here.  at all other countries pleaseapply to the respective national branch of the company.

2.2. at € 12,99  (click here)  .


3.The Book Depository Book Depository

U. S. A. The Book Depository U.S.A.delivers the book to all places of the globe at € 16,66.Usually, the books are dispatched 72 hours afterordering, at latest (click here).
4. The Book Depository Book Depository U.K.  Book Depository U.K. not only to Great Britain but to any other country at  or 17.22  (click here).

5. at $ 35.74  (shipping included) within Chile (South America) and to allother countries of the world -- Delivery within 7 days -- click here.

6.  Google sells the book in all the countries it is represented at about 16 €  (click here).

7. Infibeam  (India) ships the book from India to the following countries

  • United Arab Emirates,
  • Australia,
  • Belgium,
  • Bahrain,
  • Switzerland,
  • China,
  • Germany, 
  • Finland,
  • France,
  • Hong Kong,
  • Indonesia,
  • India,
  • Japan,
  • Kenya,
  • Kuwait,
  • Sri Lanka,
  • Malaysia,
  • Netherlands,
  • New Zealand,
  • Russia,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • Singapore,
  • Thailand,
  • South Africa.



North Africa see: Spineys' stores

South Africa: ZA sells   the book at RS 514.00  (including shipping) (click here).


TAKE TWOTAKE2 at RS 462 (dispatched within 10 to 15 working days)  click here

MY SUPPLIER at RS 388  click here or on the logo

In all other countries apply to the respective national branch of AMAZON


For a comparison of prices in North America click here


·        Canada: 

In Canada CHAPTERS/INDIGO.casells thebook as well in its shops all over Canada as via the internet at CDN$ 17,95 (member price 17,05) . Shipping is included. at buying thebookonline from click here, at finding the next book shop of INDIGO in your vicinity click here. (even used ones) 17.95 CDN$ - click here

AMAZON CANADA    delivery within 10 to 13 days-  click here

Click on the name



·        U.S.A.: 


 Alibris - Happy HolidaysUSA --  alibris based as well  in the USA and as in the U.K. sells new copies  at €15,34  (click here)

AbeBookssells the book as well in the U.S. A. as in the U.K. - look at the next Abe-Books store in your vicinity -click here  at US $26.56 (click here)  




Barnes & Noble bn.comBarnes&Nobles sells the book at US$ 15.95, usually ships within 24 hours, shipping included and usually done within 24 hours, click here. In addition, it also sells the book: "GERMAN ACTIVISTS"  -- which also contains a biography on me at US$ 13.88 (click here). sells the  book at US$22,98   (click here).


Bigger BooksBiggerbooksat US$ 33.39 including shipping (click here)  US$ 15.79 (click here),  



·        1150 DOUGLAS PIKE STE 2,

SMITHFIELD,  RI  02917-1291

delivers the book  at  US$ 34,94 (click here)

BUYVE  (Philadelphia, PA)US$ 19.49  free shipping -click here

·        CHAOS.COMCHAOS.COM Santa Clara, CA, United States, for US $ 43.49 (click on the logo)


Cheap Textbooks | Used Textbooks | Textbook Rental | Sell Textbooks | 

at US$ $32.69, immediate delivery since e-campus keeps copies in stock - click here.


Campus Book Rentals - your textbook alternativeCampusBookRentals shipping within two days total costs


·        SUPERBOOKDEALSSuperbookdeals at  US$ 25.23 - free delivery within the U.S.A. (click here) ships the book within 1-2 business days from the state of Georgia at totalcosts:  US$ 22,58 (click here),
One can also rent the book from textbookx - click here

TEXTBOOKS R US at  US$ 19.45 including shipping (click here)



GOOGLE. com (click here) by eBay: Buy and Sell new and used books, music, movies, games and more...  US$ 19.01 within two business days-  click on the logo (click here). Similar to Indigo (Canada), you can buy  the book directly from the onlineshop of or books stores affiliated with Indie Book Stores.  Indiebounds informs you about the next INDIE BOOK STORE  in your vicinity where you directly can get the book (click here) and at what price.  INDIEBOUND is affiliated tobook stores all over the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.The respective book store mostly is not named "Indie Book Store", for instance, Posman Books,   (in the Grand Central Terminal in New York City, Manhattan (9, Grand Central Terminal, New York, New York 10017) sells the book at US$ 19.94) or Antigone Books, 411 North 4th Avenue, in Tucson, Arizona 85705-8444 sells   at US$15.95. Most of the stores also sell online and as e-book.

 (click here)


POWELL'S BOOKS, delivery within 4-9 days by UPS,  as copy at  US§ $19.25  click here and  as e-book at US§ 22.14  click here  and as textstream at  US§ 31.02 click here (the electronic version are downloadable only within the United States)


PublishAmerica the paperback at US15.95 plus US$ 3.95 at shipping within the U.S.A. or 12 US$ at internationalshipping (click here).


Phoenix Textbook Rentals (click on the name)


Co-op Bookstores

THE SEMINARY Co-op BOOKSTORES at US$ 15.95 as copy with free shipping, also sold as immediate electronic download - click here


Valorebooks (which belongs to Muze Inc. New York), shipping within two days at US$16.99  click here,


LogoThe Toadstool Bookshops of Keene, Milford, and Peterborough, NH US$15.95,usually ship in 1-5 days - click here



·        Caribbean World's Greatest Place to Buy Books!  - as Paperback at $34.95  - click here


SOUTH AMERICA Passion for (The company also is running Libreria book shops even in North America andin almost all Spanish speaking countries) € 27.13 click here


  • Brasil

SBS BRASIL SBS at R$ 92,62  click here

·        Chile (also Spain and Argentina) at € 43,81  (shipping included) within Chile and to all othercountries in the world -- ready at dispatch within 7 days . Busaclibros also is represented in Spain, Mexico and Argentinia) -- click here.

  •  Mexico

Mercado Libre    1,31900 Pesetas click here





Asia Minor  (except Israel, for Israel see this list below) ask in: Spineys' Stores
  • China   see:

AMAZON.CN click here --

Taiwan  1398- click here

·        India:

AMAZON.IN  (Amazon Digital South Asia Services, Inc. ) click here  ( KINDLE VERSION for 845,72  Rs) immediately downloadable. Paperback for 2982 Rs (click here)

BookaddaBOOKadda  at   Rs. 2255 (click on the logo) shipping included to all locations over the subcontinent at  Rs. 2416(click here).


HOMESHOP 18 for Rs. 2597 , delivery within 7 days (click on the icon)


KBAZAAR INDIA KBAZAAR a division of K SERA SERA as well new as used ones (delivery within 15-18 days - also free shipping within Inida)  - click here

Buy books online sells the paperback at Rs. 2161 + FREE Home Delivery in India (click here)


JUNGLEE sells the softcover for  Rs. 2,318.00 and the E-BOOK (Kindle Edition) for Rs 875,42

uRead-24x7 online bookstore

Phrakash e-Solutions at US$39.15 (click here).  Here, shipping fees also are included and not pay, in addition. The price is to pay at delivery.

  Infibeam at  Rs 2219  (shipping included at all over India)  - click here.

  • Israel:

By from Probook in Israel   PROBOOK at NIS 169, Delivery time approx. 14 business days,free shipping! Click here

·        Japan:

Amazon Japan  at ¥ 2,980 (click here) etc.


紀伊国屋BookWebKINOKUNIYA. CO at 3736 (税込 click here

Aladin 47,390원,Christmas edition: 20,320원, click here


In all other countries  apply to the respective national branch of AMAZON



Angus&Robertson  at AUS $41.95 (click here)

Instantly and easily search millions of out-of-print here).

   BooktopiaBooktopia sells the book at US$ 25.50 (click here).


BerkelouW Books at AUS$ 53.08, click here   at AUD$55.24 click here  at  $34.95  (free shipping within Australia) click here

#1 Holistic Internet StoreHolistic Page  (No.1 Internet Bookstore) delivers the book at

47.34 within 3 to 7 business days (click here)

AUD$ 71.41  (click on the logo)

New Zealand:

BUY FROM CDWOW NEW ZEALANDCDWOW! New Zealand  at $37.99 (click here)

MIGHTYAPE.CO. NZ at $39.99  (delivery within 6-11 days) (click here)


·        Austria:                        click here

  •    Belgium:      click here  for € 49,99


·        Croatia: Super Book Shop Superbookshop sells the book at 119,49 kn (corresponding 15,93 € | 21,53 USD) click here


·        Denmark:

AKADEMIC BOOKS  (click on the name) at  DKK 348,75  shipping included - hverdage (delivery) within 10 days

·  ALIBRIS DENMARKALIBRIS DANMARK at DKK 131,-  delivery within 2-5 working days,, Sammenlign priser på bøger fra boghandel til boghandelSurvey how and at what prices one can get the book from Danish editors (click here).

cdWOW Danmark
cdWOW Danmark at  DKK 149,-  - Gratis Levering - click here



hverdage (delivery) within 7-9 days  (click on the picture)  DKK 327.58    shipping included

(click on the picture) hverdage  within 7-14 days, at  
DKK 351,- shipping included

  • Estonia

ESTONIA - Delivers also to other countries
 for  21,98€ (click here)
The e-book for 7,66€ (click here)
  • France at  11,64 LIVRAISON GRATUITE ,  click here

Prix Kindle € 10,48 click here


  • Finnland (Suomi)




CDWOW IRELANDCDWOW IRELAND at €19.99 free shipping - click here


LIBERIA UNIVERSITARIA at € 14,72 - delivery within 6-7 working day. Click on the logo.

Prezzo: € 12,46 CLICK HERE




CAPRIS.NOCAPRIS.NO at Kr 107,-- Norwegain kronors, delivery within 2-5 working days, (click here)

 TANUM. at Kr 102(delivery within 2-5 working days) click here


·        Poland: at 142,50 zł  (click here) 415,30 at 168,61  (click on the name)

bookcity at 86,90 zł (click on the logo or name)


·        Portugal:  BERTRAND at € 36.67 (delivery included), click on the logo




  • RUSSIA  for  3.674 ruble

·        Spain:

For the Spanish language version click here Passion for

click on the picture


  • Sweden: 

ALIBRIS SVERIGEALIBRIS SWEDEN at 132 kr, delivery within 2 - 5 working days (click here) at 178 kr, delivery within 3-6  working days (click here)

CD-VOW SwedencdWOW Sweden at 179 kr free shipping (click here)

  • U.K.:

sells the book as well in the U.S. A. as in the U.K. - look at the next Abe-Books store in your vicinity - click here

 Alibris - Happy Holidays U.K. alibris sells the book as well in the U.K.  as to all countries of the EU  starting at 19€ (click here).  

APHROHEAD.COM at  £ 14.16 click  on the logo or here

Biblio U.K.Biblio U.K.  at £ 10.57 + £ 2.18 for shipping.

 The Book Depository U.K. Book Depository U.K at 17.22 (even to all other countries) click here


FOYLES - for £ 30.54


GetTextbooks - U.K.  (compares the prices at textbooks and so at Jesus' Bluff)

at  £25.61 keeps  copies in stock, fast delivery

LOVEREADING BOOKS  at  £22,46 (fast delivery) (click here)

Quatermelon Books at  £26.94, delivery within 7-10 days  (click on the name)

Waterstone'sat £ 29,95 (free delivery within the U.K., at €20,39

 WHSmith homepage WHSmith sells the paperback at  £ 29,95 (click here).


Word Power BooksWORD POWER BOOKS, 43-45 West Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, Scotland EH8  8DB, sells also online  at   £13.99, delivery  within a week, click here

In all other countries, apply to the respective national branch of AMAZON 


Survey of the ISBN of the different Versions of the Book:

Hardcover: 978-1-4489-4657-0

Softcover:   978-1-61582-816-6

Paperback: 978-1-4512-4393-2

E-Book:      978-1-4512-9064-6


Register in the Library of the US-Congress: TXu 1-634-795, see:


Christians while accomplishing their program: "...for Jesus came to crucify the world" (The Gospel of Philip)

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