Hans Atrott
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The Christians’ affirmations that their crimes are a matter of the past are a joke designed for “the poor in spirit” (Mt 5:3). Promising something presupposes that the concerned are honest admitting to themselves that a crime is a crime (and no “love”) when committing it.

The cross Mafiosi never admitted that even their cruelest mass-murders, e.g. on rivals, “to take the first place in everything” (Col 1:18) was about murder but always “only love.”

So, those “lovers” always “truthfully” will keep all their promises of refraining from crimes because all the foul play of those sinners (see: Mt 9:12) will be “humbleness,” “modesty,” “charities,” "selfless self-sacrifice for others" and even “love” when perpetrating terrorism.

Being Christian means having given up all honesty and to lie this as “martyrdom for the truths.”
“’(Christian) Faith’ means not wanting to know what is true."1

Who but goofs trusts in confidence tricksters that do not want to know what is true? Those “martyrs for the truths” demonstrably deny their crimes even for thousands of years…!

Last week, I published a blog furnishing evidence that Ben-Pandera, Saul or Paul "only" are aliases for the death penalty convict the cross criminals call "Jesus Christ."

Trickily, demonstrated its standards of "free speech" to me. This blog only was published to me by Google. Next time, Google or the cross criminals complain about censorship in China; I will submit this case to Chinese government.

(If Google continues doing so, I always will publish at the front page below the image, and my name where you can read the banned blogs as I already did so about the “beauty” of the spiteful little devil, i.e. the cross criminals proffer as “god” to the world…).

It is to assume that some cross Mafiosi urged Google to do so since the many leading people of this company are Jews. Most of my cognitions about this spiteful little devil the "Christians" fake as Messiah (Greek: "Christos") and even as "god" tally with the ones of the Jews. Often I discussed them with Jewish theologians.

However, this is not the only case of Western hypocrisy about freedom of speech. Just a few months ago, the Socialist Party of Romania - a member of the European Union - nominated a Muslima as prime minister for the country.

According to the constitution of the country, the „Christian" state president had to confirm this nomination. He did not and kept silent on the reasons for rejecting the Muslima.

This banning of a woman on account of her belief was taken as a matter of course in the "tolerant" Western world...

In many protection-money-zones of cross criminality non-Catholics are banned from several political offices even by the constitution or law. It is the peak of intolerance making violations on human rights part of the constitution or law.

For example, before the Muslim Carlos Menem in 1989 could become state president of Argentina, he had to convert to Catholicism since this crime against freedom of religion even is Argentine law.

His wife Zulema Yoma, also a Muslim resisted the structural violence to become a cross criminal...

I never heard any complains in Western Media that Muslims are forced to abandon their faith when running for public offices. Nevertheless, permanently, the Western media robotize the cross criminals’ prey that their predators (i.e. the cross Mafiosi) are not only "tolerant" but even models of "tolerance."

Cross Mafiosi give the impression that they hardly can walk on account of their plentiful "tolerance"...

I never read any complains in Western media that a human being became banned from a public office because of keeping "the wrong faith." This only happens if the cross Mafia in other part of the world experiences that what always has been and is a matter of course to itself!

Currently, the cross media in Asia, Europe and America fuss against the Muslims' protests on a Christian Indonesian governor who presumed to ridicule the Koran.

First, it is to state that in Indonesia, there is no law banning people from public offices on account of their faith like they exist in many Christian countries, e.g. in South America.

The Christian in question is the evidence that cross criminals can achieve high public offices in Muslim countries. This Christian, who still is incumbent of the office of the governor of Jakarta, has a complicated name.

However, the Indonesians are used to simplifying such names. They call this Christian governor of Jakarta, the capital of the country, Ahok.

A few weeks ago, the Christian Ahok desired to be re-elected. A Muslim rival of his opined that Muslims should be ruled by a Muslim. However, this is everybody's decision to agree or disagree. Christian Ahok started ridiculing the Koran, i.e. the belief of those who shall chose him as their leader.

A few days ago, there was the poll. Ahok's rule is going to end. He did not become re-elected. The cross criminals are reputed as "tolerant" individuals because they are used to keeping silent about their crimes on human rights and puff up trifles of their enemies.

I even think that the Muslims or the Hindus in India are too tolerant towards the cross criminals. One cannot be tolerant toward organized criminals wanting to extirpate oneself.

Cross criminality is no religion but a persistent crime and terrorism on humankind “to take the first place in everything” (Col 1:18) by misusing the concepts of religion and morals to make this terrorism invincible.

Crime is nothing else but trying to shift n' bag that by foul play what one cannot achieve by fair play. Christian “religion” thwarts fair play. The cross criminals claim to be better or the first because they are cross Mafiosi (see: Col 1:18).

Hence, Christianity is terrorism, in principle, and from the very outset. Christian “faith” shall foil the rules of fair competition who really is the first, better, the winner and the loser…

There is no more selfishness than carrying out the problems of the inferiority of one’s own at the expenses of all the other humans. This is Christianity!

When the ancient Romans got a "Christian" emperor (Constantine) to force cross criminality on them, only five percent of the then Roman population were cross criminals. By snatching the supreme political power demonstrably five per cent could force 95 per cent to adopt their lies, lunacies, perfidies and terrorism (dubbed: "love for the next").

My homeland, Lithuania in Europe is the one of all European countries that withstood cross criminality at the longest time. The cross-Mafia claims this country as belonging to its protection-money-zone by the year 1387. In that year, the then King of Lithuania became offered also to be King of Poland if converting his country to cross terrorism.

In 1387, even less than five per cent of the then Lithuanians were Christians. However, having the king being a Christian, especially by murdering (one million of two million Lithuanians) means keeping the whole country as hostage and prey.

(The Lithuanians stayed pagans for many more centuries and had to lie being cross criminals in order to save their lives. For example, today, Fraud Friday, dubbed: “Good Friday” – the peak of the cross Mafia’s falsehood– is no holiday in Lithuania).

Even if the cross criminals’ fake of god became sentenced unfairly – what, not all, is the case – everything on him would be justified by the criminal record of the organizations to which he gave birth by his hate and unquenchable vengeance.

The problem is that the cross criminals kept and keep impunity because they made and make ethics and laws a function of their terrorism.

It is self-defense banning a Christian from the supreme political office like the Christian predators are doing so towards believers of real religions.

The job of a governor of Jakarta has always been a springboard for becoming president of the Republic. Unlike ancient Roman Constantine, Ahok in this case could not only rely on 5 per cent but already on ten per cent of the population to force the perfidies and terror of the cross Mafia on Indonesia.

A similar terror the cross Mafia already tried starting by making Catholic Sonja Ghandi as president of India. In order to destroy Hinduism in India in favor of the cross Mafia, Sonja G. also could rely on about seven per cent of the Indian population to force the 93 per cent of it to confess cross criminality.

1 Friedrich Nietzsche, Anti-Christ, §52, Translated by Walter Kaufmann, electronically published on: , last call: 04/30/2017