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Already, at first glance, one has to state that an existence of a Saul or Paul only is claimed by the beguilers, i.e. by the “Christians.” In contrast with other big cross criminals, e.g. Ben-Pandera (alias: “Jesus Christ”), there are also reports on those culprits (dubbed: “sinners”) from their enemies, i.e., the victims.

Those reports, however, ridicule the unlimited self-praise, respectively, delusion of grandeur (cant of perfidy: "modesty") of the cross criminals. Hence, those who are shamed by those reports deny that it is about their ignominious accomplices they ruthlessly pass as “saints” if not as “god” off on “the poor in spirit” (Mt 5:3).

What does not fit into their system of lies, foul play and megalomania, that does not exist… What culprit in the dock does not want to get rid of evidence against him- or herself?

Consequently, despite grave attempts at destroying the facts about his life, which mostly are exorbitantly disgraceful numerous reports on Ben-Pandera and his misery of life are still extant, for example, by more or less contemporary Jews, ancient historians, e.g., Suetonius (mentioned in part: 1) or even from philosophers like Celsus (about the year 178).


So, the allegation that Ben-Pandera (alias: “Jesus Christ”) never existed is not maintain. This does not mean that the figure the cross criminals later feign as their “god” did exist.

In the fabricated Trojan Horses, there was an existing individual, e.g., a miscarriage of nature, blind in one eye, dwarfish, bandy-legged, bald, i.e. a spiteful little devil full of hate (see: Lu 14:26) and vindictiveness (see: Lu 12:49).

However, regarding this Paul or Saul, the only evidence, we have outside the cross Mafia, is that those names are aliases for the then acting boss.

Since the Jews believe that they extradited the real culprit to the Roman authorities, i.e., Governor Pilate, they deemed Saul or Paul as a pseudonym for Simon Peter. The Jewish “Toledoth Yeshu” (Life of Jesus) reports the following about this name:

“All these new ordinances which Simeon Kepha {or Paul, as he was known to the Nazarenes} taught them were really meant to separate these Nazarenes (“Christians”) from the people of Israel…”1

“Toledoth Yeshu” originally is about an oral information about the spiteful little devil the cross-Mafia fobs as “god” off on the world. It became written between the 6th and 8th century. This is nothing unusual within the Jewish tradition that oral information became a written one after centuries, e.g., this is also the case concerning cabalistic.

In many regards, this narrative is more precise about the disasters (“Christ” & “Christians”) that has befallen humankind.

“The Toledoth Yeshu” reports about the funeral of the cross criminals’ top terrorist the following:

“A gardener had taken him (Jesus) FROM THE GRAVE and had brought him into his garden and buried him in the sand over which the waters flowed into the garden.”1

How much this oral Jewish tradition even was known among the cross-Mafiosi demonstrates an utterance of early cross terrorist Tertullian (about 160 – 222) who refers to this information of the “Toledoth Yeshu”:

“This is he whom his disciples have stolen secretly, that it may be said, ‘He has risen’, or the gardener abstracted that his lettuces might not be damaged by the crowds of visitors!” 2

The cross criminals’ prevarications that the quoted Jewish scripture was an invention of later centuries is to apply to their aven-gillayon (mischievous writing")3, dubbed: “gospels,” but not the quoted Jewish scripture, inadvertently confirmed by early cross-Mafiosi!

Here, the Jewish scripture factually informs that in this case nothing unusual happened in the terrorists’ “god” case.

The authorities who executed or extradited the felon took the delinquent’s corpse from the cross and buried it in an ordinary grave (from which the cross gangster, later, stole the corpse to ditch it the garden of an accomplice, i.e., Joseph of Arimathea).

In this way, the cross-Mafiosi wanted to: a) prevent being persecuted that a stuntman died and b) to swindle a resurrection of their top terrorist.

Let us repeat: The Judaic scripture informs us that the cross terrorists got the executed body of their top felon (from the death row) neither from the Roman nor from the Jewish authorities but clandestinely stole it from a public grave and afterward hid it in a garden of one fellow desperado (Joseph Arimathea).

The cross criminals’ avon-gillayon (sinful writing)4 faked as “inerrant and absolutely true god’s word” for which the cross-terrorists even are ready to play suicide bombers (dubbed: “martyrs for the truths”) consistently lies.

For example, it hoaxes that a Jewish creep n’ crook (Joseph of Arimathea) without any permission directly could go to the mighty Roman governor to stab him with a knife or dagger, pardon, to command him to hand the culprit’s or his stuntman’s body over to him, i.e. to one of his fellow terrorists (see: Mt 27:57-60, Mr 15:43-46 Lu 23:50-55).

Never forget: The faith of terrorists shifts mountains (see: Mt 17:20) and the truths, anyway!

The corresponding allegations of Mt 27:57-60, Mr 15:43-46 Lu 23:50-55 are nothing but nothing but sheer lies of wholly unscrupulous and depraved ones lacking even relicts of honesty.

Everybody believing in the cross-Mafia’s concoctions, that one is invited to travel to Israel and to demand an immediate encounter on the spot with the president of Israel or the prime minister, because he is adherent of an executed felon or terrorist…

The lie about Joseph Arimathea shall veil the cross-cowards’ anxiety of becoming hanged themselves:

Joh 20:19 NRSV
19 When it was evening on that day, the first day of the week, and the doors of the house where the disciples had met were locked for fear of the Jews,

The fact that the culprits hid for fear also is corroborated by “The Gospel of Peter” originally belonging to the cross-Mafia’s avon-gillayon, i.e., sinful writing (Canon Muratori).

What an error keeping a “wrong” scripture as “absolute truths” for centuries, i.e. misguiding the world for centuries! You never know what disasters happen to Mafiosi wanting play “god” on a planet…!

Now, here, the job is to demonstrate that in contrast with cross criminals’ avon-gillayon (sinful writing)5, one can trust in the Jewish scripture that “Paul” did not mean a special person but only an alias for the then terrorists’ boss.

Ac 13:28-30 NRSV
28 Even though they (Jews) found no cause for a sentence of death, they asked Pilate to have him (Ben-Pandera) killed.
29 When they had carried out everything that was written about him, they (the authorities and no Joseph so-and-so) took him (the corpse of the hanged one) down from the tree (cross) and laid him in a tomb.
30 But God raised him from the dead (in this general cemetery and not in a private tomb of a Joseph so-and-so);

This confirms the information handed down to us by the Judaic "Toledoth." The cross gangsters did not get the delinquent’s body from governor or any other authority but that the latter buried him.

The cross terrorist stole the corpse from the grave (to impede the knowledge that the coward “super-terrorist” did not die on the cross but inveigled an idiot, i.e., Judas Iscariot, into throwing his life away for the most mendacious and vicious terrorists that ever eked out an existence on this planet).

One does not need to put an alternative of reason and belief. This is no contradiction as far cross criminality is not concerned.

A criminal investigation of the avon-gillayon (sinful writing)6 wholly is sufficient. One can convict the Mafiosi by the contradictions of their devilish scriptures as each attorney is used to doing so in other felonious or terrorist cases.

The cross-Mafiosi did not forbade reading the Bible to their caught prey because of dicing but for the success of their foul play and survival… Was not the Catholic-Mafia right to "protect" its gigantic swindle and terrorism in that way? "Protestantism" first of all meant that the (duped) prey keeps the right to read the avon-gillayon (sinful writing).

What serial killer does want the attorney to find out the master plan of his or her scheme of homicides?

The “Toledoth Yeshu” is not the only evidence we have that this claimed “Paul” in early “Christianity” only “existed” as an alias but not as an individual of its own. The mentioned writing is a very reliable source, quite in contrast with cross Mafia’s avon-gillayon (sinful writing)7…

The evidence from different sources that do not depend one on another one constitutes the conclusiveness, unless, one is a cross-hoodlum "not wanting to know what is true” (Friedrich Nietzsche) while fobbing this off as "martyrdom for the truths."

There is no lie, hypocrisy, perfidy and terror from which the cross-scumbags ever would refrain...! This is their very love...!

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