Introduction, Part: 2Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

How the Christians concealed Jesus monkey-God's  Homosexuality even by Perjury


Jesus Christ made  sexual Slaves subservient to him -

demonstrated by the Example of John


"Woe to you who love intimacy with womankind and polluted intercourse with them!" (Jesus "Christ" to Thomas)



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Now, before committing suicide (next part of the introduction) and facing death John is summing up his life. That parting speech scores very reproaches to Jesus and turns out that both had a  love-hate relationship with each other. For John, now life has finished. Any longer, he cannot benefit from lying and deceiving very much because a dead one is not able to enjoy neither delicious foods nor any fame.  Indeed, something about Jesus becomes known that only can disgust each decent human being. 


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Although one should take no pity on those abominable barbarians against humankind and humanity because they deserve maximum penalty for their deceit, fraud and barbarities, one hardly can fend off feeling sorry for John who was (homo) sexually abused and conditioned being a sexual slave to and by his “god” -- the (homo) sexual manic Jesus "Christ" – in a most repulsive way that is beyond belief.  Therefore, sexual misdemeanors, offences, crimes especially on children (“servers") by Christian bastard priests - is already to detect regarding the Christian foul mouths’ idol or golden calf: Jesus "Christ" .  Already from the very outset, Christian  sect of foul play even is a sexual criminal sect. 


Sexual abuse and crimes are the immediate and inescapable results of the Christian foul mouths’ feigned sexual repression faked already by Jesus when he shammed to be a eunuch for the “realm of heaven [i] to then public and his believers but secretly indulged gay sex with Lazarus [ii]  and John.    

The reader of this treatise furthermore is advised to read the treatise of the author “ What did Jesus look like?[iii] as supplement, too.  That is important to  perceive the initial sexual disposition of Jesus, i.e., to be able to estimate the sexual “market value” of Jesus. Here, I summarize the contents of the just mentioned chapter, without largely repeating me or even doubling the evidence.  According to the early Christian foul mouths tradition as well as to non-Christian corresponding sources, Jesus was misshapen, ill favored and tall like a child, i.e., dwarfish.    


This is indirectly even confirmed in the here already quoted “Acts of John” by Jesus' favorite disciple.  Here, John clues that his closest disciples even derided Jesus' outward appearance. In that scripture, John quotes his brother James calling ridiculously Jesus “this child”.[iv]

  Now, one should take into account that largely undisputed knowledge in psychology that sexuality and intelligence correspond to each other.  Inadvertently and indirectly, the Christians of all people provide evidence of that. Sexuality is one of the “areas” that is left to them by which they torment and torture the victims of their deceits (“sheep”) as their brainwashers (“good shepherd”).  Even sadism related to sexuality is a kind of as well perverted sexuality that is not mastered but running out of control.   That means, as ugly as sin or as Satan and dwarfish on the on hand and big urge in the lower abdomen on the other hand, that was the “meek” yoke of the Christian foul mouths’ golden calf had to suffer ("for this sins of the" Christians) … Already not finding a valve in such a personal situation can psychically constitute some Christian foul mouths addicted to vindictiveness while shamming a eunuch…  

One can check the evidence of this statement when not rarely an individual finishes its  "everlasting love" with Jesus when getting a considerable pretty partner of the other gender and thus experiencing “the realm of heaven” in bed -- as another individual weans itself from addiction of cigarettes' smoke.  However, do not tell such heavens to the Christian foul mouths...


They rather would drop an atomic bomb on those pleasures of others they do not have and desire that much but conceal, veil, hide and deny those desires even by perjury. They rather clash, smash, shatter everything than allowing somebody a happiness that they rightly are missing...  For those purposes are their fabrications like "father", "son" and "holy ghost", "god", "immaculate conception", "trinity", "bodily ascension", "the lastbecome the fi(r)st"  and any other  nonsense Jesus and the Christian foul mouths' vindictiveness and hatred ever could concoct…   

Therefore, regarding a human being of high intelligence -- even of an awful one -- it is to assume rather a big sexual urge instead of moderated one – and according to that, Jesus is to rate.  The following one does not need to be presumed because it is   credibly related.


John never had any sexual intercourse with the other gender. Unlike Lazarus, he was not gay, however. Three times John wanted to marry when he was a young man. Jesus thwarted John’s taking up with woman because gay sex maniac Jesus wanted John to be sexual object of his. 


  Gay sex maniac Jesus – the Christian foul mouths’ "god" and a sexual offender that is not to underestimate -- directed heterosexual John by means of his hypnotic abilities to be his subservient slave for his homosexual pleasure and thus consequently made John psychically and physically sick and very servile to him like a dog. Therefore, Christian rogues, Christian liars and Christian swindlers read what John relates about your "god", your golden calf and your topmost felon:


“O thou (Jesus) who hast kept me until this hour for thyself and untouched by union with a woman:“[v]


Oh, that piteous one never had intercourses with the other gender his whole life -- a life that is said to have lasted long. In addition, that was why the homosexual Christian maniac exclusively wanted to possess him alone, although gay Jesus also had gay pleasure with other men, for example, Lazarus.  “Nobody can serve two masters” faking "god" Jesus once said – however, two slaves obviously can serve one master as sexual objects...  Let us listen what John further knows to tell to us:  


“who when in my youth I desired to marry didst appear unto me and say to me: John I have need of thee: who didst prepare for me also a sickness of the body… [vi]


Until now, dear reader, you always read and heard that dwarfish Jesus allegedly always healed the sick. Now, you read the truth about him: He gathered the sick to ruin them thoroughly. Moreover, here, I think it is opportune to indicate to each Christian swindler that the “Acts of John” were not written by the author of the treatise (Atrott) but by a very Christian. However, cross my heart, the Act of John are like a treatise of mine...!  

Those are the truths the Christian foul mouths hypocritically are used to feigning even to become slain for them but rather murdered others to keep them secret and veiled...!   Really, did not   Jesus "love" his next? An adherent wants to marry a woman. However, that dwarfish misshapen something with a nickname Jesus says: No, no – I do not allow you to do that. My lower abdomen is in need of yours…   

Why did Jesus obstruct John’s attempts to marry? Because he did not want to lose his sexual object (John) to a woman! Indeed, that ruthless barbarian Jesus was not interested in the fact that John was homosexual not at all and was attached to women. Lord hypocrite -- "take on your cross", "my yoke is meek" -- was only interested in getting satisfaction of sexual desire. That is the way in which Jesus describes his manner to make a mess of the life of others as he himself felt to be ruined by his birth and because of being disadvantaged by nature.   

If another human being gets sick by it that did not interest this creep n' crook, at least.  That is the way "Lord" Rogue, "God" Hypocrite, man's deceiver etc. "lays down his life" for other human beings, even for all the sins of his, Pardon, for those of of the Christians (addressing him as "god").  More over, innocently and only because of the malice of his own, Pardon, of others… Do not make me laugh…!  


 “(Jesus) who when for the third time I would marry didst forthwith prevent me, and then at the third hour of the day saidst unto me on the sea: John, if thou hadst not been mine, I would have suffered thee to marry:…”...[vii]


Either me (Jesus) will become ruined if I lose you (John) to a woman or you will be ruined because I (Jesus) torture you (John) to fake being homosexual as a heterosexual one.  Moreover, I (Jesus) rather prefer you (John) to become sick or ruined!  Oh, that “lamb of sacrifice” who allegedly  just had the others'  welfare in his mind and not that one of his, although being inevitably obsessed by  megalomania feigning the "god"  who  “humbly” and “modestly” purported that he did not die for the sins and felonies of his but for those of  others, yes of all of the Christians -- this  Jesus Joker Christ  managed the following selflessness:



 “…who for two years didst blind me (or afflict mine eyes), and grant me to mourn and entreat thee, who in the third year didst open the eyes of my mind and also grant me my visible eyes: who when I saw clearly didst ordain that it should be grievous to me to look on a woman:”...[viii]


 Sexual assaults, in particular on minors, belong with the daily business of Christian psycho-terrorists (“clergymen”) even today. They belong with this barbarians like their asinine drivel, e.g., on “trinity”. However, before we scrutinize  the sexual rape on John let us direct out an investigation to John’s testimony that Jesus forced him (John) to entreat him (Jesus). The Christian foul mouths’ camouflaging of violence by “love” stems from Jesus "Christ" , already. God tortures nobody to beseech him but only the Satan or his son or the latter anointed one: Jesus "Christ" ! 


Even the crimes of brainwashing and the enforced conversions stem from the Christian foul mouths’ “golden calf”, Jesus "Christ" . Applying violence to  succeed in converting others was a matter of course to Jesus:   

Lu 14:23  RSV 

23 And the master said to the servant, 'Go out to the highways and hedges, and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled.

That violence matches  the blood  of terrorists! Violence of Christian barbarians’ sect does not stem only pertaining to instigation but also regarding its using from  Jesus (Satan's)  "Christ". In addition, the Christian foul mouths still feign that their sham “god” Jesus even could not hurt a fly…! 


Did not he say: It is better to suffer than to injure? Of course, for the salves it is better to suffer than to injure but not for the slaveholders like Jesus "Christ" , the pope-terrorists, the cardinal-terrorists, bishops-terrorists and priest-terrorists!  That is very conspicuously: Like master, like man! 

In addition, did not he claim that everybody could be known by its fruits? Thus, the underhand foul players' “god” or Satan by the atrocities, barbarities and abominations by his (Christian) sect! Is not this most abominable organized crime (Christian satanic sect) -- that could ever spread on our planet -- a “fruit” of this legally, lawfully and legitimately doomed felon and death penalty convict?

Now, let us return to Jesus’ rape on John.

In order to get his sexual pleasure that “humble” and “modest” monstrosity of magician made one of his fellow blind just for not losing him to a woman.  


·        That is the Christian foul mouths’ “god”!  

·        That is Jesus' "charity"!

·        Those are Jesus' and the Christian foul mouths’ “humbleness” and “modesty”.

·        Those are Jesus’ and his perfidious schmucks (Christian foul mouths’) "renouncing the welfare and benefit of their own" and only caring for their next…

·        Those are the Trojan Horses of Jesus and the Christian foul mouths!


This explanation of “The Acts of John“– a scripture that usually was recited on particular holidays in the early Christian church - is confirmed by corresponding hints in the "John’s Revelation"... In view of the “Acts of John”, the “Revelation” becomes more understandable.  In the latter writing,  it is said that Jesus advises an ointment for his eyes to John, so that he --  the blind one -- could see again:  

Re 3:17 – 18 RSV

17  For you say, I am rich, I have prospered, and I need nothing; not knowing that you are wretched, pitiable, poor, blind, and naked.

 18  Therefore I counsel you to buy from me gold refined by fire, that you may be rich, and white garments to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nakedness from being seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, that you may see.


           Since the Christian foul mouths also did not claim having a salve healing mental blindness, yet, here Jesus only could have meant real blindness of John’s physical eyes.  In addition, the disgrace of the nakedness of a castrated one certainly is very bad… More over,   in “Revelation” 2:4-5 Jesus blathers that John allegedly has abandoned his first love and demands him to do penance. Apparently, Jesus called himself to be the first “love”  of John:

Re 2:4-5 4  RSV

But I have this against you, that you have abandoned the love you had at first.

 5  Remember then from what you have fallen, repent…”

           Those sayings make sense if Jesus understands himself "the first love” of John. By the way, that it was about a one-sided forced "love" by Jesus is very typical of Christian, at all. The Christian foul mouths always proclaim  that Jesus „loves“ everybody  - even those  ones that do not want to associate with that planet’s most felon, death penalty convict or  cripple of deformity - as ugly as Satan and the sin – because they are not used  to keeping bad company.  

           Everyone is compelled and forced  “loved” - like a dog owner “loves” his German Shepherd. Why? Because everybody is suppress to worship their upper desperado and terrorist (Jesus "Christ" ) as one’s "god" by those barbarians. That is the perfidy of Jesus and the Christian foul mouths’ “love”!

           Anyway,  John’s „revelation“ -- that is also indexed to the Christian foul mouths’ New Testament“ --  demonstrates that


a)     Jesus scolded John because of his love affairs and that  Jesus bossily took them as an opportunity to humiliate John by demanding a kowtow of him, what is euphemistically described as „do penance“, in Christian barbarians’ sect and that

b)     he offered medicine (ointment for the eyes) to blind John.


Well, there can be no doubt that John was blind in his eyes, blinded by Jesus "Christ" – the first sex gangster of all the innumerable Christian sex gangsters.

·        That is Jesus’ „love“...!

·        That is Jesus’ and his perfidious schmucks “unselfishness”!

·        That is Jesus’ and his insidious schmucks  “humbleness” and “modesty”…!

·        That is how Jesus and his infamous schmucks “deny” the benefit of their own and “care " for the “good” of others…!

·        Those are the Trojan Horses of Jesus and his fellow (religious) terrorists!


  Do you really wonder all the bestiality that this dastardly sect perpetrated on humankind? Do you really wonder all the stakes, all the corpse, all the mass murders and genocide of that mendacious sect? Jesus outdoes his Christian fellows not pertaining to any kind-heartedness but unscrupulousness, ruthlessness and abominations. 

Do you remember this disgusting jerk asking: “Is somebody able to accuse me of sin” (Joh 8:46)?  Christian foul mouths, you can laugh about your "god". In order to grant the success of his hypnosis so that John feels not disgusted at that misshapen midget Jesus – this monstrosity of Christian "god" blinds him for two years to get him as subservient gay slave. According to the penal code even of almost all Christianly (enslaved) countries that is a grievous bodily harm. In the state of Florida of today, one will be jailed for about ten years for perpetrating that felony. That is the Christian foul mouths’ "god"! Do you really doubt that he is Satan’s son or something Satanic? 

Well, John cannot see any beautiful women any longer that possibly could distract and withdraw him from the ugly ogre of the Christian foul mouths’ midget "god". In addition, there is still an advantage for Jesus: John evenly cannot see the ugliness  of Jesus dwarfish monster  any longer that calls himself man’s son … Will not such a ruthless midget try to attain his goals even by faking to be a "god" if that seems to be expedient to him (to  achieve his objectives)? 


  John bewails the "secret sickness" of his soul perpetrated by this sex gangster that is shamming a eunuch to morons.  Yes, Christian, you read correctly: Your midget malicious "god" thoroughly ruins you and others and cannot heal even one of you -- even if you fool yourself your prison to be freedom and your madness to be love!  

John, the very sexual slave! Here, it is presented the biography of a disciple and sexual slave of the Christian "god", midget and gay sexual maniac Jesus "Christ" . Jesus – this tormentor -- a model for individuals? Perhaps for slaveholders and other sorts of objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. of "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) ! Jesus provided for   himself (homo) sexual pleasure by hypnotizing his victims to spoil the other sex to them and/or even blind them in order to get them servile for his lower abdomen's desire! Ugh!


  Why did John say that his body and his soul got sick because of Jesus? Because as heterosexual one, he was disgusted by the homosexual desires of the Christian dwarfish ogre.  Jesus blinded his victim in order to reach his subjection and to get him beseeching and worshiping him as the "god".   

Jesus, the very first true Christian monster, bastard n' dastard and rogue (without frock) providing for all the Christian rogues frocks!   

Jesus, the criminal on human right of sexual self-determination because the faking and misshapen eunuch was unable to achieve his sexual pleasure by fair play. Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) the instigator of Christian underhand foul players' Mafia setting examples for foul play and coaching them! That his "modesty", "humbleness", "charity", "love" - real service for himself, Pardon, "for the next ones"...

That is a true reason for the Christian foul mouths’ mad and inveterate hatred and warfare on sexuality.  Presumably, that misshapen and as ugly -- ugly as sin and Satan -- one had every reason to blind his catamite, so that John never did startle because of the deformity of that venomous midget (Jesus) when he had to bend over for him as fairy. 


"Jesus had healed people" -- that is what his under-slaveholders feign until the present day. They also have very good case  to hide the facts about Jesus because they are used to making their conspecifics or “bigotedly beloved” next ones to their  obedient and subservient slaves like trained dogs by faking "divine authorization" for their barbarity like their idol, topmost desperado and golden calf already did so – and certainly  not only concerning   his “favorite” disciple John. 


However, John witnesses that Jesus ruins individuals.   And John is not the unique one ill-favored, venomous, gay midget  Jesus made a mess of his life, i.e., provided a similar miserable life and fate to billions of folks this spiteful little devil had to suffer:


„…and establish me on thee alone: who didst muzzle the secret disease of my soul and cut off the open deed.[ix]



“Cut off the open deed”? Did that venomous midget, that gay maniac of Christian "god", this spiteful little devil (Jesus) even castrate John in order to keep him totally as gay sexual object? What else shall that mean: “Cut off the open deed”?  The genital area of a male is open and can be cut off. There is no doubt about that what John clues here.


 More over castration only muzzles sexual desire but does not extinguish it as John describes it correctly. Ugh! That bloody, cruel, venomous bastard “god”, this spiteful little devil all the dastards, the depraved and the weak-minded worship as their "god"! Innumerous millions of individuals either were driven by this Satan that fakes to be "god" or its associated son to commit suicide or even killed more cruelly than the Nazi murderers killed!  


What John here relates – that the misogynist-"god" (Jesus) did not stop at nothing to  dissuade him from women -- becomes as abominable as logic if one takes into account his general insane views about heterosexuality. To his disciple Thomas Jesus says:  


"Woe to you who love intimacy with womankind and polluted intercourse with them!" [x]


 Here, this spiteful little ogre generally and insanely calls intercourse between man and woman so to speak as an abomination to all dastards (Christians).  Now the Christian foul mouths' bedlam and lunatic asylum is complete! Ah, ah, ah! Intercourse between man and woman is an abomination...  That Christian "moral" of sexuality is honor among thieves or "morals" of rogues in frocks! Bloody rogues (in frocks and without frocks) that already killed about three hundred millions of human beings want to give themselves airs or even act as "reverends", "saints" and "holy fathers" etc.  Hand on heart, there are enough goofs believing all those spoofs ...! Did you ever hear some "divine" insanity like that?  That is why  these  sick Christian brains concoct the following "fabrications" in their bedlam, respectively crib them (from Mithraicism) : 

·        "Immaculate conception"

·        "Virgin birth"

·        Prohibition of divorce

·        "god's son"

·        Denouncing illegitimate children and

·        their mothers etc.


Until  today,  sexuality is one of the most chosen "parade ground"  Christian schmucks in frocks are used to tormenting and torturing their brainwashed slaves respectively their robots . Whoever takes up such crazy and insane contrivances on sexuality like this spiteful little ogre (Jesus) does?  


·        Who wonders that Peter has even murdered young sexy women? [xi]

·        Who wonders that Christian sect is also a sexual brutes' sect, in which it is a habit that their bastards n’ dastards, schmucks n’ mugs or rogues  in frocks abuse little children that are entrusted to them?

·        Who wonders, that this spiteful little devil and faking "god" of that hangmen's sect (Jesus "Christ" ) even killed several little children (see Re 2:23)? [xii]

 In addition, these “the sick", so literally Jesus "Christ" , pass off somebody that is still more insane than they are as the "god" and base their slavery on that madman.  That is what we call the Christian foul mouths' production of "counterfeited money".  Yuck, religious Mafia, yuck!  With such views on sexuality, this Christian schmuck of "god" and all the Christian foul mouths' schmucks in frocks belong to a lunatic asylum -- to one that has bars!


Jesus and the Christian schmucks in frocks are like beasts of prey (in the sheep's clothing). Therefore, they insanely are used to thinking, that each man and woman that have the  intercourse is that schmuck their pretending "god" (Jesus) and his desperado-priests are, indeed.  Let us see, what that little spiteful devil, instigator and faking  "god" of that sect of sexual brutes (sect of "love"), who even killed little children (see Re 2:23) [xii],  tosses off:   


"So just as the body of the beasts perishes, so also will these (human) formations perish. Do they not derive from intercourse like that of the beasts? If it, too derives from intercourse, how will it beget anything different from beasts?" [xiii]


· Who wonders at the barbarities of the Christian hangmen's sect? 

· Who wonders at the millions of burning corpses at the stakes of that barbarians' sect?

· Who wonders at the holocaust, the genocide on the Manicheans, Mithras-religion, Mayas, Incas and the Aztecs as of this death penalty convict sect?

· Who wonders at the terrorism with bombs, dynamite and gunfire among Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland


         Thinking that way about sexuality, the Christian never could admit that their instigator they lifted up to the "god" could ever be born and begotten naturally or even by fornication what likely is the case... Nature, the creation of the universe is a failure and depravity according to those insane contrivances, as it is literally expressed in the gospel of Philip:


"The world came about through a mistake. For he who created it wanted to create it imperishable and immortal. He fell short of attaining his desire. For the world never was imperishable, nor, for that matter, was he who made the world. For things are not imperishable, but sons are. Nothing will be able to receive imperishability if it does not first become a son."[xiv]


Oh "god", you wretched failure! Everything you did, you did not succeed...  Moreover, you are claiming omnipotence and omniscience... Take a pattern by the Christian foul mouths: They know nothing but everything better...!  The Christian foul mouths are completely unhappy with you and repine at you.  In addition, god, your most mistake is to prefer others than the Christian foul mouths...!  See the models Jesus "Christ" and Satan, both want the lastto become the first and the first to be the last . It is high time that you get the Christian foul mouths' misshapen monstrosity (Jesus "Christ" ) as guardian above you. Jesus will show you how to do "well" your job... 


That is why conception of "immaculate conception", "virgin birth" etc. are contrived, respectively cribbed from the rival (Mithraism) or the knife of Jesus "Christ" is applied to John's genitals.  In addition, that all, just because the almighty god is a wretched failure...


The sickness of John is not to take lightly because even John was thus determined to put an end to his wretched life. He is talking while the grave was prepared for him.  Even if John should had become old, finally the ruin inflicted by Jesus on him caused his suicide, in the end. This Christian sickness, this Christian venom that torments and kills  body and soul – like that one of John -- is perpetrated by this sly and sneaky Christian barbarians’ sect until the  present-day camouflaged by Trojan horses like “love”, “charity”, “truth”, “morals” and  even “god” etc..    

As former president of a national voluntary euthanasia society, I was acquainted with many folks -- especially homosexuals -- that became sick in their soul after having suffered years of Christian training. At the end of that, Christian conditioning that pompously is called "education" those Christianly wretched and tormented ones had left only one objective: Death and dying as John preferred to commit suicide – not on mature reflection but because of desperation inflicted on them by his fellow Christian terrorists.   


However, these barbarians, these Christian swineherds, those inventors of holocaust always give the blame to everybody but never to themselves and even instigate a stupid but barbaric population and pulled a stunt that is known by their anti-Semitism.  Their tormenting and subjugation of already enslaved folks were at stake.  Therefore, they acted correspondingly as it is known for already two millennia. 


 To folks that sneaky, sly, furtive, perfidious, malicious faking god  tells that they should renounce those pleasures, refrain from sexual intercourse and even castrate themselves “for the realm of heaven”…  That misshapen perfidious dwarf castrated others – e.g., his sexual slave John – but not himself! He tried to indulge the pleasure as far as it was possible for that cripple “god”…    

Cross my heart: Will not  such a gangster -- that trains hypnotically and psychically heterosexuals a fixation about homosexuality and that  cuts off what is open at the body of males  just to  indulge them (homo)sexually --  even cleverly  arrange a stuntman for execution or crucifixion replacing him?  


Is it really impossible that such a magician or hypnotist like Jesus succeeds in conditioning a fixation to the subconscious and conscious of somebody else about playing (another person, namely) him (Jesus) as “lamb of the god” “suffering for the sins" of the Christians and thus subserviently being Jesus’ stuntman that is nailed on the cross -- as Jesus succeed in getting heterosexual John firstly blind for even two years and secondly being homosexual slave to him by hypnosis?


And finally John indirectly unveils us the most important traits  of the most disgusting hypocrite and/or venomous dwarf that ever walked on earth:



„And grant me to accomplish the journey (of my life) unto thee without suffering insolence or provocation,[xv]



Indeed that is the  „love“ Jesus --   humankind’s  most swindler, felon, man’s trickster or most perfidious , venomous dwarf  -- „loved“ his  disciples and all other human beings as his perfidious schmucks (Christians) are used to „loving“ their neighbors and next ones: Insolence and provocation


Do you remember that this spiteful little devil always blames the others, his rivals, his competitors, i.e., the Pharisees for being insolent? Now, John tells us that this spiteful little devil (Jesus "Christ" ) is that wolf in a sheep's clothing he always and ”good-heartedly" is warning you of... However, we will scrutinize his weapon of projection in another chapter. What traits of Jesus John forgot to enumerate are: Impudence, snotty-ness, swindling, poisoning of mind, strangling of the souls of others or even to drive them to commit suicide. 

This is a sect of death: Strangling the soul of others, driving them to commit suicide or even killing them alive at a stake. Whoever of them ever was punished for those abominable outrages? Faking divine authorization comes in handy for them to  lead their slaves up the garden path…  

Were not ancient Greeks wrong when predicting that Jesus -- I beg your pardon -- Hades (that was Satan in Greek mythology) together with its brother (James?) would conquer one third of the universe? Are we so far away from that?




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