Introduction, Part: 1 How the Christians concealed Jesus'   Homosexuality even by Perjury








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"Eunuch" Jesus Caught with Naked Man in The Act


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Prefatory note:


Here, it is not about to praise or denigrate homosexuality. Here, it is about an impressive example, how

· those hypocrites -- that allegedly do sacrifice themselves for their next – are used to lying, deceiving and leading others up to the garden path -
· the Christian foul mouths are used to putting yokes on others about which they just laugh up their sleeves, in private –
· Jesus lied when alleging: “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me” (Mt 28:18), because he even was unable to change then views on homosexuality as an abomination in view of god according to Le 18:22. This means that homosexual, alleged “god's son," in truth even is an anathema before god. If this view is right or wrong is irrelevant. Relevant is what the Bible says, i.e., the scripture. he refers to sham evidence of the “humble” and “modest” claims about himself. According to this evidence, he is an anathema, i.e., miscarriage, before god, already due to his homosexuality but also because he hangs on a cross (see: De 21:23).
· Jesus "Christ," , who gladly wants to be associated as peer before god, in truth is an abomination before god, like Satan is one? If so, then Christians are an anathema before god, too! God does not want and love abominations and miscarriages. However, infamous Christian foul mouths are used to shamming so and the one, who is called Satan by the Christian foul mouths… Hereby, both (the Christian foul mouths and Satan) promote the benefit and selfishness of their own. This sheds light on Christian sect’s doctrines and criminal history -
· the early Christian foul mouths knew that the purported evidence (the Jews’ Bible) does not turn out Jesus as “god’s son” or “Messiah” but debunks him as an abomination (see: Le 18:22) and an anathema before god (see: Gal 3:13). So, the early Christian sinners decided to save their deceptive faith, viz, organized crime by committing more crimes, including the crimes of perjury to deny Jesus’ homosexuality. Later, the Christian foul mouths even did not refrain from murder to do so.

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 If Jesus "Christ" even had a spark of decency, he would have started fighting to change those wrong and inhumane views about homosexuality -- which he practiced and enjoyed! - of his time instead of shamming an eunuch. This, he could have done quite according to this swanky slogan: (Christian terrorists’) faith shifts mountains (see: Mt 17:20) and inhumane views about homosexuality, anyway. It seems that Jesus lacked this grain of mustard seed of faith, so he could not change the common belief about homosexuality among his contemporaries, and he is finally contented with practicing homosexuality secretly rather than swimming against a current in already troubled waters!
· Jesus wants to be „god“ and „modest“? Oh yes, I already heard about it. My word! One never knows what things folks sometimes fancy to be...! My goodness, who on earth and in heaven wants to be “god”? For instance, Satan – the alike anathema (see: De 21:23), the same deformity (see: here part e401!) and abomination (see: Le 18:22) before god as Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" )!

Beschreibung: Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Christians while accomplishing their "love": "Jesus came to crucify the world" (The Gospel of Philip). Who is worse - the Nazis or the Christians?



     Clement of Alexandria, a prominent early Christian desperado -- so called "church father"  (150 - 215 C.E.) -- writes to a fellow early Christian at the end of 2nd century – both surely never dreamt of such a thing that once their letter  would become public, after many centuries: 


 “... should one concede that the secret Gospel is by Mark, but should even deny it on oath."[1]



 Oh my goodness, you never know what liars and deceivers have to suffer! They even have to perjure for their lies and very selfish deception while faking to be "martyrs of the truths"...! Whoever defends his „faith“ by the felony of perjury, that one even does it by murder! The evidence: the Christians and Christianity! Here, truth - very typically of Christian is called falsification - and thus indirectly falsification is called truth. Truths are to deny by perjury according to the views of (early) Christian foul mouths, too. Later, they added further still more dreadful weapons but perjury to succeed. This notion of "truth" -- the early Christian foul mouths confirm in private -- is what sincere people accused Christian sect from its very outset.
My word, one never knows how easily Christian sect gets “apocryphal” – that means false – chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels")! A tad of truth, and hey presto a gospel becomes non-authentic, even by perjury… That is why only four of 72 chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") are regarded as genuine in Christian sects. No other “religion" is that “persecuted by “forgeries” all over!

It is about a sect, a “religion” that alleges even to die for the truths. Do they die for the truths or for the purpose that their lies -- which promise extraordinary advantages to them -- are reputed to be the truths? Here in private, they confess even to die for a perjury. Why did the early Christian foul mouths even conspire to forswear and thus made up their mind to deny even perjuring that the secret chronicle of Mark was written by the well-known gospel-writer Mark?
Here are not only gay amorous adventures of Jesus "Christ," at stake. It is about debunking Jesus "Christ" as an abomination before god by the scripture to which he refers to fake (spurious) evidence for all his presumptuous claims and demands, for instance, being the topmost slaveholder of humankind (what indeed is the meaning of his terms like „son of god," „son of man“ or "god").


It is a common error of today  that Ben-Pandera and his early henchmen were people living as ascetics and being chastely.

Already the Christian chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") leak something else on the faking "martyr of the truths":


Mt 11:19 NRSV

19 the Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Look, a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ Yet wisdom is vindicated by her deeds."


Lu 7:34 NRSV

34 the Son of Man has come eating and drinking, and you say, ‘Look, a glutton and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’

If on those conditions, somebody is deemed to be ascetic and chaste, it either is due to deception or to deficiencies, e.g. of money or to lack of sexual attractiveness, so-to-speak due to a bad sexual market value. For the latter reasons, many Christians resort to chastity pretending their shortcomings as "excellence" to the goofs n' fools stooping to all shrew spoofs...
Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera (nickname: Jesus "Christ") claims to be Messiah (Greek: Christos) like the Jewish prophets predicted and designed him. However, this scripture (Bible, “Old Testament”) provides evidence, to the contrary. Hence, if necessary, everything the Christian foul mouths are used to denying by the felony of perjury:

Le 18:22 RSV

22 You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.


That is Christian sect’s “god”, Jesus "Christ," , instead of being “lamb of god that carries the sins of the world on the cross” in truth an abomination before god...! Who -- unless it is about Mafiosi -- wonders?
And so his Christian foul mouths, instead of “god’s children," “god’s chosen ones," “salt of the earth," “light of the world” abominations before god, i.e., a sect of infamy as reason turns them out by criminal history of their sect? The Bible -- both Jesus and the Christian foul mouths desire to refer -- condemns the Christian foul mouths’ sect’s god (Jesus) even still tougher:

Le 20:13 ASV

13 And if a man lie with mankind, as with womankind, both of them have committed abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them.



Jesus’ homosexuality turns out his allegations of suffering „as god’s lamb for the sins of the world on the cross“ as fiddlesticks by the Bible as well as by reason. Evenly by reason, it is beyond comprehension how Jesus ever could have atoned the mass murder of the Holocaust committed by Christian Germans on the Jews who did not exist when Jesus "Christ" was executed death penalty. Jesus "Christ" was not convicted death penalty to atone the sins of the world but because of failing to usurp the Jewish crown (“King of Jews”). Perhaps, in that way that such easy faked expiation instigates to perpetrate such outrages and barbarities, more easily and without scruples! In truth, that is one reason why the Christian foul mouths are very interested in remission of sins by a “god” they made themselves, for the advantage and selfishness of their own!
Of course, one can consider the Bible’s punishment of homosexuality to be inhuman. However, Ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus "Christ") fusses to fulfill this Bible!

     However, here is it to evaluate what Jesus "Christ" passes off as the “evidence” for all his claims and demands, e.g., being “Co-god”, ”lamb of god” etc. According to his (spurious) evidence (“Old Testament”) Jesus is no “son of god” or “lamb of god” but an abomination before god – and not only an abomination before god but also one, that even deserves the death penalty. Nobody suffers innocent death penalty on the cross that deserves the death penalty. That is what the (spurious) evidence is saying, by which Jesus and the Christian foul mouths want to trick reason. That is why early Christian Clement of Alexandria instigates to deny Jesus’ homosexuality even by perjury.

·      Here, it is to provide evidence that the (spurious) evidence (Bible of the Jews) rejects and condemns Jesus, and the Christian foul mouths not less than reason does.
· It is to provide evidence that the proofs Jesus pretends for the advantage of his own, i.e., that everything he claims to be predicted and designed in the Bible (“Old Testament”), e.g., being “Messiah," “god’s son," “lamb of god” at best demonstrates that he is Satan’s Messiah, Satan’s son and Satan’s lamb suffering that “innocent” like Satan suffers “innocently”… That evidence (“Old Testament” turns out Christian sect as a community, in which Satan accomplished being worship as “god." And that is what we are demonstrating here.


·      However, here it is not about how moral Commandments or laws generally are to evaluate. Concerning this question I like to confine myself to my judgment that overall, they are by far better as the Christian ones and not to compare with them. That is why the Christian foul mouths cannot do without the Bible of the Jews (“Old Testament”), even if it debunks them as hideous and atrocious liars, deceivers and abominations before god worth punishing death penalty. However, its views about homosexuality are not to approve.

If one considers the Christian foul mouths’ outrages and barbarities that are past comprehension, then nobody can deem the Bible’s indirect condemnation of Jesus and the Christian foul mouths to be too harsh. On the contrary, it is to reproach that one followed Jesus and the Christian foul mouths, instead of god’s word, since especially Jesus and the Christian foul mouths evenly acknowledge that scripture as god’s word.
Now, we realize, why Clement of Alexandra recommends his perfidious schmucks even to perpetrate perjury, if Jesus’ homosexuality is brought up. Because the death penalty of Jesus "Christ" providing evidence of a felon and death penalty convict further cannot be canted, like, for instance, passed off as “suffering for the sins of the world as god’s innocent lamb." Already Jesus’ homosexuality unmasks the Christian foul mouths’ god sufficiently as liar and deceiver.
Hence, according to that “god's word," the alleged “son of god” -- for whom the Christian foul mouths burnt
millions of individuals alive – Jesus is not only a swindler but a horror before god worth punishing death penalty... That is what the Bible, i.e., the so-called “evidence," Jesus and the Christian foul mouths refer says.
Jesus "Christ" – innocent lamb of god? Ah, ah, ha! Do not make me laugh! Homosexuality is by far not the only reason for Jesus deserves the death penalty according to that (spurious) evidence (“Old Testament"), he and his perfidious schmucks (Christians) refer to. That is what we are going to produce evidence in this treatise.
Here, it is about the sexual wantonness of Jesus and his gang. They preach chastity to others. The boss of the gang who later is lifted to their "god" even fakes having castrated himself for the "realm of heaven" -- likewise, his warriors ("disciples"). Until the present day, the slaves of that slaveholder feel very embarrassing about it.


Mt 19:12 RSV 

 12 For there are eunuchs who have been so from birth, and there are eunuchs who have been made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who have made themselves eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. He who is able to receive this, let him receive it.  


 The monkey-god is playing the eunuch...! You never know what the monkey-god has to suffer...! He even has to play the eunuch...! This is the trick how the last are used to canting their inferiority as "superiority". Since the last do not want to admit their inferiority, they lie their deficiencies and shortcomings as "excellence" to dupe their fellow human beings. An early Christian "gospel" Christian sect wanted to destroy forever but finally failed to do so leaks the reverse of Ben-Pandera (nickname: Jesus "Christ").
In the suppressed "Gospel of Thomas" -- the Christian shysters and predators wanted to destroy forever -- divulges this matter still a bit clearer.  

Jesus said to them, "If you fast, you will give rise to sin for yourselves; and if you pray, you will be condemned; and if you give alms, you will do harm to your spirits.[2]


Isn't Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") a monkey-god, isn't he? Oh yeah, Christians do not forget that not only your alms but also your prayers to your monkey-god Ben-Pandera the latter attributes to your goofiness, imbecility or insanity...! And you, Christians, cannot stop but harming your "spirits"... Here, indirectly Ben-Pandera (nickname: Jesus "Christ") calls Christian monasteries as bedlams and lunatic asylums. Christians, hand on heart, is not he right...? So, do not always upbraid Ben-Pandera for being a liar and deceiver...!
Due to their falsehood, in particular, perfidy, Jesus and his gang feign having castrated themselves for the "sake of the kingdom of heaven. However, the truth is that neither big boss (Jesus) nor his perfidious schmucks ("disciples") have castrated themselves but all hypocritically indulge sexual pleasure, often, indeed shameful ones. Christian miscarriage of nature and mind, Shaul Paul wails about the behavior of his fellow Christian terrorists, he declared to be "discharged from the law" (Ro 7:6).


1Co 5:1 ¶NRSV

1 It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you (Christians), and of a kind that is not found even among pagans; for a man is living with his father’s wife.

It is the behavior of people feeling "discharged from the law" (Ro 7:6)...! Did not monkey-god Ben-Pandera free his fellow desperadoes and henchmen from the law (see: Ro 10:4)...? So, do not always chide Ben-Pandera (nickname: Jesus "Christ") for being only the great pretender (of Satan's gender)...! As we are going to demonstrate below, it is not reported that Ben-Pandera laid with his mother in bed but enjoyed as nacked man another nacked man... The former is not reported...
Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") preach chastity according to the Latin proverb: Quod licet Iovi, non licet bovi, i.e., that what is allowed to (the god) Jupiter is not in the least allowed to the cattle. Here, it is not about for or against sexuality or homosexuality. Here it is about hypocrisy, lies, deceit and malice. Furthermore, here, sexuality or homosexuality models to what extend depraved Christian foul mouths lead others up to the garden path.

The boss (Jesus) is homosexual and indulges that kind of pleasure, especially with his gay friend Lazarus. He wants to interdict that what he is used to enjoying to others by pompously feigned "morals" just in order have the upper hand of his slaves or conditioned sheep dogs. His insidious schmucks ("disciples") are heterosexual and mutually grudge their concubines. Since each of them has skeletons in his closet, they mutually conceal for the advantage of all. Only by chance, or by envy or vindictiveness the facts indirectly come to light. Therefore, very typically of Christian, for example, Paul sees too many arrows of venom and jealousy directed at him by his insidious Christian schmucks due to the women he takes along with him, and thus he feels compelled to defend himself:

1 Co 9:4-5 RSV
4 Do we not have the right to our food and drink?
5 Do we not have the right to be accompanied by a wife, as the other apostles and the brothers of the Lord and Cephas?

They torment their stupid addled-brained slaves and/or simpletons by chastity. However, for them sex is a matter of course like food and drinking. Each of them - including Peter - has its concubines. Furthermore, Jesus has his catamites as we are going to produce evidence now. They preach asceticism. They preach renouncing the world; however, they do not forgo any pleasure that is offered to them. They poison the pleasures of others just on account of their grudge and envy that other shall not do better than they do -- those "Saints of the Latter Days" - that turned out badly by nature or even "god".
That is the "mystery" why others should forgo the pleasure they can have, those dark "Saints of the Latter Days'" do not reject if offered to them... And always there are enough morons being taken in by those malicious and envious liars and deceivers. Those "renouncing eunuchs" used to booze, guzzle and fuck unrestrainedly like barbarians are used to doing so. They were only restricted by the poor opportunities that happen to miserable creatures, however, not by their desires and "morals." Moreover, their instigator (Jesus) is the worst of all. He even depravedly uses his hypnotic abilities to make heterosexuals subservient homosexual slaves to himself - and in one case, he will drive one of his disciples (John) to commit suicide. This we are going to prove now -- almost 2000 years ago when those abominations happened.

Paul asks: Why do you grudge my sexual pleasures while being presumptuous taking the same liberties? In addition, just by those mutual jealousies we get to know what those "Saints of The Latter Days" really are used to indulging... Indeed, most of his insidious schmucks finally achieved those women and sexual pleasure by "mastering" lies, fraud, deceit and hypocrisy what obviously impressed some depraved Christian female wantons.


However, not only because of grudge but also because of derision and disdain the disciples of the Christian foul mouths' Christ (Jesus) "extended" to their super-eunuch, "god," "god's son" and catamite ("All authority is given to me in heaven and on Earth," " heaven and Earth will pass by but not my words..."), we still are able to experience what concealed was going on in that Jesus' gang. His own family that should have experienced his swindled "wonders" deem him to be nuts (see Mark 3:21; Luke 8:19-20; Matthew 12:46-50; John 7:1-9, especially verse 5) and his perfidious schmucks ("disciples") jeered at him because of his dwarfish deformity and being a gay (faking a eunuch) wanton.
The boss (Jesus) was used to indulging males and in one case (his disciple John), we are able to produce evidence that he psychically raped that male to be sexually subservient to him. Even, here once again, we presumably get to know only because of envy and vindictiveness what had happened among those "Saints -- or better: Demons -- of The Latter Days." Jesus and his disciples were connected by a love-hate relationship with one another. When hatred prevailed, they were used to debunking one another.



 But let us proceed systematically.
It is the year 1958 C.E... Scene is a monastery called “Mar Saba” southeast from Jerusalem. A US-American doctoral candidate is rummaging around old papers that are already stored for centuries in this convent. He shall catalogue them. Suddenly, he finds three pages fixed in a book, which obviously are no part of that one he is holding in his hands. "To Theodore” is the address of this letter. The young scientist has a foreboding having made a unique find of far-reaching consequences. He takes the tree pages along home to the USA and shows them to his professor. The professor also evenly and immediately grasps the significance of that discovery and expresses himself in a sense like this one: God knows what you have brought along. However, let us discuss some notes before continuing that exciting discovery that Christian authorities now anxiously are trying to pass over in silence.

If one watches the courtships the Christian foul mouths are doing, then one can get the impression that Christendom is about a worldwide organization that repeatedly is persecuted by other human beings, actually just because it says nothing else but truths. The Christian foul mouths pose as if they are absolutely guileless, harmless and apart from alleged or putative truths they just have" charity" in their mind by what they understand helping the sick and the handicapped. That is what they are used to making a belief until the present day. So to speak, because they allegedly tell the truths those Christian folks apparently are persecuted. The Christian foul mouths try to give the impression: Well, here it is not about a sect of perpetrators but one of the victims.

Nowhere a Christian sect without cults of alleged martyrs like nowhere Roman Catholics or Orthodox Christians without ostensible apparitions of Mary! In addition, nowhere even one monument for the victims of Christian atrocities that indeed are past comprehension...! Already their "prophet“ Yehoshua (Jesus) who is passed off as a divine person by them allegedly was executed death penalty merely on account of the alleged severe infirmity of the traits of his Jewish competitors -- as the Christian foul mouths eagerly try making the world believing.

However, on a closer inspection, the matter looks to be quite different with that. It is conspicuous that:

Truths mean an egregious menace for Christian sect, although it purports to suffer and even to die for them. The own "prophet" who is not only worshiped as somebody enunciating "god’s" word -- as in Judaism or Islam prophets are worshiped -- but as "god" or an associate of the "god" -- passes the following treacherous verdict on his own henchmen and henchwomen:

Joh 16:12 RSV
I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.

That doesn't match: Perfidiously feigning "martyrs for the truths" to which the own prophet and fake of "god" testifies that they are unable to bare the truths. A sect that purports shedding its blood and allegedly being determined to suffer and even to die for the truths are attested by the prophet or even god (slaveholder) of its own not being able to bear truths at all and therefore, yes, even being spared from them. My word, imagine those “lovers” of truths…! In effect, truths turn out to be the top desaster for the adherents of this sect. More over, this already is debunked in the hour zero of the existence of this sect and by the topmost position they have -- that means by their "god" himself. We are going to produce evidence that:

· Truths always were the utmost catastrophe hat could ever happen to this sect already from the very outset.
· The "prophet" or "god" of the Christian foul mouths indeed said what he now refused to tell his crowd.
· That his closest perfidious schmucks ("disciples") -- getting into difficulties -- barely could suppress the scandal that is named: Truths!

Furthermore, it is conspicuous that Christian sect alleges to be persecuted like no other organization is persecuted in the world. However, the Christians' allegations of purported prosecutions, on the one hand, and the Christian foul mouths' bestiality, atrocities and abominations, on the other hand, are conspicuously and deliberately quite in a reciprocal relationship. Actually, this Christian sect tortures, torments, plagues, agonizes and assassinates its dissidents, rivals and competitors as no other sect, well, any other organized crime of human beings ever doesn't do that much. Christian sect is always faking the reverse of that what it really is and does on the one hand, and what it really is and means mischief, on the other hand.
If faking "martyrs for the truths" cannot bear the truths -- as the Christians are unable to do, even according to their fake of "god's word" -- they suffer for their lies, deceits, self-deception, crimes, bestialities and terror perpetrated under the "moral pretense" of "martyrs for the truths." Christians are terrorists in the Trojan Horses of "martyrs for the truths" or even for "love." "Ethics" shall make the Christian Mafiosi's and terrorists' foul mouth and foul play unassailable. From both they are much more far away than the common man or woman in the street. This knowledge is not very known. European philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) informs in the following way about the Christian "upholders of moral standards" and "martyrs of the truths" that cannot bear the truths:



„ ... until now, one does not see that those who, in their own opinion, are extraordinarily favored [the chosen ones], (i.e.  “Christian” “shepherds”) surpass in the very least the naturally honest man, who can be relied upon in social intercourse, in business, or in trouble; on the contrary, taken as a whole, the chosen ones  (i.e.  “Christian” “shepherds”) can scarcely abide comparison with him...[3]


However, let's go back to Clement's letter. This mentioned letter is a writing of an early Christian to another fellow. It is a letter, in which two early Christian foul mouths are chewing over how to muzzle a dissident or competitor that knows too much about gay Jesus. It throws light in the dark or in the execrable manner, by which the much-vaunted early Christian foul mouths proceeded to pull the wool over the eyes of their conspecifics. Both Christian foul mouths (Clement and Theodore) have an enormous problem: How to do away with the truth? This means, to know how to do it and/or how far one can go setting oneself such a target?

It is about an undisclosed second gospel of Mark besides that one that became part of the Christian foul mouths’ “New Testament." At that time and like today hardly a Christian knew respectively knows something about the strictly secret kept (second) gospel of Mark that was concealed so much that it finally got lost -- presumably, when the large majority of the Egyptian population elevated themselves leaving Christian sect and all its deceit.
Let’s go back two millennia that means to outset of Christian sect. Again and again sects split from Christian sect. On the on hand, some Christian new sects do not want to be confronted with „Pagan“ religions that harshly, as the upper Christian swineherds always instigate to hate them and on the other hand, they do not want that sexual repression the other Christian swineherds are imposing. Already in „John’s revelation“ Jesus loses control of himself, if it is about the sect of the “fornication” of Nicolaitanes:



Re 2:6 RSV
6 Yet this you have, you hate the works of the Nicolaitans, which I (Jesus) also hate.


Jesus,  does not lose self-control? Then, let’s compare:


Lu 6,27 ASV

27 Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you


     My word, what a paragon of hypocrisy and „love“ towards his enemies! However, here this is less our topic. Even the just founded Christian community in Pergamos gets its comeuppance, because its ideas are close to those ones of the Nicolaitans (see: Re 20:12). Completely, Jesus loses self-control if it is about the sect of prophetess Jezebel:


 Re  2:20 RSV

20  But I (Jesus) have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and beguiling my servants to practice immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols.



     Quod licet Iovi not licet bovi, i.e., that what is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to the cattle, or: That what is allowed to Christian foul mouths slaveholders is not allowed to Christian slaves…

     Jesus being fobbed off as standing for „love“ and „mercifulness“ even unable to hurt a fly on the Christian deceit’s victims, announces crucifixion (death penalty) on his enemies:



Re 2:22-23 RSV

22  Behold, I (Jesus)  will throw her on a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her I will throw into great tribulation, unless they repent of her doings;

23  and I will strike her children dead. And all the churches shall know that I am he who searches mind and heart (even by infanticide and other murders!)...




Where is the Father God as regards this all? What is his stance about all these threats? Did he give it all to Jesus to do whatever he likes! If he can do so! And can revenge so badly; why he did not defend himself or revenge the people who crucified or killed him?!!! Just threatening in words while he is far away and out of reach, while in the time of action (kicking, spitting at, whipping, beating and finally crucifixion to death!), there is no action nor even words!
The “mercy” and “love” of Jesus "Christ" and his perfidious schmucks (Christians) are tribulations on their rival.
Since, Christians lose any fair competition, they perfidiously feign the tribulations and crimes they want to inflict on others as "love" of their neighbor. Christians even do not refrain from perfidy as feigns their crimes on their rivals as "love of their enemies." No wonder that those objectifications of perfidy, i.e. perfidy that has become human bodies, sham that foul mouth as “god’s word." Maybe, some day we will see in a movie how Jesus – completely touched by “brotherly love” -- throws her rival on a sickbed (imagine what happens then…!) and afterwards – still more touched by “love” and “mercifulness” – murders the children of his rival just because they are children of his. Oh yes, this is the one (“To him that smites thee on the one cheek offer also the other," Lu 6:29) the Christian foul mouths palm off as “god of love," “remission," “meekness” and “mercifulness” on their victims of deception... Once inflamed with thirst for enslaving others and corresponding vindictiveness, Jesus stops at nothing. He even does not shrink from crucifying (murdering) a lot of children! My word, what a paragon of slaveholder! The same model as his sect! Like master, like man!

Early Christians did not regard "Eucharist" only as a ritual but often as a party followed by sexual orgies.  The author George William Foote and  Joseph Mazzini Wheeler write in the book "The Crimes of Christianity":


Tertullian, indeed, after becoming a Montanist, divulged the fact that in the Church which he had before so zealously defended the young men lay with their sisters in the Agape, and wallowed in wantonness and luxury. Such accusations were made by those who had been Christians themselves, in places as far apart as Lyons, Rome, and Asia Minor. Trials took place before competent tribunals, and the Christians were punished. When we know that the Agape were prohibited by several councils because of the scandals to which they gave rise, it is difficult to exonerate the early Christians from these grave charges. Much of the persecution to which they are alleged to have been subject by the best and wisest emperors, probably arose from these secret midnight meetings.[4]


Ben-Pandera and his instigation of Christian sect on the one hand, and sexuality on the other perform a bedlam and a hell of crimes. It is not off the mark to call Christian sects a heaven for sexual criminals. Today, we especially experience those sexual criminals from their sexual abuse of children. As in ancient times sexual shameful madness (intercourse of sons with their mothers, brothers with their sisters etc.) were reported from all parts of the then world where this organized crime in disguise of a religion was spread. Today, similar sexual felonies of Christian Mafiosi on little children are reported from all over the world. In between, there were no such reported because the cross criminals had to political power as to suppress the truths about their "practice of love"... Christian rogues with frocks are the most professional group of sexual criminals but not only of those sorts of crimes. Sexual criminals come to light today, because the cross criminals increasingly become unable to threaten their prey (thieves' cant: "sheep") to tell the truths about this sort of their felonies.
Christian try keeping their mask working by firstly, concealing, secondly, contesting and thirdly prevaricating their crimes that their topmost impostor Ben-Pandera was "good" and only the Christians and the church purportedly "vitiate" him. This is only a trick to keep criminality of Christianity in disguise of a religion working.
We now are going to produce more evidence that Christian shysters' description on Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") do not differ from other Christians' tricking, shifting and trapping the fools n' goofs by spoofs...
From the 2nd century, we know Christian sect of Carpocrates in Alexandria, Egypt, regarding women as “common property” and not that one of one husband. Exercising love was more important to this sect than hypocritically blathering about it. Therefore, they extensively exercised promiscuity. Carpocrates produces evidence that Jesus preached something else than that what his (Christian) sect stands for but that also is leaked by the "Gospel of Thomas" we already quoted. Carpocrates has written evidence of that – evidence that Clemens of Alexandria advises to deny even by the felony of perjury to his early Christian henchmen! For such perjuries, pardon, “truths” the Christian foul mouths even prefer to die… A sect that is based on lie and deception defending them even by crimes of perjury is organized crimes whether it fakes being a religion or not! I.e., without such (gay) sexual dissipation of Jesus "Christ" such Christian sects preaching and accomplishing free (libertine) sex never could be imagined and never would have come into existence.

Those Christian sects came into being because some preferred the drivel (lies and deceit) and the others Jesus’ really lifestyle. There is even transcendentalism -- i.e., premises of the possibility of ideological dissents. Alleging that --the view of the rival purportedly or really is wrong -- does not solve the problem for deceivers, yet. Even here, nothing results from nothing. There is no smoke without fire!
In the church of Alexandria, it is strictly kept under lock and key. Only very few ones that are absolutely toe to the Christian foul mouths' lying and deceiving are allowed to read this secret gospel. Obviously, it contains some facts (truths), which would bust the structure of the new sect that was so carefully built up. In addition, that when success is beginning to emerge... All might be important; however, truths are irrelevant and even not worth questioning…!

All a sudden, an incident happens regarding the observance of secrecy. A competing sect of Christian dissidents (heretics) in Alexandria headed by a man called Carpocrates, which are in favor of sexual permissiveness presumably, put one of their beautiful decoys onto a guardian of the secret gospel.
Whatever happened, undoubtedly the competitor has a copy from that secret gospel and is making Christian sect - that is used to preaching all their lies while scowling - a laughing stock by quotations from it. What a cheek! At once, one competitor has a conclusive piece of evidence in his hands that the alleged eunuch Jesus -- who allegedly sweated out all his sperm by his ribs, as his fellow barbarians’ seem to sham -- was a catamite who had a permanent homosexual companion in his flock to indulge homosexual intercourse. So, what shall I do? – Early Christian Theodore is asking early Christian Clement. Is it true? You, Clement, are the head of our Christian catechist school in Alexandria. You know this gospel, anyway. Answer me what I (Theodore) ought to do. Clement answers. Of course, as ideological chieftain of the parish of Alexandria he knows the secret gospel. He quotes from that for Theodore:


“And they come into Bethany. And a certain woman whose brother had died was there. And, coming, she prostrated herself before Jesus and says to him, "son of David, have mercy on me". But the disciples rebuked her. And Jesus, being angered, went off with her into the garden where the tomb was, and straightway, going in where the youth was, he stretched forth his hand and raised him, seizing his hand. But the youth, looking upon him, loved him and began to beseech him that he might be with him. And going out of the tomb they came into the house of the youth, for he was rich. And after six days Jesus told him what to do and in the evening the youth comes to him, wearing a linen cloth over his naked body. And he remained with him that night, for Jesus taught him the mystery of the Kingdom of God. And thence, arising, he returned to the other side of the Jordan."[5] 



And now Clement is adding:


“And these words follow the text, ‘And James and John come to him’ and all that section. But ‘naked man with naked man’ and the other things, about which you wrote, are not found. And after the words, ’And he comes into Jericho’, the secret Gospel adds only, ‘And the sister of the youth whom Jesus loved and his mother and Salome were there, and Jesus did not receive them.’ But many other things about which you wrote both seem to be and are falsifications.”[6]


     Whoever but Christians believe in perjurers? The "Earlygospelsnet," - which in the meantime (June 2007) removed their version of the “Secret Gospel of Mark” from the web - obviously has deciphered more segments at the end quotes an additional sentence of Clement that is quite debunking in this context:


So, the truth according to the right interpretation . . .“[7]


     Well, whether there is written that the Christian foul mouths’ "god" had nakedly enjoyed another naked man (“naked man with naked man”) is a fact that one can answer with yes or no, because the rival claims to quote literally from the secret gospel. That is no question of a “right” or “wrong” interpretation or explanation. *


       Only for sect gangsters, who even deny truths by perjury, this is a question of the right “interpretation ", i.e., they are used to tamper with the facts with the lies and deceit of their own.


       Let me ask you a question: Do you believe in  perjurers offering the "right interpretation"? Whoever does so? Nobody else but liars, deceivers, felons and infamous terrorists like the Christian ones!

    "Eunuch" Jesus "Christ" obviously liked to go in his birthday's suit. John reports in another writing the following about the gang's boss:


"I (disciple John), therefore, because he (Jesus) loved me, drew nigh unto him softly, as though he could not see me, and stood looking upon his hinder parts: and I (John) saw that he (Jesus) was not in any wise clad with garments, but was seen of us naked..."[8]



              So, the one just was scantly dressed by a linen round his naked body and the other one (Jesus "Christ" ) stripped down to the buff -- for a Christian handicapped striptease-show... However, we (Christians) deny by perjury our naked "eunuch"...


             This does not mean that  "Lord Hypocrite", man's deceiver, man’s felon and death penalty convict has any inhibitions to blame  „shame of nakedness “, if it is not about him but others. Never forget that he always is faking that he does not to carry the sins of his own and those ones of Christian religious Mafia as  „innocent lamb of God" on the cross but those ones of others he has nothing to do with them!:


Re 3:18 RSV

18 Therefore I (Jesus) counsel you (John) to buy from me gold refined by fire, that you may be rich, and white garments to clothe you and to keep the shame of your nakedness from being seen, and salve to anoint your eyes, that you may see.



With this "shame of nakedness" he obviously felt very comfortable, however not only with this "shame" but especially with that shame of the most felon of humankind that ever moved on two legs or on all fours!

Now, we can realize why perjury is necessary for Clement of Alexandria and his fellow Christian foul mouths: It is about a problem, whether Christian sect that deadly incites the cause of fighting on lewdness, wantonness and for chastity and thus just started tormenting people and its slaves regarding their sexuality is running the risk getting debunked. That is why early Christian Clement cannot answer this question that is related to a fact if there had been a naked man (Jesus) with a naked man (Lazarus) without tampering with it with Christian sect’s deceit.

Well, they had and have a good case for keeping the gospel of “St.” Mark secret, very secret. However, those facts being lies or deceptions need an interpretation, tampered with the general lies or the basic structure of the Christian foul mouths' deception. One cannot admit that he was a horny catamite and simultaneously a "god." The "right interpretation" of that has to be tampered with the needs of the Christian faith, i.e., lies, deceit and self-deception. That means according to that deceit that the horny catamite was a eunuch who "castrated" himself because of the "realm of heaven." The Christian "faith" as far as one can speak about a faith but barbarism is “beyond” (i.e., below) all facts, beyond truths and “beyond” (i.e., below) all reason. It shifts mountains and facts, morals as truths, anyway…

Therefore, there is a lot that is to conceal in the sect. In addition, that is why this sect has secrets (mysteries) all over. Each Mafia has secrets, in particular, its business secret how to dupe the victims successfully. That all needs a right "interpretation" to get rid of the truths. Secrets are pivotal to criminals, otherwise the attorneys and police finish their crimes. In particular, the cross criminals know that. Consequently, there is no criminality without secrets. Those secrets need a right "interpretation" to get rid of the truths.

"Eunuch" Jesus "Christ" , 

 "Lord Hypocrite" of the Christian hypocrites

Satan's wretched and miserable catamite!

Remember, how do the Christian foul mouths brainwash their salves' brains? Jesus was a eunuch for the realm of heaven. His sperm so to speak oozed out of his ribs. Or do you know another way...? This topmost hypocrite stinking to high heaven! The fact that Jesus "Christ" indulged gay intercourse -- and as we are going to provide evidence in the next paragraph - not at all only with Lazarus has to be tampered with Christian foul mouths' deception and self-deception ("faith") that he allegedly has castrated himself for the "realm of heaven"...
Tampering means to deny the truth even by perjury, if not by murder at all. Those are the truths according to the "right interpretation" Clemens claims... Only felonies of perjury need lies but not the truths!

In this letter we are very interested because it is about a document of two early Christian foul mouths obviously feeling very in private how they want to contrive and disseminate the Christian foul mouths deception. The "god" of "love" a catamite! What a "magnificent specimen" of "god of love"... Do not forget to worship him... If you do not do that you go to hell instead of Jesus and all the Christian foul mouths... (However, Christian foul mouths, the prophet Muhammad tells that on doomsday Jesus will witness against all the Christian foul mouths that he never claimed to be god and you Christian foul mouths will go to hell - and how can you provide evidence that Muhammad is wrong? Because you, Christian foul mouths, tried slaying the Muslims by several crusades? However, that is more an indication that you are designed for hell!).

Christian faith as far one can talk about faith and not about perfidy in this context is faking to be beyond reason but in fact is beyond all descriptions of depravity. Will to power, that is the contents of Christian "belief" and it is without bounds, never shrinking from facts and truths because those miserable and insane Christians fool themselves to shift mountains -- and thus the truths, anyway!

No spirit of desperadoes, of barbarians? No totalitarianism? Can somebody ever lend credence to someone that is faking to be the incarnated truth, however in reality even disputes truths by the felony of perjury?
Do you really believe those “martyrs of truths” that even perpetrate perjury in service of their “truths” that are favorable and advantageous for themselves? Aren’t the Christian foul mouths really "martyrs"? Oh, those suffering ones even have to perpetrate perjury in service of their “truths”… If you believe in barbarians of perjury, then you should stop going on reading because the truths will become unbearable to you. If your notion of truths does not imply committing even felonies like perjury, then continuing reading may become an event to you like discovering of a new planet.

Therefore, all the truths about the Christian foul mouths' golden calf that does contradict his posing as the sects "god" have to give way the lies and the deception of that homemade "god"... That is the "right interpretation" (exegesis) according to Christian artists of lying like Clement of Alexandria. Thus, if reality does not match the Christian "theory ", then even the worse for reality! Then, reality has to be "interpreted", i.e., to be tampered with Christian foul mouths' depraved "ideology" (lies and deception)... Thus, facts are called "lies" and lies are called "truths" in order to keep those lies and deception from debunking...

Oh yes, Jesus sets an example for i.e., perfidious schmucks (Christians). He models their hypocrisy, depravity and malice what we are about to demonstrate. The Christian foul mouths have chosen Jesus to be their god because he is one of theirs pertaining to failure of nature, regarding physically and moral failure and full of hatred and revenge camouflaged as each reverse ("love" etc.) to get their war of revenge on those who turned out better unassailably. not only social misfit of depravity but that strange monster blazing up his perfidious schmucks the trail to run free the depravity, outrages, barbarities and abominations to the full, i.e., how to camouflage wickedness, evilness, depravity, crimes, felonies, outrages, atrocities, barbarities and other abominations as moral matters like "love," "charity," "morals," "spiritual welfare," "serving one's next" etc. Being fiends, felons, perfidious murders and scum of humankind but reputed to be "reverends," "holy fathers," "saints" or even "god's son" those are the tricks of Jesus and those are his "glad tidings" for all brutes...



·        That is what makes the Christian foul mouths gather around that fiend of hell (Jesus "Christ" ) and worshiping him as their sect's "god"...!  

·        That is what makes those monsters of depravity worship that fiend from hell as their god!


If he did not correspond to

· his perfidious schmucks (of foul mouth and foul play),
· those the sick needing a physician,

i.e. the Christian foul mouths, would have killed him than worshiping him as the god as the Christian foul mouths already murdered about 300 millions  of human beings -- no organized crime ever did before and will do after that religious Mafia. Jesus is the first Christian criminal. He in person started Christian foul mouths' murders by killing little children as we prove in paragraph e400  and his pompously proclaimed "contender" Peter even murdered early Christian community members, young girls and rivals like Simon Magus as we provide evidence in paragraph e4031ff.   Jesus in person contrives those insane and mad Christian convolutions of brain about sexuality, that is dominating Christian Satanic sect until to today and that ruined the lives of

·        hundreds of Million mothers of  illegitimate children and 

·        the lives of that illegitimate children, if they are not driven to suicide by those infamous Christian monsters from the cesspit!  



Even Jesus' prohibition of divorce evenly is derived from his and his Christian foul mouths’ madness against sexuality. Jesus releases his Christian schmucks from the "yoke" of reasonable commandments, for instance, that one shall honor one's father and mother. In place of that he loads mad, insane, depraved and foul yokes on his accomplices he obviously wants to torment, too - like, for instance,

· hatred incarnate on father and mother (see: Lu 14:26),
· yes even against the life of one's own (see: ibidem) or
· prohibition of divorce (see: Mt 19:6, Mr 10:9)...

That insane prohibition of divorce is a contrivance of his sexual madness. That means that only by death a couple can be divorce and that his nothing but incitement to commit murder on the husband or wife... That prohibition (of divorce) still exists as political law in most Christianly enslaved countries of South America, even today! And one never knows how many millions of murders Jesus infamous schmucks instigated that way!

· How many hundreds of millions, Jesus and his infamous schmucks made their lives a hell that way?
· How many millions of human beings Jesus and his Christian infamous schmucks instigated to murder their husbands or wife because that perfidious, sick, mad and insane Christian sect, i. e. this poison to all social relationships (thieves' cant: "love"), does not allow political laws enabling divorce?


 Jesus’ insane convolutions of brain pertaining to sexuality are, frankly, exposed by a dialog that has come down to us by the "Book of Thomas the Contender," that also was recovered in 1945 in the Nag-Hammadi cave (in Egypt):


"So just as the body of the beasts perishes, so also will these (human) formations perish. Do they (human bodies) not derive from intercourse like that of the beasts? If it, too derives from intercourse, how will it beget anything different from beasts? So, therefore, you are babes until you become perfect."[9]


 One should imagine that imbecility, that convolution of a sick brain, that midget of would-be "philosophers," that jerking jerk: Because reproductions of human beings are similar to that one of top life-forms of mammals, in particular, like that one of the mammals, this lunatic one believes human beings and animals to be the same! Comparatively, one evenly could describe the breast feeding of the picture of "Madonna" -- the Christian foul mouths evenly cribbed from ancient Egyptian religion (goddess Isis with her son Horus) -- to be a disgusting brute action and thus prohibit breast feeding of babies. (Those thieves with "honor" among them are used to decking themselves with borrowed plumes!). Do not the mammals suck their newborn ones? Did not Mary do that? Maybe those Christian artists of lying and hoodlums of deceit with a knife under the frock one day will claim, that "god" daily has sent the milk from heaven for that misshapen product of a panther's jerking...

That what Jesus concocts about sexuality is not an opinion one can have about this matter. That is the sick womb from which such insane contrivances, like, for instance, "immaculate conception," virgin birth or prohibition of divorce crept out.
However, that is not the end of that gay hypocrite. There is more to it than that, what we will demonstrate now:

"Woe to you who love intimacy with womankind and polluted intercourse with them!"[10]

I do not want to denigrate homosexuality. I want express clearly that it is a somewhat sexual preference, even if I do not share it. However, I do not think that everything that is different from me has to be denigrated, abased or even prohibited. However, if the god of a sect is a homosexual and moreover, has an insane brain like this biped that is called Jesus "Christ,", , then such convolutions of contrivances could creep out of a lunatic brain that intercourse between man and woman are an allegedly a pollution that -- in addition to everything -- is to be damned.
· That is Jesus' and his perfidious schmucks' (the Christian foul mouths') bedlam!
· Those are the concoctions of an insane gay faking "god"... who belongs to a lunatic asylum!
· Only a madman or madwoman can think like this insane megalomaniac one!

That is the madness how an illegitimate child (Jesus himself) that is a product of a panther's jerking (his father was Joseph Panthera, a Roman soldier)[11] gets "immaculate conception" and "virgin birth"... That rubbish, that trash, that cesspit the Christian foul mouths fancy as "divine inspirations"...

What Jesus here blathers about sexuality of animals and human beings is no opinion among opinions that one can have. That is the germ cell of all insane contrivances of the sick brains that gather in that religious Mafia, for instance:

· their boss shamming and faked to be a „god “what is to be attributed to an insane and foul notion of sexuality,
· instead of Joseph Panthera, a Roman militiaman, "god" has begotten their instigator Jesus "Christ" , that miscarriage of nature

· Mary should have had a virgin birth,

· hundreds of millions illegitimate children's mothers became humiliated, dishonored or even driven to death by those savage and insane Christian fiends of humanity,

· hundreds of millions more illegitimate children Christian became dishonored, vilified and ruined or even driven to suicide by those savage and insane Christian fiends of humanity,

· millions of human beings became murdered because those savage and insane fiends of humanity allowed death to be the only reason for divorce.

If there are individuals acquitted of reasonable commandments (laws), for instance, of honoring father while establishing lunatic yokes, e.g., of prohibiting heterosexual intercourse, then first that mentally ill and perfidious instigator of the bedlam's sect (Jesus "Christ" ) is to call to account. He at first is responsible for all the bestiality, barbarities and abominations of that scum of the Earth, he is gathering to be worshiped as its god.

In this context we do not want to speculate about the dark indirect effects of Christian anti-sexualize, for example, that many barbaric wars this insidious Christian sect waged on humankind and humanity, e.g., the crusades, are due to its rogues' moral of sexual hysteria. Christian sexual "morals" are typical of "honor among thieves" or "morals among rogues frocks>)!!!). Certainly, it is true that if the underbelly gets not satisfied, brains get depraved. However, the Christian foul mouths' brain is depraved, before somebody becomes devoted Christian... Therefore, pertaining to Christian foul mouths one cannot deprave brain because it is already depraved and that is why a Christian becomes a Christian, a fiend of humankind and humanity -- of course, while always faking the reverse... That sick miscarriage of nature, that failure of reason, i.e., Jesus "Christ" in person, concocted those insanities of theirs...


He contrived how to run to the full their dark, destructive instincts by (Christian) sham-morals, i.e., being insidious felons while being regarded as "moral" bluffers, "reverends," yes even "saints"...
· Those are the "glad tidings" of Jesus "Christ" for infamous felons!
· That is Jesus' "redemption" for those the sick needing a physician.
· That is what makes the Christian failures of nature gathering around Jesus "Christ." .
· That is why the Christian foul mouths worship that misshapen felon and fiend of humankind and humanity as the "god"...!

There is much to forge n' fudge regarding Christian "truths." Clement admonishes his fellow infamous schmucks Theodore:

"For not all true things are to be said to all men."[12]


          That is the notion of "truth" of a sect that is feigning to die for the "truths..." Ah, ah, ha - do not make me laugh!
So, mark my words: One can never admit to all people that we (Christians) offer a catamite as eunuch savior into the world. Indeed, all those truths never are to say to all men and women. More over that slavery is our notion of democracy according to (our) Christian excellent juggling with names we (Christians) are the very experts all over the world! If there is one associate of "god,", then there are his deputies (popes) faking infallibility. Then there are slaveholders with "secret" chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") and other tools of deception to which the pied piper has given "the keys of the realm of heaven" and another counterfeit money allowing them arbitrarily binding and solving on Earth, what evenly is bound and solved in heaven, according to that sorcery. Finally, there are masses of slaves having the "honor" being subservient and servile to slave holders kneeling down to kiss their rings.

However, do not forget that they do not like to be called slaveholders but "fathers," "holy fathers," "son of god" etc.... That is equality of human beings according to the standards of a slaveholders' sect. That is Christian "democracy" ...! If slavery is called democracy, then it is about the Christian barbarians' sect. However, even Adolph Hitler spoke about democracy. He called his slavery "German democracy." If there is a Nazi-democracy why not a Christian one...?

So, that quotation of the Alexandrian Carpocratians about the naked horny Jesus is not the unique one in authentic Christian writings about the Christian foul mouths' god (Jesus the catamite and faking Christ)! Quite obviously -- while faking a eunuch as faking the "god" -- Jesus "Christ" had several catamites to whom he showed himself in the buff. So Clement's "right interpretation" is produced out of thin air and an instant application of the professed perjury... The one catamite of him was John; the other -- that is mentioned in this secret gospel of Mark - was Lazarus as we are going to produce evidence now. This is to infer from the disclosed chronicle (Christians' cant: "gospel") by comparison with the texts:

Joh 12:1-2 RSV

1 ¶ Six days before the Passover, Jesus came to Bethany, where Lazarus was, whom Jesus had raised from the dead.

2 There they made him a supper; Martha served, and Lazarus was one of those at table with him 


         In most disclosed chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels"), Lazarus is mentioned only as one peripheral follower. Only from the undisclosed gospel of Mark we know that he had a more significant meaning to Jesus.

Christian perjurers do not forget that the other catamite of Jesus (John) also reports that Jesus showed himself (to John) in the buff!
Presumably, his “disciples” (perfidious schmucks) sneer at the fact how easily a deformity is to fob off as “god's son” on others. Only a shallow knowledge of the “holy scriptures” of the Jews -- Jesus pretended to accomplish – demonstrates that he just could be a horror to the (Jewish) god... Jesus, who faked Jesus keeping all authority in heaven and on Earth (see: Mt 28:18) even was unable to change that then inhumane opinion and preferred to practice feigning a eunuch... If the Christian foul mouths' god Jesus is a horror before god as the Christian foul mouths evenly are.

          Now, we are going to demonstrate that sometimes one can only understand the “official” chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") of the Christian foul mouths’ New Testament (NT), if one knows those that were kept (extremely) dark. I.e., the often uttered reproaches -- especially when Christian sects (mostly deadly) battles one another -- that a quotation craftily is divorced from its context is already to apply to the Christian foul mouths' "god's word” itself. Now we are going to quote from the gospel of Mark of the Christian "New Testament“ and only the knowledge of Mark's secret gospel will illuminate that what is meant, here:


Mr 14:50-52 RSV

  50 And they all forsook him, and fled.

 51 And a young man followed him, with nothing but a linen cloth about his body; and they seized him,

52 but he left the linen cloth and ran naked away.


Without the background of Mark’s secret gospel this narration is hardly to understand, if at all. This is an example demonstrating us that often one has to know the secret chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") to understand those ones of the NT. Here again is the scantily dressed gay escort of Jesus -- the catamite and faking Christ -- from Mark’s secret gospel with the bare linen-cloth he has wrapped around his naked body. This obviously turned on the lower abdomen of that hypocrite faking to be a eunuch "for the sake of heaven's realm"… Well, Jesus always had a gay escort in his crowd. If the "eunuch" -- that alleged indirectly having castrated himself for the heaven’s realm -- wanted to get sexually satisfied he always had somebody servile for his lower abdomen. One can assume that he had promised him everything impossible in the “realm of heaven” for such servile services to his lower abdomen those "saints", henchmen (thieves' cant: "disciples" and popes, etc. see the with jealousy...
In addition to everything, one has to doubt whether that „happening “of nakedly flying Lazarus ever occurred that way. In contrast with the impression, the Christian foul mouths very early gave, Jesus respectively his stuntman was not apprehended by a dozen or twenty soldiers or policemen but by a cohort of Roman soldiers.[13] A cohort is comparable to a battalion of today and amounted at that time to 500 to 600 soldiers, at least! (Presumably the early Christian foul mouths „reduced “the number of the Roman soldiers that arrested their chieftain or his stuntman to conceal that the desperado they lifted to their "god" seriously provoke then Palestine occupying Roman forces by a „small army “ to accomplish his or his stuntman's execution after the Jews turned out to be completely unwilling to kill that spiteful little devil, just because he faked being "god" or to be an associate of "god," i.e., "god's" son. This is true, even if the Christian refined liars and deceivers alleged the opposite! However, this is our topic in the author's book: "Jesus' Bluff" (click here).

Here, we are only interested in this matter in so far as such a grouping of police and soldiers produces evidence that the Jewish police and Roman soldiers could get any one from the Jesus gang, they wanted to apprehend. Moreover, it is still doubtful, whether such happening ever could draw any attention at all in view of such a huge crowd of folks, what hereby is disputed. Therefore, I presume that here it is about a joke Jesus’ fellow objectifications of perfidy ("disciples") derisively cracked on "big boss" (Jesus) in private... (Objektivation is an idea that has become reality by materialization). However, irrespective of any occurrence of that happening of "naked theater," this matter is only mentioned in the Christian foul mouths' „god's word" because Jesus' perfidious schmucks („disciples “) sneered at their:


Gay, randy, horny Lord Jesus Catamite,
Caught with naked guy, late at night!

Jesus "Christ," , Jesus "Christ" -
Instead of "god", Satan’s catamite!


        And this is not written in any secret chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") but in a disclosed one! Thus, indirectly Peter - the purported source of information of Mark -- spreads to his fellow Christian foul mouths that he (Peter) was much better than that miserable ugly deformity (Jesus) following male youths. So to speak, this was the very joke of the Jesus gang -- at the expenses of its "divine" boss... Peter respectively Mark is completely right that one cannot withhold the gang’s best joke to posterity... Peter behaves like a perverse murderer attending the interment of his or her victim enjoying that he or she knows something all the others would like to know but do not -- or who enjoys the thrilling that everybody would bleed or her white him if knowing that what he or she knows.


Only seen from this angle, this ridiculousness makes sense.
Deceiving about his sexuality is only a particular part of his and his perfidious schmucks' (Christian foul mouths') general deceits. As usually later his perfidious schmucks (Christians), the instigator of Christian sect, Lord Hypocrite (Jesus "Christ" ), already took severe measures on fornication as far as it was not about his fornication. Exactly, in this way, his perfidious schmucks are used to imitating him until today: Puffing themselves up about sexual enjoyments of others, provided that they are not concerned themselves.
His perfidious schmucks (Christian foul mouths, in particular, their priests) mostly try pilfering their sexual pleasures even by heinous crimes, e.g., by sexual abuse of children who are entrusted to them for brainwashing. Here, we are going to demonstrate that Christianity had its sexual scandals and crimes already from the very, very outset. Jesus himself as well as Peter not only did it secretly both perpetrated murders

·       out of sexual envy and
· because of ideological intolerance
as we are going to produce evidence in the fourth chapter of this treatise.

  Christian schmucks in frocks are the occupational group with the most sexual brutes in Christianly-enslaved countries.
What a groovy "love's sect" in a true bedlam!
As said before, here primarily it is not about sexuality, but it is about demonstrating the Christian foul mouths' lying, hypocrisy and deceiving. Sexuality models as an example for it. Besides the field of dying the Christian foul mouths are used to stirring up fear of death, sexuality is the most important area the Christian foul mouths are used to tormenting their conditioned slaves to run free their hatred (of the very last ) on the real or alleged first ones what they camouflage as "love" and "mercy" to get their hatred and vengeance unassailable, hereby.

        A deceiver always consists of two parts (figures): The one he is pretending to be, the other one he really is behind the mask.

        When the adversaries of the Christian foul mouths' religious rogue (Jesus) asked him how to punish a whore, he answered: 

Joh 8:7 RSV

7 Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.

         Now, the Christian jugglers of lying and deceiving could gush how "mild ", "peaceful " and "merciful " their instigator (Jesus "Christ" ) allegedly was, indeed thus they can and did this in volumes that even fill libraries all over... However, that is only the one part, the one figure of the deceiver. The other one is behind his mask: 


Re  2:20-22 DBY

20 But I  (Jesus) have against thee  (John) that thou permittest the woman Jezebel, she who calls herself prophetess, and she teaches and leads astray my servants to commit fornication and eat of idol sacrifices.

21 And I gave her time that she should repent, and she will not repent of her fornication.

22 Behold, I cast her into a bed, and those that commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of her works,



This is the other side of the swindler, his true face, which shows that he exactly and so gladly likes to do that, for what he -- in a kind of psychological projection -- is blaming others: Throwing stone at others! In fact, the one (Jesus) that is throwing stones at others really at least would have any reason for throwing them.

Although this of all hypocrites -- that makes his perfidious schmucks to commit perjuries to keep secret his gay adventures -- had the least reasons for blaming his rival due to her sexual pleasures. However, he is not only determined to take measures against her but also to torment and torture her sexual partners...! This of all hypocrites and swindlers will torment the sexual partners of his competitor by great tribulations... Here, sexuality once more demonstrates the deceiver, Jesus "Christ" ...!
By the way, this is an impressive example demonstrating that by learning from a deceiver each one can concoct deceit of his own by just by quoting from the facade or mask and omitting the other side of the coin, Pardon, deceiver.

Therefore, one can realize that sexuality is one but very important field Satan, pardon, Jesus himself and his chosen ones take revenge on their conspecifics that turned out better by nature -- by lies, hypocrisy, deceits, crimes, torments, tortures, bestiality, stakes and other abominations. Sexuality just models general Christian deception.

· That is the "love's" sect...!
· That is the true Christian bedlam...!
· That are what the Christian foul mouths do not call bestiality or barbarities but "morals"!
· That are what the Christian foul mouths want fob as "beyond" reason off on their fellow humans what indeed is just lousy.

In the next part of this introduction, we will demonstrate that basically those derisions were the “love” by which those perfidious schmucks ("disciples") "loved" one another. Later, but very, very soon other important parts became added to the Christian "love": Murder, mass-murder and genocide! The Christian barbarians became mad for that strange or crazy ”love" like the devils! So, Jesus was completely right when telling that one can realize himself and his fellow schmucks by the "love" by which they "love" one another. Roman Emperor Julian (332 – 363 C.E.) described that "love" one can realize until today, in the following way:


 "I experienced that even beasts of prey are not that hostile minded to human beings than one  Christian  to another one. "[15]



 My word! Do not the Christian foul mouths "love" madly like the devils are used to doing, do not they? Satan's "love" is past reason and comprehension but precisely the same as the Christian foul mouths' way of "loving"... Satan loves his (Jesus) Christ and the Christian foul mouths all over! As said, faking a eunuch and being a wanton which was not the only reason why this would-be god was derided even by his closest "worshipers." That is the topic of our next part. For those who do not continue reading, here my advice: Always never forget that Satan refuses reason to understand him. He is used to fooling himself and the world. What is just lousy is to claim to be beyond reason...

In particular, Satan and the Christian foul mouths, all are used to refusing to admit what is true – and that is the strange notion of truth of both. Satan and the Christian foul mouths, so far as they differ not only by a different word - are very experts in juggling with names of all bipeds. Obviously, Christians and Satan have the strange concepts of "truths" and/or "love" in common. The meaning of those words are to revile and kill others even by killing themselves if hatred and vengeance does not succeed else… So, you will never get Jesus', Satan's as well as the Christian foul mouths' notion of "love" ... There are always surprises when Satan or the Christian foul mouths tackle "love"... And all have a common notion of "truths," which means not knowing, especially refusing to know what is true...


Satan has a catamite,

He is called Jesus "Christ" !


Detailed  information about the Christian gospels is also given on:


·         Evidence that Jesus “Christ” did not believe in the Bible (Christians' cant: "Old Testament"), on:,

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End of the first part of the introduction! In the following parts of this introduction, we are continuing to produce evidence of Jesus "Christ's" homosexuality by other early Christian scriptures that are completely independent from the "Secret Gospel of Mark." As already proven, thus the Christian foul mouths' superstar, in fact, is an abomination before god, quite according to the scripture he fakes fulfilling ...



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