Debunking Jesus "Christ"

Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera (nickname: Jesus "Christ") the "prophet" of perfidy and monkey-God of the monkey-Christians!

Jesus' attempt at the perfect crime that is called" Christianity... 




The love by which Satan, his Anointed One (Greek: Christos) and all their adherents (Christians) are stalking humans


To become worshiped as "god" in return, 53 inches tiny, misshapen as limping spiteful little cripple as devil and "superstar" of all miscarriages of nature, ratfinks, dastards n' bastards stops at nothing, really at nothing...!

"God" as weapon of perfidy and infamy of rogues with frocks and without frocks, damp squibs and dastards that so gladly want to pose as the first , at all costs...

Jesus' and his accomplices' (Christians') perfidy shifts mountains and god, honesty and the truths anyway!  

Survey of Atrott’s Contributions on Jesus and Christendo(o)m 


Those who say there's no such criminality,

Do not know perfidy of Christianity!



Jesus' "glad tidings": The perfect crime is possible by perfidy!

Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ“) is talking big: "All authority in heaven and on Earth is given to me" (Mt 28:18), viz, not to god. Conspicuously,  Yehoshua-ben-Pandera brags about keeping that after having encountered Satan but not before. Conspicuously he does not reject Satan by arguing that he (Satan) is offering  "all kingdoms of the world" (Mt 4:8) to him this faking "god" or "god's son" (Jesus) allegedly is keeping ... Why did not he do so? Because at that moment the pact with Satan was not settled, yet?

Christianity has nothing to do with god, truths, love etc. but is about how to perpetrate spite, perfidy, infamy, crimes, outrages, terror, atrocities and other kinds of abomination and barbarities while being reputed as (very) "moral", "decent" and "honest" figures. It is a coaching (of perfidy and foul play) how to mask best when being  felon, rogue, thug, desperado, terrorist,  bastard and monster.  Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera is up to all dodges. He knows that crime is successful if one occupies that in advance, by what crime can be  opposed and fought:  morals, god, god's commandments, decency, honesty, laws etc. That way, Jesus "Christ" succeeds in getting his and the Christian spite, foul mouth, fouls play  and all crimes unassailable.  By lying and feigning  to stand for "morals", "love", "god", "truths" etc. , he coaches his Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. of "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  the (almost) perfect crime. He teaches a subtle art how to do this. His Christian henchmen are enrapt by the thus accomplished possibilities of "Christ": Being desperadoes, infamous terrorists, foul mouths, felons, perfidious tormentors, torturers and other scum of creature while being reputed as "reverends", "saints", "martyrs", "holy fathers" etc.  Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera is no Messiah, at least one of god, but a  felons' coach  (Christian jargon: "innocent lamb loving all his enemies")  how to live one's evil heart to the full while being reputed as "moral" to the utmost. That is why Christianity became the most abominable but also the most successful organized crime or hell on earth!  Jesus advises: Before plundering a house one has to fetter the owner, so that he is unable to defend himself (see: Mt 12:29, Mk 3:27).   Therefore, before committing a crime one at first has to usurp those matters (e.g. love,  morals, truths, and god) the adversary could combat one's  foul mouth, crimes, outrages and abominations.  On this condition,  the total and (almost) perfect crime is possible and Jesus enabled it for his fellow Christian objectifications (incarnations)  of perfidy being worshiped as their "god", in exchange. Jesus' techniques (ruses and/or tricks) of coaching foul mouths, brutes, desperadoes and/or terrorists are first: semantic simulations (juggling with names), secondly: Trojan Horses (like "love", "truths", "god", "vicarious atonement), thirdly: false (misleading) comparisons, fourthly: psychological projections, fifthly: provocation crimes, apart from sixthly undisguised atrocities and barbarities.

"Morals" ("love") and even "god" as Jesus' and the Christians' weapons of foul mouth and foul play, in particular  - the perfidy of  Jesus "Christ" and Ch
ristian sect!

According to De 21:23 one that is hanged is accursed by and onto god – accursed by god like Satan, sin or Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ“) is.  If it would be true that Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera allegedly from the outset of his life or even beginning of the universe intended to “carry this sins of the world on the cross” as Christian Mafia lies today, then he (Jesus) would had introduced himself to his fellow Jews knowing their Bible as Messiah (Greek: Christos) of Satan but not as that one of god … This stultification is Christian „theology“…! However, on Palm Sunday he unexpectedly failed to become “King of Israel”. When he was a baby, god allegedly intervened in world history to save him from an (Christianly contrived) infanticide of king Herode, so that he will become “King of Israel” when once being adult.  Now, when he is that age to  become this everlastingly “designed” King of Israel, this venomous bastard n’ dastard, maggot n' faggot or jerk n' nerd wretchedly fails!   Instead of acceding  to the throne, the “god” of the “pale, subterranean leeches” (German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844 – 1900) that  so gladly want to be reputed as the “first ” was going to „accede“ to the gallows or cross. However, even this disgrace and ignominy past description is not the worst happening to him.  Hereby, all of a sudden, he is debunked as an accursed one by god (see: De 21:23) to god, to the Jews and – the worst of all – to himself.  The abyss of his and hence the rising of his vindictiveness is not to measure, at all. Instead of being Messiah of god, he publicly turns out to be Messiah of Satan corresponding the scripture that allegedly predicts and proves all his claims, demands and impertinence.  However, this Satanic and/or felonious monster is too much a (felonious) dastard as to die for the crime of his: He looks for a double getting tortured in place of him. It was not hard to find a double. There even was a twin in the gang of his in his gang. However, it seems that his stuntman on the cross even was not his twin ((Thomas is the Aramaic word for twin - it was not only a name, the concerned one was a twin of the Jesus monster).   It is Judas Iscariot hanging on the cross. This kiss of Judas is (a psychological projection of) the kiss of Jesus "Christ" and/or the Christians' kiss. Judas' Iscariot's „official“ part (identifying the perpetrator to the authorities) already was doubled by someone else arranged by this monster (Jesus "Christ" ) to red herring the Roman and Jewish authorities.  While then world believed having caught and executing the evildoer proper and while his stuntman was suffering extreme torments and tortures on the cross, he (Jesus) laughed up his sleeve to Peter and John.  As even according to Christian doctrine, Satan is accursed to god and  wants to exalt himself to be “god”, Jesus "Christ" , evenly is accursed  by and to god (see: De 21,23) and emulates Satan by faking himself to be “god”.  Hereby Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ wants to hide the mark of Cain of disgrace and ignominy of his!  His sect becomes the lightening torch for hell on Earth!  The terrorist monster has to (miss) guide his Christian catacomb sect from the Christian catacombs while his henchmen lie is his "resurrection from the dead" and "ascension". In contradiction to the Jewish Bible, he proper contrives that artificial figure (of fun) of the „innocent lamb of god carrying the sins to the world to the cross“ feigning to be unable even to hurt o fly.   For that, Saul or Paul mostly is giving a whipping by Christian „theologians”. If this Satan monster purportedly was residing in heaven, who else could concoct such Satanic doctrines but Paul? That is what most of them are used to pondering.  However, that „lamb of god on the cross“ is nothing but an accursed one to god (see: De 21:23).  In addition, this according to the scripture that allegedly proves each lie, deception of crime of his and his henchmen! Deceit is possible – those are the „glad tidings“ from Calvary (for Satan, his son Jesus, his mother Mary  and an all their perfidious henchmen).  That is why the cross and crucifixion are the torch for hell on Earth. For trying to execute him, this Satanic monster and terrorist avenged himself by setting Rome to fire, in the year 64. This is humankind’s most act of terror, past comprehension, past description! Since even many grudging Roman senators avoid to believing that such Satanic (Christian) schmucks n’ mugs, sods n' hogs, rogues n’ frogs and/or slobs n' flops etc., viz, Jesus "Christ" and his fellow Christian objectifications (incarnations)  of perfidy are able to install hell on Earth and making themselves to slaveholders of humankind, they preferred to suspect emperor Nero having committed that most act of terror that ever was perpetrated in human history on Earth…!  Write this below all those trillions of Christian crucifixes or crosses and wherever they presume to put a cross: "He who hanged is accursed of god" De 21:23).  The cross is the marc of Cain of Satan, his Messiah (Greek: Christos) and his Christian sect.





Like the fable about his end, evenly the tale about his birth is lie and deceit. In this case, those things are cribbed from the rival called Mithraism: Immaculate conception, virgin birth, redeemer, god’s son, astrological announcement of birth, 25th December (as date of birth, Magi looking for the redeemer in the sky, holy communion, Sunday as holyday) etc. everything of that is a fairy tale cribbed from Mithraic religion by planet Earth's most foul mouths and foul players:  Jesus and his fellow Christian objectifications (incarnations)  of perfidy.   Having fleeced the rival, the Christian creeps, crooks n' brutes extinguished them to do their business with their victims' ideas.   The truth is that Satan's Jesus "Christ" disgracefully was begotten by adultery of his mother with Roman mercenary called Joseph Pandera (or Panthera). Mary gave birth   to Satan's misshapen and ugly panther secretly in shit, among shit while being the shit of humankind. Therefore, the birth of Satan’s Jesus "Christ" already symbolically matches his and his Christian henchmen Satanic mind. No wonder that everything is glossed by the Christian terrorists as they are used to canting almost each truth about them and Satan, whom they address and worship as "god“...

Bimonthly news about Christendo(o)m that are played down in Western media.



-HOW THE CHRISTIANS CONCEALED JESUS HOMOSEXUALITY EVEN BY PERJURY – Satan's Christ (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) was a homosexual rowdy and offender as most Christian rogues n' frogs in frocks are, until today. The  Christian denied homosexuality of their and Satan's Jesus "Christ" even by the felony of perjury. Do not forget that these foul mouths (Christians) even feign to snuff it for the "truths" ...!

WHAT DID JESUS LOOK LIKE?   The faked "sweet" "curly headed" Jesus baby is an ugly, misshapen  and ignoble monstrosity, already when creeping out of the womb of his mother - as ugly as Satan and sins are ugly according to Christian terrorists' own doctrines. What did  early Christian foul mouths, e.g. Peter, Origen, Clemens of Alexandria or ancient philosophers like  Greek  Celsus (about 178) tell about the outward appearance of Jesus?  If Jesus promulgated  that god allegedly is besotted with all the  failures of his  creation and deformities of soul and physique then he firstly and selfishly cared for the advantage, benefit and selfishness of his own.

-MONKEY-GOD CONTRA ANTI-CHRIST – The liar, deceiver and felon is afraid of the attorney and thus Jesus "Christ" of the anti-Christ.   The fear of the anti-Christ exists from the very Christian outset stemming from Jesus. It is the horror of truth to  Christian deceivers’ sect. More over, this wily sorcerer and felons' coach (Christian jargon: "innocent lamb loving all his enemies") is afraid of losing his caught prey to monsters like him. He knows that other unscrupulous ones can commit is the same he is perpetrating. Without fear of being debunked, there is no outrage, atrocities and abomination. In Christendo (o) m, this  fear has a name: anti-Christ! Christ is what Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera fakes to be, anti-Christ is what he is, in truth. Even to him and to Satan, god only is what they fake to be and Satan is what they are!


SUMMA THEOLOGICA CHRISTIANORUM – Greek Philosopher Celsus (about 178 C.E.) German philosopher Nietzsche (1844 – 1900 C.E:) on Jesus and the Christian objectifications (incarnations)  of perfidy, as demonstration that truths never could be totally extinguished.  „Sometimes one can deceive all the people. But one never can deceive all  people all the time.”  (J. F. Kennedy, 35th US-President).


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Satan has a catamite,

His name is Jesus "Christ"!



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