Chapter: 9, Part: 3 of 4 -- Miscellaneous - The Bible and the Christians' illicit annex of "authentic" and "apocryphal" chronicles ("gospels")

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Jesus is  Lord, savior and god of mine,
So say the rogues, mugs n' swine!



   "Authentic" and "apocryphal Gospels" Part: 3 of 4



The so-called apocryphal “Gospels” (Chronicles)


“God’s Word” as self-Service for Impostors in a Parrot’s Clothing



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As we expounded before, already the Christian notion of “gospel” is non-authentic, since Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) only conceived “moral” teachings as such and no biography (chronicle) of his life as such. Already from this fact, there is no difference like black and white or truths and lies regarding the so-called “authentic” and “non-authentic” chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”).



In contrast with later Christians' faking, early Christian sect did not know any normative chronicles, from the very outset.[1]   At least at the time of the “Canon Muratori” (about the year 200), features (standards) for chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) were fixed. 


In the year 1740, L. A. Muratori from the Bibliotheca Ambrosiana of Milan (Italy) detected a scripture containing a complete list of the canon of the „New Testament“ Catholic sect acknowledged as  "authentic" about the year 200. The first known Catholic canon therefore is called “Canon Muratori”. Here, the author inadvertently or deliberately reveals the already mentioned features making a scripture to be an “authentic” one in views Catholicism and for all later Christian sects: They shall contain the lies about:


·        “birth,

·        suffering,

·        resurrection,

·        how he associated with his disciples ,i.e., miracles,

·        his twofold arrival, the first one despised in lowness having already occurred, then in the glory of royal authority, what is still to happen”[2] and

·        will to power (Christians’ cant: potestas ligandi et solvendi).


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The latter demand, of course, is concealed. Hereby, Christians changed the term of "gospel" as coined and used by Ben-Pandera. It is not to assume that he spoke about the first mention point (birth) and the following ones ("suffering" and "resurrection" from the dead after three days).  Those things were not contrived before Palm Sunday nor did those "happenings of salvation" take place before the mentioned day.  As we proved in another context, "vicarious atonement" and "vicarious suffering" are canting of the disgrace of a death penalty convict, with hindsight.  For instance, the first ever Christian Church Order (Didache) -- presumably from the year 50 C.E. -- knows nothing about that. It demonstrably does not know that Ben-Pandera gave his flesh and blood "for the sins of those, who believe in him" but warns of the "purifier" and teaches a quite different meaning of the Eucharist, as we already demonstrated in the precedent parts of this chapter... Therefore, there are two notions of "gospels" in Christianity, one of Ben-Pandera (Christians' cant: Jesus "Christ") and one of Christian sect, respectively, that one of canonized chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") as described by the Canon Muratori.  Ben-Pandera (Christians' cant: Jesus "Christ") completely is excused. He did not study "wise" Catholic "theology"...!


“Authentic” in later and today Christian sect is that what makes the human prey submitted and obeying to the Christian bigwigs and their lust for power! Early Christian slaveholders (Christians’ cant: “good shepherds”) only were interested in lies and deceits.  The early Christian bigwigs’ (Christians’ cant: “good shepherds’”) were busy to style Jesus (the death penalty convict) as a figure of misery to make the victims feel pity with their slaughterer:


“…for Jesus came to crucify the world.”[3] 



Already for betraying the real goal behind the mask of "vicarious suffering" and "vicarious atonement" for those who fall for his trap addressing and worshiping him as god, the chronicle imputed to Philip (Christians’ cant: „The Gospel of Philip“) is declared to be “apocryphal”. One cannot but repeat it again and again: In contrast with the drivel of Christian perfidiologians (Christians' cant: "theologians"),  even mistakes, errors and deceits, each of them, have their premises of possibilities and do not grow on trees. Christians are not out of the wood by calling a debunking matter "non-authentic". Even "non-authentic" matters have their premises of possibilities. This means: Christians, on the one hand, declare scriptures to be “non-authentic” even if they report genuine words of Ben-Pandera (agrapha). On the other hand,  they  declare sheer fabrications to be “authentic” only because they correspond to the just mentioned structure  of a scripture as pointed out in the Canon Muratori, i.e. to that what  they deem to be expedient to trap their victims. 


Imagine the crime the author of “The Gospel of Thomas” committed…  He presents only a collection of sayings, no sorcery, no declaration what the faking Messiah (Greek: Christos) or even “son of god” purportedly has to suffer for the depravity and perfidy of his, pardon, for the sins of his believers… More over, no account what Judas Iscariot, pardon, Jesus (the death penalty convict) had to suffer on the gallows or cross...  However, the most "abominable sin or crime" the author of "The Gospel of Thomas" perpetrated is that his "gospel" is in accordance with the notion of "gospel" Ben-Pandera coined, i.e. it does not correspond to the meaning of a "gospel" as chronicle Christians later contrived. Already this fact sufficiently demonstrates who really is "god" (the leader of Christian clergies, popes etc.) and who is only a dummy of "god" (Ben-Pandera), in Christianity.


Oh my god, you never know what Christians have to “suffer”, even from Balaam’s (villain’s) chronicle (Sanhedrin).  However, this is still the least reason why in particular Catholic sect has to insist on feigning "The Gospel of Thomas" as a non-authentic one. This gospel reports that Ben-Pandera named his “brother” James in place of Simon Peter as successor of his.  Hereby the corresponding passages of the “authentic” chronicles turn out as interpolations with hindsight, obviously perpetrated by the followers of the Christians’ bigwig of Rome (claiming to be successor of Simon Peter). Why do the "authentic" chronicles deceive in this case and not the “gospel” of Thomas? The evidence is given by the historic fact that indeed James – and not Simon Peter -- became head of the Christian community after Ben-Pandera’s disappearance from the scene in Palestine. Again, we find the scheme we called “Constantine Subreption”, i.e. grifting that what one cannot obtain by reason and fair play by imputing one’s lust for power as will to an authority. In this case, the authority is Ben-Pandera, in other cases “god”, Emperor Constantine or an “apostle” etc.



Now, we want to demonstrate how much the “authentic” chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) miraculously confirm in particular Rome’s lust for power and how less the very early Christian scriptures (e.g. the Didache) and the “non-authentic” do so.


“Authentic gospels”: To the question who was Jesus (the death penalty convict) Simon Peter answered according to:


-          Matthew (16:15-19): Jesus (the death penalty convict) is a) Messiah (Greek: Christos, b) son of god, c) man for founding a new sect

-          Mark (8:29): Only Messiah (Greek: Christos)

-          Lu (9:20): Only Messiah (Greek: Christos)


The “non-authentic” Gospel of Thomas:

To the question who was Jesus (the death penalty convict) Simon Peter answered according to Logion 13: Jesus (the death penalty convict) is

-          no “god”,

-          no “son of god”,

-          no “part of god”,

-          no Messiah (Greek: Christos)

-          no angel but

-          only  l i k e  an (righteous) angel

The “authentic” Didache or Teaching of the Apostles, i.e., early Christian church’s order, if not the first one:


-          no “son of god”,

-          no “part of god”,

-          no Messiah (Greek: Christos)

-          no angel but

-          only a servant of god.

-          According to this scripture “son of god” is the “world-deceiver” (Did 16:4).




According to the very early scripture (Didache) and “apocryphal” (“non-authentic”) chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) Ben-Pandera is no Messiah (Greek: Christos) because he failed to turn out as Messiah (Greek: Christos)   by failing to accomplish the feature of being “King of Israel” (Joh 12:13)… We do not need to mention that he even is rejected as "Son of God" in the "Didache" and not mentioned as such in the just quoted apocryphal "gospels".  Therefore, those scriptures  correctly do not call him Messiah (Greek: Christos). However, Christian desperadoes want to hide and conceal addressing and worshiping someone as “Christ” that failed to turn out as such. Very typical of desperadoes, Christians made this failed “Messiah” (Greek: Christos) even “god” to divert attention from the fact that he turned out as an impostor instead of a Messiah (Greek: Christos), on Palm Sunday.


As already clued, it is to assume that the passages of claiming Peter as successor in canonized gospels (e.g., Joh 21:15ff) are already the first “Constantine Subreption”, pardon, “donation” of Catholicism, respectively, of the popes, i.e. here it is about deceitful afterwards interpolations.



 Who wonders that the popes want to get rid of everything impairing and restricting their lust for power…? Oh my goodness, what Christian criminals have to suffer, all over and everywhere…! They even have to suffer from their own scriptures because “heretics” always prosecute liars…


Correspondingly, the most important features what the canonized have to conceal – what is as important as that what they have to contain -- are kept secret. At most, it is about features, which necessarily come into being when lies and deceits are presented: suppression, concealing and hiding of the truths.  Regarding “authentic gospels”, this means:


·        Docetism, i.e., eliminating those passages debunking  the “prophet’s” of perfidy (Christians’ cant: “love”) deceit about crucifixion and resurrection -


·        Embarrassing facts  about Ben-Pandera, e.g., as illegitimate child[4], miscarriage of nature,[5] “career” as slave  in Egypt[6], homosexual inclination[7], sanctuaries after his fake of ascension to heaven “residing to god’s right” etc. -


·        Examination of   the “tenets” before Palm Sunday, on the one hand and those uttered afterwards, on the other, i.e., if the corresponding “tenets” before Palm Sunday are to reconcile with those ones after it, especially with Ben-Pandera’s defeat (on Palm Sunday) and becoming a  death penalty convict. This means that the Christian censors had to scrutinize what expression of Jesus before Palm Sunday contradict the latter canting of his defeat as “vicarious suffering” and  “vicarious atonement”. One can put is also this way: Christians censors had to scrutinize if later (after his defeat on Palm Sunday) contrived “vicarious suffering for the sins” for his believers does not contradict what Ben-Pandera said before.[8]  This was the most difficult job when concocting and editing the chronicles (“gospels”) and is still the best way to debunk “vicarious suffering as lamb of god for the sins” for his believers as sheer lie, deceit and outrage on humankind, until to today!  For instance, when pointing out Ben-Pandera's purported tempations by Satan in the desert on e101 of this expostion, we already mentioned that Christian censors missed to correct Satan's and Ben-Pandera's common point of view that -- referring to Ps 91:11-12 -- both took the view that a "son of god" does not have to suffer in the least (see: Mt 4:6, Lu 4:9-12). Here, they missed to see that after his wretched defeat on Palm Sunday their "god" had to answer to Satan that "the son of god" even has to suffer death penalty. The Christian correctors failed to see that here as well Satan as Ben-Pandera (Christians' cant: Jesus "Christ") turn out to be Docetists. That is the utmost heresy in very early Christianity...!



·        Elimination of expressions confessing  the “prophet’s“ of  perfidy (Christians’ cant: “love”) obsession to hatred and vengeance, too open, e.g. as existent in the "gospel" imputed to Thomas (see, for example, logion 98) or in “The Gospel of Philip”, e.g., “…for Jesus came to crucify the world” (Gospel of Philip).


·        Blotting out all clues giving grounds for the “desposyni” (except Mary), i.e., that the blood relationship of Ben-Pandera is authorized to govern Christianity. (This did not comply with the already growing will to power of Rome, e.g., that Jesus’  „brother“ James and not Peter is the lawful  successor of Jesus). More over, at least John and James Zebedee of his closest henchmen (Christians’ cant: “disciples”) were relatives of Ben-Pandera.



Very early Christian chronicles report that Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) revered his brother James whereas the canonized gospel only call his name (see: Mr 3:17, Mr 5:37, Mr 6:3) so that one is very surprised to see him among the closest henchmen (Christians’ cant: “disciples”) in the Acts of the Apostles. This is one of the most conspicuous as striking difference between “authentic” and “non-authentic” gospels. It is to presume that Rome’s "Constantine Subreption" (Christians' cant: "Constantine Donation") about Peter as “legitimate” successor of Ben-Pandera by far was not the only one but already a sufficient reason to denounce a corresponding “gospel” to be “non-authentic”! "Humble" and "modest" Christians rather would lay the world in ruins as to give up their lust for power! We will return to this revealing fact, below.




Scrutinizing the “tenets” before and after Palm Sunday, we expound in another exposition. We already said that in contrast with Christian imploringly beseeching to make us believe that Jesus (the death penalty convict) did not desire anything else but to be hanged on the gallows or cross, we do not believe that he ever wanted to become debunked as an accursed one of god.  This means hanging on a cross according to De 21:23.  The latter but not only the latter is the most convincing argument that Christian illicit annex to the Bible (Christians’ cant: New Testament) is not to reconcile with the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”).


 Embarrassing truths about Ben-Pandera (the death penalty convict) means that the chronicles have to keep silent about his ugly outward appearance (miscarriage of nature)[9], his disgraceful biography, sexual life[10] and how he juggled his sorcery.


Docetism means that Jesus (the death penalty convict) did not suffer on the cross already because a god cannot suffer (see: Ps 91:11-12, Mt 4:6, Lu 4:9-12), viz, the purported happenings of “salvation”, i.e. crucifixion,  for the Christians' prevention to go hell did not take place, at least they did not happen by Ben-Pandera's hanging (but by that one of a double).  This means, salvation for Christians by Ben-Pandera failed, and they still have to go to hell (see: Koran, Su 4:159). Talking about the fact that Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera did not suffer on the cross since he replaced himself by a stuntman (double) was already tabooed when the Canon Muratori was written.


This means further that Christian sect is nothing but an abominable fraud and criminality, nobody is able to outdo!  Finally Christians make slaves, robots and cash by putting out bait that Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) enabled those who believe in him to go to heaven. Without his faked suffering on the gallows or cross, each purportedly would have to go to hell. With this psychological terrorism and terror, Christian terrorists go fishing, i.e. catching their prey. Indirectly, even the earliest Christian Church Order (Didache) calls this deception. 


Even if Ben-Pandera really had suffered on the gallows, nevertheless Christianity would be abominable criminality by canting the ignominy of a bad loser, in that way. However, Christians do not only cant a bad loser, they always try averting attention from the fact addressing and worshiping someone as Messiah (Greek: Christos)   that failed to turn out as such. “King of Israel” (Joh 12:13)   is a necessary feature (condicio sine qua non) of the Messiah (Greek: Christos), i.e. failing to turn out as “King of Israel” (Joh 12:13)   also means having failed to turn out as Messiah (Greek: Christos). I.e., Christians want to hide and conceal addressing and worshipping someone as Messiah (Greek: Christos)   that failed to turn out as Messiah (Greek: Christos)!  On this lie, Christian organized crime is based requiring innumerable other lies, deceits and foul play, in its wake!


Generally, mammals and marsupials have more morals than those perfidious criminals that call themselves Christians.


Beside greediness (see: Ac 5:1-10), Docetism became one of the first reason for Christians’ perfidious murders.


Already ancient Roman Emperor Julian (332- 362) watched how perfidiously the henchmen of the sect of perfidy “love” one another.


“I  (Roman emperor Julian) experienced that even beasts of prey are not that hostile minded on human beings than one Christian on another one.”[11]


·        That is the “love” of perfidy!

·        This is the “love” of the perfidious!

·        This is the sect of perfidy called Christianity!

·        Christian sect is no vitiation of the hatred and vindictiveness of a miscarriage of nature but genuine application of perfidy!


It is to doubt that those the perfidious know anything about love… What desperadoes lack at most, they are used fooling and flattering themselves keeping...


“The Gospel of Peter” originally being part of Christian canon (Muratori) finally became removed since it was "judged" too much “Docetic”. In this case, “docetism” is the information that the instigator of planet earth's most organized crime (Jesus “Christ”) was wanted for arson on the Jerusalem Temple…  The firebug shall be styled as “innocent lamb”… Everything else is “non-authentic”… The way the “The Gospel of Peter" became removed from the desperadoes' "New Testament" provides evidence that the desperadoes, i.e. Christians, selected the "books" of that "canon" corresponding to that what they liked but not corresponding to authenticity! "The Gospel of Peter" is as much or less "authentic" or "non-authentic" as all other chronicles of the "New Testament"! Everything else is "argued" according to the desperadoes' supreme credo: Faith shifts mountains (see: Mt 17:20, Mt 21:21, Lu 17:6) and the truths, anyway!


However, nobody is perfect and Christian hypocrites and the perfidious , not at all! Even, in the canonized gospels, in particular, in the chronicle imputed to John (Christians’ cant: „The Gospel of John“) there is enough “Docetism” as to convict planet Earth’s most atrocious and abominable felons of deceit.


 “Authentic” gospels just have to keep the victims waiting for Godot[12] so that Christian rogues with frocks (Christians’ cant: “good shepherds”) can lead the victims up the garden path and fleece them for their benefit. Already the “Canon Muratori” relates that early Christians mutually reproached forgeries one to another.[13]  Among forgers, the one finds fault with the other with doing that what each among them is used to doing (psychological projection)…  Therefore, do no blame Christians to lie incessantly…!


As already mentioned, early Christian censors imputed "authoritative" names to fob their concoctions off as “gospels” on Christian deceivers that wanted to be deceived (application of the trick of "Constantine" subreptions). Even if those Christian authorities (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) wrote something, that what is imputed to them until today, it is nothing but Christian bigwigs’ (Christians’ cant: “good shepherds’”) contrivances of will to power (Christians’ cant: potestas ligandi and et solvendi) insinuated to those “authorities”.  We only know that Christians wrote the chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”). We do not know the name of the authors and we do not need to know them!


Today, as we already demonstrated not only those combating (religious) crimes and criminals but also  Christian “theologians” do not contest  firstly that none of the canonized chronicle (Christians’ cant: “gospel”) was  committed to paper by that individual to whom it is imputed and secondly that the writers of the canonized chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) cribbed from others’ writings. 


·        The chronicle imputed to Matthew (Christians’ cant: „The Gospel of Matthew“) is not written by “apostle” Matthew, a tax collector (Mt 9:9, Mt10:3), who is said to be one of the twelve apostles (Mt 10:3, Mr 3:18, Lu 6:15, Ac 1:13).[14]

·         The chronicle imputed to Mark (Christians’ cant: „The Gospel of Mark“) is not set down by John called Mark (Acts: 12:12; 13:5, 13; 15:37, 39), who is said to be a companion of Simon Peter in Rome being at loggerheads with Saul Paul.[15]

·         The physician Luke doubtfully composed “The Gospel of Luke”. [16]

·        The chronicle imputed to John (Christians’ cant: „The Gospel of John“) is not written by fisherman John (Zebedee) (Mt 4:21), who, like Matthew, belonged with the so-called twelve “apostles" (Mt 10:2, Mr 3:17, 6:14, Joh 21:2, Ac 1:13). With certainty, it is to assume that the latter did not write the chronicle since no sane individual could assume that an illiterate one is able to write a gospel. [17]   Christian “theologian” Vielhauer: “We do not know who wrote the 4th gospel.”[18]


Everything provides evidence that lying and deceiving is a matter of course for Christians, in principle and from the very outset. Lying and deceiving are the least difficulty for the negative selection of those dregs of humankind (Ben-Pandera’s cant: “the sick needing a physician”, see: Mt 9:12. Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31)! Christians' chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) were concocted and fabricated as everything is done in a sect of perfidy (Christians’ cant: “love”), viz, according to the slogan of desperadoes:


Mt 17:20 NRSV

20  He said to them, "Because of your little faith. For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you."


In particular, no perfidy and abomination are impossible for Christian desperadoes! Indeed, here the word “nothing” is restricted to nothing…! Nothing is impossible only for god, due to his omnipotence. My word, this miscarriage of nature[19] gathering miscarriages of nature (his jargon: “the sick needing a physician”, see: Mt 9:12. Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31) fools himself and his fellow creeps, crooks and rogues to be “god…!


I see:

·        If everything is possible for  believers why should one not fake contrivances of perfidy (Christians’ cant: “love”) to be “god’s word” or why not imputing writings to authorities they never have written them?

·        If nothing were impossible for  Christian rogues with frock, why not committing the crime of forging a "Constantine Donation" and hereby bagging even one third of a whole continent, one never would obtain when keeping to fair play? Did Ben-Pandera say: Everything is possible to believers, except "Constantine Donations"? Did Ben-Pandera say that only to god nothing is impossible...?

·        If nothing is impossible for the Christian rogues with frock and without frock why should one not fake to be “Messiah (Greek: Christos), “god’s son” or even “god”?

·        If nothing is impossible for the (Christian) believers, so why should one not palm lies off  as “truths” and a death penalty convict off as “god” or even why not a stunt  off  as “resurrection from the dead”?

·        If everything is possible for the (Christian) believers, why  felons should not pose as “martyrs” or even “saints”?

·        Where is the limit if nothing is impossible for deceivers, pardon, for the Christian foul mouths, criminals and mass-murderers?


Whoever understands Mt 17:20 (faith shifts mountains) that one has not only understood the desperadoes' supreme credo and real "god" but also completely Christian organized crime! Mt 17:20 is the desperadoes’ passion to perfidy (Christians’ cant: “love”)!  It is not only the manner, in which the chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels) became concocted,  but it is that what the “chronicles and Jesus (the death penalty convict) convey: The rules of perfidy always are applied. 


Obviously not only Judas Iscariot was a heretic among the closest henchmen (Christians’ cant: “disciples”) of Ben-Pandera (the death penalty convict). Oh what a poor sod, pardon, “god” to be that mistaken when choosing his henchmen…! Nothing is impossible for Christian “god”. So, why  not making mistakes by mistakes or errors by errors?


Imagine one of the “Twelve” preached a heretic gospel expressively condemned by the Decretum Gelasianum (at the end of the 5th century). Listen what early Christian rogue (Christians’ cant: “church father”) Eusebius (he died 342) conveys to us:



Matthew also having first proclaimed the gospel in Hebrew, when on the point of going also to other nations, committed it to writing in his native tongue, and thus supplied the want of his presence to them, by his writings.” [20]




One never knows what Christians have to "suffer"… Oh my god, not only “authentic gospel writer” Matthew one of the closet twelve henchmen (Christians’ cant: “disciples”) quoted “apocryphal gospels” but -- what an impertinence! – even Atrott does so…

“Martyrdom” for Christians all over and at every turn…! Quod licet Iovi non-licet bovi (What is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to the cattle)… One never knows what “martyrdom” the henchmen and henchwomen of perfidy have to “suffer”…


No poet could contrive a better comedy!


Oh yeah, liars and deceivers have to suffer “martyrdom”, all over. In particular, if the opponents and enemies are enjoying free speech and cannot be burnt at stakes while being alive…! Do not forget that the Christian felons and murderers want you to feel pity with them… The more murders they commit, the more they desire to be regarded as "martyrs of the truths" and not a murderers... They believe it is sufficient to call the murdered victims "murderers"...! Finally, faith shifts mountains and why not the reputation of "martyrs" to (Christian) murderers? 


Faith shifts mountains, so why not making others feel pity with planet Earth's most foul mouths, criminals and murderers, i.e. Christians?


Nothing is certain in Christian sect but the lust for power, at any price and the triumph of will according Christian desperadoes’ really credo: Faith shifts mountains (see: Mt 17:20) and the truths anyway.  Therefore, everybody has to obey us (Christian foul mouths, miscarriages of nature, damp squibs, creeps n’ crooks dolled up like parrots wanting to vicars of “god” on earth…). Everybody has to comply with that what Christian impostors and Mafiosi hiding their fatuity behind a mask of “law of authorization by god” concocted corresponding to their obsession of triumph of will, lust for power and birdbrain… Finally, since 1870 (Vaticanum I) Christian sect has established the fake n' fraud of “infallibility”. Since then, Christian Mafiosi need neither chronicles (“gospels”) nor god, any longer since then finally their most impostors in a cockatoo's clothing does the job of “god”… 


Oh yeah, for Satan so loved the world that he gave his only Son Jesus and all  his Christian miscarriages of nature, creeps n’ crooks and   Mafiosi to the world to put upside “down” and downside “up” taking revenge (Christians' cant: "love")  on everybody who turned out better by nature than they do…


Concerning the concoction of the gospels this means that the latter already became “enhanced” by necessities of the lust for power of then dominating Christians. Self-service is no invention of the 20th century. The Christians’ “New Testament” is the first self-service, however without paying, in exchange.

Christians' fabrication of a "god's son" purportedly ranking as equal to god is self-service in religion... In the same way, all Christian terms, for instance,  "love", "truths", "god", "humbleness", "vicarious atonement" etc. are self-service...


I see:   Matthew did not write “The Gospel of Matthew”. The chronicle imputed to Mark (Christians’ cant: „The Gospel of Mark“) is not committed to paper by Mark. The chronicle imputed to John (Christians’ cant: „The Gospel of John“) is not written by John and even half of the amount of “epistles” of Paul canonized to Christians’ “New Testament“ is not written by Paul, among others, the “The Epistle to the Hebrew”.  What else one ever could expect from the sect of perfidy obsessed with lust for power (faith shifts mountains and the truths, anyway) worshiping a lawfully convicted felon, respectively, a death penalty convict as “god”…?.



The only one -- possibly having written the gospel that is imputed to him -- is Luke. Even this stays a more or less founded assumption without conclusive evidence. Therefore, even this does not mean that one can be sure that the chronicle imputed to Luke (Christians’ cant: „The Gospel of Luke“) really was written by the physician Luke, an attendant of Shaul Paul.  Nothing is certain in Christian sects but the triumph of will and lust for power: Faith shifts mountains and the truths anyway (see: Mt 17:20)!


More over, Luke certainly being no eyewitness even admits  that he did nothing but compiling and  concocting that what he found to be said and that what was already written before him as Christian “theologians” like, for instance, Bultmann and Vielhauer “revolutionarily” detected in the 20th century.



Lu 1:1-4 NRSV

1 ¶ Since many have undertaken to set down an orderly account of the events that have been fulfilled among us,

2 just as they were handed on to us by those who from the beginning were eyewitnesses and servants of the word,

I too decided, after investigating everything carefully from the very first, to write an orderly account for you, most excellent Theophilus,

4  so that you may know the truth concerning the things about which you have been instructed.


Luke only demands having investigated carefully what is written and said about Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) and therefore believed among Christian. This is a fallacy since that what should be proven is presupposed, already. Christians’ prey shall believe everything written in their chronicles (Christians’ cant: “New Testament”), because it is feigned “god’s word” (application of the trick of "Constantine" subreption). However, this “god’s word” Luke indirectly  admits as record of rumorsThere is no belief without reason. The reason for Christian belief is bagging that by foul play what the concerned cannot obtain by fair play, unless it is about the sheer and open lust for power of Christian slaveholders.  In addition, Christians believe those chronicles as “god’s word” because they flatter


·        foul mouths to pose as “martyrs of the truths”,

·        the felons to pose as “reverends” and “saints” and

·        the miscarriages of nature and damp squibs to cant themselves as “first ones”, due to a parrot’s clothing…


In short: The Christians’ “believe”   their chronicles (Christians’ cant: “New Testament”) as  “god’s word” since they  flatter their lust for power and even enable them to rule those to which they cannot hold a candle by imputing their own lust for power to “god” as words of the latter (Constantine Subreption)…  Christian slaveholders believe the chronicles (Christians’ cant: “New Testament”) as “god’s word“ since they concocted them as “law of authorization“. While again imputing the latter to god, the Christian criminals live off their lust for power and all the criminality that necessarily is in the wake of it, to the full. Christians’ illicit annex (Christians’ cant: “New Testament”) is nothing but a faked “law of authorization” imputed to “god” to rule the world what they cannot do when keeping to fair play (application of the trick of  "Constantine" subreption). Christian “god’s word” are the by-laws of an organized crime (religious Mafia) with a "god" of its own and "morals" of its own, precisely adjusted to the foul mouth and foul play of those organized criminals faking a "religion".


For instance, the concoction imputed to Luke became canonized since it at most complies with the mentioned requirements for the fabrication of a Christian chronicle (Christians' cant: "gospel”) as early Christian sect fancied them to be. That means Luke concocted that what he presents corresponding those features that are mentioned in the already quoted scripture of the Canon Muratori.


What does it mean that writers of the canonized chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) selected their concoctions from oral and written tradition that already existed when they started compiling their scriptures (“gospels”)? It means that claiming everything outside the four canonized chronicles as non-authentic, indirectly and inadvertently turns out the canonized chronicles also as non-authentic since on that condition, they are composed of non-authentic materials. What is composed from non-authentic pieces evenly stays to be non-authentic. That is why Christians disingenuously – as Christians are -- pretend that eyewitnesses of Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) wrote the chronicles. Indeed, Christians never succeeded in passing those 68 chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) they did not canonize off as non-authentic ones without concealing that  the canonized scriptures even are composed of other chronicles (they declared as  non-authentic ones, since 367).


However, even being supposed to be an eyewitness but not complying with that what  Christians fancy to be expedient for their lust for power does not help from becoming rejected and denounced as “non-authentic”. This lot happened to the "Gospel of Thomas".

 On top of everything, here it even is to add that Christian deceitful chronicle writers did not only copy from already existing Christian writing but also from non-Christian ones. For instance, the story of Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera’s (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ’s”) birth and begetting presented by Matthew and Luke but obviously (not only) rejected by Mark and John is cribbed from Christian rival Mithras religion[21]. There is no splendid plume in the world Christian Mafiosi and impostors would not filch…!  One never knows what “miracles” happen if the lastsucceed in posing as the “first ones” to all the goofs n' fools stooping to all (Christian) spoofs…!


R. Bultmann is famous among his Christian fellow deceivers for having demonstrated that all the canonized chronicles are compositions from that what Vielhauer calls “pre-existing literary specimen”.  Therefore, one cannot emphasize enough:  Declaring all Christian writings beside the four canonized ones to be apocryphal or non-authentic ones also means to declare the canonized chronicles as apocryphal and non-authentic.  Trying to save their crimes of deceit, Christians declared that much as “apocryphal” that finally there is nothing but apocryphal “gospels” in this sect. Therefore, finally Catholics resort to infallibility of their topmost impostor (Catholics’ cant: “pope”). Here once more, Christians made themselves  “god” since god does not do what the Catholics want… Christians following Satan’s Christ know that they cannot rely on god.  Therefore they rely on the fake of "god" Ben-Pandera and their Roman creep n’ crook  playing “god” on earth…


That is Satan's Christ doing for you, oh Christian!  Satan even makes a cerebellum and birdbrain of pope “infallible” and the utmost felons of humankind posing as “martyrs” and what, you Christian, oh yeah, what do you do for him, in exchange?  



In this context, it is to underline that anti-Christians did not write “apocryphal” chronicles (“gospels”) but Christians wanting to promote the advantage of Christianity but not debunking it.  Consequently, these writings are genuine evidence how early Christians understood Christianity and what conflicts it had been among early Christians. For instance, the Didache provides conclusive evidence that what Christians today palm off as “genuine Christianity” on their prey:


·        Jesus Christ purportedly was “son of god”.

·        He allegedly was executed death penalty and suffered "vicariously for the sins of the Christians".

·        Cannibalism of Christian Eucharist ("eating the flesh and drinking the blood"  of Ben-Pandera)


are later fabrications of this organized crime by which the extremists prevailed on the more moderate one. For example, when the Didache says that the world-deceiver appears as son of god (see: Did 16:8) it does not say so for dicing.  Among criminals always, the most criminals win.


  Not lying, deceiving, juggling, hoodwinking and/or trapping others that indeed would be a miracle of those Christian Mafiosi obsessed by their lust for power. It is evident that those following a liar, deceiver and criminal or even death penalty convict are themselves liars, deceivers and criminals. In particular, Catholic sect underscores the importance of tradition of Christian sect (councils, patristic etc.).  In Christian sects, "god"  is not the one, who spoke “god’s word” but those who say what is to accept of “god’s word” and what to ignore… Tradition means the Christian bigwigs of the past. The bigwigs are the “god’s” in Christian sects since they decided what is to regard as “god’s word” even by  differing between “authentic” and “non-authentic” chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) but also within the innumerable contradictions within the “authentic” chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”).


For instance, "god" in Christian sects are those who say that pertaining to Ben-Pandera's mission one does not have to respect Ps 91: 11-12,  Mt 4:6  and Lu 4:9-12) but Isa 53:1-4, although firstly Ben-Pandera agreed with applying Ps 91:11-12 to him and  secondly Isa 53:1-4 is not applicable to this issue already since Isaiah does not refer to a god. In Christian sects, those are "god" who decide what of "god's word" is to honor and what is to conceal! Christian "Holy Writ" is only a "Constantine" subreption by which the Christian rogues with frocks, i.e. mostly very well disguised creeps n' crooks if not brutes in a parrot's clothing,  fake themselves "god" and hereby make their prey obedient and subservient to themselves, corresponding to their obsession with lust for power.


The Didache is the evidence that Ben-Pandera as “son of god” finally is later fabrication of Christian extremists and terrorists that prevailed. In chapter e105  (click here) we produce evidence that for each job of Ben-Pandera (“prophet”, parakleet, “son of god” etc.) one can find the corresponding quotations within conrtradictory Christians’ “god’s word”. Finally, contradictions are the logic of lies and deceits are.


A sect presenting 72 chronicles and saying only four of them are “authentic” thoroughly is mendacious and perfidious. Forgeries have their premises and presuppositions that do not grow on trees as Christians obviously like to fuss. Here, it is to examine the premises of the possibilities of forging. This  relationship of authenticity and forgery or truths and lies -- i.e. that all of 72 but 4 "gospels" were counterfeits -- only happens in a sect where lying and deceiving is the soul and heart (of an organized crime).  Forgeries of that extend are only possible among thoroughly the perfidious that cannot live without breathing lies. This type of human beings we call desperadoes.    In an honest sect, the relationship of authentic and non-authentic “holy scriptures” would be the reverse, if at all.




Among the 68 "apocryphal" chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") being in circulation among early Christian communities, there were -- among others -- the following ones:


1.      Apocryphon of James

2.      Apocryphon of John

3.      Descent of Mary (Τεννα Μαριας)

4.      Evangelium Vivum (Gospel, The Living)

5.      Gospel of Andrew

6.      Gospel of Appelles

7.      Gospel of Barnabas

8.      Gospel of Bartholomew

9.      Gospel of Basilides

10.  Gospel of Cerinthus

11.  Gospel of the Ebionites

12.  Gospel of the Egyptians (NHC III,2)[22]

13.  Gospel of Elkaisites

14.  Gospel of Eve

15.  Gospel Harmony of Basilides

16.  Gospel according to Hebrews

17.  Gospel of Judas Iscariot

18.  Gospel of Life

19.  Gospel of the Lord

20.  Gospel of Lucius or Lucianus

21.  Gospel of Mani [or Manes]

22.  Gospel of Matthias

23.  Gospel of Marcion

24.  Gospel of Mary

25.  Gospel of the Nazarenes

26.  Gospel of Nicodemus (Acta Pilati).

27.  Gospel of  Peter

28.  Gospel of Perfection

29.  Gospel of Philip (NHC II,3)

30.  Gospel of Tatian

31.  Gospel Teleioseos

32.  Gospel of Thaddeus

33.  Gospel of Thomas (NHC II,2)

34.  Gospel of  Truth (NHC I,3)

35.  Gospel of the Twelve [Apostles],

36.  Gospel of Valentinus

37.  Legal Priesthood of Christ

38.  Protevangel of James (Infancy Gospel of James)

39.  Questions of Mary (Great and Little)

40.  Sophia of Jesus Christ

41.  Infancy gospel of Thomas



As said, Christian sects did not completely succeed in destroying all of them. Many of the chronicles were found again in Nag Hammadi (Egypt) in the year 1945, the end of the holocaust. The destruction of all chronicles beside the four canonized ones was ordered in the second half of the 4th century.  A smarty opponent put the suppressed early Christian scriptures in a jar and hid it in a cave near the cemetery of Nag Hammadi. In 1945, two brothers, Muhammad and Khalifa Ali, detected this jar containing thirteen codices consisting of more than fifty scriptures or more than thousand pages in Coptic language.  It took about three decades until the writings were translated from the Coptic into European languages. Nobody hurried to debunk Christian lies and deceits, however, at that time Christian sect was unable to destroy the scriptures, again.  It certainly  would have done,  if it could.  It is to assume that in Nag Hammadi nothing was excavated that is new to secret Vatican library! More over, some parts of the Nag Hammadi codex survived elsewhere like, for instance, “The Acts of John”, others were found elsewhere in Egypt some decades earlier, e.g., parts of the “The Gospel of Thomas”. Already from this fact, one can verify that the finding in Nag Hammadi is no fake.


The Nag Hammadi finding does not only contain chronicles but also other early Christian scriptures proving Ben-Pandera’s (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ’s”) fake of his “resurrection from the dead”. Other chronicles like, for instance, „The Gospel of Thomas“ and “The Gospel of Philip” more over produce evidence of the criminal intent of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) we are going to point out in another part of this treatise.


Again, we want to emphasize that one cannot say that all scriptures Christian sect ordered to destroy were truthful ones. There are a lot of “chronicles” or similar scriptures driving Christian cribbing, madness, mendacity and deceits to the utmost, if an exaggeration still should be possible, at all. E.g. among those “chronicles, there is a so-called “Infancy gospel of Thomas” written by a nerd n’ jerk fooling himself as (Christian) “philosopher”.  In this chronicle wretched Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) already as child killed about hundred people by sorcery. However, in order to make Christian victims’ unsuspicious what crook n’ brute is palmed off as “god” on them, he of course -- and how else could it be? – made them “resurrecting from the dead”, again… With this category, also belong the writing “The History of Joseph the Carpenter”. The latter scripture is very appropriate to a sect of liars, counterfeiters, foul mouths and foul players. It presents all the lies Christians want to talk themselves into believing to camouflage Ben-Pandera's disgrace and shame of begetting and birth.  However, here it is reported that Mary was about fifteen years of age and Joseph already more than sixty. At that time, such “marriages” were not unusual.   According to the “Protevangel” – another “apocryphal” concoction (Christians' cant: "gospel") Christian sect ordered to destroy, Joseph was already about 90 years of age when he married Mary. Although here Christians’ desire of “miracles” is driven to the utmost, Christian sect keep quiet about this scripture since it wants to blame Islamic prophet Muhammad as “child abuser”. This scripture would provide evidence that “St. Joseph” – the husband of Mary – already was a child abuser and not only "Reverend" Hasting or "Reverend" Smith in Oklahoma or elsewhere etc. Who is no child abuser  is certain in Christian spriests? Those we do no know as child abuser…? Christian sheep only know what they shall know and not that what they should know...


Did not he call his henchmen (Christians) to be “the sick needing a physician” (see: Mt 9:12. Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31)? So, do not blame Jesus (the death penalty convict) to lie and to deceive, always …  Those are no the sick suffering from insufficiency of kidney or liver but from lack of morals, i.e. from a criminal mind stopping at nothing, even not at making (a felon) as “god” of their own!

The madness (delusion of grandeur) and blasphemy of Joh 10:34-35 on the one hand, corresponds with the sickness of megalomania of Mt 17:20 and Mt 21:21, on the other.




We shall record that authenticity and non-authenticity was no feature to canonize scriptures. That is not only demonstrated by the fact that some epistles that are imputed to Shaul (Christians’ cant: “Paul”) even are forgeries, viz, not written by   the latter.  “Authentic“ chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) are those complying with the desire of Christian bigwigs styling Ben-Pandera as a flawless  “god” so that referring to him makes the targeted victims obedient and subservient to them, i.e. that "Constantine" subreptions work. In Christian sect “morals” (Christians’ cant: “love”) or other concepts like, for example,  “god”, “truths”, “Last Judgement”, “heaven” and “hell” only are contrivances of tricksters, shifters n’ grifters  making the caught  (human) prey submitted and obedient to oneself, i.e. to the rogues with frocks. By those fabrications  the Christian rogues with frocks want to make their victims believe that being slaves to them (to the Christian "reverends" and bigwigs)  purportedly is in the interest of their own and more over “god’s will”…  Again, we realize Christians’ trick of “Constantine Subreption”. The Christian villains are used to thinking: What people think when they obey our commands does not matter.  The main thing is that they comply with that what we (Christian rogues) order them to do as a child obeys his father or a slave his slaveholder.  There is no depravity, falsehood and abomination like criminality of Christianity!



Let us recall:  Christians try referring to the fabrications of their lust for power and consequently to their chronicles to sham “superior authority” and hereby feign them to be perfectly imperative to everybody so that all the goofs n’ fools allegedly have to stoop to the Christian spoofs. By this fake they are used to “casting  down arguments (of reason against them)  and … and bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ” (2Co 10:5).  In order to fight reason and even to perpetrate violence for the advantage (selfishness) of their own, Christian scriptures should be beyond doubt. However, in truth there hardly is something more doubtful than Christian chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”).


However, do not worry Christians are not only “superior” to the Bible (Christians’ cant: Old Testament) to which they refer for sham-evidence. Suffering from their obsession with lust for power, Christians even are “superior” to the angels:


Ga 1:8 NRSV

8        But even if we or an angel from heaven should proclaim to you a gospel contrary to what we (who is “we”?) proclaimed to you, let that one be accursed!


My word, one never knows what liars have to suffer from their “modesty” and “humbleness”… The trinity of Satan his Christ and their Christians obviously feel strong to overpower god... What will god do if his angels are unable to defend him because Christians defeat them? Whoever still doubts: Madness and megalomania (Christians' cant: "faith") shifts mountains and the truths and god, anyway...?


Islamic prophet Muhammad said that Jewish and Christian version of the Bible are forgeries and the Koran now establishes the unadulterated god’s word. Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) and his Christian sect later could not do so since unlike Muhammad and Muslims they faked to be the best Jews that ever existed. Suddenly saying that they have nothing to do with Judaism and its Bible once more shamefully would have debunked the (Christian) liars, deceivers and felons! Therefore, early Christians prefer lying to be the best devotees to Judaism (Bible) while fabricating a complete new sect that is connected to Judaism only by lies, forgeries and deceits. One cannot but emphasize: The Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) does not confute Christians' lies and deceits less than reason does.


 In the year 367, Athanasios -- Christian bishop-terrorist of Alexandria -- fixed the canon of 27 books, as we know it today, even if the sequence he tells differs from that one of today.  Athanasios names the 27 books of the new canon in his 39th letter of his, he used to editing on Lent … This Christian is a paragon of Christian terrorist infamous for his murderous terrorism  (Christians' cant: "love") on his Alexandrian Christian rival Arius and his followers.  The latter did not want to drive Christian madness that far as to allege that Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) was “god”. Arius abode by the early Christian views as pointed out in the Didache -- the first Christian Church Order -- debunking that the word deceiver appears as "son of god" (see: Did 16:8).  I.e. Christians' "Holy Writ" or fake of "god's word" finally is composed by an evident criminal, terrorist  and murderer. However, that was nothing new in this sect (see: Ac 5:1-11,  Jas 4:2). Who wonders Christian Middle Ages? As we already said and as generally it is the case, the extremist and most terrorists (Athanasios and his henchmen) won among those desperadoes and Mafiosi.  After their victory in Nicene in 325, Christian bishop-desperado Athanasios and his fellow terrorists immediately  started murdering the Arians.  The question if Satan's Christ and/or human's terrorist Ben-Pandera was "god", the Nicene council decided in the following way that is very, very appropriate to Mafiosi:  Scarcely  Arius had started pleading for Satan's Christ as human being, when a henchmen of Mafioso Athanasios pounced on him and knocked him out. Since then, Christians' top Mafiso -- as already demonstrated a very miscarriage of nature (click here) -- is Christians' "god" and a dummy to sham "Constantine" subreptions.  That is the way, in which the trinity of Satan, his Christ and their Christians decide their doctrines...   


Finally, the chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”)  that were not attached to Athanasios’ canon – as said even valid today – became banned and cursed by the “Decretum Gelasianum” that is attributed to pope Gelasius I (pope from 492-496).  Henceforward, keeping those banned books even was punished by death penalty. How else could it be among desperadoes and the most perfidious dregs of humankind even faking to stand for “protection of life” (“Pro Life”)…?


“The Gospel of Peter” demonstrates that Christians cannot fake their “divine benefit”[23] and “heavenly favour”[24] without canting the disgrace of the loser, felon and death penalty convict Ben-Pandera.  The “dogma” of “the innocent lamb of god suffering for the sins of the Christians” (not of the world, see: Mr 16:16!) is a joke cracked while keeping a straight face... “




Let us summarize this paragraph:


·        The need of gospels as well of a new religion came into existence after Ben-Pandera's (Christians' cant: Jesus "Christ's") wretched failure to become “King of Israel” on Palm Sunday.  Being “King of Israel” is a necessary feature (condicio since qua non) of being “Messiah” (Greek: Christos) in Judaism. No king, no Christ in Judaism! In contrast with Christian deception, Messiah (Greek: "Christos") is not that one who claims being it but who complies with certain standards. One of these features  (condicio sine qua non) is being "King of Israel". After Jesus (the death penalty convict) was going to accede to the gallows or cross instead of to the throne of Israel, he realized that there was no chance of becoming this important figure in Judaism. That is why he obviously did not care about records of his sayings as long as he was busy as itinerant preacher. I.e., Christianity is the result of its instigators defeat and failure (on Palm Sunday) and his corresponding hatred, vengeance, foul mouth and foul play -- perfidiously camouflaged by its moral reverse, for instance, “love”. Generally, deceivers mask that what they really are and want by each contrary.

·        There is no one original exemplar of a “gospel”, if is about “authentic” or the “non-authentic”.

·        The earliest maintained exemplar of the Christian version of Bible that still exists is the Latin Vulgate Bible from the start of the 5th century. 

·        Of 72 chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) only four should be “authentic”, i.e., forgeries and deception are the rule and truths, if at all, exception.

·        There is no certain dating of a “gospel”, if “authentic” or “non-authentic” one. We cannot say that "gospels" of the same name are the same "gospels", i.e. the same title does not prove the same scripture. For instance, very early Christian Papias (about the year 130) -- to which Christian theologians refer when imputing  the gospels to certain Christian “authorities”--  describes „The Gospel of Matthew“ in a way so  that with certainty we can say it is not that one that is part of Christian “New Testament” as  “The Gospel of Matthew”. The original chronicle of Matthew Papias describes is written in Hebrew, full of oracles that are hardly to interpret.  The Christian “reverends” however learn ancient Greek to “understand the original text” of Matthew’s chronicle… Since the synchronized chronicles  (Matthew, Mark and Luke) are that similar that one can replace one by the other, Papias also would have said the same about  other synchronized ones (Christians cant: “synoptic gospels”). 

·        The only certain dating of canonized gospel is that the chronicle imputed to John (Christians’ cant: „The Gospel of John“) was written after the arson of Rome (64 C.E.) to which it indirectly refers. However, even this can be a later interpolation of an organized crime basing on lies, deceit, forgeries and criminality.

·        Each dating of as well “authentic” as “non-authentic” “gospels” more or less and at best is only a conjecture.  Sometimes the latter is founded by quotations made by so-called “church fathers”. However, sometimes the dating is contrived for sheer apologetic reasons, viz, to prevent oneself from becoming debunked as foul mouths and foul players.  Blurring the embarrassing fact that the so-called “authentic” gospels are concocted of “non-authentic” ones, Christian “theologians” generally try dating all the “non-authentic” to the second half of the second century, if not later… Since Christian perfidiologians (Christians' cant: “theologians”) style Ben-Pandera as “innocent lamb”, each scripture contradicting that deception was “non-authentic”… Hereby, mostly that what shall be proven is presupposed, i.e. mostly the contrary is proved, by those methods.

·        The dating of “authentic” or “non-authentic gospels” shows that Christian sect is very “flexible”, i.e., in Christian sect, hardly something changes that much than dating the chronicles.

·        For about 19 centuries, Christian sect disseminated the fallacy that the four canonized gospels firstly were written by those authors to whom they are imputed. In particular “authentic gospels” have to comply with Christian sect’s will to power (Christians’ cant: “authority to bind and to loose on Earth what simultaneously is bound and loosed in heaven”).  

·        “Authentic gospels” are gospels that are cleared of certain truths debunking Christian deception: E.g., from Docetism.  The “the sick needing a physician” (see: Mt 9:12. Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31), i.e. Christians, deceive themselves and their caught prey that Ben-Pandera allegedly did not want to become “King of Israel” (Joh 12:13)   and hereby turn out as Messiah (Greek: Christos).  Chronicles and early scriptures proving the contrary categorically are declared as the “non-authentic”, except the first ever  Christian Church Order (“Didache”).  The latter scripture we possess as copy today, does not know anything about the Eucharist with “blood” and “flesh” scarified for others. The Didache calls the “son of god” the world-deceiver. Hereby it  demonstrates that is was a very hard job to censor and tamper Christian “gospels” with the necessities of Christian bigwigs’ lust for power (Christians’ cant: potestas ligandi and et solvendi).

·        In order to feign a certainty that does not exist, Christianity tried destroying all chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) except the four and blurred the sources of those gospels.

·        Some “non-authentic” chronicles even exaggerate the already very hyped concoctions of the “authentic chronicles” but some “non-authentic chronicles” become declared as such since they leak too much the truths (Gospel of Peter, Gospel of Thomas etc.).

·        Declaring all the chronicles except the four ones as "non-authentic" means to declare even the four “authentic” as “non-authentic“ ones since the “authentic“ are compiled of “non-authentic” ones. (Christian sect obviously speculated being able to conceal forever that “authentic gospels” are a concoction from other early Christian scriptures and that they are wrongly imputed to certain “authorities”). More over the “canon” of the “New Testament” changed in the first four centuries. I.e., the claimed fixed borderline between “authentic” and “non-authentic” chronicles and other early Christian scriptures does not exist.

·        In 1945, in Nag Hammadi (near Luxor) two Egyptian brothers found a lot of early Christian chronicles and other scriptures Christian sect wanted to blot out, for ever.


Considering that this sect


·        firstly presume to replace reason by this bog of forgeries, counterfeits and deception,

·        secondly forbade their victims (Christians’ cant: “sheep”)  to read the Bible,

·        thirdly even presumed to kill hundreds millions of human lives  in a very cruel way defying description while

·        fourthly refers to  such uncertain concoctions and fabrications


amply debunks perfidy as hard core of Christian sect. It unveils Christians as ruthless and unscrupulous (organized) criminals suffering with obsession of lust for power stopping at nothing, i.e. at no perfidy and foul play in order to submit their conspecifics to make them subservient to them.


Survey of  the exposition on "authentic" and "non-authentic" chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels")


 Part 1: The "New Testament" - "Constantine" Subreption and illicit Annex to the Bible in which Jesus did not believe

Part 2: Features and Relationship of “authentic” and “apocryphal gospels"

Part 3: The so-called apocryphal “Gospels” (Chronicles) (this page)

Part 4:  The "Apocryphon" of James   


See also: Accordance of  first ever Christian Church Order  "Didache" with  the Koran





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“…(Christian chronicles of the “New Testament” contain concoctions about) ... all things (20) have been declared in all [the Gospels]: concerning the (21) nativity, concerning the passion, concerning the resurrection, (22) concerning life with his disciples, (23) and concerning his twofold coming; (24) the first in lowliness when he was despised, which has taken place, (25) the second glorious in royal power, (26) which is still in the future.


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