Chapter: 9, Part: 2 of 4 - Miscellaneous - The Bible and the Christians' illicit annex of "authentic" and "apocryphal" chronicles ("gospels")

 Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Jesus is  Lord, savior and god of mine,
So say the rogues, mugs n' swine!





   "Authentic" and "apocryphal Gospels" Part: 2 of 4



Features and Relationship of “authentic” and “apocryphal Gospels"


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It was a hard decision to add an annex the Bible (Christians' cant: "Old Testament")   the Christians later called "New Testament“ since firstly there was already a Holy Writ and god's word, i.e. the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”), and secondly god's word forbade to add anything to it (see: De 4:2, De 12:32, Pr 30:6).


It is to assume that the expression "gospel" (Evangelium) Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) originally coined to list the sayings of his and to avoid transgressing the Bible’s (Christians' cant: "Old Testament’s") prohibition to add illicitly something to it.  As already demonstrated,  Ben-Pandera himself already used this expression[i] although there are many Christian perfidiologians (Christians' cant: "theologians") ridiculously purporting that the concept of "gospel" came into being with the corresponding (written) chronicles that are imputed to Matthew,  Mark, Luke and John and not before. We already said that the calling the canonized chronicles „gospels“ is a vitiation of Ben-Pandera’s notion of gospel[ii]. As Mt 9:35 demonstrates, Ben-Pandera understood his sayings about the kingdom of “god” as “gospel”, whereas his henchmen later attached the meaning of a  chronicle , i.e. biography, to this term (of gospel) – a mostly  lied and deceitful biography…


Mt 9:35 NRSV

35 ¶  Then Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom


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More over, Ben-Pandera did not preach his – more over miserable, if not mostly contrived – biography what, in particular, those chronicles do that are imputed to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The latter are open minded to each lie and deceit dolling up their miserable miscarriage of nature (Ben-Pandera).  The first  Church Order of Christian sect, i.e.  Didache,  speaks about  fellow Christians’ claims of  “iniquitous things which have never yet come to pass since the beginning (of the world)”[1] Therefore, the Jewish term of the “chronicle of Balaam”[iii] (the villain’s chronicle) is no slandering but correct realization. If something libels Ben-Pandera and his henchmen (Christians), then the truths about them insult the Christians and their dummy of “god”. When the Christians decided to make an own "god's word", they did so because they could not reconcile their claims of lust for power with the Bible (Christians' cant: "Old Testament").  For example:


·         De 21:23 calling a hanged one to be accursed of god, i.e. unveiling that Ben-Pandera (Christians' cant: Jesus "Christ") is accursed of god as Satan is accursed of god. This fact more over proves that the gist of Christian “tenets”  (Ben-Pandera's purported "vicarious atonement" for the sins of those worshiping him as "god")  is sheer deception to make people dependent on the Christians' lust for power. Precisely the scripture that shall authorized that lust for power and its contrivances as purported predictions unveils this abominable crime of deceit.


·         Isa 30:7, Isa 31:1, in particular, Jer 42:18 are not to reconcile with Ben-Pandera's abode in Egypt. In addition to De 21:23 that calls him accursed of god (as if Satan is accursed of god), here in addition indirectly Ben-Pandera (Christians' cant: Jesus "Christ") is called even a horror and execration to god -- what honest one ever could object? Very, very “conclusive”, “compelling” and “convincing” “evidence” the Christians fake by referring to the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”)….!



·         Ps 91:11-12 (see: Mt 4:6, Lu 4:9-11) similar to De 21:23 debunks the canting of  Ben-Pandera’s hanging on the cross as spin doctoring of  shame and disgrace of a loser, felon and death penalty convict.  Instead of backing Christians’ allegation, it proves Christians’ adversaries, rivals and enemies to be right. That is what inner Christian enemies, the Docetists said, which did not want to drive Christian lies and deceits that far. This more over is what, for instance, Muhammad, respectively, the Koran (see: Su 4:158) says. The Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”)  Is the evidence against Christian abominable lies and deceits not less than reason is.  Already therefore, the Christians finally needed a fabrication of a “god's word” of their own canting the shame and disgrace of Ben-Pandera turning out as wretched loser when trying to accomplish the necessary feature (condicio since qua known) for the Messiah (Greek: Christos) by becoming „King of Israel" (Joh 12:13). Ben-Pandera’s miserable defeat on Palm Sunday, when he failed to become “King of Israel” (Joh 12:13) in order to turn out as Messiah (Greek: Christos)   finally compelled Christians to split from Judaism with an own “holy Writ”. They realized that they only can spread in geographical regions where the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) was unknown to the population and where they more over could prohibit keeping and reading the Bible to the prey, they caught for their deception.  After his defeat of Palm Sunday and the consequence to accede to the gallows or cross in place of acceding to the throne, only two possibilities were left to Ben-Pandera.  The first one was to give in and  admit deceiving  and self-deception – what desperadoes never do. The other one was to contrive new lies and deception adjusted to the failure, flaws, defeat, ignominy and shame of a felon, respectively, death penalty convict and canting them, correspondingly.  This is what finally Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) decided to do, due to his very nature of desperado. Although the Christians always try camouflaging their deceits by superimposing the shame of Ben-Pandera on Isa 53:1-4, even this could not help. Firstly,  this passage of Isaiah refers to no god and a god cannot suffer (see: Ps 91:11-12, Mt 4:6, Lu 4:9-11). Secondly, according to Isaiah the Messiah (Greek: Christos)   suffers from sickness but not from hanging on the gallows or cross, on top of everything, he does not do so for crimes of his. Here, the Christians here behave like a car driver illicitly parking his car within a restricted area for the disabled. When the police come to book him for illicitly parking, he answered: Oh yeah, I am rightly parking here because I am mentally disabled…   Thirdly, quoting the passages in question from Isaiah the Christians perfidiously do so by divorcing this passage of Isaiah form its very context prohibiting vicarious dying (see: De 24:16, Eze 18:20, 2Ki 14:6, 2Chr 25:4) and from others predicting no suffering of the  Messiah, anyway like, for instance, Ps 91:11-12 does.


This proves how perfidiously Christians  handle be Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”). Firstly, they wait for the occurrence and then, if the one or its reverse happens they look how to “authorize” their profit (their lust for power) by what Bible passage… If the one occurs the insidiously pick out this passage, if the reverse happens they pick out another one. There is no perfidy like Christianity!  Those “predictions” or “evidence” the Christians claim from the Bible (Christians' cant: "Old Testament") are sheer deception, traps and hoodwinking. Most the duped do not know the Bible and therefore do not know that the contrary many times could be more “backed” when superimposing a Bible passage (divorced from its context) on an event. There is no more arbitrariness but the misuse of Bible passages by Christians! Hereby, they only fake  “evidence” for their lust of power that does not exist.


Summarizing we have to say: Failing to become "King of Israel" (Joh 12:13) on Palm Sunday, Ben-Pandera failed to turn out as Messiah (Greek: "Christos") since king of Israel is a necessary feature of the Messiah (condicio since qua non).  By calling a loser who failed to turn out as Messiah (Greek: Christos) nevertheless -- but very typical of desperado! -- Messiah (Greek: Christos), early Christians by and by realized that they need a "god's word" of their own to replace the god's word of the Bible (Christians' cant: "Old Testament"), for instance:


·         By replacing Ben-Pandera's shame and disgrace of moving to Egypt -- after the Exodus was accomplished (see: Jer 42:18, Isa 30:7, Isa 31:1).The Christians replaced this word of god by fabrication of an own one, e.g. by Mt 2:13-18.  More over, the purported mass-murder of King Herode Christians concocted in this context, demonstrates that there is no perfidy Christian terrorists ever would shrink to promote their lust for power!

·        By manipulating the Bible (Christians’ cant: „Old Testament“)! For example, by replacing Ps 91:11-12 (the son of god does not have to suffer in the least) or De 21:23 (he who hanged is accursed of god) by a feigned “god’s word” fobbing such a hanging one off as “salvation of the Christians”  and Ben-Pandera's  crimes of high treason and blasphemy off  as additional  "happenings  of salvation" ..

·         By divorcing Isa 53:1-4 from this coherent of context of De 24:26 and Eze 18:20 (children should not vicariously die) but  "all shall be put to death for their own sins" (2Ki 14:6, 2Chr 25:4)

·         By concocting something completely new, i.e. that the Messiah (Christians' cant: "Christ") was "god" (see: Mt 16:16, Mr 1:1, Joh 1:34, Joh 1:49, Joh 10:36, Joh 11:4, Joh 20:31). The first ever Christian Church Order "Didache" says about the  "son of god": ..."The world-deceiver (appears) as a son of God..." (Did 16:8).

·         By prohibition of keeping and reading the Bible to the caught prey so that the victims were unable to find out that the Bible (Christians' cant: "Old Testament" does not condemn and debunk Christian illicit annex to the Bible,  their dummy of "god" (Ben-Pandera) and the unscrupulous lust for power of Christian slaveholders  less than reason does.




Starting with Emperor Constantine in the beginning of the fourth century, Christian sect demanded social services to be delivered to it in order to fake "benefactors" to their caught, duped and fettered prey, on the one hand and restricted information to its victims, on the other.  Christian “social business” is similar to a protection money zone of Mafia; perhaps with the difference that Christians even try ousting others to be busy in this branch. If it could do so, Christian sect, respectively, Christian organized  crime also hostilely would take over public education to have a complete handle on their prey (Christians' cant: "sheep")… About one millennium there was no philosophy in christianly-conditioned Europe, for reasons of restriction of information. For instance, in the year 529, Christian organized crime closed Plato’s Academy. Christian terrorists massacred its last director, a female teacher and afterwards howled and bawled about „prosecution“ of Christian criminals… After having murdered the first (philosophers) and later impeded them to advance in Christianized societies since about a millennium even in philosophy the very, very last ones, i.e. the goofs n' fools, nerds n' jerks,   rogues and their fellow frogs,  even here can pose as the "first ones", i.e. "philosophers"...


Christian sect’s restriction of information is very refined and comprehensive:


First: Belittling if not prohibiting science, philosophy and reason since the latter can debunk fraud by brain, reason and information.


Secondly: Denouncing the individuals that are involved in the mentioned subjects – if one cannot jail or kill them -- so that the victims (Christians’ cant: “sheep”) only trust their malefactors, respectively, confuse them to be their “benefactors”.  (The Christians’ murders on heretics are nothing but desperate fights of those desperadoes for restriction of information!).


Thirdly,  eradicating -- and if this it not possible  perpetrating terror on rivals and competitors -- because rivals and competitors are keen to find out the weak points, lacks and deficiencies of one’s own and will tell it to the victims (Christians’ cant: “sheep”) in order to make them leave the bigwigs, respectively, this organized crime faking a “religion”.


Fourthly: Forbidding the “holy scripture” of its own (Bible) for the victims (Christians’ cant: “sheep”) since only investigation of it can debunk lying and deceiving of Christian organized crime. It is incredible that a sect forbids the scripture of its own to its prey. However, Christian sect, respectively, organized crime did so for more than one and a half millennium, i.e. for the most time of its existence.  Again one can see that the Christians really become “martyrs” of their foul mouth and foul play to trick, shift n’ grift the benefits of their lust for power! On this condition, Christian even become “martyrs” as to execute death penalty on those unmasking them as dregs of humankind stopping at nothing if it is about their will to power… One never knows what Mafiosi have to suffer behind their parrot or cockatoo garments…


Fifthly: Censoring information: For instance, to concoct  “positive” and “negative” indexes of that what the victims (Christians’ cant: “sheep”) shall read, respectively, that what the shall not to do so. The “authentic gospels” are such  “positive” indexes and the “apocryphal gospels” are such negative ones.


Each of the mentioned methods of restricting information is not only  caused by flaws of individuals, failures of a few individuals, by the “weakness of the flesh”, “inveiglement of Satan” or because of  “original sin” etc.  but mainly by the rogues’ fear of the truths! Early Christian writer Tertullian – he died about the year 222 --- incautiously unmasked his sect:


“However since Jesus Christ, we  do not need researching any longer, even not any investigation since the gospels have been proclaimed. If we believe, then we desire that there is nothing in addition to belief.  Because this is the first thing we do believe:  There is nothing in addition, which we have still to believe besides faith.”[iv]


This credo already authorizes prohibition of Christian sect since this is a direct attack on human rights of freedom of speech and science. Nobody is obliged to tolerate crimes on human rights like the just mentioned ones. On the contrary, each is obliged to prevent and impede such crimes. There are neither human rights to lie and deceive nor any human rights of robotizing (manipulating) human beings  nor passing organized crimes off as “religion”. At least there is a human right of committing crimes!


The last mentioned restriction of information by “positive” and “negative” indexes (of chronicles Christians call “gospels”) is what we are going to point out, now. Of course, each “non-authentic” chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) does not contain truths. Where are truths in Christianity adjusting (subordinating) everything – even “god” not to mention their hype of “love” – to their lust for power and to the  perfidy as to foul play being in the wake of it!


Let us recall: The credo of Christians' first ever Church Order  (“Didache”) does not contain any „crucifixion“, „vicarious atonement“, „suffering lamb god“ and no  “purifying” (remission of sins) and even no  Eucharist  meaning cannibalism as later and today is the case.[v] The “son of god” only is called that what he is indeed is: the world-deceiver (see: Did 16:8) etc.


It is a mater of logic that there also was no “resurrection” of the world-deceiver “from the dead”, if there


·        firstly the “purifier” (later Christians cant: “innocent lamb of god suffering for the sins of others”) is rejected  and

·        secondly a Eucharist of the flesh and the blood that purportedly was given for the foul play (Christians’ cant: “sins”) of his believers is contradicted.[vi]


Of course, the “son of god” or the world-deceiver (Did 16:8) and his fellow terrorists took another view, and it is interesting how he finally imposed the already mentioned “iniquitous things” (Did 16:10) on his sect.  As much the world-deceiver (Did 16:8) lacked scruples, he never ran short of shrewdness, craftiness and abomination.[vii]


Since there are no originals of “authentic” or “non-authentic gospels, it never can be excluded that one day one will find more chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) or earlier copies of the known ones.


Here again we have to start with the fact  that already the existence of 72 “gospel” – that is the current known number -- of which only four are canonized, debunk Christianity as criminality.  Christians are not out of the wood by declaring each chronicle (Christians’ cant: “gospel”) that does not comply with the features we already mentioned (e.g., the canting wretched and bad loser’s defeat on Palm Sunday as allegedly well intended “vicarious suffering for the sins of the world”) to be “non-authentic”. By such a number of “non-authentic” scriptures in proportion to “authentic ones” sly, shrewd and cunning Christians fail to see that hereby they indirectly and inadvertently admit that forgeries and deceits are the rule and authenticity, respectively, truths are exception, if at all.


If Christians perfidiologians (Christians' cant: "theologians") blather about certainty of their illicit annex to the Bible (Christians’ cant: “New Testament”)[viii], they tell something else in the churches than they learned at colleges and universities.

Paul N. Tobin correctly emphasizes[ix]:


·        Firstly: Initially the chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) circulated anonymously.

·        Secondly: “Prior to around 150 CE, any quotation from the chronicles was always made anonymously.”[x]

·        Thirdly: The names were given late to the chronicles - “all of them stem from the second century - with dubious sources”.[xi]

·        Fifthly: “The names (of the chronicles) came about as a result of guesswork and the need to provide apostolic stamp on the proto-orthodox writings.”[xiii]  This is what we call the trick of "Constantine Subreptions" (Christians' cant: "Constantine Donation"). What Christians cannot get by fair play, criminally they  impute to an authority, e.g. "god", "Emperor Constantine", "apostles" etc.



 For example, the Christians want to be the Fuehrer of human beings and to dominate the world. They do not say that everything is due to their ruthless and unscrupulous lust for power. That is what they resolutely hide by perfidiously feigning the reverse.  For example, they impute that what they want to bag to “god” as “god’s will”. By this feigned authority of god,  the Christian slaveholders  want to crib that what they cannot obtain by fair play, i.e. that those miscarriages of nature obsessed with lust for power purportedly  are "superior"  to their fellow human beings like shepherds above sheep or that their conspecifics are allegedly inferior to them as sheep are inferior to the shepherds. This obsession with delusion of grandeur perfidiously is feigned as "modesty" and "humbleness" and more over as "devotion" to "god's" will... Who can see lust for power on this mask...? That is the way how creeps n' crooks, i.e. the last ,  want to pose as the "first" ones and want to make their foul mouth and foul play -- that necessarily is in the wake of that --  unassailable.  Christians try tricking, shifting and grifting that what they cannot obtain by fair play mostly by “Constantine Subreptions” (Christians’ cant: Constantine “Donation”). The chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) are as well insidiously and perfidiously imputed to people with “authority” among those (Christian) miscarriages of nature, mind and morals, since they cannot prove credibly reporting  that what they claim, i.e. to narrate truthfully what  Ben-Pandera ("Jesus Christ") said and did.  This is no trifle! It means that even the authenticity of the canonized chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") is based on lie and deception, already.  That is Christians' "inerrant" and "absolutely true" "god's word". Do not make me laugh! The only certain and true thing in Christian organized crime is Christian rogues' lust for power wanting to abase their conspecifics as "sheep" to themselves!  My word, the world ruled by creeps, crooks and religious Mafiosi...! Who wonders about Christian Middle Ages? In the same manner the  felony (Christians’ cant: “donation”) that is called "Constantine Donation" by which Christian rogues with frocks bagged, shifted and grifted about one third of Western Europe was perfidiously imputed to Emperor Constantine. Here and there, it is applied the same trick of dodging to provide evidence by imputing something to an authority the duped do not question.


As demonstrated the trick of those Mafiosi with their chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) as “god’s word” works in the same way, i.e. analogously they imputed the scriptures they deemed to be expedient for their lust for power to certain creeps, crooks n' rogues of theirs, they call “apostles”.  Here, Christians only emulate their boss Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) who imputed all his blather and baloney to  “god”, unless he does not lift himself as “god”… What does the earliest Christian church order (Didache) say? The world-deceiver appears as son of god…![xiv] Who can blame the Christians if the imitate their gangster “god”?  Christians apply Ben-Pandera’s tricks everywhere.  Christian criminality does not exist because Christians do not obey their most impostor’s (Ben-Pandera’s) tricks, but because they apply them  it too much, too diligently if not fanatically.



German Protestant “theologian” Philip Vielhauer (1914 – 1977) writes in his “History of early Christian Literature”:



"In substance, early Christian literature took shape by four categories:  by epistles and in the apocalypse, in the gospels and in the Acts of Apostles. However, already before these written documents there existed an abundant Christian tradition responding to certain needs of the community. By oral tradition, the style of the unique specimen deeply became characterized and for the most parts  adopted to early Christian literature. That way it became preserved. This deeply characterized piece of tradition we call "pre-existing literary specimen".  For instance in this manner, the synoptic gospels are nothing but composed of those unique specimen different kinds. In addition, "The Acts of Apostles" contain a number of reshaped narrations the author adopted.  Even in the epistles and apocalypses one can find much pre-designed  stuff the author did not know himself and adopted, e.g., summary of Christian credo, hymns, traditional exhortations (pureness). Methodical reconstruction of pre-existing literary specimen is necessary to enlighten the gist of early Christian writings before they were composed ... and therefore for a more precise historical and theological understanding of the scriptures."[xv]



The way the chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) became concocted means that the so-called “gospel” writers concocted the chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) according to the mentioned demands of Christian deceit from other already existent scriptures. The canonized chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) are products of patchwork.  The parts from which they took the components are kept secret, already from the very outset. Since now, eac of the non-canonized chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) is declared to be apocryphal, the four “gospels” of the “New Testament” indirectly and inadvertently also are declared to be apocryphal since they contain of “apocryphal” matters. If that what a matter contains was apocryphal, the matter itself is apocryphal.


We already expounded that it is the general trick of Christian perfidy to grift something by insidiously imputing the will of one’s own to an authority (god, apostles, Emperor Constantine). Finally, criminal miscarriage of nature or other sorts of desperadoes want to grift that by foul play what they cannot obtain by fair play. In the Christian case, miscarriages of nature, damp squibs and the dregs of humankind want to pose as rulers of the world. Their tricks are perfidy (foul mouth) and foul play (criminality) from the very outset and in principle. Therefore, Christian sect is to call an organized crime faking a “religion”.


·        Firstly, we are faced with the falsehood that the canonized “gospels” even pretend to stem from Christian “authorities”, they do not do.  I.e., they are mendaciously attributed to some Christian damp squibs wanting to rule the world (Christians’ cant: “good shepherds”).


  • Secondly, even if there are some quotations from those early gospels by early Christian “theologians” (Christians’ cant: “church fathers”) bearing the name of the canonized one, for instance, “The Gospel of the Hebrew according to Matthew”, it is to assume that this “Gospel of the Hebrew” has nothing to do with the canonized one of Matthew. It is impossible that the latter is a translation from the Hebrew. Very early Christian Papias (about the year 130) writes regarding the “The Gospel of Matthew”: “Matthew put together the oracles [of the Lord] in the Hebrew language, and each one interpreted them as best he could.[xvi]  Papias hereby confirms that the “gospel” early Christians attributed to Matthew was a hard or tough nut for Christians to crack. If Papias remark would refer to the canonized chronicle (“gospel”) that is dished to Matthew, Papias would have said the same about the other synchronized ones (Christians' cant: "synoptic" ones), due to their similarity.    The still existing and canonized “gospel of Matthew” is no translation from the Hebrew as even Christian “theologians” affirm.  In addition, it is also no book of oracles hardly interpretative but similar to the other synchronized (Christians’ cant: “synoptic”) ones.  The still existing chronicle that is imputed to Matthew is a concoction of Christian perfidy, i.e., of Christian bigwigs’ will to power (Christians’ cant: potestas ligandi and et solvendi). According to this statement of Papias, there had been at least two chronicles juggled with the name Matthew.  That “gospel of Matthew” mentioned by early Christians like, for example, Papias does not exist any longer, i.e. is not the canonized one.  Paul N. Taubin demonstrates that the names of the “gospels” finally refer to Papias,[xvii] i.e., other Christian “theologians” just adapted that what Papias wrote. The case of the chronicle imputed to Matthew (Christians’ cant: „The Gospel of Matthew“) obviously demonstrates that Christian censorship was that rigid and unscrupulous as to replace completely gospels by fictive  ones, provided that the attribution to certain Christian “authorities” (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) is no “Constantine donation”, from the very outset. In a sect of perfidy -- whose bigwigs suffer that much from obsession with ruthless and unscrupulous lust for power at any price -- nothing is impossible (see: Mt 17:20)…  The three synchronized (Christians’ cant: “synoptic”) chronicles (of Matthew, Mark and Luke) obviously can be replaced one by another. All Christian canonized chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) are tampered with Christian bigwigs’ lust for power (Christians’ cant: potestas ligandi and et solvendi) if not distorted or even replaced completely, for this reason.   Thus, the same title does not mean the same chronicle (Christians’ cant: “gospel”). For instance, in favour of their own, Christian “theologians” claim precisely the same about the now existing “Gospel of Barnabas” that is popular among Muslims. In contrast with Christian “theologians” efforts, Islamic theologians could be right when claiming that Matthew kept and preached “The Gospel of Barnabas”. The objections Christians are used to bringing against the existing “Gospel of Barnabas” partly are imperative. However, what Christian “gospel” is not (falsely) interpolated by other Christians? (The “gospel of Barnabas” reports that Judas Iscariot was crucified instead of Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”). Perhaps, the sect of perfidy wanted to discredit the truth and a true chronicle by gross as false interpolations as sham-evidence that the existing “Gospel of Barnabas” could be no very early scripture. I.e. it is to question if those objections -- the Christians rightly claim on the today known “Gospel of Barnabas'” authenticity -- are no interpolations later made by the Christians to get rid of the truth by discrediting it. A sect that is able to produce the forgery of "Constantine Donation" does not recoil from forging everything impeding lust for power, in particular, debunking its abominable deceits!  “Nothing is impossible to” (Mt 17:20) the sect of perfidy!


  • There is hardly anything in the world being that uncertain like the Christian chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”).  Trying to replace reason by such concoctions of criminality is an attempt at destroying human’s social existence in favor of a ruthless and unscrupulous organized crime on Earth. By imputing the will of one's own to authorities (god,  Emperor Constantine or reputed Christian mountebanks), Christians wants to dodge fair completion and fair play by replacing it by (“love” to) foul play.  Therefore, Christianity is criminality, in principle and from the very outset.  Due to the Christian bigwigs’ (Christians’ cant: “good shepherds’”) awareness that Christian chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) by far cannot stand examination of that as what they palm off on the Christian victims (Christians’ cant: “sheep”), Christian sect of perfidy tried finishing science, philosophy and even (rivalling) religions.  


For instance, if somebody “argues” against “The Gospel of Thomas” that a quotation from it cannot count because this chronicle is not acknowledged as an “authentic” one, then the concerned one obediently says what he has to utter corresponding to (his) Christian manipulation. However, the question is what the “authentic” chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) adopted from the very “non-authentic” “Gospel of Thomas” which matches more the concept of a gospel than the “authentic” ones since it is no (contrived) chronicle (biography) of Ben-Pandera. Even until today, Christian perfidiologians (Christians’ cant: “theologians”) could not argue why the authors of the “official” or canonized chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) may quote from the “non-authentic” scriptures but not the opponents and enemies of Christianity…


Summary of this paragraph:


Christian canonized chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") even cannot pass neither an examination of authenticity, truthfulness, honesty nor sincerity.  They present Christian foul mouth and foul play, in principle and from the very outset.  The sect of perfidy is skilled in forging and suppressing the truths while establishing iniquitous fabrications (see: Didache) past description as “truths”.  That is no vitiation of a purported good “tenet” of Jesus (the death penalty convict) but precisely the hard core of Christian sect and its foul play, in principle! It is still a feature of perfidy to camouflage the depraved nature of one’s own as a vitiation of something “good”, individual failures or as the effects of “original sin”. The mask of deceivers always is destined to vitiate, i.e. for cracking, since liars, deceiver and desperadoes do not want to achieve that what they pretend by their mask. That is why their mask always “so sorrily” is going to be vitiated… Unlike Christian claims, deceivers are not used to saying that what they want but pretend something else, mostly the contrary of that what they want. Therefore, their pretensions always “vitiate” their real intentions and vice versa.    One cannot expect good fruits from a bad three.  „Authentic“ or canonized Christian chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) do not account what Ben-Pandera (the death penalty convict) really said. They even do not present that what the authors, to whom they are imputed in fact said or wrote, respectively, dictated.  Christian chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) are sheer concoctions corresponding to Christians bigwigs’ (Christians’ cant: “good shepherds’”) lust for power (the faked “authority to bind and to loose on Earth what at the same time is bound and loosed in heaven”), i.e. to rule the world. Their contents are contrived corresponding to the requirements of the Christian creeps', crooks' and rogues' lust for power posing as the "first ones", respectively, what they deem to be expedient to lead their conspecifics up the garden path.



Survey of  the exposition on "authentic" and "non-authentic" chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels")


 Part 1: The "New Testament" - "Constantine" Subreption and illicit Annex to the Bible in which Jesus did not believe

Part 2: Features and Relationship of “authentic” and “apocryphal gospels" (this page)

Part 3: The so-called apocryphal “Gospels” (Chronicles) (this page)

Part 4:  The "Apocryphon" of James    


See also: Accordance of  first ever Christian Church Order  "Didache" with  the Koran





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