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Miscellaneous - The Bible and the Christians' illicit annex of "authentic" and "apocryphal" chronicles ("gospels")

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime
Jesus is  Lord, savior and god of mine,
So say the rogues, mugs n' swine!




   "Authentic" and "apocryphal Gospels" Part: 1 of 4



The Bible and the Christian "authentic" and "apocryphal" Chronicles ("Gospels")

  Part: 1

 The "New Testament"  - "Constantine" Subreption and illicit Annex to the Bible in which Jesus did not believe




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Table of Contents


 Firstly:  The “Gospels” – the third “Constantine Donation” (Subreption) of Christian Sect


Secondly: Evidence that Jesus “Christ” did not believe in the Bible


Thirdly: Christian “New Testament” an illicit annex to the Bible




Firstly:  The “Gospels” – the third Constantine Subreption of Christian Sect



First, we want to start  with a crime that at the first glance has nothing to do with the subject of “authentic” and “apocryphal” chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”). However, when scrutinizing the matter the contrary turns out, i.e. it is about application of the same trick. It is about the trick of Constantine Subreption (Christians' cant: "Constantine Donation")[1].


In this exposition, we are debunking that the Christians’ self-praise of  “love” they pretend “bestowing” to humankind for the advantage of the latter, first of all, in fact are “Constantine Subreptions”, respectively, Trojan Horses. They only serve the benefit of Christian bigwigs’ lust for power. Also the Christian “authentic” chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) are precise applications of this trick (of Constantine Subreption). As said, prima facie this might be hard to understand. However, for those reasons,  we now are going to expound this issue.

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First, we want to recall what exactly Constantine Subreption is. About the year 800, the pope of Christian sect comes up with a sensation. He pretends having found a document purportedly handed over to the pope by Roman emperor Constantine more than four centuries ago. The Christians have a “god” that even is adjusted to Christian bigwigs’ lust for power and all the foul mouth and foul play that necessarily is in the wake of such obsession. That mean that all things, really everything is possible for the Christian believers... So, the pope can appeal to his “God” that witnesses that the liar does not lie, the deceiver does not deceive, the criminals do not commit crimes but all they perpetrate is “love”. First, this document ("Constantine Donation") starts libeling Christian rivals (pagan religion) by contriving that the pagan priests advised Emperor Constantine to take a bath in blood of killed children to heal leprosy… A psychological projection of defaming Christian bastards and dastards! However, Christian morals (“love”) completely are adjusted to such defamation and the following felony Christian sect committed. By this document, Emperor Constantine purportedly “donated” to Christian organized crime that what  the pope hereby grifted:


·        Primacy over all Christian churches,

·        Rome and Italy as his property, in addition

·        about one third of Western Europe.


I.e. the Christian Fuehrer bagged everything by foul play, he never could obtain when keeping to fair play. Finally, Christianity is nothing but shifting, grifting and tricking that by foul play what they cannot obtain by fair play. Christian “morals” (Christians’ cant: “love”) and even the Christians’ “god” (Ben-Pandera) are designed or adjusted to that foul mouth and foul play so that Christian depravity and crimes become unassailable.
It took more than six centuries until this trick – full of mistakes – was debunked as forgery, in 1440. In view of this, one can imagine how difficult it is to debunk Christian sect as a Constantine Subreption, at all.
The pope did nothing unusual but only applied a trick that is a matter of course to Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) and to Christians as we are going to demonstrate, now.





Christians’ first important  Constantine Subreption

Christians’ second important Constantine Subreption

The trick that created the name of Constantine Subreption

As contrast: Bible (“Old Testament”)


Lu 4:5-6 NRSV

5 Then the devil led him up and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world.”

6 “And the devil said to him, "To you I will give their glory and all this authority; for it has been given over to me, and I (Satan) give it to anyone I please.

Mt 4:8-9 NRSV

8  Again, the devil took him (Jesus)  to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor;”

9  and he said to him, "All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.


Here, Satan donates the world to Ben-Pandera for being addressed and worshiped as “god”, in exchange. For more information about this occurrence see: “Jesus’ ‘three Temptations’ in the Desert” here on: e101.htm (click here).


Lu 10: 22 NRSV

22 All things have been handed over to me (Jesus) by my Father; and no one knows who the Son is except the Father, or who the Father is except the Son and anyone to whom the Son chooses to reveal him."

Lu 22:29 NRSV

29 and I (Jesus) confer on you (my henchmen or Christians), just as my Father has conferred on me, a kingdom…

Mt 16:18-19 RSV

18 And I (Jesus) tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church (sect),

19 I (Jesus) will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."


As Satan did so for being addressed and worshiped as “god”, in return, Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) does so regarding his Christian sect. Satan addressed as “god”, obviously is the ominous father to which Ben-Pandera always refers. The “authority” Christian sect pretends to submit their fellow human beings to itself is called “authority to bind and to loose in earth what at the same time is bound and loosed in heaven”, in Latin: “potestas ligandi et solvendi” according to Mt 16:19. This “potestas ligandi et solvendi” is the second Constantine Subreption in Christian sect.


About the year 800 the Christian pope lies that emperor Constantine has handed over the following authorities of the emperor to Christian organized crime:

All Christian denominations have to submit to the pope.

The pope purportedly got all realms of Western Europe including Italy.

Even the kings have to submit to him. He has the right to appoint and crown them.


By comparison: In return for addressing and worshiping Jesus Christ as “god”, the Christians “selflessly”, “modestly” and “humbly” get the whole world from the impostor:

Re 2:26f NRSV “To everyone who conquers and continues to do my (Jesus’) works to the end, I (Jesus) will give authority over the nations;  to rule them with an iron rod, as when clay pots are shattered



Grifting that what he cannot obtain by reason and fair play Ben-Pandera imputes all his desire of lust for power   to an authority he calls “father” or “god”. Likewise, the pope here imputes everything his lust for power desires to an authority. In this case, he calls the authority to which he imputes his crimes Emperor Constantine. I.e. the pope applies common Christian trick of “potestas ligandi et solvendi” to the Emperor for robbing properties and privileges he could not obtain by fair play. It is about veiling crimes by imputing them to an authority by which the felons pretend to be charged for their foul play. They speculate that there are enough goofs stooping to those (Christian) spoofs.


Isa 42:8 ( NRSV)

 8 I am the LORD, that is My name; And My glory I will not give to another, Nor My praise to carved images



Isa 14:14 I will ascend to the tops of the clouds, I (Lucifer or Satan) will make myself like the Most High."


De 21:23 NKJV

… for he who is hanged is accursed of God.


Unlike Christian illicit annex to the Bible (Christian jargon: “New Testament”) the Jewish Bible neither allows imputing one’s depravity and criminal intentions to god nor  associating any other person to him. That is not the only commandment of god from which death penalty convict Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera freed his accomplices while feigning to comply with them (see: Mt 5:17)…



Now, we are going to demonstrate that Christian “authentic” or “apocryphal” chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) are the application of one and the same trick. The chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) are imputed to apostles, who never wrote them, apparently never heard about them because the writers mostly had already died before they were written or even wrote quite a different “gospel” as we are going to demonstrate in the case of Matthew. Therefore we call the chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) Christians’ third Constantine Subreption. It is always the trick of Christian foul play to filch something by referring to an authority what one cannot obtain by fair play, i.e. by reason, providing evidence, fair competition etc. Those are the first three Constantine Subreptions (Christians’ cant: “Constantine Donations”) in Christian sect:


·        The first one is Satan’s “donation” of the world to Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) for being addressed and worshiped as “god" by his Anointed One (Greek: Christos) and his Christians,  in return -

·        the second one is Ben-Pandera’s (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ’s”) “donation” to the Christians for being addressed and worshiped as  "god" (potestas ligandi et solvendi), in exchange and

·        the third one are the chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”), which are imputed to “apostles”, which never wrote them and presumably never heard about them. 


Secondly: Evidence that Jesus “Christ” does not believe in the Bible



Why do forgeries happen that much in Christian sect of all sects? Since Christian sects are based on nothing but lies, deceits and forgeries, Christians just creatively apply their foul play to others matters, too. For instance, Christians forged all canonized “gospels”, more over they forged the literature of others, even that one of which they cribbed and even of non-Christian authors like, for instance, of Jewish historian Josephus Flavius. Analogously, the pope fabricated a document from emperor Constantine. Other Christians fabricated shrouds of Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) etc. Those incredible but real forgeries never would happen in a sect that feels obliged to honesty, decency and the truths. We do not want to talk about “love”… Those forgeries happen since lying and deceiving are the business of this sect of abomination. This happens because lying, forging and deceiving are matters of course to those liars. They cannot differ what the prey swallows, and what it does not. Often the (Christian) deceivers cannot understand why pretending to the authority of the Emperor (Constantine) does not work in the same way as imputing something to the authority of "god". However, the victims differ between god and the emperor. Therefore, the one deceit works, the other does not.
 People believing in following delusion of grandeur do not need any gospels since they fool themselves to be capable like "god":



Mt 17:20 NRSV

20     He said to them, "Because of your little faith. For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you (Christians)."



Only to god nothing is impossible. People supposing that everything is possible for them, do not believe in god and they do not believe in truths.


·        Why should one refrain from faking to be like "god" or even faking to be “god’s son” etc. if nothing is impossible to the “believers"?

·        Why should one shrink from  deceiving the whole world if nothing is impossible for the “believer”?

·        Why should one recoil from fobbing  concoctions off as “god’s word” if nothing is impossible to the “believer”?


By the way, what mountain did the great pretender, impostor and mountebank or one of his companions in perfidy ever shift?
Christians secretly think that everything is nothing, does not exist and/or is only that what one conditions or robotizes or forces others to believe what it is. That faith shifts mountains is not only the credo of Christians but also that one of all criminals, desperadoes and terrorists. The German Nazis thought in the same manner:



"We National Socialists know best that faith shifts mountains makes history but not the laws of economy and not only the weapons. That is why we (Nazis) know the importance of a power with a different faith. "[2] 



The one sort of desperadoes might differ in one or another aspect. However, all desperadoes consent that faith shifts mountains and the truths, anyway!
He only can laugh at those who believe in “holy scriptures”, for instance, the Bible (Christians’ slang: “Old Testament”) instead of in one’s will to power, i.e. delusion of grandeur:


Lu 24:25 RSV

25 And he said to them, "O foolish men, and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken!


I.e. according to Ben-Pandera (Christians' cant: Jesus "Christ" only fools and idiots believe in the Bible (Christians' cant: "Old Testament"). Consequently, Ben-Pandera and the Christians only refer to the Bible (Christians' cant: "Old Testament") to sham authorization, e.g. pretend a "Constantine Donation", they cannot prove by reason and they would not obtain when keeping to the truths. Christian sect is about lust for power  to make one’s  conspecifics submitted and subservient to oneself. Those Christian desperadoes laugh that human beings are that easily to trick by imputing something to an authority (i.e. by “Constantine Subreptions”).  That is what Ben-Pandera really thinks about “god’s word” he lies to fulfill to the utmost (see: Mt 5:17).


Lu 24:25 corresponds to Joh 10:8:


Joh 10:8 NRSV

8 All (kings, prophets etc.) who came before me are thieves and bandits;


It is not to assume that someone honestly refers to a scripture he indirectly calls a fabrication of „thieves and bandits". If such a creature even feigns to refer to the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) for shamming evidence he does so for his lust for power wanting to play “god” on Earth (see: Mt 5:17-17, Lu 16:17). Those creatures do so due to their depravity even Satan possibly is unable to outdo!


There is no depravity,

Like Satan, the “god” of Christianity!


Consequently, Ben-Pandera and his fellow Christian desperadoes' reference to the (Christians' cant: "Old Testament") serves only their outrageous deceits.

Therefore, Shaul Paul does not vitiate but fulfills the heinous foul mouth and foul play of Ben-Pandera:


Ro 10:4 NRSV

4 For Christ is the end of the law...


The end of the law is the end of the Bible (Christians' cant: "Old Testament") that now is to replace by a desperadoes' own Bible  ("New Testament") where the desperadoes fob everything their evil heart  off as god’s will.


The end of the law more over is the perfect sect for felons, Mafiosi, desperadoes, terrorists and other sorts of criminals (Christians’ cant: “sinners” or “the sick needing a physician”, Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31), in short: for the dregs of humankind!  Criminals are only because there are laws, which they are used to breaking. If there are no laws any more, criminals cannot break no laws any longer, i.e. there are no criminals, any longer. Mafiosi put your hand on your heart: What else are you longing for…? Go to Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”)! He knows what you need and you are longing for, already before you pray to him…


That is Ben-Pandera's and the Christians'  “belief” in the Bible (Christians' cant: "Old Testament")!



Thirdly: Christian “New Testament” an illicit annex to the Bible



Christian fraudulence does not start with the iussue of “authentic” and “non-authentic” gospels. As we are going to produce evidence now, it already starts by the mere fact adding something to the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”), regardless if it is about something “authentic” or “non-authentic” scriptures. I.e., already the fact of an addition to the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) does not only rebut but proves Christians as liars and deceivers.  In order to say it unmistakably:  The fact that Christians presume to add something to the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”), is the evidence of Christian lies, insidiousness, hypocrisy and perfidy. That means that the conflict about “authentic” and “non-authentic” chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) is a storm in a teacup. What is to expect from hypocrites and/or insidious and/or the perfidious ?


As already pointed out, faith shifts mountains (see: Mt 17:20. Mt 21:21) and the truths anyway means that everything only is a matter for belief. Therefore, if


·         Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) is “god” or not, is not to decide from the fact if he really is that or not but those who do not believe it, do not believe enough. If they would believe sufficiently, they would believe that he was “god”… Another example, if

·         “The Gospel of Matthew” is written by Matthew or not is not to decide by the fact of Matthew really wrote it but only by believing it. Those, who refuse to impute this chronicle (Christians’ cant: “gospel”) to Matthew – for whatever reasonable reasons – do so because they do not believe enough… In this way, Christians pass lies off as “truths”, crimes as “love” and a miscarriage of nature (Ben-Pandera)[3] off as “god”.


This is the way how Christians' "Constantine Donations" are fabricated. Hereby truths,  reason, laws, honesty are blotted out and the “law” of the jungle determines human’s social existence. If everything only is matter of believe, then the most criminals, who are able to impose their will on others dictate everything. That is Christian Middle Age or hell on Earth! However, this is the aim of Christian sect behind a mask of the contrary!  


Christianity is criminality or lie and deception at every turn!  Shall Christian slaveholders admit even misusing the notion of god for their unscrupulous lust for power? Will Christian bigwigs ever admit that they misuse the terms of  god, love, morals and all others good concepts they feign standing for? Christian „chief-ideologist“– as far as this notion is not pompous in the context – Shaul (Christians’ cant: Paul), the most hypocrite next to his “god” Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) perfidiously writes in his letter to the Corinthians:


2Co 2:17 AV

17 For we are not as many, which corrupt the word of God: but as of sincerity, but as of God, in the sight of God speak we in Christ.


This is very psychological projection, i.e. a very trait of the perfidious . This means, it  is precisely that what Christians are used to doing and nothing unusual since deceivers are used to masking themselves by the reverse of that what they are, do and want. Latin Vulgate Bible writes: “…sicut plurimi adulterantes verbum Dei…” that means: as many are forging the word of god”. Those many ones  first of all are Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”), he (Paul) and his fellow Christian henchmen and henchwomen.


The notion of psychological projection is expounded in the second part of this treatise.  Here we just want to mention the following:  Psychological projections are features of utmost perfidy. It means that one dishes the dirt of one’s own on others, preferably on one’s rivals and enemies.  

Now, we want to produce evidence how Ben-Pandera, Shaul Paul and their Christians deceitfully handle the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”).

As said, Christians’ addition to the so-called “New Testament” to the Bible the Christian presume to call “Old Testament” already is an abominable corruption of the word of god.


De 4:2 NRSV

2        You must neither add anything to what I command you nor take away anything from it, but keep the commandments of the Lord your God with which I am charging you.


Pr 30:6 NRSV

Do not add to his words, or else he (god)  will rebuke you, and you will be found a liar.


This is one of the innumerable proofs that reason debunks (criminality of) Christianity not less than the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) does. Here, Christians’ “god’s word” (Christians’ cant: “New Testament”) is debunked as the “holy scripture” of liars.  If Christian (illicit) annex to the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) is no adulteration of the Bible, then there are no adulterations, at all! Here, Christian sect does not change some laws and commandments of god given in the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) but each of it.


De 12:32 NRSV

32  You must diligently observe everything that I command you; do not add to it or take anything from it.


Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) and his fellow Christian desperadoes knew very well that any supplement to the Bible is a corruption of god’s word and therefore in the beginning they hesitated adding something to it. Christians’ (illicit) annex to the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) is a similar outrage and abomination onto god like Christian bigwigs’ association of their topmost desperado (Ben-Pandera) to god…


Ex 20:2-4 NRSV


2  I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery;

you shall have no other gods before me.

You shall not make for yourself an idol (like Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, Christians' topmost idol and topmost desperado and terrorist),



Exactly prophet Isaiah to whom Christians presume to refer most for their hypocrisy, lies, deception and perfidy unmistakably expresses the nature of god and this means that there is no place for Christian sect in the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”):



Isa 42:8 NRSV

I am the Lord, that is my name; my glory I give to no other (persons), nor my praise to idols (like Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera)..



In the beginning, Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera and his Christians pretended to be the best believers in Judaism that ever existed. Finally, their “deified” boss tried becoming Messiah (Greek: Christos, English: Anointed One) of the Jews.  One cannot strive for getting the supreme job in a community by instigating a new sect but by faking to be utmost devotee to the existing religion (of Judaism) and its scripture (Bible).  In fact, he could not become one of the most important figures (Messiah) in Judaism by fighting it in favor of a new religion but by perfidiously playing to be the best devotee to Judaism that ever existed.  Correspondingly, he and his followers had to feign devotion to Judaism.  As long as he hoped to succeed in becoming the acknowledged Messiah by his fellow Jews there was neither need for a new religion nor for new “holy scripture”.  There was a holy scripture, namely, the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) and also a religion (Judaism).  One also could put it that way: Trying to instigate a (new) religion of his own would have thwarted his intention of becoming Messiah acknowledged by his  Jewish compatriots.


On Palm Sunday, Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) wanted to accomplish the Messiah’s (Greek: Christos) feature as “King of Israel” (Joh 12:13)   and hereby wanted turn out as Messiah (Greek: Christos). He failed!  Instead of acceding to the throne of Israel, he was bound to accede to the gallows or cross.   Consequently, Christianity and its illicit annex to the Bible (“New Testament”) is the product of a defeat, failure and self-deception and of the hatred and vengeance, in the wake of them. Christian sect (and consequently its scriptures) is the product of a loser, who – very, very typical of desperado! – is unable to lose, i.e., Christianity is the negative selection of a bad loser (desperado) gathering hateful and vindictive bad losers.


As long as he hoped to turn out as Messiah and corresponding as “King of Israel” (Joh 12:13),   there was no need to transgress the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) in the following way:


  • Nobody is allowed to associate another individual, person, animal or plant as peer to god (Ex 20:2-4). This is obstructed by Christian illicit annex where the sect’s instigator is “deified” and consequently poses as a peer or equal associate (Christians’ cant: “son of god”) to “god”. I.e., the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) and Christians’ illicit annex to it (Christians’ cant: “New Testament”) are contradictions. The latter are the logic of lies and deceits.
  • Who is that miserable bundle of hatred and vindictiveness as to prod others into hating one’s father and mother (see: Lu 14:26) instead of abiding by the laws and telling others to honor them, according to Ex 10:12? I.e., the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) and Christians’ illicit annex (Christians’ cant: “New Testament”) are contradictions.  The latter are the logic of lies and deceits.
  • Who intends to kill the children of Jezebel (see: Re 2:23) instead of abiding by god’s law and refraining from murdering (see: Ex 20:13, Lu 22:38).  I.e., the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) and Christians’ illicit annex (Christians’ cant: “New Testament”) are contradictions.  The latter are the logic of lies and deceits.
  • Who bears false witness on god blaming him to induce a murder of a (faked) peer of his instead of rendering grace and mercy according to Ho 6:6? I.e., the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) and Christians’ illicit annex are contradictions. The latter are the logic of lies and deceits.
  • Who coaches others how to steal  best (Mt 12:29, Mr 3:27) in place of teaching them to respect others’ properties according to god’s laws (see: Ex 20:15 and Ex 20:17)? I.e., the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) and Christians’ illicit annex (Christians’ cant: “New Testament”) are contradictions.  The latter are the logic of lies and deceits.
  • Who is the  thief as to invade other proprietors’ fields to steal  grains (see: Mt 12:1) although he fakes to be  able to juggle sufficient food for purportedly 5000 men only by two fishes and five loafs, respectively, out of thin air? I.e., the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) and Christians’ illicit annex (Christians’ cant: “New Testament”) are contradictions and contradictions. The latter are the logic of lies and deceits.
  • Who of the instigators of Christian organized crime was no felon as to be sentenced to death in different countries and correspondingly by different courts? I.e., the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) and Christians’ illicit annex (Christians’ cant: “New Testament”) are contradictions. The latter are the logic of lies and deceits.
  • Who is that professional liar and deceiver as to bear always false witness against his next ones instead of abiding by god’s law according to Ex 20:16? Who flatters the “the sick needing a physician” (Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31) to be “salt of the Earth” (Mt 5:13), “light of the world” (Mt 5:14) or even “city on the mountain” (see: ibid.)?  
  • Who finds faults with Pharisees’ purported or real haughtiness and who is that miscarriage of nature[4] suffering with delusion of grandeur faking to be „god“ and even wants to be addressed and worshiped as “god”? I.e., the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) and Christians’ illicit annex (Christians’ cant: “New Testament”) are contradictions. The latter are the logic of lies and deceits.

Etc., etc. etc…

Christian illicit annex (Christians’ cant: “New Testament”) to the Bible already as a whole is a non-authentic scripture of desperadoes, villains and rogues with frocks and without frocks wanting to make their foul mouth and foul play unassailable by imputing them to the authority of „god“…! Again, that is another application of the trick of "Constantine Donation"...


Christians reference to the Bible (Christians’ cant: Old Testament) is nothing but perfidy, viz, lies, mendacity, deceit, insidiousness, cribbing (of sham-evidence) to make their deceits and fraudulence – as their crimes – unassailable, i.e., to establish the (almost) perfect crime.


Ga 1:8 NRSV

8        But even if we or an angel from heaven should proclaim to you a gospel contrary to what we (who is “we”?) proclaimed to you, let that one be accursed!


Christian mountebanks, do not make me laugh…!

This sufficiently debunks Christians’ reference to the Bible (Christians’ cant: Old Testament) as sheer deceit to trap the dunces, imbecile, moronic and  weak-minded. Satan’s chronicles or the chronicles (Christians’ cant: “gospels”) of planet Earth’s most organized abomination (Satanism with a “god” of its own) even fools itself enjoying immunity even in heaven (and hereby to god)…


My word, those are the Christian chronicles!  Those, who fool themselves to be “superior” to the angels secretly or openly  even kid themselves to be “superior” to the prophets and even “god”… if they do not think all those things to be good to enslave the goofs n’ fools, nerds n’ jerks and/or poor sods in the bogs…! My word, what a sect of “the sick needing a physician” (Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31) referring to death penalty convicts that even kid themselves as superior to the angel…! Did not their death penalty convict Ben-Pandera say that faith shifts mountains and the truths anyway? What is easier to lie, forge and deceive or to shift mountains?  



Let us summarize this paragraph:

As long as Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) hoped to turn out as “King of Israel” (Joh 12:13)   and hereby will accomplish the necessary feature of the Messiah (Greek: Christos), i.e. condicio sine qua non of the Messiah, there was no need for him and his henchmen to fabricate an illicit annex (see: De 4:2, De 12:32, Pr 30:6) to the Bible (Christians' cant: "Old Testament) or any other  new scripture and a new sect. There was a scripture: the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) and there was a religion: Judaism. This dramatically change when Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) lost his sedition on Palm-Sunday becoming “King of Israel” (Joh 12:13)   and (hereby) failed to accomplish the necessary (condicio sine qua non) feature of the Messiah (Greek: Christos).  He realized that his defeat on Palm Sunday established insurmountable hindrances to become acknowledged Messiah (Greek: Christos)   by his fellow Jews. For this reason, he was forced either to admit his deceit and self-deception or to continue pretending to be Messiah (Greek: Christos) in other geographical areas where the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) was unknown. That means the only places where Ben-Pandera and his henchmen could disseminate their lust for power -- and all the lies, deceit, foul mouth and foul play that are in the wake of it  -- were (geographical) areas to which the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”)  was unknown. There, he and his henchmen could talk much without fear of being confuted by people precisely knowing the Jewish Bible,  for instance, without running the risk of getting convicted fobbing an accursed one of god off as "god" (see: De 21:23)...


The ancient Greek, Germans, Romans or other Latin people could not confute  Christian lies and deceits of “vicarious atonement” by hanging on a cross, since they did not know the Jewish Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”): “…he who hanged is accursed of god” (De 21:23). However, the Jews knew it.


 It even is to assume that Ben-Pandera used the notion of gospel (Evangelium) (see: Mt 4:23, Mt 9:35, Mr 1:15 etc.) in order to make clear that he did not want to annex something illicitly to the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”). After his wretched failure on Palm Sunday, officially ascended to heaven but secretly living Ben-Pandera (see: Ac 25:19) started to indoctrinate by “epistles” of Paul.  It is to assume that he did so because he did not openly want to transgress the Bible (Christians’ cant: “Old Testament”) prohibiting any annexes (see: De 4:2, De 12:32 and Pr 30:6).  Even Shaul Paul did not demand that his "epistles" shall be added to the Bible (Christians' cant: "Old Testament"). However, Ben-Pandera could not control those innumerable chronicles about his sayings that came up when he officially was declared dead, respectively, residing in hell or heaven. Until the end of the fifth century (Decretum Gelasianum),   his sect was unable to limit the innumerable chronicles that mostly were called „gospels“.

Christian “New Testament” is an illicit annex to the Bible (Christians’ cant: Old Testament) prohibited by De 4:2, De 12:32 and Pr 30:6, i.e. Christian “New Testament” – to whom its scriptures rightly or wrongly are imputed – as a whole is “apocryphal”. Christians’ distinctions between “authentic” and “apocryphal gospel” is a “nice” distinction within lies, deceits and counterfeits…



Survey of  the exposition on "authentic" and "non-authentic" chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels")


 Part 1: The "New Testament" - "Constantine" Subreption and illicit Annex to the Bible in which Jesus did not believe(this page)

Part 2: Features and Relationship of “authentic” and “apocryphal gospels"

Part 3: The so-called apocryphal “Gospels” (Chronicles) (

Part 4:  The "Apocryphon" of James    


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