Chapter: 8, Part: 4, Section: 2

Philosophers on the Objektivationen (Objectifications) of Perfidy (Christians)

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Jesus is  Lord, savior and god of mine,
So say the rogues, mugs n' swine!



Christians’ "Commitment" to the Miscarriages of Nature and their Joy at Nietzsche’s  Dying 





      Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) died of syphilis, i.e. a wretched death. However, he did not become infected of this disease by children’s abuse, the main crimes of Christian clergies if states comply with Christian desperadoes’ lust for powers, delusion  of grandeur and greediness.… Generally, “merciful” and “compassionate” Christians rejoice the misery of their enemy. As everybody knows, the Christians purportedly mull over all the time “how to help the sick” (from “god’s punishment”)…

 Hans Atrott at the birth place of Friedrich Nietzsche

The homo scelestus Christianusque (the criminal and Christian human) loses his mask of purported commitment and compassion that he wants to help the weak, sick and disabled, i.e., those who turned out badly by nature, when hissing out his spite on Nietzsche’s death and dying.  As generally known, the Christian desperadoes feign to „sacrifice“ themselves all the time for the benefit of their own, pardon, for the profit of their “next”.  On the one hand, the last neck or nothing  use this fake of „charity“ in order to pose as the „first“ (see: Col 1:18), on the other, the impostors  use this fake of „charity“ as pretext to commit crimes on those demonstrating the last ones‘ inferiority (see:  Col 1:18) to them. In addition, the faked “charities” serve as revenue (Protection-Money-Zone) for a global Mafia disguising itself as „religion“.   However, by far this is not the end of the Christian dastards’ “commitment for their next”. The shammed „charities“ impeding more than supporting real charities serves as therapy to soothe the Christians’ bad conscience being criminal dastards (thieves’ cant: “sinners”)  and otherwise a blemish of  humankind.  Hereby, the Christians want to cheat themselves: We (Christians) are not the felons as which our conscience and our critics, e. g.  Nietzsche, brand us. We (the weak pertaining to morals) are used to assaulting those who still are weaker than we (Christians) are. So, we always experience the feeling we are yearning for: the feeling of power!  

       Any human being that really is interested in helping the poor, sick, weak and disabled etc. never would enjoy the  misery of an opponent what the Christians do so regarding to Friedrich Nietzsche’s end. Hereby, they indirectly and inadvertently prove that their wishful allegation that “god” purportedly dotes on the sick, bad and criminal only is a contrivance for the selfishness of their own. While rejoicing the misery of their enemy (thieves‘ cant: „love of the enemy“), the Christian dastards n‘ bastard do not notice that their mask has fallen down and that their mug is bared...


       Nietzsche suffered from a venereal disease (syphilis) which finally caused his death in the year 1900. At his times, there was no medicine against this disease. Hence, Nietzsche had to bear this sickness to the full. However, in no way his dying is hat disgraceful as the ones of Christian Mafiosi flocking Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera (thieves‘ cant: Jesus "Christ"), who almost without any exception ended up as felons by the hangman.  It is known to the author of this exposition that the Christians bustle with canting shame and disgrace of their fellow desperadoes by never ending lies, deceits and crimes. The allegation that the culprits „unjustly“ and „innocently“ became ushered to the hangman is a similar lie as the one that the deified top felon (from the death row) purportedly has risen from the dead… Hand on heart, are they the first and only criminals or murderers playing the hypocrites of “innocence” while the noose of the hangman already is tightening on them…?



       On the contrary, it is to deplore that this just punishment could not executed on most Christian criminals deserving it because the state was and mostly is an accomplice of criminality of Christianity. Until today, criminality of Christianity murdered about 300.000.000 human beings fro lust for powers and delusion of grandeur. What organized crimes can outdo this figure of murders?  „Arguing“ that the concerned dastards die das „martyrs“ for „god“ already is a joke since in criminality of Christianity an accomplice, i.e. a fairly sentence felon from the death row serves as „god“….What honest one really could contest that this is the genuine end for dastards, bastards and Mafiosi romping around religion…?



        If Nietzsche’s disease affected his brain in the end, this does not mean that his brain suffered from the day of his birth that sickness. The Christian dastards fool themselves in that way since their weakness and sickness is due to their inferior nature and therefore already starting with the day of their birth. So, giving such an impression the Christians are used to doing so concerning Nietzsche are the grudge and envy of the inferior which do not want to accept any greatness these creeps and crooks proper do not have... Indeed, this cruel life and death is due to the “mercy” of the Christian felons shamming “upholders of moral standards” and “martyrs”! Consequently, it is to question if Nietzsche cruelly had to die because the Christians impeded progress of medicine, already for centuries if not millennia.  The Christians did not change that.   In addition, it is to assume that syphilis is a sickness infecting as well Christians as non-Christians. Since at that time certainly there were more Christians than non-Christians in Europe, it is to infer that more Christians suffered from syphilis in Europe than on-Christians...  I.e., the „argument“ these dastards apply to Nietzsche also is to apply against them, presumably many times more!  On the contrary, it is to presume that indirectly Nietzsche had to suffer this miserable death on account of Christianity’s hostility on science. It is like that due to this Christian “martyrdom” and “charity”, there was no effective medicine against this disease at Nietzsche’s time. This is an evidence causes many evil things that at the first glance have nothing to do with it.

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The father of the author of this commentary as the father of Friedrich Nietzsche was a Christian minister. He died a miserable death in World War II.  Applying the same poison to this Christian pastor as the Christians are used to projecting on Nietzsche, one could say that this is the way in which those who address and worship a felon from the death row as „god“ are used to end up… In addition, the author of this commentary is not sure whether the two world wars the Germans hatched have nothing to do with their commitment to (criminality of) Christianity. According to Col. 1:18, the Germany hereby wanted to take „the first place in everything“… 


    In his childhood, the author of this treatise was acquainted with a person – a daughter of a professor for “theology” -- who could not deliberate from Christian conditioning. She married a Protestant minister who murdered her when she was about 50 year of age, about the year 1995.  This is a way in which the Christians always used settling their dissidence, from the very outset of this sect. A few decades before; the Christian priest   certainly could have perpetrated such a crime with impunity, at least in Germany. The Christians did not change that as they did not change their “right” of abusing children sexually but the adversaries of this sect!   Applying the same perfidy to this woman like the Christians generally are used to doing to Nietzsche would mean that the author comments the death of the woman in the following way: This is the way a woman is going to end up that spreads her legs to a Christian freak and/or Mafioso…!  The author does not say that he thinks about the woman in that way.  However, applying the Christian standards of perfidy to this case would mean this or something similar.  This is the “love”, “charity” and “self-sacrifice” of the homo scelestus Christianusque (homo=human, scelestus=criminal, Christianusque= and Christian).


       Recently, the author heard about a very earthquake in Italy causing innumerable corpses.  Afterward, the fool and top Mafioso of the Vatican came to „comfort“ his „sheep“. Applying the Christians‘  spite on Nietzsche to this case would mean that the author comments this occurrence in the following way: This is the very „heaven“ as the end of Christian trained Alsatians: A wretchedly perishing in between rubbles and debris…! What did you Jesus, your Mary, your body of self-made „god“ or your “saint” x and y do to help you…? Do you do not contrive those fabrications of your madness as omnipotent? Aren’t these idols the perpetrators of your misery?  So, if we start „arguing“ in that way attributing the all the miseries happening to an individual to his denomination, the cards are stacked against the Christians.  However, obviously the Christians cannot refrain from reveling in the misery of an opponent that much so that they do not notice that they are losing their mask (of „commitment“, „compassion“ and „charities“)… The freaks of grudge, hatred, vindictiveness and perfidy, i.e. Christians,  only exist on condition of successfully preventing being measured by their own standards. 


       Summarizing this paragraph one can say that already the Christians’ gloating on Nietzsche’s end debunks them not only as liars and deceivers but also as the dregs and blemish of humankind. Finally, even their “god” tells them that they are “the sick needing a physician (see:  Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) ...! Did he say that this negative selection belongs with humankind? Is a human being that bereft of morals like feigning Christians are? Does the homo scelestus (Christianusque) belong with the species of Homo sapiens?  Is somebody a human who only has perfidy in place of ethics i.e. who annihilates ethics by perfidies? Those keeping a sham of ethics only are keeping a sham of human dignity. As the Christian lie being „superior“ to other humans (see: Mr 16:16), they in fact are inferior to them. Generally, the conceitedness of those who turned out better by nature being better than their fellow humans corresponds with their inferiority.  It is about the need of compensation.  Hence, it is to infer that compensating his nature as subhuman, somebody desires to pose as „god“  or „god’s“ chosen ones. I.e., the same arguments by which the Christians claim their instigator as „god“ indeed prove that it is about a subhuman.  Consequently, boasting of „superiority“ and even „divinity“ turn out as sub humanity. The selfishness of the felons‘ „god“ also is the selfishness of those lifting him as „god“, respectively, allow him to pose as such. The Christian dastards want to play „god“ to their respective social environment. Unmistakably, it is to corroborate:  Who has not ethics, that one is no human. Christians destroy morals by perfidy.

     Already the manner in which the Christians regale themselves with Nietzsche’s cruel dying debunks them as the top unscrupulous and ruthless liars and deceivers. 




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