Chapter: 8, Part: 4, Section: 1

 Philosophers on the Objektivationen (Objectifications) of Perfidy (Christianns)


 Commentary on Friedrich Nietzsche‘s



Hans Atrott


 Revised on 01/30/2011, completed on 10/04/2014


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1. Why writing with Contempt on the Christians?


2. Nietzsche debunks the Christians as Desperadoes, however,   wrongly calls them Chandala


3. Nietzsche unveils Christian "Morals" as Perfidies without using this Term


4. Does Nietzsche say: Jesus was good and  (only) "Paul" depraved?


5. Annex from October 2014: Nazism -- An additional Folly and Terror Sect of "Christianity"



         Originally, the author only wanted to write a preface pertaining to Nietzsche‘s "Antichrist“[1], which only relates to cross desperadoes’ tirades of hatred (thieves' cant: "love of the enemy") on Nietzsche denouncing him as forerunner of the NS-desperadoes. This preface stays without changes.[2]   The author does not want to repeat the topic of that exposition. However, for several reasons the author made up his mind to write a commentary on Nietzsche’s “Antichrist” in greater detail, additionally. To begin with:  Calling Nietzsche a trailblazer of the Nazi desperadoes is as wacky as calling Plato or Aristotle  forerunners of Christian Mafia feigning a religion. In both case, the ignorant or confidence tricksters fool themselves, aplenty. That is what we are going to furnish evidence, now.


  Hans Atrott with a figure of Friedrich Nietzsche in Roecken (Germany) -- the place of Nietzsche's birth -- in August 2011

        At the start, we also want to clue the difference between scientific analyses and religious worship.  In particular, if “infallibility” and „divinity“ are claimed, religious figures do not tolerate criticism. However, this means that if one part is insufficient or bad, everything is  lies and/or deceits. Perfection is faked in order to make the preys blindly obedient to the (religious) predators.  In this context, "god's word" vicariously stands for perfection ("perfect truths"). Perfection excludes any insufficiency.  In science parts of knowledge and theories can be wrong; however, in the main the knowledge nevertheless can be correct.  Science does not exclude deficiencies.  Judging a scientist means to scrutinize what of the statements of the respective scientist are to accept and what to reject.


            I. e., rejecting some aspects of the work of a scientist necessarily does not mean that all in all one does not appreciate the works of a respective scientist. Nobody is perfect. In science, it is about the contribution of a scientist to the progress of knowledge pertaining to a respective subject. Science premises that nobody knows everything and finishes the research. Even if the author of this treatise appreciates Nietzsche as deserving a monument for being one of the very few historic personages providing knowledge about Christian sect, he nevertheless not only has few objections to Nietzsche’s “Antichrist”.


The author does not comment Nietzsche’s other scriptures which he, of course; studied, too. They are not the topic, here. Despite all criticism, Nietzsche belongs with the "Hall of Fame" of the very few deliberators (of criminality) of Christianity, even if many items need to be improved. Nietzsche undoubtedly could see the grounds through the deliberately tarnished waters. If the humankind of planet Earth would encounter one very developed one of other parts of the universe, (criminality of) Christianity would not only ridicule the Earth’s humankind but also would blemish it. What mugs do live on that planet (Earth) appreciating the trick of roguery of Ben-Pandera’s („Jesus‘“) „rising from the dead“ as „moral commitment“…?  What goofs do live on this planet that one can hoodwink almost on third of that planet’s population that way…?  How can a civilization be taken in by such shrewd rogues, jugglers, blackguards and Mafiosi?   There is no more blemish on humankind than criminality of Christianity! The more (criminality of) Christianity succeeds, the more indelible becomes the ignominy of humankind of this planet! 


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1.  Why writing on the Christians with Contempt?      


    Always, the Christians have complained that those opponents, who see through their deceits are used to writing with contempt and disgust on their sect. Such complains the Christians already uttered on Greek philosopher Celsus.[3]  The latter philosopher scrutinized the allegations, in particular, the claimed „miraculous occurrences“ that purportedly should have happened, in the year 178 C. E.


     Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) as well writes in a funny as derogative way on the Christians. As far as Christian sect got respect, it was successful due to incredible lies and terror, in particular, since it could turn whole states or even continents into an arm of its  terrorism on humanity and humankind. The terror is imperceptible as such if perpetrated by a Christian state in disguise of "justice". Nietzsche is right when writing:


The critic of Christianity cannot evade the necessity of making Christianity contemptible.--"(§ 57).


 As Celsus before, Nietzsche realizes that Christianity is the peak of all criminality using pretended "ethics" (thieves' cant: "love")  as weapons and even lying a self-made "god" as  an accomplice of this organized crime stinking to high heavens. This sect is abominable since it is the crime one cannot think more (scelus quod maius cogitari non potest). This sect is funny since the mask (perfidy)


·       firstly, means to pretend the reverse of that what one  really is striving for and perpetrating,

·  secondly, means the self-condemnation of the criminals (thieves' cant: "sinners") and hereby

·       thirdly,  also ridicules the perpetrators.


For instance, a murderer claiming "martyrdom for the truths" does not only condemn himself as a dastardly felon but also makes himself laughable. Christian sect is a negative selection of desperadoes (thieves' cant: "sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mk 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) and which no physician can help (see: Mt 7:17-18, Lu 6:43, Joh 8:34). Those sick needing a physician blarney themselves as:


·       „salt of the Earth“ (Mt 5:13), 

·       "city on a hill" (Mt 5:14)

·       „light of the world“ (ibidem) or even

·       the only ones that go to heaven...


Even if being slow witted, one can realize that those desires only are to trick, shift n' grift that  by foul play, i.e. lies, malice n' crimes what those Objektivationen, i.e. materializations, of depravity cannot attain by fair play, in particular, if keeping to the truths. This means that on account of its selfish lies by which the Christians are used to catching prey, Christianity necessarily uncovers as terror of terrorism. Everybody is invited to prove the reverse that such selfish lies are to (super)impose on other individuals without foul play...


Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Christians while accomplishing their "love": "Jesus came to crucify the world" (The Gospel of Philip) and their program: “Do not resist the evil” (Mt 5:39 “Sermon on the Mountain). Who is worse - the Nazis or the Christians?

They necessarily entail as well foul play as ridiculousness resembling a bedlam or carnival. One only can and should keep a straight face to things that are serious. Those who do not present Christianity as (religious) criminality and/or as a bedlam  either are such sort of criminals or idiots dealing with things that are beyond their poor brain.  


Let us summarize this paragraph, shortly: Christianity attained a different reputation as given here due to incredibly rigorous, criminal, brutal and terrorist war (thieves' cant: "love")  on human rights, in particular, on those ones of freedom of religion, freedom of science and free speech.




2.  Nietzsche debunks the Christians as Desperadoes, however,   wrongly calls them Chandala




Since Nietzsche proper is a prophet of "The Will to Power", he cannot admit one to the Christians. However, lies, deceits and crimes do not result from love but from lust for powers.   Hinduism is right saying that aggression and will to power a priori are not evil but who of the individuals applies them.  However, this is complicated matter we expounded in a different context. Here, we are concerned with Nietzsche.


This philosopher compares the Christians with the Chandala. The latter are the adherents of the lowest cast of Hindu cast system. Hereby, Nietzsche insinuates an attitude to the Indians that first should be proven. He obviously thinks that, firstly, the last at all costs want to pose as the "first", secondly, are hateful and vindictive and thirdly, totally are obsessed with living off their hatred and vindictiveness on those who are superior to them. In criminality of Christianity, this is canted by the reverse according to (religious) Mafiosi's "morals" (thieves' cant: "love"). Perfidy is the price of disgrace the inferior criminals have to pay for being successful. In truth, the concept of desperado comprises that what Nietzsche correctly cognized but wrongly calls as Chandala.


 ·       " (the Christians are) ...the people of the abyss, the outcasts and 'sinners', the Chandala..." (§ 27)

·       „(The Christians are obsessed with) Chandala-morality ... born of ressentiment and impotent vengefulness..." (§ 45)

·       "... (Christianity is the hatred of the Chandala ..." (§§ 46, see: also 59)

·       "... (Christian militants are) the apostles to the Chandala...“ (§ 57)

·       "... (The Christian militants rekindle the) fire of revenge, of Chandala revenge ... (§ 58)"


Christians are not obsessed with Chandala morals. As an organized crime, it contrives criminal "morals" (thieves' cant: "love") and a criminal (from the death row) as "god". However, in the main Nietzsche's realization of Christian sect is correct, except the already mentioned and the following matters: Firstly, he does not differ between fair protest and fight and secondly, the comparison with Chandala is not only wrong but also an insult on the Chandala and counterproductive, anyway. For instance, the fight of the workers against hunger wages was no one of naturally inferior people on superior ones but one for fair play. Insofar, Nietzsche is very wrong when putting socialism, Chandala and Christian inveterate as veiled hatred and vindictiveness together. The one is a man-made "inferiority" which always is to question corresponding the principles of fair play and if necessary to abolish. The Christians' hatred and vindictiveness -- always perfidiously camouflaged by the reverse -- is hatred on nature (deus sive natura) due to their inferiority, respectively, depravity by nature which humans hardly -- if at all - can manage. 


As generally known, the Christians' (thieves' cant: "good shepherds') business is to capitalize on others' misery. If the Chandala would be comparable to Christian terrorists, history of India certainly would be that criminal as that one of Christian Europe, in particular, Europe's Middle Ages. 


However, even this is not the main problem. Calling the Christians Chandala, Nietzsche indirectly and inadvertently  gives the impression that Chandala -- the adherents of the lowest Indian social classes -- are the evilest humans in the world and Christians "only" the spitting image of them.


Hereby, Nietzsche puts upside down and slanders the Chandala. This entailed misjudgments or misunderstandings that Nietzsche is in favor of Nazi ideology of race, respectively, the dregs of humankind, i.e. Christians, try slandering their enemy (Nietzsche) as a Nazi forerunner.  One only plays down  depravity and foul play of the Christians by comparing them with Chandala. According to the author's judgment,  this wrong comparison impeded that Nietzsche's correct knowledge on Christianity -- being head and shoulders above everything that came up to this topic since Porphyry (232/3-304)  -- is not appreciated until today as it deserves.


The fact that some fascists referred to Nietzsche does not change the matter. At least, since about seven centuries (but not before!), the Christians also pretend the rubbish referring  to Plato and Aristotle. The Christians even refer to "god"...! There are  no more enemies of god than the Christians are. Finally, god is the one that made the Christians the sick  needing a physician (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 9:12, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) what the Christians want to change, at all costs! Only on condition that god acknowledges that the felon from the death row "vicariously" became executed death penalty for the sins of those who worship Satan, pardon, him as "god", the Christian criminals "generously" offer to god to refrain from enmity on him:

 Ro 5:10 NRSV

For if while we were enemies (of god), we were reconciled to God through the death of his Son...

Already the idea being an enemy of god is an incredible bedlam, past description! It is to assume that only Satan (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") and his henchmen (thieves' cant: Christians) can contrive such enmity on god... Since there neither is such a "son of god" nor a crucifixion of this sentenced impostor, the Christians stay what they always have been: the enemies of god!


 The author of this treatise respects the human dignity of the Chandala. The lowest Indian cast is a selection by individuals that are not concerned (belonging with the lowest).  In addition, this distinction does not concern moral features.  However,  due to their own decision, depravity, inferiority or because of lack of brain seeing through this criminality, i.e. brainwashing, Christians become Christians. Primarily, they are not defined by others but first of all by themselves. One does not only become a criminal due to lack of a moral nature but also on account of deficiency of brain, i.e. due to brainwashing. Christians are desperadoes, criminal dastards and  top felonious type of criminals (desperadoes) that is imaginable and that ever has been existing. In contrast with that, the Chandala represent an unfair distinction of people promoting their own advantage, hereby. Christianity is the success of criminality at the price of perfidy, i.e. self-denial and self-condemnation.   


Crimes by perfidy pay,

This is what Jesus' "gospels" say!


The notion genuinely comprising the traits of Christians -- Nietzsche correctly sees -- is that one of the desperados. In addition, concerning the notion of Chandala one should mention that being socially inferior to someone does not mean being a criminal or a Christian dastards n' bastard.


 As Nietzsche correctly realizes, the drive of Christians is vengeance (thieves' cant: "love"). Before, comparing apple with oranges, one first should prove that the Chandalas make themselves as such. They are made as Chandalas (by others). In contrast with that, the Christian dastards realize themselves as such on account of gross moral shortcomings (thieves' cant: "the sick needing a physician", see    Mt 9:12 Mk 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) ).


Therefore, the Christian longs for lie and vengeance, i.e. for Christianity, first to get rid of the truths about himself in favor of a profitable lie (about himself) and in order to avenge himself  on those he experiences as being superior to him.  Hence, Jesus and his fellow desperadoes, i.e. Christians, are apostles of hatred and vengeance sneaking up to their victims by the veil of each reverse, e.g. "love", "martyrdom for the truths" etc. in order to mug them, afterward.  This turns the Christians out as the top abominable criminals (religious Mafiosi) of planet earth, since they can unleash their depravity by moral pretence (thieves' cant: "love" or "martyrdom" etc.). Such individuals the author of this treatise calls (criminal) dastards or desperadoes. The peak of criminality is the perpetration of foul play under moral pretence. This criminality or denomination has a name: Christianity!


A desperado is a perpetrator out of despair (desperare means to despair). He is obsessed with megalomania wanting to keep "the first place in everything"  (Col 1:18) and he is in a frenzy of corresponding lust for powers.  When the facts tell the desperado that in place of belonging with the first he is one of the last, a desperado does not lower his signs but decides to live off his megalomania to the full, at all costs ("This can't be true!" "Now, even more, even more" .... and "precisely because, precisely because...").  Criminality of Christianity promises everything to him, reality declines to him, of course, for addressing and worshiping the bosses of this (religious) Mafia as "god" (thieves' cant: "good shepherds"), in exchange. This is what Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") realized. He even saw that one can trick the dregs of humankind (see: Mt 9:12 Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10)) to address and worship oneself as "god" if one flatters the targeted preys as that what they want to be, i.e. as the reverse of that what they are. On account of his severe moral deficiencies, i.e. unscrupulousness (see: Mt 9:12 Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10),) a desperado generally decides in favor of his megalomania, i.e. to live off a lie, if he cannot attain that what he wants by fair play. By crimes, he wants to trick, shift n' grift that by foul play what he cannot get by fair play. This foul play has many names: For instance, Mafia or Christianity etc. Especially unscrupulous and ruthless desperadoes even make a "god" of their own, a felons' "god" in order to trick their fellow humans for the advantage of the (religious) felons (see: Lu 5:10). There is nothing from which the Christian terrorists ever would refrain, except the loss of their mask, i.e. the success of their perfidy.


In order to soothe the bad conscience and to dupe the victims (thieves' cant: "sheep"), the Christian dastards feign the very, very "moral" ones, i.e. the empathetic humans. They attribute that to themselves what they are lacking at most. The desperadoes' delusion of grandeur is the vengeance for their inferiority compared to the average human, i.e. it is a flight into attack. The Christian dastard, damp squib or desperado at least primarily does not grudge social superiority but that one by nature. On account of the latter, he becomes Christian since his fellow humans turned out better by nature. Wanting to change it, he makes a "god" of his "own", who in place of god or nature (deus sive natura) dotes on all the failures of nature. Conspicuously, this "god" does everything what otherwise the same individuals, i.e. Christians, attribute to Satan: the evil (thieves' cant: "sick"), the losers (thieves' cant: the week) and the felons (thieves' cant: the "sinners"). The hatred on nature, i.e. the fellow humans, only is a proxy hatred on god, which becomes veiled by the fabrication of an own "god" (thieves' cant: "Jesus Christ" - Satan's catamite). In another context, the author already expounded that the Christians primarily hate god for purportedly being unjust to them by making them, i.e. the Christians, the last ones. This vengeance is perpetrated on those which god allegedly is perferring, unjustly. For this purpose, Christian sect has made a "god" of its own. In the scriptures of this religious abomination one does not find a single word of god but only those ones of an impostor posing as "god" to his accomplices.


On top of everything, most of the impostor's word even is falsified by his fellow liars, deceivers and accomplices. The Christian clergy wants to pose as "god" (thieves' cant: "shepherd") to his respective social environment. A shepherd infinitively is superior to the sheep since both belong with different species. The one is human, the other one a stupid animal or the one is human and the other one "god"... This is the desperadoes' dream of "superiority".


As already mentioned, each sensible one adapts the comprehension of himself to reality. The Christian terrorists are used to doing the reverse. The (Christian) desperado is the negation (denial) of the truths, and hence the lie about him- or herself Nietzsche: "... lying at any price" (§47)! If he really experiences himself -- in place of "god" or "deputy of god" -- as wretched creep n' crook (thieves' cant: "wretched and miserable sinner") or as a damp squib (thieves' cant: "sick" or "weak one" etc.) or as a comparable wretched wreck, the desperado is not ready to adapt to the truths about himself. He is used to making the reverse of that what a sensible does: He decides to stick to his delusion of grandeur and therefore, to live off a lie, i.e. for "lying at any price" (§ 47. His megalomania (thieves' cant: "Christian faith") promises everything to him, the nature and reality decline to him. Consequently, each pretension even that of a "god" (of his own) and each crime is an option to promote this unscrupulous and ruthless megalomania (thieves' cant: Christian faith"). The latter means that Christianity is a permanent danger not only to human rights and democracy but, in particular, already to any civilization and the peaceful living together of humans. Lying things by the ("moral") reverse we call semantic simulations. Desperadoes are obsessed with semantic simulations since they generally cannot admit their depravity to themselves. I.e., being Christian means to be that depraved that one cannot admit the truths (about one's depravity) to oneself (Nietzsche: "lying at any price" (§47).  This is the peak of depravity. In case of conflict between the desires and reality, the desperadoes are used to sticking to their megalomania, i.e. their foul mouth and foul play. 

Since admitting his depravity is unbearable to the desperado and he, in addition,  cannot refrain from his delusion of grandeur; the desperado perpetrates each expedient lie, deceit and foul play, even the top atrocities, if necessary. Therefore, it happens that planet Earth's top organized crime of murder (until today about 300 millions of murdered humans) feigns to consist of "martyrs for the truths", which purportedly "selflessly" are used to being concerned about the welfare of their fellow humans but not about their lust for powers how to degrade them as "sheep", i. e.,  as animals and to reign over the animals as "shepherds"....


 For the same reason, the psychological projections of desperadoes come into being. Christian "gospels" are teeming with psychological projections.

Therefore, desperadoes are used to hating reason and the truths. The desperadoes lie their selfish lies as "truths" and for the latter but not the truths they even are ready to die. In particular, the Christian terrorists rather die than abandon their delusion of grandeur and the selfish lies in the wake of megalomania. By the way, suicide bombers match the same psychic patterns. To his purported "martyrs of the truths", the "god" of those desperadoes says:

Joh 16:12 NRSV
"I (Jesus) still have many things to say to you (my fellow desperadoes), but you cannot bear them now.


This is a desperado as "god" saying to his fellow desperadoes that lie to be "martyrs of the truths"...! It is hardly to imagine what would have happened if he nevertheless would have said the truths to them... Likely, they would have done the job of Pilate... Saying the truths to Christian terrorists was not the job of Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: "Jesus Christ") but the one of Longinus, Celsus, Porphyry, Nietzsche and Atrott. 


 Mt 17: 20 (NRSV)
20 ...
if you (my fellow desperadoes) have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you."

Mt 21: 21 NRSV
21 ..."Truly I (the paragon of  a desperado) tell you (my fellow desperadoes), if you have faith and do not doubt, not only will you do what has been done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, ‘Be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ it will be done

Lu 17:6 NRSV

6"If you  had faith the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you.


        Desperadoes do not regard that what is true as the "truths" but that what corresponding to their obsession with powers and megalomania should be regarded as the "truths". Therefore, they are used to "lying at any price"(§ 47) or "do not want to know that what is true" (§ 52).[4] This is the trick or the rogues’ “morality“ by  which the Christian terrorists want to soothe their bad conscience, in view of all their depravity and foul play. Things and the world are that what the desperadoes corresponding to their delusion of grandeur fancy them  to be but not what they are. I. e.,


·      if we do not believe that this chieftain-Mafioso was „god“, then it is not because he is no „god“ but because we do not believe enough (in this lie).

· If we, e.g., do not believe that this criminal did not „rise from the dead“ then it is not because everything is lie and deceit, but because we do not believe enough (that Christian lies are “truths” and Christian deceits “martyrdom for the truths”) but because we are “heretics”.

· In addition, if we do not believe that Jesus or a cow can fly with a cloud, then it is not because they cannot fly with a cloud, but since we do not believe enough (in Christians’ lie and the self-deceit).


Everything only is a matter of „belief", and this is common to all desperadoes, for example, as well to the Christian as the Nazi ones.

„We  National Socialists know best that faith shifts mountains and makes history and the laws of economy and the arms do not, only. Therefore, we are able to realize the importance of a power keeping another faith.”[5]

          Not only the credo that megalomania (thieves‘ cant: „faith“)  shifts mountains (and the truths anyway) is common to Christians and Nazis but also lust and obsession with powers at any price and at all costs, even if the world is laid into ruins.  


 Jesus said, "I shall destroy this house, and no one will be able to (re)build it [..[6]  


Jesus said, "The kingdom of the father is like a certain man who wanted to kill a powerful man. In his own house he drew his sword and stuck it into the wall in order to find out whether his hand could carry through. Then he slew the powerful man."[7]


Lu 19: 27 NRSV

27  ‘But bring here those enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, and slay them before me.’" 


2Pe  2:12 NRSV

12  These people (who do not want to be sheep to Christian dastards n‘ bastards), however, are like irrational animals, mere creatures of instinct, born to be caught and killed.


Nobody is perfect and Christian bastards, not at all. The above mentioned quotations prove that Christianity is an organized crime – even of murder -- with a felons’ morality stopping at nothing, really at nothing. Those disgusting dastards hide behind the concept of “religion” in order to make their foul mouth and foul play unassailable. Consequently, there is no vitiation of purported “good (Christian) tenets” but only perfidies to camouflage the foul play and themselves by the notion of religion. Those quotations show tears in the Christians’ mask of hypocrisies and perfidies wanting to make crimes, terror, atrocities and other sorts of abominations of this (Christian) Mafia unassailable. Hence, fighting Christianity is no fighting of religion but combating an organized crime! Finally,  sometimes the prophets of hatred and vindictiveness have to say to their henchmen and henchwomen what it is about. Otherwise, the fellow desperadoes would believe in the mask of the prophet, i.e. leave him.  Therefore,  an aven-gillayon (mischievous writing) or avon-gillayon (sinful writing), thieves’ cant: “gospel”, must be double-tracked.  First, it must contain what it really is about and secondly, how one veils what it is about. The first is Christian depravity and  foul play (criminality, terror and atrocities etc.), the latter is the Christians’ foul mouth of hypocrisies and perfidies (thieves’ cant: “love of the enemy”, “modesty”, “humbleness” and “martyrdom” etc.).  


 As well Nazis as Christians want to butcher everything that does not comply with their megalomania and lust for powers. Similar to the Nazi ones, the Christian terrorists fool themselves being superhuman (thieves‘ cant: “shepherds”) and their preys as an inferior species to them (thieves‘ cant: sheep), i.e. stupid animals.  The success of this Mafia demonstrates that they at least are not wrong, partly. Correspondingly, those who do not comply obsession with powers of Christian terrorists, dastards, bastards and terrorists (thieves‘ cant: „self-scarifying martyrs for the truths“) are to butcher as commanded in their fake of „god’s word“ (see: Pe 2:12).  


Nietzsche describes this mind of desperadoes that their megalomania (thieves‘ cant: faith“) purportedly shifts mountains as „instinctive hatred of all reality, a flight into the 'intangible,' into the 'incomprehensible'" (§ 29). Since a desperado only wants to admit that should exist according to his unscrupulous selfishness (thieves’ cant: “humbleness” and “modesty”) but is not, he produces The instinctive hatred of reality“  (§ 30) which is expressed by "lying at any price" (§ 47, 62) "declining to know what is true" (§ 52) and being set on caring “that the truth shall never be allowed its rights on any point (ibidem).


The desperadoes‘ “martyrdom for the truths“ is that their (selfish) lies are regarded as “the truths“, at any price and at all costs. "Faith shifts mountains“ is the trick (of self-deception) by which the desperadoes make themselves believe that their lies (thieves‘ cant: „faith“) can be faked as the “truths“. Hence, it becomes „comprehensible“ that a creep n‘ crook even fancies to be „god“ since everything only is a matter of conceitedness (thieves‘ cant: „faith“) and not of reality and/or truths. Everything a damp squibs’ delusion of grandeur perpetrates hereby becomes canted by its moral reverse.



So, no wonder that a desperadoes’ sect lifts a miscarriage of nature (thieves‘ cant: „Jesus Christ“) as its „god“. By fancying that “faith shifts mountains” an impostor even attaches omnipotence to himself… The impostor fancies creating a world as he would like to have it. Therefore, (criminality of Christianity is the only sect lifting a fellow dastards n‘ bastards as its „god“. In fact, this means that this sect abolishes god by faking an own “god”. Only enemies of god try replacing god by the self-made "god". Ben-Pandera (thieves‘ cant: „Jesus Christ“) as „god“ constitutes Christian atheism. Neither the concept of religion nor that one of theism only is to define by organized criminals (wanting to make their organized crime unassailable by shamming a religion).


The credo that „faith“ purportedly „shifts mountains“ (and „god“ anyway) debunks Christianity as a felons‘ sect. If everything only is a matter of belief, then there are no truths but only the law of the jungle. By the latter, the desperadoes and terrorists establish that what is favorable to their lust for powers and prevent what impedes it. Hereby, in place of good faith and fair play, the law of the jungle becomes human’s social existence. This is the evidence that Christianity is the peak of all criminalities on planet earth since is it is an attack on the top precious resource of human life which are good faith and fair play (as human’s social existence). I.e.,   by their attempt at destroying   human’s social (existence of goof faith and fair play), Christianity turns out as scelus quod maius cogitari non potest (the crime one cannot think more). The evil is unleashed, anyway, since it is passed off as the „good“ corresponding to the motto: „faith shifts mountains“ and the truths, at all. I.e., even „morals“ and „god“ etc. become an arm of the foul play,  in (criminality of) Christianity.  


 The credo of „faith“ that faith shifts mountains is total subjectivism necessarily annihilating civilization in favor of a faked one. The Christians replace it by the total crime. Consequently, Christianity is criminality, in principle, and not only by evidence of history, i. e., it is that what by a psychological projection libels its enemies, e.g. the Jews and others, to be. Besides the Nazis, the Christians are the top negative selection of humans. However, the Christians by far even exceed depravity of the Nazis, even if the depravities of the latter seem as unbeatable. Dissents about this fact could come into being by failing to take into account Christians‘ perfidies, which deliberately shall lead others up garden path. Christians try hiding up the disgraceful truth (of being the evilest dastards and/or dregs of humankind) by trying to make the whole world „Christians“.  Religiously spoken: Christianity is Satanism. The evil or Satan, respectively, his Anointed One (Greek: Christos) pose as the “good” or even as “god”. Therefore, religiously spoken, Christianity is the triumph of Satan. Philosophically spoken, Christianity is the triumph of criminality in the world.  It is a question, if one can speak about humans in this context. As far as their preys are concerned, the Christian Mafiosi do not speak about humans but about sheep, i.e. animals.  By a psychological projection, the Christians call  downside „upside“. This is very typical of desperadoes.


Since “ethics” only are that what by the law of the jungle the Christians declare as such, the evil becomes unleashed, unassailable and perfect by pretence of the moral reverse. What seems to be good is unassailable…The argument against the evil is the good which does not exist,  any longer. Ro 8:31: "If God be for us, who can be against us?", does not mean that god is in favor of the Christians but if the Christian terrorists sham „god“ as an accomplice of their own, then there is nothing what could stop the (Christian) dastards n’ bastards perpetrating their foul play in favor of their delusion of grandeur.


Mt 12:29 NRSV

29 Or how can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his property, without first tying up the strong man? Then indeed the house can be plundered.


Mr 3:27 NRSV

27 But no one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his property without first tying up the strong man; then indeed the house can be plundered.



Nobody can deny Jesus‘ Satanism. Dastards and other born losers only can win  if the opponent is defenseless. The strong pretension of morality (thieves‘ cant: „love“) only shall serve the purpose that the targeted victims (thieves’ cant: sheep) shall trust in their slaughterers so that they are unarmed when mugged by Christian dastards. Being in the stomach of the wolves is passed off as „going to heaven”…  Even the weakest woman can kill the strongest man if the latter has become trustful in her and sleeps in the presence of her. Before he could notice being stabbed by the sneaky dastard full of Jesus’ sort of “love”, he is already dead.  This is the idea of Ben-Pandera (thieves‘ cant: „Jesus Christ“), in particular, expressed in the avon-gillayon  (thieves‘ cant: „gospel“) of Thomas, logion 98.  This is the nature, this is the aim of criminality of Christianity! This is the sense of each Christian aven-gillayon! Those is criminality of Christianity! If the top felons pose as „upholders of moral standards“, there are no moral objections against top felons any longer, since the tools of cognition are destroyed. This is what makes Christianity to peak of all criminalities and bogus beyond belief as past description!


Perfecting the evil, Christians even tortures those who ask for humanity for the heretics. They declared them being partisans of the evil and burnt them also not as a corpse but while being alive. The Christians did so and will ever do so if they have the power to perpetrate such crimes with impunity. If those dastards should contest their intent to pursue their selfishness in that way, it does not refute but confirms this knowledge. Firstly, before perpetrating such atrocities, the Christians always contested those crimes, terror and abominations, which they were and are going to perpetrate. Secondly, the dastards would not apply the words of their faking “god” (Ben-Pandera) correctly. Mt 12:29 and Mr 3:27 say that the dastards only can win if the targeted victims are unarmed while the desperadoes are armed. In order to achieve this asymmetry of defense and attack, the dastards n’ bastards must make the targeted preys trust in their torturers. So, how can the Christians make their preys trust in them if they would say what they are going to inflict on them? Consequently, what do denials refute?  The answer: Nothing!  The crimes in a dastardly fashion are perpetrated according to the motto that „faith shifts mountains“ and the truths about depravity and criminality of the sick needing a physician (see:  Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) and no physician can help, anyway!


The Christian dastards perfidiously “ask” their victims: What do you want? Here it is about  "love", "spiritual welfare", "obedience to god", "vicarious suffering" and "vicarious atonement" etc. and not about crime, murder and mass-murder…  Consequently, Nietzsche correctly sees that Mt 5:39 ("Do not resist the evil"), i.e., the total evil, is the principle of Christian rogues’ morals:  


… "resist not evil !"--the most profound sentence in the Gospels, perhaps the true key to them... ( § 29).


Here, Nietzsche correctly refers to the faked hype of „sermon on the mountain“, in fact, to Mt 5:39:


Mt 5:39 AV
39  But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil...

As most other ones, the quoted translation even blurs the sense, a bit. Latin Vulgate Bible from the year 405, i.e. the earliest still available edition of Christian „Bible“  writes:  "non resistere malo". This means that one should not resist the evil, at all. How could the evil resist the evil, i.e. themselves? How could Satan resist himself…? It is about unleashing and perpetrating the evil under moral pretence, e.g. as “god’s will”, “martyrdom for the truths”, "vicarious atonement" for the Christian criminals (thieves‘ cant: „sinners“) etc.  Just a tiny question:  "When Satan and his as the Christians‘ Christ met in the desert in order to conclude a pact constituting Christian sect, did Ben-Pandera resist the evil or didn’t he? Is Satan no evildoer? Is Satan not evil? How can the Christians feign that their instigator resisted Satan if his ideology is the contrary, i.e. not to resist the evil…?  

Obviously Ben-Pandera („Jesus“) did not resist the evildoer (Satan) firstly, to become his „Christ“ (English: Anointed One), secondly, to address him as “god” and thirdly,  to give Satan a sect which calls itself Christianity. Instead of avoiding and resisting the evil, Ben-Pandera and his (Christian) sect, they take off the blemish from the evil by passing it off as the „good“ and the good as the „evil“.  Who could be a better Christ  of Satan or a better sect of Satan (and his Christ or catamite) as the Christian one? This is why Christian sect is very attractive for a negative selection of the depraved, respectively, criminals (terrorists) among humans. Subliminally, the depraved are instructed that they do not need to alter themselves, i.e. so-to-speak that they can keep their rotten teeth but only have get rid of the tooth ages (by lies, deceits, hypocrisies and perfidies.  Felons’ heart, for what else is you longing…?  A felon as „god“ knows the needs of the criminals, at best! 


Criminals are gulled into believing that they can live off their depravities to the full and at the same time can strut as „upholders of morals standards“, “reverends”, “saints”, “holy fathers” and even “sons of god” etc.  Only Christian sect proffers this service to the criminals and depraved among humans by disguise of a “religion”.


The  physical handicaps of Ben-Pandera (thieves‘ cant: „Jesus Christ“) make him a desperado, i.e. criminal out of despair. His accomplices resolutely conceal them since otherwise almost everybody can imagine how his concoctions, e.g. that Satan (thieves' cant: "god") dotes on the failure of nature, came into being. The fact that  he is a miscarriage of nature is pivotal for hiding Christianity’s nature as felonious avenge, which on the spot is realizable if one knows the outward appearance of the „superstar“ of the cripple Jesus "Christ". The bodily cripple mirrored in that one of mind and morals. This is the reason why the perfidious „martyrs of the truths“, in particular, in the Western hemisphere either resolutely conceal his outward appearance or unscrupulous lie about it. It is no impressive star or god blarneying the creeps n' crooks or miscarriages of nature and mind (thieves‘ cant: “the sick needing a physician“ Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) but it is a cripple and  felon from the death row flattering the criminals (thieves‘ cant: „lost sons“). A miscarriage of nature is blarneying those who turned out badly by nature. An individual of the  negative selection of evil humans is flattering his fellow desperadoes, of course, for being addressed and worshiped as “god”, in exchange. It is a wretched one promoting the selfishness of his own (thieves‘ cant: „self-sacrifice“) by instigating others to selfishness (thieves‘ cant: „modesty“ and „humbleness).  In addition, this only is a proof that he really made a pact with Satan in the desert for addressing and worshiping him as “god” and providing a sect to Satan that addresses and worships him as “god”.  


Muslims are honest about Muhammad, since he is a prophet and no miscarriage of nature and consequently, no dastard or desperado, not to mention a felon fairly sentenced to death. Hence, he did not need concealment and canting. Ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) is

·      a miscarriage of nature, already by birth [8]

·       tainted with illegitimacy banning him from each office of priest (see: De 23:2)[9]  an

·      in addition,  homosexual.[10]


Already the latter could be punish by the death penalty (see: Le 20:13. The author expressively does not say that this is the way to get along with homosexuals. He says that this indeed is the law the Christians' foremost impostor  lies to fulfill (see: Mt 5:17). He already is a dastard, since he did not start fighting against the inhuman stigmatization of homosexuals but preferred to conceal his sexual attitude. Even if he wasn’t homosexual, he should have denounced inhumanity of the Bible regarding this aspect. It is the very nature of desperadoes that the Christians do not only keep silent about Ben-Pandera as miscarriage of nature but even brazenly lie about it. In place of adapting to the truths, everything is lied by its reverse: faith shifts mountains and the truths anyway... Very, very typical of desperadoes! Already, in the early Christian catacombs in Rome, he is lied as beautiful as Roman god Jupiter and by the way, his feature of being a death penalty convict concealed, mostly.  The first catacombs hardly contain crosses, and if he is presented as hanged felon then the Christians try depicting him, as if he joined in funny party. Mitigating the ignominy of the death penalty convict as if the tortured one did not suffer, at all, the Christian terrorists call “Docetism”. The latter does not mean crucifixion of a stuntman  in place of the felon “Jesus Christ“. Today, can one imagine a Christian graveyard without crosses?


„The Gospel of Barnabas“ – whoever and whenever wrote it – demonstrates how much physical and social inferiority can entail moral inferiority and produce rogues‘ morals (Nietzsche: “Chandala-morality... a morality born of resentment and …vengefulness  (§ 45).” The author underscores that the following statements are correct, independently from the question whoever and whenever wrote this scripture.



Then said Satan: ‘O Lord, you have unjustly made me hideous, but I am content thereat, because I desire to annul all that you shall do. And the other devils said: ‘Calf him not Lord, O Lucifer (Jesus), for you (Jesus) are Lord.’"[11]



 This revenge of Satan has a name: (criminality of) Christianity! Turning out poorly by nature or being socially disadvantaged „slowly“ rekindles the “fire of revenge, of Chandala revenge-- (§ 58), as far as desperadoes or Satan are concerned. However, it is not the revenge of Chandala but of desperadoes, Satan and other individuals without morals or only fake of “morals”. This means that the inferiority which the concerned want to repress becomes transformed into vindictiveness (thieves’ cant: “love of the enemy”)   So, the cross becomes “the cross as the distinguishing mark of the most subterranean conspiracy ever heard of,--against health, beauty, well-being, intellect, kindness of soul--against life itself. . . .”  (§ 62 ).              


Corresponding to the perfidy of those dastards, the desperadoes‘ conspiracy of grudge, envy, hatred and avenge is lied its moral reverse, e.g. as „humbleness“, „modesty“, „love“, „martyrdom for the truths“, „spiritual welfare“ or „charity“ etc. Hereby, the hatred and revenge shall become unassailable.


„...this sort (of individuals) have a vital interest in making mankind sick, and in confusing the values of "good" and "bad," "true" and "false" in a manner that is not only dangerous to life, but also slanders it.“ (§ 24).



It is logical that those dastardly criminals, i.e. desperadoes,  deny the truths about themselves since, in addition, „truths“ are only that what the desperadoes talk themselves into believing as such, corresponding to their selfishness and their top credo: faith shifts mountains and the truths, anyway.  In this manner, the almost perfect crime becomes unleashed and among others, there is one nobody being able to outdo: (criminality of) Christianity.


Now, one easily can realize why the Christians resolutely conceal the outward appearance of Ben-Pandera, as far as the unscrupulously do not lie on it. They have to hide that his perfidiously hidden nature of hatred (thieves’ cant: “love”) and vindictiveness (rogues’ cant: “self-sacrifice for others”) is entailed by his natural and social inferiority, which apparently constitutes his moral inferiority, i.e. his depravity. As the substitute, those Objektivationen of perfidy, are used to psychologizing with their perfidiously “beloved” enemies, for instance, with Feuerbach, Nietzsche or Atrott. This again is very typical of desperadoes since here it is about psychological projections. Finally, without having bats in the belfry, one cannot become a Christian priest. They cannot bear the truths (see: Joh 16:12) and therefore, they project their problems on their enemies, the Jews, Muslims, Feuerbach, Nietzsche and Atrott, etc. The author of this treatise once read Christian blather on German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach (1804-1872). The Christian creeps n’ crooks wanted to relate the philosopher’s rejection of (criminality of) Christianity due to harms in early childhood… One can suppose that this is the key of knowledge why the creep n’ crook from the death row fancied to be “god”… Everywhere where there are Christians, there are double standards, double face, hypocrisies and perfidies!


However, what makes Christian exposition ridiculous is that the judgment is not already before the investigation and hereby shall impede any investigation. First, one has to prove that something is wrong and afterward one can speculate why somebody made that nonsense. However, Christian denunciation (of real or fancied “heretics”) first puts the (concocted) judgment, secondly, the “evaluation” of hatred and poison on this judgment thirdly, impedes any evidence, in order to make the rogues’ judgment unassailable by such (psychological) terror. What is Christians doing is nothing but sheer foul mouth and foul play.

Christian dastards, first prove that the mentioned scientists are wrong, and afterward you can unleash your venom or hatred… Christians‘ psychologizing just serves one aim: „ to decline knowing what is true“ (§ 52) and “lying at any price” ( § 47) ...


In contrast with the knowledge provided by philosophers, the allegations of being a „god“ and having „risen from the dead“ only is the product of mental disease or roguery in which only people believe, which are dastards themselves and/or those who suffer from mental illness. In addition, the allegations are demonstrable lies and deception.

For whatever reasons, a scientist says this or that, is irrelevant. That one times one makes one is correct, for whatever reasons somebody says so. Even if the wife of the concerned one just has died, this statement, nevertheless, stays correct. It matters if a statement can stand scientific scrutinizing or not. Neither Nietzsche nor Feuerbach are that damp squib and wreck of hatred the creep n’ crook is whom governor Pilate sentenced to death.

One cannot emphasize enough that the hatred of Christian dastards on their fellow humans[12] first of all is hatred on god. This more or less openly is leaked in “The Gospel of Philip”.


The world came about through a mistake. For he who created it wanted to create it imperishable and immortal. He fell short of attaining his desire. For the world never was imperishable, nor, for that matter, was he who made the world. For things are not imperishable, but sons are. Nothing will be able to receive imperishability if it does not first become a son. But he who has not the ability to receive, how much more will he be unable to give?[13]


  I.e., similar to Satan – according to their own contrivances – Christians deem god as a failure.  Therefore, the Christian Mafia lifts the spiteful little devil instigating their conjuration of avenge (thieves’ cant: “Christianity”) as its own „god“. The own “god” is a weapon of terror of Christian terrorism on god.   Behind the screen of hypocrisies and perfidies, the Christians‘ concoction of „son of god“ means that this flop of “son of god” poses in place of god. Making their own “god”, the Christian Mafiosi get rid of a bad conscience when perpetrating their foul play, terror and other sorts of abomination, i. e. of their crimes.


Ro 8:31 NRSV

…If God is for us, who is against us?


     Here, the concept of “god” is made the most powerful arm of (Christian) terrorism, i. e. criminality. If we (Christians) feign “god” as an accomplice of our lust for powers, who can object and obstruct our foul play and terror resulting from it? The last sentence of the last quotation of the just quoted “gospel” debunks Christianity as atheism, in addition. If god due to his perfection is unable to receive anything (since he already has everything) how can he give something, e.g. preference, to the Christians? All the innumerable prayers of the Christians to god turn out as fooling the people by “Godot”… If “god” cannot give something, how can one pray to him…?


          Consequently, Christians’ hatred on humanity[14] viz, on humans only because they turned out better than well decked-out Christian impostors, clergies and Mafiosi is hatred on god. They hate god since the latter purportedly prefers the “wrong”, i. e. not the Christian megalomaniacs obsessed with lust for powers. The delinquents spin this inveterate as hidden hatred on god in the following ciphered way in their book of terror (thieves’ cant: “New Testament”): 


Ro 5:10 NRSV

10  For if while we (Christians) were enemies, we were reconciled to God through the death of his Son, much more surely, having been reconciled, will we be saved by his life. 


What a bedlam to fancy being an enemy of god! Since – as the author proves – death of Ben-Pandera (thieves‘ cant: „Jesus Christ“) did not happen in that way his accomplices contumaciously lie, the Christians demonstrably did not stop their enmity and hatred on god, anyway. It is significant that Ben-Pandera – like Satan according to Christians’ concoctions (thieves’ cant: “doctrines”) considers himself as a better “god” like god. Therefore, according to Christian concoctions (thieves' cant: "doctrines"), Satan severed from god. One can summarize the just quotation in the following way: If Jesus or Satan has corrected the „mistakes“ god made when creating the universe and god willingly takes lessons from one of the former or both, then the trinity of Satan, his Anointed One (Greek: Christos) and all their Christians generously and mercifully to the utmost will give up enmity and hatred on god…! Dear god, what else are you yearning for…? There is nothing more ridiculous than the “god’s word” of a religious desperadoes and Mafiosi being obsessed with lust for powers…

Jesus’ obsessive compulsive disorder with lust for powers is entailed by his physical, social and mental defects and the   inferiority to his fellow humans. His reaction is to reign like “god” over those to which he cannot hold a candle by stopping at nothing, really at nothing, even not at god. Perfidy is a matter of course to him and his very offer as "human’s human's social existence". The vindictiveness -- as correctly described by Nietzsche -- the  Christians successfully can live off to the full. In the European Middle Ages Christian Mafiosi could turn whole countries into bedlams of and for terrorists. Already providing powers to the Christians is a crime. The success of this sect is an irredeemable blemish of humankind. The evidence that an organized crime could prosper that much as the Christian one did and is doing is an incorrigible disgrace to the whole human species.

The more miserable a human being is, the more it tries capitalizing on lust for powers. Organized crimes have many mysteries, otherwise they cannot exist. This is one of the mysteries “cur deus homo”, i.e. why „god“ became man, i.e. felon from the death row,  in that Mafia… The Christian terror faith does not only want to shift mountains but also god…


There is nothing more exalting to a criminal dastards than living off their felonious instincts starting as impostors, child abusers until murderers of the “heretics”, Mithraics, Jews, Muslims or Scientologists while being reputed as “upholders of moral standards”, “saints” and even “gods”… This success is an immortal blemish to humankind.



·       This is the idea of  Ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant: Jesus "Christ")!

·       This is the idea of (criminality of) Christianity successfully perpetrated,

·       This is the idea of Nazism!

·       This is the idea of all desperadoes!


What the Christians say to that is irrelevant, unless one does not understand what Nietzsche means when saying that the “martyrdom for the truths” of this Mafia means “avoiding to know what is true” (§ 52) or “lying at any price” (§ 47).  Lying is not only part of the Christians’ nature. It is the intrinsic nature of the negative selection of the sick needing a physician (see:  Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) and no physician can help.


In the same way, in which the Christian terrorists praise their foremost impostor Ben-Pandera (thieves‘ cant: „Jesus Christ“), they also can praise Satan, unless the latter is not addressed as “god” by them.  Satan does not become „god“ if those of his stamp address him as „god“… What a Christian dastard calls „god“ only can be the contrary of god.  Cur Satan homo  (Why Satan became human)? -  this is the real subject of Satanology, i.e. Christian “theology”… Calling Satan “god” is a matter of course to a sect of Satan. It would be the very only miracle in Christian Mafia if the Christians would not do so…



3. Nietzsche unveils Christian "Morals" as Perfidies without using this Term



To begin with: There neither is Christian faith nor Christian religion, morals, love and truths. There only is Christian delusion of grandeur as lust for powers and terror, duping and canting in the wake of it. The latter is Christian perfidy. Hence, perfidy means the deliberate misguiding of others to make them „believe what is false“ (2Th 2:11). The neighbor becomes duped in favor of the criminals of deceit. Nietzsche points out the nature of Christian perfidy which already corresponding to its nature feigns to be “faith”. Good faith is human’s human's social existence.

Even the top life forms of animal lives are based on that. One even cannot make friends with a dog or cat if the latter does not trust in the signs you give to it. Otherwise, the animal will take to its heels. All the more, good faith is important to human’s human's social existence. Perfidy is an assault on human’s human's social existence. It places mendacity instead of good faith. In particular due to its perfidy, one can define Christianity the evil in the world or Satanism. The presupposition of that perfidy, in principle, and from the very outset is unscrupulousness. The latter is masked by a sort of rouges’ “morals” (thieves’ cant: “love”, “martyrdom for the truths” etc.) out of perfidy.

This sect is an organized crime, already because the teleology of this organization aims at destruction of human’s social existence and necessarily has to do so, if there are the possibilities to do so. In particular, the following saying of Nietzsche elucidates the nature (concept) of Christians‘ perfidy, although -- as mentioned -- Nietzsche does not use this term.


·           "(Christian faith is) the most subterranean form of falsehood to be found on earth (§ 9).”


·           "... the cross as the distinguishing mark of the most subterranean conspiracy ever heard of,--against health, beauty, well-being, intellect, kindness of soul--against life itself”        (§ 62)…”


·     “…  their (the Christians’) object, their instinct, points only toward destruction (of human’s social existence) (§ 58).”


·  “(Christianity is)an instinctive hatred of all reality (§ 29)…”


 ·   "These stealthy worms, which under the cover of night, mist and duplicity, crept upon every individual, sucking him dry of all earnest interest in real things, of all instinct for reality (in favor of hypocrisies and perfidies) (§ 58).”


·  “…-this cowardly, effeminate and sugar-coated gang gradually alienated all "souls," step by step, (to confuse perfidy with reality)… (ibidem).


·       "And not an attack with the fist, with the knife, with honesty in hate and love! On the contrary, one inspired by the most cowardly, the most crafty, the most ignoble of instincts! An attack of priests! An attack of parasites! The vampirism of pale, subterranean leeches  (§ 49)!"


·           "... -then every other criterion, whether based upon honesty, upon intellect, upon manliness and pride, or upon beauty and freedom of the heart, (in Christianity) becomes simply "worldly"--evil in itself. . . Moral: every word that comes from the lips of an "early Christian" is a lie, and his every act is instinctively dishonest--all his values, all his aims are noxious, but whoever he hates, whatever he hates, has real value . . . (§ 46)"



This vampirism of pale, subterranean leeches,  the attack of parasites, the stealthy worms, the duplicity, the most subterranean conspiracy, instinctive hatred of all reality or the cognition that this sect of a negative selection of the sick needing a physician and no physician can help. It is “is instinctively dishonest”! This describes Christians’ perfidy.  One can summarize those descriptions by saying that the negative selection of the sick needing a physician (see:  Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) and no physician can help is the Objektivation of perfidy, i. e. perfidy that has become human bodies.


Only people being unable to bear the truths resort to perfidy. The perfidious pretend to strive for something they want to eradicate and feign to fight something, they, in fact, want to accomplish. So, duplicity and double-faces of the perfidious come into being. Only people being unable to bear the truths resort to perfidy. Nietzsche aims at perfidy when realizing that Christian (criminals) instinctively and subterraneanly are dishonest. What those perfidious dastards say is one thing and what they do and want to do, quite a different one.


Perfidy is the masking “ideology” of organized crimes if the latter are that abominable so that the perpetrators of them cannot admit the truths about them to themselves. It means “morals” as lies. Hence, Nietzsche correctly recognizes that “morals” (thieves’ cant: “love”, “martyrdom for the truths” etc.) of those criminal dastards only is a lie (see: § 46). Lie again means that Christian terrorists have two ways of behaving or acting: the pretension or mask, on the one hand, and the hidden truths or mug, on the other. Therefore, perfidy is very nature of Christians.


In addition, perfidy shall provide an asymmetry between (attacking desperadoes) and assaulted victims in favor of the former. The targeted victims shall believe in the mask of the camouflaged Mafiosi and shall unarm in the presence of the dastards due to a  (false) sense of security. They  shall believe that they do not need arms toward the hyenas in a  sheep’s clothing. In no case, the targeted victims shall realize that the mask is mask but shall confuse the mask as the real face of the dastards and desperadoes. We already quoted Mt 12:29 and Mr 3:27 that the messy and creepy dastards first shall fetter the targeted victims before attacking him. The dastards only can win if the victim they are mugging is unable to defend.


 That is why all the dastards worship the miscarriage of nature they call “Jesus Christ” as their “god”. While the duped victim is unarming, the dastards, desperadoes and terrorists of perfidy secretly arm under their cowls. So-to speak, when the targeted victims have unarmed, the Christian dastards n’ bastards take their knives from under their cowl, put it to the throat of the credulous and say something like this: Either you always will do what we ever should tell you to do, or you get a premature cremation while being alive or other sort of funeral. In addition, they do not only threat others that way, they unscrupulously do what they are used to announcing. First, you have to acknowledge that we (dastardly terrorists or Christians) humble, modest and full of “love” to our enemies…

The Christians' “moral” fuss only shall lull the targeted victims into trusting those in which nobody should trust so that the (Christian) dastards can mug the defenseless. Otherwise, the born loser always will stay losers!


Recently, I read in a newspaper that a wife shed cooking water over the head of her hubby who trusted in his wife and slept in the presence of her. Then, she started stabbing her husband who could see nothing, due to his harmed eyes. The wacky, week, creepy and unscrupulous dastard triumphed. The just mentioned dastard succeeded in killing the stronger one by stabbing him to death. This is the idea of "Jesus Christ", this is the teleology (aim) of Christianity!  This is not only the idea of Christianity but also its success! The mentioned dastard proved that there are people always feeling called by Ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant: “Jesus Christ”) or that the latter always finds followers… Indeed, what the mentioned female dastard perpetrated was very, very truly accomplished Christianity or it is the fulfillment of the commandments of Satan and his Anointed One (Greek: Christos). This is the perfidy of the  “gospel” of "Jesus Christ", i.e., of the born losers, who cannot bear the truths (of being dastardly felons nobody cannot outdo pertaining to despicableness).


It is very remarkable that those dastards stay losers even when being successful. This means that the evil nature of those dastards is not to heal as Ben-Pandera correctly realizes by self-cognition. However, this by far is not the end of the “humanitarian blessings” of this organized crime or terrorism. E.g. the mentioned murderess only needs to creep into a toilet (thieves’ cant: “confessional”) and the criminal dastards forgive their crimes one to another one, even if not involved in the crimes at all. They keep an ideology that eliminates the bad conscience of Christian dastards, desperadoes and terrorists. How could one get individuals to murder others for the lust for powers of impostors without an ideology creating an artificial “conscience” justifying all the crimes of the organized crime, i.e. without getting rid of any conscience and compassion? Due to their perfidy, the perfidious  sham that as very, very "good consciousness"... If the worst comes to the worst, the organized crime, i.e. Christianity, comes up with the lie that Ben-Pandera died on the cross for his felonies, pardon, for the crimes of Christian criminals and cared for forgiveness already before the crimes have been perpetrated… So, the Christian terrorists do not need to care for any morals since all their crimes already are forgiven before having perpetrated them. Criminals, for what else are you yearning…? A felon from the gallows or cross as Ben-Pandera knows the need of his accomplices…


The Christians’ allegation that those who confess first have to “repent” before getting absolution from the victims, pardon, from their fellow desperadoes or accomplices only is a joke in view of the fact that perfidy – and this means: lie, mendacity, hypocrisies and deceits – is the “social” existence of this organized lust for powers and its terror! Oh yeah, felons, this is Satan, pardon, “Christ” doing for you and what, oh yeah, what are you doing for him? Do not criminals need Satan’s Anointed One (Greek: Christos)…? There is no more depravity than Christianity!



4.  Does Nietzsche say:  Jesus was good and (only) "Paul" depraved?


Recently, some Christian jugglers (thieves‘ cant: „theologians“) which we do not want to honor by naming them, tried turning  Nietzsche into a Lutheran  shyster. They try soothing their bad conscience by fooling themselves that Nietzsche only detests “Paul” and not Ben-Pandera.  First, the Christian dastards try contesting their crimes. Finally, they desire to pose as „martyrs for the truths“ to those who are “poor in spirit” (Mt 5:3). The Christian dastards purportedly are prosecuted „innocently“  at every turn only because they allegedly tell the „truths“…  However, those sayings – like generally Christian ones – have nothing to do with the truths but are desperadoes’ or terrorists’ “truths” spun by their top credo of perfidy that “faith”  shifts mountains (see:  Mt 17:20, Mt 21:2, Lu 17:6) and the truths anyway.  


If the Christian dastards cannot deny certain crimes of theirs any longer, for instance, even if the „sheep“, i.e. the “poor in spirit” (Mt 5:3) laugh at their quibbling and prevarications, then they fetch the next trick out of their trick quiver. (Already by their outfit the Christian terrorists, thieves‘ cant: „clergies“, inadvertently betray that a lunatic asylum would be the  right place for them…). The next trick to which the dastards resort is the lie that Christians certainly perpetrate foul play but the felon from the death row Ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant: “Jesus Christ”) is completely above them and purportedly without any flaws.

This is nothing but an addition of a brazen lie to other cheeky lies! Each perdition allegedly only was perpetrated by Ben-Pandera’s successors, e. g. Catholic church, allegedly vitiating his good tenets. Quickly, found a new Christian sect and hey presto, „true Christianity“, i.e. a Christianity with a human face, is going to come within the next quarter hour… That is the trick by which German desperado Martin L. made his business. In a similar way, those Christian shysters want to protect their criminality from Nietzsche’s debunking by concoctions that Nietzsche does not condemn Ben-Pandera (“Jesus Christ”) but only “Paul”. Hereby they want to peddle the lie that Nietzsche does not debunk Christianity at all but only some figures of it from which this sect could sever if the worst comes to the worst.

Those who are “poor in spirit” (Mt 5:3), i.e. the sheep, do not notice that the Christians hereby belie and convict their “god” Ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant: “Jesus Christ”) of fallacies and heresies. This means that even this trick instead of bailing out Christianity, in addition, provides evidence of Ben-Pandera’s lies and deceits. According to the latter’s view, there is no such vitiation.



Mt 7:16 – 18 NRSV

16  You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles?

17  In the same way, every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit.

18  A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.



Lu 6,43-45 NRSV
43  "No good tree bears bad fruit, nor again does a bad tree bear good fruit;

44  for each tree is known by its own fruit. Figs are not gathered from thorns, nor are grapes picked from a bramble bush.

 45  The good person out of the good treasure of the heart produces good, and the evil person out of evil treasure produces evil; for it is out of the abundance of the heart that the mouth speaks.


Consequently, the crimes of Christian terrorism beyond belief but real the Roman leader finally admitted on March 12, 2000 – after contumacious  lies and denials for about two thousand years – does not only prove the Christians as negative selection of the moral dregs of humankind but also the instigator of his abomination, i.e. Ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus "Christ". Evidently, this sect is a fruit of his! In addition, calling that  crimes what the pope-desperado admitted on March 12, 2000, those dregs of humankind even slandered as “hatred on Christians” or even "prosecution on the Christians". This precisely is perfidy, out of bounds and past description! Moreover, this  proves what thoroughly shrewd, cunning, ruthless and unscrupulous criminals Christian Mafiosi („clergies“ and everybody defending this criminality) are! Christian sect even libeled others to perpetrate hatred on them when reminding of them of those crimes, they at least partly admit, now.  


Nobody is more bereft of morals than the Christians are. They are used to veil this abomination while unscrupulously feigning even to die for “morals”, for about 2000 years and even more … Who is closer to the perfect crime? What those perfidious “martyrs of the truths” called hatred on the Christians or even "prosecution on the Christians", they indirectly and inadvertently admit as the hatred of their own on the truths! Where one could find more dregs of humankind than those ones which call themselves Christians…?

The trick that Ben-Pandera allegedly was good and only Christian, in particular, Catholic church only was bad shall hide the fact that Christians are a negative selection of the depraved among beings, respectively, the moral scum of the earth.  


However, this roguery presupposes the contrary of the „absolute“ and „infallible truths“ the deified gangster from the death row hissed out. The latter said that no good tree  can bear bad fruits but only good ones and that no bad tree can bear good fruits. Consequently, a sect of the dregs of humankind perpetrates foul mouth and foul play, all over and all the time. Christianity and its admittance of its foul play of March 12, 2000 is the evidence that Ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus "Christ") is right. The moral dregs of humankind, e.g. Christians, try prevaricating by the reverse that a good tree can bear bad fruits, i.e. the Christians’ canting and prevarications of the foul play, first of all, convicts their “almighty” and “omniscient god” of errors, mistakes, flops, failures and depravity. That there is a good sect that perpetrates crimes as the Christians prevaricate their crimes, terrorism and abomination is not possible according to the “god” (from the death row) they claim to preach…! According to the latter, a good prophet creates a good religion and a Satanic one just an organized crime like, for example, Christianity. Is not he right? So, do not chide him for always lying, deceiving and juggling…!  


This means that even the tricks by which the Christians want to veil their foul mouth and foul play debunk them and their dummy of „god“ as lie and deceit. Undoubtedly, Christian Mafia is a fruit of Ben-Pandera and according to his own standards the Christians‘ crimes, terror and barbarities witness of his felonious or Satanic mind. By March 12, 2000 Ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus "Christ") also indirectly and inadvertently is admitted as planet Earth’s top criminal!


The Christians are dastards since they even cannot admit their depravity to themselves. The latter is the peak of mendacity! Hence, the Christians also „confuse“ the parts of perpetrator and victim. Their “confessions of sins” performed like a prayer wheel shall pretend that they possess something what they do not have at all: conscience. Being a Christian means being conscienceless. The Christians try becoming conscienceless by fabricating an artificial conscience designed corresponding to the foul play of those foul mouths. This means that Christian “morals” are criminals’ “morals” for achieving the (almost) perfect crime. At most despicable are those types of felons that even feigned as the „prosecuted ones“, „upholders of morals standards“, “saints” or even „his holiness“, viz, Christians… Foul play, at every turn! The attempt at the perfect crime, at every turn! The rest is advertisement, bluff and trapping in order to fetter the victims before the “martyrs of god” mug them…


Although Nietzsche’s criticism on criminality of Christianity is profound, and he can debunk what for centuries nobody could do, Christianity only was minor matter to him. Perhaps, this could have changed if would not have died that early.


The author of this treatise easily can compare his life with that one of Nietzsche since the latter precisely was born 100 years before him. If the author would have died with 56 years of age, he also would have died wrongly believing that the Jesus dastard really became executed on the gallows, gibbet or cross, although the author already as young man realized that this sect is nothing but depravity, perfidy and the attempt at the perfect crime. When the author started to write he started with the assumption that the boss of planet Earth’s top criminality really became executed at the gallows or cross.  Initially, the author wanted to write: So what do you wail and lament? If it really was about a program of “god” to save the Christians (putting the instigator of this organized crime to “god’s right” as co-“god”), then nothing happened to that felon, he purportedly did not want to occur to him… This one would have to say if the Christians' lies about his "official" end would be true. This by far is not the case. In view of those claims nothing happened to him what did not desire… However, his and his accomplices’ reactions betray quite something else what resolutely is concealed by omissions, lies, deceits and impertinent contrivances.


Continuing his investigations, the author of this exposition found out that even this did not occur. The paragon of all dastards even did not take up the punishment he was sentenced but cowardly gulled a goof (Judas Iscariot) into dying in place of him. The “official” part of Judas to usher the authorities to the delinquent already was doubled, likely, by Simon of Cyrene in order to veil more perfectly who really hangs on the Christian crucifix.

Now, Nietzsche correctly realizes that we have two sorts of Christianity, one before Calvary (ante-Calvary) and after Calvary (post-Calvary). Ben-Pandera’s sentence to death, indeed, was no scheme of “god” but a surprise of an impostor being unable to admit his wretched defeat. The charlatan was convinced to win the trail of powers on Passover to become “King of Israel” (Joh 12:13) and to accede to the throne of Israel, finally. He could not imagine becoming ushered to the gallows, gibbet or cross… Before turning out as a born loser, he rejected vicarious suffering and vicarious atonement as the Bible (“Old Testament”) and consequently, Judaism do. For instance, in the desert he agrees with Satan that god’s Messiah even does not have to suffer a dash against a stone… So, who can doubt that it is about the Anointed One (Greek: Christos) of Satan addressed as “god” and Christianity the sect of Satan? However, what was left to (criminality of) Christianity but either to disband or to cant shame and disgrace of a felon sentenced to death…? We already spelled out what desperadoes wont to do in such conflicts.
It is the very nature of desperadoes to feign and cant depravity, deficiencies, failures and crimes as each reverse. Hence, the rogueries of “vicarious suffering” and “vicarious atonement” came into being. Who has better ideas to cant such ignominy…?


It is a matter of course that the sect of desperadoes now lost all scruples if they ever had some before and unleashed its criminality to the full. So, after Calvary an evil sect still became the top Satanic crime and the top attempt at the perfect crime of our planet. Christian “martyrs” only are biological robots programmed to commit perfidy, depravity and criminality, etc. (thieves’ cant: “love”, “charities” and “martyrdom for the truths” etc.), unless it is about the criminals programming the biological robots…

Since Nietzsche deems Ben-Pandera to be stone-dead on the crucifix, he has to look for someone keeping the intellectual capacity for such a change. Besides the instigator of this attempt at the perfect crime, only “Paul” seems to be capable of it. Thus, for Nietzsche “Paul” much more is a dastard and desperado than Ben-Pandera because the gallows’ sect became much more evil after Calvary: “Paul was the greatest of all apostles of revenge. . . (§ 49).”


Hence, Nietzsche believes that Ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant: “Jesus Christ”) stands for a minor criminality compared to that one of Christianity after Calvary, which indeed ruthlessly and totally is unleashing the evil, respectively, Satanism to which humans are able. Nietzsche believes that “Paul” contrived and executed the latter. Therefore, “Paul” seems to be much more evil than Ben-Pandera since post-Calvary Christianity is much more evil than ante-Calvary Christianity.

I.e., Nietzsche has nothing to do with the Christians’ black and white representations that

·      the one was good, the other wicked,

·      the one “martyr of the truths”, the other liar,

·      the one like heaven, the other like hell,

·      the one Jerusalem, the other Babylon and

·      the one “god” and the other Satan.


This is the way in which goofs fooling themselves being “great philosophers” are used to thinking… In addition, one should not forget that according to Jesus Christ no good prophet could bring forth an organized crime and a criminal only can spawn an organized crime teeming with crimes as Christianity does…  So, it is to infer that he would have answered to such an  attempt of the Christian dastards in this way:


“-Must I add that, in the whole New Testament, there appears but a solitary figure worthy of honour? Pilate, the Roman viceroy (§ 46).“


If Nietzsche would have regarded Ben-Pandera as a good prophet as the Christian dastards try fooling themselves and others, he would have named Ben-Pandera the only „solitary figure“ and not Pilate. However, this is what the contemporary Christian shysters try lying. Anyway, there hardly is a lie to which the Christians on account of their instinct of lie would not resort in favor of their lust for powers and delusion of grandeur, i. e., unscrupulous selfishness. However, this is not the end of the Christians' mendacity.


One has to question why Nietzsche calls Pilate the only “solitary figure”. The answer: Because Pilate sentenced the criminals’ “god” to death. This means, calling Pilate the only honorable figure means that the latter was the only individual that acted correctly when sentencing the delinquent (Ben-Pandera) to death.  Nietzsche says that the delinquent (Ben-Pandera or “Jesus Christ”) got what he deserved…

"This saintly anarchist, who aroused the people of the abyss, the outcasts and "sinners," the Chandala of Judaism, to rise in revolt against the established order of things--and in language which, if the Gospels are to be credited, would get him sent to Siberia today--this man was certainly a political criminal, at least in so far as it was possible to be one in so absurdly unpolitical a community. This is what brought him to the cross: the proof thereof is to be found in the inscription that was put upon the cross. He died for his own sins--there is not the slightest ground for believing, no matter how often it is asserted, that he died for the sins of others" (§ 27).

Here, Nietzsche says that Ben-Pandera is a felon that rightly was sentenced to death. Indirectly, he has already clued that the allegation of purportedly having died for others is nothing but perfidiously canting the shame and disgrace of addressing and worshiping a felon from the death row as one's "god".  Everything else is blather and baloney of natural liars, natural deceivers and accomplices of the planet's top bestial felon, i. e. of Objektivationen of perfidy!

Inferring a reverence of Nietzsche to the delinquent from the death row (Ben-Pandera) only is possible according to the desperadoes’ uppermost credo: faith shifts mountains (Mt 17:20, Mt 21:21, Lu 17:6) and the truths anyway. Even the fact that a stuntman hangs on the gallows or cross does not change the matter that the felon rightly was sentenced to death.  It is just a joke saying that Nietzsche takes the view that Ben-Pandera was good and only “Paul” bad…  The unscrupulous never shrink from inventing new lies to  veil their ignominy!


Nietzsche already knows that it is about a bad tree bearing evil, very evil fruits. It is a joke feigning somebody as "god" because he is not the evilest of the organized crime. Who but Christian professional liars says that everybody else is good if having detected a very, very wicked one...? In the following, the author gives some quotations proving that Nietzsche saw the difference between Ben-Pandera and “Paul”, in the way he spelled out. Due to the abundance, the author confines to chapter 46 of the “Antichrist”.

      “That one had better put on gloves before reading the New Testament (§ 46).”

·      “I  (Nietzsche) have searched the New Testament in vain for a single sympathetic touch (i.e., even one for “Jesus Christ”); nothing is there that is free, kindly, open-hearted or upright (ibid.).”


·      “Only evil instincts (also the ones of “Jesus Christ”) are there, and there is not even the courage of these evil instincts. It is all cowardice; it is all a shutting of the eyes, a self-deception (ibid).”


·      “They (in particular Ben-Pandera) attack, but everything they (Ben-Pandera and his fellow desperadoes) attack is thereby distinguished. Whoever is attacked by an "early Christian" is surely not befouled . . . (ibid.).”


·      “One cannot read the New Testament without acquired admiration for whatever it abuses--not to speak of the "wisdom of this world," which an impudent wind bag tries to dispose of "by the foolishness of preaching (ibid.)"



The “impudent wind bag“ is the dastard Ben-Pandera (thieves‘ cant: Jesus „Christ“). Obviously, in order to get rid of the debunking knowledge Nietzsche provides to us, the Christians shysters apparently  even lie that Ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant: “Jesus Christ”) does not appear in the “New Testament”. Who says that Christian “theology” is not inventive? The given quotations explain why Nietzsche regards Pilate as the only honorable person of the desperadoes‘ „New Testament“.  


Last but not least, there still is missing the evidence that “Paul” really is an individual of its own and not another alias for the secretly living “Jesus Christ” after his stunt of rising from the dead. He could not continue to live under the same name since the verdict of the death penalty still was pending on him and was to execute if someone would had detected that a double died in place of the delinquent. That is why we put the name of Paul in quotation marks. Hand on heart, does not the concoction of “Paul’s” purported conversion very fit the mind of desperadoes putting upside “down” and downside “up”? A purportedly former very prosecutor of this organized crime, hey presto, became a promulgator of it… Desperadoes, for what else are you yearning?


Did not the Christian terrorists burn people while being alive for quite less harms they inflicted on this Mafia? The fairy tale about “Paul’s” conversion very befits the dirty logic and fantasy of desperadoes. Only people who are not familiar with the psychology of desperadoes believe in it. However, this is not the majority of human beings…


6. Nazism - An additional Folly and Terror Sect of "Christianity"
(On October 3, 2014, the author published a short contribution on Nazism as a ("positive") Christian sect on GOOGLE+. I aid this short exposition as annex to this article).

When the Nazis – as the second top evil became defeated in the middle of the 20th century – the top evil being imaginable and real, i.e. “Christianity," triumphed. Almost each opponent of this abomination either was spited as a Nazi or a communist. German magazine “DER SPIEGEL” --   a camouflaged “Christian” media hell-bent on keeping “Christian” terror (dubbed: “inquisition”) alive -- even came up with a picture showing one  head with two faces. On the one side, was Adolph Hitler with a pistol in one hand, on the other side German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900). Below this fake of image the "SPIEGEL" of all magazines in the world presumes puking the text: "Nietzsche the thinker, Hitler the executor.” You can read similar filth about me in that magazine of “the (very) poor in spirit (Mt 5:3) and clumsy oafs. I already wrote a comment on Nietzsche’s “Anti-Christ”  ( and demonstrated the ridiculousness of those blockheads' triumph.  In this context, I want to demonstrate that even here Nietzsche serves as a “psychological projection” for  the (perfidious)  “Christians.” IF NAZISM IS TO CATEGORIZE, IT IS TO REALIZE AS ONE OF THE INNUMERABLE BESTIAL “CHRISTIAN” SECTS, maybe, in a less dastardly fashion. First of all, NAZISM DEFINES ITSELF AS A “CHRISTIAN” MOVEMENT, VERBATIM AS “POSITIVE CHRISTIANITY.” The new bestial branch of “Christianity” declared the other “Christian” enormities (in a dastardly fashion), e.g. Protestantism and Catholicism, as “negative Christianity” but also as (parts of) “Christianity."  Hereby, it pretends to disagree with the “negative Christians’” trinity of falsehood, hypocrisy and perfidy but demanded an open trinity of cruelties, bestialities and barbarities. The contumacious perfidies, the “Nazis” regarded as “negative.” Generally, it is said that in Nazism, there were figures more or less only interested in practical politics, e.g. Hitler,  Goering and Goebbels, on the one hand, and religious warriors, like, for example, Alfred Rosenberg, Martin Bormann and Heinrich Himmler, on the other.  In particular Alfred Rosenberg, who is regarded as the chief ideologist of purported NS-“anti-Christianism” provides the evidence of the reverse, i.e.  that Nazism is about a sect or branch of (criminality of) “Christianity.” 

1.) Rosenberg sees Ben-Pandera (dubbed: “Jesus Christ”) as the absolute idol if not as god, who humans, i.e. Nazis, have to emulate. By far, he propagates no other god…! E.g., Rosenberg published a book of lunatic “Christian” fellow Nazi Dietrich Eckart: "Ein Vermächtnis" (A legacy). There, he verbatim presents to following bilge as "legacy" (for his "positive Christian" sect):   “To be a genius means to use the soul, to strive for the divine, to escape from the mean…The ideal in this, just like in every respect whatsoever is Christ…”  My word, this goes to show you  “paganism" and  “atheism”,  you never can tell...! 

2.) Ben-Pandera (dubbed: “Jesus Christ”) is claimed as an Aryan “god” by the Nazis, especially by Alfred Rosenberg. He fakes him of  Aryan offspring like comparably the “negative Christians” sham this product of an adultery -- they deem very shameful --  as stemming from a virgin birth…

3.) Rosenberg and all the other Nazis wanted to unite the innumerable other “Christian” sects in “positive Christianity” but not destroy abomination of "Christianity.". This is as well the purported desire and as the resistance of each “Christian” denomination. Each "Christian" sect wants that the other ones join it but does not want to merge in another one, voluntarily.

4.) Like all the other “Christian” sects, the Nazis claimed to be the “right Christians” and the other ones as false ones that have to be converted.

5.) There always has been deadly enmity (dubbed: “love”) between the different “Christian” denominations since it is about criminality, in principle, and from the very outset.  One should recall the carnages between Catholics and Protestants, in particular, between 1618-1648, in Europe. Oh yeah, criminality of “Christianity” is about how to make oneself as invincible criminals by manipulation of morals (lies, deceits, hypocrisies and perfidies). (See: The “Christians'" admittance of their crimes as given by the pope-Mafioso on March 12, 2000).

 6.) The Nazis prohibited all the associations of freethinkers like the “negative Christians” wanted them to do and  always did if they could do so. 

7.) German desperado Martin Luther (1483 – 1546) is praised as “Aryan Christian” by Rosenberg who purportedly was not only consequent enough. Do not make me laugh...!

8.) Like the "negative Christians” declare certain scriptures and figures that are not compatible with their follies as “non-authentic” ones, the Nazis did the same concerning that  what did not befit their follies (e.g.. they praised Marcion as very authentic Christian whom the negative "Mafiosi" spite as a heretic). 

9.) The  "Christian" sects are used to declaring their denominational rivals as non-"Christian" ones. In the same way, the "negative Christians" do about the Nazis or about the Mormon sect. The latter also is declared as a non-"Christian" one by other organized "Christian" crimes. There were times, when the Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants denied one to another being the peak of  the "trinity" of depravity,  criminality and enormity, i.e., being "Christians"...!  I.e., the allegation of one "Christian" denomination that a rivaling one is not "Christian" is irrelevant for such a judgment since it is about naturally born crooks.

10.) The perpetration of the holocaust was designed by the old “negative Christians." The lunatics of “negative” and “positive Christians” only disagreed about the necessity of the “Jews’” declaration of “Jesus Christ” as “King of Israel” (see: Joh 12:13). Cutting a long story short: The Bible says that the Messiah (Greek: “Christos”) is King of Israel.  Since the Jews never declared the miscarriage of nature, i.e. Ben-Pandera, to be their king, the “Christians” never extirpated the Jews completely but only parts of them hoping that the survivors once will declare their top Mafioso as “King of Israel” (Joh 12:13). Otherwise, the “negative Christians” already would have done the job their “positive” fellows perpetrated between 1933-1945, about two millennia ago, like the unimaginably perfidious “brothers and sisters of mercy and love” unscrupulously massacred all Paganism, Manicheans,  Mithras religion, etc. wholly.


11.) The "negative Christians" morally feel much superior to the "positive Christians" because the latter first killed their prey and afterward burnt them.   The "negative Christians" burn their victims while being alive. The negative Satanists think it to be inhumane if a dentist extracting some teeth of a patient does so with a pain-killing injection, before.  Without painkillers, he complies more with the folly, lie and sadism of (the insidiousness of) “Christ's" suffering on the cross. Unlike a surgeon providing pain killings when sawing off the legs of any patient who is to amputate, a physician (from the Mafia of the “negative Christians") is regarded as a saint if cutting the legs off without anesthesia.  In particular, such sadists become “saints” of the “religion” of the “negative” Mafiosi, if they, in addition, do so without the patient's consent...


12.) Until today, the negative “Christian” Mafiosi cannot not say why they complain so much about the bestialities of their “positive” clingers in "Christ," in view of the criminal record of their own exceeding everything, even the one of their “positive"  brotherly terrorists in “Christ”, the sadists’ catamite, pardon, “god”…


Who says that there is no such criminality,

That one does not know Christian perfidy!





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