Chapter: 7, Part: 5

Satan has a Catamite -- his name is Jesus "Christ"

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime.


How Christians Evildoers insidiously mask  themselves faking to be  “Benefactors”-


The so-called  “Benefits” from Christian sect


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    In the chronicle (Christians' cant: "gospel") of Thomas Jesus "Christ" admits that he wants to "destroy the house for ever", i.e., human beings and the  very foundations of  life. Spite, foul play, perfidy, infamy etc. of Christian sods is only sod's law! In order to make his and his henchmen's  foul play unassailable it is camouflaged by terms that are highly esteemed by human beings, e.g.,  "love", "brotherly love", "morals", "truths", "god", "spiritual welfare", "heaven", "humbleness", "modesty" etc.


   This lying and deceiving by terms is a condition he realized as a requirement of the (almost) perfect crime. That is the reason why Christian foul mouths claim "religion", "god", "heaven", "hell", "doomsday"  and everything like that: to perpetrate their foul play unassailably. First, one has to fetter the opponent before robbing him (see: Mr 3:27).  That the way the  underhand foul player of all underhand foul players (Jesus "Christ" )  fetters the victims before tormenting and enslaving them. 


      If scrutinized, each benefit Christian sect allegedly has achieved for  humankind turns out to be blind megalomania and – if at all - only  "profits" for  Christian sect that are  lied as ones for  humanity. Even if that would not be the case, those  "benefits" accomplished by Christian foul mouths even would less to be estimated than those of former Soviet  dictator (and candidate for the office of a Christian priest:) Joseph W. Stalin. 


                  Unlike the Christian foul mouths' boasting of alleged benefits and boons provided by Christian foul mouths,  Stalin's boons at least partly are real boons, e.g., deliberation of many Eastern European nations and those ones of former Soviet Union from German Nazis' barbarianism. Stalin undoubtedly protected the nations of the former Soviet Union from getting tormented, tortured and  enslaved by Nazi barbarianism. That is a boon and benefit for those nations, even if that war was no one of good on  evil, respectively, evil on good. 

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                    Unlike those achievements of Stalin the  Christian foul mouths' "brotherly love" or their claimed "love of their enemies"  just serves the camouflage to hide Christian perfidious as infamous endeavors and intents of becoming slaveholders of humankind and to veil all the corresponding insidiousness, crimes, felonies, outrages, atrocities, barbarities and other abominations resulting from that. 


               Therefore, the alleged "boons", "benefits" and "blessing" from Christian sect are as deceitful as Christian sect is, in general.  They are  intrinsic to Christian deception, in particular they server the purpose of


·         preparing crimes and to

·         ensure crimes


because those seemingly "honorable" deeds (of the Christian foul mouths) shall make all the perfidy, insidiousness, infamy, crimes, murders,  outrages and barbarities unassailable.  Thus, for instance,  by Christian sham-love murders at the stake are made unassailable. Only "love" is accomplished ...! In contrast with that Stalin did not wage war in order to camouflage his barbarities on his fellow  communists or fellow Soviets.



                       That is why the alleged "blessing", "benefits" and "profits" of the sect of the objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy only serve the purpose of perfecting and warranting  foul mouth and foul play. The victims of deception shall confuse their evildoers (Christian swineherds) as their "benefactors" and hence fall into the trap.    Their victims of deception shall confuse Christian evildoers (slaveholders) as their "benefactors" and hereby fall into their traps. For their next ones the Christian foul mouths are used to  "sacrificing" themselves as any company is doing so by its budget of advertisement of promotional gifts ...


                    However, does Stalin's successful fight on Hitler and Nazi barbarianism justify all his crimes, murders, mass-murders, outrages, abominations and other barbarities?  If one would apply the same standards the Christian foul mouths claim for themselves to Stalin one would had to answer: yes! However, if Christian alleged "boons" -- as far as there should be some what is doubtful – are  judge like those ones of Stalin, then this would not change the fact that the Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy are foul mouths and foul players, viz, thieves, crooks,  felons, murderers, mass-murderers and barbarians!


                    And what the Christian foul mouths withheld, in addition: Former student of catholic carnivallogy ("theology") Josef W. Stalin committed the abomination of allowing Christian sects to exist. Before Christian lies, deceits and outrages were prohibited in the Soviet Union as a commandment of humanity.  Why? Because Stalin emulated the patterns of Christian enslavement, slavery, abominations and atrocities! He was the "pope" of former Soviet Union.


                       Illusions of megalomania, especially that one of the Christian objectifications (incarnations)  of perfidy, are boundless, anyway.  For instance, the Christian swineherds now are used to fooling themselves that Christian desperado-priest have defeated communism and consequently without them communism would be still in power, in Eastern Europe.  Ah, ah, ha …! Indeed, this liars, deceivers and self-deceivers talk themselves and their deceits’ victims into believing that the            nations of  former Soviet Union – some of them are even Islamic by majority – were guided by the drivel and blather of the pope terrorist but not   by the prospects of prosperity, democracy and human rights.


                     Those goals communism did not achieve. However, it is completely new that Christian terrorists’ and terrorists’ sect has such aims (of democracy, human rights and prosperity).  It is completely impossible that a slaveholders’ sect like the Christian one operating by brainwashing ever can be in favor of human rights.  Slavery – even psychic enslaving – always and in any case is based on crimes against human rights.  In Christian sect there is deficit of democracy all over, even much more than in communism, in Catholic terror sect there is no deficit of democracy because there is nothing of democracy!   More over, the allegations of having defeated communism seem to be a little bit orotund. As far as I know China  -- where exists one fourth of the planet’s population – communism is  still governing and this country has more inhabitants than there are Christian foul mouths, i.e., Christian slaves and slaveholders.


                    Even if Christian sect is ashamed of its „program“ one has to state that instead of prosperity the Christian foul mouths place poverty, asceticism, selling all one’s properties. If the Christian foul mouths are not that stupid to do the latter, then this does not mean that Christianity has changed its program.  More over, Christianity places sexual terror and terrorism (abominable sexual crimes) for prosperity. For democracy Christian foul mouths are used to placing psychological terrorism, terrorism, enslavement of human beings, their   brainwashing and  training to be (like) zombies  subservient to Christian swineherds and accomplishing everything, in particular any outrage and abominations the latter order them to do.  Concerning human rights the Christian foul mouths are used to substituting them  by lies, deceits, even hatred on one’s father, mother or children and the instigation of their sheep or slaves to exterminate “lovably”   all the enemies, rivals and competitors of Christian terrorism, if  Christian priest terrorists order them to do so! 


                   Christian terror sect tries to talking  itself into believing that the individuals of former communist Eastern Europe purportedly only sobbed:  

·        To become Christian sexual cripples,

·        that contraceptives become prohibited

·        mothers of illegitimate children become outlawed,

·        evenly the children of the latter,

·        that divorce becomes forbidden and only possible by murdering the spouse or

·        homosexuality becomes outlawed or

·        dying ones can be tortured in the deathbed or

·        hatred on one’s father, mother or one’s children can be instigated or

·        human beings are brainwashed to be German shepherds subservient to Christian foul mouths and foul players or

·        Christian brainwashing can be established or

·        perfidious and  infamous terror on Christian enemies, rivals and competitors and be established or

·        generally that humanity is substituted by  Christian hypocrisy, mendacity, perfidy, infamy if not by

·        Christian psychological terror and terror etc.

Ah, ah, ah!  Christian objectifications (incarnations)  of perfidy are the same „models“ of “democracy” as Christian mass-murderers that already have about 300 millions of human skeletons in their closest are  „models“ of „protection of life” or “models” for “pro-life” movements …  And former communist folks purportedly yearned for  those, respectively, that


·        skunks n’ monks,

·        creeps n’ crooks,  

·        rogues n' thugs,

·        frogs in frocks,

.        priests n’ beasts,

·        goofs n’ spoofs,

·        mugs n’ schmucks,

·        Christian foul mouths n’ villains,

·        bluffers n’ duffers,

·        rats n’ traps,

·        dastards n’ bastards

·        Jesus n’ feces,

·        Christ n’ spite!


              Whoever can outdo Christian sect concerning murders? Neither Communism nor Nazism nor Islam nor, nor, nor!!

               However,  in some way one can „understand“ that objectifications (incarnations)  of perfidy even desire to impress even  in a parrot’s clothing „humbly“ and „modestly“ overestimate themselves …  In all seriousness, this scum of all creature (Christian swineherds) is used to talking itself into believing that folks of former communist Eastern Europe swarmed to believe that  a death penalty convict (Jesus "Christ" ) „resurrected” and the felon’s and death penalty convict’s mother  (Mary) “bodily” had gone to “heaven” …  Really, those brutes, rats  of deception and self-deception as well as goofy the duped  persuade themselves that!


              If one takes a close look at Christian foul mouths’ terrorists’ fight on communism, then once more Christian perfidy and infamy turns out. Christianity – cowardly, insidious, perfidious and infamous as this kind of terrorism is - is unable to fight openly and honestly on any adversary or enemy.  They only can fight insidiously, mendaciously, perfidiously and infamously – always the knife hidden under the cowl. And on the knife the perfidious dastards even fix the label: „brotherly love“ …! 

              In order to wage war on communism the Vatican at first did not allied with European democrats but with the German Nazis, at first.  In return for a concordat – from which this infamous  sort of unpersons even profit today – the Vatican managed Germany’s  Christian parties’ consent to the Nazis’ law of authorization from March 1933. Thus, the Vatican enabled Hitler the law for all the Nazis’ atrocities, barbarities and abominations that are to compare with those ones of Christian sect – oh yeah, the Vatican hence even provided Hitler the law of perpetrating the genocide on the Jews and waging a world war!

The Vatican hoped that Hitler would erase communism and hereby would enable Catholize Russia for the Vatican .  By the way, almost each prominent Nazi was member of Christian terrorism, e.g.: Hitler, Goring, Gobbles). They learned much by Christian brainwashing, especially by the Christian anti-Semitism. Almost each KZ-guardian was member of Christian terror sect and could see no contrary to his Christian brainwashing and to that he was doing in the KZ.  Here, one has to consider that perfidious Christian fight their adversaries and enemies in the following way in Germany : They look if you are member of an organization where there also had been somebody that had been a Nazi (there had been about six millions members of Nazi party).  If those insidious Christian find some one that was member of Nazi party, they insult and libel you to be a Nazi even if that Nazi already died for decades,

·        regardless what you say to this topic  and

·        in particular regardless that the most prominent Nazis were members of Christian sect,

·        never giving up membership of Christian terrorism

·        nor being expelled from Christian terrorists’ sects and

·        regardless that Christian terror sect helped Nazis to get the law (of authorization) for all the Nazis’ barbarities and abomination and even helped those barbarians to escape to South America after war.

           That is the venom of  “brotherly love” and “enemy love” Christian terrorism – very typical of Christian - introduces among the Germans … and the German clumsy oafs and shepherds are very conceited about those “morals” … What else one can expect from a death penalty convict’s sect but poisoning interpersonal relationships.  That poisoning of interpersonal relationships  Christian perfidious, insidious and infamous dastards n’ bastard fake as “love”, “honesty”, “truths”, “god” and “moral improvement” of  Satan, pardon, of Christian dastards n’ bastards …!


           (That the Christian foul mouths do not measure themselves by the measures they judge others is genuine and authentic Christian hypocrisy, falsehood, mendacity and perfidy) …


              In order to get rid of communism Christian terrorism did not only refrain from cooperating with the German Nazis but also with „fighters“ for „human rights“ like, for instance,

·        dictator Franco (Spain)

·        dictator Salazar ( Portugal ) and was involved

·        in the assassination of former president Salvatore Allende (in Chile).

                    Everything happened according to the „ideas“ of Christian terrorism of „democracy“, „humanity“ and „human rights“ …  When former Soviet president Gorbatshov decided not to overdo  lies and self-deception so that inhumanities are in the end, Christian liars and self-deceiver fooled themselves having defeated communism, instead of following the example of President Gorbatshov giving up their abominable and venomous lies and deceptions as Gorbatshov did.


                     The Christian foul mouths even today are used to fooling themselves that folks in former communist countries just desire to replace communist illusions by Christian lies, deception, self-deception, psychological terror and terrorism and allegedly just yearned for becoming slaves of theirs …!  The Christian foul mouths defeated nobody because they only can perpetrate assassinations of  character and  assassinations the body of others and otherwise only cowardly and perfidiously are free-riders of others. This insidious and infamous kind of scum of the earth at best can do something as grey eminence but nothing by straight face. More over the most abominable (organized) crime on Earth is Christian terrorism. The evidence? Tell me someone or something that can outdo Christian terrorism’s perfidy, infamy, outrages and barbarities?  What organization worships Satan or a being Satan-like as “god” and perpetrates corresponding outrages, atrocities, barbarities and other abominations? 


                      Hence, each apparent „boon“ of Christian terrorism turns out to be a crime of the selfishness of Christian terrorism disregarding morals and humanity, if scrutinized.  The pope terrorist obviously too pompous about his part in the world even managed an attempt of the life of his own just to lay the blame for that at the communists’ door. By much advertisements attention shall be distracted from the crooked financial dealings of the pope terrorist and murders (e.g. that one on Italian bank manager Roberto Calvi) that were perpetrated in this context.  Roberto Calvi obviously knew too much about the crooked dealings of the pope terrorist and thus had to die.


                      Again and again Christianly programmed robots among journalists presented “documentary” films purportedly producing evidence that former Soviet secret service (KGB) via the Bulgarian secret service allegedly hired a Turkish killer to bestow  euthanasia to this  

·        poor soul wrapped in toilet papers, 

·        this jerk being expert in jerking off  and who is dunk on the delusion being

·         Satan’s (or his Christ’s – that’s the same!) deputy on our planet.


                      Whoever could be that stupid to bump off a terrorists’ chief to kingdom come, who  easily can be replaced by each of the about 300.000 Catholic   priests?  If the Catholics would wrap a sack of flour into white toilet papers and would put that sac into the papa terrorist’s automobile, all the brainwashed Christian brutes, sheep, slaves, robots and automatons would cheer him as an “extraordinary” one, evenly.    Finally Christian perfidy (Christians' cant: "faith") shifts mountains and the truths, anyway! What is easier: to lie and to deceive or to shift mountains?  Nobody is more easily to substitute than a pope because nobody indeed is such a last one that is being regarded as the “first” one …! By each white walking toilet paper’s roll this heap of disguised and perfumed crap to replace. Each Mafioso, each monster and monstrosity is able to do that what this wrapped and walking toilet is doing. My goodness, whoever can be interested to bestow euthanasia to a bundle of nerves full of hatred, vindictiveness and terror? The answer: only that miserable, wretched bundle of nerves itself! 


                 Today all archives are open, even those ones of former communist countries, e.g., that one of Bulgarian secret service, however not that one of the Vatican . Those archives provide evidence that Catholic allegations of conspiracy against the pope tyrant are true.  Then some of independent journalists got the idea that the pope desperado cared for that attempt on his life himself.  That is a provocation crime – very, very typical of Christian foul mouths! In history of Christian terrorism often Christian terrorist perpetrated outrages, atrocities and barbarities in order to lay the blame for them at their enemy’s door.  This is called provocation crime. The same was perpetrated here by the leader of contemporary Christian terrorism. 


              This means that many of the „martyrdoms“ the Christian foul mouths heart-rendering and whiningly complain all over the Christian terrorists, i.e. „martyrs“ inflicted on themselves in order to hide their perfidious and infamous deceits and enslavement and corresponding crimes on humankind. The rest of those Christian terrorism’s „martyrdoms“ are up to more than ninety per cent only casualties Christian terrorism had to suffer while trying to enslave humankind, i.e., while waging war and  perpetrating terror. Each Mafioso and terrorist  must be ready to kill others and to become killed for his gang. Nothing else do  Christian „martyrs“ … 

              There is evidence that pope desperado managed that attempt on his life himself: 

1.)   The lack of cooperation of the Vatican with the Italian authorities in order to resolve the case. (Should the Vatican say: our pope terrorist managed everything himself?).

2.)     In that situation the attempt took place it was much more difficult to keep the pope desperado alive than to kill him because it was very easy to hit him on the head as in the abdomen. 


              However, this does not stop that brute of  desperado and terrorist to pose as  „martyr“ and to deck himself with the borrowed plume of having defeated communism …  Communism gave way because atheist Gorbatshov was of that sincerity and honesty  Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy are lacking most  and ever will lack.

            Apart from this, Christian desperadism and terrorism by far is a much more evil compared to communism.  I do not say the communism is an ideal one has to strive for but I say that it is less depraved, less wicked, less  perfidious, less infamous and not that much humankind enslaving than Christian sect is, respectively, is doing.  Moral superiority of communism compared to Christian sect already become evident due to the fact that communism turned out to be teachable what Christian desperadism and terrorism is not in the least!  Christian terrorism rather would lay the world in ruins than to give up voluntarily even a small piece of power those Christian rogues n’ frogs have cribbed. 



        Of course, Christian sect can praise  “benefits”, if  itself cares for it, for example, that there would be no possibility of the religious consciousness, yes even reflection about god in Western societies if Christian sect would not exist.


     After having eradicated the competitors, respectively flying at their rivals of today: the heaths, Manicheans, Mithras-Religion, the Incas, that Mayas, Hare-Krishna, Scientologists etc., mostly by barbarities defying description, indeed the Christian swineherds can puff themselves up that way about those “benefits”, they “bestow“ to societies, they have enslaved to Christianity.


     The Christian foul mouths indeed cared for those “benefits” by eradicating each alternative. I.e. barbarians boast about their barbarities…


       Similarly, a Mafia could claim that nobody could buy a car in this or that city, if his organized crime would not exist, because it assassinated all the respectable businessmen or businesswomen dealing with cars in those concerned cities or swept them away by other kinds of foul play.


    In the end,  perfidious Christian foul mouths could puff themselves up about claiming that there would be no human beings at all, if there would be no Christian foul mouths – after having slaughtered, slain, burnt and murdered everybody that rejects infamous, Christian deceit… (No doubt that this is the real and secret aim of this sect of infamy! That is one of the many withheld “mysteries” of the Christian terrorism's sect). 


      Malefactors can put on the mask of „benefactors“ that easily.  One never knows what „benefits“ one owes to the (religious) Mafiosi...! Oh yes, if somebody feels obliged to thank infamous Christian sect because of alleged “benefits”, he simultaneously can do so towards   other organized crimes like the Mafia in Palermo, Moscow or Chicago.


     Equally there, one could claim having provided some jobs and earnings to some destitute ones or even unemployed youths that otherwise would hang out as bums in the streets. Better to have a job as thief or even   killer than being unemployed…


      Better to have job as Christian slaveholder and brainwasher than being unemployed… The Christian swineherds already achieved approximately 300  millions  assassinations. The Christian clergy  - no job as professional killer, brainwasher or sexual abuser? Peter already assassinated young sexy girls that were entrusted to him for religious instructions.[i]

        Whoever believes that a Mafia’s members get around the table for eating with unwashed hands -- like incidentally the topmost Christian slaveholder Jesus "Christ" does [ii]  -- wipe their hands in the hair of their head and always have a roasted little baby for lunch and dinner as the “ordinary” citizen eats a grilled sucking pigs, is completely mistaken.


     Unlike Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, gang name: Jesus "Christ" , and most of the Christian, even if not every one of them, Mafiosi generally are  not to realize by their outward appearance. Jesus "Christ" indeed was. That is why the Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. the "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) kept resolutely silent about his outward appearance, although their is no prohibition of images in Christian sect -- what is not a matter of course in religions -- and there are trillions of crucifixes. And this rouge (Jesus "Christ" ) even did not wash his hand before eating even if some excrements were sticking on them from the last bowel movement:



Lu 11:27-38 AV

37  And as he spake, a certain Pharisee besought him to dine with him: and he went in, and sat down to meat.

38 And when the Pharisee saw it, he marvelled that he (Jesus "Christ" ) had not first washed before dinner.


       The Pharisee was mistaken  having invited a peer of his for dining and not a religious heel that behaves like the worst sort of crooks is used to behaving and eating...


     More over, misshapen Jesus was not ugly as Mafiosi because they used to be strong generally. However, Jesus was as ugly as Satan and sin -- if he is not Satan's son. Satan fell from god because he did not consent who was first and who last one.  Remarkably, that coincides with Jesus and his sect's program. Hence, Satan  rebelled as former angel against god. As punishment for the rebellion god took away the beauty Satan had before as angel and Satan become as ugly as Jesus "Christ" or as  sin...


  Wouldn't Satan

  •  proceed that insidiously as Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul mouths are doing? -

  •   fake "morals", "love", "truths", "charity" as Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul mouths are used to doing?-

  • appear as Satan to human beings or as "god" or "god's son" like Jesus "Christ" does?



       Concerning each Mafia one could enumerate a similar list of alleged “benefits” for somebody than the Christian foul mouths are used to doing in favor of them. Christian sect generally  tallies with  Mafia’s structure, even if it does not take the cake of it with its cannibalism  („Communion”, “Eucharist”, “Transubstantiation”).[iii]  The latter are genuine customs of rogues, no Mafiosi is able to outdo. That is lifestyle of creeps n' crooks that even do not wash their hands before eating...

      Objektivations (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.  "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  deem themselves as honorable as the Christian foul mouths are used to doing and consider. Objektivations (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.  "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  even think themselves to similar benefactors as Christian foul mouths do. In order to appear respectably to one's fellow men Christian schmucks in frocks even present themselves in a parrot's get-up with cock's comb. So, they have no noble features but are ignoble like Satan, pardon, Jesus "Christ" . However,  the dress is very noble... And that's it...!


      The difference between an average Mafia and Christian religious Mafia is, that the opportunity to present itself in the role of benefactors is not given to the average Mafia in Palermo, Chicago or Moscow but to the Christian one.  No murderer could be sentenced even in a Christianly enslaved country, if the killer would be judged according to the standards Christian sect is judged.


      About each murderer one can claim positive traits and deeds and if one takes no account of the evil like citizens of Christianly enslaved countries are brainwashed to do regarding the Christian sects. Thus, one can have the  “brotherly loving” murderer as the one has the “brotherly loving” Christian felons. 

      E.g., the wife of a murderer could claim that the killer cared for his children, gave pocket money to them, gave them a kiss before going to sleep, helped an old woman crossing the street or even a neighbor of a murderer possibly could say that he (the murderer) helped him to carry his furniture when he (the neighbor) was moving… You do not think that a murderer does so? Please, inform you... Many prisoners -- even with life sentence -- detect Jesus "Christ" as peer of theirs and become not only Christian foul mouths but only Christian priests...!


      For instance, the mistress of Adolph Hitler certainly could say much good of this mass-murderer; otherwise she would have left him. However, after the lost war German journalists rather would have cut her throat than let her speaking that way the Christian foul mouths are used to speaking about Jesus and his Christian heels. The fact, that somebody is not allowed to speak in that way, however, does not necessarily produce evidence that matters are corresponding to the prohibitions or even taboos.  That is the self-deception of the Christian robots.


      That is especially confirmed by an incident that happened 1975 in Germany. At that time, already three decades after World War II, a woman fan of Adolph Hitler from the family of famous German composer Wagner had an interview with a German clumsy oaf of journalist.  


  Here, giving the gist, this woman – by the way an English born one – told that she cannot approve especially what Hitler had done in the second half of the war, however she honestly admitted that she still likes him very much, still is regarding him as a good friend of her and never would  miss the time she had had together with him.  


      Because of her honest admission, the Germans were beside themselves with indignation and trampled on that woman as clumsy oafs are used to doing so, indeed, that much that they inadvertently, perhaps even while intending the reverse, proved what German poet Bert Brecht in  “Arturo Ui” once wrote: “The womb is still fertile that monstrosity (Nazism) crept out…” Even fighting Nazism,  the Germans are used to doing by Nazi-methods… More over, many Germans fall from Hitler because he turned out to be a loser. However, if they really changed their mind and attitude of behavior is quite a different question.


       The as well Germans' as Christian foul mouths’ conditioning program, how felons supposedly are to recognize – deliberately misleads in order to make the Christian swineherds unrealizable  -- completely turned topsy-turvy at once. Obviously, composing new software was necessary for Christian clumsy oafs, slaves and robots. However, this was up to the Christian schmucks in frocks as slaveholders of these dunces.


       Now, let us recall again how felons are depicted in Christianly enslaved countries:  When one stops and thinks about what occurred to the Wagner lady even three decade after World War II because she truly admitted what she felt about a felon (Hitler), do you really doubt that the German clumsy oafs wouldn’t had throttle Eva Braun (Hitler’s mistress and later wife) if she honestly and truly would had told how gentle and lovable (felon) Hitler had been to her?


      The Christian foul mouths also and always tell about the alleged “love” of Jesus "Christ" towards them, in spite of the fact that Jesus directly or indirectly founded an organization that already murdered about 300 millions human beings, Jesus himself assassinated several children of his rival Jezebel [iv] and was rightly and lawfully convicted death penalty, provided that one does not oppose death penalty as punishment, in principle.


     If the Christian foul mouths are allowed to praise a death penalty convict and instigator of three millions of assassinations (“You shall know him by his fruits”) why should Eva Braun (mistress of Hitler) or the Wagner lady do not have the right to adore a felon they love? In equal rights the Christian dunces never would have been interested. And in view of 300 millions of assassinations by this sect another one does not matter…


       Truth? What do truths matter in Christian sect of perfidy and in Christianly enslaved societies?  The Christian swineherds are only interested in their conditioning, brainwashing and robots’ programming and if still in something else than denouncing, jailing and killing those that do knuckle under to them. That is what they perfume as “brotherly love” “spiritual welfare” and “self-sacrifice” etc. . If the truths differ with the Christian foul mouths’ lies, so much the worse for the truths… Would Satan ever behave less insidiously?


     As said, except Jesus "Christ" and most of his fellow schmucks, it is not the case that felons are to realize at first glance, always.  Slick deceivers one perhaps will not realize after years.  And it is still harder to detect a mental affliction or illness.


      Mostly, Mafiosi  are used to feigning to be  "philanthropists" like the Christian schmucks in frocks, especially the popes are used to doing! And each criminal also has good traits, whether it is about Jesus "Christ" , Al Capone or Hitler, provided German clumsy oafs and Christianly conditioned sheepdogs do not prohibit to name these under penalty of execution…


   I am presuming this because beside his mask I never could detect any good trait at perfidious Jesus "Christ" . Everywhere I only can detect perfidy, infamy and insidiousness! However, one has to take into account: Being perfectly bad is as impossible as being perfectly good


     The Christian foul mouths condition their sheepdogs, slaves and robots: Either, somebody is perfectly good or perfectly evil. For them there is nothing in between of hell and heaven. Why do the Christian foul mouths paint things in crude black-and-white terms? Because of all people the Christian foul mouths are the very  closest ones to the perfect evil and stop at nothing in order to “bestow” the reputation of the good to the evil, i.e. to themselves.  


      As already mentioned, in favor of the ordinary Mafia, one has to state that they don't get round the table with unwashed hands, perhaps still sticking with shit of the last bowel movement. However, as already provided evidence Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (gang name: Jesus "Christ" ) does.


     Whoever wants to enumerate  -- apart from the Christian foul mouths’ mask – any “benefits” Christian sect allegedly provides, first of all should study the structure of major organized crimes like that one of Mafias and then he will realize that perfidious Christian sect precisely tallies with those patterns.


     Being utterly fearlessly even until dying, a trait the Christian foul mouths are used to bragging very, very much about themselves (“martyrdom”), is a common and necessary trait of  Mafiosi.  Objektivations (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.  "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  -- like Christian foul mouths -- must be ready to murder (commit bestiality and outrages) and to get murdered (“martyred”) himself. Neither the business of perfidious Christian deceivers’ sect nor that one of ordinary Mafias runs without such preparedness. 


     Even Mafiosi in Palermo aren’t used appearing as tousle-heads or bums but as honorable businessmen or businesswomen as similarly the Christian foul mouths schmucks in frocks try appearing as  "reverends" or even "holy father" etc.


     That means that the one as well as the other has its twofold face.  If one argues that the Mafiosi of Chicago or Moscow do not have distinguish lineaments, then it is to ask what Christian does have them... Most, even if not all, Christian foul mouths are to detect – in order to put it mildly -- by the lack of their natural outward appearance and with this they imitate Jesus "Christ" .


      Here, a contemporary example how Christian sect of infamy masks itself as “benefactor”:

      The particular scopes the very last ones (Christians)want to take revenge on the alleged or real first ones and correspondingly are used to tormenting them, in particular among others are sexuality – that means real love -, divorce for couples and the fear of dying that even is stirred up by those Christian tormentors. 


    Further scopes of the cruel and ruthless Christian slave drivers, for example, is Christian clergies’ terror against mothers of illegitimate children, illegitimate children, homosexuals etc. derive from the scope of sexuality.  By and by, insidious Christian sect had already to give up some of their “drilling grounds” of perfidious  psycho-terror and infamous terror, like, for example, their terror against mothers of illegitimate children, illegitimate children or homosexuals.   


     E.g., until still approximately 20 years ago, there was a so-called "procuring-paragraph" in the German penal code forcing parents to report the children of their own to the police if they had sex within their house or apartment with a friend.  That obligation by punishment was to call „brotherly love“ or „charity“ but not Christian poisoning of interpersonal relationships.  In Germany those, who said the latter were libeled and denounced as “enemies of the (German) constitution”. They instantly became  forbidden or even jailed…


      Jesus was very, very closed to achieve his goal of infamy, i.e. stirring up father against mother, both against their children and vice versa (see: Lu 14:26), what he "perfumed" as “brotherly love”…  That bringing about hatred of each family member against each other by Jesus "Christ" ,  furthermore impressively substantiates the Christian clergies’ outstanding and superb  “competence” regarding marriage and sex…!


     As generally known, perfidious Christian clergies are used to claiming competence pertaining to this matter without blushing…! Torturing their slaves in the death bead the Christian tormentors did not want to give up without need. In England the „Voluntary Euthanasia Society (VES)“ was founded about the year 1935. VES became very popular.


    After World War II perfidious Christian sect tried taking the ground from VES’ feet by establishing hospices for terminal ill ones. In countries without voluntary euthanasia associations perfidious Christian sect whipped up emotions against those hospices those infamous Christian tormentors had had established in England. 


      In the year 1978 – two years before German Society for Human Dying (D.G.H.S.) was founded – then German federal government carried out an opinion poll if such hospices should be established in Germany, too. Then, there was no voluntary euthanasia movement in Germany. So, the insidious Christian slave drivers had nothing to fear when torments on dying ones were continuing in Germany. Therefore, why shouldn’t the insidious Christian swineherds  give up the opportunity of torturing the victims on their deathbed? 


     Something similar than that what earlier happened in the U.K.   was to experience in Germany pertaining to euthanasia, for example. After perfidious Catholic sect answering the mentioned inquiry of the German government categorically rejected to establish hospice in Germany in 1978 and Protestants agreed with them, atheists took care of euthanasia.  On November 7th, 1980, German Society for Humane Dying (D.G.H.S) was founded by humanists opposing Christian sect of infamy.

      Success was overwhelming and could not be dismissed as eccentricity of few people. The latter perfidious and vindictive Christian foul mouths at first tried doing so but in vain.  Within about ten year D.G.H.S. got approximately 60.000 members. That was much more infamous Christian sect could endure.  D.G.H.S. became a threat to Christian slavery and brainwashing.  When it was about to install a monument of the sacrifices of Christian outrages in Berlin, the Christian swineherds completely lost control of themselves.

       After being unwilling to give up the deathbed as scope of tormenting their slaves without need in Germany, now all of a sudden perfidious and vindictive Christian foul mouths wanted to outdo the atheists pertaining to euthanasia. Simultaneously the Christian swineherds incited their perfidious schmucks in society, media and government to eliminate the one that made them losing another scope of tormenting their slaves and robots.  


     Noticeably, atheistic euthanasia was deeming to be a very dangerous competition to Christian sect.  And now challenged by atheists Christian sect in Germany did what they at first rejected to do.

    Misjudging deliberately and disavowing the contribution of insidious Christian sect to the tragedy of Germany, especially to the barbarities of the anti-Semitism (holocaust), Germany was disfigured to a dark Christian denominational republic, after World War II.  Today, the German state embodies a stark and mostly camouflaged arm of infamous Christian sect. Since the time of the Nazis, this did not change in Germany, on the contrary, this increased.

      In particular, again and again in the last decades the Germans attract attention defying human rights, e.g. such as freedom of religion by prosecuting the rivals of Christian sect, for example, scientology church, Hare-Krishna, Mun-sect, atheists and the voluntary euthanasia association etc.  Those prosecutions are perpetrated by the German state and the German media guided and incited by Christian schmucks in frocks.


      This is already insidious, perfidious and against human rights because the state is obliged to ideological neutrality and may not take part in crimes and outrages of  (insidious and vindictive Christian) sect against freedom of religion.  However, Christianly trained German sheepdogs and Christianly programmed robots consider human rights and the constitution of the state to be nothing, in view of their Christian faith.

      To cut a long story short: The atheist that promoted voluntary euthanasia, introduced living will in Germany and hospices and who embarrassingly challenged insidious Christian sect, finally was driven with his back against the walls -- by German Christian foul mouths and Christian politicians and their media – either to commit suicide or get kidnapped as long as the Christian government succeeded in installing a Christian and Nazi-leadership within D.G.H.S. That means getting eliminated either by assassination or character assassination.

      The Christian government needed one year in order to force a (new) Christian as well as NS-leadership to D.G.H.S. (The following D.G.H.S. leaders praises the Nazis’ euthanasia as a „progress in medicine“. Finally, mothers had had to kill their own babies by a lethal injection, if the children neither could live nor die after the NS-physicians’ experiments… That’s again the Christian and German notion of euthanasia).


      His precautions that he does not getting successfully driven to  death by this perfidious and venomous  sect and the planet’s most abominable heinous crime because of destitution, became declared as crimes, quite corresponding to the Christian pigs’ moral that already helped them to camouflages about 300 million corpses of this sect as “boons”.

     As further generally know, that Christian schmucks' "morals" also excellently serves for the purpose that the Christian murderers efforts to palm  themselves off as “protectionists of life”.  The stupid ones and clumsy oafs never die out… There is one born every minute… Afterwards the German Christian foul mouths could start establishing hospices for dying ones with the money of the taxpayer – what they at first rejected as abomination. 

     The lacking legal basis for prosecution of the advocate for voluntary euthanasia, who achieved that the Christian slaves or robots had to stop their torments on the deathbed, was replaced by media champagne that was instigated by perfidious Christian sect – quite according to the successful pattern of anti-Semitism.


    The perfidious  Christian clergies almost succeeded in the genocide on the Jews, a few decades  ago that way. German clumsy oafs often succeeded to be the Christian objectifications' of perfidy  best shepherds.

     Today, in Germany Christian sects, e.g. their sub organization „Caritas“, drums up for recruiting members and getting donations with the allegation that their would be no help but torments for dying ones, if Christianity, the "Caritas" and its hospices would not exist… That is the way how perfidious Christian malefactors fob themselves off as benefactors.


  Another example, how Christian evildoers pose as  „   benefactors“: Unlike in Germany, in France Christian sects and the state largely are separated. In France, education essentially is accomplished as a job of the state. The French state cares for new born children already from their first year of life, so that they can develop in qualified facilities while their mothers can go out to work.


     The effects: In France, there are considerably more childbirths in proportion to the population than in Germany.  This matter was similar in former Easter Germany (GDR), anyway, as long as Eastern Germany did not join the Christian denominational republic of Western Germany. 


     Even in Eastern Germany, educations were a job of the state and insidious Christian sects rightly and largely were excluded. For that reason, insidious and perfidious Christian foul mouths always venomously spat at the state. When East Germany became annexed to Western Germany, day nurseries, public kindergartens immediately became smashed, qualified educators dismissed and made unemployed, because in Christian sectarian republic of Germany education primarily is conveyed to perfidious Christian sect (however, of course, paid by the state).


      How else Christian swineherds could execute their brainwashing on German clumsy oafs or could program them as Christian robots subservient to themselves?


     However, insidious and loathsome Christian sects today can extol themselves by claiming that there wouldn’t exist any  kindergarten even for each fourth of children, if the Christian foul mouths would not care for it. As any other Mafia, firstly they exclude any rival and competitors by foul play, grifted  that "protection money zone" for itself   and afterwards they extol themselves to be the only one caring for fellow human beings… That’s Christian “spiritual welfare”…


        Never dispute the advantages and "heavenly benefits" of Christian swineherds!


     Here, it is to mentioned that 90 per cent of the money perfidious Christian foul mouths’ brainwashing costs, is paid by the state, provided by their slaves and robots among German politicians and almost each German politician is a Christian robot, otherwise one does not become a politician in Germany.


    Oh yes, oh yes, if we would not have perfidious and spiteful Christian foul mouths in Germany not each fourth child would have a place in a kindergarten, today…  Oh yes, brother Jonathan, you never know how much the Germans “benefit” from the Christian swineherds' sect…! 


     Never dispute the advantages and "heavenly benefits" of Christian swineherds! Otherwise you go to hell and if you don't believe it ask the pope!


     A considerable decrease in the birth rate can have the consequence that the employees of today will be largely poor when they will be aged, once.    However, for this case infamous and spiteful Christian foul mouths have special prevarications putting their moronic slaves and robots off until conceited hereafter – and more over the deceit in their bag of tricks that the weak-minded, “poor in spirit” (Mt 5:3) and moronic ones are chosen by (the devil that is playing the Christian foul mouths’) “god”.


     Why they are “chosen”? Because those weak-minded and/or depraved ones can be led up the garden path, at the easiest! 

     Honorable citizens became unemployed because the Christian robots in the German government pushed the money over to their Christian swineherds and brainwashers.


    However, insidious and spiteful Christian foul mouths also have programs for increasing the birth rate: Insidious Christian foul mouths wage war on abortions. That’s still another program stemming from the joint venture of Nazis and Christian sect in the “Third Reich”. 


     That is absolutely the same program of the Nazi and Christian murderers! That is way they are used to replacing day nurseries in Eastern Germany.  I.e. infamous and outrageous Christian foul mouths always have coercive measure in their bag of tricks to torture their alleged “beloved” fellow human beings by despair, suffering, misery, torment, perfidious psycho-terror and infamous terror and thus taking insidiously revenge as the very, very last ones on the real or conceited first ones.


·       Those are the  „boons“ and „benefits“ of the Christian swineherds' sect!

·       That is what the mask of felons and barbarians look like that pose as “benefactors”!


Well, bumping off all benefactors, hey presto the Christian swineherds became the only “benefactors” ... Whoever wants to contest that the Christian bag of tricks doesn't work...?





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