Chapter: 7, Part: 4

Satan has a Catamite -- his name is Jesus "Christ"

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime


The Christian even must be ready to murder Father and Mother as well as the Children of his own for Advantage of his Belief (Deceit) -- as Jesus himself slew innocent Children


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          If a decent citizen is mistaken or makes a lapse of self-deception, then this does not mean that he knows no bounds and says to himself:  So far and no further! It even is to be watched that Christian foul mouths are stirred up never to know and to accept such a limits by the sect’s doctrines, for example, when Jesus instigates to hatred on one’s wife, husband, parents and children of one’s own:


Lu 14:26 RSV

26  "If any one comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.

Lu 12: 52-53 RSV

52  for henceforth in one house there will be five divided, three against two and two against three;

53  they will be divided, father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against her mother, mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.".


           To compare with the Bible (of the Jews) the deceiver is referring to and fakes to accomplish:

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Ex 20:12  RSV

12 "Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land which the LORD your God gives you.


       An perfidious coach of felons can only do instigating the followers to hatred on one’s father and mother or one’s children. That this felons’ (or Christian foul mouths’) coach that fakes to be  "god's son", even incites his fellow objectifications (incarnations) of hatred  (Christians) into disobeying god's commandments, according to which one has to honor father and mother is quite a different matter we point out at another place.  


        Here, that felons’ coach says that a real Christian even must be ready to kill the father, mother and children of his own.


·       That is the infamous Christian schmucks in frocks’ competence pertaining to marriage and family’s affairs…!

·       Those are the „divine“ commandments of a sect of insidiousness…!


        It is hatred and this warfare of each against each other that this Christian mock-up “god” is stirring up and shamming as “love”, insidiously. If there should be something metaphysical in this perfidious Christian sect, then it is that Satan’s dreams have come true to be worshiped as the “god”…

       Christian infamous sect achieves this hatred and warfare on each family member against each other by largely prohibition of love (sexuality) even among married couples, however in particular by prohibition of divorce of couples.


       Due, to their perfidy that is the soul of Christian sect, vindictive Christian schmucks in frocks preferably pick out divorce and sexuality in order to torment their, my goodness,  “beloved” next ones, i.e. insidiously take revenge on the alleged or real first ones because of being themselves the lastwhile insidiously feigning utmost “morals”… 


       Of course, nobody can appreciate divorces. However, everything that is not to appreciate is not to forbid. Two people that can or do not want to live together any longer easily can make their lives hell each other and thus yearning to get redeemed of those evils the “redeemers” (Jesus and the Christian foul mouths) themselves produced…


       In most Christianly enslaved countries of South America even of today, for example, in Chile, Christian sect still succeeds in to prohibiting divorces of couples.  No question that the perfidious Christian schmucks would like to introduce that prohibition everywhere where this religious Mafia is disseminated and thus is stinking to high heaven as curse onto god (see De 21:23).


      True Christian divorce means the assassination on husband and/or wife. There is no other possibility for hundred percent lunatic Christian foul mouths. That is hidden sense (“mystery”) of their slogan: "…until death will part you... " ·       


·       At all, it is astonishing how such a gay wanton [i], misshapen mug [ii] and loners like Jesus "Christ" can romp about the scope of marital sexuality and give “advises” to couples  - except his intentions of hatred and vengeance on others enjoying a happiness he does not have and is grudging them.  In the face of death, his disciple John accuses that Christian dummy of “god”  (Jesus) having ruined his life by his homosexual rapes and thus having driven him to suicide. [iii]   


·       It is astonishing, how an organized crime of children’s abuse whose infamous schmucks generally grab at little boys and girls puffs itself up about sexual instructions for married couples.  Who wonders that their suggestions - not quite inadvertently! – lead to murders!


   Already, the murders and suicides this infamous, Christian sect produced by its prohibition of divorce and its sexual abuse of children justifies ranking and calling this Christian sect a felons’ sect and ridicule all claims of advantages or benefits of this sect as a joke for clumsy oafs, duffers and morons. Already “St.” Peter murdered young sexy girls, who were entrusted to him for religious instructions.[iv]  Sexual abuse of children is a scope of permanent bestiality of this strange „love“ sect, already for donkey’s years.


   Talking about benefits from this infamous sect would be the same as justifying Hitler’s mass-murders -- that largely benefited from the Christian brainwashing – by the constructions of highways in Germany. This way, the Christian avenging miscarriages of nature succeeded in making the lives of millions and millions people hell on Earth, while insidiously camouflaging their depravity, barbarism and abomination as "brotherly love", “charity”, “morals", ”truth" and "god " etc. 


   Whoever plays down such a sect only does so, because he himself is a similarly depraved subject or comparable miscarriage of nature like a Christian, if no Christian that is not only a wolf in a sheep clothing but likewise perfidious and spiteful Jesus "Christ" blames others for the foul play of his own: being a wolf in a sheep’s clothing (psychological projection).


   Jesus himself set a good example for even killing little innocent children of infidels when making up his mind to slay the innocent children of his rival Jezebel:  


Re 2: 20-23 RSV

20  But I (Jesus) have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and beguiling my servants to practice immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols.

21  I gave her time to repent, but she refuses to repent of her immorality.

22  Behold, I (Jesus)  will throw her on a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her I will throw into great tribulation, unless they repent of her doings;

23  and I (Jesus) will strike her (Jezebel’s) children dead. And all the churches shall know that I am he who searches mind and heart, and I will give to each of you as your works deserve



·        That’s the “love” how perfidious Jesus "Christ" insidiously “loves” his enemies.

·        That is the way in which the Christian foul mouths, pardon, Jesus "Christ" himself depraves the “noble tenets” of his!

    At the latest here, it becomes evident that Jesus is no less felon than the Christian schmucks in frocks generally are. In no way, one can deny that the murderers’ (Christian foul mouths’ sect) has lifted up a murderer to its “god.” Therefore, one cannot dispute that a serial killer hangs on the cross at Golgotha. And the Bible – Jesus and his Christian schmucks refer to - tell us that this hanging one is accursed onto god (see: De 21:23).


   This (that Jesus is a accursed onto god) only one can be disputed if Jesus replaces himself by a double when being executed death penalty. However, if he had no died on the cross he did not need to be resurrected in order to continue to live, evidently…


   And this means further that he perpetrated another murder when replacing himself for execution by a stuntman.  If it is about belief  - in Christian sect  this means will to power  -- Jesus and his objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) -- stop at nothing. 


     Then even innocent little children are to bump off -- after having made morons believing that those felons and murderers even will hold out the other cheek when having got a slap on the one.  Never allow your rivals and the truths on stage! 


   Like each Christian according to Jesus "Christ" , each Mafiosi must be ready to murder for his Mafia as well as getting murdered (“martyred”) for it. Likewise each Christian or each Mafiosi is a “martyr”.   In Christianity, the relationship of felony and “martyrdom” is the same as it is in each other Mafia.


·       Deceits need such crimes and/or murders but not truths!  

·       A sect of infamy needs such murders!

·       Perfidious Jesus "Christ" needs such assassinations!


  The fact that the Christian foul mouths never stop at nothing in order to establish their deceit (“belief ") but -- cost it what it may -- give rise to the advantage of their sect, produces evidence that this type of individuals is about the moral scum of the Earth, one cannot imagine more abominable. That means in Latin: quod maius cogitari non potest. 


   It is completely impossible that people without extremely dark (perfidious) traits ever would have perpetrated such crimes, outrages, barbarities and abominations the Christian foul mouths evidently perpetrated. Making others believe the contrary is part of Christian infamy.


 For decent folks such patterns of behavior, for example, to slaughter little innocent children, are outside the repertoire of demeanor, but not for a felon and death penalty convict of the breed of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (gang name: Jesus "Christ" ) and his perfidious schmucks (the Christian religious rogues).


   In earlier times, the Jews, Manicheans, Mithras-religion, Muslims (crusades), Inca, Mayas, heaths etc were slain, slaughtered, murdered, massacred, burned etc.. by those Christian miscarriages of nature that even insidiously fool themselves and other to foster “brotherly loving” even towards their enemies. 


   In truth, they kill their enemies like any other Mafia. And according to that barbaric and atrocious self-deception – some think one has to tolerate because it helps those poor heinous as spiteful devils (Christians) -- these real creeps n’ crooks have prosecuted nobody, however always allegedly were persecuted, according to their never ending spite, lies, deceits and self-deception…


    The more Christian spite, malice, heinousness, crimes, felonies, murders, mass-murders, genocides, outrages, barbarities and abominations, the more those Christian creeps n’ crooks are wailing about conceited prosecution on them and are determined to fake the “martyrs”, due to their infamy. And cross my heart: Wouldn’t it real immoral to prosecute the Planet’s most rouges, felons, murderers and infamous Mafiosi, wouldn’t it?  Since when, fighting crimes and infamous criminals is immoral?  


    The casualties of Christian terrorism’s war faring on human rights, humanity and humankind are amount below 10.000 corpses and all those Christian foul mouths firstly died because they joined the Planet’s most organized infamous crime. As already said, everybody joining a sect of infamy must be ready to commit crimes for it, e.g. to murder as well as getting murdered for it. 


   The victims that Christian religious Mafia produced are about 300 million corpses. And those human beings died because they stand in the way of the advantage of that outrageous and heinous religious Mafia. Here, one should consider that the population of Europe scarcely amounted 100 million people about 200 years ago.


 In this context, 300 million murders mean that the Christian swineherds have murdered more people than this planet had inhabitants during the most time of this infamous sect’s existence.


   However, (Christian) willingness to lie, deceive, denounce, yes even to murder in favor of the  (Christian) faith deprives of every feature of martyrdom because if those (Christians) have casualties they are due to the fact that the Christian foul mouths came off worst in a war, they insidiously, deliberately and aggressively started and are waging. 


  Therefore, there are no Christian “martyrs“ or victims but casualties, as there are no Christian saints but unscrupulous deceivers, felons and Mafiosi faking the reverse of their (true) nature, due to their infamy!


  Christian sect’s way of consistent presenting itself  -- as prosecuted one is only a part of its infamy leading others up the garden path and being unable to admit its true self. Those are the crocodile tears of moral sewage, offspring from the gutter and scum of the Earth!



    According to this promotion of Christian sect’s own public image there are only and permanent prosecutions of the Christian foul mouths but never ones by the Christian foul mouths. However, behind this mask is deliberation, i.e. the “wisdom” of death penalty convict and felons’ god Jesus "Christ" :



Mt 12:29 RSV

29  Or how can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man? Then indeed he may plunder his house.



    Infamy, perfidy, all over insidiousness in Christendo(o)m! Perfidy means to assault the victim only if it defenseless because the weakling, the wimp, the miscarriages of nature cannot win any honest competition or fight but only furtively, sneakily, deceitfully  and cowardly.


   Therefore, the Christian lulls his victims’ suspicion and hereby makes it defenseless. The Christian are used to lulling their victims’ suspicion by insidiously shamming “morals”, “love” etc.. If the victims thus lay down their arms of defense, then  they get ambushed, fettered and afterwards their hearts, souls and finances fleeced.


   That means: Before starting to perpetrate their malice, crimes and bestiality, the Christian foul mouths insidiously  crib those arguments from their victims, by which they (later on) could counter the Christian foul mouths’ perpetrations when being harmed, fleeced, robbed and injured by them (the Christian barbarians.  


   For this purpose Jesus "Christ" concocted sham-morals, especially sham-loves that are adjusted according to those crimes his adherents have to commit when lifting  themselves from the very last ones (miscarriages of nature) to those that are reputed to be the “first ones”.  In Christianity that means: Lifting up to one’s fellow men slaveholders.


   By their very skills of lying and deceiving, in particular by their slogan: Our faith shifts mountains and the truths, honesty and decency, anyway -- the Christian put upside down, i.e. lies to “truths” and are used to claiming: Our victims prosecute us and we (Christian barbarians and prosecutors) do not prosecute anybody.  Christian “morals” means: Not the aggressor but those who oppose the Mafia are felons that are to burn at the stake. That is the meaning of “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that disbelieveth shall be condemned” (Mr 16.16).


   There are only prosecutions of Christian foul mouths but never by Christian foul mouths. That is the way the Christian foul mouths hoodwinked others… So the felons are fobbed off  as the “victims” and the victims (of Christian outrages) the “felons”… Again, we detect another psychological projection their  felons’ coach (Jesus "Christ" ) mastered excellently.


   If the fettered and thus defenseless victim still dares to say just a word, then it gets insidiously a blow full “of brotherly love” below the belt into the intestines and afterwards still and evenly insidiously a tough kick full of “spiritual welfare" into the testicles: “What did you say, we Christian foul mouths are robbers, criminals, felons? You are a criminal! And if you still dare to contradict Satan’s, pardon, Christ’s Satanic, pardon, perfidious “holy” spirit, we (Christians) will get you snuff it…


   Jesus "Christ" is the winner   - means nature’s miscarriages of  furtiveness, depravity, cowardice and perfidy are the winner…  That means: Foul play is the winner!  The equitation is: Jesus "Christ" = Christian foul mouths = Infamy= foul play!




   By means of psychological projections, Jesus coaches excellently his perfidious schmucks, the Christian foul mouths are used to laying the blame for the depravity, disgrace, maliciousness, filth, bestiality and abominations of their own at their victims’ door.  Due to this perfidy, the Christian foul mouths name themselves “victims” and their victims “perpetrators”.  That is why they only can see that they are “prosecuted” and are unwilling to realize the prosecutions and felonies and/or bestiality of theirs.


   This is why the worst criminals, the nastiest religious Mafia, the worst murderers’ sect of our Planet kid themselves always and permanently to be prosecuted and are fooling themselves and their targeted victims to be unable to that what they are always used to doing while leading further victims up the garden path by insidiously masking themselves to be   “peaceable” “humbly”, "modest“ full of “brotherly love” and even allegedly unable even to hurt a fly, not to speak to prosecute their adversaries and enemies… 




   This spawn of hell (Jesus "Christ" ) knows all the scores and dodges… And these squalid products of depravity these Christian felons depict as a “misappropriation” of the “noble” tenets of the Jesus "Christ" – man’s deceiver, man’s felon and the Christian felons’ coach!


   Because prosecution of organized crimes is no prosecution of religions, there never had been a Christian prosecution. All what happened to those Mafiosi was not only justified afterwards by them, but as insufficient war on Christian crimes. Infamy, outrages, barbarities and abominations of the Christian foul mouths had been turned out past description and those Mafia only disseminated because it was not sufficiently prosecuted.


   It is not only a right but also a duty to prosecute religious barbarities and barbarians. In Europe, in particular in Germany and Austria, for instance, religious privileges, are withhold to Scientology Church or other Christian rivals by arguing that they are no church or religion but an organized crime.


   What the Christian politicians – the whole lot of them Christian robots – fail to see, is, that first of all Christian sect is that  criminal and/or infamous sect they accuse other ones allegedly to be. 


   So, in principle the Christian foul mouths agree that organized crime in the scope of religion is to treat like ordinary (organized) crime. Here, it is just demand to treat Christian sect to the standards they judge others, equally.  It must be stopped, that disadvantageous laws are only applied to the Christian rivals and not to the Christian foul mouths themselves. Everything else means to take part in Christian outrages, wars and Christian barbarities! 



What is the use of the alleged  „help“ by Christian faith? That the Christian foul mouths loose the last inhibitions of their consciences in order to find complete fulfillment of their filthy dark traits, i.e. they can unscrupulously   accomplish their baseness, outrages, murders, barbarities, brainwashing while insidiously „labeling“ all those abominations corresponding to each reverse (by juggling with names)! Those are the content of the "morals" of those "martyrs" and "saints" of Jesus "Christ" and his sect! 


That is why Roman emperor Julian (332 – 363 C.E.) is completely right, when saying that it is not to distinguish between the Christian foul mouths and those promoting them or even feel pity with them.



“Each that feels pity with (Christian) felons, is rogues himself ”[v]


   Those, who favor crimes and objectifications  of perfidy , take part in them, in fact in a kind of assistance.  In this case, they take part in the most serious and abominable crimes of humankind. That is much, much worse than raiding a bank or passer-bys in the street or bodily harm others in a heat of passion.  These offences already carry heavy penalties in most countries. Here, it is about most dangerous and long-term considerations for promoting a planetary (organized) crime.


    Furthermore, it is proven that Christian sect even brings mass-murders and genocides in its wake.  A sect that committed mass-murderers and genocides has forfeited their right of existence, completely regardless of their “excuses”.  Felons sympathize with felons, i.e. Christian foul mouths, and decent citizen with the victims. One must not wait until mass-murderers commit their next mass-murder or genocide. 


   There are “only” to judge the perpetrated outrages, atrocities and barbarities.    Purporting: " I’ll never do it again", no murderer leaves any courtroom with impunity, although his affirmation is maybe even more credible than that the “excuses“ of perfidious Christian  sect! 


   The Christian foul mouths’ fear of the anti-Christ reveals the speech of their guilty conscience deserving the utmost penalties because their turpitude and outrages are on an unimaginable scale overshadowing each comparable.  Evenly, punishing those social misfits must overshadow everything.  Only  feeling themselves the tortures and torments they inflicted on others can threaten those perfidious miscarriages of nature to stop the outrages and abominations.


   This is the only way that can make them to shrink from continuing malice, outrages, barbarities and abominations etc.. However, what one has to learn from those crimes is the fact that penalties primarily have to be orientated towards the effects of a crime and not corresponding to the motives of the perpetrator (criminal). Anyway, penalties are to be designed quite differently, henceforth.


      One cannot enough emphasize: An organized crime like Christendo (o) m that murders 300 millions of human beings, that slanders, denounces, innocently prosecutes, sexually abuses and socially disadvantaged their rivals, mistreats, reviles, jails, assassinates, masses murders, yes eradicates entire nations and religions, has already forfeited its right of existence. Those are human beings’ fiends!


   The human rights do not grant any existence of brainwashing, robotizing human beings, deceits, deceivers, killers, other crimes and criminals or organized crimes.


   Christendo(o)m  is no matter of freedom of religion but one of  fighting brainwashing, perfidious psycho-terror, infamous terror and insidious crimes, quintessentially. Freedom of religion is to apply  to religions that work within human rights and not against them. In particular it is not to apply  to  those sects that aim at abolishing human right, especially freedom of religions for their rivals while faking to be in favor of  them. Freedom of religions is not to apply to those sects that want to eradicate  their competitors and rivals -- like most Christian sects, in particular the Catholic one, does.  


   An „ordinary“ citizen gets a life sentence for only one unique murder, if not executed death penalty. That is to apply to organizations, as well. The death of an organization is its legally ordered disbandment.


  At this, the excuses  a felons’ coach or his trainees offer do not matter but the facts, the perpetrations,  offences, foul play,  murders etc..   Generally, one ought to listen to excuses  in order to reduce punishment, however not in view of  that large scale  of murders, mass-murders and genocides of Christian sect.  For example, nothing can justify the mass-murders of  the Christian foul mouths’ anti-Semitism whatever the Christian foul mouths excuses they unload on the market…


   If the Christian foul mouths make use of certain brainwashed slaves or  programmed robots in order to do this, then these  slaves and robots evenly are to be punished. The Christian foul mouths made use of the Germans when perpetrated their holocaust. In this case, the Germans are to be not judged differently then the Christian foul mouths.


   Brainwashed ones and/or human robots are not free of  guilt because to brainwash or  to program somebody one always needs  two ones: The one that brainwashes and the other and another one that allows brainwashing him. Most allow the Christian foul mouths  to brainwash them either because of stupidity or because of getting conceited “relief” of their dark conscience (“remission of sins”) – or because of a mixture of both, what mostly is the case. 


   From a certain number of assassinations the delinquent has to be silent, provided that the perpetrator is convicted as in the Christian foul mouths’ case. To continue speaking then,  is still frightening evidence what  beast it is about.


   Only the victims can forgive. It cannot be forgiven any  killer if his  victim is dead, because nobody is allowed to do this but the victim.  Therefore,  most of the Christian outrages are not to  be expiated because the victims are dead and pertaining to  the rest one has to state that victims do not forgive these Mafiosi.


  Until now, solely that sort “remissions” of Christian sins became known that is no remission of sins, because nothing is forgiven by the victims but the perpetrators fake to "forgive" one another. There is no forgiveness but that one of the victim to the perpetrator!


    There is solely remission of sin, if  the victims forgive the perpetrators  but not if one (Christian) barbarian forgives his fellow inferior (Christian) barbarian about matters he isn’t concerned, at all. Such a sham-forgiveness worsens the guilt. This also is the case or even then, if it is about an Mafiosi that is lifted up to the Mafia’s „god“ by his fellow  Mafiosi! No living one has the right to pardon in place of  a dead person, except it is decreed in the concerned person’s will, because the other one never had to suffer from the foul play of the offender. 


   However, living ones that feel relative to the victim have the right to punish not forgiven (“sins”) foul play, suffering, torture, torment, murder and outrages of the perpetrators.  If a victim is not able to respond to foul play, harms, torments and/or tortures because it has died, his friends are allowed to punish the perpetrators. That is the only matter making perpetrators to shrink from harm, felonies and outrages they inflict on others.


  That means: Punishment is not important because of revenges but because of preventing felons from further similar perpetrations. Why don’t the Christian stop insidiously prosecuting their conceited or real rivals?  The Christian foul mouths became the planet’s most Mafia because they never became punished for their foul play and abominations. So, they do not know why not continuing them…


   That is why the Christian foul mouths are used to howling song of “martyrdom” like the wolves are used to howling in the forests… As much as the Christian foul mouths  know that  they deserve punishment as the planet’s most (religiously camouflaged) felons, the Christian foul mouths insidiously are use to howling their insidious songs of “martyrs” and “martyrdoms”… They know that as the Earth’s most Mafia they deserve, yes-even need the most punishment. In order to confuse insidiously the parts of murderer and murdered one – a part of Christian “lifestyle”! -   they are used to howling and  howling and howling their generally known songs of “martyrdom”, “martyrdom” and “martyrdom”…


  Pertaining to atonement the relationship moderation is to consider. Therefore, atoning the Christian foul mouths can be accomplished only successively.


  That is no disaster, because almost everything in  life can only be achieved successively and not by one bolt from the blue.  In the beginning, one loosely  has to put the noose around the Christian foul mouths’ neck and afterwards it is successively to tighten.



    Therefore, those social misfits of perfidious, Christian foul mouths  do not have pity on the victims but only on themselves, on the depravity of their own.  Those Christian fiends only want to forgive themselves but never to reconcile with the victims and thus they just prepare themselves for new  infamy, foul play and outrages, they want harm others. 



   In addition, asking for forgiveness without relinquishing the benefits of one’s crimes and  without offering corresponding compensation evenly  is only pity on oneself,  by the way very typical of Christian.  Requesting forgiveness without offering compensation means lying. Compensation -- especially the due level of  compensation -- is the truth about a  request of remission.


   Perhaps, one could  tolerate the Christian self-deception (faith), if the Christian foul mouths would not mind to repute their deceit as deceit or self-deception.  However,  rather the Christian foul mouths prefer to lay our planet ruins than to admit to the world accomplishing a giant deceit enabling heinousness, barbarities and other abominations behind a mask of “morals” (“loves”) that even defy description.



·       There is no crime like the Christian organized crime!

·       There is no worse liar, deceiver and consequently no worse felon like  Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, gang-name: Jesus "Christ" because there is no perfidy like that one of Christ and his fellow Mafiosi. Even Stalin and Hitler together are fools  compared to him.

·       Equally, one would have to allow  the Nazis their  right of exercising their belief. The belief of the Nazis evenly turns into  crimes as the  Christian one does.  This is right, in particular, if one considers that the Nazis’ most abomination, the holocaust,  was a “co-production” of the German and Christian foul mouths. Without Christian sect in Germany certainly there never had been a holocaust. However, there were also prosecutions and murders on the Jews by the Christian foul mouths without the Germans.  Those  facts turn out the most important “shareholder” regarding that “joint-venture” of the  Christian foul mouths and the Nazis. Almost all Nazi Concentration Camps  guardians were Christianly trained German “sheepdogs” and “robots”.  However, as apprehended perfidious schmucks are used to doing, the Christian foul mouths lay the blame for their abominations  at their enemy's door. 

·       In the same way, on could  allow the Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland their Christian faith. It helps both sides slaughtering each other, in particular, the little children of each enemy… And regarding massacring little children, Jesus already was a model to his Christian foul mouths… Jesus already demonstrated how to slay the little innocent children of a rival (see: Re 2:23)




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[v] Julian, Roman Emperor  (332 – 363 C.E.), quoted from:  Kurt Eggers, der Kaiser der Römer gegen den König der Juden – Aus den Schriften Julians, des Abtrünnigen, Berlin 1941, S. 62  Translation from the German of my own. German text: „Alle, welche mit Verbrechern Mitleid haben, sind selbst Schurken!”