Chapter: 7, Part: 3

Satan has a Catamite -- his name is Jesus "Christ"


The Christians'  Prevarications  and "Excuses"  for Infamy and Terror of theirs


Moreover ye shall take no ransom for the life of a murderer, that is guilty of death; but he shall surely be put to death. (Nu 35,34)


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       As already said in other chapters of this treatise: Objektivations (incarnations) of perfidy are a very ambitious kind of foul mouths and foul player - and Christian ones, in particular!  They    do not only perpetrate outrages, barbarities and abominations, but in addition, they also have the aim to hide their insidious, perfidious and  infamous mind and perpetrations by shammed  honorable reasons for their atrocities in order to get them unassailable. That is what all the Christian foul mouths' "nice" concepts of "love", "truths", "morals", "god", "salvation", "redeemer" etc. or   and all the well-known Christian hypocrisy serve for.   Being abominable but being regarded as "reverenced", as model of "morals", "martyr" and even "saint" that is what Objektivationen (incarnations)  of perfidy that have become terrorists, in particular Christian ones, desire.

Christians while accomplishing their "love": "Jesus came to crucify the world" (The Gospel of Philip) and their program: “Do not resist the evil” (Mt 5:39 “Sermon on the Mountain"). Who is worse - the Nazis or the Christians?


However, one thing they will never do: to stop their fiendishness, venom, crimes, outrages, atrocities and barbarities, if there are opportunities to perpetrate them. Everything is just a matter how to preserve the mask. A  terrorist (desperado) always is disguised and faking, feigning, playing the hypocrite, lying, prevaricating and deceiving, if not committing other crimes.


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    That Jesus "Christ" allegedly even could not hurt a fly  is the most frequent excuse of  Christian barbarians to whitewash their spite, "venom", crimes, felonies, murders, genocides  and other atrocities. If the worst comes to the worst, then at least the boss, the idol and the instigator of everything (Jesus) is to  rescue. However, how could  Jesus ever  object to lies, hypocrisy, deceits, crimes, felonies, violence and  murders of his Christian fellows, if he is  modeling everything of that – yes, even murder! --  to his fellow Christian foul mouths,  as we are going to produce evidence, now?

Without any further preliminaries: E.g.:   Christian sect is blamed for having spread and spreading by bestiality, abominations and barbarities, for instance, by forgeries, infamy, murders, mass-murders, genocides and other barbarities. Being unable to continue denying those evident barbarities, the Christian hypocrites and deceivers insidiously „argue“ that in contrast with the Christian church Jesus was peaceableness in person. 



   Didn’t he say in his „sermon on the mountain“: „Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.“? (Mt 5:9) Now we are going to demonstrate, that because of this saying of his own, Jesus cannot be a child or son of god, because, apart from hypocrisy, neither he was peaceful nor in favor of peaceableness. An honest individual only has one face, a deceiver always two, at least:


·        The one face what the deceiver is feigning to be in order to put across his victims, i.e. the mask and:

·        The other face is what was he really is, hidden behind his deceptive mask.


      Jesus and his sect do not only perpetrate deceits but the peak of deceit: Perfidy. And faking to be “modest”, “humble”, “meek”, “lovable” and “pacific” is a requirement of  their perfidy and nothing but a  component of their perfidy making the targeted victims confident  in those (Christians)  that want to enslave them and thus defenseless when they become assaulted (by enslaving Christian foul mouths). There are not morals and truths in Christendo(o)m but only requirements of perfidy faked as  “morals”, “truths” etc. – Jesus already designed from the very, very outset.


    Therefore, not in the least we dispute that a Christian conjurers of lying and deception („theo“-logian) can offer a good lot of quotations from the chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") expressing quite the reverse than we are debunking here, i.e. in this case Jesus’ mask of  “love”, “humbleness”, “modesty”, “peaceableness” etc. instead of his instigation and perpetrations to, respectively, of violence, that means crimes and even murders.


    When pointing out our method of criminological investigation (e001.htm) we said that it is sufficient to investigate if there is a second “tenet” to an “official” one. The “official tenet” is the mask and the second one the (hidden) truths about this sect.  So, we admit that in many certain cases, a Christian may present a passage of a  gospel contradicting that one we quote.


    We only say: If Jesus and his Christian sect would be honest, then there would not exist the one and each of its reverse. That is the evidence of lies and deceits, especially that of perfidy. Honesty and truthfulness only have one face and the lies, deception and perfidy at least two.


   Therefore,  it is admitted to the Christian apologetics that Jesus has a fine mask of „love“, „charity“, „loving his enemies“, „truthfulness“, „meekness“, „modesty“ and „humbleness“ etc.. And Christian foul mouths can quote a lot of scripture to provide sham-evidence for that. However, we say that  those are the requirements of Jesus and the Christian foul mouths’ perfidy and infamy.



      We can and mostly will give us a miss demonstrating this mask because the Christian schmuck of  priests are used to presenting that mask of Jesus daily, if no hourly!


    Hence, Jesus would be an honest man and his sect a respectable religion, if there would be only one face of theirs. So, we can confine ourselves to scrutinize whether there is a second face of Jesus "Christ" (and the Christian foul mouths) that is disseminating and instigating the reverse of what is exhibited as dummy and window dressing. 



     The alleged „superb“ "sermon on the mountain" just turns out Jesus "Christ" as the most perfidious conjurer among all the bipeds. That „sermon“ turns out how much chalk the wolf has eaten and shall eat. This belongs to the schedule of Jesus’ coaching of perfidy and infamy.



     If Jesus „sermons“ would be given honestly, then there couldn’t  be each reverse of those sayings in an open or a roundabout way. Pertaining to the spreading of his sect by violence Jesus, e.g., said:


Lu 14:16-23 RSV

16 But he said to him, "A man once gave a great banquet, and invited many;

17 and at the time for the banquet he sent his servant to say to those who had been invited, ‘Come; for all is now ready.’

18 But they all alike began to make excuses. The first said to him, ‘I have bought a field, and I must go out and see it; I pray you, have me excused.’

19 And another said, ‘I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I go to examine them; I pray you, have me excused.’

20 And another said, ‘I have married a wife, and therefore I cannot come.’

21 So the servant came and reported this to his master. Then the householder in anger said to his servant, ‘Go out quickly to the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in the poor and maimed and blind and lame.’

22 And the servant said, ‘Sir, what you commanded has been done, and still there is room.’

23 And the master said to the servant, ‘Go out to the highways and hedges, and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled.


Well, firstly, the disabled only become the preferred victims because Jesus couldn’t come up to the standards of „normal“ or even distinguish people. The latter ones did what is to do in this case: Despising  him and his infamous schmucks.


      However, megalomaniac Jesus "Christ" was obsessed to fly high at all costs, and if he does not succeed with the distinguished ones lifting up himself to “god”, then he wants to succeed with the depraved, the felons (“foul mouths”) and the scum of the Earth, i. e., with the ilk of his own.

It is Christian mendacity convicted by the last-mentioned  passage of Luke’s "gospel" that initially and from the very outset “god “ (Jesus) allegedly had chosen the last (the depraved, the creeps n’ crooks, the con men, the “foul mouths”, those who turned out badly by nature, etc., in two words: the Christian foul mouths) for his “happenings of salvation”… Those became the preferred ones by Satan, pardon, Jesus "Christ" because the first , the distinguished ones were sour grapes for Satan, pardon, Jesus "Christ" and that is why  “meek”, “humble” and “pacific” Satan, pardon, Jesus "Christ" finally heaped unquenchable hatred and avenge on them.

    Secondly, by the last-mentioned  quotation of Luke, Jesus even unmasks that folks that doesn’t want to join his party (Christian sect) voluntarily, have to be forced, i.e. by violence, to do so. Thus Jesus incites his perfidious schmucks (Christians) to commit crimes for the advantage of his party (Christian sect).       Hence, everybody telling that Christian violence is not instigated by  Jesus "Christ" turns out to be an infamous liar just mendaciously  wanting to save the Christian foul mouths' as the last resort if Christianity is convicted to be a religious Mafia of infamy gathering creeps n’ crooks, villains, blackguards and conmen all over!

     Thus, it is provided evidence that Jesus "Christ" turns out to be the boss of all the Christian crimes, barbarities and abominations that are past comprehension and the Christian foul mouths insidiously  perpetrated for the advantage of their own.   In this manner, Jesus himself defines Christian sect as a sect of infamy war faring against human rights, because human rights provide freedom of religion, speech, teaching and research, etc., he and his perfidious schmucks (Christians) are determined to abolish by violence in favor of their sect.  Christendo(o)m cannot exist while full freedom of speech simultaneously  is existing.  Hardly, Christian sect comes to power, the sooner they will abolish the human rights and insidiously will prosecute those daring to tell the truths.

     These abominations -- the Christian swineherds' sect  is used to perpetrating unscrupulously and ruthlessly by violence until today --  will ever be perpetrated  as long as this religious Mafia with a faking „god“ of their own will exist. The allegation that Jesus -- in contrast with his perfidious schmucks -- was no felon is sheer professional Christian perfidy (deceit) otherwise without any further foundation.  As said, this allegation is a only component of Christian perfidy, Christian slavery and Christian brainwashing.  


The last quotation from creeping Jesus is followed by a saying that once more demonstrates how furtive Jesus camouflages his hatred and violent revenge on human beings he can take because of his perfidious schmucks’ depravity he already has been taking for about two Millennia:  



Lu 14:24 RSV

24  For I tell you, none of those men who were invited shall taste my banquet.’"




     Here, once more one has to imagine that according to this death penalty felon individuals do not have the right to reject a pigswill  they do not like  -- and whoever enjoys the muck of lies, deceits, meanness, perfidy, crimes, murders, mass-murder and genocides except the scum of the Earth? 


   That is why Satan, pardon, Jesus rightly failed  to lead the first,  the smart ones, the distinguished ones up to the garden path. Only the scum of the Earth, already be at home in a “cesspool” likes to eat that muck and sewage of infamy he offers as “meal”  for the selfishness of his own (being worshiped as the “god”). Whoever – except the scum of the Earth and Christian foul mouths -- likes liars, deceivers, perjurers, heels and felons?


    Everybody shall be forced to join this liars’, deceivers’ and sect of infamy as his perfidious schmucks have been trying to do so already since two Millennia by barbarities and atrocities that are past comprehension.  However, for his slaves gobbling filth and drinking urine of pigs in the moral sense, he has to salve to pour over their sore soul (nobody, but he injured), because each tribulation needs a small "recuperation" before the next torment starts:


Mt 11:30  RSV

30  For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."


     I am bursting into tears… After having gulped down the pigswill,  furtive Jesus strikes the dog’s back: It's not as bad as everything could have turned out worse, before he starts his next perfidious tribulation on his slaves…


    Even pertaining to murder Jesus has the two faces that debunk any swindler. On the one hand, we have the following saying of him:


Mt 26:52 RSV

52 Then Jesus said to him, "Put your sword back into its place; for all who take the sword will perish by the sword


And this quotation even isn’t his own concoction. Here, he is quoting from the bible (Ge 9:6) he knew very well. Thus, he exposes himself to know the commandments of god very well – of that god he so gladly wants to associate as son:  


Ge 9:6 RSV

6 Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed; for God made man in his own image.


     However, rogues and brutes of all sorts do not care about the „yoke of the law“. They only want to be released from that „yoke of the law“ they are at war, anyway...   


     Jesus even perpetrates murders in person, and that’s according to the Christian bible! As generally known,  the Christian foul mouths impertinently attached some “sausages“ of their own  to the bible of the Jews.  Because human beings are images of god,  any murder is forbidden by the god of the Bible. However, this  does not interest a rogues’ sect (of Christian foul mouths) and the crook that is lifted up as “god” in that sect of  creeps n’ crooks:



Re 2:20-23 RSV

20 But I (Jesus) have this against you, that you tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and beguiling my servants to practice immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols.

21 I (Jesus) gave her time to repent, but she refuses to repent of her immorality.

22 Behold, I (Jesus) will throw her on a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her I will throw into great tribulation, unless they repent of her doings;

23 and I (Jesus) will strike her (Jezebel's) children dead. And all the churches shall know that I am he who searches mind and heart (even by murder), and I will give to each of you as your works deserve.


     Here, Jesus does not only incite into murdering but declares himself to be ready to murder little children of a competitor, in person...! Whoever – except Christian foul mouths -- can doubt that Jesus keeps his promises…? One could condone that Jesus throws a woman on the bed, if he does not rape her afterward. However, murdering little innocent children of a competitor that only turns out one of the top felons and/or one of the heinous murderers among individuals. Who wonders that the smart and distinguished ones reject the invitation of Satan, pardon, Jesus "Christ" to  join his party and do not like Satan’s, pardon, Christ’s pigswill?



     My word, what an „innocent lamb“ carrying not the sins of his own but „the sins of the world on the cross...”! I’m so sorry about the "unfair" punishment of this serial abominable murderer...!  One never knows how unjust the world is to Christian swineherds, creeps n’ crooks, murderers n’ barbarians...!

     Those are the typical two faces of a deceiver and of perfidy.



      Those are the two faces of Jesus "Christ" and his infamous schmucks (Christians)! Not in the least, one could say, that Jesus is a less felon than the other topmost felons of this Mafia!

     Even pertaining to murder the felons’ coach (Jesus "Christ" ) is a model to all infamous Christian barbarians. This tallies with other fundamental sayings of his:


Lu 17: 37 ELB

... He said to them, "Where the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together."


    Oh yeah, and where there is infamy, perfidy and insidiousness, oh yeah, there are Christian foul mouths.  Oh yeah,  where there are hypocrites, swindlers, blackguards, brutes and  a murderer that is lifted up to a sect’s “god”, there are Christian foul mouths… Or saying it in other words: Where there is an infamous  felon lifted up to the “god”, there  a perfidious  sect of infamy and/or Christian foul mouths are gathering…! Or: Where there is smoke, there is fire!  Oh yeah, don’t always call him a liar and deceiver: Where there is carcass (Jesus "Christ" ) the vultures (Objektivationen of perfidy) are already circling above… 



    And never forget: Even if only two vultures are gathering the carcass (Jesus "Christ" ) is right admits them… Did you ever know that…? Hiding, repressing and destroying these truths the Christian foul mouths murdered almost two Millennia about 300.000.000 human beings. And you are brainwashed to feel sorry for the murderers and not for the victims…!  However, even after Millennia truths will turn out about the most barbarity and abomination that ever was concocted and took place on Earth.  

Now, let us proceed step by step:



1stQuery: Whichever Satanic atrocity the Christian foul mouths can get away without forfeiting their “moral” reputation in  Christianly enslaved countries?

Answer: The Christian foul mouths can get away with perpetrating each crime, atrocity, barbarity and/or abomination on humanity and human rights in Christianly enslaved countries. This is the sufficient evidence that it is a felons’ Mafia – the almost perfect crime!


2ndQuery: What is a sect of infamy?

Answer: A sect of infamy is a sect that can get away with the most heinous atrocities and barbarities without losing its  “moral” reputation?


3rdQuery: What organizations meet these requirements of a sect of infamy?

Answer: At first, all the Christian ones!


     To the Pharisees, Jesus called his adherents the sick and those who do not worship him are  the righteous ones:


 Lu 5:31-32 RSV

31And Jesus answered them, "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick;

32I have not come to call the righteous, but foul mouths to repentance."



     However, to his adherent, he flatters those depraved being the scum of the Earth  ("the sick") as being chosen by god and insults "the righteous" to be condemned to hell:



 Mr16:16 RSV

16He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.



     Hence, perfidious Jesus knows that he is lying and deceiving for the only purpose of being worshiped as the “god”, in return. However, please do not call Jesus a liar or deceiver…

    Christian sect is not only a sect of lie, deceit, crimes, bestiality, barbarity and abomination but also one of the crime laundry. The latter is the reason for it the success, due to the low degree of intelligence and the moral depravity of then, respectively, current humankind. There is no  species of “homo sapiens” (wise human) while and where this sect considerably is disseminated.

      The alleged  "vicarious atonement“ extolled by Jesus and his perfidious schmucks (Christians) is nothing but a mockery of the hundreds of millions of victims of Christian foul mouths’ spite, turpitude, bestiality, atrocities and barbarities that are past comprehension! - and Jesus’ stuntman on the cross makes all those victims a laughing stock.



     By such “remission of sin” nothing good is achieved but the Christian “dogs” are trained to bite, because those felons and rogues do not need to ask their victims for pardon while looking at their eyes but settle all with the supreme felon, Jesus "Christ" – who has nothing to do with it, unless his stirring up hatred of each against everybody (father against mother, both against their children etc.) is regarded as an impact on those miseries that bring about all those sins he feigns being able to forgive. The gangsters forgive their perfidious schmucks and at last the gangster boss settles all –and those depraved morons fool themselves to be “moral”…



     The up to 300 millions  of carcasses (murdered ones) that sect of perfidious "charity” and insidious “loving their enemies” produced say more than words can tell – only very typical Christian brainwashing can make moronic and clumsy oafs ignoring the truths those abomination's produce evidence.


·         Does the Christian foul mouths’ “god” tell?:


Mt7: 16-17 RSV

16 You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles?

 17 So, every sound tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears evil fruit.




     So, what do you expect else from the morally the sick but lies, deceit, crimes, bestiality, barbarities, atrocities and abominations? Therefore, not only the Christian foul mouths are realizable as brutes by their crimes, bestiality, barbarities and abomination but Jesus himself by those ones of his fellows. The Christian foul mouths’ prevaricating of “weakness of the flesh” and similar nonsense is nothing but a gross contradiction to their „god“ Jesus the Christian foul mouths refer to.



      Jesus even disputes that brutes or „the sick“ in his terms can create something good. That is why the Christian foul mouths' perpetrations debunk themselves.  So, how dare you Christian foul mouths contradict even your „god“ and blame the Pharisees --- instead of you – to be supercilious? Isn't the one supercilious that even dares to contradict “god”, yes even presumes to correct him?  Why do you always quibble and contradict instead of obeying your Christian  “god”?  And what a more is a miserable “god” than the one that even is even contradicted or "corrected" by his depraved followers, the scum of the Earth?



     Why are you Christian foul mouths that conceited and arrogant as to contradict your “god”? Because your brainwashing tells you to do so?     

     Therefore, Jesus knows  that his the sick respectively felons produce crimes, barbarities and atrocities, because where there is carcass (Jesus) the Christian foul mouths, pardon, the vultures are gathering.



   “St.” Peter already murdered early Christian community members, e.g. Hananias and Saphira (see: Ac 5:1-11).  And Jesus' brother James reports how the fellows of his brother behaved perfidiously:




Jas4:1-2 RSV

1¶ What causes wars, and what causes fightings among you (Christians)? Is it not your passions that are at war in your members?

 2 You (Christians)

desire and do not have; so you (Christians) kill. And you (Christians) covet and cannot obtain; so you (Christians)fight and wage war



   So, from the very outset the Christian foul mouths were a gang of murderers, barbarians and fiends. That is witnessed by their first leader of the Christian foul mouths’ Jerusalem community James (“the brother of the Lord”) already in the year 40 C.E. or even earlier!  Isn't Jesus right when telling that evil individuals just produce evil things? Isn't he right when saying that you cannot get figs from thorns (see Mt 7:16)? And he deliberately gathered the perfidious and foul ones that are called Christian, later on.



·          Why did he do so?  Because the grapes of getting  honorable and honest ones were sour to him.  And being rejected by those he would like to have to adore him as “god” there was nothing left to him but  looking for fellows of a sort like himself, i.e. as depraved as he is. Birds of a feather flock together!  That why the smart ones declined with thanks to join his party and eat his pigswill.

·         How did Jesus know that depraved ones just create abominations? By divine inspiration? No,  because of the experience of his self!


      Isn't that Christian sect with all those crimes, bestiality, murders, genocides, barbarities, atrocities and abominations a fruit of his? And isn't Jesus to know by the fruits of his own?


·        Isn’t Jesus right when telling that:


Lu 16:15 RSV

"... what is exalted among men is an abomination in the sight of God." ?  



      Aren't your Jesus, your pope terrorists, your Christian foul mouths "saints" and Christendo(o)m at all highly reputed in Christianly enslaved countries, aren't they?

So do not say that Jesus always lies. He says


a)     that you shall know your sect by their bestiality, barbarities and atrocities but you Christian foul mouths do not obey him and

b)      he said to you that  everything that  is highly reputed among human beings was an abomination to the god. 


    Are you  reputed that way? Yes, you depraved Christian foul mouths, in particular, your pope terrorist and your Christian foul mouths' clergy  are reputed that way in the world and thus an abomination to your “god”. Don’t say that Jesus always lies…! And again, you Christian contradict your “god”…



     Thus, you  Christian foul mouths, debunk yourself and your “god” as a cardboard figure that serves you as bugaboo to frighten others in order to enslave them to you.  Oh yes, Jesus even did not reproach to the Pharisees being that arrogant as  to contradict the "god" what you Christian foul mouths are used to doing.  Why don’t you Christian foul mouths obey your “god”…?



What a miserable cardboard figure of „god“ that is that much mistaken so that you  Christian creeps n’ crooks always have to “correct” him  ...  -- you Christian foul mouths,  the most depraved and heinous sort of creeps n’ crooks that ever existed and that ever can exist...



     Well, do not always say that Jesus does  nothing but lying, deceiving and sorcery – in many respects his insidious schmucks (Christians) have to tamper with this cardboard figure of Christian “god” in order to keep him as bugaboo to condition  and/or robotize their conspecifics.



      E.g., because "the truths are not true” that is why in Christian sect much is concealed, distorted and lied pertaining to the Christian foul mouths’ "reports” about "crucifixion" (of Jesus' stuntman) and his fake of "resurrection".   Christian hoodlums even ready to perpetrate the felony of  perjury, while washing the brains of their slaves while feigning  that they allegedly   even die for the "truths":




“Therefore, one must never yield to them, just as I said before. Also, one must not concede to them that the secret gospel is from Mark, when they put forth their lies. Rather one must deny it, even with an oath.”[i]




     Honest individuals are used to dying  for the truths, if at all. Christian Objektivationen (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) are used to dying for perjuries! The truth (that Mark is the author of that secret gospel) is already vilified as lie by this spiteful little Christian devil!  That’s the very, very typical notion of „truth“ of a perfidious deceiver' and the sect of infamy!  That is no error, no mistake  but perfidy of a sect of infamy.



     Already Peter introduced perjury as a successful method of the Christian foul mouths. His boss – Jesus (Satan’s) Christ - even foresaw Peter’s perjuries, approved them by taking no actions against them. Oh yes, he even entrusted Satan’s, Pardon, his (Jesus’) sect to a brute (“graze my lambs…”) he now and then even called Satan:




Mt 26:71-74 NRSV

69 ¶  Now Peter was sitting outside in the courtyard. A servant-girl came to him and said, "You also were with Jesus the Galilean."

70  But he denied it before all of them, saying, "I do not know what you are talking about."

71  When he went out to the porch, another servant-girl saw him, and she said to the bystanders, "This man was with Jesus of Nazareth."

72  Again he (Simon Peter)  denied it with an oath, "I do not know the man."

73  After a little while the bystanders came up and said to Peter, "Certainly you are also one of them, for your accent betrays you."

74  Then he began to curse, and he (Simon Peter) swore an oath, "I do not know the man!"




        Oh yes, oh yes  - felonies of perjury were perpetrated among early Christian religious rogues already in the presence of Jesus as a matter of course.  Who wonders Cement's  (of Alexandria) advising to deny the gay adventures of the Christian foul mouths’ “god” Jesus "Christ" even by perjury, because otherwise the truths and the verdict of deceit are inescapable? 



    Why didn’t Jesus prevent those perjuries of his closet fellow schmuck Peter? Because he is the same liar, the same perjurer by his depraved nature, traits and mind!



    So, at this point we immediately can achieve another step pertaining to the Jesus’ and the Christian foul mouths’ “love” of the  “truths”.  Sometimes, the Christian swindlers even try prevaricating over the one and the reverse by the same  “excuse”.


     If one blames the Christians for their crimes, felonies, outrages and abominations, then they are used to prevaricating that  Jesus monkey-Christ never would had approved and perpetrated such foul play. All Christians depravity and crimes  were just vitiations of the purported "good tenets" of his.



      In that case, the Christian foul mouths are used to faking that Jesus "Christ" allegedly would have detested all the crimes of his sect and never would have consented with committing them. So far, he would have been able to do so, he certainly would have prevented  and stopped all the Christian foul mouths’ barbarities.


      He allegedly didn’t know to what crimes, barbarities and abomination his Christian swineherds -- he lets himself be worshiped as the “god” -- would be carried away. Ah, ah, ah – don’t make me laugh!



     Conspicuously, on the other hand, the Christian foul mouths try apologizing Peter’s felonies of perjury (Peter foreswear three times consecutively) by claiming that Jesus allegedly was able to foresee Peter's crimes.

     However, by foreseeing the crimes of the “rock, on which his sect” of depravity and of creeps n’ crooks is built, he thus could  prevent them, provided that he was willing to object to crimes of his “sick” followers. However, he did not do so, and thus he worsens the crimes, barbarities and abominations of his sect by approving them. He foresaw Peter’s felonies but did noting at all in order to impede Peter committing those felonies (of perjury).



So let us state: On the one hand, the Christian foul mouths try to clearing Jesus of his sect crimes by prevaricating that could not foresee and thus not prevent them. “Innocent” Jesus never would have approved them. On the other hand, a Christian criminal (Peter) is excused by his Christian perfidious schmucks for his crimes of perjury by alleging that Jesus did the reverse of that what supposedly produces evidence of his innocence: Having foreseen Peter’s crimes. That means Jesus could take actions against his fellow’s crimes but knowingly and deliberately did not prevent them – although allegedly “all authority on Earth and in heaven” (Mt 28:18) is given to Jesus Satan’s, pardon, Christian foul mouths’ Christ…



     And having prevented them not, means having approved and assisted to them! Swindlers always turn the matter in that way, as they need them... So, the perjuries of Peter produce evidence that Satan’s Christ never would have objected to the barbarities, atrocities and abominations of Christian sect.  On the contrary, Jesus wants to instigate to them in order to take revenge on those that turned out better by nature than this ugly deformity (Jesus "Christ" ) the Christian foul mouths lifted up to their “god”.  A felon to whom “all authority on Earth and heaven is passed” could prevent any crime he wants to prevent…



     However, there are pure reasons of the brain why Jesus foresaw the crimes of his barbarians’ sect and there are also pure will (of hatred and the revenge), why he did not only approved but also was yearning for his schmucks’ muck, i.e. the Christian foul mouths’ outrages. That is what we are going to prove now.



     As said, Jesus  is unwilling to move a finger in order to stop his fellow schmuck's  (Peter’s) felonies.  Why should he do so? Isn’t he a more liar, deceiver and felon than Peter?



     Didn’t he say that he wasn't competent for the (morally) the healthy but for the (morally) „sick“ ones, for the felons, didn’t he?  Cross my heart: Didn’t he say so or is that a malicious insinuation of the anti-Christ? And again, do cross my heart: Didn’t he tell that a good individual creates good things out of his good heart and an evil one evil, foul, vicious, abominable things out of his evil and infamous heart, didn't he? 



     So, the deceiver and felons produce perjuries out of their deceitful and infamous heart!  Therefore, he evidently knew and approved what his (morally) ill ones, i.e., his fellow perfidious, schmucks will ever produce.

Oh yes, didn’t Jesus entrust his (Christian) sect to an individual he sometime compared with Satan, didn’t he do that? And what did he do in order to prevent that such an perfidious, monster will lead his sect one day? Oh yes, what did he do to prevent that? 



Mt 16:23 RSV

 But he (Jesus) turned and said to Peter, "Get behind me, Satan! You area hindrance to me…



   Although he realizes that Peter is a monster comparable to Satan, he entrusts him his sect of the (morally) sickens, i.e. of the felons:



 Joh21:15 RSV

15¶…He (Jesus) said to him (Peter), "Feed my lambs."



    Why does notJesus mind handing his sect over to Satan (Peter). Because he (Jesus) is no less Satan than Peter. Both are peers of Satan.  That is why  Jesus is very keen that the perjurer, murder (see: AC 5:1-11) and terrorist (zealot)  Peter once will rule his sect. The lies of Jesus "Christ" are much more abominable that Peter’s perjuries!  Why shouldn’t he mind handing over his sect to Peter..?



Joh21:16 –17 RSV
16  A second time … He said to him, "
Tend my sheep."

 17 He said to him the third time, …"Feed my sheep.




     Why shouldn’t he entrust his sect of infamy to such a Satan? Isn’t he (Jesus "Christ" ) more comparable to Satan than Peter?!!



Mt 28:18 RSV

18 … "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.



     At first, this big mouth, con man, creep n’ crook should prevent and stop his fellow schmucks’ muck, i.e. outrages, murders, mass-murders, abominations, etc. before boasting that way. Moreover, it is not necessary to keep “all authority in heaven and on earth” in order to give the sack to a fiend like Satan. Some tracks of decency are completely sufficient for doing so.  Jesus knows that a Satan creates satanic things. Therefore, if he does not object to passing all his “counterfeit money” to Satan:




Mt 16:19 RSV

19 I (Jesus)  will give you Peter) the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."-




     The “keys” are nothing but spurious money of a perfidious, deceiver or man’s felon, pardon, “man’s son”… To a fiend that is comparable to Satan on that condition, then Peter and the other perfidious, schmucks are just the right wolves  (in a sheep's clothing) or the right brutes, i.e. the right means for taking his revenge on the human race for his personal discrimination, e.g. being an illegitimate child who is palmed off as begotten by “god”, misshapen and despised by his fellow men…


     On that condition (realization of Peter, who is comparable with Satan), Peter and the other Christian sects or churches are just the wolves in a sheep's clothing, he wanted to unleash in order to accomplish his revenge on the humankind. Jesus knew that a fiend that is comparable to Satan must head a sect of infamy.


    Whoever can mind calling Christian sect  Satan’s sect if their alleged “god” handed over his sect to somebody he knew he is comparable to Satan? Jesus was Satan’s Christ. Why shouldn’t he deliver  his sect to somebody that is like Satan?



     That is why he was so keen on getting Peter succeeding him.   

     Among Mafiosi, there is abundant awareness that the „beloved“ schmuck  or boss is a devil (in disguise). Even, the later chief-ideologist  (“apostle”) Paul indirectly calls his boss (Jesus "Christ" ) Satan. One only has to scrutinize Satan’s, pardon, „god’s“ word of theirs:



2Cor 12:7-8 ASV

7And by reason of the exceeding greatness of the revelations, that I (Paul) should not be exalted overmuch, there was given to me (Paul) a thorn in the flesh, a messenger of Satan (Jesus "Christ" ) to buffet me, that I should not be exalted overmuch.

8 Concerning this thing I besought the Lord thrice, that it might depart from me




        My word, one never knows what „lovely“ manners religious heels have…! Here, Paul complains that Jesus has chaperoned Barnabas as the watchdog to him in order to prevent that he might reconvert to the Christian foul mouths’ enemies, Paul joined before becoming Christian.  However, that what is conspicuously is the fact that in this phrase, Satan means Jesus and angel Barnabas.



    Paul is that optimistic to believe that he only would have gotten buffeted, if he wouldn’t had comply with that what (secretly still living) Jesus ordered him to do.  He instantly would have slain in that case by the “angels” of Satan (Jesus "Christ" ).  By the way, this passage is very important in order to examine Paul’s part in early Christianity. Paul had had to preach Christ as “god” while being threatened to get “buffeted” (slain!)… Very interesting! To most critics of Christendo(o)m Paul serves as scapegoat for Jesus "Christ" … Even German philosopher Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) cannot wholly withstand that temptation…


   Finally, Peter frequently turns out to accomplish such orders for those  “loving lovers” (see:  Joh 18:10, Ac 5-10). Each of them knows that they are members of a planetary gang of felons headed by Satan  that finally becomes worshiped as „the god“ in Christian sect.




      And except the scum of the earth, whoever could doubt? Whoever could question that in view of criminal history of this sect? (You shall know them by their fruits! Don’t hesitate to do it!).



      Really, if the closest henchman calls Jesus Satan and Jesus evenly calls the rock -- on which his sect is built -- Satan, whoever can doubt that Satan has become worshiped „god“ in that heinous and abominable sect with all the skeletons overflowing their closets?



     Why should Jesus object to crimes and violence, if he is able to accomplish it successfully? If one knows to come off second best, then these spiteful little devils are used to faking the "peaceful", "modest" and “humble” ones, very, very quickly-- and without blushing - as Jesus modeled it.


    Provided, they believe to get the whip hand, those " humble" and "modest" ones suddenly  trash all their adversaries, rivals and competitors - as Jesus modeled it:




Joh 2:15 RSV

15 And making a whip of cords, he (Jesus) drove them all, ... out of the temple;



      Well, didn't Jesus model everything to his perfidious, schmucks?: If one expects to lose one feigns the "peaceful"," humble", "modest" and “merciful” one that even cannot hurt a fly. As soon as they believe to prevail, all of a sudden that "peaceful", "modest", "humble", perfidious, ones batter, bash, trash or even pyre all their adversaries, rivals, competitors and all other individuals unwilling to knuckle under those perfidious, creeps and crooks.



     Then, hey presto, those "modest" and "humble" ones introduce themselves as humankind's slaveholders. Everything just  depends  on the question how far political tyranny could be extended.  That is the first basic rule of perfidy and of the poisoning the human's social existence by Jesus "Christ" and his perfidious schmucks (Christians) what they are used to faking as "love" in order to make their outrages and abomination unassailable.



·        Do not the Christian foul mouths abide by the instructions of their coach Jesus "Christ" , don't they?

·        Is not Jesus "Christ" a superb felons' coach, isn't he?

·        Isn not Jesus "Christ" the best felons' coach one ever could fancy, isn't he?


     Therefore, Jesus knows not only the crimes of his fellows and approved what his criminal Christian sects or churches will outrage on the human race.  Rather, his sect of infamy or churches embodies the vengeance he wants to wreak on the human race.  And cross my heart: Does Satan, pardon, Jesus "" Christ" succeeds in doing so, does he?  


     Well, the felons' coach  (Christian jargon: "innocent lamb loving all his enemies")  modeled everything that is and was to be imitated by his perfidious schmucks.


     So, you little brain-washed Christian slaves, jerks, zombies, you automated war-machines and suckers of muck in the cesspool, oh yes, look into the penal code of your Christianly enslaved country and study what series of crimes your felons' coach  (Christian jargon: "innocent lamb loving all his enemies")  and "god" perpetrated in the Jerusalem Temple: 


     Trespass, actual bodily harm, coercion, interference of religious peace and that all in concomitance of offences...!

Whatever would infamous Christian foul mouths howl and claim to be "martyrs" if some of their rivals would do to them what Jesus did to his enemies in the Jerusalem Temple…! Scarcely conceivable! "Martyrdom", "martyrdom" they would yammer! However, what is to object if con men, felons, murderers and terrorists become punished? Ask the Christians what they did in their torture chamber, which was not abolished by the Christians! That what they did in their torture chamber that is what Christians are deserving, today, yesterday and tomorrow.


   Your Christian felons' coach  (Christian jargon: "innocent lamb loving all his enemies") is an infamous criminal! Already for this file of offenses your idol and "divine" felons' coach would be sentenced for about two years of prison in your Christianly enslaved country, provided, all human beings are equal to the laws in Christianly enslaved countries, what can be questioned. Two years of prison only because the casualties of this violence are withheld in the chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels")… Otherwise, already life-imprisonment would be possible as punishment for the corpses (that are concealed in the Christian foul mouths’ reports).



     He was "purifying" the Temple, you Christian foul mouths, are feigning... Imagine, what you would or will groan and howl, if we would or will clean our planet from its most organized infamous crime that way your felons' coach  (Christian jargon: "innocent lamb loving all his enemies")  Jesus "Christ" modeled it in the Jerusalem Temple...! And that would be very honorable.



     Why?: A bad being just produces bad fruits and therefore, Jesus' lies, deception, hypocrisy, perfidy, offences, crimes, felonies, murders, mass-murders, genocides, atrocities, barbarities and all imaginable abominations necessarily are entailed. You Christian foul mouths listen well to me: There are very honorable reasons for getting rid of all those bad individuals in order to get rid of all those bad "fruits"! Your outrages, murders, mass-murders and genocides are  not to atone by a schmuck of your own (Jesus "Christ" ) but by the juridical authorities, i.e. by jail. Think about it!



     If you Christian foul mouths do not believe that your felons' coach  (Christian jargon: "innocent lamb loving all his enemies")  and "god" Jesus "Christ" perpetrated crimes in the Jerusalem Temple, then I advise you not to hesitate to do that what you ought to do according to your depraved faith: Imitating your coach, idol and "god" Jesus "Christ" in your Christianly enslaved country.



    I will wait and see what happens, if you trash, bash, blow and knock down by your fist or by a whip all the Christian foul mouths, in particular, the Christian schmuck priests in their toilets that are labeled as “churches", because of their lies, deceits, perfidy, spite, poison, brainwashing, enslaving, instigation to crimes on your conspecifics...

     They certainly will kiss your hands and thank you how you were purifying the Christian toilet that is labeled "church"...

      Once more, how could Jesus object to lies, perfidy, spite, deceit, violence and crimes if he models everything of that evil?


     In order to precede let us state that perjury -- as a component of Christian „love“ -- is no contrivance of Clement of Alexandria, i.e. Clemens of Alexandria at best would be a scapegoat for the Christian barbaric sect by „arguing“ that way. On the contrary:  Clement of Alexandria advises his perfidious schmucks even to commit perjuries in order to veil of the truth about Jesus "Christ" , because lie, deceit and in particular perjury are constituents of Christian infamy.


     However, that is not all. Jesus and Peter both were serial killers. Therefore, it is as ridiculous as deceitful and very typical of  Christian falsehood and depravity arguing that the Christian barbarities and atrocities are a vitiation of Jesus' "". morals." The Christians' fake  that Satan's catamite, pardon, Jesus "Christ" purportedly was an innocent one that even cannot hurt a fly is a nothing but the shrewd trick of Christian perfidy in order to robotize their fellow human beings, i.e. to turn humans into biological machines babbling lunacies.


Jesus "Christ" is the same perfidious creep n’ crook, heel, hypocrite, liar, deceiver, in brief: Objektivation (incarnation) of perfidy, i.e. a "sick one needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) as each other (mendacious) Christian. Of course, it is to admit that  some of the Christian foul mouths are not illegitimate children and not that misshapen as their “god” is…



The serial murders of Jesus on little children are pointed out on: 

 and assassinations of Peter on: and 



Jesus and each Christian try grifting and swiping that by perfidy what they are lacking by nature…and more over they want to take revenge on those that turned out better by nature. For that purpose they fake to be on good terms with “god” and keeping “mysterious truths”.

There is only one mystery in Christian sect: Infamy.  Everything else Jesus and the Christian foul mouths claim and fake is nothing but  the requirement of their infamy. Even, when they are inflated with “morals” or “love” that much that one even could doubt that they still  can walk because of their heavy load of “morals” and “love” in their trousers, it is nothing but an operation of their perfidy. Jesus’ and the Christian foul mouths’ “moral” mask is just a requirement of their infamy.

Jesus is a coach for felons and models even murders. Where there is a sect of infamy, there a felon is lifted up to its "god", because where there is carcass (Jesus), the vultures, pardon, the Christian foul mouths are gathering -- and even if only two vultures (Christians) are gathering, the carcass (Jesus) is right admits them...





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[i] Clement of Alexandria, in: “The Secret Gospel of Mark”, on: .II,10 -12