Chapter: 6, Part: 6

The purported  Feasibility of everything (Triumph of Will) monkey-God's Ploy of Deceit and Self-deception

  Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime




Why Jesus monkey-Christ presumes  the Fuss to fake “God”



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      Only by accomplices Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus "Christ" “) can revenge himself for his miserable lot on humankind ((being ugly, misshapen, homosexual, born as illegitimate child, slogging away in Egypt as servant etc.)[1]. Nobody shall do better than he is doing.   Therefore, he has to offer a lot to his Christian  objectifications (incarnations)  of perfidy of perfidy to make them stick up for him and worship him as “god”.  By talking them into believing that they arbitrarily can “bind and loose” what allegedly simultaneously is bound and loosed in heaven“ (see: Mt 16:19, Mt 18:18) – as Satan comparably said to him when both encountered in the desert – he does not only flatter his Christian foul mouths, objectifications (incarnations)  of perfidy  to be the masters and rulers of the world. He also provides sham-goods to them by which his henchmen (Christian priests) arbitrarily can deal with other individuals, for instance, torment them to their evil heart’s content! 


Oh yeah, if it is about being worshiped as “god” Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) is ready for the utmost and hereby coincides with his and his Christian henchmen’s description of Satan …!


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What does „shepherd“ (of sheep), what does „vicar of god“ mean? It means to fake acting as “god” because there is no god any longer!  God is the first thing the Christian foul mouths have expelled from our planet by replacing him by a felon and death penalty of their own, i.e., by Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: „Jesus "Christ" “).  Somebody really believing in god rather would die of fear before perpetrating that. E.g., if everything is possible by belief, then one is a “god” or “god’s” son because one believes it sufficiently:



Mt 17:20 NRSV


20  So Jesus said to them, "Because of your unbelief; for assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith as a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you (Christian the sick needing a physician).



This saying debunks Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”)  and the henchmen of his (Christian) sect to be atheists since for people believing in god, only for god nothing is impossible. Believing that nothing is impossible for oneself means lifting oneself up like “god”… This is not only one of the most credo of Christians but a crucial one of all desperadoes.  The Nazis called this “triumph of will”:



"We National Socialists know best that faith shifts mountains, makes history but not the laws of economy and not only the weapons. That is why we (Nazi desperadoes) know the importance of a power with a different faith. "[2]



Faith shifts mountains (and the truths, anyway) is the credo of all criminals, desperadoes and terrorists suffering with megalomania. Those criminals want to be like “god”, if not “god” himself. The impostor Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) is a very paragon of this type of desperado criminals.


Being “god” means only a matter of believing what is to regard as   “god”, respectively what one drums into the brains of the caught brain to believe as “god” since everything is not that what it is but what one makes, respectively, forces others to believe (what it was)…Matters are only that what you make others believe about them. There are not truths but those the Christian foul mouths impose on others because everything is possible for those objectifications (incarnations)  of perfidy of perfidy and other sorts of insane felons …! If you are not “god”, then you are not “god” because you do not believe enough to be “god” or “god’s” son. Everything is feasible according to desperadoes’ and megalomaniac ones’ deception and self-deception!


Everything is possible, even that those Christian counterfeiters, spiteful little devils, rogues in frocks or frogs in frocks, perfidious and grudging damp squibs of nature, brutes and barbarians pose as “reverends”, “saints”, “holy fathers”, yes even as “deputies of god”. The more they are determined to “avoid knowing what is true” (Friedrich Nietzsche), the more they are that  what they fool themselves about themselves!  Belief shifts mountains also means: Everything is a matter of fooling yourself and forcing others to one’s foolishness!



Everything is possible, if one is abominable enough to install it by lying, deceiving, conditioning, brainwashing, libeling, slandering, denouncing, jailing and murdering others! That is what desperadoes, that is what an organized crime like Christian sect is doing!


Those who do not believe so are spoilsports! At the stake with those heretics!



Everything is possible if one believes in the almost perfect crime, viz, Jesus "Christ" and Christianity!



Where there is Jesus "Christ" , there is no god but the grimace of a spiteful little devil as feigning „god“ and his fellow desperados and terrorists, i.e.,  the most abominable (organized) crime of our Planet (Christian sect), presumably of our galaxy!  Where there is Jesus "Christ" and the cross deception, there is Christianity – that means perfidy, infamy, brainwashing and  less morals and  ethics than most higher developed animals, in particular, mammals have. Jesus "Christ" , the Christian foul mouths and their cross deception that is the moral downfall of human beings even below most the animals. Jesus "Christ" or Christianity – that is no question why “god” became human (“cur deus homo”) being but why brutes are bestowed a human shape!


One only has to make human beings to be automatons, robots and zombies by brainwashing (“education”) and all of a sudden the planet’s most felon and other objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  can pose as “god”, “god’s” son, vicar of “god” or  “slaveholders” by the grace of “god”!


To produce these Christian robots Jesus "Christ" at first has to destroy the personality of his victims once forever or as he says in „The Gospel of Thomas“: “the house“. Afterwards, he can start to construct the cripples, slaves (sheep) to be  robots out of those heaps of rubble and debris.


Oh yeah, for those purposes felons' coach  (Christian jargon: "innocent lamb loving all his enemies")   Jesus "Christ" has crafty plots. The first of those tricks is that what the German Nazis later called „Triumph of will“ and evenly committed as the Nazis evenly accomplished Christian anti-Semitism.




Lu 17:6 NRSV

6  The Lord replied, "If you had faith the size of a mustard seed, you could say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it would obey you.



Jesus said:" When you make the two one, you will become the sons of man, and when you say, 'Mountain, move away,' it will move away."[3]



The feasibility of everything – that is the only thing Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus "Christ" “)  as all other sorts of  desperadoes  (e.g., even Adolph Hitler) believe. Faith shifts mountains … Oh yeah, this  probably is  the only matter  Adolph Hitler or  Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) and all the henchmen of theirs believe.  Everything, even “god” and the “truth” are only that what we (Christian desperadoes) allow them to be … Therefore, everything is only a matter of brainwashing, violence, crimes, perfidy and infamy, viz, of foul play! That is the way desperadoes or brutes create the “god” of their own.


So, so – and if I believe to be “Messiah”, “Christ” or even “god” , then I am that because otherwise my belief (and brainwashing), perfidy and infamy are insufficient …! That is the Christian “mystery”: cur “deus” homo (why “god” became brute or even Satan, pardon, man)!


Thus, one really can see that Christian faith indeed is full of secrets (“mysteries”) …! Therefore, do not always call the Christian foul mouths liars and deceivers when they drivel that way …! Do not forget: Here, it is about “martyrs” …!  (You never know what liars and deceivers have to suffer from the truths they so gladly  want to get rid of … Behind each corner they obsessively  suspect a heretic  lurking that wants   to tell those  truths their choked conscience is reproaching to them …).


Honest folks are open minded and do not have such  secrets or “mysteries” …!


Oh my god, Satan, his son, Messiah and all their henchmen (Christians) believe  that their faith shifts mountains, so that they do not have to care about truths. 


·        For them “truths” are only that what they allow to believe as truths.

·        For them, everything is possible.


However, honestly religious ones believe only god everything to be possible of everything because honest religious people think god to be almighty! Desperadoes, in particular Christian ones, feel omnipotent because of their perfidy, infamy, abominations, barbarities, viz, because of the almost perfect foul play!



Even German Nazi desperadoes believed in that  “triumph of will”.  Hereby they accomplished Christian anti-Semitism by a mass-murder on the Jews.  And Christian sect had nothing to object but provided the henchmen for that atrocity!


What does the saying „faith shifts mountains“ further mean?


 It means that the matters for the believers are not that what they are but what those desperadoes  want them  to be. Thus, everything becomes a matter of will of the “triumph of will” – as the German Nazis said.


 “The Gospel of Thomas" again is still a little bit more correct than the others. Making the two one means  if you can delude others. In German there is a saying faking  a X as a U.  That means if you are good in deceiving you can become “son of man”. Everything is matter of will means further that everything is a matter of unscrupulousness and crime. That what makes Christian sect a sect an organized crime of foul play!


By those saying  of  Mt 17:20,  Lu 17:6 and EvTh Logion 106, which are related by different scriptures that are independent one from another and hence reliably recounted,  one can summarize Christianity.  Those sayings are the key for understanding the claims and traits of Jesus "Christ" . As each big felon of humankind he believes in the triumph of will and thus  in human’s omnipotence. Nothing else means his  expression: „ … and nothing will be impossible for you“ (Mt 17:20). 



If nothing is impossible to human beings further means that everything is feasible to human beings. This means that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka: “Jesus "Christ" ”)  believes in the omnipotence of foul play!  Everything is a matter of faith means: An individual can make himself  “god”,  instead of god – as Jesus "Christ" is  modeling it to do.  “God” is the first matter  Christian Mafia declares war by lifting up  their domestic swine to be “god” or “god’s” guardian in order to make this deception, self-deception and abomination  unassailably and   humankind to be its slaves. The victims shall believe to be powerless when those rogues in frocks or frogs in frocks or schmucks n’ mugs tell them they perpetrate their foul play on behalf of “god” and not because of accomplishing the cesspool of their perfidious and infamous  heart, viz, the foul heart of “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31) …



Oh yeah, faith shifts mountains – therefore if I believe


·        to be god, then I am consequently “god” or I do not believe enough,

·        to be god’s son, then I am „god’s son” or my faith is  not  enough,

·        having all authority in heaven and on Earth, then I have it or my belief is only insufficient,

·        that lies are „truths“ and truths are lies , then lies are „truths“, otherwise I would not believe enough,

·        to resurrect from the death, then I am risen  from the death because otherwise my faith is poor,

·        that an authentic scripture is „non-authentic“ then it is „non-authentic“ because otherwise I would be to blame for insufficient faith

·        that person or unperson is „god“ and a human being, then it is „god“, because otherwise I would not believe enough,

·        that this being is a „god“, a human being or a plant, then it is „god“, human being or a plant because otherwise my faith would turn out to be poor,

·        that a underhand foul player is no „underhand foul player“ but „martyr“, then that felon is a “martyr” or otherwise my faith would  not be enough (to believe that mire the Christian foul mouths admire!),

·        those bastards n’ dastards, those miscarriage and damp squibs of nature  are Satan’s, pardon, „god’s“ chosen ones, then they are that because otherwise I do not believe enough,

·        that I am right and others wrong, then I am right and allowed to massacre each one that does not agree with me, 

·        that perfidy is „love“, the infamy  is „love of my enemies“ then it is so or I do not believe enough,

·        that mass-murderers like the Nazis or Christian are „victims“, then they are „victims“ or otherwise my belief is insufficient,

·        that those bastards like, for instance,   Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, Stalin or Hitler are „saints“ or even „gods“, then they are even “saints” or “gods”, otherwise my faith …,

·        that I am immaculately conceives and begotten by „god“, then I am that because otherwise my faith… ,

·        that I am the deputy of “god” , then I am that because otherwise my faith …,

·        that I am the redeemer of the world, even if I am the most abominable felons and death penalty convict of humankind, then I am that because otherwise my faith …,

·        that I am “shepherd” (slaveholder) and everybody else – even those to whom I cannot hold a candle – are my „sheep“ (slaves), then I am slaveholder and others my sheep because otherwise my faith …, 

·        that I am the executor of doomsday, then I will execute Armageddon because otherwise my faith …,

·        that I can bind and  loose on Earth that is „bound“ and „loosed“ in „heaven“, then I can do that because otherwise my faith …,  

·        that underhand foul players, barbarians, viz, objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  are „martyrs“, „saints“, „holy father“, „meek“, „modest“ and „humble“ ones …, then they are that  because otherwise my faith …,

·        that a murderer is a „martyr“, then he is a „martyr“ because  otherwise my faith …  

·        that the most abominable infamy on Earth (Christian sect) is „holy“, then it is „holy" because  otherwise my faith …  

·        that burning heretics on a stake is an expression of „perfection of social live“, then it is that because  otherwise my faith …  

·        that Christian bastards n’ dastards  are brutes in a human body, then they are that because otherwise my belief would be not sufficient,

·        that Christian schmucks in frocks are rats in a human body, then they are rats because otherwise I would not believe enough,

·        that Christian underhand foul players and schmucks are pigs in the mire all fellow pigs admire, then they are that because otherwise my faith only would turn out to be poor etc., etc., etc



Oh yeah, how Christian belief coincides with Christian doctrines about Satan!



This is the mire,

The Christian foul mouths force others to admire!

Whoever loves Jesus,

Devours  those  feces!



  “Nothing is impossible to you (Christians) ”  means feasibility of all things to the most unscrupulous ones, the law of the jungle instead of culture and civilization.  If everything is feasible to us why shouldn’t I  ( “modest” and “humble”  Jesus "Christ" ) try faking to be “God Almighty” and my fellow hoodlums (Christians) to be the rulers (slaveholders, “shepherds”) of humankind …? Therefore, neither me  (Jesus "Christ" ) not my fellow   hoodlums (Christians) are liars and deceivers.   Due to the feasibility of everything we just execute the law of the jungle but do not lie and deceive. Here, the jungle means: hypocrisy, mendacity, deception, insidiousness,  unscrupulousness, perfidy, infamy, outrages, atrocities and barbarities.  If everything is possible – i.e., feasible -- to me (Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul mouths) why should we be honest instead of striving for the profit of our selfishness, ruthlessly and unscrupulously?



In addition, why not palming this profit or this selfishness off as  “modesty”, “humbleness” or “brotherly love” on goofs n’ fools believing all spoofs  the Christian foul mouths call “sheep”?  This,  all the more is possible (feasible) to Christian bastards n’ dastard, schmucks n’ thugs if everything is possible (feasible)!



Precisely because everything is not a matter of what the things are but what you make yourself and others to believe about them, he presumes to boast in the following way: 

Mt 24: 35 NRSV


35 „ Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

Mt 28:18 NRSV


18 „... All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.

Joh 6: 48 NRSV


48  „I am the bread of life..“

Joh 11:25 NRSV

„...I am the resurrection and the life.“

Joh 14:6 NRSV

„... I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

Why does he talk himself into believing that?  Because a desperado believes that one is that what one believes to be and if one is not that, then this solely is due to insufficient faith. Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (“Jesus "Christ" ”) even presumes to testify everything about himself on his own behalf because he contrives everything by his own, viz, by the unscrupulous selfishness and loopy megalomania of his.  He is everything of that not because he is that but because he believes to be that and his faith shifts mountains – and the truths anyway!  Thus he unmasks himself that he also belong with the „sick one needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31) what he testifies about his henchmen (Christians) (see: Lu 5:31). Below we will provide evidence that thus he inadvertently and indirectly witnesses to be a rouge and deceiver.



Joh 8:13 - 14 NRSV

13  Then the Pharisees said to him, "You are testifying on your own behalf; your testimony is not valid."

14  Jesus answered, "Even if I testify on my own behalf, my testimony is valid …


This testifying is true because his traits as desperado, his megalomania are the very (un)person of his and his bragging stems from that. Those sayings are that what he talks himself and others into believing and therefore he testifies on his own behalf.   He thinks that everything is possible to faith, so why not believe that?


In this context one should think over the following saying of this foul mouth and megalomaniac one who presumes to be the „truth’“ in his very (un) person: 



He (Jesus "Christ" ) said to them (his henchmen that are called “disciples”)„For the earth does not move. Were it to move, it would fall ..."



Ah, ah ha – that is the Christian foul mouths’ „way, truth and life“ …! My word! 

That is what the world looks like if the last , the very last ones become reputed as  the „first“ ones  and desperado, objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.  "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  and other sorts of felons become reputed as “reverends” or even “saints” or “holy fathers”! Those are the truths about Christian religious Mafia! In that way, those Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.  "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  really forced Italian physicist Galileo Galilee (1564 – 1642) to revoke that the Earth is circling around the son … Everything is that what one believe about them to be … Here, we pass the borderline from Christian bestiality to Christian idiocy and Christian bedlam! His loopy bragging of that  what he allegedly is, just unveils that he is one of the first “the sick needing a physisician” (Lu 5:31).



 In this context, once more and  in principle  debunks kindred of Christianity and German Nazism.  This is not only restricted to anti-Semitism and leader (Fuehrer) cult. The hard core of both is the triumph of will that constitutes all other things that are peculiar to both organized crimes like a mark of Cain.  


The germ of bestiality already is planted by the fact that the same rights are contested to the rivals and competitors of this (Christian) sect.



  The view that everything is possible necessarily has war, murder and  slaughter of one on another in its wake. In particular Christian foul mouths slaughter one another because everything is possible to the one Christian as well to the other (see: Mt 17,20). That is demonstrated by the “fruits” (history) of the Christian foul mouths.  Already Roman emperor Julian (332 – 363 C.E.) watched:




“I experienced that even beasts of prey are not that hostile minded on human beings than Christians one on another one”. [4]




If everything is possible to an individual then we only can slaughter and behead one another!  Those are the “high” “standards” history of this scum of the Earth is illustrating!


There are no morals where Christian foul mouths prevail but foul play!  If one  Christian fancies  that everything is possible to him and the other one (his rival or competitor) does the same, then they only can slaughter and kill each other.  There is no measure by which one can judge who is right or wrong if everything is a matter of will and both believe that everything to possible to them.  Hence, Christianity is bestiality as it turns out by history!  “… and everything will be possible to you” (Mt 17:20) means that everything is just a matter of unscrupulous lies, deceits, crimes, abominations and barbarities. Christian history proves that, impressively!


By feigning utmost  “morals” and even “love”  human beings become completely amoral, sheep, unscrupulous underhand foul players and if need automatons and robots of crimes by those Christian bastard n’ dastards. That is what Roman emperor realized, too:


  „You Christians are like the leeches, that extract the worst blood and leave back the cleaner one.” [5]


Christianity is bestiality, successful criminality!


For another reason this is the key of understanding Christianity and its success.  


Although it appears that-- like within a pack of wolves --- in Christian sect the lower ranking individual must show to be obsequious and subservient to the higher ranking one – quite the contrary of „modesty“ and „humbleness“ Christian foul mouths are used to faking --  Jesus "Christ" even takes into account his pets (“sheep”) , i.e., those  poor perisher worshiping him as “god”…


While claiming everything only to be a matter of will („triumph of will“) so that  things are only that what the Christian foul mouths allow them to be, thus each Christian rogue is allowed and able to contribute to this organized crime (Christianity) within the social environment of his.  In his environment he can care  that everybody calls  things how the Christian foul mouths want them to be called, i.e., lying  by concepts as the Christian foul mouths demand their fellow human beings to do or worship (pay tributes) like Christian Mafia wants him to do.  E.g., each Christian has to care by bigoted and tireless blathers that Christian swineherds („shepherds“) puffing up  in a peacock’s clothing are reputed to stand for „humbleness“ and „modesty“. Otherwise the pompous and megalomaniac  Christian swineherds would become the laughing stock of the whole world for being bastard n’ dastards, schmucks n’ mugs, duffers n’ bluffers, rogues n’ frogs  faking to be kings and emperors …!


Each Christian has to contribute by lies and deceits of his own that the truths stay repressed and his Christian sect or bedlam does not become the laughing stock of the whole world.   Everything what Christian Mafia stands for is only  in the mind of its mendacious and unscrupulous believers, i.e., nothing but a product of conditioning, brainwashing and robotizing and if still something more then it is  still idiocy, bedlam and depravity.   Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ") cared for it that each Christian becomes accomplice of Christian Mafia so that he is not the only deceiver and felon and all the other Christian foul mouths just „innocent victim“ …


Each Christian can and must care that in the milieu of his that terms have the „meaning“ that are attributed by Christian selfishness to them and that everybody thinks as Christian foul mouths want them to think or that the pets (“sheep”) comply with the demanded attitudes of submission of  Christian swineherds (“shepherds”), e.g., baptism, going to church, confession, kissing slaveholders’ ring, kneeling down before them or  acknowledging that the lastare to be regarded as the “first” ones and vice versa  etc.  That the lastare reputed to be the “first” ones is of utmost  importance because this is one of the most important reasons why this organized crime of underhand foul players exists.  Therefore, Christian foul mouths draw themselves from the cesspool of grudge and envy, they are used to stirring up to profit from it.  Finally, the miserable victims have to adore those miscarriages and damp squibs of nature, those goofs full of spoofs, those bundle of mischief and misery but megalomaniac ones as packs of wolves are used to doing towards their leader. 




That each Christian can take part in Christian crimes is one of the reasons  why this organized crime  succeeded in erasing its rivals, e.g., Manichaeism. Each Christian rogue can Christianize its environment and thus can become conceited “king” of his hamlet. That does not mean shifting mountains but honesty, decency, truths, love, happiness of others, joy of living of others, i.e., everything the concerned Christian does not have but is grudging others to keep. 


·        Oh yeah, what an uplifting feeling: to destroy happiness of others because of grudge and envy but while faking n’ fancying utmost morals …!

·        Oh yeah, what an uplifting feeling being depraved, perfidious and infamous but being regarded as “reverend” or even “holy father”!

·        Oh yeah, what an uplifting feeling being an unscrupulous felon but being regarded as “martyr” and even “saint”!


Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Jesus "Christ" ") cared for it that the individual Christian does not stay the only deceiver in Christian sect but that each Christian one worshiping this poor perisher deceives too. Jesus "Christ" cared for it that each Christian becomes underhand foul player if he  had not been one before. Thereupon each Christian – that is everybody who does not feel bamboozled by this sect but  confesses this sect or religious Mafia – becomes guilty of complicity of all perfidy, infamy, crime, outrages, atrocities and of all the other Christian abominations.  Being responsible for something means being punishable for it.


 Each taking part in Christian sect at least is one’s tacit approval of Christian sect’s perfidy, infamy, murder, mass-murder and of other abominations.  To be a Christian means to put up with hypocrisy, lies, mendacity, deception, libeling, denouncing, jailing murdering etc. for the benefit of its sect.


·        That is what brutes are used to perpetrating!

·        That is what makes an organized crime!


Each Christian – that is somebody that does not feel hoodwinked by Christian swineherds („shepherds“)  –  at least is partly guilty and thus partly to blame and to punish for all the Christian perfidy, infamy, crimes, outrages, murders and barbarities, at least for assisting them. Since such perfidy and infamy of a underhand foul players’ sect  does not grow on trees, membership in such an organized crime at least  is to evaluate as assistance in preparing, perpetrating, camouflaging and canting the crimes and barbarities resulting from this sect’s conditioning and coaching of crimes.




These Christian atheists fancying to be almighty  have nothing to do with god and with religions, either.  “God” and “religion” are only weapon to make the victims of this slaveholders („shepherds“) defenseless and thus the perfidy, infamy and all the foul play of this organized crime unassailable.  Christian organized crime dies without conditioning and brainwashing. 


For Christian foul mouths, pilfering  "education" means conditioning and brainwashing human being who thus are deprived of their human dignity.  This  means further to abase human being as pets („sheep“), slaves and robots for Christian swineherds.   Hence, the Christian swineherds even think that folks rejecting Christian underhand foul players’ sect in Christianly enslaved countries only do so because Christian mud of “tenets”  insufficiently  were   imposed on them, i.e., that they insufficiently were submitted to Christian brainwashing.


One thing, they never will admit: that spoofs of a underhand foul players’ sect does not shift mountains and only can impress and convince the gullible goofs believing all spoofs as  well as the fools n’ felons.



There are three reasons for being Christian:


·        First, being  depraved  or  a (morally) “sick one needing a physician” Lu 5:31),

·        secondly being weak-minded or being “poor in spirit” (Mt 5:3) and

·        thirdly being a mixture of both what mostly is the case.


The already mentioned ancient Roman emperor  Julian  (332 – 363 C.E.) proved that Christian swineherds’ success is not due to the slogan: faith shifts mountains – but to goofiness, foolishness and depravity of Christian swineherds’ pets or robots, i.e., victims, slaves or “sheep”!  Whoever conceived the passages of Mt 17:20 and Lu 17:6 that one has understood Jesus "Christ" and his sect that conceitedly has its eyes on triumphism. 


Christian Mafia (“Christianity”) is not about to help anybody but to conquer, defeat, submit and enslave the other individuals, in particular, those ones that are superior to those miscarriages of nature, by mendaciously concealing the real intention and goal and deceitfully feigning the reverse of it. The latter is what each successful deceiver is used to doing.


 Everything is only a matter of triumph of will and triumphal of being worshiped as „god“, i.e., as slaveholder of humankind.  The aim of Christian underhand foul players’ sect is not modesty and humbleness but the contrary: triumphism as „shepherds“ (slaveholders) over one’s fellow human beings submitting them to be one’s pets (sheep) or slaves. That is the motivation why a Christian bastard n’ dastard become Christian schmucks in frocks! 


For instance, faith shifts mountains means further:


·        God“ is only that what we Christian foul mouths allow him to be! If he is something else like this spiteful little devil Jesus "Christ" , then due to our insufficient belief.

·        „Truth“ is that what we (Christian swineherds) allow to be regarded as “truth”! If our (Christian) lies are not reputed as “truths”, then due to insufficient faith in them! 

·        Moral“ is that what we (Christian swineherds) allow to be regarded as „morals“. If Christian underhand foul players and Mafiosi are not regarded as „martyrs“ then it is due to insufficient belief in our own lies!  In addition, if Christian unscrupulousness is not regarded as utmost „morals“, then due to insufficient faith in it …

·        “Love” is that what we (Christian swineherds) order to be regarded as “love”.  If somebody does not call Christian foul mouths’ hatred and vindictiveness to be „love“, then it is due to insufficient belief. If somebody does not deem the Christian foul mouths’ burning of human being at the stake to be „love of one’s enemies“ and “perfection of social life” (that was the way Christian Mafia argued the stakes!), then it is due to insufficient faith … 



Desperadoes believe everything possible to them because of belief! That is the desperadoes’, in particular, the Christian foul mouths way of ignoring and repressing the truths. It even enables a felon and death penalty convict to pose as „god“ and to palm him off as such on those “who are poor in spirit” (Mt 5:3) …!  That is why Christian foul mouths pilfer education facilities wherever this pestilence could disseminate. 


More over,  faith shifts mountains means that everything is that what Christian conditioning and brainwashing drums into their victims’ brains.  That is Christian „education“: conditioning  of sheep or programming of robots by „shepherds“, i.e., by Christian swineherds.


If the Christian foul mouths say that their top hoodlum Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Jesus "Christ" ") was “god”, then he only is no god because human beings do not enough believe. Since everything is only a matter of faith, the one that does not belief corresponding Christian hoodlums' will become declared to be evil.  If everything is only a matter of will, one has to force other to comply with the will of one’s own. Thus, it is only a matter of time and opportunity when starting libeling, vilifying, denouncing, jailing and killing or burning the dissidents that do not want to surrender to that organized crime.


„Of course“ this is not „immoral“ or „inhumane“ since „evil“ and „immoral“ because those words only have that meaning we (Christian swineherds) attach to them. Consequently, there is no cognition and research any longer. Desperadoes, in particular, Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy replace the latter by obedience. That is why those who blamed Christian foul mouths for burning their adversaries or enemies at the stakes while being alive, evenly were burnt together with them for allegedly being in connection with Satan …! Only  faith statues what are „truths“, „lies“ and „deceits“.  There is no truth beyond faith and that means there is only triumph of desperadoes’ will. Whoever does not comply with that (Christian) triumph of will is to libel, denounce perfidiously and even  to  murder infamously, e.g., burnt at the stake or gazed in a concentration camp. Thus, if the Christian feign dying for the “truths”, they only die for their perfidious lies and unscrupulous deceits and infamous war on humankind, i.e., for their selfishness. 


One cannot make clearly enough what the slogan means: „Faith shifts mountains“, i.e., the „triumph of will“ turns out pied pipers that really believe in their drivel. Because this motto is the key to Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera’s („Jesus Christ's"“)  technique of deceits we want to continue illustrating  the significance of this motto. This „principle“ (of „faith shifts mountains“) unveils a lot of Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera’s (aka: „Jesus Christ's"“)  boastings, fabrications, sorcery and even doctrines of his and his (Christian) sect. 


It even “explains” much of Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera’s (“Jesus Christ's"”)  sorcery  mendacious Christian foul mouths are used to  faking as “miracles”. E.g.,  if everything is only a matter of faith, then one can feed thousands of folks by only two fishes and five loaves of bred because everybody that does not feel full does not believe enough and correspondingly is to kill because of evilness! And according to Christian foul mouths’ b&b (blather and baloney) faith means not knowing, in particular, “to avoid  knowing what is true” (Friedrich Nietzsche).




·        I (Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" )  fool myself having been begotten by “god” and “immaculate conception”, then I am begotten by “god” and by “immaculate conception”. If am not that, then it is only  due to the goofs’ little belief.  Faith shifts mountains and correspondingly the truths that I (Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, aka: „Jesus "Christ" “) begotten by an adultery of my mother Mary with the Roman mercenary Joseph Pandera. If everything is possible to faith why not  faking that as truths?

·         I (Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) kid myself to be “King of Israel” then I only do not become that because my faith and  that one of  those I want to be their “King” is too low …!

·        If there are people that do not believe that Christian foul mouths’ perfidy, foul play, insidiousness, infamy, outrages, terror, atrocities, barbarities and other abominations are not “modesty”, “humbleness”, “charity”, “brotherly love” and even “enemy love”, then is only due to their “wickedness” that they do not believe it, at least not enough …! Everything is possible to faith! My word!

·        Oh yeah, and if I (Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" )  kid myself to be the “innocent lamb of god suffering on the cross for the sins of the world”, then I am suffering that, even if I (Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, aka: „Jesus "Christ" “)    a gulled  stuntman or double  is suffering death penalty in place of me. Those, who do not believe that I am the stuntman or double only have not enough faith.  It is only a matter of faith that shifts mountains to believe that I am the stuntman or not.  Finally only that one can rise from the “dead” that never died …  In addition, everything shall fail only because of lacking faith?

·        If somebody does not believe what I (Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) and my fellow Christian foul mouths want him to believe , then this is stemming from insufficient training, insufficient conditioning, insufficient brainwashing and insufficient robotizing of human beings!


 This faith aiming at the triumph of will defines everything corresponding to the selfishness of a underhand foul players’ sect.  The goal of the triumphism of will is to exalt oneself to become slaveholder („shepherd“) and to abase the „beloved“ fellow human beings to be one’s pets (“sheep”). The aim of Christianity is bestiality of enslaving humankind to unscrupulous bastards n’ dastards with lust for power.  In order to achieve this goal unscrupulous  Christian Mafiosi really stop at nothing, each foul play is all right  with them and they even do not stop making “god” and “love” a weapon of their bestiality and abomination.   Those perfidious rats in the sewers know that they do not win by fail play.  Therefore, they resort to foul play, perfidy and infamy!



 This is the way how they produce their semantic simulations (juggling with names):


·        By the notion of „god“ god is abolished by faking that  one of their fellow felons was  “god”. “Trinity” only is a structure that shall divert suspicion from the fact that the Christian foul mouths do not believe in god but only in that swine of individual they produced to be their “god” … And if this individual is no human being – what could be possible -- then it is no human being  because it is below human beings and even below most superior animals.   I do trust in my cats more than in brute Jesus "Christ" or any other Christian rat of deceits! One cannot exalt an individual to be “god” as by putting him company to the “god”. That is what the Christian drivel, blather and baloney of “trinity” means.  If one does not want to proceed like a clumsy oaf, then “trinity” is the only way by which one can fake a fellow criminal of one’s own to be one’s god!


·        By the notion of „truth“, the truths are repressed and withheld. Now „truths“ are only that what his planetary gang of underhand foul players allow to be regarded as „truths“. That is mostly according to their selfishness to become “shepherds” (slaveholders) and to abase their fellow human beings to be their pets (“sheep”) or slaves.  „Truths“ are all their crimes that are necessary for their enslaving: perfidy, lies, deceits, sorcery, insidiousness, infamy, foul play, murder, genocide and other atrocities, barbarities and abominations.


·        „Love“ and „morals“ are not love and morals but what those Christian underhand foul players allow to be regarded as „love" and „morals“, mostly envy, in particular: sexual envy, perfidy, lies, deceits, sorcery, insidiousness, infamy, foul play, outrages, atrocities and abominations.


·        „Spiritual welfare“ is no spiritual welfare but caring of the profit and benefits of one’s own, viz,  selfishly caring of slaveholders („shepherds“) for themselves and all they need to abase their fellow human beings to be their pets („sheep“) or slaves. Christian foul mouths’ „Spiritual welfare“ is caring for the soul of one’s own how to become slaveholder („shepherd“) of one’s fellow human beings.   And more over, „soul“ is that what those underhand foul players allow to define  as soul.


·        Accordingly „poverty“, „humbleness“ and „modesty“ are not what  poverty, humbleness and modesty really are but  that what unscrupulous selfishness of Christian swineherds  allow to  define them to be.  Christian „destitution“,  „humbleness“ and „modesty“ mostly are triumphism of the lastthat do not shrink from any perfidy, infamy and farce.


Triumph of will! Triumphism of slaveholders about their enslaving of human beings – this and not „heaven“ or „hell“ is the goal of this organized crime (Mafia of planetary scale) faking a religion and of its foul play’s coach “Jesus "Christ" ”, especially since even „heaven“ only is that what it but what it has to be corresponding this underhand foul players’ sect.  No other case regarding „hell“, „Satan“ and „doomsday“:



Mr 16:16 NRSV

16  The one who believes and is baptized will be saved; but the one who does not believe will be condemned.



Those are the „truths“, „morals“, „loves“, in particular, those of this underhand foul players’ sect and organized crime.  Especially, that is the way those mendacious brutes “love” the enemies! That is the “moral superiority” of the lastthat so gladly want to be reputed as the first !  That is the way how these dastards n’ bastards, schmucks n’ thugs, goofs n’ fools fancy to exalt over their fellow human beings.  Exalting over their fellow human beings, this is the hidden, concealed and camouflaged hard core of Christianity,  of its “modesty” and “humbleness”, of Christian underhand foul players’ sect.  Triumph, triumph and once more triumph – that is the very (murderous) heart and utmost aim of this type of brutes. This is what these Christian Mafiosi perpetrate by foul play, i.e., by stopping at nothing and past comprehension! That is why Christianity is bestiality!



Christianity, Christianity!

Is utmost  despicable  bestiality!



Thus, Christian “morals” are only a “perfume” for foul play. By such „clouds of perfume“, like, for instance, „love“, „truths“, „morals“ etc.  – oh yeah, even god is such a „cloud of perfume“ in Christian sect – the Christian Mafiosi want to make their   foul play and infamy unassailable.   Even god is nothing but a cloud of perfume in Christian sect for this purpose.  The Christian swineherds  only can laugh up their sleeves about those who let themselves be intimidated by such dummies (like Christian specter of “god”), since the concepts are tampered with the advantage, selfishness and unscrupulousness of this underhand foul players’ sect.  So far Christian terminology  only is  a joke.  Behind the cliché the genuine  meaning of the word, i.e., the matter itself is erased. E.g., by the notion of “truth”, the truths become annihilated according to the triumph of will and hence the  “house” once for ever destroyed so that nobody shall be able to restore it.  Restoring the “house” – that is what doing, here.


Deliberately mendacious Christian deceivers play with double understandings (standards) at this. For instance, they deliberately want that the victims of their deceits understand the concepts of truths, god, love, moral, brotherly love, spiritual welfare etc. according to their genuine meaning and not according to faked “meaning” the Christian deceivers give  to those terms.  That is the easiest way of misguiding the victims. That what the clichés of the terms indicate and  the victims of Christian deceits correspondingly  suppose as meaning is what the Christian swineherds want the victims to believe, on the one hand.   The slave or goofy pet („sheep“)   believes that his Christian slaveholder („shepherd“ or hoodlum) strains himself for the right meaning of the words (clichés).  However, the latter have other things in mind.


As said, the latter knows and wants  the victims of their deceits  laboring under a misconception about the notions they use.  On the other hand, if the victim is fettered and defenseless  against the Christian deceiver when they tell him  that he completely is mistaken and hence the Christian terms’ meaning  is  completely “different” from that what reason, decency and honesty teach and he thinks. In this manner the Christian deceiver attribute a meaning to concepts that mostly is reverse if not precisely the contrary of its cliché.  That is why the Christian deceivers are interested in lifting up their top hoodlum Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Jesus "Christ" ") to the “god” in order to tie up and to untie the meaning of the concepts corresponding  each current need of  Christian deceivers’ selfishness, advantage and profit.




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