Chapter: 6, Part: 4

The purported  Feasibility of everything (Triumph of Will) monkey-God's Ploy of Deceit and Self-deception

  Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime




Jesus monkey-God – not only Terrorist but also in particular Opportunist


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Let us recall what Jesus "Christ" said to his accomplices:


Joh 16:12 NRSV

12  "I (Jesus "Christ" )  still have many things to say to you (Christians) , but you (Christians) cannot bear them now..




Below we will provide evidence that already this saying sufficiently provides evidence of "Jesus Christ's" (and the Christian foul mouths') cross deception. Everybody can "rise" from the death if he can make an idiot dying instead of him. Nobody knows what mendacious Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera promised to that goof.  The idiot could not prove if the  "King" of all objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.  "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  kept his promise because a dead one cannot do that. In contrast with the fuss  Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy  are used to making, it is not unusual that desperadoes and terrorists put up with their lives when trying to accomplish their goals.

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 If this saying would  not be a low trick by which des Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (“Jesus "Christ" ”) wants to apology and to cant  for lying, deceiving and coaching foul play ( to get worshiped as „god“), then  this Christian sect would have become  the most  open minded and  the most tolerant one instead of that what it really is: the most hypocritical, mendacious, perfidious, vicious and barbaric one, the most terrorist sect, the foulest playing sect! 


Oh yeah, this “poor” guy  was “forced” to lie and deceive because his Christian henchmen cannot endure the truths … You never know what Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (“Jesus "Christ" ”) had to “suffer”…  Do feel pity with him … 


If a honest sect knows that truths are not said to it because it cannot endure them it would be obliged to listen to new ideas instead of jailing or even assassinating everybody who is not willing to be a robot of conceited “shepherds”  or other sorts of imposters and underhand foul players refusing to comply with each foolishness they  are contriving.  In Christian sect “Morals” , “god”, “truths” and or other “nice” notion are only pretexts to exalt oneself to slaveholders (“shepherds”) and abase the “beloved” fellow human beings to be one’s pets (“sheep” or robots), i.e., to one’s slaves. 



If he ever would had been that bold and brave even to become slaughtered on the gallows or cross  for the truths, he would have told the truths to his henchmen, even if they would had slaughtered him for that  instead of concealing the truths. The latter he indirectly admits according to Joh 16:12.  However, those are the plots he and his fellow underhand foul players (Christian) try canting the truths having exalted an accomplices, a felon and death penalty convict as “god” of their own.


 Being unable to bear the truths means being frightened of the truths.  No wonder, that a sect that is frightened of the truths is the most intolerant one and the most of foul play. 


This dastard n’ bastard being is too much a coward as to tell the truths to his closest henchmen and accomplices (Christians) pretends to be that bold and lionhearted „to die for the sins of the world" on the gallows or on the cross and that means for the truths he evenly fakes to impersonate (see Joh 14:6).  The con man faking to be the “truth” (see: Joh 14:6) does not tell the truths …! My word, what a “martyr”! A jerk is jerking, pardon, joking! That is the ploy a underhand foul players’ sect is used to canting  the disgrace of its instigator being a felon, yes, even a death penalty convict!  Does not match this felon, a death penalty convict as “god” to a underhand foul players’ sect? 



Oh yeah, oh yeah – this Mafioso, this religious rogue  that wants us talk into believing that his disgrace of the death penalty allegedly is a “vicarious atonement” for “the sins of the world” commits the sin to hide the truths to his henchmen and is too much a coward as to tell the truths even to his fellow underhand foul players …! 


Hereby, it is already sufficiently proved that he never indented to die on the cross as he and his Christian henchmen lie until today. As known, the Christian foul mouths fake that his  destination was to be executed death penalty ordered by “god”.


When Christian foul mouths slaveholders (“shepherds”) try talking other into believing   that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus "Christ" “) allegedly  was courageous suffering for others’ (sins of the world), then they present their instigator as a bold and  as an absolutely devoted idol that ruthlessly puts up even  with each suffering, torment and even torture (“martyrdom”)  in order to  preach “truths”, “love”, “doomsday” etc. , i.e., what the matters require and not that what human beings like. They present him as an individual that allegedly does not refrain from any suffering and even martyrdom of himself in order to preach the truths.


 Here – and not only here – this contrivance turns out  to be  canting  and veiling  the disgrace of a loser, felon and death penalty convict. Whoever feels that obliged to the truths as to suffer and even to sacrifice his life for the truths, tells them whatever the consequences are.  An opportunist like “Jesus "Christ" ”  that wants to be worshiped as “god” does not do so!  Where would he be if murdered instead of being worshiped as “god” by his (Christian)  henchmen for telling the truths? Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera knows everything from his sore conscience because supposedly he was the most Christian being able to endure the truths ..!


What was left to his companions in perfidy,  i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  after the boss’ failure of raiding the Jerusalem Temple and bashing (slaughtering) innocent individuals on Palm Sunday? Hand on heart, aren’t „Jesus "Christ" “ and the his henchmen (Christians) world champions in veiling and canting disgrace, shame, dishonor, perfidy and infamy of theirs? Lying without blushing that is the first thing a Christian must have learned.   The most liars, the most deceivers, the planet’s most organized crime, the planet’s  most organized murderers strut as “martyrs” and even as  “saints” or “holy fathers” … Who is more unscrupulous to do that? 





Lies have short wings. The author of “The Gospel of John” and those Christian foul mouths that censored this gospel  fail to see that according to Joh 12:16 Jesus is no martyr sacrificing himself, e.g., for matters like truths, love, moral, vicarious atonement, ruthlessly at any price and at all costs, even that of the life of his own.  Joh 12:16 debunks that  Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus "Christ" “)  is a crafty opportunist and the death penalty as due biography of the Planet’s most felon. Everything else is crafty veiling and canting of the death penalty convict’s  due disgrace.



Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (“Jesus "Christ" ”) makes up his mind corresponding the prospects of success but not with regard to that the truths require.  He tells the truths when, how and as much as  it is opportune to tell them. He conceals the truths if it seems to be opportune to do so.  That means that opportunism and no martyrdom for the truths is his supreme credo and maybe everything else but the  truths!  Jesus "Christ" , instead of being  (faking)  “sacrificial lamb” (“martyr”) just a crafty and sneaky opportunist (getting worshiped as “god”). If he still is something  more, then he  is a loser that  wants to cant his disgrace criminal, felon, desperado and  death penalty convict, very “extravagantly”! The loser asks for pity having lost for the “sins of the world”.  Do feel pity for the death penalty convict and felon!


According to this admittance of Jesus "Christ" Christian belief is something insufficient that is still to complete.  Jesus "Christ" witnesses that Christian “tenets” are in need of addition and completion.  Who is unable to bear the truths? The answer: “The sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31). That means: the depraved, liars, deceivers, foul mouths, foul player, in brief: objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) !

The Christian are not fully informed about the truths because liars and deceivers are unable to bear the truths. Their claims, their pretensions of keeping the absolute and beatifying truths is nothing but a ploy of exalting themselves to slaveholders (“shepherds”) and abasing their “beloved” fellow human beings to be their slaves (“sheep”).  Catching fishes or sheep, i.e., ,making fishes, being worshiped as slaveholder (“shepherd”) and getting humankind under their rule that is all what Christian organized crime is about!


 Anyway, for Christian “holy Bible” needs addition and completion according to Jesus "Christ" , whereas Christian goofs, (jerking off) jerks and peacocks (with knife under the plumage) fake to possess absolute truth  beatifying (for hell) …!


My word, even the „god“ of these underhand foul players does not have to courage and strength of mind as  to tell the truths to his fellow  desperadoes, terrorists and barbarians! My word! And those heinous abominable terrorists want to talk us into believing or to brainwash us that he was that courageous, bold and audacious as to get tortured for the truths and even sacrificed his life  and not for the felonies of his…! Lying without blushing that is the first thing a Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.  "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  must have learned!


However, there is more to say to it than that.  Now we are about to put a question, a very important question, a question the Christian slaveholder (“shepherds”) and slaves (“sheep”) repress already for about two millennia but they never dared to put  because it unmasks those underhand foul players, those objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.  "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) . Oh yeah, what is the wording of this question? Let us listen to this very important question and let us melt it in our mouth and brain:  What, oh yeah, what  would had happened if Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus "Christ" “)  would had told the unbearable truths to his fellow Christian foul mouths? Do imagine!  Unimaginable!!! Heaven, pardon, stake holds a place for all who contradict the “humble” und  “modest” Christian domineering ones. That is the “brotherly love” of theirs  and, in particular, how that moral scum of the Earth “loves” their enemies …!



Oh yeah, you  Christian foul mouths preach your Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus "Christ" “)  already for two millennia but re repressing this important question that unmasks you, totally! However, if you Christian foul mouths do not put and answer the question Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus "Christ" “)  left putting and answering this significant query  to the anti-Christ:  In that case, you Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.  "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  would have spat at your “god”, libeled, slandered, denounced, tormented  and massacred him as you tormented  the heretics  and everybody restricting and limiting your lust for power! That means, that further indirectly and inadvertently it  is admitted that the Christian foul mouths worship Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus "Christ" “)  as their “god” and did not torture him because he blarneys them by lies and deceits their depraved heart desires. 


 Thus, this type of underhand foul player, this type of felon already foresaw the Christian stakes, genocide, barbarities and other Christian abominations, already centuries ago and before they took place.  However, he does not give a damn for that! The main thing is that he is worshiped as “god”.  Nothing else matters! How does Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus "Christ" “)  come up with that precise knowledge of his accomplices’ (Christian foul mouths’) psyche? Because, this is contents of the sensitivity or experience of his own!  He only needs to watch the depravity of his own and his fellow (Christian) desperadoes feel themselves mirrored  by him!



By informing that his Christian accomplices are unable to bear truths, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus "Christ" “) more over inadvertently and indirectly admits that his (Christian) hypocrites of the „truths“ and „love“ indeed are underhand foul players that even murder those ones telling the truths to them …!  These (Christian) liars and deceivers that even fake to die for the “truths” …! That is why even this „god“ of the “perfumed”  rats in the sewers has to keep silent to prevent them from biting or even devouring him … Hence, he further inadvertently and indirectly admits that his followers are a gathering of underhand foul players repressing the truths for the benefit of their own, i.e., for  the selfishness of theirs. Unambiguously Jesus "Christ" says to his accomplices: I do not tell you the truths (at least completely) because repressing them is an advantage (and no disadvantage) for you!  That is unparalleled! There is no other sect, whose instigator admits that he could not tell the truths  to his followers because they  cannot endure them …! That is not only the Christian foul mouths’ Mark of Cain but also the  mark of a underhand foul players’ sect.



How do liars, deceivers and objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.  "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  defend their deceits and abominations? The answer: By another lying, faking and deception, e.g., by the additional lie and deception that their system of drivel are  complete and absolute truths that are beatifying.  Precisely that is what the heinous henchmen of heinous desperado Jesus "Christ" , i.e., the Christian foul mouths, are doing:




Re 22:18-19 NRSV

18  I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this book;

19  if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away that person’s share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.




Early Christian Mafioso Tertullian who died in the year 222 evenly says:




"We (Christians) want no curious disputation after possessing Christ Jesus, no inquisition after enjoying the gospel!  With our faith, we desire no further belief. For this isour palmary faith, that there is nothing which we ought to believe besides." [i]


Tertullian demonstrates that the view of John (Re 22:18f) and not that one of Jesus "Christ" (Joh 16:12) has become “doctrine” of Christian sect. What a miserable “god” that is corrected by his henchmen! You never know what Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera has to suffer …! Even being corrected by his henchmen that worship him as “god” …!  Those are “Christ’s” innocent “passions …!

 Those who grifted everything by lies, deceits and fraud only can lose when changes occur. That is why Christian deceivers’ sect in principal is hostile to science and progress as far it has achieved power.  For Christian religious rogues and Mafiosi their interests are deemed to be everything. According to their secret mind humankind can perish if human beings do not want to stay Christian slaves („sheep“) to this self-appointed slaveholders (“shepherds”). That is the „brotherly love“ of those

selfish rogues in frocks,

or mugs, thugs n’  schmucks:

 The world  can perish if human beings do not want to be slaves (“sheep”) of those selfish self-appointed Christian swineherds (“shepherds”), i.e., of those dastards n’ bastards, mugs n’ schmucks, insidious and heinous creeps n’ crooks or goofs full of spoofs worshiping


Bad Jesus (Satan's) Christ,

King of all Hypocrites,

Satan’s son full of spite!


Either the world is Christianly enslaved or it shall perish. That is what old Christian slogan means: Fiat “iustitia” ut pereat mundus”  (It occurs “justice” even if the world  perishes).  According to Satan’s or the Christian foul mouths’ doctrines “justice” is everything serving selfishness of Christian Mafia und its upper  Mafiosi!


Liars  and deceivers always  try defending their lies, deceits and abominations by the reverse: e.g., by faking  lies as complete and absolute truths.  That is why that what gangster (“disciple”) John and early Christian desperado Tertullian say became doctrine of Christian sect and not that what the sect’s “god” Jesus "Christ" told regarding this aspect.

Either Jesus "Christ" lies according to  Joh 16: 12  or  „The Revelation of John“ and Christian “theology” that is represented by early Christian Tertullian. The  faked completion or even perfection of Christian „god’s words“ causes Christian spite, crimes, outrages and other sorts of foul play, exemplarily expressed in Re 22: 18f.  It belongs with an ideological lie to pretend completion, if not perfection in order to make deceits unassailable.



  By  Joh 16:12 John is convicted of lying in his “Revelation”!  The Christian foul mouths’ reference to De 4:2 is wrong because prophet Moses neither  claimed to be god nor admitted that he withheld  the truths because his fellow Jews were unable to bear them.  e.g., Mose told the Ten Commandments to his fellow Jewish countrymen, regardless if the liked or disliked them.


When Jesus "Christ" says that a lot of things he has to say to his fellow Christian objectifications (incarnations)  of perfidy  but he cannot do so because they are unable to endure the truths, then he says that he did not give a complete message, not to mention an absolute one.  If the “Revelation of John” precisely tries faking this, then John’s word apparently stands against Jesus "Christ's"word. Why apparently? Because if somebody cannot bare the truths he will use all means of perfidy, lies, deception, infamy, psychological terror and terror to prevent that the truths devastating him comes to light. That is what Christian sect is, that is what history of this felons’, underhand foul players’ and desperadoes' sect proves!


However, one could also see the last quotations the other way:

Gangster “disciple” John and early Christian Mafioso Tertullian belie Jesus "Christ" because only the first or Jesus "Christ" or all of them lie but they all cannot be right… The Christian foul mouths’ “god” belied by the henchmen of his …! And there are still folks denying that there are not wonders …! Do not dispute that  “Jesus "Christ" ” had to suffer …!

When liars and deceivers claim the truths there always is as much fun as disgrace.


Because even by contradicting their “god” Jesus "Christ" the Christian fake that his “glad tidings” (for objectifications of perfidy )  are complete. Therefore,  they contrive “summae theoligicae, that means “sums of theology” !  Indeed, if John and Tertullian would be right, then science and philosophy are complete and  only could be summarized.  A complete system one only can sum up.   In particular, the Christian Middle Ages concocted such sums of baloney. That only is  the application of the wrong inference expressed by Tertullian.  However, this complete system contradicts Jesus "Christ" (according to  Joh 16:12).


Although the source (“Jesus "Christ" ”) indirectly says the reverse, Christian sect wants to back its alleged complete and perfect credo, namely by  Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) nevertheless.  Christian organized and global crime faking to be a religion perpetrates  the most abominable foul play, even that of murders, mass-murders and genocide while pretending to keep absolute truths. This organized crime even puts in the shade the foul play of Hitler and Stalin together. Being frightened of the truths and unscrupulous lust for power make “humble” and “modest” Christian foul mouths the most abominable underhand foul players of our Planet!


This faked absoluteness of Christian „glad tidings“ is that what necessarily makes Christian sect an organized crime, an organization coaching and perpetrating foul play because the Christian desperado priests only can exalt themselves over the rest of human beings by faking to keep complete, perfect and absolute truths that only can beatify human beings.  Otherwise this deception neither is to  impose nor to maintain.  Christian enslavement is based on the pretension that the few „shepherds“ (slaveholders) keep absolute „truths“ the average individuals do not and cannot have. Therefore, the latter have to abase themselves as slave (“sheep”) to those self-appointed „shepherds“ (slaveholders). One cannot enslave fellow human beings by admitting that important truths are concealed because the „shepherds“ cannot endure them. Especially since the latter shall justify exaltation of the slaveholders („shepherds“) and the abasement of the slaves („sheep“). That is the way how intolerance, crimes, abomination and barbarities come into existence in this heinous sect. Liars never can defend their lies by admitting that they are lies. Deceivers cannot defend their deception by admitting that they deceive.


They only can do this by faking their lies as „absolute truths“ and their deception as „humble commitment“(„brotherly love”, „charity”) to their victims and repress the contradiction to that by additional lies, deceits and crimes. Therefore, Christianity necessarily is warfare by the pretense of „truths“ against the truths, by faking „love“ against love, by shamming „morals“ on morality, honesty and decency.  Waging war on something by the pretense of favoring that what is combated we call semantic simulations. Semantic simulations are one pillar of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (nick name: „Jesus Christ's") coaching of foul play to his Christian henchmen. Hereby, Christian depravity and foul play shall become unassailable and the Christian objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy   can fake to be „saint“ as the  Christian murders can simulate to be „martyrs“ etc. Getting the  depravity, foul play, barbarities and abomination of one’s own unassailable that is what all those  drivel, blathering and faking of “Jesus "Christ" ” and the Christian foul mouths are for. 


Even a dodging reference to De 4:2 does not help those Christian foul mouths and underhand foul players. Moses and no other prophet ever admitted that he had not the courage to tell the truths to  their followers because they are unable to endure them. That is a unique case in history of sects!



Because his Christian henchmen knew and know that the saying of Joh 16:12 is only an apology and canting  of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (“Jesus "Christ" ”) for  lying and deceiving to his enemies (Pharisees) Christian sect does not care about and  disseminates the reverse.


According to Joh 16:12  search for truths must continue, comparably to science when the answer of one question causes a lot of new problems in its wake that now are to be solved.  


Let us recall: “Jesus "Christ" ”  could not completely tell the truths to “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31).  Who wonders? Who is surprised? Who expects something else?  More over, from this indirectly and inadvertently  it is informed  by the Christian “god” that there are


·        no saints in Christianity because nobody can  be a saint who is unable to bear the truths -

·        no martyrs of the truths in Christianity but perfidious and infamous foul mouths and underhand foul players of lies, deceits and abominations to which  even their “god” was unable to tell the truths, at least completely.


Oh yeah, those are the much mentioned “secrets” and “mysteries” of Christian perfidious (foul mouths’ and underhand foul players’) faith …! Why Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (“Jesus "Christ" ”) was unable to tell the truths completely to his henchmen, to the “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31)? Because otherwise they would not had acknowledged him as their “god” or even would had killed him when telling the truths to them likewise  they falsely and mendaciously  accuse the Jews to have done so.  This does Jesus "Christ's" saying mean: I cannot tell you a lot of truths because you cannot bear them …! 


A sect that is unable to bear the truths necessarily will libel, slander, insult, jail, torture and kill those (“heretics”) ones that dare to tell those truths Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (“Jesus "Christ" ”) did not dare to do! Hence, Christianity necessarily is an organized crime, a Mafia, an organization of “insane ones needing a physician” (Lu 5:31) and an organized foul play of foul mouths. 


Indeed, Christianity  has become the model of underhand foul players’ sect  because it knows that “nice” terms, like,  for instance, “god”, “religion”, “truths”, “love” etc. are only faked weapons of perfidy and infamy to exalt oneself as one’s fellow human beings to slaveholder (“shepherd”) and to submit the  other individuals to be one’s pets (“sheep”) or slaves.  Hence, Christian objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy  want to pilfer and unassailably execute power over human beings, indeed over humankind!


Christian sect absorbs and gives rise to the most evil of human beings! In particular, Europe’s and America’s history teaches that!


Once more, we do not need to refer to reason in order to debunk  Christian foul mouths as liars, deceivers, underhand foul players and other sorts of barbarians. We only need to compare one Christian “divine” liar with the other Christian “holy” liars, e.g.,  John’s revelation with the chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels"), i.e., John or with “Jesus "Christ" ”.  Those mentioned “nice” concepts only serve the purpose of veiling Christian depravity and thus making perfidious and infamous Christian foul play unassailable.


 What else evidence is needed?


·        Firstly, the Christian “god” calls his henchmen, the Christian foul mouths “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31) and:

·        Secondly those who cannot bear the complete truths!


Whoever demands more evidence does so according to the motto “avoid knowing what is true” (Nietzsche) while perpetrating “lying at any price” (Nietzsche). Whoever does not want to know what is true that one evenly does not accept evidences! More over, this is the “mystery” why Christian faith or Christian foul mouths and underhand foul players do not accept reason, too!



Now and then Christian foul mouths try canting their  underhand foul players’ sect by alleging that one has to make a calculation of  benefactions versus malefactions of this sect. By the way, Adolph Hitler did this in his “My Fight” and came to that conclusion the Christian foul mouths and underhand foul players wanted to get him.


 First,  one has good case to doubt that what the Christian tell to be „good“ really is good because this underhand foul players’ sect’s „morals“ consist of semantic simulations. Finally, here it is about “values” of an organized crime, of a religious Mafia of foul mouths and underhand foul players, i.e., of “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31) being unable to experience the truths, at least completely (see: Joh 16:12) and last not least if experts in disguising themselves.


Christian “values” generally are  semantic simulations (juggling with names).



Hence it does not wonder that often apparent „good“ deeds  turn out to be misdeeds later on veiling the real intentions or as deeds of alibi for those abominable underhand foul players.  For example: Christian “education” is no education but at first and mainly brainwashing and conditioning! Conditioning  the sheep is one of the most interest of Chritsian selfishness! Therefore, Christian education is no contribution to humankind but to Christian lies, deceits, despotism and tyranny, i.e., Christian selfishness. Whoever esteems brainwashing to be a “value” one has to be grateful for?  Another example: Christian interference in health care is nothing but fighting for “protection money zones” like the Mafia in Chicago or Moscow is used to doing in branches they selected.


·        First, the underhand foul players’ sect get cash by it and

·        secondly all the good-for-nothings in the monasteries can escape from being bored to death. What else shall those skunks n’ monks, nuns n’ punks do in their booths? Praying 24 hours the day and “bathing” in the insanity of theirs? 

·        Thirdly, this “commitment” is the best disguise for those Christian foul mouths, underhand foul players, i.e., culprits  to disguise themselves as benefactors …


In Asia there are countries forbidding Christian foul mouths to interfere in health care. That is necessary for an optimal health care, even if Christianly  trained brutes, Christian robots and other sorts of criminal automatons do not believe it. My god, what do Christian foul mouths believe and what do they reject to believe …?


Let us recall that deceivers always have to hide their real intents and to fake being  incapable of that what they really are about to do or doing.  However, in the main we abandon ourselves from such a horrible calculation.  Even the worst felon and/or murderer never could be sentenced and panelized if those standards are applied. To sentence  an individual one misdeed completely is sufficient, regardless all alleged or real boons of his.  More over, Christian sect accomplishes this rule still more rigidly than public courts are used to doing it – as far no superior Christian underhand foul player is concerned.   At every step, one comes across double standards and double-fadedness of those spiteful little devils and underhand foul players!

Therefore, what does Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus Christ's"“) testimony mean that Christian cannot endure truths (Joh 12:16)? It means that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus "Christ" “)  is unable to tell the truths to his Christian fellow objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy  because otherwise they would not worship him as their „god“ …! A brute of his never would miss a chance like that! Otherwise, it is not to explain that Jesus "Christ" , who pretends even to die for the sins of the world on the cross,  is too wretched a coward as to tell the truths to his Christian henchmen, i.e., to the “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5,31)…  Oh yeah, what a “nice martyr” suffering for the „sins of the world on the cross“…!  Why should he?  Among Christian underhand foul players nobody becomes deceived that does not want to be deceived and does not deceive others for the benefit of his own! 


No wonder that the underhand foul players’ mind even more clearly  turns out in those chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") the Christian liars did not only call non-authentic but wanted to destroy for ever.   Who wonders that


·        „the sick needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31),

·        to which truths are to withheld because they cannot endure them (Joh 16:12) want to destroy all chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") of theirs proving that they are the most abominable organized crime of our Planet and murder those (heretics) telling those truths? 



Was not Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera right that those „the sick needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31) are the damp squibs of nature avowing revenge in order to execute the following program? 



Lu 12: 49 – 53 NRSV (see also: Mt 10:34-36)


49  "I (Jesus "Christ" ) came to bring fire to the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!

50  I have a baptism with which to be baptized, and what stress I am under until it is completed!

51  Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division!

52  From now on five in one household will be divided, three against two and two against three;

53  they will be divided: father against son and son against father, mother against daughter and daughter against mother, mother-in-law against her daughter-in-law and daughter-in-law against mother-in-law."



Whoever can doubt these genuine underhand foul players’ “morals”? That is the „brotherly love“ of perfidy and infamy, i.e., of Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera and the Christian foul mouths! That is what is prostituted as „love“ in Christian toilets („churches“).  Ugh, instigating hatred on one’s father n’ mother, husband n’ wife or one’s children! Those are the “morals” when Satan becomes worshiped as god. Hatred on one’s father n’ mother, wife n’ children:  Those are foul mouths’ and underhand foul players’ morals! Ugh, „god“ of the scum of the world! Ugh, perfidious “Jesus "Christ" ”, ugh, you  insidious Christian foul mouths!



However, that is not all of the venom the underhand foul players’ „love“ has to prostitute.  The Christian underhand foul players obviously fail to see that they had to clean their “god’s” word from this debunking saying. 

In another „gospel“ the big rogue puts up his guard that much that his henchmen declared the scripture for non-authentic. (Except four chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") of 72 are „non-authentic“, i.e., this Christian Mafia admits that falsehood is the rule and truths, if at all, an exception! Who wonders about such a Mafia!).  Where would we be if the cheated and deceived ones know that they are taken in?



Jesus said, "I shall destroy this house, and no one will be able to (re)build it [...]."[ii]



By the term of „house“ he means the world and human beings. He knows that he needs the scum of the Earth, unscrupulous felons and bastards, “the sick needing a physician” like him (Lu 5:31) to perpetrate this vindictiveness.  underhand foul players and other sorts of objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.  "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  that cannot bear the truths those are the rights hypocrites, felons, slaughterers and murderers that execute those „glad tidings“, i.e., program of avenge while feigning even to die for the “truths” … In brief, he needs Christian foul mouths for those abominations, barbarities and Satanism.  On that scum of the Earth he can rely and those desperadoes and goofs full of spoofs can rely on him: !



“… for Jesus came to crucify the world.” [iii]



That is what he wants. That is what his henchmen, i.e., Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.  "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) , want. And in order to make him and themselves unsuspicious and the crucifixion of the world unassailable the torturer of the world is introduced as the crucified one by him and his companions in perfidy.


It is not only about a crime on humankind but about an unassailable barbarity of the king of all brutes and of the most successful organized crime! 


His objectives are evident: The healthy not needing a pied piper he calls „physician“ (see: Lu 5:31) shall be destroyed by those Christian underhand foul players faking to be on good terms with „god“, „truths”, “love”, “morals”, “humbleness”, “modesty” etc., i.e., with everything good on which they are waging war. 



Jesus said, "The kingdom of the father is like a certain man who wanted to kill a powerful man. In his own house he drew his sword and stuck it into the wall in order to find out whether his hand could carry through. Then he slew the powerful man."[iv]




That is the usually withheld aim of this religious Mafia, this organized crime!  Those  are the „glad tidings“ of the scum of the Earth hidden behind good terms like, for instance, „brotherly love“, „enemy love“, „god“, „doomsday“ and similar obsessive fantasy of vindictiveness can create. 


Those are the „glad tidings“ for objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy .  Everybody to whom those miscarriages and damp squibs of nature cannot hold a candle shall be assassinated. And the reference to „god“ and “morals” or “love”  only serve the perfidy  to make the abominations and barbarities of this abominable gathering of bipeds unassailable!  Did not he say that at first one has to cuff a house owner before plundering him? That means: First we take away morals from human being and replace them by our Christian underhand foul players’ or Mafia’s „morals“ and then we unassailably can crucify them to our wicked Christian heart’s content. 


Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) coaches the (almost) perfect crime his henchmen (Christians)  . Christian faking of „morals“ or being in relationship with supernatural “authorities” only shall make “Jesus Christ's"” and the Christian foul mouths’ hidden hatred and revenge on humankind unassailable.


Let us ask again: What does Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera’s („Jesus Christ's"“) saying mean that his Christian henchmen cannot bear the truths (Joh 16: 12)?  It means that he cannot tell the truth to them because otherwise they would not worship him as “god” any longer! Hence, inadvertently and indirectly Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: „Jesus "Christ" “) admits being a underhand foul players’ „god“ of a underhand foul players’ sect that cannot listen to the truths for continuing to live  their lies, at any price and at all costs. Even if it would cost the murder of the „god“ of their own, they would stay with their lies, deceits and self-deceptions. That is what the passage means that the „god“ of Christian Mafiosi cannot tell the whole truth  to his fellow objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy  … 


Otherwise, it is not to understand why Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus "Christ" “) faking even to suffer, oh yeah, even  to die for the truths shrinks from telling the truths to his fellow „the sick needing a physician (pied piper)“ (Lu 5:31).  Who allegedly even dies or the „sins of his world“ and is purportedly willing to be tortured on the gallows or on the cross for others that one has that courageousness as  to tell the truths to others whatever the consequences are.  An opportunist, e.g., like Jesus "Christ" , does not do so!  Why should he risk getting rejected for being  worshiped as “god” …? Thus, sufficiently the „god“ of Christian barbarians is debunked, in particular his canting and faking, to die and being tortured for others on the gallows, instead of for the crimes of his own!   

Jesus "Christ" , ,

Full of spite!

 My goodness, what a nice  „martyr“ that allegedly  dies for the „sins of the word“ on the gallows or on the cross but indeed too much is a coward as to tell the truths to his henchmen or fellow “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31) …!  My word, what a „martyr“ …! 

There, no type of foul mouth,  criminal or underhand foul player is cheated that does not want to be deceived for the selfishness of his own! 


No wonder, that Christian Mafiosi did not only want to declare those chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") debunking them to be „non-authentic“ but also wanted to get rid of them, for ever.  It is a unique case in history of religion that a sect destroyed the most scriptures of its own. You read correctly: Christian sect did not not destroy scriptures of those who oppose this organized crime but also the most scriptures (“gospels”) of its own!  By doing this, many truths should become destroyed for ever those Christian foul mouths, underhand foul players  cannot bear according to Joh 16:12 …!


That „spirit of truths“ (Joh 16:13) he and his fellow Christian „the sick needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31) always combated by venom of tongue, perfidy, infamy and foul play and – one never shall forget it: - by torturing, crucifying and prematurely cremating those who dared telling the truths …!   Nothing unusual in an organized crime that is frightened of the truths …!




The Christian foul mouths have no (complete or perfect) revelation of god but only an almost perfect crime!

Perfecting crimes means making them unassailable! Christian organized crime tries making its foul play to be unassailable by juggling with names, like,  for instance, „religion“, „god“, „truth“, „love“, „brother love“, „enemy love“, „modesty“, „humbleness“, „charity“, „spiritual welfare“, „heaven“, „hell“, „Armageddon“ etc.


In Christianity, it is not about “god”, “morals”, “love” etc.  but to exalt oneself unassailably to be slaveholder (“shepherd”) and abase one’s “beloved” fellow human beings to become one’s pet (“sheep” or robots), i.e., one’s slaves.  Christianity is no humbleness and modesty but getting the rule over humankind. It is about to conquer  the world by this organized crime of foul mouths and underhand foul players. Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul mouths are about foul play, i.e., to get by lies, deception, fraud, crimes, bestiality and other abominations what they cannot get by fair play!    




Where is that brilliance of intelligence, wisdom and excellence of nature that ever could authorize the


·        last ones that so gladly want to become the first and/or

·        „the sick needing a physician (or pied piper) “(Lk 5, 31) and/or

·        liars and deceivers being unable to bear the truths (Joh 16:12) and/or

·        mendacious ones opposing the „spirit of the truths“ (Joh 16:13) by perfidy, infamy and other abominations


to exalt themselves as „shepherds“ (slaveholders) over the healthy that do not need a physician (see: Lu 5:31) to whom they cannot hold a candle?



Therefore, it is no accident in the Christian bedlam and Christian underhand foul players’ catacombs that those last ones that want to be the first so gladly force physicist Galileo Galilee (1564 – 1642) to revoke his cognition that the Earth is circling around the sun. According to that underhand foul players’  „ideology“ they are the „first ones“, the „shepherds”, the slaveholders and thus Galileo Galilee the ignorant sheep and “slave” that supposedly cannot hold a candle to those conceited “favorites” of heaven …! 



Sine when a sheep (slave) is allowed to contradict his shepherd (slaveholder)?  Since when a sheep knows something better than his slaveholders or “shepherds”, allegedly installed by “god”? Therefore, it is up to Christian underhand foul players and objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.  "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  to decide what the Earth and the sun are doing and everything else is an exaltation by which the “sheep” make themselves to be “god” … Where would we (Christian objectifications   of perfidy ) be if the “sheep” decide instead of the shepherds? 



The  conceited “superiority“ of Christian foul mouths as purported “favorites of heaven” ( slaveholders or “shepherds” over slaves or “sheep”) that are preferred regardless their deeds or misdeeds, in particular, regardless their abominations whereas other willing folks allegedly  have to go to hell only because they do not believe in  that what a religious Mafia is vomiting  (see Mr 16:16) is only the prey of their deceit that shall accomplished  what nature refused to do for those bad losers (objectifications   of perfidy ), spiteful little devils, foul mouths, miscarriages and damp squib of nature, especially  by heart and soul.


That is the “brotherly love” and the  “love” of the enemies of the worshipers of “Jesus "Christ" ” – full of spite! As far as Christianity claims to be a religion it is only does so in order to make its crimes unassailable.


Christian foul mouths replace fair play by (Christian) foul play when claiming advantages they do not have. Hereby only  selfishness and bestiality of Christian foul mouths is debunked.  This fooling constitutes Christianity as an organized crime and not as a religion. As far as Christian claim to be a religion they do so for the purpose making their lies, deceits and, in particular, bestiality unassailable. When Christian swineherds refer to “god”, they do  for the same reason. And hand on heart: When talking about “god” Christian foul mouths only mean their topmost felon and right death penalty convict: Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (“Jesus "Christ" ”).


And to that misery of “god” one only can state:


Burning victims crying at the stake,

Jesus "Christ" is Satan’s fake!



Does somebody believe in god who lifts up his domestic pig as “god”?  In contrast with those “doctrines” of Christian goofs full of spoofs I do not believe that all superior developed animals are that depraved like Jesus "Christ" and most  Christian underhand foul players are.  Christianity is a sort  of depravity and criminality animals are incapable. In some aspects  “Jesus "Christ" ” and most Christian foul mouths morally can take a leaf out of the pigs’ book. This demonstrates “Jesus Christ's"” and the Christian foul mouths’ depravity, perfidy and infamy!




Those are the consequences of  Christian lies and self-deception that the lastbecome the „first“ ones, i.e., if the revenge of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus "Christ" “) of destroying the world is going to be accomplished!



That is what the world looks like if foul mouths, underhand foul players or „the sick needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31) successfully wage war on the “first” ones by brainwashing, conditioning, perfidy and infamy! Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: “Jesus "Christ" ”) arbitrarily put on grudge, envy and vindictiveness of the laston the first . Thus, the Christian underhand foul players’ „god“ enkindles the dark, Satanic parts of individuals.   Nobody shall do better than he did. Because he did not  well the whole world shall  perish. Those are the „glad tidings“ of a foul mouth for his fellow  objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy !






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[i]  Tertullian, The Prescription Against Heretics, ed. by the Wheaton College,  Chapter VII, on: I deem this translation to be blurring and darkening.  Therefore, I suggest the following translation into English:  “However, since Jesus "Christ" , we  do not need researching any longer, even not any investigations since the gospels have been proclaimed. If we believe, then we desire that there is nothing in addition to believe.  Because this is the first thing we do believe:  There is nothing in addition, which we have still to believe besides faith.“


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