Chapter: 6, Part: 1

The purported  Feasibility of everything (Triumph of Will) monkey-God's Ploy of Deceit and Self-deception

  Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime



Jesus monkey-God and Christianity condemned by what standards?


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If we are now going to demonstrate the ploy how Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) and his Christian sect want to make their crimes unassailable, Christian foul mouths certainly will try faking the impression that Jesus "Christ"  


·        never wanted  to perpetrate lies, deceits, not even to train those matters and

·        by what standards we can judge something good or evil.


Certainly, the Christian will allege that they and their Jesus "Christ" only have “love”, “truths” and “god” in mind and even “desire to suffer for the sins of the world”…  By what standards somebody is able to recognize and thus to define or name something evil or good?


Indeed, calling something wicked one first must have a notion of wickedness, by which one can judge a mater to be wicked. In this respect, Jesus "Christ" and Christian sect want to make themselves unassailable by alleging that reason cannot judge Christianity as far at it judges Christianity negatively.



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However, we can release ourselves from that premise of defining  the notions of good and evil because we are able to debunk Jesus "Christ" and the Christian sect by the standards of the own. Here, we provide evidence that Jesus "Christ" and Christian sect are hypocrisy, lies, deceits, foul play, felons and barbarians primarily by the doctrines  of their own and secondly also by reason.  I.e., primarily we do not judge Jesus "Christ" by reason but by the doctrines and terms of his own. According to them, we are able to provide evidence that Jesus "Christ" even is Satan of the perception and imagination of his own, that means of his “god’s word”! By the measure Jesus "Christ" and his Christian foul mouths give they are measured and hereby we reach the recognition that he is humankind most deceiver and his sect the most abominable organized crime on Earth.


As already mentioned when outlining the method of (criminological) investigation, success of hypocrisy, lies and deceits stems from the fact that no victim believes the deceiver to able to commit the questioned deception. Deceit becomes successful if the liar and deceiver is able to mislead the victims about his real intents. In order to succeed in doing so the deceiver often has to feign to hold that in abhorrence what he really is going to commit.  That is why hypocrites, liars and deceiver always condemn themselves because that what they feign to intend condemns that what they are going to do or have done!  Therefore, the standard by which we debunk Jesus "Christ" and Christian sect as liars, deceivers, underhand foul players and brutes are the standards of their own, i.e., that what they fake (their demands).  Deceivers are debunked by the difference of that what they feign to be and to do and that what they really are and/or really are going to do and/or what they have perpetrated, indeed. This is precisely the way we do with regard to Jesus "Christ" and Christian sect.



Now, let us provide evidence that according to the Christian „god’s word“  Jesus "Christ" is nothing but a spiteful little devil and his Christian sect an organized crime (religious Mafia) – not only by reason but primarily but the Christian scriptures! Afterwards, we will debunk the plots how Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul mouths get their crimes unassailable so that deceivers are able to be reputed as preachers of the “truths”, “love”, “moral” or the most abominable felons on Earth can puff up themselves  as “saints”, “holy fathers”, “god’ son” and “martyrs” etc.








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