Chapter: 5, Part: 4, Section: 1

The Hypes of "Christ" - just Monkey's Fuss for Flops n' Slobs

 Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime



The Monkey Christ measured by his “Lord’s Prayer”




Perfidy of Jesus "Christ" by his “Lord’s Prayer


Later addition:



Mt 6:13 YLT


  Thine is the reign, and the power, and the glory—to the ages”?



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          Obviously already very early Christians felt the "Lord's Prayer" to be insufficient and  corrected the „god“ of theirs Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) by adding this saying.  What a miserable „god“ that has to be corrected and completed by his wretched henchmen …! In addition, this happened although according to Re 22:18f it is faked to be a mortal sin to add or omit something of Satan’s, pardon, “god’s” word”: 



Re 22:18-19 NRSV

18  I (John) warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this book;

19  if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away that person’s share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.



Obviously those deceiver’s sayings are only to apply to the advantage of this gathering of the accursed of god (see: De 21:23) and not to disadvantage of theirs! This addition to Lord Hypocrite Prayer’s,   one already can find in community orders of the beginning second century of the accursed of god (De 21:23). It proves that early Christian foul mouths did not trust in “Jesus Christ's"” uttering of megalomania. Otherwise they never could had attribute “the reign, the power and glory” to the “god father” that deformity Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) exclusively claimed for himself! Exactly this we are going to provide evidence, more in detail.   



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 However can Christian foul mouths attribute “the reign, authority and glory” to the “god father” while worshiping a fellow underhand foul player of theirs (Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) as „god“ who precisely is claiming this for himself? 


Mt 28:18 NRSV

16     And Jesus came and said to them, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me (Jesus "Christ" ).



Here, it is not about if Jesus, the accursed one of god (De 21:23) is “god” or not. Here, it is about the question: either Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ), the accursed one of god (De 21:23), or god!  In the Hypocrite’s Prayer, indeed in Mt 6:13  possession is attributed to the father that in other part’s of Christian Mafia’s  word is denied as kept by the father and  passed off as that one of a Christian  „Son’s“ that so gladly want to associate to the “father”, viz, god,  as peer.  That quarrelling is known from sons having murdered their father to get the father’s possession, „prematurely“ …!


What is attributed to the „father“ in Mt 6:13 is denied and contested to the „father“ in  Mt 28:18. Now, it is called to be  the belongings of death penalty convict  Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (curse name: Jesus "Christ" ) , the boss and/or Satan of those who are under curse of god (see: De 21:23). If a father had handed over his company to the son, everybody has to apply to the son or to those the son charges. One cannot demand a president to execute his office after having resigned or being voted out of office. Then everybody has to apply to the successor.



I.e., the Christians as partisans of the accursed one of god (De 21:23), on the one hand, “praise” god for all possible and impossible possession, this fawning rats , on the other hand, attribute to the accursed one of god (De 21:23), they do not call Satan but Jesus "Christ" or “the son of god” … 


   However, this is not the end of the impertinence of those who are under curse of god (see: De 21:23). As we are going to prove below, according to the bedlam of those who are accursed of god (De 21:23), god (the “father”) even has to ask death penalty convict Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) – the accursed one of him (De 21:23) -- for permission if he desires anything …! 


Therefore,  the saying of the Hypocrite’s Prayer: „ … Thine (god) is the reign, and the power …“ is even more perfidious!  This demonstrates that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) and the Christians’ „Lord’s Prayer“ only is a Hypocrite’s Prayer of those who are accursed of god (see: De 21:23), like Satan and all his followers are under curse of god. 


This contradiction comes into being because, on the one hand,  the Christians know that in truth their rogue n’ frog Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" )  is no “god” but an accursed one of god (see: De 21:23). On the other hand those partisans of the accursed on of god (De 21:23), viz, Christians so gladly would like to have him (or even Satan) as “god” …


Thus, once those the accursed ofgod (De 21:23) sham to praise god and at the next moment they try faking Satan or another accursed one of god (De 21:23), for instance, “Jesus "Christ" ” to be “god” …


Frightening of not terrorizing  the victims of their deceit the accursed of god (De 21:23), i.e., Christians do not shrink from claiming „all authority in heaven and on Earth“ (Mt 28:18) --  indeed only god can have – for their dummy and spiteful little devil (“Jesus "Christ" ”).


More over, one should not neglect that here in Mt 6:13, in contrast with Mt 28:18   the impression is given that  the "son" is praying to the "father": " ...Thine (to the "father") is the reign, and the power, and the glory ...  I.e., here the rogue n' frog, bastard n' dastard "generously" grant properties to the "father", he otherwise claims for himself, e.g., in Mt 28:18 ...! Oh what a grace, the accursed one of god (De 21:23) allows god some possession ... Oh Satan, oh (Jesus) Christ I gratefully thank you on behalf of god ...!


What else but perfidy, insidiousness, mendacity, depravity, lies, deceits, crimes and infamous outrages  -- in the jargon of the Christians “sins” -- one can expect form the accursed of god (De 21:23) …?  Do you really expect something good from the accursed of god (De 21:23)?     Did not  Jesus Satan’s Christ say: „… who commits sin is a slave to sin“ (Joh 8:34)? How does he get this correct knowledge? By divine inspiration? No, because of self-experience!


For each liar and deceiver, it is difficult to overview all the consequences and links of his lies and deceits. That is why those Christian foul mouths steadily ask for le niency or remission of their sins …!


Again, we discover one „secret“ („mystery“) by the other of this most and most heinous organized crime of our Planet! That what at one moment is claim as god’s („father’s“) domain, at the other moment is passed as the „son’s“ property off on the victims of deceit.  For the same thing many persons struggle to keep it, according to Satan’s or his Jesus "Christ's"puking!  That is the way the accursed of god (De 21:23) "love" one another!


So, secrets over secrets, mysteries over mysteries among the accursed of god (De 21:23) …!

Whoever could expect something else from those who are under curse of god (see: De 21:23) …?



Why does Christian sect have that many secrets (mysteries)? The answer:  Because without secrets there is no deceit!


Oh well, however could the reign and the power be up to „god“ if those mendacious, insidious and perfidious Christian foul mouths lift up a fellow desperado to „god“ that wants  this “reign of god” to be going to  perish? According to this Lord Hypocrite’s Prayer (Mt 6:9) god shall dwell in heaven. However, in favor of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) heaven – but not hell! -- has (and is going) to perish:  




Mt 24:35 NRSV

35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my (Jesus’) words will not pass away.



In addition, another secret (“mystery”) of the deceit of the accursed of god (see: De 21:23) unveils: However can the power and reign be up to the god (father) if Satan or his son (Jesus "Christ" ) presumes that everything belongs to him? Oh well, even if the god („father“) wants anything he has to ask another person, the son (of Satan or Satan proper) for permission:


Joh 16: 15 NRSV  

15 All that the Father has is mine (Jesus "Christ" ). For this reason I (Jesus "Christ" ) said that he (“god father”) will take what is mine (Jesus) and declare it to you (fellow Christian terrorists).



The bedlam has a toilet,

Christian sect!


That what blathers this poor old sod,

Is due to the accursed one of god!


Satan has a catamite,

His name is Jesus "Christ" .


And in the Christian sect or bog,

Both are worshiped as “god”!


There is no more spite,

Than Satan and Jesus "Christ" !


Christianity, Christianity!

Perfidy, infamy and depravity!



Otherwise, to this bedlam it is to say the same as to the third and fourth order of the Hypocrites’ Prayer: “Your kingdom come” or:  “Your will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven”. ,



However, one matter we may not keep unmentioned. The here demonstrated contradictions -- to whom „all authority in heaven and on earth on earth“ is given (see: Mt 28:18) or to whom the reign, power and glory belong -- dissolve on condition that the accursed of god (De 21:23) worship Satan and not god as „god“. On this condition, one indeed cannot accuse the accursed of god (De 21:23) attributing something to the god, they at another moment declare being possession of another person, viz, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) or even Satan!  


So, please do not always claim that Christian scriptures are thoroughly contradictory … Please, render a little bit respect to Satan, his son (Jesus "Christ" )  and all their Christians, viz, to the accursed of  god (De 21:23) …! Finally, they want to model to god how he correctly should execute his job (see: 1Co 15:24-28) … And that is why the accursed of god (De 21:23) “suffer” that much, that much, that much …



Satan’s Christ is accepting the felons and foul mouths,

And everybody that is grudging the winners!


This cracking fart,

Christians deem to be art!






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