Chapter: 5, Part: 4, Section: 1

The Hypes of "Christ" - just Monkey's Fuss for Flops n' Slobs

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime



The Monkey Christ measured by his “Lord’s Prayer”




Sixth order of prayer:




Mt 6: 13 RSV


"And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil"?




The Cross as the Mark of Cain (Passport) of the accursed of God



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James -- the so-called "Brother of the Lord" says in his epistle that is also indexed to the Christian "New Testament“, viz, "god's word":  



Jas 1:13-14 RSV 

13 ¶ Let no one say when he is tempted, "I am tempted by God"; for God cannot be tempted with evil and he himself tempts no one;

14 but each person is tempted when he is lured and enticed by his own desire.


My word,  his brother and faking “god” (“Jesus "Christ" ”) inveigles the Christian foul mouths into insulting god that he allegedly temps the poor Christian bastards n’ dastards or rogues with frocks and without frock! The accursed one of god (De 21:23) does not only slander god to tempt others but also gull millions of folks into slandering god that way! While droning the "Lord's prayer" -- all Christian foul mouths are use to doing -- Jesus and the Christian foul mouths even presume to insinuate that god tempts them. Satan, this Christian sect, this sect of the accursed of god, is your victory!

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 James, the "brother of the Lord“ realizes that thus his brother Jesus and his fellow the accursed ofgod (Christians) are used to denying  the depraved and malicious nature of their own by projecting it on god or – as perpetrated by “Jesus "Christ" ” in Mt 4:1-10 on the devil.


That means that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (“Jesus "Christ" ”) and his fellow Christian the accursed ofgod is Satan, respectively, the devils of their own imagination and according to their own standards. For the Christians’ true understanding of god – as far as one can call that blather and baloney to be an understanding – it is marking those the accursed ofgod (see: De 21:23) that the indeed project the viciousness of the lust of their own on god …!


In Mt 4:1-10 Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (curse name: Jesus "Christ" ) projects his lust on Satan and hereby indirectly and inadvertently debunks himself as Satan of the perception of his own, i.e., he in fact is that what he otherwise calls Satan! De 21:23 makes it possible to identify “Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) as anathema to god and his followers, viz, the Christians, evenly as anathema to god.  One does not need to refer to reason to realize Christianity as Satanic bestiality! The Bible that allegedly provides evidence of the “Jesus Christ's"” and the Christians’ claims debunks it.


Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) confirms that it is about Satan’s followers when confirming that his followers (Christians)  are “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31) or sinner or the lost (ibid.).   


Therefore, this sect of the accursed one of god (De 21:23), who so gladly want to associate as peer (“son”) to god, is Satan’s victory. In the “Lord’s Prayer” Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) and his fellow the accursed ofgod call god the tempting Satan. Satan (the Christians’ “god”)  and all his fellow the accursed ofgod (see: De 21:23) play the innocently tempted ones that have to suffer … That is why an accursed one of god, viz, “Jesus "Christ" ” -- being accursed of god like Satan is accursed by god --  is title “god” or “god’s son” in Christian (Satanic) sect!


De 21:22-23 NKJV

 22 "If a man has committed a sin deserving of death, and he is put to death, and you hang him on a tree (Latin Vulgate Bible: "in patibulo" that means: "on a crossbeam")

23 "his body shall not remain overnight on the tree, but you shall surely bury him that day, so that you do not defile the land which the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance; for he who is hanged is accursed of God.


Oh yeah, "he who hanged is accursed of god"!!! Do write this above each Christian cross!!! Does one really wonder why Catholic sect prohibited  reading the Bible to their victims of deceit, in fact, from the beginning of the fourth century until the end of the 19th century, partially by death penalty? The most enemy of Christian sect is that what it fobs as "god's word" off on others!

Hence, whoever honestly can doubt that Satan and/or his (Jesus) Christ, i.e., Anointed One (Hebrew: Messiah, Greek: Christos), is reputed and worshiped as “god” in Christian sect?


 I.e., Satan, who has "appeared" to him (Jesus) in the desert is nobody but the ego of Jesus illustrating him that he is like that devil he is looking at, right now. Jesus fosters this deception and self-deception that god is to blame for temptations.

Anyway, the “brother of the Lord” and his epistle, i.e., Christian “god’s word, is our witness that god does not temp anybody but the evil mind of one’s own. Hence, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) sufficiently is debunked as liar, deceiver, impostor, rogue and Mafioso! Putting it in a religious language: De 21:23 turns “Jesus "Christ" ” out to be Satan’s Anointed One, viz, Christ and the Christians as Satan’s Christians! In contrast with Christian brainwashing, that is what the Bible of the Jews unveils.

Do not lead us into temptation … - that is most important “request” of liars, deceivers, desperadoes and terrorists!   German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 -1860) already correctly recognized that here man’s impostor and deceiver asks „god“ not disturbing his and his accomplices’ foul play. “God” shall not intervene the Christian foul mouths’ deceits and self-deception.


Schopenhauer points out:



„Biography works the picture of empirical mind, whose original is the intelligible one, and the wicked one startles with this picture; indifferently, if it is worked out to a great extend so that the world shares his abomination or to such a small extend, so that he only sees it: because immediately  he only is concerned by it. The past would be irrelevant as (a) mere phenomenon and could not alarm conscience, if mind would not feel free of all times and thus unalterable by it, provided he does not negate himself.  Therefore, things that happened long ago, still burden on conscience. The prayer: ' Do not lead us into temptation’ says: Don’t let me know who I am.” [i]




God’s followers pray about knowledge and truths. Those, who are rightly anathematized by god and/or Satan’s darlings, viz, “Jesus "Christ" ” and the Christians, pray to be spared the truths! Demonstrably Satan’ son Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) being anathema to god (see: De 21:23) and Satan’s Christians do so. The evidence? The Lord’s Prayer! What else should and could individuals, foul mouths, insidious hypocrites, perfidious liars, infamous desperadoes and felons etc. do that are the accursed ofgod?



Oh god, oh god – protect us (Jesus Satan’s Christ and all his Christian foul mouths) from the truths we cannot bear! The truths about themselves those  Mafiosi deem to be the devil, who demonstrably happens to Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Satan name: Jesus "Christ" ) and his Christian foul mouths.  Satan or his Christ (Anointed One) confirms that his and Satan’s Christians, “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31) are unable to bear the truths:




Joh 16:12 NRSV

12 "I (“Jesus "Christ" ”) still have many things to say to you (my and Satan’s Christian sinners), but you (Christians) cannot bear them now.



Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (anathema name: Jesus "Christ" ) knows that followers of Satan cannot endure the truths, for which those spiteful little devils feign to die.  How did he get that knowledge? By divine inspiration? No, by self-experience!


Early Christian religious rogue in frock  Clement of  Alexandria  (150 – 215) tries justifying why his sect keeps several chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") secret in the following way:



 „For not all true things are to be said to all men.“[ii]



One has to think over this: Rogues in frocks mugging a hell of a fuss to snuff it for the truths, in truth are unable to endure, at least most important truths! That is why the poor old sod, this poor perisher and  instigator of this religious Mafia sorrily, sorrily, sorrily has to take truths into safety catch so that they do not pester his fellow perfidious liars, infamous deceivers and heinous felons ...  However, only his fellow Christian objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy   – and not the truths -  need “preventive detention”.  




Is not this schmuck n’ thug of deceits with „halo“  courageous to tell the truths even if he has to die a „death of martyr“ for them …? My word, what courage to tell the „truth“…!  My word, what „love“ of „truth” – nobody can compete with …!


Christian sinners, felons with halo!

Christ and Christians, we know!

schmucks, knifemen in luxurious disguise!

Torture mind and life of humankind!



 Because “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31) cannot bear the truths the Christians need to be spared by them and served lies and deceits, all over! Moreover, everything of that because of a business of “modesty” and “humbleness”, in return: The one (the top deceiver and death penalty convict) becomes worshiped as “god” and his accomplices can play underhand foul players, pardon, swineherds, torturers, slaveholders of humankind keeping billions of sheep gaining living  from them, easily. 


My word, please adore this “commitment” of the Christian objetivation (incarnation) of perfidy and Satan whom you please call “god” to “protect” his fellow swine from the truths …! Satan and his Christians adore everything that is accursed by god (see: De 21:23)!



Consequently the very, very last ones or “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31), the “poor ones in spirit” (Mt 5:3) strive for being reputed to be the “first” ones and last not least wage war on those that turned out better than they do.


According to Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (“Jesus "Christ" ”) the following seems to be most “principle”: Even if the ability is lacking the will is to praise.  According to Christian sham-morals and that one of German clumsy oafs this falsely is reputed to be a very “moral” behavior. Megalomaniacs always hate what they are because they love what they fool themselves to be …!


A religious Mafia striving for enslave humankind does not want to know the truths being the Planet’s most abominable organized crime, the murderers’ sect on our globe.  This Christian Mafia fools itself being allegedly authorized by Satan, pardon, “god”  as torturers and slaveholders of humankind … Those spiteful little devils pretending even to be unable to sit on their ass because of all their (Satanic) “love” …!


“Refusing to know what is true” (Friedrich Nietzsche, Antichrist) means always striving for someone else than one in truth  is.  That is why Christians pray: “do not lead us into temptation”, viz, do not let us know who we (Christian sinner swine) are and spare us the truths about ourselves.   


Repressing the truths causes Christian evilness of grudge, envy, hatred, perfidy and infamy on humankind. The last ones desire to be reputed to be “the first ” … This only  is to accomplish by mendacity, hypocrisy, insidiousness, lies,  perfidy and deceits, at best by jailing and killing those, to which  those last ones striving for being reputed “the first ” cannot hold a candle.


So, it happened – and not by an accident – that this   organized crime already murdered about 300 millions individuals, mostly in a very cruel manner.  This does not occur because of any “weakness of the flesh” or other “apologies” those Satanic Christian sinner swine put on the market for excusing themselves.  This happens because this is the “love” of the accursed one of god (see: De 21:23).



That is the way how those who are an anathema to god “love” one another, in particular those individual that are no anathema, i.e., abomination to god!  underhand foul players, felons, desperadoes, terrorists, spiteful little devils that is what the accursed of god (De 21:23), i.e., Christians, are and “god’s” chosen ones is what they love to fool themselves, all over!  



Here, one has to take into account that Christians label Satan as “god” and god as “Satan”, as they label lies as “truths”, truth as “lies”, vengeance as “justice”, enslaving as “charity”, hypocrisy as "decency", mendacity as "truthfulness",  and brainwashing as “Sunday school” etc.


Christian spite, hypocrisy, mendacity, depravity, perfidy, infamous crimes, murder, outrages, abominations and other barbarities only come into being because Christian sect consists off the accursed ofgod (see: De 21:23) that worships a very accursed one of god (see: De 21:23) as its “god”!


Whoever really expects something else from a Satanic or felons’ sect – that is the same and only illustrates the notion of that what is an anathema to god according to De 21:23!!!


Whoever really can expect something else than Christians perpetrated?


The one that is that what so gladly those miscarriages of nature fool themselves to be,  quickly becomes regarded as a spoilsport that is to eliminate … It is only a question of political power what perfidy or infamy Satan and his the accursed ofgod, viz, Christians will perpetrate! Whoever got this, got what, e.g., Christian Mafia’s inquisition is …!


Satan, his (Jesus) Christ and all their Christians do not want to know what they are (anathema to god) but what they want to be (“god”, “god’s son” or “god’s chosen ones).  That is why the Christian pray to Satan they worship as their “father” or “god”: Do not lead us into temptation … Because “temptations” are the truths the accursed of god (De 21:23) are not willing to accept, since being unable to endure them. That is why the accursed of god (De 21:23) even prefer death to truths!


 Here, it is claimed that most evil in the world come into existence because Christian and quasi-Christian folks repress the truths about themselves in favor of that what they fool themselves.  That is why Christianity here is called humankind’s most bestiality, the Planet’s most organized crime!


Do not lead us into temptation means: Let us successfully repress the truths about ourselves or let us continue our fooling!


My word, what a paragon of „commitment“ of a felon „god“ to the “truths” …!  You never know what a felon „god“ has to suffer …!


Oh yeah, one never know what everything felon Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) does! He even takes the „truths“ into safety catch so that the  Mafiosi do not get worried by them … Otherwise, what would this profitable business become? As said, not the truths but Christian schmucks n’ thugs, creeps n’ crooks, rogues or frogs in frocks, skunks n’ monks, bluffers n’ duffers have to be taken safety catch or into facilities of custody because of their perfidy, infamy, foul play, crimes, atrocities, barbarities  and other sorts of their abominations! It is not assume that otherwise their heinousness will stop!



I see, that the „love“ of the „truths“ of those Christian skunks n’ monks, priests n’ beasts, impostors n’ pastors!  Oh god, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Satan’s Christ) already bewared us (Christian objectifications of perfidy, i.e.  "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) ) of those truths and you (“god”) should do so, too!   Therefore, do not lead us into temptation experiencing the truths about ourselves! Escaping from the truths about ourselves in favor of lies, deceits and self-deception that is why we (Christian) neck n’ crop sell our soul to devil and his Messiah Jesus "Christ" and that is what bestiality of Christianity is made for! Truths about ourselves is the most evil that can occur to us (Christian rogues in frocks or without frocks)! Whoever is able to keep the truths far from us (Christians) at best is our (Christian) „god“! 


That is why we (the accursed one onto god according to De 21:23, viz, Christians) lifted „Lord“ Hatred, Vengeance and Venom (toilet name: Jesus "Christ" ) to our “god” and that is why Christian toilet came into existence …! 


By his prayer: „… do not lead us into temptation“, Satan’s (Jesus) Christ debunks himself: Do not let me know the truths about myself and those “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31) that worship me as “god” …! That is the most abominable temptation that ever can happen to: 


·     counterfeiters eating mires,

·     infamous  underhand foul players deeming depravity as favor,

·     perfidious tongues sucking skunks,

·     insidious crooks puking spooks,

·     bloody bastards, dastards n’ conditioned dogs  sucking the all the bogs,

·     spiteful little devils, desperadoes, terrorists and other brutes of felons,

·     viz, to the accursed of god (De 21:23)!  



 Oh god, do not let us know who I (Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, bog name: Jesus "Christ" ) and all my henchmen (Christians) are:


·      I („Jesus "Christ" “) fancy to be the Messiah or Christ of god. However, my guilty conscience tells me that I am like Satan. Therefore, my conscience tells me that, if at all, I am Satan’s Christ (that means Anointed One)! Oh god, save my delusions of grandeur, my megalomania, lies, deceits and self-deception and do not face me with the truth about myself … I only admit truths in dreams when my guilty conscience encodedly outwits me …!  This already weights upon my mind enough …!


·        Oh god, I („Jesus "Christ" “) boast being “the innocent lamb of god suffering for the sins of the world” on the gallows or on the cross but in truth I (“Jesus "Christ" ”). However, hereby I only cant my ignominy of being a felon and death penalty convict. What else is left to me to get rid of this disgrace and shame? Oh god, however you could expect a monster suffering with megalomania being a fair looser on Palm-Sunday?  However, could I bear these truths being a disgraceful loser, oh yeah, even a felon that fairly is sentenced to death, in view of my lust pretending to be a “god” commanding you,  god?  Oh god, do not lead me and all my Christian henchmen that are accursed of you into temptation experiencing the truth about me and themselves … Truth is the most evil that ever can happen to us (the accursed of god according to De 21:23.  


·      We (Christians) fancy to worship „god“ but in reality we lifted a brute like Satan among us to be our “god”… We fool ourselves to execute “brotherly love”. Do no let us in temptation to experience who we (Christians) really are!  Oh god, that is the most evil we (Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul mouths) want to be spared. Finally, that is why we (Christians) murder everybody or even burn everybody telling the truths to us …!



·      We fancy to be “reverends”, “saints”, “deputies of god” but at best, we are the reverends of Satan and Satan’s saints and deputies of the latter. Oh god, the truth about ourselves is the most evil we (Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul mouths) have to suffer desire to be spared. Finally, that is why we (Christians) murder everybody or even burn everybody telling the truths to us …! Do not lead us into temptation to experience that we worship Satan and his Christ as “god”.



·      We „Jesus "Christ" and all Satan’s Christian foul mouths) fancy to execute „brotherly love“ towards out next ones. However, in truth we are objectified („incarnated“) vindictiveness. In reality, we „lovely“ torture our „beloved“ next ones, viz, our slave and programmed robots from the marriage bed until the deathbed. Oh god, that is the most evil we (Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul mouths) have to suffer and desire to be spared. Finally, that is why we (Christians) murder everybody or even burn everybody telling the truths to us …! Oh god, the truth about ourselves is the most evil we (the accursed of you) want to be spared.



·      Oh god, we (Jesus "Christ" and his Christian henchman) fool ourselves to „love“ our enemies but in truth nobody unjustly   spited them that much as I (Jesus "Christ" ) unjustly did it on the Pharisees, all over. In reality, nobody slaughtered that many and burnt that many enemies like we (Christian accursed one of you) do it what make us (Christian sect) standing for the Planet’s most organized crime.  Finally, that is why we (Christian swine) murder everybody or even burn everybody telling the truths to us …! Do not lead us into temptation to experience that we worship Satan and his Christ as “god”. Oh god, what shall we do, if the enemy does not accept us “humble” and “modest” one as his swineherds?


  •  Oh god, I (Jesus "Christ" ) libel the Pharisees to be arrogant and supercilious and repress recognizing that in truth I  (Jesus "Christ" ) fake  to be “god” and being able even to command god (see: Joh 16:15) – this utmost “modesty” and “humbleness”…! It is sufficient that I (“Jesus "Christ" ” and the Christians’ topmost objetivation of perfidy) and my fellow Christian swineherds confess “meekness”, “humbleness” and “modesty” by blaming others for lacking everything of that …!  We always are used to doing so. Oh god, never lead me all the other the accursed ofyou (see: De 21:23) into temptation to realize the truth about this “humbleness” and “modesty” …!


  •  Oh God, my fellow Christian desperadoes, terrorists, schmucks n’ thugs or rogues in frocks always pretend „humbleness“ and „modesty“ as I do but behave as slaveholders of humankind that even have bought the „authority to bind and to loose on earth what simultaneously is bound and loosed in heaven“(Mt 16:19)  as I (“Jesus "Christ" ”) do.  More over, those the accursed ofyou (De 21:23) dress themselves like earls, kings or emperors! Oh god, because of my (Jesus Christ's") „humbleness“ and „modesty“ heaven and Earth will pass away but not my „ … bring here those enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, and slay them before me (Lu 19:27) …!   Oh god, never dare to lead me and all the other Christians of Satan into temptation to believe that this is no „humbleness“, „modesty“ and „commitment full of love“ to our enemies …!



·     Oh god, we always feign serving you. However indeed, we only want you (god) to be our slave saying and complying with everything we “humble” and “modest” Christian swineherds and/or our “god” (Jesus "Christ" ) order(s) you to do for us.  Our boss (Jesus Satan’s Christ) desires like Satan to be “god” and we  (Christian rogues in frocks) want to be swineherds, viz, slaveholders of humankind. Oh god, prevent us from temptation ever to experience that we only serve our and our boss’ (Jesus Christ's") selfishness and not you …! Oh god, never let us experience that we (Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul mouths) make you (god) a tool of our (the accursed ’ of you according to De 21:23) selfishness to enslave others being our subservient sheep from which we gain our living! Oh god, truth is the most evil we (the accursed of you) want to be spared.  Save our profitable lies and deceits from which we can benefit that easily and that much but never lead us into temptation to experience the truth about it …

·     Oh god, preserve our notion of “sinner” as a very hot gimmick by which we can hoodwink others. However, never lead us and the victims of our deceits and crimes into temptation getting aware what this term means, in truth: being accursed of god, being anathema to you according to De 21:23 …!


There is no hypocrite,

Like Jesus "Christ" ,

Satan’s very catamite!


The cross is the mark of Cain of Satan’s followers (worshiping him as “god) and one of Satan’s depravity n’ efficiency.  The cross is the Mark of Cain of the accursed of god (see: De 21:23). Write this above each Christian cross! Whoever carries a cross turns out to be an accursed one of god (see: De 21:23).  Wherever a cross is fixed and only two foul mouths meet, there Satan or his (Jesus) Christ immediately is among them! Where there is a cross, there is anathema to god, viz, the accursed of god and god (see: De 21:23) are. The cross is the evidence of anathema to god!  Wherever there is a cross, there are Satan’s followers (see: De 21:23) blazing the trail to hell! Cross is the evidence of Satan, hell and the living evil accursed by god! Satan or evil – that is the same. It has names: Christ, Satan, Christians and Christianity!







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[i] Arthur Schopenhauer, The World as Will and Perception (die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung), ed. by Wolfgang Freiherr von Löhneysen, Frankfurt/M. 1960, § 65, IV. Buch, Bd. I, 500, Translation from the German of my own. German text:
"Der Lebenslauf wirkt das Bild des empirischen Charakters, dessen Original der intelligible ist, und der Böse erschrickt bei diesem Bilde; gleichviel, ob es mit großen Zügen gewirkt ist, so daß die Welt seinen Abscheu teilt, oder mit so kleinen, daß er allein es sieht: denn nur ihm betrifft es unmittelbar. Das Vergangene wäre gleichgültig als bloße Erscheinung und könnte nicht das Gewissen beängstigen, fühlte sich nicht Charakter frei von aller Zeit und durch sie unveränderlich, solange er nicht sich selbst verneint. Darum lasten längst geschehene Dinge immer noch auf dem Gewissen. Die Bitte: 'Führe mich nicht in Versuchung' sagt: Laß' es mich nicht sehn, wer bin ich.'"

[ii] Clement of Alexandrian in letter that was found in 1958 in the monasty of Mar Saba near Jerusalem , The Secret Gospel of Mark, auf: Clement of Alexandria,,