Chapter: 5, Part: 3

The Hypes of "Christ" - just Monkey's Fuss for Flops n' Slobs.



Jesus "Christ" judged by his “Sermon on the Mountain”



Jesus "Christ's" “Sermon on the Mountain”


 Updated March  2008


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"Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light" (2Co 11:14).


“(Christianity is) the vampyrism of pale, subterranean leeches!”(German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche 1844 – 1900)



1stly: "The Sermon on the Mountain" debunks Christian Gist as Crime of Deceit


2ndly: The common Features of Satan and Jesus "Christ" on high Mountains


3rdly: The Christian Crimes as Imitation of Jesus’ „Sermon on the Mountain”


 4thly: Summary



1stly: "The Sermon on the Mountain" debunks Christian Gist as Crime of Deceit



Do not blame Ben-Pandera (nickname: Jesus "Christ") for always lying and deceiving...!

For instance, here in the sermon on the mountain he says the truth about "vicarious suffering" and "vicarious atonement"...



Mt 5: 44-45 NKJV

44 "But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you,

45 "that you may be sons of your Father in heaven; for He makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.



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Now, we know why Christians always affirm that they "love" us and even "love" their enemies but even hate their father, mother and children (see: Lu 14:26, quoted below)!  My word, those creeps, crooks n' brutes  want to be like god... I am almost "impressed"...!  In the views of  Ben-Pandera (nickname: Jesus "Christ") "god" is that superior that he does not care about good and evil. This, he thought as long as he was in no need of canting his shame and disgrace of death penalty... Then, he directly or indirectly needed to contradict this view.   Hence,  the message of Christian "love" is: we (Christian creeps, crooks n' brutes) are like "god". For this delusion of grandeur (thieves' cant: "humbleness", "modesty" and "selflessness")  we (Christians) and our topmost felon (Ben-Pandera) "love" you... Do not make me laugh...! That is the gist of Christian lunacy or hype of "sermon on the mountain"...


Christian lunacy completely is accomplished when taking into account that Ben-Pandera (nickname: "Jesus Christ") instigates his henchmen to "love" their enemies but to hate their father, mother, wife, children and even oneself...


Lu 14:26 NKJV

26 "If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple


Already here we can see that Christian deception only works as long as the opponent is muzzled, jailed or killed...

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Christians while accomplishing their "love": "Jesus came to crucify the world" (The Gospel of Philip). Who is worse - the Nazis or the Christians?



What honest one really can doubt that here Ben-Pandera (nickname: Jesus "Christ") says the truths? That what he expresses here belies the hardcore of Christian sect. According to the latter "god" purportedly is that indignant at the Christians’ falsehood, insidiousness, hypocrisy, depravity, infamy, perfidy and criminality, i.e. at the Christians' sins,  so that at least one of these sick needing a physician (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) or slaves to sin (Joh 8:34) has to be tormented, bloodily tortured and to hang in order to save them from hell.  Ben-Pandera and his Christian rogues suffer the misery of all liars: it is hard and sheerly impossible to survey all the consequences of one's lies...!


How else a felon could spin-doctor and cant shame and ignominy of being a death penalty convict...? One never knows what Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") and his henchmen and henchwomen have to suffer...! They even have to give the lie to themselves... Feel pity with them...!


Here, not only reason but also Christians' "inerrant", "infallible" and absolutely "true" fake of "god's word" says that god does not need somebody to suffer, be tortured and to die by hanging in order to "atone" vicariously the sins of all the Christians. Here, the delinquent divulges that god cares about the sins of the Christians as human beings care about the the termites' bustling.  My goodness, this unmasking of the most abominable liars, deceivers and criminals happens in their hype of "Sermon on the Mountain"...!


Please, do not contest that those Satan's farts creeping down from a high mountain are of no importance to Christianity...! Please do not claim that the Christian impostors do not rightly praise this self-unmasking of their topmost impostor, to the utmost...! Who, oh yeah, whoever could dispute that crucifixion, death penalty, hanging of the delinquent and his purported "resurrection from the death" are nothing but blatant lies and sheer deception canting disgrace and ignominy of a felon's death penalty convict...? Thus, do not always jeer at those "vicarious" farts from the vicar of  Satan stinking from high mountains to high heaven...!


·         Wherever one could find this again? Oh yeah, wherever one can find a "god's word" that debunks itself as abominable deceit of impostors...?

·         Wherever one can find a "god's word" debunking an impostor and felon stinking to high heaven and obsessed with delusion of grandeur nobody can be obsessed more...?


If god does not care for the sinners and their sins and lets his sun shine evenly above the good and evil (see: Mt 5:45), then we do not need somebody saving us before god. Here, only disgrace, shame and ignominy of a death penalty wanting to be addressed and worshiped as "god" are canted, unscrupulously and ruthlessly. This canting is perpetrated according to the Christians' secret and topmost credo: Faith shifts mountains (see: Mt 17:20, Mt 21:21)  or to the second supreme as secret credo of his organized crime: "do not resist the evil" (Mt 5:39) ...


  The last thing we would need on condition of Mt 5:44-45 is  a felon or even death penalty convict and a  sect full of felonies, outrages and atrocities of slaves to criminality (see: Joh 8:34) calling itself Christianity... As mentioned, the felons' canting of his death penalty premises the contrary. It premises that god always purportedly is besotted with hustling n' bustling as well to punish the sins of the Christian sinners as to redeem them from their sins... God all the time is obsessed with working all out how to redeem the rogues, pardon, the Christians from their sins.


Christians’ hype of “sermon on the mountain” says that god cares about the Christians’ or others individuals’ sins as human beings care about the quarrels among sparrows … What honest one can contest that “the sermon on the mountain” at least here reveals the truths…? So, do not blame Ben-Pandera, the “martyr of the truths”, for always lying and deceiving…! Are not the Christians right that no other religion has something comparable to this "sermon on the mountain"... In fact, the author of this treatise does not know any other religion keeping a "holy scripture" that unmasks  the worshipers as criminals of deceit that blatantly...







2ndly: The common features of Satan and Jesus "Christ" on high Mountains




    Terrorists and desperadoes are used to hiding their infamous intents and foul play behind pretentious „honorable“ reasons and motives. They feign wanting the best and meaning no mischief. In particular, Christian foul mouths try diverting attention from their playing of deep games. Why, especially the Christian foul mouths?




 Mt 12:29 NRSV


29 Or how can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his property, without first tying up the strong man? Then indeed the house can be plundered.





 At first, the victims must be made incapable of defending themselves. Only defenseless opponents or enemies Christian bastards n’ dastards can defeat. Any fair fight - according to rules that mutually are accepted, in advance - those Christian perfidious dastards only can lose. That is why the opponent or enemy must be made defenseless, before.  A weak, venomous and heinous wife can stab even the strongest husband when he is sleeping trustfully to that spiteful little devil …! That is the way of Christian foul mouths’ abomination and success!



Now, one has to put the question: How can Christian dastards make an opponent or enemy defenseless? The answer: By cribbing that from him what enables the enemy to fight back on the Christian foul mouths or even to defeat them, in advance.


How could one fight back Christian perfidy and infamy?


 The answer: By truths, morals, rights, conscience or even by appealing to god or god’s commandments.


That is what Jesus "Christ" his fellow Christian accomplices to do advises: Cribbing and making the pretence to all those nice terms in advance by which somebody could oppose Christian outrages, atrocities, barbarities and other abominations.



By the way, this is why Christianity is the only terrorism that does not only make the pretence to (self-fabricated) “truths”, “love”, “morals” etc. but also to (a self produced) “god” (Jesus "Christ" ) …! Thus, “god“, „love“, „truths“, „“morals“ are made to be components of Christian outrages, atrocities, terror and other barbarities. That is the way Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy and religious terrorists get almost each honest, honorable and decent citizen defenseless.



So, let us repeat: At first Christian objectifications (incarnations)  of perfidy  claim and fake all those pretty terms by which one could realize and demonstrate their abominable mind and perpetrations and only then but then Christian objectifications (incarnations)  of perfidy  live the terror of their infamy, insidiousness, perfidy, outrages and abomination completely unassailably to the full.


That is the perfect crime and the perfect terrorism. Their name is:




This terror has a very successful trainer:


Jesus "Christ“!


Success is inevitable because – except the Christian swineherds and/or terrorists – no human being believes other individuals being that capable of perpetrating what is a matter of  fact and a matter of course to infamous and perfidious Christian foul mouths.


The Christian criminals’ heavens are the Middle Ages. Before this time, nobody thought the Christian terrorists of being capable of those barbarities and abominations, until they set off doing them.


Jesus "Christ's" „sermon on the mountain“ serves the purpose to hide his infamous and perfidious pretence of being „god“, i.e., to crib the weapons from the opponents or enemies by which they could and must fight this depravity, infamy and terrorism. 



In the “sermon on the mountain” Jesus "Christ" „kind-heartedly“ pats his victims of deceit on their back:



Mt 7:15 NRSV

15 ¶ "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.




Thus, those „good-heartedly“ warned ones shall not become aware of the truth that here it is about a psychological projection, i.e., the warning one is the one of which everybody should be warned. That means, here Jesus "Christ" tries diverting his victims’ attention from the fact that he and his Christian accomplices are those wolves or brutes in a sheep’s clothing.


The victims shall think: Oh, somebody that warns me that kind-heartedly never can be himself that perfidious and infamous monstrosity. However, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ“) and the Christian foul mouths are those wolves or brutes in a sheep’s clothing. That is what we are going to produce evidence in this paragraph, precisely by that allegedly “groovy” sermon on the mountain.



The Christian foul mouths try presenting the „Sermon on the Mountain“ as hype of Jesus "Christ“. By nothing else, they debunk him and themselves, more. According to the thieves' cant, each evil in the world so to speak is caused by the matter that the world does not follow the “Sermon on the Mountain” of the death penalty convict, Christian sect lifted up to its "god".


Therefore, this is reason enough for scrutinizing this Christian piece of window-dressing. We already elaborated fundamentals for understanding Jesus "Christ's" perfidy, in particular, in the preceding chapter, the fourth one.


Although the Christian foul mouths palm this „Sermon on the Mountain“ off as allegedly groovy and most important „tenet“ of Jesus "Christ" on their „beloved“ conspecifics or next ones, two of the canonized chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") (Mark and John) do no mention it. 


 Moreover, Luke quotes this “sermon” more or less randomly. However, he  completes Matthew by leaking that what the latter withholds, e.g., Jesus "Christ's" insatiable blustering of hatred and vengeance of “woe to you”, “woe to you”, “woe to you” … The latter, Matthew deliberately and largely conceals.


Therefore, one can say that only Matthew attaches importance to this “sermon”. Due to this fact, one can doubt that this matter is that great if two of the "gospel" writers do not give an account on it.


In the following, we confine ourselves to the beatitudes and some parts of the "Lord's Prayer" that are significant in this context.


We said that we already worked out some fundamentals for understanding this „sermon“. Let us recall the first chapter of this treatise. There, we pointed out the „three temptations“of Jesus "Christ" by himself, pardon, by Satan[i]. Satan allegedly ushers Jesus to high mountain, showing the world to him he says: Everything of that I will give to you for going down on your kneels and worshiping me (as god), in return. 


We came to the conclusion that this „temptation“ represents the eruption of Jesus "Christ's" overwhelming bad conscience in a dream being like Satan as he imagines him. His guilty conscience tells him that he behaves like Satan and is like Satan, if he (himself) is not Satan. Jesus "Christ" again wants to repress the truths in that way that he (Jesus) appears as someone else (in his dream), i.e., as Satan: That is not me (Jesus "Christ“) that depraved monstrosity, that is someone else, that is Satan.


That is what he persuades himself, due to his overwhelming and reproaching bad conscience. Only in that way, i.e., in a dream the inner censor allows that staging of the conflict with the bad and crushing conscience: the ego (of Jesus "Christ“) is presented as someone else (as Satan).


 However, this unveils that he is that Satan he is dreaming. Obviously he dreamt this that intensively, because his bad conscience was that overwhelming and crushing that in the end he honestly (because insanely) could not differ what was dream and what real encounter. His bad conscience’s energy and hunger for about forty days annihilated the ability of discernment.



Especially, if he really should have believed having met Satan, this would unveil the overwhelming strength of his bad conscience that condemns him to be an abominable schmuck and monstrosity among human beings, who is past description and comparable to Satan, if he is not Satan’s incarnation. 


This is the ordinary „language“of dreams by which unconsciousness (the repressed consciousness) outfoxes the ego (consciousness) in order to give vent to itself.


So far, our summary of that we pointed out in the third part of the first chapter on: e101.


Even concerning the highly praised „Sermon on the Mountain“, we again have the peak of a mountain as location of the event as well as it is the case when Jesus’ and his other ego, i.e., Satan are meeting



Mt 5:1 NRSV

1 ¶ When Jesus saw the crowds, he went up the mountain; and after he sat down, his disciples came to him.



Here, as well as pertaining to his alleged meeting with his soul mate Satan a mountain appears as symbol of desiring superiority and ruling. However, that is not the only similarity of Jesus alleged encounter with Satan and the alleged „groovy“ "sermon on the mountain". Let us recall what Satan said on the mountain:



Mt 4:8-9 NRSV

8 Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor;

9 and he said to him, "All these I (Satan) will give you (Jesus), if you will fall down and worship me.



Well, the common features of Satan and Jesus "Christ" even go down to the smallest details. That is the evidence that Jesus "Christ" is Satan of the perception of his own. Satan cannot provide evidence that „the kingdoms of the world“ he gives away for being worshiped as "god" in return belong to him.


And Jesus "Christ" , who wretchedly failed to become „King of Israel“ and instead of acceding to the throne was to be sent to the gallows or cross, i.e., who does not even possesses Israel evenly distributes the whole world and the entire universe, in exchange for being worshiped as “god”-- like Satan modeled it to do.




Mt 5:1-5 NRSV


1 ¶ When Jesus saw the crowds, he went up the mountain; and after he sat down, his disciples came to him.

2 Then he began to speak, and taught them, saying:

3 ¶ "Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

4 "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.



5 "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.


Mt 5:10 NRSV

10 "Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.



Well, Satan and Jesus "Christ" are giving away the whole world for being worshiped as “god”, in return. However, where is the evidence that they are possessing that what they are giving away so that they offer something really honest in exchange for being worshiped as „god“? 


No transfer of a possession is possible that the donating one is not keeping. Does somebody buy a house from an individual that is not the home's owner? Very „generously“, one can deal with things one does not possess and those who accept those "gifts" are fences. Obviously, Satan and Christ know that, either.


If the Christian foul mouths pass „The Sermon on the Mountain „off as a terrific hype, they distract attention from their abominable and barbaric sect (of intellectual cripples and “moral” scoundrels). Obviously Christian schmucks are spellbound by Satan’s or Jesus "Christ's" tricks to give away things as gifts generously, neither Satan nor  Ben-Pandera keep, at all … The fences are enthralled getting such a lot of counterfeit money …




Like master, like man and

Like Satan, like Jesus "Christ“!


Inadvertently Jesus "Christ" provides evidence that he only met himself by allegedly encountering Satan in the dessert likewise he himself is that „wolf in a sheep’s clothing“of that he steadily and „good-heartedly” is warning others. Thus, he also is that Satan of which he warns others. „The sermon on the mountain“is faked as an alleged feat of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ“) but indeed debunks that Satan achieved his worshiping as „god“in Christian sect.


Let us remember that Satan foments war of the last , of the monstrosities, misshapen ones, felons, foul mouths, the evil, failures – in particular of the moral failures -- on the first , i.e. on the truths, beauty, good, strong ones and those that turned out well by nature since he has been making up his mind to rebel on god.


 That is what his son Jesus "Christ" and his accomplices (Christians) are continuing. Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Satan name: Jesus "Christ" ) and his Christian foul mouths continue that rebellion of Satan on god, truths, loves and everything that is highly esteemed by human beings while mendaciously and falsely feigning to promote that. This they impressively prove by the criminal history of Christian (Satanic) sect, e.g., by its bestiality,  barbarities and other abominations that are past description, past comprehension and that never can be outdone.



Now, let us take a closer look what other „candies“Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Satan name: Jesus "Christ“) is used to scattering downwards from a high mountain on the wide landscape:




Mt 5:6 NRSV


6 "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled






Well, Satan, Pardon, Jesus "Christ" promises others to become be filled, however he and his accomplices have to raid other folks' grain fields to escape starving – and on top of everything on Sabbath.




Mt 12:1 NRSV


1 ¶ At that time Jesus went through the grainfields on the sabbath; his disciples were hungry, and they began to pluck heads of grain and to eat.




Do not always call Jesus "Christ" to be a liar …! Did he ever contest that those “blessed” ones will be filled by cribbed food …? So, do not always call Jesus "Christ" a deceiver comparable to Satan …!


Never say that Satan or his Christ does not “sacrifice” himself. Both are keeping nothing, oh yes, and the latter one (Jesus "Christ" ) even is running the risk of starving but promises everything as if he would keep the whole world, oh yeah, even the whole universe!


Is this deceiver able to hoodwink others and to lead them up the garden path?  I see, this thug n’ schmuck, this rogue n’ frog, this bastard n’ dastard fakes to give sufficient food to about 5000 men (the women and children are not counted because they are no human beings in his view) by two fishes and five loaves of bread but has to raid other folks’ grain field in order to escape from starving … Oh yes, I see … The authors of the chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") and those Christian schmucks n’ mugs censoring those writings did not notice that hereby the alleged miracle worker unmasks himself as liar, deceiver and felon!


Satan or his Christ is on the verge of starving but nevertheless, promises, promises and promises Cockaigne. In addition, there are still folks rejecting that Satan vicariously “sacrifices” himself. Satan and his (Jesus) "Christ" are used to giving away everything they do not have and they do not keep.


They do everything, they exhaust themselves for being worshiped as „god“, in exchange! One even could marvel if they shrink from dying in order to get this! However, from lies, hypocrisy, deception, self-deception, outrages, barbarities and other abominations they surely do not refrain. That is what Christian sect’s history demonstrates!


Other scattered candies of Satan or his “Anointed one” (Greek: Christos) are:



Mt 5:7 NRSV


7 "Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy.


Really, Satan and his Christ are generous – in fact, to the utmost “self-sacrifice”…! They are used to praising to be blissful the reverse of that what they are and what they are doing. In exchange for worshiping them as „god“, one can get everything from Satan and his (Jesus) "Christ". Let us watch the “mercy” of both:



Re 2:22-23 NRSV


22 Beware, I (Jesus "Christ" ) am throwing her (rival prophetess Jezebel) on a bed, and those who commit adultery with her I (Jesus "Christ" ) am throwing into great distress, unless they repent of her doings;

23 and I (Jesus "Christ“) will strike her (Jezebel's) children dead.



Let us recall: What does Satan's Anointed One (Hebrew: Messiah, Greek: Christos) say in his very, very hype of "sermon on the mountain" which according to Christian shysters' self-praise outdoes each other rival and competitor of Christian sect?


Mt 5:39 YLT ("Sermon on the Mountain)

I (Jesus) say to you, not to resist the evil...


Indeed, what organized crime is able to outdo Christianity pertaining to depravity, perfidy and criminality? What other organized crime fakes non-resistance of the evil as utmost "ethics" to which bipeds are possible...?

So, if Christians shall not resist the evil,


·         why Ben-Pandera should not murder children...?

·         Why Christian clergies should not sexually abuse little children entrusted to them by goofs n' fools...?

·         Why Christian clergies should not burn heretics at the stakes while the burning ones are alive...?


Does not the Christian scriptures warn us that Satan even disguises as angle (see: 2Co 11:14)? So, if he disguises as angel why not as Messiah, Christ or son of god...?

If Christians shall not resist the evil, why should  they resist transgressing god's commandment of honoring their father and mother (see: Ex 20:12)...?


Lu 14:26 NRSV

26 "Whoever comes to me and does not hate father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and even life itself, cannot be my disciple.


 So, if one should not resist the evil why should one resist the evil as to hate one's father and mother...? Do not claim those criminals from the lunatic asylum as  to" love" their enemies...?  Well, if one shall not resist the evil why should one resist the bedlam as to hate one's father and mother while "loving" one's enemies...?


The "sermon on the mountain", in particular, Mt 5:44-45 demonstrates that Christians are obsessed with megalomania wanting to be like god while being the miscarriages of nature and mind. Wanting to be like god, this is the Christians' attempt at compensation due to their inferiority.



" not resist the evil" (Mt 5:39), so why should Ben-Pandera and his henchmen and henchwomen (Christians) resist falsehood, insidiousness, hypocrisy, perfidy and criminality for the lust for powers of their own...?


Hitler's "My Fight" and Christian "New Testament" have one important feature in common: Everything is written in those scriptures that do not resist the evil. One only needs to read them...!


One never knows how this Ben-Pandera (nickname:  Jesus "Christ" or spite or Satan's Catamite -- everything rhymes suspiciously!) "scarifies" himself.


Does not he try canting his shame and disgrace being sentenced to hang on the gibbet or cross as "vicarious suffering" and "vicarious atonement" for the sins of all his Christians...?



 Calling this topmost felon of Christian scoundrel would mean a blandishment for this spitting image of Satan in which eyes already all the heretics are burning...!


Satan and his (Jesus) "Christ" mean the „mercy“ of slaughter and murder – even on little innocent children and this only because they have a female competitor as mother … Oh no, what a disgrace …! That is still worse than being bound to hang on the gallows or on the cross …!


 Are not the Christian foul mouths right when being enraptured with „The Sermon on the Mountain”? Wherever is a better sheep’s clothing for Satan and his (Jesus) "Christ" and their pack of wolves, i.e., the Christian foul mouths?



Mt 5:8 NRSV


"Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.



The Murderer of little innocent children and spiteful little devils instigating to hatred on one’s father, mother, wife and children desires to be regarded as “the pure in heart” …! My word! Be not that narrow-minded! Our Christian faith shifts mountains (see: Mt 17:20) and the truths and God's commandment of honoring one's father and mother, anyway! What is easier to lie and deceive or to shift mountains?


Mt 5:9 – 10 NJKV


Nine blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

10 Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.



We refrain from arguing trifles, e.g., mentioning that most national translations are misguiding, here. They translate „sons of god“(Latin Vulgate: „filii Dei“) arbitrarily by „children of god“, e.g., the NRSV (New Revised Standard Version from 1989). Christian foul mouths’ sect’s „god“ Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ“) does not count women as human beings. Moreover and once more, this example demonstrates that the term of the “son of god” can be juggled quite according to the desires and profits of those perfidious and insidious liars and deceivers.



We already pointed out that this megalomaniac pretends being able to give away heaven for being worshiped as „god“, in return. Whoever can give the blame solely to the accomplices of Jesus "Christ“, i.e., to the Christian foul mouths, that they lift up him to their “god”:


·       This spiteful misshapen little devil,

·       this failure of nature that instead of

·       acceding to the throne is be sent to the gallows or cross and that

·       escaped his disgrace of death penalty by instigating a murder on a double!


Does not he lift up himself to the „god“ by pretending being allegedly able to give away even heaven? Does not he -- who is unable to conquer Israel


·       degrade "god" to be his assistant if not

·       abolish him by giving away heaven corresponding to the benefit of his own (being worshiped as "god", in return)?


How can the Christian foul mouths believe in all his beatitudes of distributing the whole universe if he is no (sham) god? Whoever can give away heaven but god? In addition, who else can pretend to do this?


Those faking “gods”: Satan and his Anointed One (Greek:  Christos)! Without deceit that he was “god”, those beatitudes of “the sermon on the mountains” cannot work to liars, deceivers, duffers, jerks, goofs, morons, felons and other scum of the earth …! That is the “mystery”: “cur deus homo?”



Because he mixed up god and sod,

Jesus thinks himself to be a god!



That means: Why “god” became human…”? Why did he? The answer: That the Christian foul mouths can fake all their counterfeit money to be genuine one and hereby can buy their position as humankind’s slaveholders, i.e., making their fellow human beings their prey ("sheep") subservient to them.


Here, one has to understand the special kind of „peacemaking“, i.e., Satan’s or his (Jesus) "Christ"’s juggling with names of, who pleasantly desire to be reputed as “god” or “god’s son” …



Only on this condition, one gets the true knowledge in Jesus "Christ's" and his Christian sect’s „peacemaking“, for instance:



Jesus said, "The kingdom of the father is like a certain man who wanted to kill a powerful man. In his own house he drew his sword and stuck it into the wall in order to find out whether his hand could carry through. Then he slew the powerful man."[ii]




The man with the intent of murder and the one that murdered is the individual that is called Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ“)! The organization perpetrating those murders is called Christianity! It is the most successful Mafia of our Planet!


Those intents of murders and perpetrated murders turn out to be the “pure in heart”, the “peacemakers” and the “prosecuted ones for righteousness”, i.e., Christian “martyrdom” and “martyrs”. Jesus’ and his sect’s impudence are out of bounds!


·       Those are the lies of the trinity of Satan, his (Jesus) "Christ" and the Christian foul mouths!

·       That is the sheep’s clothing of that “trinity” of abomination!


Is there still a more stinking unscrupulousness and depravity an individual can be taken in than Christianity?


Watch some more samples about the “mercy”, “meekness”, “love”, “charity”,  “righteousness”, “martyrdom”, “humbleness”, “modesty”, “spiritual welfare” and “peacemaking” of  objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) (Christians) of this monstrosity, those heinous creatures (Christians) lifted up to their “god”:



Jesus said, "I (Jesus "Christ" ) shall destroy this house, and no one will be able to build it [...]."[iii]



By the concept of “house” man’s foe, pardon, “son” means god, the world, human beings, truths, love, morals, honesty and decency!


Not to improve, not to construct but to kill, murder, destroy, setting  fire – those are the goals of death penalty convict  Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ" ) , “god” of the hypocrites, liars, deceivers, perjurers, felons, arsonists, murderers, barbarians, i.e., of the moral scum of humankind!



Mt 10:34-36 NRSV


34 "Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.

35 For I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law;

36 and one’s foes will be members of one’s own household.



That is the Christian foul mouths' lifestyle! That is "peace" making in the Christian way...! Here, once more the wolf or brute Jesus "Christ" lays down his mask. One’s foes that are primarily Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul mouths! Indeed those foes of human beings have become one’s own household: the Christian foul mouths!


War of each on each, one on another that is the “realm of heaven” of that proverbial trinity of Satan, his (Jesus) "Christ" and their Christian foul mouths. Instigating that and tearing each other apart, those are the aims of Jesus "Christ" and of his masked vindictive Christian foul mouths.


Oh yeah, this „peacemaking“ Satan or Jesus "Christ" … is that „peacemaking“ that the Christian foul mouths pinned the blame of theirs for the arson of Rome on their enemies because those brutes could not endure the mirror of their “god” (death penalty convict Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera) and that one of themselves.


What did German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860) say?



“The prayer: ' Don't lead us into temptation’ says: Don’t let me (Christian) know who I am.’”[iv]




Escaping the truths about oneself that is what all those ludicrous drivel about „vicarious suffering“ „vicarious atonement“, „redemption“, „incarnation“, „god’s son”, “trinity” “remission of sins”, “heaven”, “hell” and all the other Christian baloney and imbecility serves for. Those matters are as great as Christian cannibalism is. The other matches the one. Truth is the Maximum Credible Accident (MCA) that ever could happen to perfidious and infamous Christian sect and its robotized barbarians.


The „mercy“of Jesus "Christ" is war of one against another, it is the „mercy“of the swords and the „charity“of rogues and Mafiosi. This is what this brute in a sheep’s clothing means. Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera and his fellow Christians fake that as „mercy“ being beyond reason but it is just lousy -- as lousy criminals, felons and objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10), i.e., Christian foul mouths, are.



Mt 5: 11 - 12 NRSV


11 "Blessed are you when people revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account.

12 Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.



I see, Jesus "Christ" knows the scores!


 Firstly: Christians' topmost impostor and Mafioso wanting to slay everybody who turns out better than he and his damp squibs of nature (Christians) do.  As already proved by the words of Jesus (Satan’s) Christ, he has already to "comfort" his conditioned sheep and/or programmed robots in case that they come off "second best" when trying to slaughter their fellow human beings to which they cannot hold a candle.


Secondly: Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Satan name: Jesus "Christ“) knows that his sect only will succeed when he loses his fellow objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) from all inhibitions of conscience, compassion and humanity. This is how Satan and/or his (Jesus) "Christ" make his Christian accomplices lose their inhibitions and pangs of conscience and any remorse for unscrupulous perpetrations of crimes, outrages and abominations.


 That is Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera’s (Satan name: Jesus Christ's") killing of conscience in human beings and his creation of unscrupulousness.


Thus, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Satan name: Jesus "Christ" )  turns Christian foul mouths into brutes or robots completely lacking any conscience and getting entirely unscrupulous while always pretending the reverse: faking utmost “morals”, “love”, “truthfulness”, “trustworthiness”, “humbleness” etc. The latter he and his Christian foul mouths are lacking that much as they are used to feigning them.


 Jesus "Christ" is the best trainer for felons and bestiality. However, not only that! He is also the best psycho-trainer for terrorism. That is precisely the way Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy are conditioned!




John 8:36 NRSV


36 So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed.




Oh yes, thus Christian foul mouths are „freed” from all inhibitions each honest one has and indeed hence become “free” for unscrupulousness! I see,  if this felons’ coach that calls himself “son” makes his accomplices “free”, then they indeed get “free” from all pangs of  conscience, from compassion and any morals, not to mentions “love” towards any creature.


When Jesus "Christ" “frees” his Christian foul mouths, then they are „free”, i.e. ruthlessly conditioned for any crime, unscrupulousness and abomination. That means “deliberation” by Jesus "Christ“! Then, the Christian foul mouths become desperadoes, felons, Mafiosi terrorists made by Jesus "Christ" – if they had not been that before.


That “deliberation” is what history of Christian sect demonstrates.

That is what criminal history of that felons’ sect precisely teaches!




The trick of this felons’ coach is:


·       disinhibition,

·       disinhibition and once more:

·       disinhibition of a guilty conscience, compassion, morals and remorse that even higher developed animals have!


That is the way he turns Christian foul mouths into robotized brutes and even terrorists of the Planet’s most organized crime feigning to be a religion! That is why there is nothing below perfidious, insidious and infamous Christianity! Nobody can undercut that low regarding depravity!


Disinhibiting even of any relicts of conscience, compassion and humanity is what he intents and thus he enables the success of his (Christian) Mafia. Rewards he actually promises are only for the felons because of their bestiality or outrages, in return. Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ“) knows that his sect stands or falls with those crimes on humanity of such uninhibited religious rogues, desperadoes and objectification (incarnation) of perfidy, i.e. with the “sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10).


The more uninhibited Christian felons are


·       the better for Jesus "Christ"

·       the better for Christian swineherds' sect’s advantage

·       the more successful this Christian swineherds' sect is and

·       the more Christian predators and barbarians feign to be “martyrs”.



That is what Jesus "Christ" is providing. That is Christian sect’s success! That is the success of incarnated infamy, i.e., of Jesus "Christ“!


For their terror, outrages, atrocities and other abominations Christian swineherds never received due punishment. That is why there are no prosecutions of Christian foul mouths but only by Christian foul mouths.


Christian sect produced too many outrages, barbarities and abomination and they are still outstanding bills so that each complain of those perfidious Christians is nothing but hypocrisy, mendacity and perfidy and nothing else.


There are no prosecutions of Christian foul mouths but only by Christian foul mouths. In view of the Christian deceits, outrages, genocides, atrocities and abominations, Christian swineherds never got the punishment they deserve. Moreover, there is no punishment to imagine they really deserve.


That is why there are no Christian martyrs and no prosecution of Christian foul mouths. Is there any prosecution of Christian criminals, murderers, mass-murderers and/or Mafiosi?


What the Christian foul mouths call martyrs are causalities and losses in their terrorism and/or war on human rights, humanity and humankind for the purpose of enslaving the latter or speaking in the words of Jesus "Christ" : while destroying the “house”, i.e., the world, humanity and humankind.


Even Jesus "Christ's" death penalty on the gallows or on the cross - if he really and not a double was punished - is out of all proportion to the degree of his guilt of bestiality, barbarities and abominations he instigated and that were perpetrated for centuries if not millennia later on. Due to the Christian foul mouths’ gigantic barbarities and abominations, there is no appropriate punishment for Jesus "Christ" and the Christian rogues with frocks and without frocks! Each punishment only can be an attempt of due punishment for the followers of Satan that is faking to be “god” …!


Already due to this fact, there can be no prosecution of Christian foul mouths but only by the Christian foul mouths because the Christian foul mouths deserve the maximum penalty for their venom, spite, perfidy, infamy, outrages, mass-murders, genocide, abominations and other barbarities. Is it unfair and unlawful to prosecute brutes, the Planet's most brutes?


 One cannot but do severe punishment for the scum of the earth because one has to set an example that excludes repetition! Moreover, what right do states have for running jails if the most felons enjoy impunity?


 The Christian foul mouths only can claim rights from their enemies they never granted and respected to them. Do not let us fancy what the Christian hypocrites would wail if they now would get that in return what they inflicted on their competitors, rivals and those who turned out better by nature than they do, for two millennia …!



Whatever right could back Christian enslavement on human  beings? If a state ever should back such enslavement, then it is part of Christian organized crime and is equally to treat.


Ancient Greek predicted that Hades (Satan) and his brother would conquer one third of the universe. They hence predicted Jesus "Christ“, his brother James and their Christian sect.


Due to Christian sect, the dark (Middle) Ages came necessarily. At that time, the (Christian) wolves or brutes did not need a sheep’s clothing and because of their political power and thus free from any threat of punishment the Christian foul mouths wolves completely strip off all inhibitions and pangs of conscience and lived their murderous, cruel, barbaric and ghastly nature to the full.




Allegedly, Satan's and his henchmen’s crimes and abominations already are remised by "Golgotha" before they already started to commit them!


 In that period, the (Christian) wolf or brute did not need any disguise (sheep’s clothing) because nobody could escape Christian organized crime and thus this ghastly scum of nature could show its true self, i.e., perpetrate each outrage, terror and abomination.


If the wolf or brute is lost upon his adversaries or enemies then all of a sudden he makes his toilet as „persecuted one“ and even as „martyr“ but never shows its true face or self: Being a wretched hypocrite, miserable liar, despicable deceiver, villain, bastard, dastard, scoundrel, criminal, felon , rogue or Mafiosi, i.e., scum of nature’s creations.




Mr 16: 16 NRSV


16 The one who believes and is baptized will be saved; but the one who does not believe will be condemned.




That is what all felons and, in particular, trainers of felons, for instance, like Jesus "Christ" are used to fancying. By the alleged „right“ membership in a Mafia or sect, the Christian schmucks can fool themselves being superior to those conspecifics to which they cannot hold a candle. I see, this is the „justice“and “mercy” of Satan and his (Jesus) "Christ" …!


That is the foul play of Satan, his (Jesus) "Christ" and that one of their Christian foul mouths, in principle and from the very outset.


Now Satan’s and his (Jesus) "Christ's" program is accomplished: the last are reputed to be the “first ones” and the first to be the “last ones”. Moreover, that lot of counterfeit money Satan and his (Jesus) "Christ" are used to scattering from high mountains …! The currency of foul play is counterfeit money, anyway!


This is precisely that, what Jesus "Christ" imputed Satan to think when “meeting” him in the desert. Well, this is the „mercy“, „compassion“and „forgiveness“of ghastly Christian schmucks!


 Hence, there is no problem if you are a criminal, objectification (incarnation) of perfidy, i.e.   "sick one needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) or decent citizen but the only thing that matters is if you kneel down before Satan or his (Jesus) "Christ", viz, his Anointed One (Greek: Christos) and worship them as your “god” … Nothing else counts! However, never forget to call Satan “father” and “god” as Christian topmost felon from the death row does.



That is the sense of the last quotation of the death penalty convict Jesus "Christ“! In exchange of worshiping those monstrosities (Satan and his Christ) as one’s “god”, both Satan and Jesus "Christ" promise the whole universe or all others sorts of counterfeit money they ever can fabricate …! 



Whatever else could count among those (Christian) bastards n' dastards, creeps n’ crooks, schmucks n’ rogues, thugs n' mugs, wolves n’ villains or those disguised spiteful little devils that even morally are fallen below higher developed animals …? Each objectification (incarnation) of perfidy, i.e.   "sick one needing a physician" (Mt 9:12,Lu 5:31-32) has to  belong to the right gang, i.e. being Christian predators' prey.  This is  the only important thing for those objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31-32) wanting to make prey subservient to their lust for powers...


All counterfeit money is scattered from high mountains, provided one slimily cringes before Satan and/or his Christ as one's „god“.  Those who refuse to do so, hatefully and vindictively are threatened with everything a wicked, malicious, depraved and infamous miscarriage of nature ever could contrive, e.g., by wailing and gnashing of teeth, burning in eternal fire, everlasting condemnation etc. 


If those miscarriages of nature (i.e., Jesus "Christ" and his Christian creeps n’ crooks, thugs n’ rogues, goofs n’ wolves) craving for power and for enslaving their “beloved” next ones do not have their will, then they are used to menacing others with curses of hatred and vengeance that even Satan hardly could compete with them.


 There is no more hatred and vindictiveness but those  Christians   are used to camouflaging by the reverse, e.g., as “love” in order to get unassailable! The latter is their sheep’s clothing and their felons’ coach Jesus "Christ" knows that the wolf only can be successful to lead the goofs up the garden path in such a sheep’s clothing.



If you are a jerk, mug n’ schmuck,

You coach is Jesus, this thug!

He pats you on your back,

Until you have fallen for his trap!



Jesus "Christ" knows the dodges!  His belief shifts mountains (see: Mt 17:20, Mt 21:21)  and truths, honesty, sincerity and morals, anyway! What is easier to lie and to deceive or to shift mountains? Did you ever hear that he shifted even one mountain? Did you ever see a henchman of his (Christians) shifting a mountain? However, when did not he lie and deceive? 



Mt 5: 13 – 16 NRSV


13 ¶ "You are the salt of the earth; but if salt has lost its taste, how can its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything, but is thrown out and trampled under foot.

14 "You are the light of the world. A city built on a hill cannot be hid.

15 No one after lighting a lamp puts it under the bushel basket, but on the lampstand, and it gives light to all in the house.

16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.




Ah, ah, ah – isn’t that wolf able to butter his accomplices up if it is about making slaves, being worshiped (as “god”) and to make money? By verse 16 of the last quotation this perfidious brute in a sheep’s clothing commands his accomplices (Christians)  to do that what he always is used to reproaching the Pharisees as evidence of their alleged arrogant mind. 



Lu 5:31- 32 NRSV


31 Jesus answered, "Those who are well have no need of a physician (i.e., the non-Christians), but those who are sick (i.e. the Christian foul mouths and foul players);

32 I have come to call not the righteous but foul mouths (i.e., the Christian foul mouths and foul players) to repentance."




To his opponents (the Pharisees) he wanted to excuse himself and cant his abomination by this blather, viz, for coaching felons (Christian objectifications of perfidy) how to perpetrate successfully spite, perfidy and infamy.  I see: „the sick needing a physician” hey presto are „salt of the earth“(Mt 5:13), „the light of the world“(Mt 5:14), a „city on the hill“ that shall let shine their light (of sickness and depravity?) before others (ibid.). My word, counterfeit money, just scattered from a high mountain makes everything possible!


One should never forget: Those deceits are easier to commit than shifting mountains! This Satan disguised “as angel of light” (see: 2Co 11:14) inveigles his „the sick needing a physician” (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) into boasting of being the  “salt of the earth”, “light of the world” or a “city on a mountain” etc.! My word, one never knows what the “humble” Christian creeps, crooks n’ brutes get by pretended “self-sacrifice”…!



Those “miracles” happen if Satan or his (Jesus) "Christ" is worshiped and a lot of counterfeit money is given away from high mountains … Then ghastly Satan and/or his slimy (Jesus) "Christ" do their utmost of lying and flattering! Now, the aim of Satan and/or his (Jesus) "Christ" is fulfilled: the last are reputed to be the “first” ones and the first to be the “last” ones.





Did not Satan make up his mind to make the last to the „first ones“and the first to the „last ones“when he started to rebel on god because he did not consent who was first and who was last?

Is not this evenly the aim of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ“) and of all the Christian terrorists, schmucks, felons, murders and barbarians?



Repeatedly, one can find the common features of that trinity of Satan, his (Jesus) "Christ" and their accomplices (Christians)!

Everything happens downwards from a high mountain. The last slimily are blandished as the „first“and the only requirement for that is to worship Satan or his (Jesus) "Christ" as "god", in return… This is a demand with which, indeed, each felon, murderer, barbarian, i.e., Christian objectification (incarnation) of perfidy, i.e. "sick one needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) etc. easily can comply …



“Glad tidings” from Satan and his (Jesus) "Christ" from high mountains – the coaches in perpetrating crimes, abominations and barbarities in the disguise of “love”, “morals” and “truth”, i.e., in a sheep’s clothing …! Both accept all the hypocrites, liars, deceivers, felons, murderers and do not forget to tell this to all the miscarriages of nature, brutes, felons and the other scum of the earth …! Why they are used to doing that?


The answer:


· Why should not they accept themselves?

· Who but this scum of nature and cripples of depravity and moronism ever could be gulled into worshiping them?

· Who but Christianly conditioned slaves and their perfidious, insidious and infamous Christian predators?

· Satan and his (Jesus) "Christ" only can succeed in this Mafia of perfidy and infamy with the stench of 300 millions of skeletons in their closets … 


This is their only chance!


Who wonders that the scum of all creatures of nature gather to this (Christian) Mafia, to the blue Planet’s most organized and almost perfect crime?




Who wonders that those objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) confess and worship Satan or this spiteful little devil and death penalty convict that is known by his nickname: Jesus "Christ" ...?


Oh yeah, oh yeah, who wonders …?





3rdly: The Christian  Crimes as Imitation of Jesus’ „Sermon on the Mountain”



The Christian foul mouths only emulate their felons' coach (thieves' cant: "innocent lamb loving all his enemies") Jesus "Christ“.


Who wonders that Christian pope terrorist, even forged documents? According to one, the Christian pope desperado and terrorist attributed an impudent forgery to Emperor Constantine (in the beginning of the 4th century) that the latter purportedly decreed that the city of Rome, Middle Italy, i.e. that one third of whole Western Europe (!!!) belong to him (the pope tyrant). Among other things he even ordered that the following emperors have to be obedient to the pope, i.e., the emperors had to be the popes' slaves etc. (In Christianity, this is called „primacy of the pope“– because for each felony and abomination this sect of brutes in a sheep’s clothing has a nice, sometimes a very nice term …)!

 This is the most offence against property of humankind! Who else but humankind's most abominable organized crime could perpetrate that? 




Of course, ancient Roman Emperor Constantine was a very, very Christian felon but he was not that goof, jerk or moron as Christian sect later passed him off on their victims of deceit. However, considering the fact how much spurious money Jesus "Christ" gave away to his accomplices for being worshiped as „god“ in return, whoever – and I repeat – whoever really wonders that the pope himself tried producing such counterfeit money like Satan or Jesus "Christ" modeled it to do?



By lying and deceiving that Emperor Constantine would had decreed that even the emperor has to be a pet (sheep) to the pope Mafioso, this spiteful little devil disguised as cockatoo fancied having achieved to become humankind’s slaveholder ("shepherd"). Thus the pope only debunked that becoming slaveholder of one’s conspecifics, i.e., making one's fellow human beings one's pet ("sheep") or robot is the purpose for what Christian sect is instigated, contrived and for what it came into existence. Christianity serves the purpose that some "sick individual needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) with will to power can abase their fellow individuals being their prey ("sheep") or programmed robots.


·       This is the Christian organized crime!

·       That is the purpose of Christian swineherds' sect!



“Modesty” and “humbleness” as “charity”, “truths”, “morals” and other very nice concepts are the sheep’s clothing, i.e., the mask of those spiteful little Christian devils or the scent for this skunks  n’ monks, bastard n’ dastards and all his other Christian underhand foul players, viz,  under-slaveholders. (Topmost slaveholder is Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ!). Never forget, that Christian terrorists' and terrorists' faith shifts mountains (see Mt 17:20) and the truths, morals and any honesty, anyway! What is easier to lie and to deceive or to shift mountains?


The Christian foul mouths presume to call this perpetration the „Constantine Donation” ("Constitutum Constantinii") . Where would the Christian foul mouths be if starting to admit lying and deceiving?




 Is Jesus’ „sermon on the mountain" really something else but a sort of "Constantine" Subreption


Here, the pope-rogues „creatively“ tried to applying Jesus "Christ's" skills of deception. 


· Satan pretends to have got the Earth,

· Jesus "Christ" fakes allegedly having received  everything from “god” and

· correspondingly, the pope-terrorist shams having received all he needs to be slaveholder of humankind from Emperor Constantine.



Firstly: Satan pretends:


Lu 4:6 NRSV


And the devil said to Him, "All this authority I will give You, and their glory; for this has been delivered to me (Satan), and I give it to whomever I wish.



Secondly: Jesus "Christ" brags:



Mt 11:27 NJKV


"All things have been delivered to me (Jesus "Christ" ) by my Father, and no one knows the Son except the Father. Nor does anyone know the Father except the Son, and the one to whom the Son wills to reveal Him.




Thirdly: the pope deceives having received everything to torture and enslave humankind from Emperor Constantine! The pope tyrant's felony of the Constantine Subreption only is a creative application of Satan and his (Jesus) "Christ's" skills demonstrated, e.g., by the "sermon of the mountain" ...


In Christian sect those forgeries or counterfeit money are called: “potestas ligandi et solvendi”, that means the faked “authority to bind and to loose” on Earth that purportedly simultaneously is “bound and loosed” in hell, pardon, “heaven”!


Mt 18:18 NRSV


18 Truly I (Jesus "Christ" ) tell you (Christian fellow felons worshiping me), whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.



 This is the second "Constantine" Subreption in criminality of Christianity next to the "deliverance of all realms of the world" from Satan to his Anointed One (Greek: Christos), which purportedly happened in the desert.  By this bait, Satan's Anointed One (Greek: Christos) lures the dregs of humankind (thieves' cant: the sick needing a physician, see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10)  to address and worship him and his father (Satan) as "god"... The bait is that everybody worshiping and addressing Satan and his Anointed One, i.e. the homo scelestus (homo=human, scelestus=criminal), as "god" can play "god" in his precinct. We already demonstrated that the aim of Christianity is that the Christians can play "god" and fool themselves being like "god"... Due to their perfidy, in particular, psychological projections, those dregs of humankind blame others, in particular, those to which they cannot hold a candle, to do that... There is no depravity, perfidy and criminality from which the homo scelestus would shrink...


 However, could god’s will be done, if Christian liars and deceivers claim to have the authority to bind and to loose in heaven and on earth? The latter means even the power to order god! God even is unable to intervene if Satan’s Christian foul mouths bind and loose something he does not consent.


In this hangmen's sect objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10)  and their prey ("sheep") or robots pray to an alleged father “god” and in truth the pope terrorist claims that he has already bought the father's authority from Jesus "Christ" for worshiping the latter, in exchange. 


The owner of that "house" had changed often, already: First the father “god”, secondly Satan and/or Jesus "Christ" and thirdly the superior objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. the "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10)! Therefore, the prey ("sheep") or robots of Christian hoodlums (slaveholders, "shepherds") pray to "the father in heaven" but their current topmost terrorist and tyrant (the pope) claims having bought and hence is keeping that "authority" to bind and to loose what the Christian prey ("sheep") or robots ask the father to do ...!


If the pope desperado would believe in  Christian b & b (blather and baloney) of that faked "authority to bind and to loose in heaven and on earth", then the Christian prey ("sheep") or robots would have to pray to him instead of applying to the “god” father ... In that case, this perfidious and infamous type of felon would be the only correct address.


The former owner, cannot enter a house that is sold, any longer -- except on the mercy of the new proprietor. That would mean that “god” father would depend on the mercy of Christian pope and other schmucks of priest terrorists. That is what those skunks n' monks, bastards n' dastards, fools n' goofs full of spoofs, schmucks n' mugs fancy ...!


Why, do the Christian foul mouths pray to the father: “Your will be done” (Mt 6:10) if Christian pope tyrants, cardinal terrorists, bishop desperadoes and priest hoodlums, i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) are able to bind and to loose on Earth what simultaneously is bound and loosed in heaven?


According to that insanity, Satan sold his authority on Earth to Jesus "Christ" for being worshiped as "god", in return. The latter sold that authority to his Christian henchmen for being worshiped as “god”, in exchange. Omnipotence god once kept allegedly is sold by Jesus "Christ" to Christian objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) .





 Jesus (Satan’s) Christ sold his authority to bind and to loose in heaven and on earth unlimitedly, i.e., without any restrictions to the the objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10)  to make prey ("sheep") or robots for worshiping him as “god” in return.

That “potestas ligandi et solvendi” is Christian predators' war on humankind, the reason and source of all the Christian crimes, outrages and abominations.



It is the second “Constantine Subreption” to enslave humankind. As said, this is the real reason for all Christian crimes. The faked “authority” of binding and loosing anything the Christian terrorists and psycho-terrorists like to do, is nothing else like Satan on the high mountain or Jesus "Christ" on a high mountain giving away everything they do not keep, just for being worshiped as "god"  in return.  It is a specter or bugaboo just of those poor sods and  ugly brutes to gull others into worshiping them as the “god”, in return.

·       Like Satan, like Jesus "Christ" !

·       Like Jesus "Christ" , like to pope-tyrants!



Therefore, when Satan and (his Jesus) Christ allege to have been handed over everything and that everything purportedly is at their disposal, how could it be else that the pope terrorists apply the same tricks of deception with regard to Emperor Constantine? Didn’t we say: Jesus "Christ" is the best coach for Christian rogues with frocks?

Here is a concrete example how one can learn perpetrations of crimes by Jesus "Christ" – planet Earth's best  coach for criminality and criminals!



Thus, it is provided evidence that Christian crimes are no vitiation of the “tenets” of Jesus "Christ" but an application and imitation of his tricks, deceits, sorcery and abomination. The pope only forges that way that Satan and Jesus "Christ" modeled it to do to him!



·       Like master, like man!

·       Like Satan, like (his Jesus) Christ!

·       Like Jesus, like Christian foul mouths!




Everywhere common features of Satan, his (Jesus) "Christ" and the Christian foul mouths – the true trinity of Christianity! Whether Satan, his (Jesus) "Christ" or the pope-desperadoes: Each of them pretends that everything is delivered to him by some superior authority, is at his disposal and that he arbitrarily can make use of it.


 Finally, it is not only about making slaves in Christian sect but also about making money, money and money.  (Jesus) "Christ" is also cash-Christ


 Felons always are used to committing felonies that are possible for them to perpetrate. One time they can and commit this, another time they can and will perpetrate that crime. In no way this is only past. Christian swineherds' sect made its fortune by perfidious trade with letter of indulgence and by the here pointed out Constantine deception.


 Lets us summarize before continuing:



Satan alleges that the entire universe has been surrendered to him and that he arbitrarily can pass overall or parts of the power to which he likes to do it. Satan will hand over authority if being worshiped (as “god”), in return.  The Christian foul mouths call this „potestas ligandi et solvendi“ (the authority to bind and to loose what simultaneously is bound and loosed in heaven).


 Further, Satan claims that all authority on Earth is given to him. He can pass it on, as he likes to do so. Moreover, he transfers authority in exchange for being worshiped as “god”…



Lu 4:5 -6 NRSV

5 Then the devil led him up and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world.

6       And the devil said to him, "To you I will give their glory and all this authority; for it has been given over to me, and I give it to anyone I please.




Like Satan, like (his Jesus) Christ:



Mt 28:18 NRSV
18 ...  And Jesus came and said to them (his henchmen), "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me (Jesus "Christ" ).


 Unlike Satan, Jesus "Christ" demonstrably passes on that authority to those leaders of his henchmen (Christians) that worship him as “god” (see: Mt 18:18, quoted below). Possibly the transfer of authority between Satan and Christ took not place because there is an identity of both (Satan and Christ), e.g., possibly in the way of a psychological projection …




Who handed over? 


The Bible (of the Jews) -- that allegedly proves all the lies and deceits of Jesus "Christ" -- first says that one should not associate any other person to god (see: Ex 20:3).


Secondly precisely by prophet Isaiah – to whom the Christian foul mouths schmucks n’ thugs, goofs with spoofs, monkeys n’ donkeys, bastards n’ dastards, fags n’ rats preferably refer to give (spurious) evidence of their lies and deceits – rejects any contrivance that god shares his authorities with another person.


 Obviously, prophet Isaiah had a foreboding of the abominable barbarity that was going to come:




 Isa 42:8 NRSV

8 I am the LORD, that is my name; my glory I give to no other, nor my praise to idols.




By the way, in Judaism the Lord is god, in criminality of Christianity the instigator of planet earth's most organized crime Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ" ) is the „Lord“.  This fact sufficiently proves criminality of Christianity at best as Satan’s sect or atheism, already!  An organized crime cannot be a religion. Already for this reason Christianity is no religion. What a religion is and what not, the deceivers do not decide  for the selfishness of their own! 



According to the scripture that shall prove all the claims of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ" ) , god does not transfer any authority to Jesus (and/or)  Satan’s Christ or someone else what is an exclusive feature of his like, for instance, omnipotence. Satan and his  (Jesus) "Christ" claim omnipotence for themselves, according to Christian doctrines (see: Lu 4:5-6, Mt 28:18).


Correspondingly, Jesus "Christ" only can have received his “potestas ligandi et solvendi” (the authority to bind and to loose) from nobody else but from Satan when encountering him in the desert.


Here, Christian trickeries do not help, for instance, that god allegedly is a "club" or "company" of three equal "associates".


Even if the perfect crime tries making itself unassailable, no philosophical ability is attached to those religious rogues or frogs  in frocks!


 There is a difference between likeness or equality, on the one hand and identity, on the other. Likeness and equality consist of identity and different nature, whereas identity only consists of its own, i.e., by one (and no other) matter.


Another person at least consists of two matters: a) identity and b) a different nature, if no completely of a different nature. Only because of an additional matter (apart from identity), it becomes a different person.


When prophet Isaiah says that god does not share glory with another one then he means that god does not share something with someone outside his identical nature. This means that he does not share being god with another  person, felon or Mafioso that is called Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (felons name: Jesus "Christ" ), whatever this person might be: a tree, thistle, skunk, monkey, donkey, brute, wolf, human being, "god" or even everything of that!


 Jewish philosopher Baruch Spinoza (1632 -1677) correctly said: “Omnis determinatio est negatio” (each determination simultaneously is negation). Determining god as three persons means to annihilate his omnipotence, already because he is unable to alter that association of three. He is confined by this determination (of three) and thus not almighty, any longer.


 In Christian Satan’s Mafia “god” is determined to swoon instead of omnipotence because an imposter like Satan  is boasting: „All authority in heaven and on earth is given to me (and not to god)” (Mt 12:18) or “heaven and earth will pass” (see: Mt 24:35) but not my megalomania!  Let us put a question. Where shall the alleged immortal souls of the Christian foul mouths go if heaven has perished? Never forget that Satan's (Jesus) "Christ" did not threaten his domicile to perish: the hell!


Even if some slick Christian rogues presume to refer to John's Revelation in this case, Jesus "Christ" stays belied, anyway! Even if heaven would be renewable -- a special concept of Judaism John adopts from prophet Isaiah (from the latter he cribs a lot) without thinking about the consequences for other Christian doctrines - heaven still exists if there is a new or renewed one and Jesus "Christ" stays a liar!


All authority in heaven and on earth is up to the almighty god and not to an impostor like Satan or his  (Jesus) "Christ" or Christian objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10)! 



The way Christian foul mouths lift their topmost hoodlum Jesus "Christ" as “god” one could associate everybody and everything to the god because it is based on a concept of deception.  In principle, the Christian hoodlums striving for posing as  great “philosophers” say: Something is not something but even more and the contrary of itself.


 Similarly, one could say: Truth is not truth. Truth has children and these are lies. Therefore, lies belong to the truths and thus truths are lies.  My word, this  is the would-be “philosophy” of objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) about trinity...  Do not forget to admire them...


This is the mire...!

The Christian rogues admire!


Once more, the most conclusive evidence that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ" ) is not to associate to god but to Satan comes from the scripture to which Jesus "Christ" himself refers for all the (spurious) evidence of his criminality: 





De 22:23 NKJV


22  "If a man has committed a sin deserving of death, and he is put to death, and you hang him on a tree (Latin Vulgate: “in patibulo” that means verbatim: on a cross-beam)


23  his body shall not remain overnight on the tree, but you shall surely bury him that day, so that you do not defile the land which the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance; for he who is hanged is accursed of God.




Well, “he who is hanged is under god's curse” like Satan is accursed of god. Oh yeah, and this creep of curse the Christian palm as “god” off on their prey (“sheep”) and robots by blather, drivel, moronism, idiocy and baloney of “trinity”…!  By the way, that was the reason why the corpse of Jesus "Christ" or his double was taken away from the cross even on Perfidious Friday (thieves' cant: "good Friday", good for the furtive criminals).  In view of De 22:23 the Christian foul mouths’ puking of “trinity” means that god shares his deity with Satan and/or Satan’s  Anointed One  (Greek: Christos) and/or someone else that is similar accursed by him than the latter.



Once more, we experience that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ" ) is not only rejected by god but also cursed by him like Satan is cursed by god! Where is a difference between Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") and Satan or Satan's catamite? This is Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ"), this spiteful little devil – whom the  dregs of humankind (thieves' cant: the sick needing a physician, see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) want to associate to “god”...! This is the impostor's fake of keeping “all authority on earth and in heaven” (see: Mt 28:18) …! In addition, there are still “stubborn” anti-Christians that do not believe in the  “miracles” of the deceiver   that are "apparent in the working of Satan" (2Th 2 :9)…  Ah, ah, ah do not make me laugh!


 Why is this passage in the Deuteronomy?


The answer:  Because god wants to warn us of this imposter and con man that wants to place himself beside or even instead of his (god)!



Obviously, god and his prophets already smelt the Jesus-rat! If Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera is under god's curse, then this evenly is to apply to his henchmen and accomplices (Christians). This makes Christian history understandable but even more abominable. There is no more abomination in the world than criminality of Christianity!



The Christian foul mouths’ contemporary prevarications that the Jews wanted to humiliate Jesus "Christ" in a special way by executing death penalty by crucifixion do not help the Christian liars and deceivers, thugs n’ mugs or  rogues in frocks etc.  However, they debunk them even more as heinous crimes and the Christians as  dregs of humankind.

Firstly: At that time, the Jews were not allowed to execute death penalty by crucifixion but only the Roman authorities. Crucifixion is a Roman penalty.


Secondly: Thus, the Christian foul mouths debunk themselves having no trust in god when alleging that god is unable to take into account human evilness when passing his rules so that  allegedly human wickedness could foil god’s  omnipotence …!  Christian foul mouths, do not make me laugh!


In addition,  "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10)  fail to overlook all their lies and deception. In order to escape being murdered as baby by king Herode because the latter already feared the Jesus baby as rival to the Jewish throne, god purportedly intervened in history and advised his mother the flight into Egypt. However, when this monster of “baby” was that age to become “King of Israel” (Joh 12:13) god does not intervene against the purported evilness of the Jews and let his conceited “peer” accede to the gallows or cross …


The deceits about the monstrosity’s  birth convict the  deceivers’ lies about his alleged end or the accounts  about his purported end convict the liars what they fabricate about his outset …!


I see, Satan’s Christ and Satan’s Christian foul mouths give the blame to god that this almighty and omniscient one  was unable to foresee the fate of somebody that wants to associate to him as peer when  rashly  making clear that a hanged one is cursed by him (see: De 21:23) …

Oh god, the trinity of Satan, his (Jesus) "Christ" and their Christian deem you being the same goof (contriving  spoof) as they are …! However, in this case Satan, his (Jesus) "Christ" and all their Christian foul mouths do not give the blame for the depravity of their own to the Pharisees. So far, one already can speak about a progress …


The trinity of Satan, his (Jesus) "Christ" and their Christians fancy revoking god's laws and commandments,  that easily ...! Presumably because of lacking trust in god  or presumably because they do not believe in god at all, the Christian foul mouths made a “god” of their own or try appointing a fellow epitome and objectification (incarnation) of perfidy, i.e.  a sick one needing a physician (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10), viz, an accursed one by god as "god’s" guardian …!


If one says that god consists of several parts, one can correspondingly say that god even consists of Satan, since especially in Christian sect Satan is addressed and worshiped as “god”. If Christian terrorists and other sorts of criminals rattle down: God we praise you through Jesus "Christ", they also can say: God we praise you through Satan or in so far as you admit that Satan is a better ruler of the universe than you...!


Do you know that "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) allege that purportedly  it was the aim of Jesus "Christ" to hang on the crossbeam, already from his very outset, yes from the beginning of the universe? This means that Jesus "Christ" did not want to recommend himself as “Messiah” and “King of Israel” (Joh 12:13) to his fellow Jews but wanted to debunk himself being cursed by god as Satan is cursed by god, i.e. this would mean that he wanted to recommend himself to his fellow Jews as Satan's Christ and not as that one of god...!   Ah, ah, ah -- do not make me laugh! 


This is why Christianity only could spread where the (Jewish) Bible was not known but not considerably among Jews.  One only can deceive folks not knowing the truths.


If you find a university professors defending the Christian foul mouths’ b & b (blather and baloney) then this only happens because Christianly enslaved country the very last one rank as the “first ones”, e.g.  the objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) can pose  as great “philosophers”. 


That is Christian foul play (“brotherly love”)  and only by foul play the objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10)   can fake to be the “first ones.”  No smart and educated one can take serious all the spoofs of Christian goofs, brutes and rats in the sewers.  That belongs with the Christian toilet (“church”).


Real philosophers, the real first ones, have no chance in Christian societies of foul play feigned as “brotherly love” to get this foul play unassailable.  A felons' and hangmen's sect as "moral" trendsetter is not free of charge. One has to pay a high price and that one consists of more than 300 millions of murdered individuals! Moreover, this amount of murders outdoing that one of all other organized crimes together is only the tip of an iceberg of Christian crimes and abominations!



There is  much worse to say to it than that!


Christian mendacity and perfidy of passing an accursed one by god (see: De 21:23)  off as “god’s son” and the thus resulting drivel, blather and baloney of “trinity” were the main hindrances of developing philosophy in Christianly enslave countries of foul play!


In those countries impostors, braggarts, blackguards, con men, morons, goofs n’ fools are regarded  as “great philosophers” …


One cannot palm an accursed one by god off as an “associate” of “god” on one’s victims of deceit but by foul play, in principle, from the very outset and thoroughly! One cannot impose lies and deceits on masses of individuals but by spite, venom, crimes, atrocities, barbarities and other abomination.  There are no human rights but abominations where lies and deceits are imposed on human beings!


Therefore, even according to the scripture that allegedly prove all the claims of Jesus "Christ" , only Satan can have handed over that authority, Jesus "Christ" pretends according to Mt 28:18.


This also finds expression in the Christian scriptures. E.g., when Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (felons’ name: Jesus "Christ" ) is praying:




Lu 11: 2 NKJV

2 So He (Jesus "Christ" ) said to them (his accomplices), "When you (Christians) pray, say: Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven.




First, if Jesus "Christ" prays to the father, the father is someone else than he and that means he (Jesus "Christ" ) is not identical with god and thus no god! In addition, equal god does not pray to an equal god. Only one that is inferior prays to someone (that is superior).  To such another one god does not transfer any authority. Any other allegation is the counterfeit money of a Mafia disguised as a religion to make itself unassailable.




 Secondly, if the will of the father shall be done than not that one of another person, e.g., that one of, Jesus "Christ" , no matter what this monstrosity ever wants to be a skunk, thistle, tree, brute, cesspool, human being, god or even everything of that.


Hence, Jesus says that the will of the father should be done but not that one of his. However, Satan and Jesus "Christ" , both withheld how the will of the father can be done if “All authority in heaven and on earth” is not up to god but to him (Satan or Jesus "Christ" ) … If god has no  authority in heaven and on earth, at all  he is the wrong address for praying. Then one should pray to Satan or his (Jesus) "Christ"  or even to  the  Christian popes, i.e.  desperadoes!


Once more, one can see why there are “miracles” over “miracles” when liars, deceivers and religious rogues like Christian foul mouths gather. Why? When lies and deceits are stinking to high heaven, they become “perfumed" as “miracles” by those dregs of humankind!


There is prayed to a person (“father”) that is unable to accomplish the requests because of lacking the correspondent authority! Satan and his son (Jesus „Christ“ rather should pray that way:




 Satan’s son, Lord Jesus, being in hell we lie as  "heaven", hollowed be your stand. We praise you that you have deprived god of all authority in heaven and on Earth. We (Christians) were and are your alley when rebelling on god and on all the first because like you we want to become the "first ones". Lord Christ, Lord Satan, your Christian allies know what you had to suffer when stabbing, slaughtering and murdering god according to logion 98 of the chronicle (Christians' cant: "gospel") of Thomas...! As a precaution and for the sake of you we already declared everything“non-authentic" ...





When rogue without frock Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ" ) contrived that "Lord's prayer" he obviously still believed to succeed in becoming Messiah, i.e., „King of Israel“. At that time, he obviously still expected to accede to the throne of the “King of Israel” (Joh 12:13) and not to end wretchedly on the gallows or on the cross.  At that time, he obviously felt no need canting the disgrace not only of a very bad looser but also of a death penalty convict by faking “lamb of god vicariously suffering for the sins (of his, pardon,) of the world” … So far, Jesus "Christ" completely is „excused“ …! 


It is hard to foresee everything, in particular, the hard lot of one’s own if „all authority in heaven and on earth is given“ (Mt 28:18) to oneself”  … You do not know what Satan’s Christ always has to suffer …! He and his Christian foul mouths are always persecuted (by the depravity and abomination of their own) …



By the faked „potestas ligandi et solvendi“ (“authority to bind and to loose on earth”) human beings are deprived of their human rights.


·       By this faked “authority” there are introduced two classes of human beings, firstly, those  ones having that “potestas”, i.e., the slaveholders and secondly, those that  are submitted to that faked „potestas“ of human beings, i.e., the slaves, robots or even the animals ("sheep")!


Already this crime against human rights and humanity is only to accomplish by further lies, deceits, forgeries, perjuries, felonies, murders, outrages, atrocities and other abominations on humanity and human rights.


·       By the fake of “potestas ligandi et solvendi” (authority to bind and to loose) a fabricated "authority" is presented being allowed to become humankind’s slaveholders and to commit the corresponding crimes, outrages and abominations. Thus, Christian Mafia wants to make its spite, insidiousness, perfidy, infamy and other barbarities unassailable!



·       That is why Christian sect is a felons’ sect, a barbarity and terrorism in its very principle and from the very outset! 




Christianity is lying from the very outset - a feature the Christian foul mouths themselves attribute to Satan, by a psychological projection that is very, very typical of Christian. Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ" )  tallies with the concept of Satan of his own, Christianity to that one of Satanism of its own.


The "authority to bind and to loose in heaven and on earth" is the counterfeit money of the true Christian trinity of  Satan, Jesus "Christ" and their Christian foul mouths' sect. It is just lie, deceit, theft, fraud, perfidy and infamy of the Planet's most organized crime!


Those are Christian thieves' „charities“, „peacemaking“, „brotherly love“, „truths“, „humbleness“, „modesty“, „meekness” and “justice” etc. !


However, we should not forget the difference between Jesus "Christ" and Satan. Satan is keeping silent about the one that allegedly delivered everything to him, whereas Jesus "Christ" sometimes alleges that his „father“ has delivered everything to him (see: Mt 11:27), sometimes he proudly pretends that he („the son“) has delivered everything to the father and not the father to him ("the son"), i.e., “god” the father is a burglar:



Joh 16:15 NJKV

15 "All things that the Father has are Mine. Therefore I said that He will take of Mine and declare it to you.




Now, the bedlam of Christian terrorism completely is accomplished! All the less Christian foul mouths could pray to the "father": "Your will be done..." According to the braggart, imposter and con man named Jesus "Christ" "god" has swoon instead of omnipotence! Satan and/or his (Jesus) "Christ" are almighty rendering some authorities by and by to "god", provided that he behaves well, in particular towards the Mafiosi of criminality of Christianity ...


Oh no, “god“ – this villain – robs Jesus "Christ" ! There is a real miracle pertaining to Christian “holy” scriptures. The Christian foul mouths do not go off into fits of laughter when reading their “New Testament”, i.e. their Satanic scriptures … “God“ only has to do and is allowed to do that what this terrorist and misshapen monstrosity downwards from a high mountain permits him to do … My word, what a Satan …! It really is miraculous that Christian foul mouths can read all the blather and baloney of their  chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") without bursting into laughter …


 In the end, going to hell for the adversary of Christian terrorism and psycho-terrorism becomes cancelled because Satan and his (Jesus) "Christ" have beaten each other to death since they could not agree who delivers what to whom …! Last, not least, Jesus threatened the little innocent children of prophetess rival Jezebel to kill them unscrupulously (see: Re 2:23)! That is what happens in hell, in true Christianity, i.e. the Dark (Christian) Ages!


I see, when killing little innocent children this perfidious, insidious, coward and weak dastard can feel strong ...! Do not grudge Jesus "Christ" that pleasure, very typical of Christian!



Oh my god, you evil scallywag, you wicked scoundrel robs such a miserable, ugly and misshapen figure, such a wretched Egyptian servant, such a spiteful little devil, sorcerer and terrorists, who had to cribbed other folks’ grains in order to escape from starving (see Mt 12:1) …!


God, you mean fellow robbing a felon, death penalty convict and a would-be king that failed to usurp the power of his country on the day before Passover … ! Oh my god, what a fine friend you are cribbing from the instigator of a terrorists’ and slaveholders’ sect …!


 Oh god, you do not have any respect towards Satan and all the Christian Pied Pipers …!


Christian "foul mouths", viz objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10)  already murdered about 300 millions of human beings, however,  until today they howl, bawl wail and cry  that the murderers -- and not the murdered ones! -- are continuously persecuted ...  What a "crime" to prosecuted the most criminals and murderers of all bipeds...!

Oh god, you fine friend, you do not know what we (Christian murderers) have to suffer...


 Oh god, do respect that the belief of us -- i.e., of Christian dastards n' bastards, skunks n' monks, fools n' goofs full of spoofs, (sheep) dogs n' sods, thugs n' mugs -- shifts mountains and you and the truths, anyway!


4thly: Summary


The "Sermon on the Mountain" is pivotal for Christian sect since it debunks the gist of Christian sect as sheer crime of deceit. This sermon says that god does not care about the sins of human beings as we do not care about the ants' warfare. However, Christian sect's fabrications of "vicarious suffering" and "vicarious atonement" premise quite the reverse. I.e. the "Sermon on the Mountain" is the evidence that Christian shysters' concoctions of "vicarious suffering" and "vicarious atonement", i.e. the hardcore of Christian sect is nothing but canting the shame and disgrace of Ben-Pandera's death penalty.  Hereby,  the Christians want to veil that they are followers of a felon constituting an organized crime disguised as religion.  Neither Satan nor Jesus "Christ" possess those things both are used to giving away from high mountains for being worshiped as "god", in return. The ”candies" both scatter from high mountains downwards on the landscape are Constantine Subreptions or counterfeit money, the currency of the Christian foul mouths' true trinity: Satan, Jesus "Christ" and their Christian foul mouths. By the "Constantine" Subreptions  the Christian pope terrorist just creatively applied Satan’s and his (Jesus) "Christ's" behavior on high mountains. Each pretends to keep a lot of counterfeit money and being allowed to pass it on, arbitrarily.  By this counterfeit money, Christian “humble” and selfless predators suffering with ruthless lust for powers make  a lot of prey ("sheep") and robots.







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