Chapter: 4, Part: 3

Section: 3

of Satan's spitting images: Jesus, Simon Peter, Shaul Paul


"St." Peter's Murder on the Man knowing too much and that brought Death Penalty to him


“Peter... a magician, a godless man, injurious, cunning, ignorant, and professing impossible things." (Simon Magus)


 "… you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him" (1 Jo 3:15 )


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A basic Note to all the Murders of Simon Peter


Judging the Christians‘ allegations, one has to take into consideration the perfidy of dastards of establishing an asymmetry of arming of (Christian) aggressors and their targeted victims in favor of the former.  Die adversary is to inveigle into disarming totally while the Christian dastard is arming himself to the utmost, under the cowl.


Mt 12:29 NRSV

29  Or how can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his property, without first tying up the strong man? Then indeed the house can be plundered.


Mk  3:27 (NRSV)

27  But no one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his property without first tying up the strong man; then indeed the house can be plundered. 


Only on condition of defenselessness of the attacked, dastards, desperadoes and other born and bad losers, if at all, can win.  Only on this condition, Jesus and his dastardly criminals, i.e. Christians, are the „winners“. Entrapping the victims into disarming, the Christian dastards lull them into a false sense of security that they so-to-speak even are unable to hurt a fly, e.g., they sham even to „love“ their enemies etc. So, why supposing something evil from the Christian "lovers"…? Nobody but Simon Peter declares more bluntly what the Christian dastards think behind their mask of charity and „love of the enemy“ etc.   

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2Pe 2:12 NKJV

12 But these, (disbelievers who decline to become Christians, i.e. being the sheep of Christian „shepherds“ are) like natural brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed,. 

This is the real „love“ by which the Christians „love of the enemy“ is to be known by the history of this organized crime (of murder) disguised as “religion”. This is what Simon Peter learned from his boss Jesus „Christ“ and that is the „love“ he and his fellow Christian dastards are used to  applying. This is Christian criminality veiled by Christian perfidy. We do not want to imagine the Christian dastards‘ howling, wailing, and crying if this standard of their own is applied to them…

Then the Christian dastards are used to arousing pity by whining:

Martyrdom, martyrdom

In the Christian dastards‘ delirium!



Christians while accomplishing their "love": "Jesus came to crucify the world" (The Gospel of Philip). Who is worse - the Nazis or the Christians?


     Here, it is about the warfare of Jesus’ terrorists on the sect of John the Baptist that was already incited by Jesus lies  about John. Already in the days of Jesus, the Christian foul players (terrorists) committed homicide and murder against rivals and competitors.  I recommend reading chapter e105 in advance where I demonstrated that the Jewish Messiahs was predicted to be preceded by  reappeared prophet Elias.  


Jesus acknowledged this sequence of prophets according to the predictions of Judaism. Since however Elias did not reappear and the Christian foul mouths’ instigator (Jesus) wanted to be much, much more than just a prophet -- e.g. he also could had faked being reappeared Elias instead of Messiahs but this was not much enough for the megalomaniac one! -- the Jesus business was moving in dire straits. 


He helped himself in the typical manner of a deceiver by proclaiming another one, namely, John the Baptist, as a reappearance of Elias, in fact against John’s expressed words. Jesus’ state of emergency was too big. So, Jesus did not want and was unable to respect the mind of the one he violated.


     Due to Jesus’ acting against John’s the Baptist’s expressed mind, even without brilliant intelligence it is to find out  that Jesus’ gang of zealots, i.e. of terrorists (!), and John’s sect could not cotton to each other. Thus nobody else but Jesus provoked a deadly, yes terrorist warfare on John and his followers by proclaiming and thus violating John as a Paraclete to him.  

     We already pointed out that Johannes the Baptists himself and his disciple immediately would had disbanded the sect of his (their) own and instantly would have joined the Jesus’ gang if John in the least believed in Jesus’ shameless lie that he (Jesus -- man’s deceiver and man’s terrorist!) is the Messiah he (John) intended to blaze the trail.


 Indeed, the bare fact of John’s sect continuing existence give Jesus the lie and convicts him of lies and deception. This not only in that sense that John the Baptist did not aim at Jesus when talking about the Messiah but also in that one that Jesus is a mock Messiah because of missing the premise of prophet’s Elias reappearance.


     The differentia  between the Jesus gang and John the Baptist’s sect hardly couldn’t be larger. Johannes the Baptist was a pious man. He and his folks abode by Jewish laws and customs.


They were very  popular among the Jews because they lived what they preached.  In contrast with John’s sect Jesus and his flock did not abide by laws, customs and even by the Ten Commandments.


 Jesus proclaimed himself to be “master of Sabbath” (see: Mt 12:8) and as we all know he even perpetrated the felony of usurping the office of  “King of the Jews” -- a felony  he rightly and lawfully as  directly (not vicariously!) had to atone by death penalty (crucifixion). 


Jesus and his fellows  gobbled, guzzled, had sex and homo-sex[i] that is very proper to a gang of barbarians and terrorists but not for religious people. Finally Jesus had the   presumption to incite  hatred one's  against father and mother (see Lu 14:26) and thus once more violated god's commandments according to which one has to honor one's father and mother. 


That is a clear offence on the Ten Commandments of Judaism that are perceived as god's will.  Last not least that  attack on the Ten Commandments debunks more Jesus and the Christian foul mouths being more depraved than they would like to be exposed.  While John and his folks  were very popular and highly esteemed, Jesus and his flock were reputed to be odious. So, Jesus and his fellows often could be glad having a narrow escape without getting stoned (see: Joh 10:31).


After decapitation of the popular John the Baptist that occurred because of his criticism pertaining to his ruler’s espousal, neither Jesus nor Peter nor another Christian became chosen head of John’s sect but a certain Dositheus.  Successor of Dositheus as head of John's sect became high-gifted Simon Magus. Regarding prestige this Simon soon became greater than the founder of the sect: John the Baptist. 


 It is not known that a Christian ever had been called “The Great” by the pagans. The Christian foul mouths just distributed such titles among themselves. From the Christian scriptures about Simon Magus -- that do not refrain from horror stories about him – it even is to infer that Simon’s superiority had been that overwhelming that Dositheus voluntarily made way for Simon Magus. Obviously an unimaginable thing among Christian barbarians.


    Even if the Christian writings jollily overexert themselves projecting Christian behavior on John’s sect – as, for example, we know it from the warfare of Catholics and Protestants -- the facts tell something quite else. Dositheus stayed with the sect as disciple after Simon Magus took over leadership. So to speak, both changed ranks or places, what Dositheus never would had done if all happened Christianly, i.e. strife-torn as the Christian foul mouths allege and as they are used to behaving among themselves. 


 This Simon Magus -- the second  successor of  John the Baptist in his sect – was murdered Peter (“Saint” Murderer) because the Christian terrorists could not master this sect otherwise. And due to this murder, Peter (“St.” Murderer) was executed death penalty in Rome. That was Peter’s end.


The Christian call that serial murderer a martyr because they call all their casualties pertaining to their terrorist war on humankind and humanity that way – as each Mafia does so. Each terrorism or even Mafia is used to reputing its losses of any  member by gunfire,  jail or even death penalty in this manner.  This Christian foul mouths’ behavior tallies with those patterns.


That is what we are going to produce evidence in detail, now. 


After standing in the way of Jesus and his band because John the Baptist was honest and sincere enough to reject that part of deceit and lies that Jesus had allotted  to him, Jesus’ band soon started denouncing, libelling, vilifying John’s sect even under leadership of Dositheus according to their well-known “charity” and “love” of enemies:


“For after that John the Baptist was killed, as you yourself also know, when Dositheus had broached his (John’s) heresy, with thirty other chief disciples, and one woman, who was called Luna….“[ii]


One cannot get it over: Jesus and his terrorists violate

a)     John the Baptist by imputing him being the alleged reappeared prophet Elias who should precede the Messiah what John literally rejected and thus purportedly blazing the trail for deceiver Jesus

b)    and as a sheer mockery of all, the Jesus’ band (Christians)calls John’s ideas -- Dositheus feels obliged to -- a heresy!


This crime traces back directly to the Christian terrorists’ golden calf  (Jesus). Indirectly the Christian barbarians inadvertently admit that John the Baptist and his disciples never considered that  deformity (regarding body and soul) Jesus as  Messiah, the Jews are (still) waiting  for and John wanted to blaze the trail. 


Christ is the ancient Greek term for Messiah. Since the Christian foul mouths fortunately chose the Greek concept, one can understand this Greek type of notion as the Messiah of deceit - and religious terrorism. According to almost all penal codes of civilised countries it is to judge as murder, for example, if somebody seduces someone else to suffer execution (death penalty) instead of himself.


In almost all Christian countries such a perpetration is punished by maximum penalty – in the USA by death penalty. That is why one should not mind speaking about Jesus "Christ" or Christ of the Christian foul mouths. More over, in most Western languages those words (Christ or Christian foul mouths) sound very barbarically and thus already betrays more the Christian foul mouths ever would like. 


And last not least,  in English Christ rhymes with spite or  hypocrite, in German even with terrorist. 


Jesus "Christ" , Jesus "Christ" ,

Catamite, hypocrite and full of spite!


Therefore, we have no misgivings of using the words “Jesus”, “Christian” or “Christ” and, not at all to speak of “Christian foul mouths”. The semantics of those words is not to judge by the claims and demands of Christian terrorism but by that what the Christian foul mouths very impressively demonstrated by their terrorism, Pardon, by their fruits, one can recognize them according to their instigator’s word (Jesus)...!


Who wonders about the spite, the venom, the bestiality, anti-Semitism, the murders and mass-murders of those liars and terrorists with a lawfully and rightly punished felon and death penalty convict and as faking god?


Hardly John the Baptist is used for Jesus and his gang’s own ends when those venomous  (Christian) barbarians denounce him and his successors heretics. Jesus still  lived  at Dositheus’ time and presumably  Peter never could murder without the boss’ (Jesus’) consent. 


Apparently nobody else but Jesus ordered that murder. Much was at stake for Jesus: being the Messiah and still something more the "average Christian" does not suspect.


It is here about a highly distinguished successor as head of the John the Baptist’s sect - it is here about a man, that obviously knew too much about Jesus and his infamous schmucks.


By no means, the war of Jesus and his terrorists on John the Baptist’s sect is not only limited to venomous tongue they allegedly were heretics. Well, as said, successor of John’s sect after his decapitation became Dositheus and he was followed by Simon Magus, an tremendously gifted, talented and fairly intelligent character.


 As some Jewish Christian foul mouths, e.g. Peter, Simon also emigrated from Palestine to Rome. Emperor Nero was among his friends. Simon made clear that the followers of John the Baptist hardly considered Jesus and his gang members to be lesser barbarians and terrorists as we do it here.


In this respect, we hereby also restore the honor of John the Baptist and his supporters. Simon Magus, obviously being a good judge of character and apparently of astute intelligence exposes Peter who also was named Satan by Jesus (each terrorist is a Satan!) and to whom the boss (Jesus) entrusted his sect (rock, on which the Christian terrorism is built):



“For he (Simon Magus) asserted that Peter was a magician, a godless man, injurious, cunning, ignorant, and professing impossible things. "For," says he, "he asserts that the dead shall rise again, which is impossible. But if any one attempts to confute him, he is cut off by secret snares by him, through means of his attendants. Wherefore, I also," says he, "when I had vanquished him and triumphed over him, fled for fear of his snares, lest he (Peter) should destroy me by incantations, or compass my death by plots." They intimated also that he (Peter) mainly stayed at Tripoli.”[iii]


A godless man, injuring, crafty, ignorant and impossible matters professing, in that way not only Peter is to characterize but also the Christian foul mouths’ instigator Jesus "Christ" as all the other fellows of that terrorists’ sect. If Jesus (the " tree ") wouldn’t had mirrored himself -- especially pertaining to the infamy of his own mind -- in Peter (his " fruit "), then he never would had allowed him (Peter) ever being right next to him.


Doesn't the Christian foul mouths’ god say that one can be known by one’s fruits? Why don't you  realize  Jesus by his fruits (infamous schmucks) , i.e. the Christian terrorists...? Do it!


Here, that piece of information is interesting how the Christian foul mouths wangled their  “miracles”. This opens the door of the darkroom slightly to light in a way of a Freudian slip. From whom did Peter learn arranging “wonders” by snares?   Peter only produced miracles that way his model of deception (Jesus) taught him to “manage” them.


Peter and all the other Christian terrorist did the  same and that way Jesus modeled to them.  In that manner and in no other way, one has to imagine Jesus himself and his  terrorists’ - and rogues’ gang! Isn’t it possible to fed five thousand people easily with only five breads if those who claim that they are not full afterwards threatened to loose their lives by Jesus' savages?


How easily one can heal blind persons, pigeons and lame ones under such conditions as here reported in a Christian writing?  And no other terrorists were and are the popes, cardinals and priests, who understand themselves as successors of that terrorist and serial killer that was called Peter...

 The Christian savages --  that cribbed John the Baptist for their deceit of coarse by putting a meaning to the words of John according to their (the Christian foul mouths’) selfishness, John in fact expressed the contrary as one can even prove today  -- did also murder the second successor of John of the Baptist’s sect by their deputy boss (Peter), a then well-known terrorist and serial murderer. 


Oh yes - why shouldn’t Jesus entrust his sect to a person (Peter) he named himself Satan, too? Isn’t man’s terrorist or man’s barbarian (Jesus) -- what he and his fellow terrorists call man’s son --  a Satan himself? Why do you know that he did not pact with Satan in the desert? Because he repudiated having done so? Don’t make me laugh because you Christian foul mouths are faking that each deceiver camouflages its deceit but Jesus as the only one at first would announce any deception before committing it… Ah, ah, ha...


Solely the existence of that story in your terrorists’ word you call „god’s word“ produces evidence of the reserve the Christian foul mouths want to sham. Why? Because nobody talks about matters that are of course!

Didn’t ancient Greek predict precisely that Jesus, Pardon, Satan (Hades) with James, Pardon, his brother will conquer one third of the universe?  Look how much they already conquered! What should one demon object to another one? What (Satan) Jesus to (Satan) Peter?  However, that murder of Peter on Simon Magus had been the one too much. Peter is punished by death penalty for it, i.e. crucifixion with his head down.


 Christian terrorism calls this death penalty for that murder martyrdom. However, each terrorism is used to calling its casualties and very just punishment that way, indeed until today. That is nothing unusual among terrorists. The Christian foul mouths just comply with those habits among terrorists. So, serial killer Peter functions  -- like the other innumerable Christian murderers – as martyr in that terrorists’ sect. Those are the saints of the terrorists!


According to another early Christian scripture that is entitled  "The Acts of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul" it is related that Peter was punished by death penalty inflicted on him by Emperor Nero because of his murder on Simon Magus (Simon the Socerer), in fact, because of the shamefulness of that abomination with his head downward. (We already mentioned that Simon Magus was a friend o Emperor Nero).


My goodness, what a “godless“ prosecution of a Christian terrorist, barbarian and savage – and if he still is to call  something else, then he is to name a felon…!  Do imagine that “godless” state daring to atone a Christian murder instead of thanking the Christian terrorists for their murders, what most Christianly enslaved states in Central and Southern Europe or Latin America would do today...! That’s the notion of Christian terrorists’ civilization:



“Wherefore I order them to take iron clubs, and to be killed in the sea-fight. Agrippa the propraetor said: Most sacred emperor, what thou hast ordered is not fitting for these men, since Paul seems innocent (pertaining to Simon Magus' assassination) beside Peter. Nero said: By what fate, then, shall they die? Agrippa answered and said: As seems to me, it is just that Paul's head should be cut off, and that Peter should be raised on a cross as the cause of the murder (of Simon). Nero said: Thou hast most excellently judged.”  [iv]


Once more I emphasize that it is here not about a non-Christian writing like one of Roman historian Tacitus but one of loathsome Christian (terrorists’) sect.  That proves that the Christian foul mouths themselves were not able to purge all their scriptures of the murders of their first "bishop of Rome" (pope) and most important disciples -- that means fellow terrorist -- of Jesus…


One must think it over: Peter assassinates the boss of a competing sect, one of the successors  of John the Baptist and a friend of the Roman emperor - and the latter one has the cheek to punish the Christian murderer… Ah, what an “injustice”!  Oh no, what an “unjust persecution” of a Christian terrorist…!  Oh yes, what “barbaric”, “godless” times...!


Therefore, undoubtedly the world is in need of Christian terrorists’ morals in order to accept Christian felons as Saints and Christian murders and  felons as martyrs and their barbarities and terrorism as real blessing…! 


Again and again, terrorists, Pardon, Christian foul mouths are prosecuted... In Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil etc. the president respectively king still would have thanked the Christian terrorist for his murders.


·        That is Christian “freedom”!

·        That is Christian “justice“!

·        Those are Christian „morals“!

·        That is Christian enemies’ „love“!

·        That is Christian foul mouths’ „charity“! 

·        Those are the „martyrdoms“ of Christian „martyrs“!

·        Those are the liars, deceivers and hypocrites!


In those countries there are no Christian felons and terrorists not because Christian felons and terrorists do not perpetrate abominations but because mostly the state itself perpetrates all bestiality and abominations for the Christian terrorists and if the Christian foul mouths should commit them themselves the Christianly enslaved states thanks its slaveholders for their perpetrations, instead of convicting and jailing them…


So, one can see that the Christian foul mouths very early fulfilled all their predictions themselves… and so the last (terrorists) become the first and the first (decent citizen) are reputed as the last , .i.e. as felons … That is what Christian terrorism is endeavoring for…


After this assassination of the second successor of John the Baptist it undoubtedly became clear that John the Baptist announced or predicted a Messiah however, never had in mind that ugly and dwarfish Christian deformity and terrorist (Jesus "Christ" ) as the one. Jesus’ lying and cribbing about John finally and solely could be upheld by murdering Simon Magus.


In this respect Jesus is the instigator of that murder if he did not order it.  In the last given quotation of the “Acts of Peter and Paul” there is a strangeness we are going to expose now, which seams to be a clue that Jesus himself ordered that murder. Obviously many fail to see that indicative remark.

So, this is not the end of Jesus and his sect on the one hand, and John the Baptist and his sects, on the other. Rather there is still something that takes the cake. That, what makes us suspicious, is the last sentence from our quotation of the Christian writing of "The Duel Between Peter and Simon Magus ", namely:


 „They (Simon Magus and his followers)  intimated also that he (Peter) mainly stayed at Tripoli.“


Peter must have known that murdering Simon could become very dangerous to himself because the latter was highly esteemed and a friend of the emperor. Peter must have inferred that the emperor himself will atone such an  abomination.  Before, Christian terrorist Peter - also not atoned -- assassinated unknown Christian parishioners (see: Ac 5:1-10) or young sexy girls because of sheer greed or very typical Christian sexual hatred (of the indeed very last ones on the first ). [v] 


That is the renowned Christian “love” of their next and even enemies…! So, anti-sexual excesses are already to be observed from the very outset of this terrorists’ sect. However, now Peter assassinates a personage of then public life, today comparably to a famous movie star.


Peter also must have known that this murder would increase stirring up the hatred of the average Roman citizens on the Christian terrorists and endorse a more intense prosecution on those abominable Christian terrorists.


Prosecutions of Christian foul mouths? Since when does a persecution of forgers, deceivers, rouges, felons, murderers, mass-murderers and terrorists contradict human rights? Because they are objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)? Perfidy does not heal but worsens each abomination!  In its full extend (the latter I want to emphasize) human rights are to apply to human beings not guilty of crimes, bestiality and especially  not of  terrorism on their fellow human beings. Christendo(o)m -- that is a permanent terrorism of the laston the next ones just because the terrorists want change the ranks.


 For this purpose they are even nefarious enough to use "god" and "morals" for their own ends. Prosecution of Christian foul mouths is only a persecution of terrorists. It is not a question if it is lawful to do that but each upright one is obliged to do it.


If one would had  thoroughly  prosecuted the Christian terrorists  like it was done in Palestine, roughly  300 millions of assassinations would had been spared this planets and billions of ruined existences of lives.  Those are the victims of Christian terrorism. However, do not forget that you are conditioned to sympathize with the Christian perpetrators, with the Christian terrorists.


It is not credible that Peter’s risky murder on outstanding Simon Magus solely is due to the personal inferiority of a sick and last one - like Jesus names all his  infamous schmucks.  Finally, Peter didn't murder because of bloodthirstiness  but because of the advantage of his sect and this is why the Christian terrorists worship that murderer as “martyr”. The Christian foul mouths’ cults of „martyrdom“ match those patterns of organized crimes, especially of terrorism.  


Here, it is not about any principal exception. Maybe, economic Mafiosi are not that hypocritically and mendaciously like the religious and do not use faked "love",  "morals" or the notion of  "truths" for their own ends. I.e. a pure economic Mafia generally abstains from cribbing concepts and deceiving by them. However, that’s the only remarkable difference compared to a religious Mafia and Christian terrorism.


Also brutes know to rate their power and possibilities --  and Christian foul mouths anyway! If necessary each member of a Mafia or terrorists’ sect must be ready as well to assassinate as to “sacrifice“ the life of his own for the organization.  That's very typical of "honor" among thieves!


Simon Magus must had had knowledge that had been a more disastrous effect on Christian terrorism than the consequences of an outrage on an emperor’s friend like Simon Magus.   Certainly Peter and his perfidious schmucks did not fail to foresee  the catastrophic consequences of that assassination.


 Among them death penalty for the murder (Peter) certainly was one of the least. Intense prosecution on whole Christian terrorism had been  to foresee. However, Peter must have judged those disastrous consequences for the Christian barbarians as the lesser evil. 


Which knowledge (of Simon Magus) could have had that devastating effect on Christian terrorism that Peter even put up with that cruel expiation that would and had followed his outrage?   That last sentence of the quotation is the clue:  Simon intimated to know that Peter mainly sojourned in Tripoli.


However, what is the dynamite in that sentence?


Of course, in Christian history-books generally is written that Rome became the "headquarters" of the Christian terrorism after the death penalty of Jesus’ brother James. Then Peter transferred the headquarters of the Christian terrorism from Jerusalem to Rome.


From there he directed Christian terrorism, became bishop of Rome and established the primacy of the Roman bishops.   Like this or similar, it is written in Christian foul mouths’ history-books, especially in those ones of Catholic sect. Even this is only a half-truth.


The relatives of the James and Jesus that were called “desposyni” refused to acknowledge Peter.  Simeon, a cousin of the Jesus felt himself to be successors of James as had of Christian Jerusalem terrorism and guided the Christian Jerusalem sect into the desert for security reasons, after James had been stoned by Jewish anti-terrorists’ fighters and Jerusalem became too hot a place for the Christian terrorists. (Islamic prophet’s Muhammad’s father is said having had contacts with this then still existing Christian Simeons.


That – besides claimed divine revealing - may explain the exact knowledge Muhammad hat about Christian sect, for example, that Jesus did not die on the cross but was replaced by a stuntman. That means, the claims that Peter had moved the  "headquarters" of the Christian terrorists’ sect  from Jerusalem to Rome is based on jungle law – the typical law of terrorists.


When Jesus -- after his bluffs about "resurrection" -- decided for his brother James instead of Peter as head of the Jerusalem community, in spite of having proclaimed Peter as contender, before (“graze my lambs”), then hereby he had altered his will (of succession) what nobody disputed among the early Christian terrorists. Peter obviously swallowed it.


So, this means that the second successor (after James) was not Peter but Jesus’ cousin Simeon. Peter continued to work as best bloodhound of Jesus.  That Peter - after a certain time of staying at Antiochia - only occasionally and sporadically stayed in Rome and mainly stayed in Tripoli is largely withheld by Christian historians. However, what had been that important in Tripoli in order to conceal that

a)     Peter mainly sojourned there,

b)    this stay obviously had to be kept extremely secret and 

c)     knowing about this dwelling could become life-threatening?


Simon Magus got internal information of Christian terrorism because there had been an exchange of members between the Christian foul mouths and the sect headed by Simon Magus. It is also assume that this exchange  included the circle of lower Christian leaders, too. However, if not – Simon knows something he should not know – something that is extraordinarily to keep secret: the actual stay of Peter. 


 An important Christian community of Tripoli never is reported somewhere – and if, it was never comparable to that one of Rome. So, what was the reason for Peter’s residence in Tripoli? What could seduce him even to such a risky murder if someone was able to find out where he actually abode?

Well, like father, like son! We said already that Islamic prophet Muhammad is right saying that Jesus did not die death penalty on a cross but a stuntman instead of him. That is the only way a magician can fake any resurrection by arranging that the one that should sham the resurrected, did not die but another one,  at best one that is similar to him and  one easily can mix up both.


For example, if a magician puts a human being into the box and afterwards inserts numerous daggers into gadgets of that box and when the individual gets out of the box completely unharmed, then it is not due to an imagination that god healed an allegedly numerously stabbed human being in a few minutes but because the individual was not stabbed even once.  All had been just a sham stabbing. In a similar manner a “dead” one is used to rising because he never died…


If Jesus did not resurrect then he also never had gone to heaven just due to the fact that he (Jesus) did not believe in the existence of any heaven.[vi]

Therefore he must have continued living on hidden and secretly while his perfidious schmucks were faking that he allegedly resides in heaven dismissing the god ("My father has handed over everything to me"). For Jesus Rom had been too dangerous a place, because a death penalty convict evading his punishment by deception of a stuntman, immediately could become executed (“again”) -- presumably much more torturously. 


Furthermore, he only could sojourn at such places where there were not too many Christian foul mouths and thus no too big chatter could come into existence about the actual whereabouts of Christian sect’s boss (Jesus). There even exist Christian writings describing what cunningly he picked out his hiding places.


However, Rome was where it’s.  More over, possibly Jerusalem was still more dangerous for Jesus than Rome what the execution by stoning of his brother James is demonstrating. 


    Tripoli at the other coastline of the Mediterranean –- as seen from the Italian “boot” -- obviously was the proper distance of not too far and not too closed from then centre of the world. However, there was still another city at then time that was also called Tripoli in the Middle East.


   That Tripoli was situated to the north of Beirut (the capital of the Lebanon), not  far from Damascus that generally is  supposed being the hiding place of the so-called "resurrected" and "ascended to heaven" one...


Apparently Simon Magus insinuated this knowledge when saying that he knew where Peter indeed sojourned -- instead of staying "officially" in Rome. Here, the successor of John the Baptist still clearly underestimated the unscrupulousness of this unique terrorists’ and barbarians’ sect -- as most people then and today are respectively were used to doing.


Dark mind, terrorism and depravity -- so to speak -- have incarnated by the individuals of this sect, in an extend beyond belief and past comprehension.


Exactly because this sect is blasting all limits of imagination of depravity (while faking the utmost reverse) this terrorists’ sect could spread. The average human being is used to thinking that such a terrible depravity the Christian foul mouths in fact are  embodying is not possible and never would exist. 


This the Christian terrorists use for the advantage of their own. It is about the almost perfect crime – with a morality and even a god of its own. The few that can see through this depravity, mostly are killed socially or even  “prematurely” are send to kingdom come. Only under this requirement this terrorists’ sect can exist. Here, one can see that all people depend on each other.


Nobody is able of all but all of almost all. The Christian terrorists avail themselves of this fact. That is why they suppressed freedom of speech even by stake.


Apparently Simon didn't consider it to be possible to what extend the Christian terrorists were and are prepared against some knowing too much... 


Here once again, it is demonstrable that the success of Christian terrorism is due to the fact that hardly a human being considers that abyss of spite, viciousness, malice, depravity, this cesspool of the heart to be possible – not to speak to be real – that constitute nature, traits and mind of the Christian terrorists. 


 Most folks think that it is impossible that fanatics give up their lives just for their barbaric and/or terrorists’ ideas and let pull their legs that such „martyrdom“ proves truthfulness. However, it just turns out madness and terrorism. The Christian foul mouths’ martyrdom is nothing else than that one of the terrorists that crashed with two airplanes  into the World Trade Centre in New York City on September 11, 2001. 


The hijackers and murderers of thousands of lives are „martyrs“ in the views of their own and those of their fellows. Nothing else is  “martyrdom” of the Christian “martyrs” and even that one of Jesus "Christ" . “Crucifixion” of Jesus "Christ" – if happened at all – was because of the same motives as those of the hijackers in New York City. They all are folks of the same stamp.

Terrorist Jesus "Christ" had induced his “martyrdom” – provided he did not replace himself by a stuntman – by illegally claiming the Jewish crown (to be " king of the Jews "). This a felony of high treason even according to the penal codes of almost all Christianly enslaved states, punishable by maximum penalty.


More over such a felony never would be necessary for the atonement of the sins of terrorists, Pardon, humankind.  However, terrorists feel entitled to commit crimes, bestiality and atrocities and every defense of the targeted victims means “martyrdom” for them.


For Christian foul mouths and other terrorists “martyrdom” is nothing else but the casualties of terrorism, even mostly arranged by themselves as Jesus arranged the death of his own – so far he did not deceive humankind by a stuntman as Islamic prophet Muhammad correctly alleges.  So, the most abominable murder become reputed as “martyrs” and “saints” by their fellows… 


That is also why serial murderer Peter is regarded to be “martyr” by his fellow Christian terrorists. More over, in the views of the Christian terrorist, murdering Simon Magus was the lesser of two evils in order to prevent that Simon possibly could expose that the allegedly in heaven (to god’s right) residing Christian terrorists’ god (Jesus) is hiding in Tripoli.


However, Peter did not only encounter Satan, Pardon,  Jesus in the desert, Pardon, in Tripoli. There are also accounts relating that  Jesus and Peter met in the vicinity of Rome when the Christian set fire to then capital of the world, apparently to arrange Rome’s arson by their fellow Christian foul mouths. As well known, the Christian coward terrorists laid the blame for that arson on the emperor of all people by a ridiculous argumentation that debunks the Christian terrorists even arsonists.


 Each terrorist is also a possible arsonist because all terrorists feel entitle to a means to an end. Until today, the arson of Rome is the biggest terror attack not only of the Christian foul mouths but also of humankind. Later on, the Christian terrorists depicted Jesus’ and Peter’s encounter in the vicinity of Rome (at the "Via Apia")  as an apparition…


·        However, why there are so many apparitions of Jesus when he secretly continued to live instead of having gone to heaven „residing“ next to god’s right? Why there are no apparitions of Jesus in the Vatican, today?

·        And how can a ghost leave footprints that Vatican keeps secretly until today? In the concerned chapel there are only -- but there are still! -- replicas, today.


·        And how is it possible that so long the “ghost of Jesus” secretly continued to live on earth Christian terrorists and slaves could visit that chief terrorist (Jesus) at his hiding places as numerous reports relate, the Christian terrorists’ sect so gladly -- but finally in vain -- wanted to get rid of but were recovered in the year 1945 in Nag Hammadi (Egypt)? 


For all other folks – even for Emperor Nero – setting fire to then capital of the world  would had been a felony of a size too large for them, except for Jesus "Christ" avenging himself for convicting death penalty by the Romans. More over, Jesus already announced arson when “jobbing” as itinerant preaching terrorist in Palestine. (Read your “New Testament” very carefully in order to find it out).


Deception is possible! Those are the “glad tiding” coming from the Christian foul mouths’ cross. That is why the stuntman and its  concealment is that necessary for the Christian terrorists’ sect.  


That a series-killer like, for instance, Peter functions as martyr or even saint in the Christian-sect debunks Christianity as sheer terrorism. Only according to terrorists' "comprehension" there are such " martyrdoms ". More over, also Jesus' brother James relates that killing had been general manners of those " sick person ", i.e. desperados or terrorists, which his brother (Jesus) gathered. And don’t let’s forget that Terrorist Jesus "Christ" already trashed in the Jerusalem temple,  killed the little innocent children of his rival Jezebel (see: Re 2:23) and in addition declares that one can know Satan by his fruits...

Do not forget to feel so sorry with "St." Christian murderer Simon Peter ... otherwise you are running the risk of experiencing the (Christian) felons' "love" ...



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