Chapter: 4, Part: 3

Section: 2

of Satan's spitting images: Jesus, Simon Peter, Shaul Paul


"St". Peter’s Murder and Raping on a Young Sexy Girl


  “Peter... a magician, a godless man, injurious, cunning, ignorant, and professing impossible things." (Simon Magus)


  "… you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him" (1 Jo 3:15 )


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A basic Note to all the Murders of Simon Peter


Judging the Christians‘ allegations, one has to take into consideration the perfidy of dastards of establishing an asymmetry of arming of (Christian) aggressors and their targeted victims in favor of the former.  Die adversary is to inveigle into disarming totally while the Christian dastard is arming himself to the utmost, under the cowl.


Mt 12:29 NRSV

29  Or how can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his property, without first tying up the strong man? Then indeed the house can be plundered.


Mk  3:27 (NRSV)

27  But no one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his property without first tying up the strong man; then indeed the house can be plundered. 


Only on condition of defenselessness of the attacked, dastards, desperadoes and other born and bad losers, if at all, can win.  Only on this condition, Jesus and his dastardly criminals, i.e. Christians, are the „winners“. Entrapping the victims into disarming, the Christian dastards lull them into a false sense of security that they so-to-speak even are unable to hurt a fly, e.g., they sham even to „love“ their enemies etc. So, why supposing something evil from the Christian "lovers"…? Nobody but Simon Peter declares more bluntly what the Christian dastards think behind their mask of charity and „love of the enemy“ etc.   


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2Pe 2:12 NKJV

12 But these, (disbelievers who decline to become Christians, i.e. being the sheep of Christian „shepherds“ are) like natural brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed,. 

This is the real „love“ by which the Christians „love of the enemy“ is to be known by the history of this organized crime (of murder) disguised as “religion”. This is what Simon Peter learned from his boss Jesus „Christ“ and that is the „love“ he and his fellow Christian dastards are used to  applying. This is Christian criminality veiled by Christian perfidy. We do not want to imagine the Christian dastards‘ howling, wailing, and crying if this standard of their own is applied to them…

Then the Christian dastards are used to arousing pity by whining:

Martyrdom, martyrdom

In the Christian dastards‘ delirium!


Christians while accomplishing their "love": "Jesus came to crucify the world" (The Gospel of Philip). Who is worse - the Nazis or the Christians?



     According to Christian writers another death caused by Peter remains “puzzled”.  However, we are now going to solve that “enigma”… The Christian murder (Peter) and his Christian infamous schmucks  cared for that “riddle“ because they do not object accomplishing their goals by murders but only being reputed as murderers. Here, it is about the death of the young daughter of a gardener that allegedly has been caught up with death while praying with Peter.  


“A certain gardener had a daughter, a virgin, her father's only child: he begged Peter to pray for her. Upon his request, the apostle answered him that the Lord would give her that which was useful for her soul. Immediately the girl fell dead.”[i]



Exactly as regarding Hananias and Saphira Peter (see: Ac 5:1-11) Peter once more is able to “predict” precisely what his gangster “god” will do the next few minutes.  The unsuspecting wife of Hananias is predicted that in few minutes, she evenly will be carried as corpse to grave and buried like it just had happened to her husband and in this case Peter is also able to “predict” what the Christian barbarians’ “god” will do in a few minutes (“The Lord will give what is useful to her”: Being murdered by me, Peter!).


Why is Peter able to prophesy that precisely, again? Because he considers his will and that one of his gangster-god (Jesus "Christ" ) being the same (as all the popes are used to doing) and immediately and on the spot he (Peter) himself accomplishes all those  “prophecies”. Therefore, each prophecy is self-fulfilled. Whoever wants to blame Christian terrorists for wrong prophesies..?  


That sometimes quite a lot is going to happen while Christian foul mouths are praying or instructing is already demonstrated by barbaric god Jesus "Christ" according to the secret Gospel of Mark. According to that secret gospel that was kept that secretly that it finally got lost, Jesus instructed Lazarus about the “realm of heaven” while both homosexual guys spent the whole night together, scantly dressed or even nakedly – as the Carpocratians (a rival sect of the Christian foul mouths) assert. [ii]


Praying, instructing, worshiping and satisfying one’s drive is no contradiction to early Christian foul mouths. And what else is Christianity, their “god” Jesus "Christ" or “realm of heaven” etc. as to give vents to the megalomaniac urge of the lastthat want to become the first , by all means to an end and at all costs, even if the planet perishes?


Once more, the Christian foul mouths get caught in their own contradictions. The father, who thus lost his daughter, on the one hand is said by the Christian foul mouths having Peter begged praying with his only child and on the other hand is told “being faithless, and not knowing the greatness of the heavenly favour, ignorant of the divine benefit”.[iii]


Before continuing let’s throw a glance at the "selflessness", “modesty", "serving oneself”, Pardon, “one’s next,” “renunciation " etc. the Christian foul mouths’ barbaric belief debunks itself here. Those conceited “heavenly favors”, “divine benefits” are what the Christian hypocrites liars and barbarians are used to palm off as  “renouncing the world”, “selflessness”, “humbleness” and “ modesty” on the victims (the fellow human beings)…


However, that is nothing but Jesus’ and the Christian foul mouths “counterfeit money” they are used to fobbing off on others. Hades or Jesus (and his brother James!) really changed one third of the universe to a madhouse as ancient Greeks predicted. Oh my goodness, and the “stupid” father did not get it…


 So, the Christian barbaric liars, deceivers and barbarians want to make us believing that a father, who


·       firstly) is faithless,

·       secondly) not knowing anything about “heavenly favors” and

·       thirdly) nothing of “divine benefits”  


begs Peter to pray with his only child…! Oh, yes – the Christian barbaric faith shifts mountains and the truths, anyway!  Oh, Yes…! That all according to the slogan: Blissful are the ones that do not see, do not hear, do not watch, do not think anything but only believe … The father as well as the young beauty were clueless of the Christian foul mouths’ malice what is mostly the scam of the Christian barbarians’ success. Otherwise both never could had been trapped by Christian slaughterer Peter.


Inadvertently the Christian professional liars and swindlers fail to see the leak, they left that enables us to reconstruct what really had happened by inferences. . Apparently, here demonstrably it is about the first deadly raping of the Christian foul mouths. Peter thinks to make the death of the young beauty in the following way palatable to his infamous schmucks, however, thus is loosing his mask:



“O worthy gain and suitable to God, to escape the insolence of the flesh and mortify the boastfulness of the blood!”[iv]



One never knows what a “blessing” raping and sexual murder are...! Here, Peter gives hidden allusions to the girl’s sexuality, for example, pertaining to the alleged  "insolence of the flesh". Indeed, this was the first , really applied (true) Christianity. This was the first really executed Christian "love" by which the Christian foul mouths “love” their next: the revenge of the very, very last ones (Christians) on the first (ones)!


The young lady is beautiful, obviously she has to offer much female for a husband, a lot of sexual joys   ("insolence of the flesh") are going to happen to her. A glittering future of enjoying life and happiness she obviously was going to. However, that’s too much what those who came off badly by nature, the very, very last ones (the Christian barbarians) are able to endure. 


We will see that indirectly Peter will admit this in his comment on “mourning” about his murder. Because they cannot stand comparison with the first the very last ones (pertaining to mind and morals) become Christian foul mouths, i.e., barbarians   (like they tell why Satan became Satan…). Because they are scum and depravity of humankind but obsessed with lust for power to become humankind’s slaveholders, those are the mines of Christian foul mouths' bestiality,  barbarities and atrocities and that is why they are besotted with Jesus "Christ" , their accomplice.


And so, the objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) , i.e. the infamous schmucks of the “god” of vindictiveness (Jesus "Christ" ) have to intervene before the "insolence" of the flesh and the  “boastfulness“ of the blood, come into existence…  Those spiteful creatures are used to escaping from comparison by spite, lies, hypocrisy, mendacity, torments, tortures or at best by murder on those that come off better by nature than they do in order to get completely rid of them. Thus, the Christian foul mouths take revenge on nature and/or even god, if one really believes that god is the creator of all things.



Well, all these matters belong to the „natural“ lifestyle of those (Christian) barbarians. That is exactly what the war of the laston the first looks like and Peter gives us a paragon of it. This is what exactly Jesus "Christ" wanted to accomplish and Peter rightly refers to that strange “god” of vindictiveness (Jesus) claiming that Jesus (that is what he means by using the term of “god”!) but not he  (Peter) perpetrated all those murders.


He doesn’t need to do so because both (Peter, Jesus –- as well as all the other Christian infamous schmucks) are the same: Barbarians, Felons, Murderers, and venomous demons of vindictiveness!


Even according to the early Christian writers of the "Acts of Peter", Peter is obviously responsible for the death of the young lady. How do the Christian barbarians are used to escaping from such a situation? Let’s recall: There is an apocryphal gospel about Jesus’ infancy.


Of course, according to that Jesus already killed about forty people until he became approximately 12 years of age – and how could it be else? – Let them raised from the dead, so that the murderer is not reputed   as murderer. Here, concerning Peter the same scam is applied. Peter apparently „atones“ his murder by allegedly making the daughter to rise from the dead…


That she is not present any longer; the murderer “knows” to explain in other way. However, now and in this respect the story becomes interesting because increasingly it is unveiled what Peter - instead of alleged prayers with the unbelieving one – indeed did to the young lady.


We already said that it is absolutely absurd that an unbeliever, making a mockery of  Christian spook, entrusts his daughter of all girls to the boss of a sect, so that the sect’s boss can touch her in between her thighs, Pardon, can pray with her in private. 


Probably, Peter thus wanted to veil togetherness that he gained by trickery. The slain girl allegedly becomes resurrected by Peter and all harm that Peter inflicted on her is palmed off on a someone unknown Christian and post-dated after resurrection: 



" And when she was raised, not many days after, as it might be to-day, the slave of a believer who lodged in the house ran upon her and ruined the girl, and both of them disappeared."[v] 



That somebody dies while praying - without illness, young and perfectly well - is credible, not at all. Evenly it is incredible, that a father leaves his only daughter to such a barbarian he does not in the least believe in anything the one drivels. That Peter (or even Jesus) resurrected himself or any human being from the dead is solely a raw Christian barbarian fairy tale, and if something else then it is deceitful sorcery by means of a stuntman.


In one of the following chapters we are going to demonstrate that neither Jesus nor Peter could work any real wonder except hypnosis and (swindling) sorcery. There is evidence about it. By faking miracles the Christian foul mouths barbarians want to pretend a supernatural connection to the god, which does not exist (for them) and if at all, then to Satan.


That is the Christian foul mouths’ “counterfeit money” by which they bought everything, but really all things they keep until today and from the very outset.


In order to cover the murderer (Peter), the ruin and desecration of the lady, i.e., all bestiality perpetrated on her, became post-dated after a faked resurrection that never took place.


Ruin, harassment and rape of the young lady occurred when she was in private with Peter. So, everybody can know who is the perpetrator, the murderer. And Peter delivers nice “excuses”:


1.) The accessories were only Christian foul mouths whose belief shifts mountains and morals as well as the truths anyway.

2.) The new purported murderer (scapegoat) allegedly has disappeared.

3.) The Christian foul mouths already have been experiencing in removing corpses since their boss Jesus or a stuntman of his had been executed death penalty in order to fake the resurrection of the boss.

4.) According to John, Jesus was already busy with a knife pertaining to  (homosexual) lovemaking. In the “Acts of John” John complains of Jesus having cut off something of his body and thus made him sick for ever. [vi]


So, corpse cleared off, ostensible perpetrator cleared out! All clear! Whoever dares to convict Peter of murder, especially since he uses to burying his victims immediately when they still are worm, e.g. Hananias and Saphira? 


The Christian barbarian and "martyr" of his sect believes, if the corpse is cleared away and even the fabricated perpetrator has dissolved into thin air, then the Christian foul mouths’ “god has washed off all tears and all pain and the first (a Christian name for reality) has gone... "


Especially by his comment on the death of the young beauty Peter more and more and again and again unmasks as murder.


Generally a human being would be shocked, sad and frightened finding out such a sudden death of a perfectly well young lady crushed out of life – except the perpetrator. A murderer always is satisfied by his or her murder and -- from his or her point of view -- sees more the advantages of the corpse than for the body alive.


This is why the murderer assassinates the victim. Otherwise the murderer wouldn’t murder, unless he or she is not completely lunatic. This precisely is the way Peter acts towards the corpse of the beautiful lady.


In blank astonishment, one can watch the callous way   this Christian crook (Peter) talks about the death of the young girl. Their true life was still ahead – a life that obviously the very last ones (Christian barbarians and Peter) begrudge the first one (beautiful girl). (Inferiority depraves mind and character and obviously produces Christian foul mouths, venomous dwarfs and murderers).


That’s exactly the way Peter reacts to the youth’s death. One hardly can believe ones eyes and ears what these Christian barbarians -- who allegedly go to no end of trouble to do protection of lives – run the murdered girl down. Peter talks like any Mafioso about his felony. The editor of „The Act of Peter“ writes:  



"That the dead are not to be mourned overmuch, Peter, speaking to one who lamented without patience the loss of his daughter…”[vii] 



Hark, hark! There, these hypocrites, these bootlickers, do “lament” already since 2000 years the death of their instigator, that he allegedly was unlawfully executed death penalty, although the same felony he perpetrated – usurping the country’s highest office (in this case: “Kind of the Jews”) – is punishable by maximum penalty even in most Christian countries of today.


And those spiteful little devil presumes to tell a father just loosing his only child by sudden and/or violent death:  Do not wail that much…! Incredible! That is Christian barbarian unscrupulousness! That is where they forgot to put on their mask of “morals”…!  

Those are the Christian foul mouths!

That is the „love“ those Christian and other barbarians “love” their next! However, this is not the end of derision. Peter still knows to “solace” the father. In Christian perfidious  sect of " pro life" or even  "protection of life" death and murder is the best for the first (“children of the world”), so that the lastcan become reputed to be the “first ones”…


It is better to die for all that are superior to Christian foul mouths by nature, by talent, by shape of body etc. Why? Because the Christian foul mouths want to be the first by all means to an end and at all costs. Listen to Peter:


"So many assaults of the devil, so many warrings of the body, so many disasters of the world hath she escaped, and thou sheddest tears as if thou knewest not what thou sufferest in thyself <what good hath befallen thee>."[viii]


In other words: Me, Peter, I did a good job by assassinating of your beautiful young daughter!  Behold all the advantages of murder I told to you. Here again, the hidden clues a sexual murder. e.g. "warring of the body". Murder, that is the “love” by which we (Christians)  “love” all that came off better by nature and are superior to us (Christians) and more over everybody that do not knuckle under us (Christian) creeps, crooks and murderers! We Christian barbarians have declared war on all the beauties of the nature and behold what a good matter (for the last ) it is. Stop blubbering! Very, very typical of Jesus "Christ" and the Christian, Peter fobs off an abomination as a boon on his victim.  That is the very Christian “love” perfidious Jesus and all his infamous schmucks (Christians)  “love” their next ones, their fellow human beings…


Peter debunks himself as murder by always justifying the assassination and by making no efforts of finding the murderer, not in the least. He does not need to find himself…


A father loses his only child and there are coming up Christian creeps and crooks telling him: Why do you shed tears because of your dead daughter? What a “charity”! That is the true and unmasked Christian meaning of “love”!  That’s their notion of “humanity”!  That is the “charity”, “love” and humanity of crocodiles and Christian foul mouths!

I recommend to read the last quotation at least ten times to everybody - and if not ten times, then thousand times: Hark and read:  The grave is the most beautiful place, for those that are not that depraved than the scum of the earth (Christians)  . The depraved Christian barbarians declared war on them.


And murder is just a means to that end or that war. Otherwise, the morally the sick, the felons, the barbarians (Christians) cannot foolishly pose themselves as  “salt of the earth” or “light of the world” or accomplish similar complete nonsense. By the way, in that manner only those are used to “philosophising“ in that way: 


·        Felons that try justifying their bestiality, 

·        barbarians that try justifying their barbarities and

·        murderers that tries justifying their assassinations.


That is what “theology”, “morals” and “protection of life” and all that window dressing looks like if creeps, crooks, barbarians or Christian foul mouths are unobserved and feel empowered talking big about such matters.  


Instigated by an unscrupulous liar, swindler and killer of little innocent children (Jesus "Christ" ), established by a terrorist (zealot) and serial killer (Peter) and being a chain of never ending barbarities, atrocities and abominations, that is Christian sect of perfidy.  That is the immortal blemish upon humankind (German philosopher Nietzsche)!

  Do not forget to feel so sorry with "St." Christian murderer Simon Peter ... otherwise you are running the risk of experiencing the (Christian) felons' "love" ...

Read the next chapter: The murder that brought Peter on the cross!




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