Chapter: 4, Part: 3

Section: 1

of Satan's spitting images: Jesus, Simon Peter, Shaul Paul

"Do not resist the evil" (Mt 5:39)  - The credo of all organized crimes, Mafiosi, Satan and the "Sermon on the Mountain"! CHRISTIANITY THE "HUMAN RIGHT" OF CRIMINALITY...


Peter - like Jesus "Christ" a Terrorist and serial Killer

Peter's Murders on Hananias and Saphira

For the murders of Jesus "Christ" on little children click here

“Peter... a magician, a godless man, injurious, cunning, ignorant, and professing impossible things." (Simon Magus) 



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"… you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him" (1 Jo 3:15)



A basic Note to all the Murders of Simon Peter


Judging the Christians‘ allegations, one has to take into consideration the perfidy of dastards of establishing an asymmetry of arming of (Christian) aggressors and their targeted victims in favor of the former.  Die adversary is to inveigle into disarming totally while the Christian dastard is arming himself to the utmost, under the cowl.


Mt 12:29 NRSV

29  Or how can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his property, without first tying up the strong man? Then indeed the house can be plundered.


Mk  3:27 (NRSV)

27  But no one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his property without first tying up the strong man; then indeed the house can be plundered. 



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Only on condition of defenselessness of the attacked, dastards, desperadoes and other born and bad losers, if at all, can win.  Only on this condition, Jesus and his dastardly criminals, i.e. Christians, are the „winners“. Entrapping the victims into disarming, the Christian dastards lull them into a false sense of security that they so-to-speak even are unable to hurt a fly, e.g., they sham even to „love“ their enemies etc. So, why supposing something evil from the Christian "lovers"…? Nobody but Simon Peter declares more bluntly what the Christian dastards think behind their mask of charity and „love of the enemy“ etc.   


2Pe 2:12 NKJV

12 But these, (who decline to become Christians, i.e. being the sheep of Christian „shepherds“ are) like natural brute beasts made to be caught and destroyed,. 

This is the real „love“ by which the Christians „love of the enemy“ is to be known by the history of this organized crime (of murder) disguised as “religion”. This is what Simon Peter learned from his boss Jesus „Christ“ and that is the „love“ he and his fellow Christian dastards are used to  applying. This is Christian criminality veiled by Christian perfidy. We do not want to imagine the Christian dastards‘ howling, wailing, and crying if this standard of their own is applied to them…

Then the Christian dastards are used to arousing pity by whining:

Martyrdom, martyrdom

In the Christian dastards‘ delirium!


Christians while accomplishing their "love": "Jesus came to crucify the world" (The Gospel of Philip). Who is worse - the Nazis or the Christians?




Mt 16:23 RSV  

16 But he turned and said to Peter, "Get behind me, Satan!..."

Therefore, the boss sees that Peter is a Satan or at least one of Satan’s ilk. Has Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) been mistaken?  Did he spitefully insult an innocent one? No, not at all! 

As we are going to furnish evidence now, Simon Peter only does that what is Christian intrinsic program: the objectification of perfidy! 

Jesus said, "The kingdom of the father is like a certain man who wanted to kill a powerful man. In his own house he drew his sword and stuck it into the wall in order to find out whether his hand could carry through. Then he slew the powerful man."[i]

Christian sect is about the murder of the botched ones,  damp squibs, foul mouths and foul players or other sorts of dregs of humankind on those to whom they cannot hold a candle: the better, superior, beautiful, rich, smart and the good, in just experienced thieves’ Latin: „the powerful man“! By a concoction (Christians’ cant: faith) of perfidy, those grudging, envious and vindictive dregs of humankind, i.e. objectifications of perfidy, want to perpetrate their thefts and murder successfully.  The objectifications of perfidy even do not shrink from making „charity“,  „love“, “god”, “Messiah”, “god’s word”, “vicarious atonement” etc. specters of their contrivances of perfidy (thieves’ cant: Christian “faith”)…

What honest one with a little brain really can doubt that the „father“-- this incarnation of perfidy (thieves’ Latin: Jesus „Christ“) always is used to applying -- is nobody but Satan, who so gladly wants to be addressed and worshiped as „god“ likewise his Anointed One (Greek: Christos) and son demonstrably desires? 

The „sword“-- Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera here is gauging -- is the weapon of perfidy, the arm of the dregs of humankind! By that, they instigate foul mouth and foul play, poison man’s social existence to which belongs murder for base motives.  We are going to demonstrate that Simon Peter correspondingly murders. At least he -- who is passed off as Christian sect’s founder since the real founder is traded as „god“ – modeled Christian practice as organized crime, in particular, crime of murder. 

Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, the initiator of this objectification of perfidy (Christian sect) realizes that Peter is not minded to that what is divine but like he presumably to perfidy.  That is why Yehoshua without hesitation hands over his objectification of perfidy (Christian sect) to somebody he (Yehoshua) calls Satan, as we want to demonstrate, now.  Who wonders that by Satan or an individual fitting to the perception of Satan as founder, Christian sect has become planet Earth’s most Satanic objectification?

Scarcely Peter utters a blarney Yehoshua is yearning for, when he becomes promised all things on earth as the devil promises all kingdoms of the world to Yehoshua when both soul mates  encountered in the desert:


Mt 16:16 -19 RSV

16 Simon Peter replied, "You are the Christ, the Son of the living God."

17 And Jesus answered him, "Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jona! For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven.

18 And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church (sect), and the powers of death shall not prevail against it.

19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."


As Satan demanded him to do in the desert, Jesus evenly commands others to do so: Prostrate before me, bend over, kneel down, knuckle under me and worship me as your god (or slaveholder - that is the same). Then you are promised all things in the world -- probably also those he had already promised to others. (He does not need to keep his promises because before claiming, you must be dead and no dead one can claim). If you do so, you can start a career up to the deputy of Satan and if you do not do that, you are condemned and libelled as Satan...


Why did he so against his better judgment?  Against his better judgment?  No, because Jesus was or is no whit better than Satan Peter is. Rather he was even worse than better! Jesus is not better than is fellow barbarians but should also outdo them pertaining to depravity! Cross my heart: Whoever but a Satan would ever entrust his sect to a Satan?

  Until now, only to Roman emperor Julian (332 – 363 C.E.) the instigator of Christian sect Jesus caused offence that he did not nominate a successor that is not beyond suspicion of being Satan. Above of all, a real good never is in need of suspicion because he is full of knowledge. So, a god never could be mistaken entrusting his sect to the devil what Jesus obviously did according to the words of his own.

Where human beings conjecture and suspect a real God would have certain knowledge. The Christian foul mouths try playing down this Satanic "occurrence": We (Christian objectifications of perfidy) are barbarians and desperadoes. Every once and a while, behavior among us barbarians is like blazes. That is a matter of lifestyle among barbarians and desperadoes that someone calls the other a devil or Satan, especially if the concerned one is in one’s way.

However, here such a debunking is only not considered grave because the reproach being a Satan obviously is to apply to all the members of the Jesus gang and to the pied piper himself.  Therefore, that accusation on Peter (being Satan) is nothing extraordinary because all barbarians and desperadoes use to reproaching each other that way.  


Among barbarians and Christian foul mouths anyway, each one only protectively reproaches each other with iniquities that first suit the accuser (and secondly and perhaps, but perhaps to the accused ones). In that way, one has to understand Jesus’ accusing of Satan on Peter.  Among barbarians, there are harsh costumes.  Among them, one devil accuses the other to be Satan etc. That is the well know “love” the members of the Jesus gang “loved” each other.

Unfortunately, (for the Christian foul mouths) regarding this case Jesus exceptionally told the truth when calling his deputy and successor Peter: Satan. Now, we are going to demonstrate this in more detail that Jesus was right doing so.  


How did the early Christian foul mouths come into a fortune?  The Jesus’ have-nots, among others Peter, enforced a communism in order to get hold of the members’ fortune. The richer desperadoes had to hand over their properties and money to the gang and that means to the destitute slaveholders that thus became rich. This greed was – typically of Christian and of barbaric -- accomplished to an end, even by murdering the slaves (lower members).


The sins of these (Christian) barbarians are already in advance forgiven, before those “foul mouths” already perpetrated them. So, what rogue or “Pharisee“ ever could find fault with  (Christian) murders, especially since the "god " – Jesus and his Christian foul mouths always mistake with Satan – steadily and allegedly sides with (Christian)  objectifications of perfidy?


Whoever does not comply with the will of these barbarians becomes reputed to be disobedient to Satan they call Peter or even the god.  Now, let us have a closer look how the early Christian barbarians in the much-vaunted early community “loved” each other.

When the couple Hananias and Saphira sold a private acre, both partners became assassinated by Peter – as well to Christian as well to non-Christian (e.g. philosopher Celsus or Porphyry’s) -- reports because they did not hand over all the money to the greedy barbarian Christian sect.


At first, the husband (Hananias) was murdered by Peter because of sheer greed and afterwards Peter assassinated the wife of Hananias. The unsuspecting, later coming up wife having not the faintest idea what was going on, Peter tells that his fellow desperadoes she can see behind, already carried the corpse of her husband into the grave, buried him and in the next few minutes, they will do the same with her. The Christian barbarians cannot only predict but also promptly fulfil their prophecies…:


Ac 5:1-11 RSV

1 ¶ But a man named Ananias with his wife Saphira sold a piece of property,

 2  and with his wife's knowledge he kept back some of the proceeds, and brought only a part and laid it at the apostles' feet.

3 But Peter said, "Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit and to keep back part of the proceeds of the land?

4 While it remained unsold, did it not remain your own? And after it was sold, was it not at your disposal? How is it that you have contrived this deed in your heart? You have not lied to men but to God."

 5  When Ananias heard these words, he fell down and died. And great fear came upon all who heard of it.

 6  The young men rose and wrapped him up and carried him out and buried him.

 7  After an interval of about three hours his wife came in, not knowing what had happened.

 8  And Peter said to her, "Tell me whether you sold the land for so much." And she said, "Yes, for so much."

9 But Peter said to her, "How is it that you have agreed together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord? Hark, the feet of those that have buried your husband are at the door, and they will carry you out."

10 Immediately she fell down at his feet and died. When the young men came in they found her dead, and they carried her out and buried her beside her husband.

11  And great fear came upon the whole church, and upon all who heard of these things.


No money, no honey - and no mon(k)ey-Christ, anyway! Well, it is about the sect of Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ full of mon(k)ey-Christians! Obviously money is the mon(k)ey-Christians' god. Those who want to pay all the money they have to the mon(k)ey-Christians are allowed to live. The others have to die.  In Christian jargon this is called: "love",  "spiritual welfare“ and "serving one's next" ...


Well, didn’t the chief barbarian, chief rogue the Christian foul mouths lifted up to their god, say that one could recognize his perfidious schmucks (the Christian foul mouths) by the "love" they “love” each other, didn’t he? So Christian foul mouths, why do you disobey your “god”? By poison, murder and manslaughter, one can know and make out the Christian foul mouths’ trait and nature!  So, let us produce evidence that there are good natures and depraved natures and that the Christian foul mouths do not only belong to the latter ones but also assassinate the good natures.

That is the “love” those spiteful creatures love each other and those depraved bipeds are to make out.  Roman emperor Julian (332 – 363 C.E.)  described the „love“ those spiteful Christian foul mouths „love“ each other in the following way:



„I experienced that even beasts of prey are not that hostile minded to human beings than Christian foul mouths to each other.”[ii]



My word! What a „love“! That is the „love“ spiteful creature and barbarians „love“ one another...! Who does contest that Jesus and his Christian foul mouths use to mixing up god and Satan? Do, cross my heart: Are not the Christian foul mouths pertaining to „love“ like the devils? Moreover, do not you see the devil by the Christian foul mouths’ love? Do make them out by their “love”! Do obey your god of depravity! Do obey Jesus!

Later on, the Christian barbarians tried camouflaging Peter’s (perpetrated) double murder of Hananias and Saphira by claiming that Peter killed the couple only by a word.[iii]  Ah, ah. Ah...! Do not make me laugh!

 In even if those lies would be true what is not the case, what is the difference? Murder is murder! 

More over, that would not change the matter! A murder by means of a word stays the same murder as one by a knife, poison, gun or one by any deliberate infection with a lethal disease. Neither a conceited “right” belief nor other means or methods of killing, change the abomination of murder.  Murderer stays murderer like Christian stays Christian!

That murder and manslaughter is the “love” the Christian foul mouths’ “love” each other from the very outset is also reported to us by James – the “Brother of the Lord”: 


Jas 4:1-2 RSV

1 ¶ What causes wars, and what causes fightings among you? Is it not your passions that are at war in your members?

2       You desire and do not have; so you kill. And you covet and cannot obtain; so you fight and wage war



Envy, fighting, war and killing – that is the barbarians’ lifestyle from the very outset. That is the “love” the Christian foul mouths and all the gangsters “love” each other. Therefore, assassinations were on the daily agenda of the early Christian foul mouths. In addition, everybody is able to discern the Christian foul mouths as Jesus ordered him or her to do so. So, do not always say that Jesus permanently lied and do not hesitate to realize the Christian foul mouths by their “love”…  Sometimes Jesus even debunked himself!

However, back to the case of the assassinations concerning Hananias and Saphira! Why does the barbarian Peter know that his slaves that just carried out the husband to the grave and buried him will do the same with the wife in just a   few minutes?  Answer: Because now Peter does not need to ask his barbarian boss any more: "Lord, shall we strike with the sword?" (Lu 22:49) as he did so when his boss or a stuntman of him was apprehended.


When the chieftain or a stuntman of him was arrested, the Jesus gang of barbarians turned out to be armed and very skilled in handling weapons: Mt 5:9  "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God. (That means, not everybody is that irascible the chieftain of the Christian objectifications of perfidy – Jesus -- is), for they shall be called sons of God... (Do you still need any evidence that this irascible one never could have been “god’s son”?) Was not Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera already a real model of perfidy to his fellow objectifications of perfidy, was not he? Did not Jesus condemn himself by the word of his own?

However, these were not by far the only murders of Peter -- a serial killer Jesus even called Satan and in spite of all to whom he entrusted his sect.

The summit of all perfidy, swindling and spite is evident if one takes the following saying of John into consideration:


1Joh 3:15

15  Any one who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.


That means once more: Not only according to the standards of reason but also to the feigned ones of their own, Christian sect is an abyss of perfidy, viz, of malice, wickedness and spite! Personified this is the exact meaning of Satan or Hades of whom ancient Greek predicted that he (Hades or Satan) and his brother (James?) will conquer on third of the universe. Are we so far from that?

One murder was Peter's downfall. Here, he came to the wrong person by assassinating no Christian but a famous Jewish rival that were highly esteemed in ancient Roman high society. Assassinating a person of then Roman public life that brought Peter to the righteous end: Execution on the cross – so far one consents that death penalty should be the maximum penalty.


However, before describing the murder that also is illustrating Peter’s end we want to demonstrate how the Christian foul mouths try concealing another assassination of Peter, until today.

Conspicuously everywhere, where Peter appears death and ruin are concomitant phenomena.  - Not dissimilar to the history of the Christian barbaric sect also has "poison", terror, psycho-terror, homicide, murder and even mass-murder in its wake wherever it spreads.

Do not forget to feel so sorry with "St." Christian murderer Simon Peter ... otherwise you are running the risk of experiencing the (Christian) felons' "love" ...






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