Chapter: 3, Part: 4

Jesus' Perfidy of canting his own foul Play

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime


Jesus Monkey-Christ's
Aim : To Crucify the World but never
become crucified himself


“The critic of Christianity cannot evade the necessity of making Christianity contemptible.” German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, the Anti-Christ §57


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                             Commonly, not only Christian foul mouths but also non-Christian foul mouths believe that the crucifix pictures that what innocently was done to Jesus. However, wide of the mark! The crucifix rather announces that "glad tiding", i.e., the program, what Jesus intends to inflict on his  “beloved” fellow human beings.


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       And his stuntman on the cross was the first one – but by far not the last one – he succeeded to do so. So, the crucifix of the Christian foul mouths is a “Trojan horse”.   In this sense, “The Gospel of Phillip” discloses the meaning of Jesus' respectively his stuntman’s "crucifixion" the  Christian foul mouths want to palm off as “vicarious atonement for the sins of world” on their weak-minded next ones:


The Eucharist is Jesus. For he is called in Syriac ‘Pharisatha,’ which is ‘the one who is spread out,’ for Jesus came to crucify the world.“[i]


      The easiest way to crucify the world is to feign the innocently “crucified one”. Oh, yes – Jesus knows the scores and all the tricks! Nobody can hold a candle to perfidious Jesus! From nothing comes nothing. 


      Therefore, it is not about that one supposedly or actually was crucified but it is about to crucify all fellow human beings, i.e., that allegedly much “loved” next ones. Each should be crucified, except him (Jesus). As said, the first one he succeeded to do so were his “disciples” ( objectifications of perfidy) except his catamite John. (John committed suicide).[ii]


      E.g., when Peter tried to escape death penalty in Rome for a murder he perpetrated on religious rival Simon Magnus [iii], who then headed the sect of John the Baptist, the allegedly in heaven residing Jesus "Christ" in person came to the Via Apia outside Rome – presumably after having ordered setting fire to Rome in 64 C.E. – in order meet Peter over there and forced him to return back to Rome to get executed (crucified).


     We will recall this event later on in this treatise and quote from “The Acts of Peter”. Savageness of Jesus "Christ" even did not stop at his “disciples". The most awesome example for that fact is Judas Iscariot.


       As generally known, Christian brain-washers are used to telling their slaves: Jesus loves you, Jesus forgives you every sin... Indeed, Jesus “loves” all as slaves as  trained brutes getting crucified by him because of his unquenchable vindictiveness.


     By the way, this is “easy” to claim from a human being, who even lashes out in the  (Jerusalem) Temple in blind anger that he allegedly forgives sins of others... Why? Because it is easy to forgive sins, one never had to suffer from but other ones... And more over this is the best way in order to lift oneself up to the slaveholder of morons and depraved ones. Those sins harming the hoodlum himself, he even lashes out, i.e., “atones” in the Jerusalem Temple.


      The premise of Jesus’ intention to crucify the world is due to his depraved thinking of the mind of human beings.  There is no worse for humanity and humankind like Jesus "Christ" . Once more, John intimates this about Jesus – John, who is used to blathering that much that he even risks Jesus’ neck. (Sufficiently from the scriptures that are attributed to John, one sufficiently can debunk Jesus as a deceitful rogue!):


Joh 2:23 - 25 RSV

23¶ Now when he was in Jerusalem at the Passover feast, many believed in his name when they saw the signs which he did;

 24 but Jesus did not trust himself to them,

 25 because he knew all men and needed no one to bear witness of man; for he himself knew what was in man.




      Possibly, this is the most important saying of Jesus that is passed on to us. One should think over it hundred times, and if not hundred times then hundred thousand times!  Here is the key to understand Christian “tenets” and the abyss of mind, traits and nature of Jesus "Christ" .  The context of  

a)    refusing to confide in those fellow Jews that shall become his worshipers, because of 

b)    allegedly knowing them and

c)    supposedly knowing human beings at all,

debunks that apparently “loving” all human beings Jesus "Christ" realizes them only as dirt, filth and muck etc. at all – in fact, what those ones he is selecting among human beings (Christians) really impersonate. Obviously there had been a lot of talks between Jesus and his felllow objectifications (incarnatios) of perfidy (“disciples”) concerning this. Already intimating them – what here John is doing -- is a failure of masking.



      Here, Jesus already intimates his and his infamous shmucks (Christian foul mouths’) real attitude (of" love ") towards human beings, that Roman Emperor Julian (332 -363 C.E.) described. Julian says that the Christian foul mouths are brutes arousing the worst in and among human beings in order to live their depravity to the full:


„You Christians now are like the leeches, that extract the worst blood and leave back the cleaner one.”[iv]


       Since now Jesus arouses the worst in and among human beings while ”noble morals", e.g., of “love” and“charity” are feigned, the  brutes, most depraved desperadoes and hell in human beings are unleashed. More over, the scum of the Earth, the most depraved, heinous and abominable individuals get united in that most abhorrent organized crime, terrorism and barbarity that calls itself Christendo(o)m.


       As consequence, no Christian felon trusts in another Christian felon an inch - and of course Jesus trusts in nobody as John witnesses. And do not forget: He poses himself as “god” because he trusts in nobody (of course not in god, whom he in public even accused having left him!) but in himself. Roman emperor Julian watched the Christian foul mouths  correctly:


“I experienced that even beasts of prey are not that hostile minded to human beings than Christian   one to another one.”[v]


        There are butcheries among Christian Mafiosi from the very, very outset. The quoted passage  from John’s gospel intimates that Jesus esteems human beings worse than carnivores because he knows the depravity, viciousness and perfidious traits of his own and is now doing  that what each depraved is obsessed doing: Inferring from him- or herself on others (projection), i.e., judging the others by the standard of his own.


       Jesus knows that in view of morals he embodies just a pat of shit and so he is doing that what each depraved monstrosity is doing: Judging all the “beloved” next ones in the same way and secretly taking revenge and waging terror and war on those that are not that depraved and pertaining to morale superior to him. Christendo(o)m is that institutionalized  revenge, terror and war on humankind, humanity and human rights.


       The most unbearable for a depraved subject is  realization that others are not that pat of shit, it impersonates. Therefore, there is  the desperate war of  that, oh yes, so "modest"  and“ humble” Jesus (Heaven and earth will pass, but not my lying, deception and  infamy...) on the Pharisees and the desperate warfare of his fellow objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy (Christians)  , disparaging all individuals allegedly being the same "sinners" like that scum of the Earth is: I.e., the same fiends, brutes, murderers, barbarians and same  objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  etc. 


       For this purpose, Jesus contrives and concocts a “morale” that is  adjusted  to the heinous depravity, bestiality, terror, psycho-terror, warfare and abomination of his own. That is  Jesus’ and the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') war and terror  on humankind, humanity and human rights – even on relicts of human decency…! For that successful war faring and terror neither he nor his felllow objectifications (incarnatios) of perfidy (Christians) stop at nothing and at least at brainwashing and enslaving  others.


       That last quotation of John’s gospel “impressively” debunks that Jesus already models the „love“,  by which the Christian  objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  have been „loving“ each other since ever: Nobody  trusts in nobody and each considers the other Christian (fellow swine) to be son or daughter of Satan not worth trusting him or her an inch.


       Whether in a Christian cloisters monks among monks or nuns among nuns,  Christian priest-terrorists among priest-terrorists or whether in Christian family members among members: Nobody  trusts in nobody, the Christian wife does not  trust in her  Christian husband, the Christian parents do not in their children, the children do not in their Christian parents - and exactly this incitement (“crucifixion”) of all against all, is what perfidious Jesus desires.


       He knew what is in human beings, anyway. He considered them all to be those perfidious brutes worth getting crucified as he is  and that scum of the Earth (his fellow Christian foul mouths) deserves it. John prefers keeping silent instead of telling what Jesus sees in “human being” and what  makes him that  suspicious against everybody.


     Why does not Jesus need „none to bear witness of man“?  Because he knows himself and those fellow felons he gathered in his sect of infamy and so just judges the others by his own standards (psychological projection).


       For those abominable brutes all may happen but not realization that others are not that depraved than they are. In order to avoid that recognition they rather kill their “beloved” next ones. In order to camouflage their ill will those Christian foul mouths brutes put on a sheep’s clothing and in order to deny that what they are really doing, they accuse others doing that (projections). There is no more abyss of depravity than Jesus "Christ" and his sect of infamy.


      More over, it is not necessary that a sorcerer, conjurer or any other deceiver that wants to conjure a resurrection from the “dead” must be dead before (rising from the “dead”). Again, in the “Gospel of Philip” is written:



Those who say that the Lord died first and (then) rose up are in error, for he rose up first and (then) died. If one does not first attain the resurrection, he will not die. [vi]




       Why do not you need to die at first in order to resurrect from the “dead”, if you can do all by a stuntman? So, the stuntman is dead and the one that fakes to be risen from the “dead” has “risen” without being dead… And cross my heart: That is the only way a “resurrection” ever can take place and ever took place!  Be honest, which rogue, villain and objectification (incarnation) of perfidy is unable to perform a “resurrection from the dead”, if it is not necessary being dead before?


       Well, a "resurrection from the dead" that does not need a dead person before, can be conjured and juggled by each depraved one, in particular each rogue, villain and other sort of deceiver! So, where is the alleged miracle? 


     Oh yes, oh yes  -- now and then, one even does not need a stuntman that was executed death penalty in order to claim having been crucified. It is completely sufficient to be a felon worth punishing death penalty:



Ga 2: 19 - 20 RSV  

19 For I (Paul) through the law died to the law, that I (Paul) might live to God.

20 I (Paul) have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me; and the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.



        Well, “crucifixion“ is a “term” in the Christian barbarians’ sect one should not take too literally. Each bloody bastard suffering because of his or her own depravity is entitled to claiming to be “crucified” in that sect of perfidy. And because depravity is the vital line of communication of the Christian barbarians among each other and to those abundantly “loved” next ones, nobody knows how many Christian foul mouths ever have been “crucified”, are being “crucified” and will be “crucified”. Because of the immense depravity of the Christian foul mouths there are“crucifixions” and faked “vicarious atonement”, all over.


       However, what requirements should be in order to conjure an ostensible resurrection? Generally, three things should be:


·       1stly :One dead body (the stuntman),

·       2ndly: One person that is still alive (the sorcerer) in order to fake being resurrected. And:

·       3rdly: A camouflage for the corpse (of the stuntman), so that nobody ever would become suspicious that the dead one (corpse) was the real one that only that died.


       That means, one has to libel, vilify, slander, malign, insult, spit at the really existing corpse, i.e., the stuntman and defame him as humankind most perfidious scum of the Earth – what indeed is nobody but the Christian foul mouths themselves! –  so that nobody ever dares to suspect and infer that this allegedly despicable (stuntman) was the moron that was stupid enough enabling the conjuring trick for his master’s resurrection by dying stupidly instead of him. 


       Well, and now the stuntman is denounced and passed off as the most abominable creep, as lie and falsehood in person that ever existed and allegedly committed suicide, while the king and coach of all felons successfully fakes the “resurrected” one, who however gulled his stuntman into getting killed (that is an instigation of murder even according to penal codes of Christianly enslaved countries!), is enjoying fame and glory as resurrected “god”, “lord” and “redeemer” of planet Earth…


       Until now, and due to the Christian foul mouths’  bestiality, atrocities, barbarities and abominations that are past comprehension Jesus perfidious plan successfully is working out.


       Now let’s check if on the one hand we have a corpse that is offered to us for disgusting it and on the other hand, a “resurrected” one that never died before. Oh yes, we have a corpse: Judas Iscariot! And now let’s examine, if we have somebody faking to have died and resurrected from the “dead”. Oh yes, we find someone: Jesus "Christ" ! 


      All requirements are met, even libeling, reviling, denouncing etc. Do not the Christian picture Judas Iscariot that nobody ever will suspect him to be Jesus’ best fellow swine in conjuring resurrection? Do not the Christian have an “explanation” to marketing the indispensable corpse (of Judas Iscariot) that is necessary in order to fake a resurrection of a sorcerer (Jesus "Christ" )?


      Fellow swine (“disciple”) Philip tells you that you do not know the first things about “resurrection” when thinking that the one that is going to “resurrect” must be dead before… Only the stuntman must be dead and nobody else! Already Jesus’ early felllow objectifications (incarnatios) of perfidy (Christians) tried to get rid off all traces proving that Jesus made use of a stuntman for his execution of death penalty (crucifixion).


       However, they succeeded to do it only insufficiently. More over, the Christian foul mouths could not reckon that in the 4thcentury a fairly clever and honest mind took all the  scriptures -- deceitful Christian foul mouths wanted to get rid for ever – and put them into a jar and that jar into a cave near the cemetery of Nag Hammadi (Egypt) and – what a real wonder! – that this jar was detected with all those scriptures about three score years ago. 


       That jar of scriptures was recovered at a time the Vatican and other Christian swineherds were unable to destroy or hide it, if the public got to know of that finding. (Certainly, all the scriptures that were recovered in 1945 in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, were and are existent in the Vatican library – hidden to the world in order to hide the truths about the world most organized crime!). 


      In the 4th century hell became unleashed on Earth, i.e., Christian sect became the only allowed “sect” in the Roman empire and thus could persecute and destroy everything and everyone they wanted to “crucify” –i.e., pyre at the stake.   


       The attempt of those that turned out badly by nature (Jesus and the Christian foul mouths) to crucify those that turned out better, necessarily gives birth to Christian bestiality and inevitably makes Christian sect a religious Mafia, i.e., warfare on humankind, humanity, decency and civilization, especially on morals and sciences.


     As already pointed out that perfidious scum of nature praises all failures of nature (the misshapen ones, the ugly ones, the ills ones, the ill-favored ones etc.)  as the author of “The Gospel of Barnabas” let Satan say to the god:  I (Satan) will annul all your successes (and be happy of all your failures). 


 Then said Satan (or Jesus): "O Lord, you have unjustly made me hideous, but I am content thereat, because I desire to annul all that you shall do. And the other devils said: "Calf him not Lord, O Lucifer, for you (Jesus) are Lord."vii


·         That is why Jesus and the Christian proclaim to be chosen all the misshapen ones, the moral scum of the Earth, the ill-favored ones, the ill, the weak ones, the rogues, the felons, the foul mouths...  


·         Those are the "morals" of Satan, Jesus and the Christian foul mouths!


·         That is why Christian sect necessarily is a criminal sect and inevitably perpetrates crimes, felonies, outrages and atrocities. 


·         That perfidious Jesus "Christ" and perfidious Christian foul mouths try  to camouflage – again, like Satan is said to do --  their depravity by always claming that, what they precisely declared war on: “Truths”, “morals”, “love”, “god” or faking the “victim” and being the perpetrator, i.e., faking the “crucified” one instead of the crucifying ones etc. However could it be else among deceivers? This is why Christian sect necessarily is a criminal sect, a sect of infamy or why there is Christian bestiality or why Christian sect is the sect of infamy of our planet Earth, perhaps of our whole galaxy!


       Summarized: As expressively written in “the Gospels of Philip” – that was also regained in 1945 in Nag Hammadi (Egypt) – it is not about  that Jesus ever was crucified but to crucify the word, i.e., that allegedly abundantly  "loved" next ones (the Christian slaves) become tormented and tortured. One can unassailably crucify the world if the tormentor and torturer is introduced to his victims as the tortured and tormented one.


       That is why the Christian foul mouths -- the planet's most felons -- always fake the "martyrs" and the torturers of humankind to be the crucified ones. When the victims get aware of that camouflaging (hypocrisy) they are already trapped and get muzzled, jailed or even prematurely cremated.  Indeed, the Christian foul mouths hate their next ones like nobody else and as they likewise hate “god” to whom they appointed a fellow felon (death penalty convict) as his guardian -- like Satan wants to be guardian of god according to the doctrines of their own.



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[v] Julian, ibidem, p. 63, Translation from the German of my own. German text: „Ich habe die Erfahrung gemacht, daß selbst die Raubtiere dem Menschen nicht so feindlich gesinnt sind wie die Christen gegeneinander!“


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