Chapter: 3, Part: 3

Jesus' Perfidy of canting his own foul Play

  Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime


 Provocation crimes - the very Specialty of Jesus monkey-Christ and the monkey-Christians'  Terrorism


“The critic of Christianity cannot evade the necessity of making Christianity contemptible.” German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, the Anti-Christ §57


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                         If Jesus "Christ" suffered, then he did so only because of the depravity of his own. He never had in mind to suffer, at least for others. Quite the reverse, as it is proclaimed and unveiled in “The Gospels of Philip” his and the Christian foul mouths' mission is “to crucify the world.”[i]


     Well, in order to understand how that allegedly innocent "tortured one" really is wants to be and man’s torturer (that is what he really understands as “man’s son”!), we firstly have to work out some basis research, so to speak, to take "the efforts of the concept" as once German philosopher Hegel (1770-1831) said. 


     However stay cool: We’ll keep our manner that the professor as well as the char is able to follow. Let’s get down doing it!


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     There are three basic manifestations of lies:


  • a) Deliberate false statements,

  • b) Projections and

  • c) Provocation crimes of agent’s provocateurs.


     We are going to elucidate these concepts in this treatise. At this moment, it just shall be mentioned: Compared to deliberate false statements, projection is an escalation of that what both serve: deceit. Again compared with projections, the agent provocateur is a further escalation of liars – the topmost kind of lying that cannot be outdone.


      Jesus "Christ" and his perfidious schmucks (Christians)are mastering all those most nefarious and most abominable kinds of lies. In this treatise Christendo(o)m often is called religious Mafia  or Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e. "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)  are called Mafiosi, rogues etc.


     Jesus is called felons’ coach, because except deliberate false statement leading others up the garden path, he predominately coaches projections and agent provocateurs. Jesus and the Christian foul mouths even are used to enticing others into projecting and perpetrating as agent provocateur.  That is coaching felons or a felons’ coach. Christ's  "glad tidings” are just coaching bestiality of a beasts’ coach!


That is Jesus "Christ" !

Christ of whom?

If of someone then of Satan!


At first, we want to define the concept of agent provocateur.


       The evidence that Jesus was not crucified but gulled stuntman into enduring execution of death penalty (crucifixion) instead of him, is given in detail  on:


     The latest exposition to this subject is not published, yet but is ready for use. In this context we expose this subject in that respect as it is a weapon of the psycho-terror and terror, namely as far Jesus and his sect is concerned as agents provocateurs.


     However for this, sufficient evidence is also required and given that Jesus provoked a crucifixion death penalty) did not suffer crucifixion in person but a stuntman. He put the blame for the abomination of his owns at his enemies’ door – blame that only belongs to him.


        Well, what is an agent provocateur? Examples for agents provocateurs are known from the carnages of Catholics and Protestants among one another. For instance,  in Europe's thirty-years-war (1618 –1648) Catholics and Protestants waged war in order to dominate the European continent.


       Catholics as well as Protestants, e.g., destroyed the altars of the churches of each own in order to give the blame for those outrages (of their own) the respective opponent or enemy.


       The people that got tired of the Christian foul mouths’ warfare thus should get more belligerent, quite according to the motto: Lo, our enemy,  those bloody bastards and  villains even do not stop at our churches or altars. Agents provocateurs produce sham evidence of their lies and deception and (for the justification) of their crimes, barbarities and abomination. No biped is more loathsome than a(n)  (Christian) agent provocateur. Agents provocateurs are the summit of all depravity.


       To them belonged Jesus "Christ" and almost all this conditioned felons and slaveholders (Christian clergies). Agents provocateurs primarily shall lead astray the targeted prey (slaves) pertaining to the “moral” traits (depravity) of one’s own and those ones of the adversary.  The opponent shall be suspected of being Satan or his chosen ones.


     The opponent shall be suspected of being that what the agents provocateurs really are, anyway. Otherwise agents provocateurs would not perpetrate their abominations in order to lay the blame for them at their hated enemy’s door. That is something deeply typical of Christian!


       Entire Christian-sect is such a deliberate – and because of their ruthless crimes and atrocities until now -- successful attempt of misleading about the true nature of Jesus, Christian “notions” (e.g.,: "Love”, “truths”,  “god"," morals”, “charity”, “modesty”, “humbleness” etc.), and about the traits of their adversaries.


     Agents provocateurs are mercenaries  of infamy, satanic barbarities and abominations. They belong with Jesus’ and the Christian foul mouths’  repertoire of ploys and are causes for the Christian foul mouths’ success. Jesus and Christendo(o)m are inseparably from agents provocateurs. It belongs to them like the “Amen” in their church.


      As mentioned, we now are going to produce evidence that Jesus "Christ" already modeled himself as agent provocateur. Agents provocateurs are -- so to speak -- the last resort, if abominable brutes want to fob themselves off as “moral” thump person their targeted victims, if they do not succeed only by lying and deceiving.


      Agents provocateurs pass of the depravity, barbarity and abomination of their own on their enemies and nobody did it more and is more skilled successfully like Jesus "Christ" and his perfidious schmucks (the Christian foul mouths).


      What agent provocateur is doing is the utmost projection. When projecting, Christian foul mouths pass the depravity of their own off  as one of  their adversaries. E.g., the one that is boasting: “Heaven and Earth will pass but never the blather of my own” only realizes arrogance and megalomania not with him but with the rivals, his enemies, the Pharisees… Agents provocateurs drive that outrageous falsehood to the utmost.


     In this case, not only the depraved traits of one's own are insinuated on the other (the opponent, enemy) but even the crime, felonies, outrages and abominations of one’s own are put at the rival’s or adversary's door. And mostly they were only perpetrated in order to do so.


     Of course, a sect of infamy never can miss something like that - and consequently the  Christian sect absolutely not. Jesus’ (stuntman’s) crucifixion is such a case. However, before proceeding pertaining to crucifixion, agents provocateurs should be explained more complex.


      Not always an outrage on the building of the church of one's own is the way (Christian) agents provocateurs are used to working out their disgusting heart of depravity. For instance, here I present one occurrence that happened in the 14-year war, Christian sect of infamy waged war in Germany. The Christian foul mouths were very amazed that none of the felons of theirs could hold a candle to me pertaining to intelligence. However, even for such case those spiteful little Christian devils have their corresponding venom.


 That triple “Cs”(Christian creeps n’ crooks), Pardon, "children of the light" obsessively passed the superiority of mine off as bad traits of mine such as despotism or dictatorship. Poison becomes a general way of interpersonal relationship if the last (Christians)at all costs are used to deceiving their conspecifics to be the first and not the lastwhat they are and stay.  That deception is not to arrange without poisoning all interpersonal relationship, what the Christian foul mouths are used to faking as “love” and “charity”.


       However, for those disgusting projections the Christian foul mouths lacked of evidence, of course. The employees to whom the author of this treatise was boss, gained the right to share in decisions to an extend even the unions do not admit to their co-workers -- not to mentioned the “employees” of the Christian slavery, who just have to obey and to comply! One Christian that had crept into us, composed an address of devotion to me like the Christian foul mouths are used to doing towards the pope terrorist. 


       He did so, without being asked, unsolicited, unwanted and on the decision and  depravity of his own. However, since he was  a good Christian, i.e., he was also an agent provocateur and that means: He lied that I had ordered it. And hey presto, Jesus "Christ" , the king of felons and coach of felons provided the Christian foul mouths with all the sham evidence they were lacking so much, before. So, agents provocateurs produce the sham evidence of  infamy, outrages and abominations of their own. 


       They are used to insinuating point of views that the opponent does not have. However, the Christian agent provocateurs even do not stop at perpetrating false evidence of it. If Christendo(o)m deserves to be called a terrorism of  infamy, then among other reasons also because  of their agents provocateurs.


       The described “small” case is also one of agents provocateur: Perpetrating a depravity or outrage on one’s own and giving the blame to the opponent by alleging and thus deceiving that the adversary induced it or even did it. These are also reasons why Christian organized crime (“Christianity") is that successful.


      There is a sliding transition from projection (blaming the other one, i.e.,  the opponent with the depravity of one’s own) to agents provocateurs. The projecting one blames the adversary with the evil, vicious and depraved traits of his own, the agent provocateur blames the other one, the enemy with the outrages, barbarities and abominations of his own, i.e. with the (wicked) deeds of his own in order to produce sham evidence.


       Since the agent provocateur has given up finding evidence against his  opponents, he himself produces sham evidence that only turns him (the agent provocateur) out as one of the most despicable  criminal. 


       That is why agents provocateurs are the utmost and most abominable deceiver. Thus, no wonder that is belongs with disgraceful Jesus’ deceit, tricks and warfare. For very depraved agent provocateurs those heinous deeds are  a matter of habit, already.  E.g., when Catholics and Protestants fight one another by means of agents provocateurs they did so, because that abominable way of behavior and war faring is a matter of course for all the felons coached by Jesus "Christ" .


      Training Christian foul mouths’ “New Testament” means coaching liars, deceivers, self-deceivers, criminal, felons, and barbarians and agents provocateurs. From an agent provocateur to a physical murderer is only a very small step. Each agent provocateur is a potential (venomous) murderer -- as far as he had not murdered, yet --  and correspondingly to treat.


     The agent provocateur murders socially and morally his opponents because he is disguising them by a garment he (the agent provocateur) has chosen. The adversary may not be as he (the opponent) is but as perfidious agents provocateurs want him to be. That is a social and moral assassination and the physical murder is just a matter of opportunity to them, not one of principle.


      Agents provocateurs are part of Jesus and Christian sect likewise their lies about “love” and “truths”. Jesus perpetrated projections masterly, in particular on the Jews. When Jesus “arranged” the crucifixion for his stuntman (faked as one of his own) and his" resurrection” he turned out to be the most despicable agent provocateur among all the bipeds.


    Christian foul mouths mostly are used to playing the innocent when contesting that somebody can give up his life for a depravity.


       Firstly, it is a mark of revenge - and that is camouflaged as “love” in this criminal sect– to put up with the death of one’s own for its success. Secondly, on September  11th, 2001,Muslim Osama bin Laden impressively demonstrated how easy it is gulling 19people into dying within one day. When embarking the planes all the hijackers knew that they will surely die and nobody of them will survive. 


      Nevertheless, they did it. And now, there are coming those Christian creeps n’ crooks that are oozing with disgusting hypocrisy and perfidy  wanting to tell that to the marines and us that Jesus -- even worship as the sect’s “god” -- could not find one (stuntman) dying by his order and instead of him. Ah, ah, ah – don’t make me laugh!


     Well, in order to produce evidence that Jesus "Christ" performed the “crucifixion”  as agent provocateur, we have to demonstrate in detail, that:


a)    Jesus had never intended to suffer on the  cross (for others) , i.e., that the story of Jesus “suffering” as vicarious atonement is nothing but a cook and bull story of the Christian deceivers.

b)    He never suffered, either. As agent provocateur he gulled someone else into dying. (That is an instigation of murder, even according to the most penal codes of Christianly-enslaved countries of today).

c)    Jesus  laughed up his sleeve when the entire world believed having caught the real evildoer.

d)   He faked to be crucified in order to inflict crucifixion on the world easier by creeping into the targeted victims' confidence while arousing pity on them  and playing  innocence. Therefore, the Christian foul mouths’ crucifix is no report what was done to Jesus but the program he and his infamous schmucks (Christians)want to inflict on others.

e)    Since somebody surely died but not  Jesus, there must be a  corpse (of the stuntman) so that Jesus could simulate the  “risen one from the dead”. As each murder, each death penalty leaves a corpse.  There is no executed death penalty (crucifixion) without corpse. The Christian foul mouths must explain the existence of this corpse in that way, so that nobody becomes suspicious that it is about the corpse of Jesus’ stuntman.

f)     Since Jesus did not die  on the cross or tree, he never resurrected from the dead and did not go to heaven, either. Whoever should accept a crook and rogue  in heaven that fakes having died "for the sin of the world” in order to atone them and thus  indirectly perpetrated a murder (nothing else means  a stuntman for death penalty!)? Perhaps Satan? Whoever should receive even the really crucified one in heaven, if “a hanged man is under god's curse” (De 21:23)? Perhaps Satan?  Accordingly, Jesus must have continued to live secretly and there must be evidence of it, even if his perfidious schmucks did try to obliterate all what uncovers him and them as deceivers. One cannot succeed in obliterating the truths completely. At least in from of relics, there must be evidence about it.



       Well, let us be keen on seeing whether we can meet these requirements of evidence. Here, in this part we will deliver sufficient but not all evidence we have, because the full unveiling truths about Jesus' deception of “crucifixion” and “resurrection” is given in another treatise, in fact  on: Therefore, we  still have more up our sleeve than we are going to disclose here. However, as said, here we already promise sufficient evidence.

      The Christian called it mass or service. However, for the slaveholders (clergies) it is nothing but coaching felons and for the slave nothing but brainwashing.



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[i] The Gospel of Philip , ibidem, saying 53, Translated by Wesley W. Isenberg