Chapter: 3, Part: 1

Jesus' Perfidy of canting his own foul Play

  Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime


 Jesus Satan's Christ
– the infamous Murderer of little Children



"Jesus "Christ"  - the dastardly Murderer on  Disbelievers


Revised version of May 2007


A serial killer of little children fobbed off as “innocent lamb of the god suffering for the sins of the world” – that’s the joke of human history fostered grimly.


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Moreover, ye shall take no ransom for the life of a murderer, that is guilty of death; but he shall surely be put to death. (Nu 35:34)

 "… you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him" (1 Jo 3:15)




Due to their perfidy, Christians very resolutely  keep secret that murder is quite a matter of course for Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant: Jesus “Christ”), they are used to exalting  as their “god”.  However, they do not succeed so sufficiently, not to say perfectly.  The truth is that Ben-Pandera, aka: Jesus “Christ” even designed his sect as a murderers’ one and often declared murder on his rivals, as we are going to produce evidence, now. 



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Christian, in particular, Catholic sect tried getting rid of the “The Gospel of Thomas“, although it is quoted very much by early Christians (Christians’ cant: “church fathers) “.  This sect tried blotting out that gospel because it frankly reports about the nasty, violent and murderous traits of Ben-Pandera, aka, Jesus "Christ", i.e. the Christian sect’s “god”.  Here, one quotation from that gospel debunking “Jesus "Christ“ the abominable murderer:



Jesus said, "The kingdom of the father is like a certain man who wanted to kill a powerful man. In his own house he drew his sword and stuck it into the wall in order to find out whether his hand could carry through. Then he slew the powerful man....” [i]


It Jesus verbatim expresses that what later German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) said: Christianity is the war of those who turned out badly by nature on those who do better.

 As we pointed out in the second chapter of this treatise, psychological projections mean that depraved ones dish their flaws, dirt and crimes of their own on their rivals and enemies since they cannot bear them.  By a psychological projection, Shaul Paul inadvertently and indirectly debunks Jesus “Christ” as “man of sin” and “son of perdition”.


2Th 2:3 NRSV

the rebellion comes first and the lawless one is revealed, the one destined for destruction.

2Th 2:3 - 4 NKJV

...unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition,
4 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.


Who does not realize Jesus "Christ" by this description? According to Shaul Paul, the "man of sin" or "son of perdition" is the “lawless”, (2Th 2:3) “destined for destruction” (ibidem) and “declares himself to be god” (2Th 2:4).  Those features precisely bear Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ")!

·        Is not a murderer a lawless one?

·        Is not Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: (Jesus) "Christ the end of the law" (Ro 10:4)?


The “man of sin” or “son of perdition” we call the homo scelestus – the criminal human. Perhaps Shaul Paul forgot to define the homo scelestus or “man of sin” or “son of perdition” that he calls him not only being destined for destruction but also for murder…!

In "The Gospel of Thomas", Jesus "Christ" proclaims that Christian sect he instigated is designed as a felons’ and murderers’ organization replacing as well honesty and sincerity by foul mouth as fair play by foul play.   He bluntly confesses that  Christian sect is about that what its  history more than sufficiently proves: an organized crime with the goal of becoming slaveholders of human being  while stopping at nothing, in particular  killing those to whom  those conceited (Christian) slaveholders  being  “poor in spirit” (Mt 5:3) cannot hold a candle.  However, when trying to destroy this chronicle (Christian’s cant: “gospel”), Christian censors missed to see that this passage corresponds with other one of the “canonized” scriptures, i.e. those ones the Christians call “New Testament”.


1Jo 5:4 NRSV

4  for whatever is born of God conquers the world. And this is the victory that conquers the world, our faith.


It is about to defeat others, to make oneself slaveholders of one’s fellow human being by infamously and perfidiously faking god not only to be an accomplice of one’s organized crime (of murder) but even a weapon of it.


There is no depravity,

Like Christianity!


 How much Christianity is an organized crime of murder and how much “The Gospel of Thomas” debunks Christian (criminal, respectively, murderous) traits of Ben-Pandera (Christians’ cant:  Jesus “Christ”) demonstrates “The second Epistle of Peter”, again a component of Christian “New Testament”:


2Pe 2:12 NRSV

12 These people (who do not believe in Christianity, i.e. Christian enemies), however, are like irrational animals, mere creatures of instinct, born to be caught and killed.


Oh my god, what a sect avid for “love” , even to “love their enemies… Does not Christian faith shifts mountains and the truths anyway…? This quotation is the summary of Christian history! That is what this sect behind it mask of perfidy, for example, “to love” their enemies in fact is about!

That organized crime or Mafia with the goal of becoming humankind’s slaveholder is   camouflaged as religion. Jesus "Christ" admits having instigated a felons’ and murderers’ sect that is called today Christianity.    I.e. in “The Gospel of Thomas” Ben-Pandera (Christians cant: Jesus “Christ”) just put off the mask of his perfidy.  In order to keep the Christina mask of a wolf in a sheep’s clothing working, Christian sect banned this (Christian!) scripture from the canon of their thieves’ cant (Christian terminology: “god’s word”) without seeing were else those criminals  lost their mask…!


 However, as we are going to demonstrate now, this is not the only commitment of the homo scelestus (homo = man, scelestus - criminal) commitment to murder why disgustingly faking to even to “love” his enemies…


Who wonders that this as „god“ stylized Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant Jesus "Christ“) even declares to murder little children.  Until now, Christian sect already murdered about 300 millions of human beings, most of them by very cruel methods hardly any other criminal can outdo like, for instance, burning them while being alive at the stakes.  At the most time of this sect existence’s our planet had less than 300 millions inhabitants.  Thus, Christian sect debunked itself as our planet’s most organized foul mouth and foul play or as humankind’s most association of murderers.  That is how Ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) designed is camouflaged behind the mask (perfidy) of “love”.    Don’t the Christian foul mouths talk about „mysteries“ of their „faith“?  They are used those “mysteries” to keeping secret behind their hypocrisy and perfidy. Only deception needs concealment but not the truth!



Concerning Christian sect’s abominations defying description never an alleged noble „tenet“ of „Jesus "Christ" “ was vitiated! As demonstrated above Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant: Jesus "Christ“) exactly wanted those outrages. That is his aim, precisely!  Those are the depravity he wants and  his tricks of infamy and perfidy  he trains:  Also the bluff that   his perfidious and murderous goals allegedly were „noble“ tenets purportedly only  vitiated  by the organization of his sect, is just nothing but a  very accomplishment of one of his tricks (of perfidy).  It is a trick to keep perfidy of his and his (Christian) henchmen working or to repair the mask if it (necessarily) is cracked by this hidden grimace. Thus, it is ensured that the origin or source of all Christian abomination is not harmed. That is what Christian perfidy is for. Hence, unassailable and never-ending Christian crimes, outrages, abominations and atrocities can be continued.  



At first, Christian foul mouths try denying their crimes and atrocities and give the blame for the abominations of their own to their enemies. If they hereby ridicule themselves, then they try to save their organized crime by prevarications like, for example:  The “tenets” of “Jesus "Christ" ” purportedly are  noble only evil individuals of the church vitiated them, always … Thus, the origin, source and cause of all Christian depravity and abominations had been  saved and kept on working .…!


Hereby, the even conceal that this vitiation of purported “good tenets” is not possible according to the faked “inerrant” and “absolutely true god’s word”.  The latter says:


Mt 7:17-18 NRSV

17 In the same way, every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit.

18  A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit.



Lu 6: 43 NRSV

"No good tree bears bad fruit, nor again does a bad tree bear good fruit;


According to Christians’ “inerrant” and “absolutely true god’s word”, the foul mouth and foul play of the Christians do not come into existence because of any vitiation of “good tenets”.  That happens  but because  Christians are bad threes necessarily bearing bad fruits, i.e. because the homo scelestus (criminal man) necessarily commits foul mouth and foul play due to his nature as dregs of humankind (thieves’ cant: “the sick needing a physician” , see: Mt 9.12, Mr 2:17. Lu 5:31)

For instance, Protestantism is based on a concealed lie on its “god” Ben-Pandera, i.e. having lied when saying that a bad three only can bear bad fruits. Christians prevarications about purportedly vitiated “good tenets of Ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) mean the contrary: The even bad three bears good fruits.

Therefore, calling Christian sect because of its abominable foul play, in particular, murders and mass-murders an organized crime faking a religion only means knowing Christians by their fruits, i.e. precisely abiding by the “tenets” of Christian dummy of “god”…!



Mt 7:16 NRSV

16 You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles?

Mt 7:20  NRSV

20 Thus you will know them by their fruits.


That is what we are doing. The Christians contradict and disobey their dummy of “Lord” and “Master” that the purportedly “inerrant”, “omniscient” and “absolutely true god’s word” blathering Ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) was that much mistaken… So, Christian, why do you call him always “master” and do not abide by the lies and deceits he was blathering…?


No wonder that this monstrosity of death penalty convict even kills children.

However, let us proceed systematically.

About the year 60, there was a dispute between Simon Peter and one of the very rivals of Christian sect in the ancient Rome, namely, Simon Magus (Simon the Sorcerer), who also emigrated from Palestine to Rome like Peter and other Jewish Christian foul mouths. Simon Magus was in the discipleship of John the Baptist.  After John’s decapitation, a certain Dositheus headed his sect at first and the very gifted Simon Magus succeeded the latter as head of the sect.



Already the facts, that:

·        Firstly, John the Baptist never joined the Jesus gang and:

·        Secondly, John’s sect did not disband after its founder’s decapitation in favor of the Jesus band. Already this fact  produces sufficient evidence of Jesus’ and the Christian foul mouths' lies and deceits that John  purportedly named Jesus (Satan’s) Christ as foretold Jewish Messiah (see: Mt 17:10 -13) and that he (John) was the resurrected  prophet Elijah. The latter's resurrection is predicted to     precede the appearance of the Messiah (according to Matthew 17:10-11 and 13).  John explicitly rejected Jesus’ and his perfidious henchmen’s allegations being the resurrected or reborn Elijah see John 1:21) as Ben-Pandera, aka: Jesus “Christ” wants to fake him. That means, John the Baptist belied Ben-Pandera, the Christians’ dummy of “god” called Jesus “Christ”…



Since Jesus himself believed that resurrected Elijah ad to proceed the Jewish Messiah (see: Mt 17: 10-11), he either just could fake John to be resurrected Elijah- against the explicit statement of John and thus violating the latter one! -- or to face the truth and thus to admit deception and self-deception to himself and his perfidious schmucks that he was not  the foretold Jewish Messiah (Greek: Christos). As generally known, the great religious rogue sided with the first one, i.e. with lie, deceit and self-deception...! 


Nothing more makes clearly what fiends of abomination the Christian foul mouths are, if one considers that Christians, i.e. Simon Peter, even murdered the leaders of the sect of the man, to which they presume to refer.  Ugh! What else one ever could expect from a religious rogue of such caliber that is completely unscrupulous…?


The winner of that dispute (between Peter and Simon Magus) already turned out by the fact that Peter even murdered Simon Magus, the second successor of John of Baptist. Therefore, this Christian murderer (thieves’ cant: “saint” or “rock on which” the almost perfect crime of Christianity is built) was sentenced to death row for that murder and finally became executed on the cross (thieves’ cant: “as martyred”…).[ii]


As further generally known, Christian sect of perfidy is howling, bawling, wailing and crying for that casualty – becoming sentenced to death for murder. What “martyrdom”…! Generally, Christian murderers pose as „martyrs“ and the martyrs, i.e., the victims of Christian murderers as “murderers”, until today.  That is the weapon of perfidy of Christian organized crime: dishing the dirt of its own on its rivals and enemies and faking the “innocent lamb” to trap the fools n’ goofs…


The Christian foul mouths cannot take it in, the injustice of the „children of the world“ punishing a felon, oh yeah,  a murder of the Christian felons’ and murderers’ sect that fakes being avid for  „love“, „charity“ and „spiritual welfare“ etc. ...! The Christian Middle Ages produce evidence that according to their “morals”, Christians can commit any crime, murder and even mass-murder.


Their felons’ coach Jesus "Christ" adjusted their “morals” and “loves” corresponding to all those eventualities… Ah, ah, ah...! Ugh! Did you ever experience that nice Christian feeling: Being felon, murderer, scum of the Earth on the one side and being reputed as “Reverend”, “Saint”, “Holy Father”, yes, even Satan’s, pardon, “god’s” son,  on the other…? Are not Christian foul mouths right to tremble with the anti-Christ, already from their outset? Now, a little bit more respect towards the ruling homo scelestus (criminal human) and the dregs of humankind, thieves cant:    "the sick needing a physician" (Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31)…


In this dispute, Simon Magus now rightly accuses Peter and the Christian felons’ that their “god” requires no morals (fulfillment of commandments) but solely his acknowledgment  as “god”, i.e. only the “right” belief it demanded, indifferently which felon or murder one may be.  Finally, what else an impostor desires…?


„Then Simon said: ‘He (the Christian „god“)  receives those who will come to him, and does them good…but the creator of the world demands also that the law be fulfilled."[iii]


Here, Simon Magus correctly interprets the Christian felons’ slogan:   He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned (Mr. 16:16). Indeed irrespectively of all any moral qualities,   one goes to heaven or to hell according to this organized crime  faking a   religion and “god” as its  accomplice by making a “god” of its own...  What else felons ever could get from a sect? This tallies with the desires of theirs...! Together with the sect of perfidy come the felons’ „morals“. It only matters if one gives in to the will to power of the homo scelestus and his accomplices of foul mouth and foul play. 


It depends only whether one gives in the (depraved) will to power of these homines scelesti (criminal men), (thieves’ cant:  "the sick needing a physician", Lu 5:31) or not.  Except hypocrisy, moral plays no part in Christian hangmen's sect, since those felons are used to yearning for becoming released from the „yoke of the laws“ that – oh, what a pity! -- always induce them to commit crimes.


 Jesus is complying with the ilk of his, viz, with those desires of creeps, crooks and brutes (thieves’ cant:    "the sick needing a physician“, Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31).  Peter fails to see how he is debunking himself and his (Christian) sect of perfidy by claiming   a purportedly similar depravity pertaining to John the Baptist’s and/or the Jewish god:



„Then said Peter: ‘He (the god of John the Baptist and the Jewish god)  saves adulterers and men-slayers, if they know him ; but good, and sober, and merciful persons, if they do not know him, in consequence of their having no information concerning him, he does not save!’”[iv]



  Now, we are going to produce evidence that the „god“ of Christian foul mouths (Jesus) not only commits such abominations, by which  Peter is charging the god of the Jews or that one of the  sect  of  John the Baptist  but that he (Jesus) himself was a gay wanton ([v], yes even a men-slayer in his very person.  


  While believing to denounce the god of the rivals of such an abomination, although the Christian hypocrite had abundant reasons for organizing his own affairs, Peter indirectly and inadvertently admits the heinousness and abomination of Jesus and his sect. 


  Already and once more the same old story of Christian hypocrites is to realize: Always laying for the guilt and abominations of their own at their victims’ door and wagging the forefinger on others for  perpetrations  they at first  and at most are used to committing themselves in that large a scale that bears no comparison with those of others.


 Peter, henchman of planet Earth’s most felon Christians  call Jesus “Christ” represses that indeed Christians’ fake of “god” according to Mr 16:16  saves all adulterers and men-slaughter, provided that they address and worship the impostor as “god”… Nothing else counts in criminality of Christianity!  Otherwise, Christians would know that the “god” of their own will condemn them to hell being boiled in a caldron of hot oil, forever.


 Yes, those abominable Christian hypocrites are used to  rebuking others  for misdemeanors, foul play, offenses and barbarities that even fit not only themselves but their topmost felon they lifted up to their  dummy of “god”: Yehoshua-ben-Pandera, aka: Jesus "Christ" ! A murderer is worshiped as the “god” –- that’s Christian sect of foul mouth and foul play.



 Hatred necessarily accompanies lying about others.  Those, who foster lies about themselves, e.g. flatter themselves the be “the salt of the earth” or “light of the world” and in addition drivel about “charity” or even “love for one’s enemies“, just add another lie to their lies, deception and self-deception. 


A wrong way of seeing oneself, i.e. self-deception, always necessarily and consequently brings lies and thus – if the lies are wide of the mark – perfidy up to terrorism in its wake. No human being can call himself a “god“ without maintaining those claim by insidiousness, lies, deceit, atrocities, barbarities and abomination, i.e. by foul mouth and foul play. The one inevitably brings about the other. 


Here, it about the most abomination that ever occurred in human history! 


It is about a monstrosity that unscrupulously does not hesitate to murder little innocent children. That is the scum of humankind the Christians are used to  faking “the innocent lamb suffering for the sins” of his own, pardon, for those ones who address and worship him as “god”…”


 To murder little children is no problem for Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant: Jesus "Christ")!


 A serial killer of children fobbed off as “innocent lamb … suffering for the sins of his fellow criminal accomplices” – that’s the joke of human history fostered grimly. (It is not true that according to Christian “Holy Writ”, he suffered for the sins of the world. He only did so for the sins of the Christians in order to produce suicide warriors, i.e. for the dregs of humankind, he calls “the sick needing a physician”, see: Mt 9.12, Mr 2:17. Lu 5:31, addressing and worshiping him as god, in exchange.



 They all were murderers. They all are phenomena of the homo scelestus (criminal man) or the homo Christianus, which is the same.  . About Peter  -- we are going to deal with in the following chapter (e4031, e4032 e4033) – even the Christian foul mouths’ “New Testament” account of two murders of his.


 His further murders are reported in other early authentic Christian scriptures, we also are going to debunk.  Would Jesus ever had tolerated or even theatrically proclaimed a serial killer among his closest schmucks as successor („Feed my sheep” – see: Joh 21:15-17), if he himself was no killer? Did not he say?:


Mt 24:28 AV

28 For wheresoever the carcase (Jesus) is, there will the eagles (Christians) be gathered together.


By the way, this corresponds to his saying that a bad three only can bear bad fruits and more belies Christian liars’ prevarication about the allegedly “good tenets” of the homo scelestus just vitiated by evil successor (e.g. Catholic Church). In a letter that is also indexed to the Christian foul mouths’ “Bible”, the brother of the lawfully doomed death penalty convict, James, complains the murders and other crimes belonging to the lifestyle of his brother’s (Jesus’) insidious schmucks (Christians):


Jas 4: 1 –2 RSV

1  What causes wars, and what causes fightings among you (Christians)? Is it not your (Christian) passions that are at war in your members?

2 You (Christians) desire and do not have; so you (Christians) kill. And you covet and cannot obtain; so you (Christians)    fight and wage war. You do not have ...



The first head of a Christian community after Jesus, the immediate successor of Jesus in Jerusalem and thus the outset of Christian “church“ testifies to posterity -- in a letter that is index to the Christian foul mouths’ “New Testament” --  that the sect of his brother is about moral scum of the Earth. Quarrelling, lust for power, warfare and murder belong to the lifestyle, very depraved nature, of theirs.  German Desperado Martin L. notice that this testimony of the “Brother of the Lord” belies him giving the blame for Christian criminality to Catholic Church and not to the homo scelestus (thieves’ cant: Jesus “Christ”), Satan’s very catamite!). . However, he did not comply with the truths but wanted to remove this Epistle of James from the canon of the “New Testament”… Martin L. perpetrated the same nastiness as Catholic Church has being perpetrating, since ever…  He presented Catholicism as scapegoat to hide the trinity of depravity, perfidy and criminality of Ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant: Jesus “Christ”).


 It is about homo scelestus sive (that means: or) Christianus   spreading terror all over the world. Libeling, jailing and even murdering others i.e. foul mouth and foul play, is part of the repertory of homo scelestus sive Christianus. 


The homo scelestus sive Christianus (the criminal or Christian man) wants to make his foul mouth and foul play unassailable by camouflaging his unscrupulousness and depravity by its moral reverse, e.g.

·         war faring as “peacefulness”,

·         aggressiveness as “meekness”,

·         enslaving as  “humility“,

·         lust for power as “modesty”,

·         insidiousness as  being like a dove,

·         hypocrisy as “commitment for the truths”,

·         perfidy as “martyrdom for the truths”,

·         murders as “perfection of social life” etc.,


Those are the tricks of the homo scelestus (thieves’ cant: Jesus “Christ” and the Christians)! 


  Well, they are a sect of foul mouth and foul play from their hour zero!  They had good reason for trembling with the anti-Christ from their very, very, outset.  Moreover, we are going to produce evidence now:

 Like master,

 Like man!

  Nothing else he means when saying: Where there is carcass (Jesus), the vultures (Christians) are gathering…!  Where there is depravity and perfidy, there are the Christians! Where there is hell on Earth, there are the Christians, unless the enemy is strong enough to punish Christian criminality. Homicide belongs with the lifestyle of the lawfully death penalty convict of Golgotha, too.


  At all, it is astonishing how the Christians can make others believe that somebody, who threatens others of “weeping and gnashing their teeth” (see Lu 13:28) for their life hereinafter, will not slam, beat up, trash and kill others. Prevaricating for the life hereafter is only because the concerned one is incapable of perpetrating its crimes or atrocities in the present, already. The homo scelestus sive Christianus fancies everything to inflict on those to whom he cannot hold a candle for hell what he cannot impose on him, right on the spot. It they can do so, they will establish hell on Earth as they did so during Christian Middle Ages.


Consequently,  Christian "hell" is a program of hatred, revenge and atrocities that stays fancied only as long as it could not be put into practice, e.g. because of lacking power to perpetrate that foul play (criminality). 


 Tell me about the hell of somebody and I will tell you what abominations and barbarities that monstrosity will perpetrate on you, if his get sufficient power to do so!


Finally, the market of sham and faking “gods” was booming at Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (gang name: Jesus Christ's") time.  All of a sudden, a special mishap occurred to Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (gang name: Jesus "Christ“), the gay “god” of the Christian foul mouths. [vi]  


 The followers of a competitor of Christian sect were called Nicolaitans.  What is Jesus – the homo scelestus -- doing?   Does he put his slogan:  “Love your enemies, do well to those you hate” – into fulfillment or practice? Wide of the mark! That is only a trick or ruse the Christian foul mouths have to learn when being coached as felons by him. 


What does the homo scelestus do? He wants to perpetrate that hatred (thieves’ cant: “love”)  his dastardly henchmen, i.e. Christians,  later perpetrated on Mithraism, the Manicheans, Incas, Mayas, Muslims, Scientology, Hare Krishna or Atrott etc.:



Re 2:6 RSV
6  Yet this you have, you  hate the works of the Nicolaitans, which I (Jesus) also hate.




Here we caught the homo scelestus (homo = man, scelestus = criminal) in the act pertaining to his deception of his "inerrant" and "absolutely true god's" word.   The homo scelestus does not only play the hypocrite but gulls others into hypocrisy. Behind his mask of "love" he hates his enemies bottomless.  However, this is not the end of his abomination. This creature of perfidy or of Satan pretending even to croak it for "love" does not only hate his enemies bottomless but also inveigles his henchmen to do so ... John shall hate as he (Jesus) does...! 

Again, German desperado Martin L. would perjure that Jesus only "loves" and the popes and Catholics introduced hatred and violence into Christian organized crime.   According to the lies of Martin L. one only needs the scripture, faith and mercy of the Satan that is addressed and worshiped as "god" in Christian sect and everything else will happen, afterwards. If something occurs that is good, they allege that it stems from god and if something bad happened they evenly arbitrarily attribute it to Satan...

How else could Martin L. Christian perfidy and Christian training of crimes keep working?

How do you want to confute that Christianity addresses and worships Satan as "god"...? Because they call him "god"...?

Now, the scripture debunks Christianity, too.


Let us recall what this dastard (thieves' cant: "savior") in his peak of perfidy (thieves' cant: "sermon on the mountain") was puking...


Lu 6:27 NRSV

... Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,

 Is it good, is it "love" to murder one's enemies. That is Christian dastards' perfidy!


Mt 5:44 NRSV

Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

Here, the trinity of Satan, his Anointed One (Hebrew: Messiah, Greek: "Christ") wants pretend a superiority and control of emotions nobody lacks more but Ben-Pandera and the Christians!  Here again, the dastards want to fool an identity to themselves nobody lacks more but Ben-Pandera and the Christians...!

The homo scelestus first does two things: hating and perfidiously disguising hatred as “love”…! Finally, this is the “love” of the homo scelestus sive Christianus.  That you (my Christian henchmen) hate as I (Jesus “Christ”, Satan’s catamite) hate... Those are the “glad tidings” of the Christian felons that shamming “love”, all over… My word!  In fact, this is the hatred of Jesus and the Christian foul mouths behind their mask of „love“ in order to make their hatred and the crimes (foul play that is in the wake of those foul mouths) unassailable…  Thus, those sneaky and crafty Christian creeps n’ crooks make it unassailable and hereby successful.

The homo scelestus sive Christianus resorts to perfidy and infamy at all costs and at any price, since he looses any fight by fair play. Therefore, he despicably tries to succeeding to bag everything by foul play what he never can obtain by fair play. 


  That is why falsehood, lies, deceits, insidiousness and crimes are necessary concomitants of Christianity. Poisoning all interpersonal relationships of human beings is one of the least evil, those creeps, cooks n’ brutes of feigning „love“deliberately put up with their foul play. 


  The Christian „god“ of deceits (Jesus) blows tirades of hatred on his rivals. He cannot bear that they stand in the way of his unscrupulous lust for power wanting to play “god of the Earth”.  As one can see below he claims to be the one “who searches mind and heart “ – that means the exclusive right of brainwashing -- and therefore does not tolerate any rival and competitors as his infamous schmucks (Christian sects) ever does not do  so, even by murdering each other.





Re  2:20-23 RSV

20  But I (Jesus) have this against you, that you  tolerate the woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophetess and is teaching and beguiling my servants to practice immorality and to eat food sacrificed to idols.

21 I gave her time to repent, but she refuses to repent of her immorality.

22  Behold, I (Jesus)  will throw her on a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her I will throw into great tribulation, unless they repent of her doings;

23  and I will strike her children dead. And all the churches shall know that I am he who searches mind and heart(even by infanticide and other murders!)...



  So, one cannot say that Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") only hates the crimes of the Nicolaitans and not themselves. He does not only hate the Nicolaitans but also wants to murder them as later the homo scelestus mass-murdered the heretics. There is no more hatred but murder!   At first, we explicitly want to record that we are quoting from the Christian foul mouths “Holy Writ”.  However, those truths are disastrous for the Christian foul mouths’ masking and disguising themselves by perfidy. Finally, that is why the Christians juggle hatred as "love".


This homo scelestus (homo = human, scelestus = criminal), this role model of dastard behind his mask, i.e. perfidy, is that what most of his henchmen and henchwomen are: coward, sneaky and insidiously damp squib or miscarriage of nature camouflaging and hiding his inferiority by pretending superiority (even to "love" the enemy), he does not have.  He is of the same ilk as those bastards n' dastards addressing and worshiping this stealthy murderer as their "god"...! One never knows how Satan's Christ very, very "good tenets" always become vitiated by the dastardly nature of his and his henchmen and henchwomen...! Once more, we want to scrutinize the homo scelestus' perfidy of gushy "love":


Mt 5:44 NRSV
44 ... Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,

Lu 6:27 NRSV
... Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,

Lu 6:35 NRSV
35 But love your enemies, do good,



Here, the homo scelestus -- lifted, addressed and worshiped as "god" by Christian dastards -- by his mask pretends to "love" his enemies. In truth, this spiteful little devil and miscarriage of nature wants to murder his enemies just because they turned out better by nature than he does. That is the motive gathering his henchmen and henchwomen (Christians). This is precisely that what Christians will perpetrate and ever perpetrated where and when they had the political power to establish their hell on Earth.

Behind the mask of "love" of the homo scelestus, there is hatred, vindictiveness and lust for power putting up with murder.

Where there is carcass, there are the vultures (see: Mt 24:28). Where there are coward, sneaky, perfidious and insidious criminality, there are the Christian bastards n' dastards (thieves' cant: "martyrs of love towards enemies")...!

Oh yeah, the homo scelestus taught "love" towards one's enemies. However, this pretty bluff always is "vitiated" by the perfidy lurking behind the dastards' mask craving for lust for power and even putting up with mass-murder. The mask pretends love of one's enemies, the hidden grimace does not only year for lust for power but is ready to libel, slander, jail and kill those who do not bow to those creeps, crooks and brutes. The Christians only hate their conspecifics bottomless, if the latter turn out better by nature than they do. By caring for the disabled, i.e. for those who are inferior to the Christians, the cripples of soul (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31), i.e.



·        first want to enjoy the feeling of power and strength over the physical cripples they believe to be inferior to them.

·        Secondly,   the cripples of souls (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31), i.e. Christians, want divert attention from this unscrupulous hatred, revenge and bottomless criminality! 

·        Thirdly,  the cripples of souls (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31) kid themselves that by laying hand on the physical cripples the moral cripples  so-to-speak can eat moral traits hardly somebody is lacking more than the Christians.

·        Fourthly, the cripples of souls (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31) are used to fooling themselves that humanity of a society purportedly is to realize how it deals with the disabled.  Exactly those cripples of soul (Christians) produce evidence of the contrary. 


Criminality of a society is to realize if social progress only is to achieve against those to set "moral standards" of the concerned society, i.e. if those person enabling social progress are slandered, outlawed, jailed or even killed. To the author of this treatise no progress regarding human rights is known that was not to achieve against Christian foul mouth and foul play.    Hereby sufficiently, Christian societies sufficiently turn out as ones of the homo scelestus.  In Christian countries, there is no social progress without resistance, if not warfare by the just described cripples of soul (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5, 31). It is a matter of course, that the self-deceivers and dastards suffering with megalomania fool themselves something else! In that case, those who want to pose as the "first ones" by all foul mouth and foul play would have to admit that others are the first and that means to give up criminality for which Christianity is designed. 


German desperado Martin L. evenly would perjure that the just quoted Christ's intent of murder was fabricated by the pope and Catholic sect and not by the instigator of planet Earth's most organized crime.  Again, we can state that one does not know to what Christian terrorists are ready and capable... Finally, the even are capable to feign lust for murder as "love" (of their enemies).   There is no abomination from which Christians would shrink and to what their top dastard (thieves' cant: "savior") did not encourage them!  Emulating the way how this top dastards dealt with his rivals, i.e. the Nicolaitans, they massacred about 300 million human beings, although the most time of this crime's existence the globe had not 300 million inhabitants. Those criminals suffer with lust for power by stopping at nothing to get their conspecifics to kiss the ring of theirs.  So, do not always blame the Christians that they always say: Lord, Lord and that they do not do what he orders them to perpetrate...!


Now, let us take to heart the following saying from the „holy scripture“(„New Testament“) of this worst murderers’ organization with a murderer and death penalty convict (Jesus "Christ“) as „god“: 



1 Jo 3:15 (NKJV)
you know that no murderer has eternal life abiding in him.


Consequently, if an Anointed one (Hebrew: Messiah, Greek: Christos) already because he is a murderer (on top of everything, one of little children because otherwise this dastard comes off „second best“) has no eternal life abiding in him, this Christ only can be the Christ (Anointed one) of Satan but never one of god.  Thus, his chosen ones only can be the Christians of Satan but never those ones of god. Does it contradict that such a Christ (of Satan) gave birth to the most abominable felons and murderers’ organization that ever existed on our planet? Research history of humankind of the last two millennia if there is another felons and murderers’ organization like this (Christian) sect!  One already can be keen to see what the result such historical research will turn out…!   


In this context, we refrain from arguing the aspects, how the homo scelestus allegedly already having ascended and thus residing in heaven:



Firstly, can keep in touch with Jezebel, prophetess of a rivaling sect,

secondly, is able to throw on her bed and

thirdly, on top of everything can murder her innocent children while his perfidious schmucks say him to reside in heaven… 


  We cannot argue all the hundreds of lies the homo scelestus comes out with just one phrase…

  The „god“ of the Christian foul mouths, Jesus, Satan’s, pardon, „god’s“ Christ, is not only a children’s abuser – as most of his infamous schmucks of Christian rogues with frocks are -- but even a children’s murderer, indeed a serial killer of children.


  Oh yes, and this joker, this “Lord” and “god”,  hypocrite or Satan’s catamite or this INRI (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Interfectorum, that means: Jesus of Nazareth, king of the murderers!) puked this question to ignoramuses  knowing  nothing about his intentions of murdering even the relatives of rivals, in particular their little children: 


Joh 8:46  RSV

Which of you convicts me of sin?


  Homo scelestus do no make me laugh…! Oh yes, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves’ cant: Jesus "Christ" ), those depraved morons -- you gather in order to become addressed and worshiped as god -- are unable and unwilling to convict you, but we are. Christian gangster boss, did you ever hear something of god’s Ten Commandments? Really? Then, watch:


Ex 20:13 RSV

13 "You shall not kill.”


   However,   Jesus "Christ“, you’re completely right that this commandment is not to apply to a murderers’ sect boss – a sect that already murdered 300  millions  of human beings, i.e. murderers that were never outdone before and later.  


 Satan’s Catamite (thieves’ cant:  Jesus "Christ") – the murderer that is faking being without sin… However, that is what he is coaching and that for what is Christendo(o)m:  Being criminals and murderers   while faking to be “without sins” or and revered as “reverend”, “holy fathers”, “martyrs” etc. This is the homo scelestus most success (by perfidy).  However, do not for get that the homo scelestus is not only a bastard but also a dastard. Since he knows that he hardly can get anything by fail play, he resort to perfidy, to trap, ambush and fetter the victims before he plunders, jails or kills them:



Matthew 5:39 RSV

39 .... But if any one strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also



   And this killer of little children, this sneaky coach of foul mouth and foul play,  all of a sudden fake the humble one, if the enemy is stronger that little children, before this coward wimp and dastard is going to be lost upon  a stronger one.


·         Who says that the homo scelestus refrains from perfidy…?

·         Who says that perfidy does not belong with the attempt at the perfect crime, i.e. Christian criminality?


Ben-Pandera, do not make me laugh! Isn’t he funny, isn’t he? Sometimes, even felons are jokers…!


  If Jesus and the Christians are stronger than their enemies are or if they made them successfully made them defenseless according to Mt 9:22 and Mr 2:27 (by smarming their way into their prey’s confidence), they jail, torment, torture and kill them. It is not question of right and belief but if the homo scelestus (“Christ” and his Christians) can perpetrate that with impunity.  Then they do not need and will not fake “the innocent lamb” of Satan, the Christians address and worship as “god”…! However, if the homo scelestus, i.e. criminal type of human (“Christ” and the Christians) they are weaker, then those hypocrites are used to feigning the “humble” and “modest” one… Where their strength does not suffice, lies and deceits have to achieve the goals.

Christianity means lies and deceits, at every turn!

The homo scelestus (Ben-Pandera, thieves’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) is the best coach for (Christian) beasts n' priests!  Obviously, that was the first thing the Christian felons’ coach, Jesus "Christ" , taught his Christian fellow desperadoes lying and deceiving without blushing…


  According to this felons’ coach,   who “opposes and exalts himself above every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, declaring himself to be God” (2Th 2:4) murdering of several children is no sin… Ah, ah, ah – that “god” is Satan as well as a joker… What honest one really doubts that the homo scelestus and his henchmen and henchwomen (Christians) address and worship Satan as “god”?  The homo scelestus does not less confuse the notion of sin than those ones of “love” and “charity”. 


  Whoever can dispute that Christian sect of perfidy is holy, on condition that even murdering innocent little children of a rival should be no sin... Finally, “Christ is the end of the law” (Ro 10:4). If there is no law, for instance, prohibiting murder on children, who can blame and punish Christ and the Christians…?  The homo scelestus completely is innocent... Still any doubts that the world is taken in by organized crimes that is past comprehension….


  The Christian foul mouths are able to sham the “moral” ones because no honest citizen is able to imagine that this insidiousness ever could be accomplished what those Christian felons embody and really perpetrate…


   By the way, this is an evidence of the Christian foul mouths’ “god’s” word  that Jesus in the beginning, i.e. as long as he officially   or secretly was living, ordered himself the crimes and murders of this sect – and so presumably setting Rome to fire in the year 64.  Ruthless and depraved Christian foul mouths put this blame of Jesus to the Roman emperor … Do not make me laugh; an emperor will burn down the capital of his own…! A Christian “miracle” that again happened just in time…! Don’t make me laugh…!

 A hoodlum that even kills the young innocent children of a rival, only because they children of a competitor, even can be thought capable of setting Rome to  fire, however not Roman emperor Nero, who never assaulted little children like Jesus "Christ" or Peter. [vii] And a gangster having the presumption to fake a “resurrection” by gulling a stuntman into dying and thus leading the whole world up the garden path, indeed really  is able to work “all power, signs, lying wonders, and every kind of wicked deception” (2Th 2:9-10)  and perpetrate the most heinous felonies, outrages  and abomination, which  are past comprehension!  By a psychological projection Shaul Paul describes the homo scelestus, the criminal man (thieves’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) and his henchmen.


This, in view of the fact that not emperor Nero but this felon and felons’ coach, i.e. Jesus "Christ" openly declared firstly to set fire to the whole world and secondly that he could not wait for the planet’s burning down:


Lu 12:49 RSV

49 "I came to cast fire upon the earth; and would that it were already kindled!

„Jesus said, 'I have cast fire upon the world, and see, I am guarding it until it blazes.'"[viii]


Does not Shaul Paul “divulge” “divine revelation” to us that the “man of sin” (2Th 2:3 NKJV) or the “son of perdition” (ibidem) is “destined for destruction” (2Th 2:3 NRSV)…? So, do not always call him to be a liar and deceiver…!  

My goodness, what a “meekness”, oh yes, what a “peaceful” felon!  What is this spiteful little devil yearning for Rome’s blasting in flames…! That was the most barbaric, atrocious and abominable terror this planet ever experienced.


Why not this, if murdering several innocent children? Somebody that orders or even commits murders on innocent little children is used to stopping at nothing and is able to set whole Rome to fire. Jesus only could murder little children because he was as tall as a dwarf. [ix] Trying to assault or even murder others, he only has the chance of getting the worst of it, with the result being “martyred” by the assaulted ones…


Steadily assaulting still weaker ones became a common Christian insidiousness, respectively furtive behavior, modeled by Satan or his Anointed One (Hebrew: Messiah, Greek: Christos)! You can watch this daily. That is why they are besotted with dealing with disable and the sick…


The one that is feigning: “Love you enemies“ or „do good to those that hate you“, this hypocrite, juggler of deception, religious rogue, death penalty convict -- the Christian foul mouths worship as their god -- is setting his insidious schmucks against rivaling deceivers and murdered himself several children.


This is the mask of Christian perfidy:


Lu 6:27 RSV

27 ¶ "But I say to you that hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you,


This is the Christians’ grimace hidden behind the mask (perfidy) of “love”:


Lu 19:27 NRSV

27  But as for these enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them—bring them here and slaughter them in my presence.’"



This feigns someone that even wants to murder the children of a rival … The “Lord“ and the “god” Hypocrite of all hypocrites!  Instead of „loving the enemy“ the irascible one throws Jezebel on her bed and murders her followers...  My word, what a paragon of perfidy, i.e. of “humbleness” and “peacefulness”…!   What does this spiteful little devil wants to do with Jezebel when lying above her in her or his bed…? 


The answer: No sex but murder! That religious rogue  without frock feigns „god“, of „love“, even that one  of one’s enemy and all sort of other strange „loves“ those insane and felonious Christian brains can contrive. Instead of loving Jezebel all over and 24 hours the day since she is his enemy, the homo scelestus (Jesus “Christ” or Satan’s Catamite)  wants to slaughter the prophetess’ children...  Let us recall that he only said that one should love one’s enemies but not the children of one’s enemies. So, do not always find fault with him for lying and deceiving…!


My goodness, what a “pro-life-sect”! And his depraved infamous schmucks, those creeps, crooks n’ brutes from the cesspool are used to faking that he even was unable to hurt a fly...! This slaughterer, this murder, who deserved maximum penalty, was craftily blathering: 


Mt 5:9 RSV

9  "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.


We do not want to argue that according to Christian doctrines there only is one “son of god”.  We cannot point out all of the innumerable lies of the homo scelestus! Deceivers always simultaneously are the reverse of themselves.  They always consist of two personages: The one they really are and the other one they want to be and are pretending. Because without faking to be sincere and honest – moral traits he is lacking – no deceiver succeeds and a religious one, not at all!  Does one still need evidence that he is no “son of god”, if he drivels that all peaceful ones were „son of god“.  Is a serial killer peaceful? Is a serial killer without sin…?


He, homo scelestus and murderer is without sin and the sect of perfidy he instigated full of skeletons in its closet is “saint”. That is “His “Holiness”, Satan, Jesus or the pope…! How can you, Christian foul mouths, fob of a serial killer off as without sin or as “god” on your prey without blushing? That is what a Christian schmuck of priest at first is trained: Blatantly Lying without blushing! That’s the “love” of felons’ coach Jesus "Christ“: mass-murders!


·        Homicide, yes-even murder of innocent members of the family of a competitor! This is the “love” of the homo scelestus!  That is the well known „pro-life religion": Serial killers (Jesus and Peter [x]) as founders and “moral” trendsetters…  Jesus “god” of the gangsters’ “love” sect even kills innocent members of a family because he inveterately hates the mother of them! 


·        That is the „Pro-Life-Religion“ and their fight against right-to-die because its „god“ Jesus Satan’s, pardon, “god’s” son wants cruel and infamous murder…  Christian foul mouths’ called the murder and mass-murder on their rivals and competitors an act of “social perfection”… That is no social perfection but destruction of human’s social existence and on top of everything perfection of perfidy!


   ‘The homo scelestus suffered, if at all and not by a stuntman, innocently on the cross?
Do not make me laugh…!  Whoever can believe a serial killer among serial killers that he was “innocent”? Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (thieves’ name:   Jesus "Christ")  is not only the king of the utmost and most abominable murderers in human history but himself a paragon of murder…
 More over he is a role model of perfidy!


  This deceitful spiteful little devil fakes the “innocently” murdered one in order to camouflage his murders, his barbarities and atrocities, so that the victims get inattentive, trusting and thus become trapped. In the USA, it is sufficient having murdered one child to become sentenced to the death.


A Christian perhaps might object that Jesus only announces his murders but it is not reported that he indeed accomplished the serial killings.


   You weak-minded, perfidious and insidious Christians, does not your “god” Jesus "Christ" keep his words, his promises? Who does not trust in Jesus’ words -- the Christian foul mouths or the non-Christians? So, if he announces murdering on little children, why do not you trust in his words that he really will commit the murders?


    If you Christian do not trust in his promises (of murders) here, how can you trust that the homo scelestus keeps his promises about all other atrocities, barbarities, inhumanities and abominations he promises pertaining to “doomsday”, “heaven”, “hell” and “heavenly rewards” etc.


   Honest ones never believe in liars or lying “gods”… A lying „god“ is Satan (or Jesus "Christ“) or just a deceiver, religious rogue, gangster, religious Mafioso etc.!


   That means that everything he contrived to happen when one is dead, he never believed and will never happen after one’s dying.   However, “hell”, “furnace of fire”, caldron of hot oil etc. are good specter, bugbear and psycho-terror for frightening others in order to enslave them and make them subservient to oneself…


    That is what Christian foul mouth and foul play about! By the way, only a very, very insane brain of a serial murderer could contrive that eternal “weeping and gnashing of the teeth”, that malicious serial killer of little children wishes to all that do not knuckle under to that felon and lawfully sentenced death penalty convict:


Mt 13:42  RSV

42 and throw them into the furnace of fire; there men will weep and gnash their teeth.

Mt 13: 50  RSV

and throw them into the furnace of fire; there men will weep and gnash their teeth.


 Does not Shaul Paul say correctly that the homo scelestus (“man of sin”, “son of perdition”) is destined for destruction (2Th 2:3 NRSV)?

  Oh my goodness, I already get the willies that not the serial killer of little innocent children but I will be thrown “into the furnace of fire” the homo scelestus and all his henchmen deserve… In addition, there are still enough Christian jugglers palming that creep of murderer off as “humankind’s first humanist”, not only at carnival time …


  Why should he commit homicides on children if that prophet of “meekness“, “peacefulness” and “humbleness” had swords?


Lu 22:38 RSV

38  And they said, "Look, Lord, here are two swords." And he said to them, "It is enough."



    He is not outraged at his disciples’ acquisition of two swords. It is a matter of course for him. He does not give them a good dressing down for instance, he does not tell them what barbarians, what terrorists, and what felons of violence they turned out by acquiring swords! He does not mind! That is why the intent of murdering Jezebel’s children comes into his mind and passes his lips as a matter of course. 


   Swords belonged with gangsters, desperadoes and terrorists like pistols, machine-gun or dynamite to those of today. This does not contradict his perfidy of “love” but belongs with the homo scelestus, i.e. with "the sick needing a physician" (Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31).


   He just says that two swords are enough but he and all the others conceal for what purpose two swords are sufficient. Moreover, you creepy weak-minded, hypocritical and false Christian, please tell us for what purpose are swords? For breakfast, lunch and dinner or for killing human beings?


   Therefore, it was no problem for the “prophet“ of “peacefulness”, of “loving the enemies”, of “humbleness”, i. e. for the prophet of perfidy, to slaughter Jezebel’s followers… All conditions for that felony do exist: Those of weapons and those of Jesus’ mind! Although the homo scelestus pretends keeping all authorities in heaven and on Earth (see: Mt 28:18), he has not the power to convince them that they are doing wrong…


No, here the “man of sin” or “son of perdition” (2Th 2:3),  i. e. the homo scelestus, does not say:


Mt 26:52  RSV

52 Then Jesus said to him, "Put your sword back into its place; for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.



    Why does he say so while being apprehended and why does not he say so when apprehending others? By the latter quoted utterance, the perfidious and bad loser wants to pretend superiority when turning out inferior to his enemy.     Each deceiver ties himself up in contradictions. If he sincerely opposed violence -- and not only by perfidy -- crimes, would felonies etc. there never have been any swords among those shamming “Saints of the Latter Days”… 


   If he sincerely had opposed violence, slaughters, murders etc. he would have reprimanded his fellows already when the swords were detected but not when the prospect was coming off „second best“ by the swords.


    If there ever had been ones, he already would have given his disciples a good dressing down while dining the last meal before execution: What immoral riffraff, gangster, zealots (terrorists) they all of a sudden have become by acquiring swords, because “…for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.” Who is able to outdo the homo scelestus’ perfidy?


    What is the difference between a liar and deceiver, on the one hand and an honest individual, on the other? The liar always has two views, one of his mask and the other of his grimace hidden behind the mask. That is why one always can find the one and its contrary in the Christians’ “inerrant”, “absolutely true” and “holy” scriptures of perfidy (thieves’ cant: faith)…!  


    Therefore, very, very typical of Christian perfidy, he opposes violence only if he and his perfidious schmucks have the prospect of becoming second “winner”… 


When getting defeated or are defeated,  this spiteful little devil of Christian foul mouths wallowing in the cesspool, hey presto, are used to recall “morals” in order to change their defeat to a “victory” by faking moral terms and attitudes nobody but they transgresses more. . It only is about victory and nothing else to those depraved hypocrites, liars, deceivers and brutes suffering with their scrupulous lust for power… 



Is not it understandable that the anti-Christ gives that crafty and malicious deceiver and his sect of infamy the willies, already from the hour zero, isn’t it?


What is the difference between killing the innocent children of Jezebel and threatening other decent and honest people with eternal fire, just because they do not acknowledge a felon and murderer as their “god”?


Mr 16:16 RSV

16 He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned.



    That is one of the most important credos of the homo scelestus. Everything  is about is that he is addressed and worship as god and his henchmen can rule their fellow human beings by pretending to be ordered by “god” to do so. That is the way, in which this business in exchange works. Mr 16::16 is the reason for his murder on the children of Jezebel, i. e. ruthless and unscrupulous lust for power. (If Jesus made a stuntman enduring death penalty in place of him on the cross - presumably by hypnosis what the Jewish reports seem to indicate to me --that is another murder of him worth punishing maximum penalty! In the USA of today, he would be sentenced to the death for that lethal fake. How else a sorcerer ever could conjure a resurrection?).


    That is like each creep, crook n’ brute is used to behaving: If those perfidious bastards and dastards are unable to perpetrate their revenge they do not refrain from it but let run free their fantasy. In addition, this fantasy the homo scelestus calls “hell”.  However, everything of  that, what they want somebody to happen in hell they immediately want to inflict on them, right now, provided that they have the power to do it.   That is why the homo scelestus and the organized crime he instigated menace humanity and human right.  

Wherever there is carcass, there are the vultures and wherever there is perfidy and foul play, there are the Christians…  




   The one that is fancying cruelties, atrocities, barbarities and abomination as to happen to his adversaries or enemies in hell, is always ready to perpetrate all those cruelties, atrocities, barbarities, inhumanities and abominations to his adversaries or enemies, right now and on the spot, provided he has the power to commit them.


    Christian Middle Ages are the heaven for the homo scelestus and the hell for humankind.

     Wherever there is carcass, there are the vultures and wherever there is hell, there are the Christians!

   Jesus himself demonstrated this transition  (turning) from fantasy (hell) to reality (murder) by his trashing in the Jerusalem Temple or by declaration of intend to slaughter Jezebel’s innocent little children. Even the New Testament of the homo scelestus expresses no doubt that that the intent of slaughtering the little children the homo scelestus will perpetrate.


   Precisely those are the reasons for all those innumerable Christian bestialities and abominations that are past description.


   Tell me the hell of somebody and I predict you what will happen, if that one will become politically powerful.


   Once more: Palming a serial killer of little children off as “innocent lamb of god on the cross suffering for the sins of the Christians” that is the joke of human history! That is the “god” of the homo scelestus Christianusque (of the felonious and Christian human beings).


   That is why the author of this treatise contests that those parts of the globe where there are Christians in a large scale are inhabited by the homo sapiens.  Those parts are inhibited by the homo scelestus as long as those perfidious criminals are “upholder of moral standards” of those countries or societies.



Whoever can doubt that ancient Greek were right when predicting that Satan (Hades) and his brother (Jesus’ brother James?) will conquer one third of the universe?  Are we still so far from that?


A serial killer of little children -- and his perfidious schmucks are fobbing this lawfully sentenced  death penalty convict off as “vicarious atonement” for the sins of the Christians but not for the slaughters, murders and abominations of his own…!  That is the nasty trick those felons and the scum of the Earth played on humankind and if something else, then it is the joke of humankind!



  Already by the explicitly expressed intent of murder – independently from the question, if the homo scelestus (Jesus "Christ" ) keeps his promise  or not  -- Christians’ dummy of “god” (Jesus) lost his mask by which is used to camouflaging his perfidy.  In contrast with his henchmen’s views it does not contradict that he often feigns to “love” his enemies, because perfidy neither contradicts crime not the mind of the home scelestus.  “Loving” one’s enemies already is perfidy, in principle. That what one loves, no honest one regards as his enemies and one’s enemies no sincere one loves. Already this phrase turns out perfidy!


   Even if he did not succeed in executing his intent of murder on Jezebel’s children, what only is a sheer hypothetical consideration because there is nothing to realize what impeded him to do it – the serial murder fully is debunked.  Finally, that is what we promise by this treatise: Debunking Jesus "Christ" and we keep our promise.


·        However, could Jesus tolerate a serial killer, like for instance, Peter  [xi] next to himself, if he was not himself a murderer? 

·        Could he ever tolerate several terrorists next to himself, if he was not himself a terrorist?  (At least Peter and Judas Iscariot came from the terrorists’ gang of the Zealots).[xii]


  It is very despicable and perfidious but very, very typical of Christian that both felons that were executed on a cross along with Jesus or his stuntman are branded as felons (literally: lestai) in the Christian chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels"). 


  Lestai (literally: bandits) is another naming for murderers and terrorists of the Zealots – from the gang of the Zealots the members of Jesus’ gang, at least partly stem.  [xiii]   Thus, the Christian foul mouths’ “god’s word” indirectly condemns Christian sect as that what we do:  An organized crime of terror on humankind!


 ! Roman Governor Pilate precisely realized the correct context of Christian sect of insidiousness by executing the homo scelestus, respectively his stuntman, along with Zealots.


Here, already the homo scelestus perpetrates the lunacy of later Christian foul play: cruelties, barbarities and even mass-murder are no immoral things according to the homo scelestus and his foul henchmen but sexuality.


Mt 5:28  RSV

28  But I say to you that every one who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.



   There is even honor among thieves and so among the homines scelesti.  Since they do not refrain from foul mouth and even utmost foul play, the sect of perfidiously faking “love” hardly less perfidiously feigns to refrain from love and therefore feels very, very “moral”… Already the homo scelestus modeled it.


   Ah, ah, ah... Is not he funny? What “groovy” standards an unmarried gay one! He had his lays with Lazarus  [xiv] and John  [xv] and otherwise confused masturbation with morals, if it was about others and not about himself.  In what way does hypocrisy, lying and deceiving of his differ from that of quite an ordinary Christian bastard n’ dastard...?


    Here, one further has to think about the prerequisites of the possibility of making up one’s mind to murder others. ! Nothing comes out of the blue.



It does not contradict the “morals” of perfidy, i. e. the honor among thieves: If Christians win, those  foul mouths (of perfidy) denounce their opponents, prosecute, jail, torment, torture and even burn them alive, when loosing they are used to recalling “morals”, “love”, “charity”, “mercy” all over…


   When winning they are used to abolishing human rights, when loosing they are used to demanding all human rights for them, they never are willing to grant them for their adversaries or enemies, provided they are in a superior position.


The homo scelestus has no right to demand freedom as any other Mafiosi has no right to ask for freedom and human rights, in prison!



  When coming off worst, the trinity of the homo scelestus, the sect he instigated and all his henchmen (Christians), hey presto resort to perfidy, i.e. fakes non-violence and poses as  “morals” ones, are past comprehension… Then, they even “love” their enemies, although no sincere one regards those he loves to be his enemies... This debunks how much perfidy is a matter of course of Christians. Then, if the homo scelestus or one of his henchmen  stands up from a chair one has to  look, if they did not leave a piece of “morals” on it… Oh yes, the home scelestus or the Christian   felons’ coach, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera, knows perfidy and is up to all its dodges…!


Therefore, there were all requirements of slaughtering Jezebel’s innocent little children: Those of the arms of perfidy. First, the homo scelestus vows to Jezebel that he “loves” her. All his Christian henchmen are ready to perjure that he “loves” his enemies. Finally, this is written in the chronicle of perfidy (thieves’ cant: “The Gospel of Jesus Christ”).  When Jezebel or her children trust their slaughterer and go to bed in the presence of the homo scelestus, the latter puts off his sheep’s clothing, takes a knife and murders all of them as he made up his mind and as he is “destined for destruction” (2Th 2:3) and murder…

The most dastardly wife can kill the strongest husband when he trusts in her and goes to bed, in the presence of her. While he is sleeping, she can stab him with a knife. Before he gets aware what is going on, he is already dead.  That is the Christian way of murder and “love”, i.e. murder by perfidy. The victims always are lulled into a false sense of security that the Christian spiteful little devils “love” them all over, 24 hours a day and 365 days in the year. In a moment of inattentiveness their (perfidious) lovers fettered and forced to do that what the Christians dastards -- suffering with ruthless and unscrupulous lust for power -- want them to do or they have to die ambush them.  The homo scelestus (thieves’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) himself a role model of dastard knows the chances for dastards by perfidy (thieves’ cant: “glad tidings”) for all his fellow dastards!


·         Those are the criminal dastards or that is Jesus “Christ”, the homo scelestus!

·         That is Christian dastardly “love” (of perfidy)!

·         That is Jesus “Christ”, Satan’s Anointed One (Hebrew: Messiah, Greek: Christos) and catamite as far as there is any difference between both!

·         Those are the Christian dastards and bastards!

·         That is the homo scelestus Christianusque!




Jesus “Christ” is the homo scelestus, the criminal man. He performs a negative selection of the homines scelesti (criminal human beings) among individual (thieves’ cant: “the sick needing a physician”, see: Mt 9.12, Mr 2:17. Lu 5:31). He is a role model of perfidy, since due to their infirmity and inferiority to their conspecifics, Christians as any other dastards are unable to obtain that what they want by fair play. Therefore, they resort to foul mouth (perfidy) and foul play (crimes) to bag that what they do not get by fair play.  Jesus “Christ” coaches this negative selection of dastards – to which he himself belongs --  how smarm into the confidence of one’s prey to ambush, fetter and defeat it, when they are in a moment of inattentiveness.  Even the weakest wife can stab the strongest husband if the latter, for instance, sleeps in the presences of her because he (wrongly) trusted in her.


Christianity is criminality, brutality and terror on humankind and humanity by war faring with a mask of perfidy as weapon.  The mask pretends the contrary of that of the grimace. One can also put it that way that the mask always is destined to crack (thieves’ cant:  to become vitiated) by the hidden grimace.


Faking utmost, mostly completely exaggerated “morals” like, for instance, “charity”, “love”, “love of one’s enemies”, “truths”, “god”, “martyrdom for the truths” etc. does not contradict Christian criminality and brutality,  since perfidy is the most weapon of it. Perfidy means that the concerned one pretends the reverse of that what he really wants to make the targeted victim trusting in him, i.e. his enemy.  Those skills the homo scelestus and his henchmen (Christ and his Christians) refine to the utmost. That is why Christian sect became the most successful organized crime on our planet.

Therefore,  one can take as well  passages of “peacefulness” and “love”  as declarations of fire, sword as well of murder, for instance, open intentions of mass-murder on the followers of rival prophetess Jezebel from the homo scelestus (thieves’ cant: Jesus “Christ”).


 More over, this is why the Middle Ages – the peak of Christian power in which the Christian dastards could perpetrate what they liked – inevitably became hell on Earth. If those dastards have the power, they live their criminality (thieves’ cant:  “the kingdom of heaven”) to the full. As this sect regains power, the Middle Ages will be reestablished.



  The basic technique of all warfare  is perfidy, i. e. faking the reverse of one’s mind and intentions, in particular, to feign all moral matters by each reverse. The homo scelestus (thieves’ cant: Jesus “Christ”) sophisticates these heinous techniques to the utmost when coaching his fellow dastards n’ bastards.

 Because of their perfidy as most weapon of Christian crime, outrage, terror and atrocities:

·        Murderers to pose as “god”, “saints”, “holy fathers”, or at least as “reverends”.

·        Liars, deceivers and brutes pose as “martyrs of the truths”

·        Insidiousness, perfidy, maliciousness, infamy Christians pass off as  “love” of their next and even their enemies

·        Enslaving and brainwashing is feigned as “”salvation of souls” or “spiritual welfare”.

·        Prosecution and even stakes fobbed off as “loving the enemies”…

              The felons, murderers and mass-murderers pass themselves off as “martyrs for the truths”.

·       Lies are fobbed off as truths,

·        Satan palmed off as “god” and

·        the God passed off as “Satan”…


 Where there is carcass, there are the vultures!

Where there are perfidy and criminality, there are the Christians!






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