Chapter: 2, Part: 7, Section: 6, §2

Jesus' Training of Foul Play


The most important psychological Projections of Jesus “Christ" and the Christians 

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6thly:  Jesus Christ’s   psychological projection of Perfidy or "Wolf in a Sheep's clothing" 


Paragraph: 2

 Jesus "Christ" replaces Equity and good Faith by Perfidy



 Destruction of human’s social existence by Jesus “Christ” and Christian Sect


Table of contents


·     Firstly: Jesus “Christ” the preacher of hatred and vengeance hidden by a sheep’s clothing of “love”

·       Secondly: Definitions of the concepts of perfidy

·     Thirdly: Jesus “Christ” and the Christians concerning love and morals like Tasmanian devil animals

·  Fourthly: Self-deception the most abominable and dangerous kind of deception

·        Fifthly: Summary




Firstly: Jesus “Christ” the preacher of hatred and vengeance hidden by a sheep’s clothing of “love”



By Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ", no example  how to live successfully – not to mention a paragon of  blessedness  – is given. In place of that, a failure, a felon, a death penalty convict being sent to  the gallows or  to the cross (both is the same), viz, somewhat trash,  is fobbed off  as "god" for all  avenging furies.  His suffering because of his

·      perfidy,

·      underhandedness,

·      insidiousness and depravity, his

·      misery and

·      wretchedness resulting from depravity and from being consumed with his

·      unquenchable hatred and

·      never ending vindictiveness  (see: Lu 14:26)


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correspondingly becomes canted, lied and deceived as suffering because of others and for others.  Misery becomes more bearable if the concerned deceive themselves to suffer innocently for others but not due to the perfidy, underhandedness, depravity and paltriness of their own. I.e., this only helps the "suffering one" not those from whom he feign to "suffer" ...! Unscrupulous selfishness, to the utmost and  all over! That is one of the “mystery” of Satan’s or the Christians “Christ” suffering. Deception always consists of "mysteries". Otherwise, lies and deceits are apparent!

Anyway, faking one’s person to be „god“ is due to inferiority complexes that are overwhelmingly obsessive and that shall be compensated by this way.


  German  philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762 - 1814) correctly recognized the facts what it is about Christianity when saying:


" ...they (the Christians) fight for their lives, for the finest and deepest root of their  lives, is for the possibility  to endure themselves. All fanaticism and all furious statement of the latter, from the beginning of the world, until today resulted from the principle: if the opponents were right, I would be a wretched individual."[i]


  The possibility of bearing themselves that is was causes Christian fanaticism, Christian deception and self-deception. This further is what makes Christians flocking around the planet’s most abominable felon. Birds of a feather flock together. One also can call Christianity "psychotherapy" of unscrupulousness accompanying  and promoting the felons for perpetrating bestiality -

  • firstly,     how to make the  foul play, in particular, their bestiality unassailable  and

  • secondly,  how to hold out psychically when perpetrating foul play and other abomination beyond belief and past description.

The latter is what philosopher Fichte means when saying that Christians fight for enduring themselves. Whoever has comprehended that, that one evenly conceives why this hangmen's sect even is used to putting  up with murder and all other sorts of  barbarities and is not accessible to reason. 

The worst this Satan’s or the Christians’ “Christ” can imagine is that his  Christian henchmen refuse to take part in Christian crimes as, e.g.,  ordered by Lu 19:27 because of having doubts or consideration … However, the worst of all that ever could happen to Jesus monkey-God and all this perfidious Christians  would be that the henchmen of their own   break down because of feeling a guilty conscience, for instance, when burning a heretic at the stake or stoning him or when   perpetrating any else  Christian perfidy or abomination. Thus, Jesus monkey-Christand his dastards and/or rogues with frocks and without frocks know that conditioning  unscrupulousness by fabricated artificial “truths”, artificial “brotherly love”, artificial “morals” and artificial "conscience" is the key to their success!

Imagine the heart grieves of Satan if his fellow Christians would stop an announced stake because of pricks of conscience …! Incredible! That would cause bankruptcy for Satan, his Anointed One (Greek: Christos) and their (Christian) sect!   As we already pointed out, due to their refined perfidy semantic simulations  Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ, money-Christ and his monkey or money-Christians claim Satan to be “god” and vice versa. 


Life is unbearable to the convinced -- viz, not only preyed and enslaved -- Christians and consequently Christian objectifications   of perfidy  are ready for foul play on  others to make  their lives unbearable as they feel about their own lives. That is how Christian objectifications   of perfidy  really and secretly "love" their next ones, all over. Sexuality, outlawry of illegitimate children and their mothers, banning divorce, arousing fear of death and those bogies of hell, heaven, jailhouse, perishing and murder are selected items to torment and torture those to whom this soulless, paltry, miserable and the wretched (Jesus monkey-God and all this perfidious Christians) cannot hold a candle. Those spiteful little devils (Christians) do not shrink  neither from marriage beds nor from the deathbeds to take revenge for the misery of theirs, viz, that the “wrong ones” have that happiness that are sour grapes to them.


Christian sexual “morals” are a typical case of “honor” (or “morals”) among thieves and rogues in frocks or without frocks. In addition to perfidy, Christian foul players try replacing equity and good faith even by sexual abstinence (chastity). My word, what "love", "morals" and "ethics" ...! Crooks suffer from certainty of indiscipline. Therefore, they lunatically pick out a sphere  in order to deceive themselves that they allegedly have discipline. E.g., objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) bloodily slaughtering each other work out a codex of conduct not to batter women. In view of their general behavior that (rogues') codex appears to be funny, even if nobody can object that women are spared  those brawls or killing. Christian sexual "morals" (chastity) is to judge that way. However, unlike other thieves or rogues, even here Christians are complete flops. That is why one also can call Christian organized crime planet earth’s most organized sexual crime or our planet’s most organized crime of pedophiles.  

We (Christian brutes) are    depraved, sneaky, furtive, cunning and insidious deformities of perfidy and/or underhandedness. However, you opponents of Christianity, lo what utmost "moral" inhibited jerking off wantons we (Christian miscarriages of nature) are ...   Equity  and good faith  as morals of living together we (Christian wankers and  miscarriages of nature) replace  by perfidy, underhandedness, foul play, sexual mutilation, crippling  and masturbation ... In addition, we palm this concoction of our sick brain (see: Lu 5:31) as peak of all morons, pardon, of all "morals"  ...

·         Who wonders that those miscarriages and flops of nature put upside down and downside up?

·         Who really wonders that those deformities praise deformations, mutilations and crippling of individuals as summit of "morals"?

·         Who wonders that even Jesus monkey-and/or money-Christ calls his followers "the sick needing a physician" (see: Lu 5.31)...?



Whoever experienced company with convinced (not only just looted or enslaved) Christians knows that the hardest those perfidious and/or underhanded ones  with a sheep’s clothing of “love” can endure is others’ happiness.


  Jesus monkey-God and his monkey- and money-Christians are the absolute evil, viz, wickedness at all, even at all costs. Jesus monkey-Christ -- posing as monkey-god among his foul players -- knows this very well, too. He  hopes to destroy not only humanity but also humankind, forever.  


“ … for Jesus came to crucify the world.”[ii]


Especially, it is about taking revenge for one's alleged or real inferiority on those that in views of those the perfidious are preferred by nature. That the devil of revenge was going to suffer that what he wanted to inflict on others, is a case of a biter bite that does not happen seldom and each Mafioso must reckon.  Each gangster must be ready to murder for his gang as to become murdered and therefore running the risk of being "martyred" -- as Christians are used to calling it. That is the average risk of  gangsters' job and that one of foul players of vengeance, anyway:


Lu 21:22 NRSV

22  ... for these are days of vengeance ...!


Re 18:7-8 NRSV

7 As she (the whore of Babylon as symbolization of rich nature) glorified herself and lived luxuriously, so give her a like measure of torment and grief.

8 therefore her plagues will come in a single day—pestilence and mourning and famine—and she will be burned with fire ...


 Mt 24: 51  NRSV

" ... weeping and gnashing of teeth."


Mt 24:15 NKJV

… abomination of desolation ..."



·         That is what Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ the accursed one of god (see: De 21:23) and  his money-Christians want.

·         That is what his henchmen (mon<k>ey-Christians) want to inflict on those they hate, Christian jargon: "love", and that is what they hide behind their sheep's clothing!


Those walking toilets  (mon<k>ey-Christians) project hatred and vengeance of theirs on the world, so-to-speak as fate of the world. Hatred, hatred, hatred and revenge, revenge and revenge on those that turn out better by nature and only because they turn out better by nature! Considering that Jesus monkey-God admits to the Pharisees -- not to his followers -- that such a "kingdom of god" never will come (see: Lu 17:20f) perfidy, depravity and wretchedness of his  is debunked, all the more

More over, one has to take into account that Christians anyway call Satan and his son "god", respectively, "god's son" and god they mostly call "Satan" ...  Those are the mysteries of Satan's sect kept very, very secret by his mon<k>ey-Christians

This is the fire this firebug, spiteful little devil and mon(k)ey-Christ will set to the word, i.e., his insatiable hatred and unquenchable vengeance and all hidden behind his sheep's clothing of "love" (to one's next and even enemies)  and "forgiveness":



Lu 12:49 NRSV

<="" span="">  49 "I (mon(k)ey-Christ in a sheep's clothing) came to bring fire to the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!



<="" span=""> ·     That is  the bedlam's or Christians' "martyrdom"!

Oh well – and when Rome was burning, everybody was to blame for this most terror attack in history of humankind but these mon(k)ey-Christian firebugs ...! Remember this: he -- the accursed one of god (see: De 21:23)  --  desires first to be addressed and worshiped as "god's son", secondly as little innocent one  and thirdly   as "martyr" ...! Those are the little the "innocent" and "martyrs" of perfidy, respectively, underhandedness! That is what this spiteful little devil behind  his sheep's clothing of "god" and "martyrdom" wants: Under an aureole of "god", as "innocent lamb of god" and "martyr" mon(k)ey-Christ wants to set fire to the whole world. He and his fellow Christian objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy  even would burn down our entire galaxy, if they could do so, only because of others' happiness they do not have  and ar<="" span="" lang="EN-US">e grudging ...

As pointed out in the preceding part, the deceiver always tries pretending the opposite of that he really is up (to mischief).

<="" span="">  Sufficiently, the last mentioned quotations of Lu 19:27; Lu 12:49 and 2Th 1:8 provide evidence that the foul play, in particular, the crimes, murders, mass-murders, atrocities, barbarities and other sorts of abomination the most organized crime of our planet (Christian sect) perpetrates are due to the Christians' perfidy of mind and traits of depravity. They are no accidents or "weakness of the flesh", since they are already programmed in that what those bastards n' dastards or creeps n' crooks underhandedly pass  as "god's word" off. Fabrications of alleged "accidents" and "weakness of the flesh" and other kinds of "apologies" only shall cant, adjust,  renew and maintain the sheep's clothing of this hangmen's sect and  moral scum of the Earth. Everything these skunks n' monks, sods n' hogs or slobs n' flops (of nature) puke that way means repairing, renewing, respectively, maintaining their sheep's clothing!  

<="" span="">  Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ is able to take revenge because obviously in each generation of individuals he steadily finds enough spiteful little devils and  brutes full of hatred and vindictiveness looking for a sheep's clothing first to give their vengeance its  flings and secondly to lead the victims of their hatred up the garden path: each abomination only was "brotherly love", "enemy love" and "spiritual welfare" etc. In addition, if they have not died in the mean time, they still keep on blathering and believing that ...

<="" span="" lang="EN-US">What matters is that the moral scum of the earth can keep its rotten teeth (its wolf's and/or brute's mind) while getting rid of its tooth ages (conscience of being the moral scum of the earth) by  artificial "morals", artificial<="" span="" lang="EN-US"> <="" span="" lang="EN-US">"love", artificial "truths",  an artificial "god", an artificial "god's son", artificial <="" span=""> "martyrdom",  bogus beyond belief!

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Lu 12:51 NRSV

<="" span=""> 51 Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I tell you, but rather division!

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> That is what Satan and his only begotten son, viz, mon(k)ey-Christ, think about "peacefulness" and "humbleness" (behind their sheep's clothing)! Deception is hardly to enjoy if in the end the victims take seriously all the traps the deceiver has set for them. However, deceits are never ending  pleasure if one can rub the morons' face in the tricks how they are hoodwinked. Finally, deception serves the purpose to reverse superiority and inferiority by perfidy (underhandedness, foul play) the deceiver cannot achieve by fair play. Consequently, the deceiver wants to claim superiority, viz, having achieved his goal. That is why such   deceivers -- unlike little shoplifters, pickpockets and muggers -   mostly betray themselves.

<="" span=""> Oh well, however could a vindictive brute conceal taking revenge for its (and its accomplices') concealed misery, anyway if it once has put off its sheep's clothing? 

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> “Loving” his next ones, in Christian jargon means hating his next ones and the whole world. Not self-love but self-hatred is the commandment and elixir of lives of the accursed of god (see: De 21:23), viz, of the scum of all creatures.    

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Lu 14:26 NKJV
26 "If anyone comes to me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.

<="" span=""> ·     That is the “love” by which Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ full of spite “loves” his fellow human beings …!<="" span="">

<="" span=""> ·     That is the sort of "humbleness" what this brute or wolf in a sheep’s clothing wants. The rest he is used to nurse his sheep’s clothing or caring for the latter. <="" span="">

 As said in the preceding paragraph, deceivers always are used to feigning the reverse of that they  really and secretly  are up to perpetrate.

If somebody shall “love” his neighbor like he “loves” himself but the concerned one hates himself, then this “commandment” orders everybody to hate his neighbor as he hates himself. Undoubtedly, that is what mon(k)ey-Christians have been doing as long as they have been existing! <="" span="">

<="" span=""> Therefore,  the bedlam happens that according to mon(k)ey-Christ everybody should hate its father and mother or its children (see: Lu 14:26) but shall "love" its enemies (Mt 5:44). The fist is the true face of the brute or wolf, the latter its sheep’s clothing by which it hides itself.

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Comparing  Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus “Christ”)  and his fellow mon(k)ey-Christian foul players with brutes or wolves may be an insult for those animals, since the latter  even love their offspring, Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ and all his fellow mon(k)ey-Christians do not. Consequently, those animals at least have that level of love, Christian desperados with a sheep’s clothing of “love” even are lacking …  

<="" span=""> Those are the ploys of the accursed of god (see: De 21:23), viz, of mon(k)ey-Christ and his mon(k)ey henchmen (Christians). They do not only want to conquer the world but also want to destroy it.

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> The faking “love” sect disguised in a sheep’s clothing of “love” does not only want to take revenge and  perpetrate foul play of hatred and vengeance on everybody to whom its henchmen cannot hold a candle. Those bastards n’ dastards, those slobs n’ flop of nature, those underhand foul players from the very outset and in principle even want to destroy  love between wife and husband, children and parents etc.

<="" span=""> This sect of foul players’ “love” does not have love even the wolves, swine and brutes have. That abominable scum of all creatures fools itself being above their fellow human beings. In truth, concerning love they even are below the rats in the sewers …!

<="" span=""> ·     This is mon(k)ey-Christ's conditioning of underhand hatred and revenge camouflaged in a sheep’s clothing.

<="" span=""> ·     That is the foul play, Christian jargon: "love") he and his Christian bastards n’ dastards want to introduce!

<="" span=""> In particular, pertaining to love, Christianity is downfall of human beings below the level of most mammals and marsupials, since those animals usually love their offspring Christian schmucks, mugs n’ thug do not according to mon(k)ey „Christ“. Christian foul players blather about an „immortality of soul“. In truth, only beings similar to the hominids on two legs can preach  that abominable hatred Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ and his mon(k)ey-Christians do. Whoever tries destroying love of parents to their children is no human being but somewhat of an organized soulless composition of meat, blood and bones on two legs, viz, biological robot …

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Is Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ's and his mon(k)ey-Christians' offer not “enticing” …?

<="" span="">  

Christians even disdain animals since not most animals but Christians are soulless scum of creation. This means that Christians on an average are even inferior to higher developed animals, on an average. That is another reason for those monsters of hatred and vengeance (Christian objectifications   of perfidy ) even to torment animals...


<="" span="">  


<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Secondly: Definition of the concept of perfidy

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Here, we briefly should explain the notion of perfidy. This term – and not “love” or “god” -- is the gist of Jesus „Christ“ and the organized crime he instigated: Christianity, which is disguised as religion. Perfidy  is the “soul” Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka Jesus “Christ”) and Christian organized crime is breathing. It  is the hard core of Jesus “Christ’s” training of foul play.

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> In Latin, fides means faith, confidence, trust, equity and reliance. Perfidia in Latin means the contrary of that, e.g., faithlessness, unfaithfulness, underhandedness, deceitfulness, dishonesty, disloyalty. Here, one already can see how the mon(k)ey-Christians are used to putting upside down and downside up. Christian faith (Latin: fides) is perfidy (Latin: perfidia). Perfidy destroys trust, confidence and reliance among individuals. This means that perfidy annihilates the basis of equity and good faith not only but, in particular, human beings must have when existing socially. This means further that mon(k)ey-Christians make their business, benefit and money by destroying human’s social existence! We are going to prove that there is no more abomination than this!

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> If one hears the Christians ranting, one gets the impression that those poor sods fancy to be fantastically sociable when performing dialogues to others, the lowest and least level of positive social communication … those poor perishers are very conceited about ...

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> However, back to the notion of perfidy: E.g., the one that enters a bus must rely on the bus driver that he will try driving the bus corresponding the schedule, not to another location as announced. Those who enter the bus must be confident that they will not be directed to gangsters in order to be robbed. The passengers must trust in the driver that he  will keep the traffic rules and that he will not arbitrarily provoke a crash or plunge down the bus from the next high bridge because he wants commit suicide and does not care about health and lives of others. The same is if one enters an aircraft.  

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Whoever stands trial for something must be able to rely on the judge that he will declare punishable what is to punish according to the laws, that he will not make his own laws and will not arbitrarily disadvantage somebody or even deliberately and unlawfully jails somebody. Without equity and good faith the best laws do not work. In Christianly enslaved countries, those standards  are accomplished not exactly and mostly not at all, if  Christian sect is concerned.

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> A child almost completely – and the younger the more – depends on equity and good faith of its parents. It  must rely on his parents that they do not torment, torture or choke it and that they will feed it and prevent from starving as much as they can.

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Alternatively, a husband has to rely on his wife that she will not stab him while he is sleeping or that she or he does not secretly  mix poison to the food they are going to eat.

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> A pupil must rely on the teacher that he instructs him and does not abuse him as his catamite!

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> This is equity and good faith.

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Whoever enters a religion must rely on its representatives:

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> ·       That the denomination really worships god when claiming to do so and not an accomplice of its own as “god” in place of god.

<="" span=""> ·        That its ministers really strive for love and morals when saying to do so.

<="" span=""> ·        That it is no organized crime disguised as religion promoting the profit (selfishness) of their own, on top of everything by abominable crimes.

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> We cannot do without equity and good faith  when living together.

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> However, this one cannot expect from a sect of perfidy and foul play resulting from the latter and from its instigator Jesus “Christ”, anyway!

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  Equity and good faith as human’s social existence Jesus “Christ” and Christian organized crime want to destroy, once forever. They want humankind to tear apart itself.

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

The sheep’s clothing these ravenous brutes put on, on the one hand serves the purpose to steal from the victims  those arguments by which abomination, crimes and barbarities are to oppose and to fight, in advance, by alleging all this foul p<="" span="">lay was due to human failure or even “love”. On the other hand, by a sheep’s clothing this perfidy shall not be realized. Any evil that is successfully veiled is unknown. That what stays unknown cannot be combated. The aim of this treatise is to lift the camouflage of the evil, to make it known so that it can be fought.

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> This sheep’s clothing of Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ and the mon(k)ey-Christians are  the pretended pretty notions of “love”, “truths” “god”, “martyrdom” etc.

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> As said, even most mammals and marsupials cannot live together without a certain level of equity and good faith Jesus monkey-God and his fChristians lack. That is why the latter are still below the moral level of the mentioned animals.

<="" span="">The conceited “darlings” of “god”, indeed cannot bear comparison with most mammals and marsupials …!


 Even swine love their offspring what Christian miscarriages of nature according to Lu 14:26 cannot do. The Christian conceited "divinity" in truth even is inferior to the pigs.


<="" span=""> In the next paragraph, we will produce evidence that Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ rather wants  to destroy all human beings keeping that what he is lacking: soul, love and honesty. However, one thing Jesus "Christ" wanting to be addressed as “god’s son” or even “god” completely is unable to bear: That others are morally superior to him, to this brute in a sheep’s clothing of “love”!

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

Thirdly<="" span="">: Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ and the Christians concerning love and morals like Tasmanian devil animals

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> As far as it is known, only the devil animals of Tasmania (Australia) bite and kill their parents. Obviously, they are the true Christians:

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Ga 5:15 NRSV

<="" span=""> "If, however, you (Christian rogues) bite and devour one another, take care that you (Christian cannibals) are not consumed by one another."

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Whoever could deny that Christians morally are in stiff competition with the Tasmanian devil animals?

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Obviously, for the sins of theirs, mon(k)ey-Christ – the accursed one of god (see: De 21:23) – wants to have died on the gallows or cross ...

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> My word, one never knows to what “dedication” even a type of rogue or felon is able, in particular, what ideas he is able to contrive to cant disgrace and ignominy of a death penalty convict …

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Therefore, you -- Tasmanian devils -- do not give up hope going to Christian “heaven”, anyway, for Christians notion of "heaven" is just  a semantic simulation of hell …! Hope dies at last … So, if you then come to the Christians’ hell they call “heaven”, you have to keep them company because everybody else refuses to abode with those incarnations of perfidy, heinousness and abomination!  Birds of a feather flock together and the reverse mostly  is true.  Therefore, you -- Tasmanian devil animals -- belong with the Christians …

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

From American Indian chieftain Hatuey it is reported that he immediately before becoming cruelly murdered by Christian  terrorists said: "If heaven is a location where Christians abode I do not want to go heaven."  That is what Christian foul mouths, foul players, desperadoes and terrorists fail to see when promising eternal together with themselves. Living eternally together with Christian stinking liars, thieves, foul mouths, forgers, thugs, schmucks n' nuts, rogues, bastards, murderers, mass-murderers, firebugs and barbarians etc.  - oh, my god, what an offer, each moron, weak-minded one and rats in the sewers are yearning for and can be trapped...!

Who honest one ever can doubt that Christian "heaven" just is a semantic simulation for hell...! Why? The answer: Where could it be worse but where mon(k)ey-Christians, Christian foul mouths and/or Christian foul players flock?

<="" span=""> The fair player will prefer to abode with the victims of Christian Mafia’s murders, mass-murders and genocide.  Consequently, if you -- Tasmanian devil animals -- do not want to keep Christian objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) company in hell, who -- besides Satan – should do so...?

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 -1900) calls Christian “morals” cave ways. That is another symbolization of perfidy or  of the picture of "the wolf in a sheep’s clothing".  Therefore, what we do here, one also could call the science of psychological speleology. The ways on the surface is the sheep’s clothing of the brutes (Christians). Their subterranean ways are the true mind and intentions of theirs.

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> More over, perfidy is the „moral“ ground for terrorism. Terrorism mostly is based on surprising attacks. Nothing else is Christianity! Even if terror is announced rarely, it shall make the ordinary life insecure. It shall destroy our good faith that, for instance, we can walk in the streets without becoming busted by a suddenly exploding bomb or becoming shut down by gunmen out of a clear sky. Terrorism wants that we do not have the confidence in our home or outside of it, viz, everywhere we are. Therefore, Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ and his fellow Christian foul players are terrorists. What "Christ" vomits is pure hatred, vindictiveness and arson, unless he takes care of his sheep’s clothing of “love”... He is completely right saying that what come out of his and his henchmen's mouth is evil...

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> In the following paragraph, we will produce evidence that Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ is all-Greek to “love”, already because he fancies ordering love. That is a Freudian slip, because only a poor perisher and/or a soulless wreck can fancy doing that. Indirectly and inadvertently this type of felon exalting himself like “god” unveils that there is not an iota of honesty and truthfulness in him and that perfidy is not only his second but has already become his first nature.

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Since even the animals’ living together is not possible without a certain level of equity and good faith  Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ and his Christian objectifications   of perfidy  press human beings below most mammals and marsupials. Everybody having no forced company with animals knows that he only is allow to approach to the animal as far as he has been judged concerning equity and good faith by the animal.

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Whoever instigates to replace love to  one’s mother and father and children by hatred, that one is no human being but somewhat soulless organized composition of blood, meat and  bones on two legs, for instance, a programmed robot  …

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> In order to say it insistently and unambiguously: There is no more moral abyss, barbarity and abomination but to arouse hatred of parents on their offspring and vice versa! Whoever does so belongs with prison or lunatic asylum.

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ  and his mon(k)ey-Christian terrorists terrorize others to become their salves (joining Christian organized crime) by threatening everybody who does not do so that he allegedly had to go to hell, eternally. This does not make Jesus monkey-God shrink from making a fun of those   believing in doomsday, hell and heaven: 

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Lu 17:20 -21 NRSV

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<="" span=""> 20 ... "The kingdom of God is not coming with things that can be observed;
21 nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or ‘There it is!’ For, in fact, the kingdom of God is among you."

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<="" span="">No felon believing in doomsday ever would lie to be "god“...! He rather would die of fear!

<="" span=""> Certainly, one can doubt if heaven is already among us. However, undoubtedly hell is already among us, in fact, by the presence of Christians, already for about 2000 years...

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<="" span=""> Oh well, what a stunningly beautiful offer to dwell with those soulless cripples, goofs n’ fools or schmucks n’ mugs that have fallen for their spooks, eternally, isn't it? I am enticed into singing: “I want to be in that number (of the accursed of god, see: De 21:23) …!

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<="" span=""> Islamic prophet Muhammad already predicts fight  and war between the mon(k)ey-Christians and their mon(k)ey-Christ (Jesus) about the question who is to blame for the Christians’ going to hell, on doomsday because unlike Jesus monkey-Christ, Muhammad believed in doomsday.

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<="" span=""> So, Jesus monkey-God and his monkey-Christians will wage war on the question who is to blame for the Christians’ going to hell.  In presence of his Christians, Jesus monkey-Christwill contest ever having exalted him to be “god” and having “suffered for the sins of the world on the cross" (see: Su 4:159) ...  Mon(k)ey-Christ will give the blame for that to his fellow Christian objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy . Obviously one perfidious mon(k)ey-Christian will knife and slaughter the other mon(k)ey-Christian perfidious one, on doomsday. Satan does not need to punish them. One Christian will make the other Christian’s life to be  hell.


<="" span=""> Mon(k)ey-Christians only can refer to dicing and/or to their mendacity when puking that  Muhammad was wrong saying that.

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<="" span=""> There is no heaven where objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) of “love” abode, who morally are inferior to rats in the sewers. The latter love the<="" span="">ir offspring, at least! To do that mon(k)ey-Christians have to transgress the commandments of their god", Jesus mon(k)ey Christ!


In hell there is not needed any punishment by Satan or angels. The Christian mon(k)ey-fellows one on another will accomplish utmost punishment, mutually.

<="" span="" lang="EN-US">Oh yeah, we almost forgot: Most people do not know what Christian rogues in frocks fob as blissful happiness off on the victims of their deceits. Christian underhand foul players concoct that blissful happiness in heaven means sitting in hall like a theatre while looking at god forever. Well, they conceal that their Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ is as ugly, misshapen and ignoble as Satan is ugly and deformed …[iii] And this misshapen deformity, this accursed one of god (see: De 21:23) those brutes in a sheep’s clothing (Christian objectifications   of perfidy ) desire to watch, eternally. What a marvelous “happiness” being forced to look at an eyesore, forever …! Again, I already tempted to sing: I want to be in that number (of the mon<k>ey Christians going to hell)...

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<="" span=""> In truth, Christian objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) do not believe in doomsday, heaven, hell and god. As for the monkey-Christ, for his fellow Christian objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy  those terms are only bogies to frighten others to become salves to the planet's most organized crime, viz, Christianity! Again I am already tempted to sing: I want to be in that number (of the accursed of god <see: De 21:23> going to hell) … Oh, when the walking toilets go marching to hell …!

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<="" span=""> Whoever could contest that hell is there,  where Christian mass-murderers of about 300 millions of corpses abode and that heaven is where the murdered victims of theirs are dwelling?

<="" span=""> More over, corresponding their idol Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ, Christian rogues in frocks successfully  use the notion of “god”, “heaven”, “hell”, “doomsday”, “final judgment”  also as specters and spooks to replace equity, good faith and fair play  by mon(k)ey-Christian perfidy and mon(k)ey-Christian foul play.  By those bogies, insidiousness and underhandedness, brain and reason shall be intimidated to realize this abomination, heinousness, organized crime and barbarity of Christian sect.

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<="" span=""> As already said, one could write volumes of book about the psychological projections of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka Jesus „Christ“).

<="" span=""> Let us recall: By psychological projections, one puts the blame for the depravity, shortcoming, deviancies or foul play of one’s own on another individual or group of individuals, preferably on one’s opponents, competitors, rivals and enemies to whom the projecting one mostly cannot hold a candle.

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<="" span=""> The reason for psychological projection is the fact that the corresponding truths have become unbearable to the projecting one. He cannot stand himself and that is why he projects his traits, mind, or part of it on others.

 More over, the victims of psychological projections shall be misguided that way to search for the evil everywhere but not there where it predominately and next is to find: the kind "fellows" beside us that are so trustingly warning us of the evil...


<="" span=""> The only alternative to this collective crime  for those miserable and the wretched  is suicide, i.e., auto aggression instead of aggression on their „all over beloved“ and innocent fellow human beings. That is why suicide is that much tabooed in Christian collective or organized crime since in general convinced Christians  are too closed to it … This also excludes suicides resulting from free and  competent decisions (e.g., terminal illness etc.) because everybody, who is convinced Christian is not free and thus unable for such decision-making. Whoever is Christian is sinner, viz, foul mouth n' foul player and “everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin.” (Joh 8:34).

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<="" span="">  In particular, for this reason Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Jesus "Christ") is addressed and worshiped as „god“ by the mon(k)ey-Christians. He demonstrates to Christian rogues in frocks or without frocks:

<="" span=""> a) How to turn their auto aggression into aggression against their fellow human beings and how this aggression can get its flings.

<="" span="" lang="EN-US">b) How to fool oneself into believing that suffering resulting from this foul play was „suffering“ for faked „superior goals“ („suffering for the sins of the world“, „divine determination“ etc.).  This means, how to unburden their bad conscience by self-deception that their suffering indeed stemming from the perfidy of their own allegedly is due to (fancied) “moral excellence”.

<="" span=""> c) How to fabricate, respectively, perpetrate „morals“ of perfidy, viz, semantic simulations, false as misleading comparisons, psychological projections and provocation crimes. He gulls  his henchmen into feigning that this abominable criminality (of Christianity) stands for “love”, “brotherly love”, “spiritual welfare”, “truths”, “god”, “god’s son”, “martyrdom”, “modesty”, “humbleness” etc., viz, stands for its sheep’s clothing.  

<="" span=""> Everything of that happens according to the motto of almost all organized crimes of megalomania: Our (felons’) faith shifts mountains and the truths, love, morals and god, anyway (see: Mt 17:20). (Whoever fancies being able to shift mountains openly or underhandedly believes to be "god" ...!). Consequently, if that what one believes  to be love, truths, god etc. is not that (god, love, truths etc.), then it is only due to insufficient belief but not because one (Christian) is a criminal liar, deceiver, self-deceiver and/or felon …! That is the belief in the triumph of will even the German Nazis fostered! Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ and all you walking Christian toilets on two legs: Do  not make me laugh!

<="" span="" lang="EN-US">  d) How to become unassailable foul players  perpetrating crimes of hatred and vengeance on those who turned out better by nature. By this superstition (Christian jargon: faith), this dummy of  „god“ (mon<k>ey-Christ full of spite) and those bogus „morals“, these walking toilets (Christians) want to destroy happiness of others because they (the grudging Christians) do not have it and because they so gladly would have it. The primary goal of this organized crime of vengeance and hatred (Christian sect) is not to allow any greatness or happiness those Christian damp squibs, creeps n' crooks, <="" span=""> goofs n' fools, or monkeys n' donkeys do not have.  These miscarriages (of nature), these slobs n’ flops (of nature) vow hatred and vengeance because they cannot bear superiority of others or are unable to endure inferiority of theirs. For those brutes, no venom is too less a weapon as to refrain from poisoning human’s social existence while being camouflaged by the sheep’s clothing full of “love”, “god”, “truth” and other pretty concepts they do not care about but misuse as  bogies to frighten and hereby enslave their victims. Those the perfidious (Christians) even do not shrink from accusing others that they allegedly exalt themselves to god, although only they (the Christians) and their supreme objectification of perfidy (mon<k>ey-Christ) do that (see: Mt 5:48). If there is an opportunity, those bastards n’ dastards or rogues n’ frogs (Christians) -- even shamming to „love“ their neighbors and enemies -- indeed  burn them at the stake, while being alive … This organized crime does not only address and worship an accursed one of god (see: De 21:23) as its “prophet” but even as its “god”, instead of god! Consequently,  it happens that Christian Mafiosi’s wail and gnash about alleged inflicted „martyrdom“ inflicted on them by the foul play (crimes, outrages, atrocities etc.) of their own...

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<="" span=""> Therefore, mon(k)ey-Christ correctly says that he who does not hate himself could not become his “disciple” (see: Lu 14:26). Whoever hates himself evenly hates the happiness of others since the latter demonstrate inferiority of his. Everybody, who does not hate himself and consequently can bear or even love himself, is in no need of psychological projections, viz, not in need of living a lie. That is what those, who hate themselves obsessively, do. The “gospels” are “glad tidings” for creeps n’ crooks, schmucks n’ thugs, dastards n’ bastards, slobs n'’ flops (of nature) or rogues n’ frogs with frock and without frock being unable to bear themselves. Thus, they obsessively want to live an illusion of their selves (not their true selves).

<="" span="">  Against obsession, reason is in vain. Believing in semantic simulations, false and deliberately misleading comparisons, however, especially believing in one's psychological projections or even provocation crimes are  obsessions. Once more, one can see that Jesus monkey-God was right calling his fellow Christians "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31). However, obsessive ones of that level are a danger to the public what the Christians already proved by about 300 millions of murders. In addition, this is only the tip of an iceberg of Christian foul play! Therefore, one cannot convince Christian dastards n’ bastards. One only can warn the victims of those slobs n’ flops not to fall for the traps this scum of humankind (Christian sect) has set or one can help those victims to realize the sheep’s clothing of those almost (perfect) brutes.

<="" span=""> Lord schmuck n' Muck or Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ partly indirectly and partly directly admits these facts that his “tenets” are “glad tidings” for schmucks n’ mugs being unable to bear themselves and the truths, e.g., when saying that his followers are “the sick needing a physician” or that he cannot tell truths to his henchmen since these foul players, desperadoes and terrorists (Christian jargon: "martyrs") even lying to "die for the truths", in fact  are unable to bear the truths (see: Lu 5:31, Joh 16:12).

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<="" span=""> Fourthly: Self-deception the most abominable and dangerous kind of deception

<="" span="" lang="EN-US"> 

<="" span=""> The difference between “normal” lies and deceits, on the one hand and those ones of living collective lies, on the other, viz, those ones of semantic simulations, bogus comparisons, psychological projections or even provocations crimes, is that pertaining to the latter mostly the liars and deceivers believe in their lies and deceits. Living a lie means believing in one’s lies. If Brother Jonathan or John Bull lies, on an average, he knows that he is lying. Those, who perpetrate semantic simulations or psychological projections, believe in their lies. This excuses psychological projections, not at all. On the contrary, it worsens those depravities to the utmost.  

<="" span=""> As already mentioned, those people believing in collective lies are a danger to the public needing a physician (see: Lu 5:31), however, a real physician that is competent of psychiatrics and no monkey “physician”! One cannot emphasize enough that believing in collective lies makes people very dangerous and felonious to the public, since it produces (organized) crimes. Believing in lies means to ignore reason and conscience. In particular, the latter usually is a hindrance to foul play, especially to atrocities, abomination and other sorts barbarities.

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Apart from physical insanities, nobody lives a lie who once did not decide to prefer lies to truths and to put up with the consequences from that: foul play, outrages, crimes, felonies, atrocities, barbarities etc.  As far this attitude is not based on mental disease with physiological background, it is only an expression of depravity (soullessness). Since living a lie, in particular, a collective lie means to deaden reason and conscience of one’s own those liars and deceivers further  become  soulless monsters (without reason and conscience). Then the individual's reason and conscience are handed over to the group and become replaced by the latter. Consequently,  those individuals have no reason and no conscience, any longer. Those groups can be sects, Christian denominations, races, social classes or totalitarian parties etc.

<="" span=""> If those mad and the sick needing a physician (see: Lu 5:31) do not want to be psychiatrically treated, then they ought to be locked away because of being a danger to the public. If this would had been done just in time, many nations and religions that were victims to Christian barbarianism, genocide and terrorism would still live today, especially in Central and South America. Presumably, even many religions would be still alive that became massacred  (Christian jargon: "loved") by Christian stealthy objectifications   of perfidy   and terrorists!  That means: murdered by those mobile cesspools  that  even do not shrink from perfidiously faking to "love" their enemies ...!

<="" span=""> Thus, nothing is more dangerous to the public but the belief of a large group of people in their lies! It is the germ of unpredictable most abominable organized crime.

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> The Christians’ bawling about „martyrdom“ is only a feature of Christian perfidy. Christian “martyrs” are psychological projections the other way: Here, Christians project the moral quality of others on themselves they (Christians) are lacking most. If it is about lying, Christians and other the perfidious generally are very resourceful ... Lying about oneself never can be perpetrated without lying about others. That is the “mystery” of Christian “martyrs” …!Therefore, one also cannot say let the Christians   their lies and deceits, if they help them. They will not leave you in peace because nobody can lie about himself without lying about others!  If the lastwant to fool themselves to be the first , they have to commit crimes so that the real first ones become reputed to be the “last ones”. Mon(k)ey-Christians never will confine their insanity to mon(k)ey-Christians, for instance, their madness about sexuality, abortion, euthanasia etc. We do not want to mention that most mon(k)ey Christians get  money from the public that by majority does not consent to spend their money to mon(k)ey-Christians.

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Therefore, nobody should wonder that the worst and most abominable organized crime of all crimes (Christian toilet)  „wails“ about „martyrdom“ and always presents itself to be persecuted, although reality teaches that nobody persecuted its rivals, opponents, competitors and enemies like Christian rogues in frocks or without frocks do. Those underhand foul players present a sheep’s clothing making others believe that they allegedly cannot hurt a fly …


Christian objectifications   of perfidy  know that they are planet Earth's utmost foul mouths, foul players, viz, brutes. They know what perfidy, outrages, mass-murders and atrocities they already and only until now perpetrated like no other human beings or organizations. They know that they deserve ultimate punishment that was not executed on them, yet. The wail over "martyrdom" because they know that some day the "bill" they deserve for their barbarities certainly will be delivered to them.
Christian sect is not only bogus beyond belief but also the most organized crime or Mafia on Earth deserving each imaginable punishment.  Christian outrages and abomination is that much that no imaginable punishment could be adequate.

That means<="" span="">, if that would had been inflicted on the Christian foul players what they wail but what is not the case, everything would had been justified by the following foul play (spite, perfidy, infamy, crimes, outrages, atrocities, barbarities and other sort of abomination) those Christians perpetrated after having come to power. There is also retrospective justification  because nobody is obliged to wait until the patient is dead in order to reanimate him …  

There is also brain to foresee crimes of a sect of perfidious liars and infamous deceivers, at any price! There also is the right to prevent crimes. So, everything the Christians wail as "martyrdom", if it really happened (what mostly is not the case!) is nothing but prevention of Christian foul mouth, foul play, viz, crime, murder, mass-murder, genocide, atrocities, barbarities. Each decent and honest one is obliged to prevent those crimes but not to enable them, as mon(k)ey-Christians think and demand from their robots...


<="" span="">  That is what  Christians, viz, the perpetrators of our planets most and most abominable organized crime, fail to see because they do not want to see it!  

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> On the contrary, the fact that Christian organized crime could perpetrate that foul play that is past comprehension, with hindsight proves that by far, it was not done enough as to extinguish such an organized murder Mafia in a religion's clothing. Whoever killed  about 300 millions of human beings as those mobile toilets (Christians) roughly perpetrated, has no right to complain about fight or war on oneself. As said, the murders of Christian walking cesspools or sects  already being past description are only the tip on an iceberg of Christian foul play. On the contrary, the fact that such an organized crime ever could spread in such a way and perpetrated those barbarities demonstrates that it never was done enough to limit and extinguish this organized crime.

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> This does not contradict human rights, since there is no human right of organized crime, lie, deceit, conditioning human beings, foul play, murder, mass-murder, terrorism and genocide, Christian underhand walking cesspools always will perpetrate if they can do so corresponding political circumstances!

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Being member in an organized crime already is an offence according to most penal codes of democratic countries. This is also to apply to Christian organized crime.


<="" span=""> For Christian crimes first Christian underhand bastards n’ dastards are to blame. In a second degree, even those, who did not sufficiently take actions against  Christian foul players or even favored it and hereby made Christian atrocities and barbarities -- that are unbelievable but real -- possible. The Jews are not to blame for that. It honors the Jews that  Christian foul players could not spread among Jews, significantly. If each nation would had done the same, this scourge of humankind never would had disseminated to that extend that it could harm humankind that threateningly.


<="" span=""> The then Roman administration is to blame for it not having extinguished our planet’s most organized crime. Beside Jesus "Christ", ancient felonious emperor Constantine is to blame as second most responsible Christian criminal and felon. Instead of fighting Christian organized crime, he collaborated with it and thus provided all the political means for Christian terrorism, e.g. for its outrages, atrocities, barbarities and other sort of abomination.  

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> <="" span=""> <="" span=""> <="" span="">

<="" span="">  

To Christian organized crime, laws of anti-terrorism are to apply. Whoever replaces equity and good faith by perfidy and  foul play, in particular, terror, that one  is a terrorist and correspondingly to treat.
Christian terrorism or organized crime only admits foul play and crimes:
Firstly, if continuing to deny them would make itself ridiculous even to bird brains.

Secondly, when it is late enough so that general public cannot imagine the extend of Christian abomination,

thirdly the victims cannot decide whether to accept or reject the "apology",

fourthly if the mon(k)ey-Christians do not need to disgorge the loot - and the latter is the main reason why crimes are perpetrated. 

Fifthly if the "apologies" serve the purpose to groom the sheep's clothing of Christian bastards and bastards and

sixthly encourage them to continue their foul mouth, foul play, outrages and abomination. 


For instance, according to the motto: We (Christian schmucks n’ mugs or rogues with frocks) perpetrate foul play (iniquities, transgression, crimes, barbarities etc.); however, lo what a nice sheep’s clothing (Christian jargon: "love") we are keeping…  That is what keeps mon(k)ey-Christians' foul mouth, foul play, outrages and atrocities alive.
One does not only need to wait until the city of Rome or our planet is burned down and until they put the blame for their atrocities on their enemies and/or on their victims corresponding the perfidy of psychological projections. Vowing of arson and abomination of hatred and vengeance, like, for instance, expressed in   Mt 10:34 -37, Mr 16:16, Lu 12:49-53, Lu 19:27 or “The Gospel of Thomas” Logion 71 and 98 are sufficient to free, respectively, redeem  humankind and humanity from this sect.


 These quotations show the brute without its sheep’s clothing. One does not need to lock the stable door after the horse has bolted; one is obliged to do it before the horse bolts. One does not need to wait until the child has died and is buried, before starting medical treatment. By the way, the results of the planet’s most organized crime are evident, on top of everything, the tip of their iceberg  officially confirmed by the pope terrorist in March 2000.
Therefore, the laws of anti-terror are to apply to Christian sect everywhere, where there is no separation between Christian organized crime and the state. Inasmuch as the state is Christian, it is a state of terror.

<="" span="">  

<="" span=""> Christian artificial „conscience“ is no conscience but a mock of it, Christian artificial „love“ is no love but a mock of it and Christian artificial „truths“ are no truths but a mock of them. Here, one also can replace the word artificial by Christian, spurious, forged and faked or mock-up. Especially Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ fabricates that artificial "conscience" to make  Christian dastards n' bastards or creep n' crooks fierce for crime resulting from his lies and deceits and,  in particular, that they hold out perpetrating their foul play and atrocities past description when perpetrating them.  

<="" span="">  

<="" span="">  So, let us recall what Jesus "Christ" and Christianity is about:

<="" span="" lang="EN-US"> 

<="" span=""> 1.       A soulless wreck and preacher of hatred and vengeance -- that on top of everything grotesquely is palmed as „god“ off on the victims -- preaches destruction of humankind to take revenge for the misery of his.

<="" span=""> 2.   For this purpose, he replaces equity and good faith as foundation of human beings' living together underhandedly by perfidy and foul play (resulting from the latter).

<="" span=""> 3.  This abomination is made unassailable by hiding it in a sheep’ clothing, i.e., it is presented by its moral opposite, in particular, perfidiously as „love“.  

<="" span=""> 4.    To make his henchmen holding out this heinousness and abomination mon(k)ey-Christ provides patterns how to cant the suffering  of one’s own caused by one’s own  perfidious and depraved mind  as suffering for someone else. Even the fair maximum penalty of a death penalty convict resulting from a fair trail regarding  the standards of that time perfidiously is canted that way.  

<="" span=""> <="" span="" lang="EN-US">5.  By easy way of “remission of sins”,  

<="" span=""> due to

<="" span="">·        an artificial “god” or “god’s son” that is no god but perhaps Satan palmed as “god” off,

<="" span=""> ·         artificial “morals” being camouflaged perfidy,

<="" span="">·        artificial “truths” being disguised lies,

<="" span=""> ·        artificial “conscience” being hidden unscrupulousness,

<="" span="">·        artificial “love” being veiled hatred,

<="" span=""> ·        artificial “charity” being disguised selfishness (of making oneself to “god” or slaveholders of humankind)<="" span="" lang="EN-US">

<="" span="">·        artificial “modesty” and “humbleness” hiding their lust for power to become “gods” or slaveholders of humankind


<="" span=""> ·         exclusion of settlements and compensation measures between victims and perpetrators (superior Christian hoodlum “forgive” the inferior Christian hoodlum their foul play what they call „sins“) -

the conditioned brutes (Christian slaves) are turned on to become furious for the foul play that is necessary to conquer the planet! This means that Christian foul players and objectifications   of perfidy   live their perfidy, depravity and felonious mind to the full (uninhibited and unrestrained). <="" span="" lang="EN-US">

<="" span="" lang="EN-US"> That is what Christian occident, in particular, European Middle Ages demonstrate(s). Jesus monkey-God or monkey-Christcorrectly saw that he can be addressed and worshiped as “god” when contriving tricks how felons and other sorts of foul players can give their perfidy, depravity and felonious mind its flings  while being reputed as "upholder of moral standards", if not as "saints" or even "god"…

<="" span="" lang="EN-US">  

<="" span="" lang="EN-US"> There is no perfidy, depravity and infamy,

<="" span="" lang="EN-US"> Like bestiality of Christianity!

<="" span="" lang="EN-US">  


Fifthly: Summary of this section:


Jesus „Christ“ and correspondingly his sect secretly try replacing equity and good faith as foundation of all (social) living together by perfidy (underhandedness). Ignominy and disgrace of their mind and intent they camouflage by a sheep’s clothing of fanatically claimed “love”. Perfidy (underhandedness) comes into being because of the dualism of the true face of the brute or wolf on the one hand and its sheep’s clothing on the other. The true intentions of Christian sect (the brute’s or wolf’s face) are not openly said (respectively, are not shown). Instead of that, a nice sheep’s clothing full of pretty terms that are in high esteem by the victims are demonstrated like, for instance, “love”, “god”, “god’s son”, “truths”, “martyrdom”, “humbleness”, “modesty”, "heaven" etc.

Therefore, those double standards, viz, the sheep's clothing, on the one hand and the hidden true face, on the other, evenly are consequences as well deliberated  Christian foul mouth and  foul play.   

Perfidy always means that the true intentions and aims are hidden because of their depravity and disgrace. For Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus “Christ”) it is only about his (unscrupulous) selfishness, i.e., being addressed and worshiped as “god”. His henchmen, in particular, Christian rogues in frocks want to the change the  natural and/or social inferiority into superiority by referring to a faked “god” promising everything to them what their perfidious heart desires (for being addressed and worshiped as "god", in return). 

Hereby, Christian schmucks n’ mugs, dastards n’ bastards, fools n’ goofs, nerds n’ jerks or slobs n’ flops want to grift that by foul play what they do not get by fair play. Now, it becomes understandable why Christians operate with the dualism of wolf and its sheep’s clothing. Diverting suspicion from themselves, they accused others being wolves in a sheep’s clothing so that nobody suspects them being that what they are, indeed. This (wolf in a sheep’s clothing) is a psychological projection. By psychological projection the perfidious push the bad mind, bad traits and foul play of theirs over to their opponent and/or enemy (to hide themselves successfully behind their sheep’s clothing)..


Fair play results from equity and good faith, foul play from perfidy. All successes of Christian sect are due to it perfidy, viz, its violations of equity and good faith and are foul play, most of them atrocities and barbarities beyond belief and past description. As well to others as well to themselves, Christians cannot admit the truths.

Thus, deception turns into self-deception. There is no borderline to fix where deceits end and self-deception starts. In no way, deceit is excused because it is self-deception. On the contrary, deceit, in particular, an organized deception, becomes an utmost danger to the public if it resorts to collective self-deception. The most abominable atrocities and barbarities of human history precisely are caused by such collective self-deception!

For being able to bear themselves as well to deceive others, Christians try whitewashing themselves by semantic simulations (“juggling with names”), wrong as misleading comparisons, psychological projections and provocation crimes, beside gross and open crimes. Mostly, by each moral reverse they fake the facts.

 Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ") and his Christian foul players are about the perfect crime. A perfect crime is not assailable. Foul play, especially bestiality and atrocities, become unassailable if the perpetrators steal the victims that in advance by what they (the victims) could defense themselves. Christian dastards only can defeat somebody that is defenseless. Consequently, Jesus monkey-God contrives tricks how a Christian dastard can make his opponents defenseless. They become defenseless by the Christians’ breaching of trust, by breaching of equity and good faith, in principle and from the very outset.  

By intent and by principle Jesus monkey-God and his Christian bastards n’ dastard feign very abiding by equity and good faith. They wait until the victims have fallen for their  traps. This is the moment for which the underhanded ones (Jesus and his fellow Christian dastards) have waited. Now, the defenseless ones all of a sudden are assaulted by the Christian armed dastards, cowards and walking toilets. Because of being unarmed, the victims have no chance.

That is the way, in which this spiteful little devil (Jesus monkey-Christ) and those walking toilets worshiping him as “god” (Christians) want to make the last one to be the “first ones” or the anus to be the “head”. That is Jesus monkey-Christ’s and all the monkey-Christians’ perfidy!

By their sheep’s clothing, they pretend utmost “morals”, i.e., equity and good faith. However, when becoming convinced Christians they made up their mind never to abide by that what they fake. This spiteful little devil (Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ) and his mon(k)ey-Christians have less morals and love than most of the mammals and marsupials, if at all. They try fishing individuals by promising immortality of soul. However, the mentioned animals have soul but not those mobile toilets (Christians) and their self-made “god” (Jesus "Christ")… The latter only have hunger for power to make themselves to be slaveholders of their victims. Claiming oneself to be “god” is nothing but claiming to be slaveholder of humankind.


Even mammals and marsupials   cannot live together without a certain degree of  equity and good faith. That is why Christian sect – faking to mediate a connection from human beings to “god” – even presses human beings below the moral level of most mammals and marsupials, roughly to the level of Tasmanian devil animals that evenly do not honor their mother and father as Christians are ordered to do by their death penalty convict “god” (Jesus monkey-God), see Lu 14:26… !!!

·        That is Jesus monkey-God’s conditioning of foul play!

·        That is the way in which Jesus "Christ" turns human beings into very conceited as soulless robots of crimes, i.e., that is how he designs Christian objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31)!


Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ shows ways to his Christian henchmen how they could keep so-to-speak their rotten teeth (perfidious mind) while getting rid of their tooth ages (being despised as moral scum of all creatures). For those tricks and  for trying to make his lies unassailable,  they address and worship him as „god“, in return. Those perfidious and unscrupulous ones rather would put the world into ruins than to give up the profitable deceits and crimes. The perfect crime is achieved if perpetration of  even the utmost atrocities does not impair the moral reputation of the perpetrator. Everybody knows that Christianity already has  achieved this level of the (almost) perfect crime.

Jesus monkey-God and his  Christian objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) still are advising others to search for wolves in a sheep’s clothing … Hereby, the duped victims shall look for those "wolves" or brutes  everywhere but not there where they are next: Jesus Christ and his fellow Christian objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy .  And if  the victims  have  not died, yet, they are still searching, searching and searching …

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[i] Johann Gottlieb Fichte, die Anweisung zum seligen Leben, hg. Fritz Medicus, 2. Aufl., Hamburg, 1923, Nachdruck 1970, S. 36, Translation from the German by my own. German text: "...sie kämpfen für ihr Leben, für die feinste und innigste Wurzel ihres Lebens, für die Möglichkeit, sich selber zu ertragen. Aller Fanatismus, und alle wütende Äußerung desselben, ist vom Anfange der Welt an, bis auf diesen Tag, ausgegangen von dem Prinzip: wenn die Gegner recht hätten, so wäre ich ja ein armseliger Mensch."


[ii] The Gospel of Philip (Philippusevangelium), NHC II, 3, Translated by Wesley W. Isenberg,

[iii] Concerning the outward appearance of Jesus „Christ“ see: