Chapter: 2, Part: 7, Section: 6, §1

Jesus' Training of Foul Play
Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Jesus is  Lord, savior and god of mine,
So say the rogues, mugs n' swine!

The most important psychological Projections of Jesus “Christ" and the Christians 

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6thly:  Jesus Christ’s   psychological Projection of Perfidy or “Wolf in a Sheep's clothing" 

Paragraph: One


§ 1 Evidence that the Christians are Wolves in a sheep's Clothing, i.e. that this Picture is nothing but a psychological Projection

Jesus’ conditioning to foul mouth and foul play


 Table of contents


Firstly: Evidence that the Christians are Wolves in a sheep's Clothing, i.e. that this Picture is nothing but a psychological Projection

Secondly:   Summary




Firstly: Evidence that the Christians are Wolves in a sheep's Clothing, i.e. that this Picture is nothing but a psychological Projection

In recent years, Christian sect demonstrated very impressively that the Christians are wolves or hyenas in a sheep's clothing, i.e. this metaphor only is a psychological projection of the Christians. 

In March 2000, the then pope presented a list of Christian crimes, barbarities and abominations. Before, the Christian criminals -- who commits crimes is a criminal -- denied and contested the now admitted crimes by lies, deceits, manslaughters and murders.  Although this list only admitted partly the crimes of criminality of Christianity, it already proves that no other organized crime exceeds the crimes of this sect, i.e. that Christianity is the top organized crime on planet Earth. Indirectly and inadvertently Christian sect hereby admitted being to top organized crime of our planet exceeding all other organized crimes. One cannot exaggerate the crimes of (criminality of) Christianity.


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However, this is not the only matter the then pope indirectly and inadvertently admitted. Here, one has to take into consideration that planet earth's top criminals always are used to howling, wailing and crying about "prosecutions on the Christians". They even feign to be "martyrs of the truths" purportedly "scarifying" themselves for "the truths"... Now, the Christian criminals indirectly admitted that first of all the faking "martyrs of the truths" are the top criminals, murderers and mass-murderers among the individuals. If on that condition the Christians whine and lament about purported “prosecutions on the Christians" it is only the howling and whining of wolves or hyenas in a sheep's clothing. The hyena or wolf is the (Christian) foul mouth and criminal. The sheep's clothing is the "martyr" or "prosecuted one". Is there no right to prosecute criminals...?

Who is more an unscrupulous liar and ruthless deceiver than the organized crime that had been denying, repressing and contesting their criminalities, in particular, their atrocities for about two millennia? The declaration of the pope only is a self-disclosure that the Christians are the hyenas (wolves) in a sheep's clothing.



Very keen-minded German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860) already realized that the following phrase of Christians’ Lord Prayer: „Do not lead us into temptation“ in truth means: Oh god, „do not let me know who I am“[i]. It is about that human beings, respectively, inhuman ones hating themselves (see: Lu 14:26) wanting to get rid off the truths about themselves (about the identity of theirs).  Succeeding in pinching that, those (Christian) barbarians -- who fake to „love“ their next ones and even their enemies all over -- do not shrink from befouling others with the mess, dirt and depravity of their own in order to inveigle themselves into believing to be cleanliness freaks, i.e., from lying (to) and deceiving others and themselves! Nothing could illustrate more that Christian sect is about deception and self-deception about oneself at the expenses of one’s fellow human beings but the fact that this first even is instigated in their “Lord’s Prayer” and secondly by the instigator of this organized crime that is lifted to the sect’s “god”, in his very unperson. More over, this provides evidence that this Christians’ canting (“apologizing”) that Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera allegedly is good but only depraved by history of Christian sect is nothing but an additional shameful and disgraceful deceit that should camouflage that Christianity is perfidy, foul mouth, foul play, viz, abomination, thoroughly, in its very principle and  from the very outset, that means  as a whole.  


A perfidious (un)person always blinds others to what mischief it means. Each perfidious one wants to be perfidious, however, not regarded to be perfidious. Being realized as perfidious means becoming despised and corresponding condemned. Even the perfidious do not like their own kind, unless they do not perpetrate organized foul play, in particular, organized crime.

 His targeted prey Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (perfidious name: Jesus “Christ”)  as nice as pie – as he and his Christians  are, always have been and will be -- pats on the shoulder hoping that the goofy sheep will not realize that he is warning them (the victims) of himself (the perpetrator). Not mistakenly, he counts that the victims -- that are going to be slaughtered (see: Lu 19:27) -- will think: My god, if somebody that friendly warns us of underhand ones, then he is not that insidious and perfidious monster or even a gathering point of abominable foul players.


Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (monkey name: Jesus "Christ") the accursed one of god (see: De 21:23) warns of those brutes in a sheep’s clothing to distract his preys’ attention from pondering that he, viz, the monkey „Christ“  and   his fellow mon(k)ey-Christians are those (wolves in a sheep’s clothing) he “trustingly” is warning of …

 If somebody refers to a scripture for evidence of allegedly being „Christ“  or even god that identifies the concerned one as an accursed one of god (see: De 21:23), then it only can about a monkey „Christ“ and monkey „god“.


Mt 7: 15 - 16 NRSV
15 ¶ "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.
16 You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles?


Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (alias: Jesus "Christ") rightly warns of such false prophets and ravenous brutes in a sheep’s clothing. He has good case to warn of himself and his fellow underhand foul players, viz, of Christians he conditions to be that false prophets or how those ravenous brutes put on a sheep’s clothing. What is Jesus monkey “Christ’s” and his fellow Christians’ sheep’s clothing? The answer: their unsurpassable underhand foul play! 

Christian sect is about ruling of the lastover the first , at any price and at all costs. That is why under no circumstances any happiness or greatness is allowed those (Christian) objectifications   of perfidy , bastards n’ dastards (Christian jargon: „last ones“) do not have. Christianity is about unscrupulous selfishness that even does not shrink form adjusting „morals“ („love“) and a „god“  of its own canting the foul mouth and foul play of this (organized) crime.   


The perfidious one has to hide himself in order to be successful. The more he succeeds in camouflaging himself, the more successful he will be. As said, preferably the depraved mind of his is faked as its moral reverse. Consequently Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera’s (aka: Jesus “Christ’s”) feigns lust for power and delusion of grandeur by shamming the opposite, that means by „humbleness“ or „modesty“:


Mt 20:26-27 NRSV
26 ... whoever wishes to be great among you must be your servant,
27 and whoever wishes to be first among you must be your slave;

Mr 9:35 NRSV
35 ... Whoever wants to be first must be last of all and servant of all.

Lu 22:26 NRSV
26 ... the greatest among you must become like the youngest, and the leader like one who serves.

Oh well – and

·     he who is the most felon and murderer among you (Christian brutes in a sheep’s clothing) puts on the sheep’s clothing of faking the  (innocent) „martyr“, full of “love” and  being unable to mean  mischief …!

·     Oh well, and he who is the most felon among you, this one shams to be a “saint” holier-than-thou…!

·     And he who is the most ravenous brute among you feigns to be the most harmless sheep being unable even to hurt a fly …!

·     And he who is the most underhand swine one among you shams to be „His Holiness“ …

·     And he who is the most accursed one of god among you deserving to be hanged on a tree, this one fakes to be “god’s” Christ and/or “god’s” son …

·     And he who is the most ravenous wolf among you that one pretends to be the most merciful one, full of charity all over …

·     And he who is the most liar among you shams to be the most truthful one that even snuffs it for the truths...

·     Oh yeah, and he who wants to commit the crime of enslaving the world and hereby to gather an organized crime of global extend, that one puts on a sheep’s clothing of shamming to be  “Christ” and “god” …

·     Oh yeah, and he among you having love at least of all, if  at all, this one underhand shams to have that much (underhand) “love” that he hardly can sit on a toilet ...

·     Oh yeah, and the one that is the most selfish among you most selfish ones,  this one should feign the most “humble” and “modest” one  asking the mugs n’ the thugs and the goofs n’ the fools believing all spooks: This is what I (underhand foul player or Christian) am doing for you and what you’re doing for me …?

·     Oh yeah, and the one of you that wants to crucify the world feigns to be the crucified one even if he has instigated a murder on a fellow (as stuntman) of his for succeeding in this sorcery …!

·     Oh yeah, and he whoever among you wants to destroy humankind for grudge, envy, hatred and vindictiveness of his, this underhand one puts on the sheep’s clothing of „brotherly love“, „charity“, „salvation of the world from all evil“, viz, from all evilness and misery he predominately produces more than anybody else etc.


Feigning to strive for the opposite is the very feature of thieves, deceivers, villains and rogues. Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus „Christ”) complies with that in an outstanding manner.


Perpetrating psychological projections Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera kills several birds with one stone.  It is not only about standing up to one’s conscience or avoiding it (self-deception) but also about deliberate deception of others.  Therefore, psychological projections evenly can be quite conscious – and not only unconscious -- stratagems of deceiving. A very experienced coach of felons like, for instance, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus “Christ” knows that, anyway. 


E.g., a pickpocket especially is successful if he first succeeds in diverting attention from the object he wants to pilfer and secondly gives the impression of being a reliable or respectable person. For example, if he wants to steal the purse of a victim, he possibly will try tripping him up and while the victim is concerned about losing his footing the thief pinches his wallet.  Giving a reliable impression also is a kind of shamming the opposite of the deceiver’s real mind. The more people are convinced that the thief is incapable of iniquities and foul play, the more the thief will be successful. The same rule is to apply to any deceiver or any other type of con man or criminal. However, many folks unshakably believe that only those individuals are thieves, deceivers, rogues, villains and other sorts of brutes who give the correspondent impression to the victims, already from far and, in particular, to oneself …


Thus Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus "Christ") applies the same ruses, tricks and techniques of perfidy and coaches his fellow objectifications   of perfidy  (Christians) that way. 


Firstly: By „friendly slapping“ his victims on their back while „trustfully“ warning them of „wolves“ or to say it more precisely: brutes „in a sheep’s clothing“ he distracts attention from his victims to search for those ravenous beasts of prey everywhere but not there where they are next: The warning one beside them that is slapping on one’s own shoulder! 

Secondly: By faking the opposite of that what he really wants, like thieves he diverts attention of his victims from the object of his desire that are sour grapes for him if he is forced to strive for it by fair play. Hereby, he deliberately gulls others into “error” about that what he strives for. More over, in this manner the criminal of deceit wants to impede a fair competition about the matter he secretly aspires because he knows to lose it.  The frocks of Christian priest desperadoes, in particular those of Catholic priest terrorists that mostly imitate those ones of Mithraic priests, are attempts at shamming reliability and respectability this scum of nature or creature does not have.  Therefore, the peacock’s frock especially of Catholic rogues (with frocks) is a very important part to perpetrate their deceits, successfully.


The most swine,

Christian felons are fine!


By the way, gulling others into “error“ about that what one wants to obtain is a feature of crime of deceit, even according to the penal codes in most Christianly conditioned countries …!!! Oh well, wherever one can find a criminal complying with the features of crimes of penal codes, even for two millennia? And there are still people contesting that freak, slob n’ flop of nature and creation is something special …


So, it is nothing new what the Christian sect’s “god” produces but well-known, general and basic tricks of thieves, deceivers and rogues (with frocks and without frocks) he firstly applies for the trickery of his own and secondly is coaching his fellow objectifications of perfidy  (Christians). Successful coaching of felons contain basic techniques, ruses, tricks of deception as topic, in particular, those by which one diverts the attention of one’s victims form the desired object. The “glad tidings” (“gospels”) of Christian terrorists’ or felons’ sect completely comply with those.  One cannot deny that especially beginners among villains or rogues (with frocks and without frocks) can learn a lot by this foul players’ coach (Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, aka: Jesus “Christ”).


That is Jesus Christ’s coaching o dastards n’ bastards, skunks n’ monks, maggots n’ faggots, slobs n’ flops of nature, damp squibs of nature, vindictive cripples of mind and soul try attaining everything by (underhand) foul play that those losers are unable to achieve by fair play because of their poor nature.

The here (by the monkey „Christ“ ) conditioned (underhand) foul play means to fake always the reverse of that the Christian rogues n’ frogs with frocks or without frocks really intend or are going to perpetrate or already are committing. Consequently, truths are passed off as “lies”, hatred as “love”, vengeance as “justice”, Satan or his monkey „Christ“  as “god”, respectively, “god’s son” and mostly vice versa!  


Underhandedness conditioned by Monkey „Christ“  Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus "Christ“) always is faking the (moral) reverse of that what he (the monkey „Christ“ ) and his fellow monkeys (Christians) are up to perpetrate, are doing  or are going to commit, respectively, to give  lies and deceits (spurious) evidence by deeds of hypocrisy. Only  bestiality, barbarities and other sorts of abominations are authentic in Christianity. Everything else is hypocrisy, viz, lies, mendacity, perfidy, deception and insidiousness.



Depravity and crimes are made unassailable by perpetrating them in a sheep’s clothing, viz, by feigning each moral reverse of it. In this manner, the opponents of those foul players and their abomination are tricked to prevent them and/or to fight them. The latter would mean that the underhand Christian dastards n’ bastard already would have lost. That is Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera’s (monkey name: Jesus „Christ“) way of success and why Christian toilet (“church”) worships him as “god”... That is why we call Jesus “Christ” a felons’ coach and Christian sect an organized crime striving for ruling the world.


Having successfully perpetrated their foul play, Christian underhand ones continue their underhand foul play without end. Then, those Christian foul mouths  start canting or „excusing“ their foul play by using their sheep’s clothing in another way:  We (Christian dastards n’ bastards or maggots n’ faggots) might be foul players, criminals, felons, barbarians etc. However,  lo our nice sheep’s clothing, viz, the  pretty „morals“ we Christian dastards are “possessing”  … We (Christian underhand foul players) even are that full of “love” that we hardly can sit on  toilet … (Virtually they do not need to go there because Christianity itself is nature's toilet or cesspool …!) Another way of canting is: Christian sect or church is evil, however the monkey „Christ“  they call Jesus “Christ” being the most brute in a sheep’s clothing among them was excellent … He  (allegedly) innocently suffered for the sins of the world …

Therefore, he (purportedly) was an incredible fellow … The Christian foul mouths allege that way knowing that his most severe crime of instigating our planet’s most organized crime of murder that only until the presence already massacred about 300 millions of human beings was not argued when he was sentenced death penalty.

 If anything-unjust harm would have happened to him during his lifetime, the organized crime he gave birth justifies each penalty on him, i.e., each that exists and each, one only can imagine …! However, that is not the case.

There is no more crime like Christianity!

There is no more criminal like Jesus Satan's Christ!

There are a lot of others that had to pay much more tortures and torments for a similar crime (of illegal attempt at become king of one’s country) he rightly was charged and did not contest (illegally lifting himself to the king of his country on Palm Sunday, see: Joh 12:13) …

There is also justification with hindsight: Having instigated the globe’s most organized crime that already and until now massacred about 3 billions of individuals, means being Planet Earth’s most (organized) felony or Mafia. Those who fought this sect already in the beginning were intelligent folks foreseeing that foul play and abomination the thugs n’ nuts, jerks n’ nerds, goofs and the morons obviously were unable to do. There is not only fighting of crimes that already have been perpetrated but there is also prevention of crimes! History of Christian organized crime turns out all punishment on Christians as just punishment or just prevention of crimes and nothing else!  

The “innocent suffering" of Jesus monkey-„Christ“  – that is humankind’s most joke of humankind’s most jester and monkey … Those are the „glad tidings“ of the monkey-„Christ“  and all his mon(k)ey-Christians …! However, it tallies with the fact that humankind’s most befouling foul players and brutes want to play the “martyrs”, “saints” and even “holy fathers” …

That’s the way a Christian monkey, monkey, monkey,

Wants to make money, money, money!

What the authorities already found apart from the monkey-“Christ’s” most crime was already judged worth death penalty …! However, mon(k)ey-Christ steadily recommends pretending the opposite of reality and truths. Therefore, no wonder that he shams the sanctimonious "lamb of god suffering" for all the crimes of his, pardon, for the "sins of the world" ... Do you know a “better method”, viz, foul mouth canting shame and disgrace of a felon, in particular, a death penalty convict?


„Pretty“, „holy “ or even  „good“ Christian foul players’ and dastards’  are sanctimonious "saints" or Satan's darlings  since as already mentioned about 300 millions of human beings had been massacred by Christian organized mass-murderers’ sect. In addition, this is only the tip of an iceberg of Christian abomination. Each that contradicts this abominable deceits and abomination becomes befouled, slandered, jailed if not killed by those murder felons in a martyr’s clothing! This already justifies preemptive first strikes on this sect of the accursed of god (see: De 21:23). In view of Christian sect’s criminal history, there is no punishment that is could be unjust to Christians! A murderers’ sect of that extent has forfeited its right to exist!


 One can talk much if the opponent is silenced (Baruch Spinoza, Jewish philosopher 1632 - 1677).


So, first the sheep’s clothing – i.e., camouflaging the reverse of that what one really wants to do or is doing – is used to lull the victims into a false sense of security so that they do not fight one’s foul play or defend themselves. Afterwards, when the foul play (crimes, outrages and barbarities) is, respectively, are perpetrated and those foul players are debunked as deceivers, criminals, felons, murderers, mass-murderers etc., then they again use the sheep’s clothing to cant and “excuse” themselves: O.k. we (befouling) Christian dastards n’ bastard committed foul play, crimes, outrages, murders, atrocities and other sort of barbarities, however, you folks, lo what  nice our sheep’s clothing (of “love”) is all over, which indeed is  unparalleled …


Then Christian foul players play the following theatre: We (underhand Christians)   might be the most ravenous brutes. However, nobody should see this but our pretty sheep’s clothing we preach all over (“love”, “charity”, “mercy” etc. -- things nobody lacks more but Christians) … Then those heinous sanctimonious ones are used to ranting: Everybody is to judge by its "fruits" (deeds), according to Mt 7: 16 and 20, except we Christians ... We Christians are only to know by our sheep's clothing, otherwise befouling, jailing and even killing (at the stake) is swift to follow ...


There is no perfidy,

Like Christianity!

In this sense the Christians’ most felonious dastard n’ bastard Jesus monkey „Christ“  becomes designed by his fellow Christian monkeys. Conversion of our planet’s most and most abominable criminal into a “martyr” being unable to hurt a fly or “saint” or “god” is done in such a distorting, contorting manner and that grotesquely so that many folks doubt if this figure of fun or monkey (Jesus monkey „Christ“ ) ever lived, as, for instance, as French emperor Napoleon or German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832) did. This figure of fun did not exist. However that miscarriages of nature, slob n’ flop really did! 

By faking each (moral) reverse, Christians behave like monkeys – what is very, very typical of Christian. For instance, realizing Catholic priest dresses' and drivels' as similar to monkeys or even being impressed by it (what the goofs n' fools shall do!) is only a matter of brain, if one is not an accomplice of those schmucks n’ mugs. Apart from foul play of these underhand ones, in truth, everything is monkeys’ zoo in Christian sect or „church“…

There is no Christian dastard and bastard surpassing this slob n’ flop of nature (Jesus monkey „Christ“ ) pertaining to bestiality because he hardly can be outdone in this regard. German desperado Martin Luther's “apology” comes into being in that way. The latter once more juggles with the wolf, on the one hand and his sheep’s clothing, on the other. For him the wolf is (Catholic) church and the sheep’s clothing he fabricates is   Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, the monkey „Christ“. That "Christ" Martin L. contrives is only a dummy of a sheep's clothing fabricated by Christian perfidy to fool, dupe and deceive all weak-minded, morons and depraved ones credulously stooping to all lies, deceits and spooks.

 Everything is juggled and manipulated in Christian sect since the whole system of Christianity (semantic simulations, poor and false comparisons, psychological projections and even provocation crimes etc.) is juggling with the brute, on the one hand and its sheep’s clothing, on the other. 

That is Jesus monkey “Christ’s” and his Christian maggot’s hypocrisy, falsehood, perfidy, infamy and underhandedness. This is the foul play of Christian Mafia!

Consequently, it does not wonder that it is about a sect that is to identify as one of an accursed one of god (see: De 21:23). It addresses and worships and accursed one of god (see: De 21:23) as its “god” instead of god, indeed according to the scripture of all scriptures it recommends us to scrutinize for (sham-) evidence … So, Christians are the scum, the cesspool and the sewers of nature. It is the gathering of the accursed of god (see: De 21:23) and of the accursed of nature. Neither reason nor faith nor philosophy nor god contradict one another, at least concerning  Christianity, its cross (as mark of Cain of the accursed ), the "suffering" of the monkey „Christ“ and his fellow Christian foul players.

Therefore, evenly from the Bible, one can recognize why Christianity is the most (organized) crime, psychological terror and terrorism on Earth! One does not need reason for realizing that. Faith in the Bible (of the Jews) is already sufficient.  Anyway, reason is the most enemy of  those  objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31). However, apparently god is not less an enemy to them …

However, even those traits, for instance, being an underhand ravenous brute but disguised in a sheep’s clothing, underhand Christian foul players do not refrain from projecting even this heinousness of theirs on the opponents and enemies. There is no perfidy, insidiousness and infamy a good Christian ever would shrink from without blushing. Christians perpetrate this infamy and all the other psychological projections because they are unable to bear the truths, in particular, those about themselves (see: Joh 16:12). There is no Christianity without foul play. The Christians’ monkey „Christ“ (Jesus) is a coach of foul play and the Christians „glad tidings“ is conditioning of foul play for the scum of nature, which the Jewish Bible ("Old Testament") calls the accursed of god (see: De 21:23).

That is why those underhand ones (Christian foul players) venomously, perfidiously, insidiously and infamously – as Christians  are, as they ever have been and as they ever will be – project the depravity, foul mouth, foul play, shortcoming and deficiencies of their own on others, preferably on the opponents and enemies.

The truths are unbearable to them. That is why their opponent – to whom they mostly cannot hold a candle – has to be libeled and tortured while the perpetrator that is going to crucify his “beloved” next ones fakes to be the crucified one … In his writing “The anti-Christ” German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 - 1900) called  Christian „love of the truths“ „avoid knowing what is true“ (§ 52). More precisely, one should say: being unable to bear the truths. That is real Christian “love” …! 

Those faking (Christian) sanctimonious „martyrs“ of the truth, in fact, are individuals being unable of the truths  (see: Joh 16:12) … That is why they make their own “god”, their monkey „Christ“, their monkey „truths“, their monkey “morals” and their monkey „love“ etc. That are (artificial) contrivances by which true things or matters shall be replaced and thus a world of delusion is concocted.

One never can establish lies and deceits without foul play and other sorts of abominable crimes and atrocities.

As the above-mentioned sayings of Jesus monkey „Christ“ from Mt 20:26f, Mr 9:35 and Lu 22:26 lies, deception and self-deception are perpetrated in the following manner: The underhand one wants to dominate, if not enslave, others. The targeted victims shall become unsuspicious by the bossy Christian's fooling around (like a monkey) that he allegedly was "humble" and "modest" … The victims of this deceit shall not suspect the real mind, i.e., the truth that this underhand one only is waiting until the victim is "sleeping" and thus defenseless. As soon as the victim has fallen to "sleep", the Christian (underhand) brute in a sheep’s clothing puts a noose round the trusting victims’ neck crying: Either now you are my slave obeying everything I command you to do or not to do or I instantly will tighten the noose …

·     That is religious Mafiosi's “love” …!

·     That is the way Christians “love” their fellow human beings …!


That is Jesus monkey „Christ’s“ conditioning of foul play: Defeating and enslaving one’s  fellow human beings -- to whom those Christian slobs n’ flops of nature cannot hold a candle -- by  perfidy, insidiousness and underhandedness, viz, by misusing equity and good faith, on which  human society is based and human society cannot do without. Even the weakest underhand one can stab a giant while the latter trustingly is sleeping. An underhand wife secretly can mix killing poison in the food she has prepared for her trusting husband. That is Jesus monkey „Christ’s” conditioning of foul play.  He and his fellow Christian objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31) are playing foully, viz, destroy all equity and trust, on which humanity and humankind is based and both never can do without!



Mt 24:34 NRSV

43       But understand this: if the owner of the house had known in what part of the night the thief was coming, he would have stayed awake and would not have let his house be broken into.


Lu 12:39 NRSV

39  "But know this: if the owner of the house had known at what hour the thief was coming, he would not have let his house be broken into.



Not erroneously, Jesus monkeys „Christ“ compares himself with thieves! That is why „man’s son“, viz, the accursed one of god (see: De 21:23) or the monkey „Christ“ comes when you do not expect him and in a way you do not suppose in a sheep’s clothing.


Therefore, criminal dastards n’ bastards, underhand schmucks n’ mugs have to attack the targeted victims surprisingly, viz, if they are defenseless. The most surprise is accomplished, if the brute appears in a sheep’s clothing so that he is mixed up as a sheep being unable even to hurt a fly and everybody can trust. One still more can make the targeted victims unsuspecting by slapping them on their shoulder while warning them of brutes in a sheep’s clothing. Hereby, others are depicted as such (brutes) and the targeted victims are gulled into looking for those brutes (in a sheep’s clothing) everywhere but not at those that slap on their shoulder (Jesus monkey „Christ“ and all the mon(k)ey-Christians) …


Hereby, the felons’ and foul players’ coach (Jesus monkey „Christ“) and his fellow mon(k)ey-Christians succeed in misleading his targeted victims to look for the brutes in a sheep’s clothing everywhere but not where they first and predominately are: In the organized crime that calls itself Christianity, viz, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (monkey name: Jesus “Christ”) and his fellow Christian objectifications  (incarnations) of perfidy, i.e.   "the sick needing a physician" (Lu 5:31).



Those are the „glad“ tidings for Christian foul mouths, foul players, brutes, desperadoes, terrorists, viz, for the scum of all creatures and similar miscarriages of nature!


Secondly: Summary

Psychological projection means to accuse someone else -- preferably, one’s rival or  enemy – with the depravity, shortcomings, dirt, deficiencies and abomination of one’s own and to believe “innocently” in one’s self-deception. Next to provocation crime, psychological projections are the peak of depravity, if not caused physiologically, i.e., by mental disease. The projecting one is unable to bear the truths (see: Joh 16:12), he is unable to endure himself (see: Lu 14:26) and thus, he projects the hated truths about himself on others. The projecting one wants to withstand his bad conscience by fooling it (and hereby himself): That is not I you (my bad conscience) reproach me to be. That is my opponent, rival or enemy who is the one you (my bad conscience) accuse me to be. That is why Jesus “Christ” demands to hate oneself if becoming a disciple of his (see: Lu 14:26). 

Christianity claims to be a sect of “love”. Purportedly it is about “love” and “forgiveness” in Christian sect. However, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus “Christ”) and the Christian sect he instigates consist of two basic parts: The true face of ravenous brutes, on the one hand and their disguise in their sheep’s clothing, on the other. In Lu 14:26 Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Jesus “Christ”) says that nobody can come to him that does not hate his husband, wife, children, parents, brothers and even oneself etc. This means that Christians pertaining to love even are below most animals when enticing into hating one’s children or one’s parents. Without the love of parents to their offspring, not only human life would perish but also most lives that emerge above plants, viz, animals.

However, there is more to it than that. By beguiling parents into hating their children or husband his wife and vice versa Jesus “Christ” and his fellow Christians henchmen firstly  try destroying the  individuals’ basic sense of trust not only human beings but  even most  animals cannot do without. Secondly, Jesus “Christ” and his fellow Christians destroy equity and good faith the primary fundamental of human’s social existence  and thirdly, replace the latter by hypocrisy and perfidy (hypocrisy only is a lower degree of perfidy). Therefore, foul play is Christians’ social existence since acting perfidiously is foul play. Perfidy means to ignore and violate deliberately equity and good faith when acting as social being. Foul play is social behavior, respectively, are actions resulting from the principle of perfidy. Therefore, perfidy is the mind and foul plays are the (mis)deeds.

Because of the bad reputation of perfidy and more over, since those the perfidious cannot bear themselves (see: Lu 14:26) and thus are in need of self-deception, Jesus “Christ” and his fellow foul players (Christians) camouflage the perfidy of theirs and the foul play resulting from that perfidy by a sheep’s clothing of “love”. Self-deceivers mostly camouflage everything by its moral “reverse“, therefore Jesus “Christ” and the Christians veil their perfidy by “love”.


Thus, necessarily Christianity is an organized crime as foul play results from perfidy. From perfidy necessarily does not result “love” or fair play but foul play! Everybody is to know by his fruits, i.e., deeds. However, Jesus “Christ” and the Christians desire to be judged by their sheep’s clothing …  The sheep’s clothing of the coach of foul play (Jesus mon(k)ey-Christ) and that one of his fellow Christian foul players consists of concepts that are in high esteem among their victims: “love”, “brotherly love”, “enemy love”, “truths”, “god”, “god’s son”, “Messiah”, “holy spirit”, “mercy”, “charity”, “saints”, “humbleness”, “modesty” “martyrdom”, “sacrifice”, “atonement”, “doomsday” etc. When trying to know Jesus “Christ” and his fellow foul players (Christians)   by their fruits, i.e., deeds corresponding Mt 7:16 and Mt 7:20, the Christians perfidiously prevaricate: Do not see our fruits as we (Christians) are used to seeing yours and condemning you. Lo, how pretty our sheep’s clothing is …

Therefore, Christian “morals”, “ethics” or “love”  mean to advise, instruct, order, reprimand, admonish and blame others corresponding standards those Christian foul players care at least, if at all! 

 You are reading correctly: The faking religion of “love” concerning love even is below most of the animals! Without a basic sense of trust, without any certain level of equity and good faith even animals could not rear their offspring or most offspring of the animals could not raise but would perish.

Acting perfidiously means to perpetrate foul play, in principle and from the very outset. Christian perfidy necessarily causes foul play. Predominately “love” is Christians' sheep’s clothing to hide their perfidy since most things are camouflaged by each moral opposite. Jesus and his fellow Christian henchmen even destroy equity and good faith, the very foundations of human’s social existence and replace them be perfidy and foul play resulting from it.

Therefore, the ravenous brute in a sheep’s clothing of which Jesus monkey “Christ” “heartrendingly” is warning his victims, at first is he (Jesus “Christ”) and his fellow Christians. Foul play resulting from perfidy is no “weakness of the flesh” but the intent of perfidy, perfidious heart and perfidious mind of Christian sect. If the Christians and their felons’ coach Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Jesus monkey “Christ”) would not blind their victims by the reverse of that what they really intent, viz, if they  would not hide perfidy by a sheep’s clothing of “love”, the Christians would run the risk of becoming lynched by their victims. That is why Jesus monkey “Christ” and his fellow Christians perfidiously always fake to be „martyrs”, since those Christian aggressors and transgressors on equity and good faith in principle and from the very outset are afraid  of getting that retaliation they  deserve. They know that they are felons because of their perfidy and their foul play resulting from it. Fearing just retaliation for that is what makes Christians claim to be “martyrs”, in advance and fiercely.

The victims  of Christian deception  shall be blinded to think:  Those (Jesus monkey „Christ“  and his mon(k)ey-Christians)  who  warn us that “heartrendingly” of ravenous wolves in a sheep’s clothing never can be some of those ones they are warning us …




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[i] Arthur Schopenhauer, die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung, („The World as Will and Perception“) ed. by Wolfgang Freiherr von Löhneysen, Frankfurt/M. 1960, § 65, IV. Vo. I, p. 500; German text translated by my own: „Laß' es mich nicht sehn, wer  bin ich.'"


[ii] Concerning the outward appearance of Jesus „Christ“ see: