Chapter: 2, Part:7

Jesus' Training of Foul Play

 Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime


Psychological Projections of Jesus  and the  Christians

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1. Jesus' psychological Projections as one  Constituent of Christianity

Psychological Projections in Context with the other Constituents of Christianity



1.  Jesus' psychological Projections as one  Constituent of Christianity


Right from the start we want to make clear: The one who has not comprehended psychological projections, that one has not understood Christianity. Psychological projections constitute that what the Christians call "doctrines," "dogmas" or (Christian) "faith." In Christian sect, everything either are psychological projections or results from psychological projections. One even can say that the "god" of Christianity is psychological projection. "God" is what those terrorist dastards want to be and Satan that what they are! However, to understand why this is the case, some background is in order.

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Psychological projection means to attribute the desires, flaws, depravity and other features of oneself on someone else, preferably on one's rivals or competitors. Colloquially speaking, psychological projections, firstly, mean dishing the unfulfilled desires, dirt of one's own on someone else and secondly, to believe in those lies of one's own. If one does not believe in the lies of one's own, it might be about perfidies, infamies and insidiousness, but it is not about psychological projections. I. e., the psychological projection premises to believe in the lies of one's own. By psychological projection, the depraved project all their bad features and/or maliciousness on their enemy and lie all good features (they do not have) to themselves.

So to speak, psychological projections serve laying the blame for the failures, bad traits and dirt, etc. of one’s own at somebody else’s door, preferably at that one of one’s competitors, rivals, adversaries or enemies. Here, it is about displeasing truths the projecting one cannot bear (see: Joh 16:12) and therefore, represses them. For instance, if it is about odious and disgusting traits of one’s own, the projecting one has to despise himself. Therefore, he might become unable to endure the truths about himself (see: Joh 16:12), viz, to stand himself. The projecting ones believe that ruthlessly in their lies that one rather could stop a dashing train by one's mere arms than convincing those projecting ones that they foster ruthless lies for the benefit of their own. Keeping their psychological projection, some dastards like, for example, the Christians even regard those lies even as "martyrdom for the truths." However, this is only their "martyrdom" of psychological projections without which they prefer death to life (slogan: faith or death)! Psychological projections, therefore, mean that one never admits to lie and being a liar but to believe in one's lies whatever it costs, even if the world has to perish! This is what the spawns of terror, i.e. Christians, call "martyrdom for the truths" or "self-sacrifice" for one's neighbor... Insofar, psychological projections also are the ideological foundation of terrorism as far as the terrorists believe in the "moral excellence" of their terror like the Christians are used to doing so.

Joh 16:12 NRSV

12 "I (Ben-Pandera, aka: Jesus "Christ) still have many things to say to you, but you ("martyrs of the truths" even feign to die for the truths) cannot bear them now.

The "prophet," oh yeah, the "god" ruthlessly feigning to die for "the truths," says this to faking "martyrs of the truths"... Who knows more an abomination like terrorism of Christianity? Hereby, Ben-Pandera loses his and his fellow terrorists' and Mafiosi's mask that the more they cannot bear the truths and the more they pass off their lies as "truths" and even force others to adopt their lies, the more they are used to faking to be "martyrs of the truths." The mask is the reverse of the mug it is hiding. Even Christian "morals" (thieves' cant: "love") are nothing but the prey trust in the confidence tricksters, i. e. their slaughterers.
Especially to Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus "Christ") and the Christians psychological projections are perfidious tricks to repress and to forget unbearable truths. Hereby, the Christians and the miscarriage of nature they lifted to their "god" (see: e401) want to condition as well themselves as others, firstly, to become impervious to the truths and secondly tough on their adversaries, respectively, enemies. Psychological projection, means that the concerned lie to themselves, as well as they lie to others but that the lie to oneself even is more important than the deception to one fellow humans. A deceiver believing in the lies of his own is much more dangerous as a criminal knowing that he is telling lies. Those who believe in their lies, in particular, those who perpetrate psychological projections, do not only jeopardize themselves but also the public and therefore, one cannot tolerate collective lies by excusing that they purportedly help the poor sods, which believe in them. Collectives lies are about attempts at destroying human's social existence.

The Christians' projections are a kind of second nature, if not first one of theirs! The truths are repressed or forged at the bar of one’s conscience and regarding one’s fellow human beings. Psychological projections are an attempt of getting rid of one's (bad) conscience and the truths. Apart from some mental diseases, believing in one's lies is due to a deliberate decision to live a lie! Already from this fact the psychological projections mainly serve unleashing the evil under a moral pretense without restraints. Ben-Pandera compulsively modeled it towards the Pharisees. It is about canting one's own shortcomings, deficiencies, depravity, perfidy, foul mouth, foul play and infamy by projecting those depravities and deficiencies on others, preferably on his competitors and rivals.

People often say that one should allow lies and self-deception to poor sods if they help them. Certainly, this was the very flaw in the reasoning of the generations about two millennia ago. It is to assume that they thought that way, and therefore, they did not nip the Christian terrorism in disguise of a religion, in the bud. For a psychological expert, who is not depraved or sick himself, finally his psychological projections debunk Ben-Pandera - the instigator of (terrorism of) Christianity - as a spawn of hatred, terror and hell.

The most fruitful ground of psychological projections is self-hatred. Since the concerned one cannot bear the truths about himself (see: Joh 16:12), he hates himself. Consequently, he projects the hated traits of his own on others. He cannot bear the truths about himself, and therefore, he projects the hated features of his own on others.

Ben-Pandera even, quite frankly, expresses self-hatred and hereby complies with the premise of psychological projections:


Lu 14:26 NKJV

26 "If anyone comes to me (Jesus) and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be my  (Jesus') disciple. (Capital letters adapted to English orthography).


Ben-Pandera's compulsive hatred and vindictiveness are that obsessive that he even puts up with frank transgression of God's Ten Commandments, although lying that he purportedly fulfills the law (see: Mt 5:17). The latter oblige individuals to honor their father and mother (see: Ex 20:12). Ben-Pandera sometimes shamming to fulfill god's law (see: Mt 5:17) even does not care that the "law" he lies to fulfill (see: Mt 5:17) obliges individuals to love oneself (see: Le 19:18, Le 19:34). How could he do so if he and his negative selection of the evil (see: Mt 9:12, Mt 2:17, Lu 5: 31-32) compulsively hate themselves? Already this conclusively debunks (terrorism of) Christianity as an organized crime of deception when feigning that it promotes compliance of the Ten Commandment. The evidence that Ben-Pandera obstructs the Ten Commandments necessitating hypocrisies and perfidies, when wanting to give the impression to promote the Ten Commandments. Apart from all, Lu 14:26 proves that the Christian calls a bundle of hatred not only "god" but also a "prophet" of "love." This demonstrates how necessarily Christianity is just hypocrisy and perfidy, besides terror, if, for example, Christian sects lie to promote the Ten Commandment.

Collective self-deception inevitably entails psychological projections. Consequently, one cannot allow liars to unleash their collective lies and self-deceits.
Everything is interdependent in the world. Therefore, the lie about oneself necessarily entails the lie about others. If the last want to pose as "the first," they have to lie, suppress and force the first at last to the second if not as "the last." Then, they necessarily have to call their lies "the absolutely and inerrant truths," reciprocally, they have to pass the truths off as "lies." One even can say that the Christians perpetrated their inquisition, wars, murder and mass-murder, i.e. their terrorism only for the reason to call their lies "truths" and the truths "lies." There are no more egotism and selfishness in the world than the Christian ones! If lies become a power, they inevitably lead to terror since such a "faith" already is foul play. Therefore, we call Christianity and organized crime!

Ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ") debunks himself as spawn of depravity and terror by his self-hatred. He even instigates others to the abomination of self-hatred. He knows that his followers cannot bear truths while perpetrating the perfidy of shamming to be "martyrs of the truths"! The only wonder he would have performed would be the one that there are no psychological projections as the consequences. His and his fellow dastards' psychological projections do not prove the evilness of those on which he projects them (his flaws, depravity and criminality), i.e. the Judaic clergies and the Jewish people, but those ones of his own and his fellow terrorists, i.e. Christians.
For instance, in the desert, he purportedly encounters Satan. However, he does not meet the devil there, but he discovers himself as this Satan of his own idea, i. e. he encountered his own mug behind his mask of ("love," "charity," "modesty" and "humbleness" etc.)...
As already demonstrated in paragraph e101 of this treatise, Satan only keeps the features Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") bears himself.
The devil purportedly wants to bribe him by offering all kingdoms of the world to him. However, the "bribed" devil proper claims to keep "all authorities in heaven and on earth" (Mt 28:18). Why did not Ben-Pandera say to Satan that he is bribing him with things he already is keeping? The answer: Because the deal was not concluded yet, at this moment!
We shall believe that Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") resisted Satan. However, in the very hype of "sermon on the mountain" this Satan (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") advises us "not to resist the evil" (Mt 5:39). Is Satan no evildoer? How can one infer that Ben-Pandera resisted Satan in the desert if his views prohibit to resist the evil? Is Satan no evildoer?
In fact, this Satan only does that to Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") what the latter does so to his followers, the negative selection of the sick, i.e. evil, needing a physician and no physician can help. He pretends being able to grant the authority to play "god" in one's respective social environment (thieves' cant: "the authority to bind and to lose on earth what at the same time is bound and loosed in heaven," see: Mt 16:19, Mt 18:18), of course, for being addressed and worshiped as "god," in exchange. My word, this means that the Christian creeps n' crooks even can command the does and don'ts to god... For instance, what, if god does not agree with the crimes, murders, mass-murders, barbarities and other terror the Christian dastards n' bastards bind and loose on earth? According to Satan, whom the Christians pass off as "god," Satan (Christian jargon: "god") has to swallow what the Christians serve to him... As already mentioned, we partly expounded this in the first chapter 1 (e101) and are going to continue to spell out below (e2061).
The same fake of "inerrant" and "absolutely true god's word" informs us that god does not tempt someone (see: Jas 1:13) "But one is tempted by one’s own desire, being lured and enticed by it" (Jas 1:14). Demonstrably, that Satan that tempted Ben-Pandera were the Satanic nature of Christians' foremost terrorist from the death row, i.e. Jesus "Christ"! I. e., we do not only need to refer to reason to debunk this encounter as a psychological projection of the planet's foremost felon from the death row which the Christians worship as "god." Already the rogue's half-brother James informs us that this Satan that tempted Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") was Ben-Pandera, in his very person!

Beside Satan, the Pharisees serve for Jesus' venom of psychological projection. The Pharisees are depicted as arrogant, supercilious and selfish people. However, one "only" can state the most selfish and supercilious being is Ben-Pandera and his fellow desperadoes, i.e. Christians. Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") wants to take "the first place in everything" (Col 1:18) and even wants to be addressed as "god" but sees haughtiness and selfishness "only" with rivals and competitors but not with himself... Below (e2063), we are going to point out this psychological projection of this dastard or terrorist in a sheep's clothing, in greater detail.
 As just proven, Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") hates everybody and himself and that is why he poisons human's social existence by the venom of his lies, self-deception, semantic simulations and psychological projections, etc. Later Judas and finally, the Jews became replaced as a goat of psychological projections for which the Pharisees initially had to serve. The consequences were continuous mass-murders of Christians on the Jews and finally, the Holocaust in the years 1933-1945. The final and decisive instigator of the Holocaust on the Jews was Satan's catamite, whom the Christians call Jesus "Christ"! Those who worship Jesus "Christ" as "god" worship Satan as "god." Hence, Christians are the dregs of humankind, already by their very nature!

At present, let us record: The psychological projections are the permanent war of Ben-Pandera and his Christians on the truths about themselves. Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") modeled this venom or perfidy to his fellow dastards. Since the Christians cannot bear the truths about themselves, they project other innocent people as the spawns of hell which they are! The belief in their psychological projections aggravates depravity and terrorism of Christianity since their evilness hereby loses the inhibitions of a bad conscience. This is Ben-Pandera and his fellow desperadoes', i.e Christians', "martyrdom for the truths". The author of this treatise experienced Christian anti-Semitists that really were convinced that the Jews have those flaws which precisely turn out as the ones of a very Christian believer. Those Christians even were convinced to say the truths when lying about the Jews. So, allowing collective liars their lies and deceits do not only mean to allow insulting others but to commit crimes on them, finally even mass-murder (as "perfection of social life" as Christians perfidiously cant their mass-murders).

 In addition, we have to state that by those psychological projections, Christainity destroys good faith and fair play as human's social existence since it replaces them by the foul play of foul mouths. This means that the terror of Christianity is much more far-reaching than the fake of repentance, which the pope-desperado fussed in March 12, 2000.
The Christians always need scapegoats and victims, i.e. psychological projections, for their depravities and terror because the evilest of the evil and terrorists desire to strut as "upholders of moral standards." Consequently, innumerable people have to serve as that what the Christians hide behind their mask. This is Ben-Pandera's "effusive love" of the Pharisees, a very demonstration how the top dastard modelled the Christians' "loves" to their enemies... Such is the Christians' "love" towards the Jews and all their other rivals which they murdered and mass-murdered, etc. Perfidy means to mask everything by its reverse. If the Jews cannot serve as such a psychological projection any longer, other people have to do so: Scientologist, Islam, Atrott or those who are for abortion, etc.
The Christians' mass-murders on witches also were based on psychological projections. In a Christianly enslaved society, the slaves are too cowardly as to retaliate for the hypocrisies, perfidies, torments and all the other evil by which the Christian slaveholders (thieves' cant: "shepherds") harm them. Therefore, as well the Christian slaves as their slaveholders always are looking for victims of psychological projections on which they can project the shortcomings, depravities, viciousness and terror of their own. The Christian terrorists (cant of perfidy: "good shepherds") look for objects of psychological projection since they are that depraved, evil and criminal so that they even call themselves sick (see: Mt 9:12, Mk 2:17, Lk 5:31-32, Lk 19:10) and cannot admit to themselves being inferior to their fellow humans with regard to ethics. The biological robots (thieves' cant: "sheep") look for objects for psychological projections because they suffer from the falsehood, depravities and torments of their slaveholders but cannot blame, stop and retaliate against them. I.e., the slaveholders (thieves' cant: "good shepherds") look for psychological projections because they are depraved, evil and criminal by nature to such a disastrous extent that they cannot admit their evil nature to themselves (and so compulsively project it on other people). The slaves (thieves' cant: "sheep") are used to looking for psychological projections because they do not dare to blame and retaliate for the torments against their slaveholders. If they should do so, they become punished by the slaveholders' in the same way like their victims of psychological projections. Christian terrorists (thieves' cant: "shepherds") are the paragons and epitomization of a criminal. By the "retaliating" to mostly innocent victims in place of to the real perpetrators, the Christian slaves become the same criminals as their slaveholders (rogues' cant: "good shepherds") are. This is the way, how the collective lies and self-deception intoxicate human's social existence. Therefore, Christian societies always have enemies bearing the precise features of the Christians. Christian societies always have to look for enemies bearing the evil traits the Christians keep and do not admit to themselves on account of the extent of depravity and criminality. For the first two millennia, the Jews, in particular, but not only the Jews had to serve as this goat of projections.

The dregs of humankind, i.e. the Christian priest-terrorists, desire to strut as "upholders of moral standards," at all costs. Hence, the Christian dastards cannot live without such scapegoats for their psychological projections. Otherwise, they would have to give up their lies, deceit and self-deception, i.e. disband (terrorism of) Christianity! In view of such profitable a business, the latter is not to expect. The negative selection of the sick needing a physician (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) wanting to redeem themselves by collective lies, deceit and self-deception (under moral pretence, i.e. perfidy) need victims on which they can unleash their depravity and criminality by moral pretence... Therefore, a Christianly enslaved society always is a criminal one since it cannot exist without lies, in particular, without psychological projections. Saying it unambiguously: Without psychological projections there would be no Christianity any longer as without lies, there would be no Christianity, any longer.
Consequently, Christian allegations that they purportedly "regret" their foul play and will not redo it any longer is irrelevant. This is only a trick for securing impunity and the existence (of this terrorism in disguise of a religion). Christians neither can control their compulsive lies nor their obsession with psychological projections. Those depravities and criminalities are the nature of the Christians (thieves' cant: the sick needing a physician) as four legs belong to the nature of hyenas. Christians have no free will but necessarily Objektivationen of and epitomization of criminality (see: Mt 7:17-18). They are the dregs of and by nature! They know it and they see the only chance to hide themselves by lying, deceiving, masking and terrorize others to tell the truths about them. Everything of that, they veil, mask and cant by hypocrisies and  perfidies.  This, of course, does not mean that mental handicapped ones do not claim a free will to them even while contradicting their "inerrant" and "absolutely true god" Ben-Pandera from the death row.  As natural born liars are very, very inventive if it is about lying, the Christians purport a lot! For example, they also  claim "love", "modesty" and "humbleness" for
themselves. Everything is part of compulsive self-deception (thieves' cant: "gospel").

 The first premise of the possibility to change oneself is admittance of the truths what one really is and what one truly does. The Christians rather would reduce the world to rubbles than admitting what they really are. Christianity is an invention to deny what one is and one does. This is the purpose of this (terrorist) sect. The other humans that to do not agree with those psychological projections rather should die but those "sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) never will give in admitting the truths. Due to their wicked, perfidious and criminal mind, the Christian terrorists call those mendacities: "martyrdom for the truths"! These vicious ones - nobody can top - even have the effrontery as to call the ruthless fight for their lies of unscrupulous psychological projections "martyrdom of the truths" and even "love to the enemy." Hereby, their depravities, crimes and terror shall become out of question and consequently unassailable. One can say that Christianity is a terrorism how to make one's evilness and criminality unassailable. It is the hatred towards the enemy because the projecting ones are inferior to them, cannot bear themselves but want to bear themselves, at all costs and by stopping at nothing. Denying, repressing and suppressing what the Christians do, that is for what Christianity is fabricated. Christianity is contrived so that the evil (thieves' cant: "sinners") can bear themselves. Ben-Pandera perpetrates those by lies, deceits and, in particular, psychological projections, i.e. self-deception, of course, for being addressed and worshiped as "god," in exchange. The hypocrite whom the Christians call Jesus "Christ," of course, plays the ignorant that this "salvation" by lying is a terrorism on god who made the Christians the last ones. On the contrary, his compulsive determination to lie, he completes with perfidies. Consequently, the Christians call their ruthless lies, deceit and self-deception "martyrdom for the truths." The rest those spawns of terror manage by perfidies! Nobody is that mendacious and full of hatred to oneself like the Christians are (see: Lu 14:26)! It corresponds with perfidy to lie this even as "love to the enemy." It tallies with psychological projections to believe in these abominable and remorseless lies, ruthlessly.
Let us recall: Psychological projections mean that the one perpetrating them believes in them. Believing in one's lies is the peak of all falsehood. People start doing so, if they hate themselves that much (see: Lu 14:26) so that the truth about the own person is unbearable. They start living a lie by the decision that the illusion of oneself and others is to bear, in contrast with the truths about oneself and others. Of course, the self-deceivers cannot admit to themselves lying and therefore, cannot stop wowing even to be "martyrs of the truths." The notion of the truths here becomes a weapon for the lie so that the truths are impotent against the terrorists' lies! That is the goal of lying! This is the evidence of Christian dastards (thieves' cant: shepherds) are the moral dregs of humankind, already by nature! This is the evidence that Christianity is terrorism. Each theory of excusing the depraved and criminal nature of the Christians, e. g. by social determination, just enables the terror of the terrorists, i. e. also is self-delusion and hereby venom to the survival of all humankind.

 Consequently, the "ordinary" liars and deceivers are not that depraved and unscrupulous like the Christian "reverends" are. The former evidently still can bear their foul mouth and foul play. In addition, the criminal knowing and admitting to him- or herself committing an offence can give a promise to refrain from it, in the future. The Christian criminal cannot do so since this presupposition (of admitting to oneself perpetrating a crime) is not given, here. When perpetrating their crimes, the Christian terrorists fool themselves wreaking "moral excellences"...

Hence, nothing makes lies and deceits more harmful if the perpetrator believes in them! If lies and deceits „honestly“ -- i.e., by repressed or deadened conscience -- become believed, then they generally do not only become dangerous but disastrous, in fact, for the whole public! Apart from mental illnesses that may have other reasons, living lies and deceits do not come into being without the concerned one’s voluntarily decision to prefer lies and deceits to the truths. The Christians call this decision for living a lie, henceforward, "conversion to Christ" or "reborn as Christian" etc.

One should think it over and over, again: Those Christian hypocrites feigning and faking even to snuff it for the truths, in fact, and according to their “god’s word” are unable to experience truths (see: Joh 16:12). However, already this is a psychological projection of Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ).
The perfidious that resort to psychological projections deceive themselves in the following way: I (Christian) am not that abhorrent, abominable, despicable, disgusting and odious being. Those are the traits of my rivals or my enemies. Those traits cannot be those ones of mine (since I deceive myself that my enemy is keeping those traits). Hence, the projecting one unveils himself by picturing the hated rivals and enemies of his.
However, after the decision of living a lie (Christians' cant: "rebirth in Christ") now the Christian dastards fool themselves being the best individuals of “love” and “charity” one can imagine. They, hey presto, purportedly do not only “love” their next ones but even their enemies, all over. Quite the contrary is the case! Who wonders when taking into account that it is about creeps & crooks not knowing the first things about love and ttherefore,contrive the hypocrisy of "love of the eenemy?"

The decision to live to lie, henceforward, does not make any change of mind, traits and character of the individual. Even according to Ben-Pandera, this is impossible (see: Mt 7:17-18). It is a change by lying the fact as the concerned one needs them to bear himself. I. e. the change only is a (new) mendacious evaluation of the facts as the Christian dastardly terrorists want them to have but not as they are. According to the collective lies (thieves' cant: "gospel") everything is canted to the selfishness of the concerned dastards. The latter pass their mendacious evaluation, i.e. their lies, off as "facts" and "truths". For those lies (thieves' cant: "truths") they rather die and destroy the world but never admit the truths. Consequently, the evil is passed off as the "good" and therefore, Christians praise themselves to be that what they are not: "humble," "modest" and "lovable" etc. While feigning utmost morals (thieves' cant: "love"), absolute lack of morals, unscrupulousness and depravity is unleashed. The evil becomes unrestrained if passed off as the "good" what the Christians do. Hereby, the evil loose all inhibitions, e.g. of a bad conscience, which generally people have when perpetrating harm on others. Therefore, Christianity necessarily is terrorism. Christianizing people means "salvation" by lying but by no change of the moral traits of people. Unleashing the evil by passing it of as the "good," this is the idea of Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") and of Christian sect! It is also their success or the triumph of Christian terrorism!
For instance, all the abhorrence, evilness, abomination depravities, perfidies and insidiousness, etc. the "reborn Christians" noticed before as the components of their selves, they now only and all the more project on their rivals and enemies, which they perfidiously “love” all over and infinitely. the "moral transfiguration" of the dregs of humankind takes place... By talking himself into believing to "love" the enemy, the Christian dastards want to deny towards themselves and others that the latter serve as the victims of their psychological projection. So-to-speak: I (Christian dastard or "reborn" "love" my enemy. So, how could they be my victims for psychological projection? This is Ben-Pandera's "redemption" by lying (as well to others as to oneself)! Those are the "Glad Tidings" of the criminals' sect for all the criminals in the world, i.e. the sect of the homo scelestus for the homo scelestus!


By this coaching of foul mouths and foul players, the terrorists become a danger to the public on account of the immanent consequences. If the Christian self-deceiver now really believes in his lies that the evil is not with him or her but with the victims of his (her) psychological projection, then, the projecting one now believes that the enemy is to extirpate. Having eliminated the enemy (victim of one's psychological projections) now means that happiness instantly comes into being since the purported "evil" -- impeding happiness, hitherto -- is wiped out. Getting rid of the enemies means achieving one’s happiness. Consequently, the enemy is to kill so that the happiness of the wretched terrorists comes into existence. Consequently, Christianity necessarily is terrorism! The Christians' mass murders, in particular, that on the Jews are caused by this immanent consequence (of Christians' psychological projections). If someone "honestly" believes in his psychological projections, then he is convinced that by getting rid of the enemies (which serve as the goat for his projections) one gets rid of all the cases for one's misery ... The Nazis "only" followed this Christianly conditioning.
So, why do the “reborn Christians” feel so “moral” and “heavenly” after their conceited “rebirth” in Christ? The answers:

  • Because they project all their still existing evilness, depravity, perfidy, infamy and abomination on their rivals and enemies, they now fool themselves having become decent individuals. Of course, if one projects all the depravities of oneself on another one, consequently, cannot find any fault with oneself. The extirpation of this "hindrance" to one's happiness is about to become a logical decision… Already, therefore, Christianity is terrorism. The extraordinarily charades of "morals" (thieves' cant: "love"), the Christians of all individuals extremely as fanatically are used to fussing are plaid in order to get rid of ethics and hereby of one's bad conscience. The Christian terrorists excessively play the very, very "moral" ones in order.

  • The Christians abundantly are used to fuss around to be very "moral" firstly, in order to hide that they are totally bereft of any ethics and

  • secondly, to annihilate ethics as an objection to Christian terror, i.e. to get rid of morals and to deaden the bad conscience.


In contrast with the Christians’ lies, the (Christian) evil does not come frankly, barely, openly, honestly and well announced in advance so that everybody can prepare for it. The Christian evilness comes into existence as an attack of surprise and ambush and more over camouflaged by hypocrisy, mendacity, lies and deceits. Psychological projections serve hypocrisy, mendacity, lies and deceits so that Christian Mafiosi can perpetrate their foul play, outrages and barbarities with a deadened conscience, viz, unscrupulously! Most important is: There is no other success for the evil losers. That is what Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) correctly realized. Those are the "Glad Tidings" of a dastardly terrorist for dastardly terrorists who today are called "Christians"!

Mr 3:27 NRSV

27  But no one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his property without first tying up the strong man; then indeed the house can be plundered.


It is about achieving an asymmetry of attackers and victims in favor of the stealthily armed criminals. Since the dastards are the born losers who only can lose on fair conditions, the victims are to lull into a false sense of security, e. g., by feigning to them that the offenders "love" them so much, so that they unarm in the presence of the Christian dastards while the latter furtively arm to the utmost under their cowl. That is the way Christian evilness, perfidies and foul play are accomplished successfully, viz, by surprise and by ambush. If the victims do not want like the Christian want him to do, the dastards show the arms they have hidden under their cowls and "apply" them to their defenseless victims (thieves' cant: "love to the enemy"). I.e., Christians are so "moral" and "full of love" to achieve an asymmetry of arming between dastardly attackers and nothing suspecting victims. When the victims get aware that their "lovers" are very, very armed they are already knocked off and thus cannot defend! In order to illustrate the very "divine" teachings of planet earth's foremost terrorist and its top organized crime, we want to resort to a comparison. Each weak and dastardly wife can stab her very strong hubby while he is sleeping in bed, in the presence of this Christian dastard. Hubby is fettered according to the trick of the homo scelestus. As sleeping one, he cannot defend himself. This is what the Christian wife and follower of the tricks (thieves' cant: "tenets") of Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") knows. Before hubby notices being stabbed by his wife "loving" him in a very Christianly way, he already is dead, murdered by his Christian wife always vowing "love" not only to him but even to her enemies...

This is the "gospel" of Jesus "Christ," Satan's very catamite! This is this wisdom of Satan's success and that one of his Anointed one (Greek: Christos)! Those are the "Glad Tidings" of a dastard n' bastard from the gallows or cross for all the dastards n' bastards in the world! This is the sect of the homo scelestus!
Putting it in another way: Psychological projections shall provide necessary unscrupulousness for cowardly perpetrators and their foul play. However, this is the most important matter: There is no other successful way for crimes and terror of dastards, i.e. of naturally born losers. This is what Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) correctly realizes. In six words: Enslavement by terror veiled by perfidies!


2. Psychological Projections in Context with the other  Constituents of Christianity


As demonstrated, Christians are criminal dastards hating themselves on account of the just mentioned nature of their own (see: Lu 14:26). On account of their depravity and criminality, they are unable to admit the truths to themselves (see: Joh 16:12). All their evil features Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") and his fellow terrorists (Christians) project on other people, i. e., on victims. For that purpose initially the Pharisees served, later the people of the Jews but each other adversary and enemy of the Christians keeping that pre-eminence the Christians do not have but so gladly would like to have (see: Col 1:18)... As we are going to expound in greater detail, Ben-Pandera flings the mud of his own at the Pharisees. It debunks him as a spawn of hell. He as miscarriage of body, nature and ethics wants to have "the first place in everything" (Col 1:18) but blames others for "haughtiness" and "superciliousness" etc. His fuss of playing "god" is due to his compulsive disorder of grandeur wanting to have "the first place in everything" (Col 1:18). That is why he wants to be "god." The depraved traits of megalomania hereby unmask, the spawn of hatred and foul play projects on the Pharisees and later the people of Israel. He needs victims for his psychological projection because he (Jesus "Christ") is unable to bear his depravity and criminality of his own (see: Joh 16:12).
Psychological projections entail that Ben-Pandera and his
fellow phonies, i.e. Christians, are impervious to reason and the truths or as German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) says Christians' "lying at any price" (Anti-Christ § 47). Because they do not want to know who they are, at any price, the project the truths about themselves on others. This means determination of lying at any price and transgressing another commandment of god's Ten Commandments that one shall not bear false witness on one's neighbor (see: Ex 20:16). Psychological projections prove that (terrorism of) Christianity is founded on destruction of the Ten Commandments. Without this destruction of God's commandment there would not exist any Christian sect.

Hence, psychological projections constitute Ben-Pandera's and the Christians' behavior of being impervious to reason and consequently, to the truths. They are unable to bear the truths and therefore Ben-Pandera and the Christians seal themselves off the truths. This is the problem of reason and "faith" in (criminality of) Christianity.
Another consequence of this determination of lying and deceiving (in order to abide by one's psychological projection) is the replacement of the truths by the arbitrariness of desperadoes: Faith shifts mountains (see: Mt 17:20, Mt 21:21, Lu 17:6) and the truths, anyway. Everything Ben-Pandera (thieves' cant: Jesus "Christ") or the Christians are used to hissing out are fabrications of this top Christian "credo": "Truth" only is that what we (Christian dastards) arbitrarily declare as such! For example, if Ben-Pandera or his fellow dastards claim him to be "god," "martyr of the truths," "having risen from the dead," having perpetrated other "wonders" or performed "vicarious atonement" or being on "good terms" with god, everything of that is nothing but contrivance of the terrorists' top credo: faith shifts mountains and the truths anyway. Psychological projections only are to maintain according to the credo that the faith (of desperadoes) shifts mountains and the truths, anyway. Even the allegation that (terrorism of) Christianity was a religion is based on this "credo." Since faith purportedly shifts mountains (see: Mt 17:20, Mt 21:21, Lu 17:6) and the truths anyway, each of Ben-Pandera's and the Christians' psychological projections are "true." The one who contradicts does not believe enough (in turning lies into "truth" or water into "wine") and therefore, he or she is to murder as a heretic, preferably by burning him or her while being alive!
A further constituent of (terrorism of) Christianity is the hype of "sermon on the mountain," in particular, the credo which is debunked there: " not resist the evil (Mt 5:39)!"
Perpetrating psychological projections is an evilness according to the Ten Commandments, since, in particular, is an obstruction of the Commandment that one shall not bear false witness on one's fellow human (Ex 20:16), in principle and from the very outset. Psychological projections are false witness on one's fellow humans. However, by fooling himself that faith shifts mountains and consequently, the truths anyway, Ben-Pandera, in addition, can fool himself as a "god" who does not need to care about god's Ten Commandments and as a result, can act as evilly as Satan does...! Faith shifts mountains means that there are no truths. "Truth" only is that what the trinity of Satan (Christian jargon: "god") or his Anointed One (Greek: Christos) and their henchmen contrive, fabricate and declare as such (for profit of their delusion of grandeur and lust for powers)... In fact, if one imagines how Satan would define the notion of the truth, one has to state that he (Satan) is present, wherever there is a Christian "shepherd"...

The purpose of Christianity is the criminalness by which the depraved or the dregs of humankind (thieves' cant: the sick needing a physician, see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31-32, Lu 19:10) want to get rid of the truths (of being the moral dregs of humankind). For this purpose, Ben-Pandera and the Christians are used to contriving psychological projections to project their moral and other inferiorities on the enemies. As the peak of perfidy, they even hide this foul play on their enemies as "love." No wonder! In order to maintain the perfidy of psychological projections the doctrines of faith shifts mountains (and the truths, anyway) and "do not resist the evil" (Mt 5:39) are fabricated. Everything Ben-Pandera or his fellow terrorists are used to hissing out are derivations of the mentioned "credos"!
As Ben-Pendera modeled it to his fellow terrorists, he and the Christians always are in need of psychological projections, since they cannot bear the truths about themselves (see: Joh 16:12). After the last mass-murder on the Jews, the criminality of Christianity has lost its traditional victims of psychological projection. However, not the Jews but depravity of Ben-Pandera and the Christians made those victims of psychological projections. If the Christians cannot use the Jews as the victims of their depravity, i.e. for their psychological projections any longer, they will look for other victims serving for that. Scientologists, Atrott, the Muslims and the Hindus now preferably have to play this part for the Christian terrorism. However, it is to expect that like the Jews, the Muslims or Hindu will not serve as the victims for Christians' psychological projections, any longer, if the Christians have massacred them completely... That is the "method" how the Christian terrorists, for example, "convinced" the adherents of Mithraic religion that they were "wrong"... It does not matter that this is the contrary of that what the perfidious dastards brag about  "love to the enemy." Finally, lying and deceiving is the social existence of dastards, desperadoes, Mafiosi and terrorists, in particular, the Christian ones. Who cares? If somebody dares to tell it, he likely has to go to jail for having violated religious feeling, i.e. the Christian terrorists have the rights, firstly, to wreak terrorism and secondly, to cant their bestialities as "love." Everything else is an insult to the terrorists punishable in most Christianly enslaved countries! is honor among thieves and even among Satan (Christians' cant: "god") and the Christian terrorists! massacred millions of Muslims or Hindus, those spawns of hell, viz, Christians, will look for new victims for their psychological projections... And there still are people calling the Christians irredeemably incorrigible...

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