Chapter: 2, Part: 6

Jesus' Training of Foul Play

 Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Jesus’ and the Christians’ Trojan Horse  of “Love”



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Table of contents:


1.     How Jesus necessarily  depraves “tenets” and “love” of his own

2.     How Jesus uses faked “love” to lift up himself and his terror priests to slaveholders

3.     The  pretended new ego of the Christian foul players

4.     Jesus’ love and morals an alibi for enslavement and corresponding barbarities

5.     Summary



1. How Jesus necessarily depraves “tenets” and “love” of his own


   It is the very hype of Christian sect.  Christian foul players are used to bragging about being a sect of “(brotherly) love”.  More over, Christian sect that feigns to be “modest” and “humble” fools itself being superior to other sects and religions because of its “glad tidings” of “love”. So, let us scrutinize Jesus "Christ's" „love“.


Lu 6:32-35 (NJKV)

32  "But if you love those who love you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners love those who love them.

33  "And if you do good to those who do good to you, what credit is that to you? For even sinners do the same.

34  "And if you lend to those from whom you hope to receive back, what credit is that to you? For even sinners lend to sinners to receive as much back.

35  "But love your enemies, do good, and lend, hoping for nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High. For He is kind to the unthankful and evil


       „If you love those who love you, what benefit do you have from that?”  Don’t make me laugh! That is no feeling, no emotion but only cold-blooded calculation, i.e., mask of hypocrites, liars, deceivers and felons.

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     However, before we proceed we want to catch the liar and deceiver in the act.  Before doing that, we have to produce evidence that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Jesus "Christ" ") never had love in mind but to misuse it as a mask. That means that Christian „love“ necessarily and inevitably is only a cold-blooded calculation of misleading and duping others and that Jesus in person depraves the alleged “noble” tenets of his own! 

    „Jesus "Christ" “ does not want to bring „love“ among individuals but hatred, vengeance and corresponding destruction of the alleged „last ones“ on those that turned out better by nature than he and his accomplices (Christian henchmen), the very depraved and last ones do.


Jesus said, "The kingdom of the father is like a certain man who wanted to kill a powerful man. In his own house he drew his sword and stuck it into the wall in order to find out whether his hand could carry through. Then he slew the powerful man.[i]


     Those are the frank confessions of Jesus "Christ" his accomplices (Christian foul players) that they try camouflaging by its morals reverse (e.g., “brotherly love” , “charity”,  “morals” etc.) in order to get their outrages and abominations unassailable: It is not about “love” but it is about how to defeat and even to murder others in order to domineer and enslave them. That is what history of Christian organized crimes teaches.   The sword Jesus wants to test if it works to enslave and to kill the alleged „beloved“ next ones is Jesus’ and the Christian foul players’ sham-morals, sham-love, sham-truths and sham-god etc.


    By those bugaboos (sham-love, sham-morals, sham-god etc.), Jesus and the Christian foul players use as shammed “legitimation”  for  dominating their fellow human being  by stopping and nothing  – if necessary even by murders. Jesus "Christ" knows that he only succeed in enslaving  humankind by instigating, arousing and using grudge, envy and vengeance of last ones on the first , i.e., by getting the evil as very reliable as ruthless henchmen.  He knows that he has to put upside down and downside up pertaining to morals so that the evil Christian foul players never are impeded to accomplish infamy, perfidy, fiendishness, outrages, barbarities and  other abominations he instigates to do by a bad conscience or pangs of remorse. One cannot become or stay slaveholder without crimes, bestiality and barbarities.  For this purpose, he contrives his sham-love, sham-truths and sham-morals doctored to the crimes Christian foul players will and have to do in order to succeed.


·        In Christianity, it is about becoming humankind’s slaveholders even by manslaughters and murders!  However,

·         it is not about love but becoming slaveholders by stopping at nothing.

·        It is about making one’s fiendishness, outrages and barbarities ,viz,  providing  the sheep's clothing for oneself as ravenous wolf by always feigning it as its moral reverse.

·        It is about coaching the perfect crime!

·        Tat is precisely what history of this Christian organized crime demonstrates that is instigated by a death penalty convict to whom murder is no problem – as the quotation from “The Gospel of Thomas” proves!  


   The German translator of „The Gospel of Thomas“ – of course a Christian – writes pertaining to that saying (logion 98 of “The Gospel of Thomas”):



„…in the meantime the opinion) seems to prevail  that „The Gospel of Thomas“ is independent (from the other gospels. Thus, it is very likely that „The Gospel of Thomas“ preserved authentic words of Jesus that were not admitted to the canonized scriptures. One example is logion 98 (we just quoted).  Due to its radical nature, it could have fallen victim to moral censorship. Its very similarity to authentic words of Jesus and in particular that enormous ruthlessness -- expressed by logion 98 -- is the evidence that Jesus is the author (of its sayings).”[ii]



    I.e., because sometimes the mask is lowered too much, abominable Christian foul players name things to be non-authentic, against their better knowledge. Jesus’ accomplices, the slaveholders finally must know what it is all about – however, not the slaves …!



Well, let us to catch the liar and deceiver, Jesus "Christ" , in the act. Let us compare the last quotation about “loves”  of Lu 6: 32 -35 -- we mentioned at first -- with the following one:



Lu 5:30-32 AV

30 But their scribes and Pharisees murmured against his disciples, saying, Why do ye eat and drink with publicans and sinners?

31 And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.

32 I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance


     Now, we got the liar and deceiver in the act. In the last mentioned quotation (Lu 5:30ff) those are called the righteous ones that are called sinners in the first mentioned quotation (of Lu 6:32ff) and those who are called the good in Lu 6:32ff are called the „the sick needing a physician“ (in Lu 5:31).


      Hereby, we got the liar in the act buttering up his henchmen against his better knowledge so that they worship him as the “god”. In return of worshiping this spiteful little devil as „god“, one gets any vain promise of him. Why did Jesus say that his accomplices (Christian foul players) are „the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5: 31, last quotation)?  Because at that time he still fancied that the high-ups will join him. However, when he puked that passage of Lu 6:32 – 35,  he already knew that only the depraved or the moral scum and the miscarriages  of nature are willing to join him.  Due to the depravity of his own, he does not shrink from blarneying those who worship him as the “god”, in exchange, as he in his very person described Satan to do so!


About the year 100 C.E.  in early  Christian community of Corinth a lot of old Christian rogues in frocks obviously democratically were voted out of their office by youngsters. However, the old Christian rogues  that lost their frocks had friends in Rome. Asked by the defeated minority or first time unasked, the Roman community  interfered with  a letter in another  foreign one.  The epistle was written by Clement the fourth pope (91-101). He is also mentioned in Php 4:3. His letter is known as „First Epistle of Clement”, in Christian sect.  It contains many Freudian slips debunking Christians’ crimes of deceit.


With their un requested letter of interference the Roman Christians, in particular, the later pope desperado Clement,  complains of the alleged „misbehavior“ of the young Christian rebels that obviously democratically won  in the following way: Their (democratic) “sedition” was an uprising:  

"So the worthless rose up against the honoured, those of no reputation against such as were renowned, the foolish against the wise, the young against those advanced in years." [iii]


Here, one can see that it is very dangerous to be a Christians. Nobody knows the latest order to curve it, just in time … In this letter, the later Roman pope blames the Corinthian insurgents nothing but  to be true Christians.   He reproaches them with that what Christian sect is about.

Is not Christian sect about

·     the lastthat desire to pose as the „first ones,

·     the infamous that perfidiously want to sham  as the “glorious”,

·     the ignorant that mendaciously want to fake the “sensible” ones,

·     the foul players that insidiously want to feign “martyrs”,

·     the foul mouths that want to sham  “love”?


By a Freudian slip, one early pope debunks the “glad tidings” of Christian terrorists’ chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") to be blatant lies and sheer deception and that the contrary of that is true what Christian foul mouths and foul players are used to shamming to be true to the victims of their deceit.


Mt 11:25 (NRSV)

25 ¶  At that time Jesus said, "I thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and the intelligent and have revealed them to infants;



Here, the ignorant one rise against the wise and intelligent ones! Here, the foul mouth put upside down and downside up. This is what the  (Roman) pope Clement and his early Roman Christians reproach the other (Corinthian) Christians… Christians obviously know the lies and crimes of deceit of their instigator Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus “Christ”). Otherwise they never could reproach their fellow henchmen with something that is the very  hard core of Jesus “Christ’s” plot (“glad tidings”) on humanity and humankind.

Well, as reasons  for that Corinthian „insolence“ of democracy the Roman Christians and later pope Clement call: „jealousy, envy and belligerence, lack of love, humbleness and understanding“.[iv]

Well, whoever could contest that those traits stigmatize the Christian, very, very strikingly? So, if somebody is lined up in the Christian terrorists’ sight of thirst for power, then being a Christian – otherwise feigned as „god’s chosen one“ -  becomes a matter of very disgrace and ignominy,  indeed as such an infamy we are debunking, here … So, if Christian do not lies and deceive they agree to that we uncover, here.



     However, somebody could comply with „tenets“ that contradict themselves?  “Depravity” of those “tenets” is scheduled while being concocted.


     Let us continue to analyze that strange sort of “love“ according to Lu 6:32 - 35, step by step:



First question to the Christian foul players: 

Do you love Jesus "Christ" ?

Answer: Yes!

Next question: Do you allege that Jesus loves you?

Answer: Yes!


Thus, the Christian foul players „love“ somebody that allegedly „loves“ them.  However, thus Christian foul players transgress Jesus "Christ's" commandment of „love“!


Now, some other questions:

·        What benefit do you have from „loving“ Jesus who (allegedly)  “loves” you?

·        Doesn’t Jesus "Christ" precisely reject that „love“ as „love“ of foul players the Christian foul players are used to rendering to him? 

·        Why do the Christian foul players transgress the „commandments of love“ of their dummy of “god”?

·        Why do the Christian foul players say that Jesus "Christ" „loves“ everybody and everybody shall „love“ Jesus "Christ" , although Jesus "Christ" despises such  “love in return” as habits of foul players? 

·        Whoever is able to abide by „tenets“ contradicting themselves?



    That is why those alleged „groovy“„tenets“ of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) always get depraved by its imbecilic, goofy, moronic and sick believers. That depraving is due to Jesus’ contradictions.   Everything that contradicts itself becomes disobeyed and „depraved“.  That is why Jesus Christ's"“tenets” constantly become “depraved” by Christian churches always, all over, for ages and forever …! Thus, those „tenets“ do nothing else but turn out that what they really are: Satanic depravity!  However, the Christian foul players „avoid knowing what is true“ [v]  and prefer „lying at nay price[vi].  That is why Jesus "Christ" always and steadily becomes „depraved” by his churches, i.e., by the organized crime he instigated …!



    However, there is more to say to the alleged „depraving“ of Jesus "Christ's" „tenets“ than that.  If something becomes depraved because it contradicts itself, then the perpetrator of that depraving is the one that fabricated depravity.  That means, first of all, Jesus "Christ" depraves the „tenets“ of his …!

Let us put some questions, now to Jesus "Christ" :


    First question:

    Jesus, do you « love » your Christian foul players?

Answer: Yes!

Second question:

Jesus, do the Christian foul players love you?

Answer: Yes!



      Then, Jesus, you „love“ those that love you (in return)!  Therefore, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) depraves the “tenets” of his.  Thus, Jesus "Christ" does that what he calls sinners to do. Hence, Jesus "Christ" , himself is a sinner (felon) doing that what sinners (felons) are used to doing.!  Consequently, Jesus "Christ" inadvertently and indirectly admits being a sinner (felon) and deceiver! That means, the Christian foul players’ god is a convicted sinner

     Oh no, what is mischief,  steadily, everywhere for ages and for ever Jesus "Christ’s” „noble tenets“ of deceptions get  depraved ...  And what do the Christian foul players do on that „depravity“? They camouflage one wrong promises by a lot of other wrong promises, they are used to veiling one lie  by a lot of other lies, one deception by a lot of other deceits, one crime by a lot of other outrages, abominations and barbarities etc. E.g., furtive and perfidious Christian foul players are used to claiming:


·        The „right gospel“ is going to come within the next five minutes ... This, they already have been saying for millennia, i.e., one false and deceitful announcement is replace by another one and by another and by another one, for ages and for ever!

·        Or: We (Christian rogues) are in need of another council and after that Christian sect will change for the better  so that nobody will realize it, again! This, Christian deceivers have been saying already for millennia and will do so for millennia. 

Let us put still more questions:

·        However, a „tenet“ of a „prophet“ or a „god“ could be taken seriously that even implies the contrary? 

·        Whoever can be taken seriously, who preaches something („love“) he himself makes a mockery of it?

·        However, somebody can be taken seriously, who is lacking the capacity of over viewing the consequences (contradictions) of his sayings? 


       By this feigning of „love“ the religious rogue (Jesus "Christ" ) falls into the trap of his own: He says that one shall not love those, one is beloved. However, he feigns to love the Christian foul players that shall love him.

Joh 13:34 (NRSV)

34 I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.


       Here, the deceiver says that individuals shall love those who love them. Before, he libeled that kind of love as „foul players’ love“…  Well, whoever says that Christian foul mouths and foul players are no felons (“sinners”) …?


      That means, Jesus "Christ" depraves the principles and commandments of his own and on top of everything this he even does pertaining to “love”. And this he does  in view of the fact that each good Christian at least three time a day (falsely) witnesses that Jesus’ „tenets“ were excellent and only depraved by the churches …! Here we have provided evidence that Jesus does not care about the „tenets“ of his own and himself transgresses them. Jesus "Christ" does not only “deliberate” the Christian foul players from the old prophets’ commandments (e.g., the Ten Commandment given by prophet Mose) but also frees from those ones of his ...  Thus, the Christian foul players can feel to be “free”, completely – as each felon feels to be free of the laws …!

     Jerome’s Latin Vulgate Bible from the year 405 C.E.  uses the Latin word “diligere” for love. The Latin Vulgate Bible is the only authoritative one in Catholic sect.  Latin and ancient Greek languages have subtle nuances for the notion of love.  The difference between both ancient Greek concepts of „eros“ (Latin: amor) and agape (Latin: caritas) is well known to the author of this treatise. However, that does not change the unparalleled hypocrisy, falsehood, perfidy and soullessness of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) and his accomplices (Christian foul players).  Literally Latin “diligere” means to venerate, hold somebody in high esteem and/or to love somebody.  Venerating somebody is not only a matter of brain but also one of emotion, unless one is a Christian that is used to having made hypocrisy, falsehood and mendacity as first nature of one’s own.


    More over, there is not that separation of feeling and brain as obviously supposed by the notions of ancient languages.  E.g., there is no love without brain’s realization of the object that is to love.


     Separation of feeling and brain is a trait of soulless felons, brainwashed zombies, robots,  trained brutes, automatons, i.e., one very typical of  Christian. That is why they think that ancient Latin and Greek languages match their depraved mind. Behind the mask of a parrot’s clothing  and corresponding fooling around, Jesus Christ's"(and Christian buffoons’) conditioning tries  killing soul and conscience by  sham-morals contrived, spin-doctored and canted to Christian falsehood, lies, deceits, outrages and atrocities. Allured and held out by the feigned prospect of eternal bliss and psychologically terrorized by faked threats of eternal punishment of hell, perfidious monstrosities (Christian slaves) are produced that morally even fall below higher developed animals.


     The Latin word „diligere“ worsens Christian hypocrisy still more than the English term of „love”. One can love something because it is funny or amusing.  However, one does not venerate that what is funny.  The one that venerates his enemies, that one knows that the enemies are much better than he is and that he regards the other one to be his enemy because of base motives, like for instance, grudge, hatred and vindictiveness. This is precisely that what the Christian foul players and their top hoodlum are to be accused.  


     Thus, we have come to realization that Christian sect – according to the doctrines of its own! – continues Satan’s rebellion on god, i.e., that one of the laston the first just in order to change those social ranks.  This means further that in Christian sect Satan or his son have achieved their veneration as „god“ and thus established humankind’s most organized crime.  That is why Christian sect is not to be reformed, at all. It is lying and deceiving form the very outset – exactly that what Christian doctrine attributes to Satan by a psychological projection.  Satan is only a (psychological) projection of Jesus "Christ" . Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Jesus "Christ" ) and his accomplices are used to mirroring themselves by Satan and thus want to give absolution to themselves: That is not me, that is another one, that is Satan! However, they project their abominable traits on Satan because they are of that abomination.  Otherwise, they would not do so.


     In Christian sect, there is no business without business in return. That is Christian „modesty“ and „humbleness“! In Christian sect, nothing happens without calculation what benefit one has from doing this or that!  This is what made Christianity as well to the most outrageous as to the most successful crime on earth.


     By the way, one also can understand the here described „tiding of love“ of Jesus "Christ" as a coaching how to make the best business in exchange by faking “love“.  Jesus "Christ" just warns of businesses in return that are not profitable when making Christian „love” …



2.   How Jesus uses “love” to lift up himself and his terror priests to slaveholders


     Now we want to turn out attention to the last verse of the  quotation of Lu 6: 32-35. In order to remember we want to repeat the last verse once more:


Lu 6:35 (NJKV)

35    "But love your enemies, do good, and lend, hoping for nothing in return; and your reward will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High. For He is kind to the unthankful and evil. 


      The  subordinated clause (you will be sons of the Most High) debunks the unscrupulous  deceiver and rogue.  Only in one aspect of this clause we are interested, here.  Oh yeah, oh yeah - the „the sick needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31), the death penalty convict as „son of the most high” blarneys those rogues, felons and Mafiosi, indeed, in exchange of worshiping him as the “god” …!  Worshiping “Jesus "Christ" ” as the god one get promised everything by that deceiver as Satan modeled it to him in the desert …! By the „most high“ god is meant. Therefore, the Christian religious rogues are flattered to be “sons of god” …!  Who wonders that the Christian foul players are really “the sick needing a doctor” (Lu 5.31)? Why “sons of god”? Because women are unimportant and play no part in that Mafia! That is why other translations of the Bible mendaciously false translate “children of god” so that the women are included (e.g. AV, NRSV etc.). Latin Vulgate Bible the only authoritative one in Catholic sect says: “filii Altissimi”, that means: “sons (not children!) of the Most High”!


    Here, we want to disregard that the „god“ of that abominable deceiver otherwise is depicted to be very vindictive by “Jesus "Christ" ”.  Allegedly he is unable to control his vindictiveness so that he persists in bloodsheds, blowing, slaughtering and  murdering his alleged „son“ and to bring him to the gallows, pardon, on the cross because otherwise de does not want to forgive sins …  The traits of  Christian “god” otherwise is depicted corresponding the depravity and cruelty of Christian felons.  Here Jesus "Christ"   shares the views of Islamic prophet Muhammad – and not that one of Christian sect! -  that death penalty punishment of Jesus "Christ" is no necessary due to god’s infinite mercy.  Again, even here in that very groovy gimmick of Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul players once more is lied and thus the liar(s) and deceiver(s) once more convicted.  Deception, fraud all over! My goodness, Jesus "Christ" – provided that he is not lying and deceiving a moment – is witness of  Muhammad! My word!  Muhammad takes the view that god need no punishment of somebody else in order to forgive sins!   Otherwise, this top hoodlum  (Jesus "Christ" ) even presumes to wail „woe to you, woe to you” and fancies a lot of horror stories about the universe’s end and alleged doomsday etc.


     Hereby, once more, we have caught the liar and deceiver in the act.

   That what is interesting to us in this context is the fact that this top hoodlum and death penalty convict blarneys those he call „the sick needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31) allegedly to be „sons of the Most High“, i.e., as „son of gods”.  Whoever, oh yeah, whoever can doubt that Christian rogues need a physician?  Isn’t the top-Mafioso very shrewd?


   The notion of „son of god” is a very woolly one.  In Neo-Platonism it means nature, in Judaism god’s chosen people of Israel[vii] etc.  For Jesus and the Christian „son of god“ is an equal associate to the “god”, i.e., a peer of “god”. 


   From the quotation of Lu 6:32-35 it is conclusively to infer that Jesus and his accomplices due to that prostitutes’ „love“ („what credit is that to you?“)  fool themselves to be superior  to their fellow human beings like god is superior to them.  Here, it is about that Christian megalomaniac Mafiosi kid themselves being able to rule their conspecifics (fellow human beings) like god and in this case this means: as slaveholders dominate their slaves.  “Sinners“ here only is a semantic simulation for slave and „sons of the Most High” only one for slaveholder.  Therefore, it is not accident that those slaveholders fancy a „potestas ligandi et solvendi“, that means an authorization to bind and to loose on earth and in heaven. That is the faked authorization of enslaving human being by Christian swineherds: 



  Mt 18:18 NRSV

18  Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.  


    That is the counterfeit money by which Christian swineherds' sect makes slaves. I.e., that the „sick one needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31) now fool themselves to be slaveholders, if not „gods“ abasing their fellow human beings as slaves, making them subservient to themselves and are allowed to fleece and to  bully them.


   Let us put the „Christological“ question: What is the credit to the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners)
 if they “love” Jesus? The answer: Being slaveholder of their fellow human beings.
The (Christian) slaveholder can  utilize  their slaves as they are useful to them. The slaves mistakenly think obeying “god” but they only obey the Christian swineherds. And the Christian foul players slaveholders think: What our slaves have in their mind (obeying god)  does not matter. What matters is that they do what we (slaveholders) tell them to do.  The  Christian priest is not only a schmuck but a slaveholder, too. 

 That’s the Christian foul players’ „love“! The Christian foul players profit from their „love“! The one becomes worshiped the  supreme slaveholder („god“) and his henchmen become under-slaveholders.  Each of those Christian schmuck hereby can  be “king”, “god” and “superstar” in his milieu, regardless his depravity, denseness, ignorance, goofiness, imbecility, mendacity,  in particular, regardless his maliciousness and perfidy.  By referring to Jesus "Christ" as the faked „god“ of Christian sect,  each Christian priest can command and bully his slaves (inferior Christian foul players). 


   However, Jesus makes clear that no each Christian may become big slaveholder. That is logical: If the world only would consist of slaveholder there would be no slaves to command, bully and torment, any longer.


Mt 16: 18 -19 NRSV

  18  And I (Jesus)  tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.


19  I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven."


     Thus, it is made clear that not every Christian Tom, Dick and Harry is allowed to be slaveholder but those ones enabling and ensuring that this death penalty convict or religious Mafioso is worshiped as the “god”.  The slaveholder does not want to admit to his robots, yes even to himself being a brute or schmuck and that is why he depicts himself as “good shepherd”. The under-slaveholders (to the slaveholder Jesus "Christ" ) are the members of the hierarchy of each Christian organized crime taking care for corresponding Christian brainwashing, psychological terror, terror and hereby enforcing everything that is necessary for the Christian organized crime’s existence. 


Already the of “good” shepherd and sheep (see: John 10, 1-16)  is nothing else but an euphemistic description of the alleged “good slaveholder” and slave.  It is a real impertinence that this spiteful and ignorant little devil has the cheek to compare himself and  his fellow human beings with sheep and shepherd.  Isn’t this ignoramus courageous?:


For the earth does not move. Were it to move, it would fall.” [viii]


   Oh yeah, oh yeah, this ignoramus, oh yes, this ignoramus  desires to  lift up himself to the “god”, i.e., slaveholder of humankind … Don’t’ make me laugh about Satan or the Christian foul players’ “god”, “Jesus "Christ" ”!

·      That is the “wisdom” of a death penalty convict!

·      That is the wisdom of Christian swineherds!

·      That is the wisdom of the topmost Christian felon!


   To become slaveholder and making slaves – that is the „love“ of “Jesus "Christ" ” and his religious Mafiosi! Who wonders that this „love“ of “Jesus "Christ" ” and the Christian foul players is comparable to that one of brutes to their prey.   What is the difference pertaining to the  psyche of a Christian and brute? On an average, both are as ugly, as wicked, as malicious, as fiendish as sin or Satan.  


   Therefore, nobody should dare to say that the Christian foul players do no benefit from their „love” …! Oh no, that wicked world …! Those brutes (“Jesus "Christ" ” and his Christian foul players) always have something to eat: The top-Mafioso (“Jesus "Christ" ”)  benefits from that „love“ because of being lifted up to the „god“ and enough hunks and crumble fall down from his table so that his henchmen can become his deputies and under slaveholders.  Because the top hoodlum is dead already, each Christian under-slaveholder, indeed is slaveholder.  Thus, each Christian slaveholder benefits from the „love“ of “Jesus "Christ" ” and that one of his own. So, do not say that “Jesus "Christ" ” depraves the tenets of his own or that Christian church is depraving them. The more a Christian is up in the hierarchy of his sect, the more he profits from the “love” of Jesus "Christ" because the more he is slaveholder! 



 Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) selflessly is worshiped as „god” by nobody but morons, jerks, mugs, duffers, goofs, dunces and slaves.  Upper Christian swineherds worship their accomplice Satan or Jesus (that is the same!)  as „god“, because they live on the chunks and crumbs falling down from the table of  this bugaboo. He is exalted to the „god“ because hereby the upper Christian foul players and Mafiosi (hierarchy of priests) wants to fake a sham legitimating of being human beings’ slaveholder.   Unscrupulous upper Christian foul players – thirsting for power - want to crib sham legitimating by which they can gull others to make slaves subservient to themselves and to make cash.  Those are the chunks and crumbs falling down from Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera’s (“Jesus Christ's"”) deceits. That is why he is proclaimed to be “god” by Christian swineherds.



    However, there is still  a „resort“ of „protecting“ Jesus "Christ" form debunking that he transgresses the commandments or „tenets“  of his own, i.e., from exposing  him as swindler:  That „love“ Jesus „loves“ the Christian foul players and the Christian foul players „love“ Jesus "Christ" is sham-love, i.e., in truth a tough business: The upper Christian foul players become slaveholders of humankind for worshiping Jesus "Christ" as “god”, in exchange.  Even a small priest or pastor is reverenced “king” of the hamlet – mostly with a small court - where he perpetrates his malefactions.  That is the mutual business! Doesn’t each of them benefit form that?  So, do not dare to blame Jesus "Christ" depraving the „tenets“ of his own …!


       Joh 13:34 (NRSV)

34  I give you a new commandment, that you love one another. Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another.


    Considering the presumption that one shall not „love“ those ones, by which one is beloved, how shall this work? Everywhere and all over there are hypocrisy, falsehood, mendacity, lies and deception, in Christian sect.


   It is no accident that ancient Roman emperor Julian (332-363 C.E.) says the following about the „love“ Christian foul players “love” each other: 



„I experienced that even beasts of prey are not that hostile minded on human beings than Christian sinners on each other.” [ix]


·      That  is „love“ of  slaveholder that  „love“ each other, in particular when envying the other one’s amount of slaves! That  is „love“ of  slaveholder that  „love“ each other, in particular, when envying the other one’s amount of slaves!

·      Those are the results of the slogan: If you “love” those who “love” you, what is your benefit from that?

·      What else should happen if such miscarriages of nature obsessed with lust for power gather for the outrages of enslaving their fellow human beings  as “The Gospel of Thomas” proves?


     Do not always tell that Jesus and his accomplices  (Christians)are below the animals pertaining to “love”, “soul” and moral. They certainly can compete with the devil animals of Tasmania! Anyway, on cannot predict the result of such a competition, certainly. 

   Jesus "Christ" the superstar of making slaves and money!  Jesus "Christ" – the superstar of Satan and all Satanists!  The latter ones have a name: Christian foul players!  


   Having  wiped out a competitor is a good benefit for the Christian foul players.  There is one rival less being able to make that what Christian swineherds do: enslaving. That means that the Christian foul players can make a plenty of salves, further on … Jesus "Christ" – slave maker und money-maker!


Jesus "Christ" is the Superstar of

·      the organized crime -

·      the worms in the cesspool and toilet’s suckers –

·      sexual cripples -

·      unscrupulous ones -

·      the (almost) perfect crime -

·      Mafiosi, in particular religious Mafiosi -

·      Satan and all the Satanists bearing the name: Christian foul players! 

Satan also has a name and a deputy: Jesus "Christ" and pope!  



      A prostitute evenly things: If I make „love“ with that man what do I benefit from that if he does not pay?  A prostitute as well as a Christian thinks how their bank accounts increase.  A prostitute wants her (real) bank account growing; Christian foul players conceited ones they fancy in the Christian bedlam. Roughly, Jesus "Christ's" „love“ and those one of prostitutes are comparable. Christian „brotherly love“ and „enemy love“ are calculated “loves” like those of sluts …!


3.   The pretended new ego of the Christian foul players (the so-called “reborn” Christian)



     However, there is another (second) aspect of Jesus’ „love“ we want to point out in this context.  By this feigned „love“  Christian foul players fool themselves having got in new „moral“ ego (identity), nobody is lacking more then those scum of the earth (Christian foul players). Our planet’s most felons (the Christian foul players) persuade themselves having gotten a rebirth by the described feigned and slut’s “love”.  We want to amplify on that. 

 "If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you?,


·      That is the evidence of inability of love!

·      That is the “love” of soulless monstrosities called Christian foul players!

·      That is the „love“ Tasmanian devil animals and/or Christian foul players “love” each other! 

·      Those are the brutes in a sheep’s and parrot’s clothing (of “love”)!

·      That  trinity’s „love“, i.e., of Satan, Jesus and the Christian foul players!

·      That is the trap of „love“ of little Christian spiteful little devils!

·      Those are the canting Christian schmucks with a knife under the cowl!

·      That is the joke of the Christian bedlam!


     If you love those who love you, what credit is that to you?“, don’t make me laugh about this sect of masturbation, pardon, “love“  that slaughtered already about 300  millions  of individuals, mostly of them cruelly burnt while being alive. 

     Precisely by their very hype of  masturbation, pardon, „love“  one can debunk Christianity – the sect of “love” --  as hypocrisy, lies, faking,  falsehood, mendacity, deceits and organized crime!

     In order to proceed debunking we have

a)     to define the notion of  „ rogues’ moral“ and

b)     the consequences of living a lie (self-deception).


     Preaching a lie never can mean staying by that lie.  In order to defend the lies, one has to slander and denounce those saying the truths, as far as the liars do not jail, drive to suicide or murder them.  So to speak, each lie is a creation of a new world that inevitably somewhere and sometime is going to clash with the real one.  Then one only is able to veil that lies with still more lies, increasing deceits, if not increasing crimes.

    Apart from a very small number of felons, no criminal wants to admit being a depraved and abominable individual. Because the good and the evil are hardly to distinct in Christianly enslaved societies, for felons it becomes easy to camouflage themselves and to avert from their abomination and thus to deceive others and even themselves.


     In Christianly enslaved countries, there are two basic groups of individuals: Felons with the power of state and those without. To the first one even belong most major  Christian sects (Catholic and Protestant ones). However, in many Christian enslaved countries – in particular in Europe -- those major Christian sects that succeed in conquering the states are used to eliminating smaller and new -- even Christian -- rivals.   Moreover, the fist ones cannot be punished because they have the power to allow what felons and the "innocent" become punished and those – even Mafiosi -- may not be sentenced.


    In Christianly enslaved countries equality before the law is only a matter of paper and brainwashing.  Human rights are out of place in those Christian countries and only a matter of window (hypocrisy) dressing after one was not able to defeat French Revolution. E.g., in those countries Christian sects are allowed to perpetrate almost every crime and abomination with exemption from punishment.


    By brainwashing, Christian perpetrators are always to regard as “martyrs” and the victims as the “perpetrators”.   the good that are no brutes have nothing to say in Christianly enslaved societies. They are urged to the verge of that insane association of individuals.  Criminals plot out power among them and thus decide who are the felons with state power are and who are the ones without.  Christian felons share out the caught prey (society, country) among themselves.  the good are not taken into account and treated as if they do not exist because they shall not exist according to doctrines of that felons’ sect.


     Due to Christian brainwashing, Christianly enslaved societies foster false notions, especially of felony and honesty.  Thus, a Christian society is not honest but necessarily hypocritical and mendacious, i.e. that crimes (Christian deceits, crimes, murders, mass-murders, genocide and barbarities) appear under the mask of “honesty” and “decency”.  Thus, it happens that due to „good“ Christian brainwashing fat Christian felons can pose as „martyrs“, „saints“ and the fattest Christian felon even as „Holy Father“ … In Christianly enslaved societies many things are possible that are impossible for reason and brain. 


    Under those presuppositions crimes are not longer are  to realize as crimes but confused as „decency“, „love“, „honesty“, „spiritual welfare“ etc.  If this is the case, one speaks about a Mafia. Therefore, Mafia is an organized crime appearing under the mask of its moral opposite. That is why we talk about Christian swineherds' sect or Christian swineherds. 


    The first aim of Christian sect is to enslave their fellow human beings and the second one is  to pass its depravity, crimes and abominations off as its moral reverse on their victims and thus to get it unassailable. One cannot enslave humankind without crimes, outrages and abominations.  Jesus "Christ" knows that.  As a preventive measure, he concocts sham-“morals” (e.g., Christian “love”) for that Christian maliciousness, bestiality, atrocities and barbarities that necessarily are going to come.  Jesus "Christ" is the best trainer for bestiality and corresponding Mafiosi, i.e., Christian foul players!  “Love” Jesus "Christ" is preaching here is only a calculation of hiding his and his Christian foul players lust for power, grudge, hatred, vindictiveness and outrages resulting from the efforts of enslaving humankind.


    A further feature of a Christianly enslaved country is that personages being able to provide social, scientific, spiritual and intellectual progress mostly are impeded to make a career and if they could not prevented by incident they are slandered, libeled or even jailed and murdered.  This does not become incorrect even if the one or the other succeeds in slipping through the Christian bloodhounds’ finger! Nobody is perfect, even not Christian swineherds! Because the Christian foul players have occupied those places that are to move in order to get progress, unscrupulous Christian occupancy rightly feels to be  „threatened“ to lose what once had  grifted and are keeping now. First-rate people of a Christianly enslaved society are mostly the fourth- or fifth-rate of nature, if at all!


   By a psychological projection on the Jewish lawyers – very typical for him – Jesus "Christ" falsely accuses the lawyers allegedly having stolen the „keys of knowledge“: they allegedly do not pass the doors but also prevent others from entering. 


Lu 11:52 (NRSV)

52    Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge; you did not enter yourselves, and you hindered those who were entering.



       Jesus said, "The pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys of knowledge (gnosis) and hidden them. They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed to enter those who wish to.…[x]




     That is precisely what he does. That is exactly what Christian sects are doing.  Generally, the murders on heretics are perpetrated because nobody shall have admittance to knowledge related to topics Christian sects feel running the risk of becoming debunked. That is much – almost everything in religion and philosophy.  Perhaps knowledge is not the first (but second) reason why Christian foul players murder. The first reason is that the lastare afraid not being regarded as the „first ones“, i.e., revered (slaveholders) any longer. Because knowledge destroys those Christian foul players’ demands, they try impeding others having knowledge.  Christian enslaved countries have a system of repression of obstructing everything that could reveal Christian deceits. That is why in Christianly enslaved countries human rights poorly exist and only restrictedly can exist. 


     Christian swineherds „modestly“ and „humbly“ do not want to take over not only all social services (hospitals, old people’s home, children home etc.)  but also education (all schools and universities), if they have the power to do so. (In particular, leaving children’s homes in Christian sexual cripples and felons’ care is a felony that is never to condone!).  Therefore, the Christian foul players try getting each  brilliant  mind down by stopping at nothing, so that their bugaboos of „crucifixion“, „resurrection“, „doomsday“ „heaven“, „hell“, „eternal punishment“ etc. keep on  working.


    Those bogies only serve the purpose that the last , the Christian swineherds are regarded to be the „first“ ones, the „stars“ and their topmost hoodlum as “superstar” (of all slaveholders).  That is why wars among Christian foul players mostly are still worse than  those against non-Christian foul players.  Each Christian schmuck of priest want to be a star and each upper Christian stops at nothing to achieve that while faking utmost “morals” in order to get his depravity unassailable. Thus, soulless scum -- that has no morals -- fights each other when Christian foul players are waging war among each other. Whereas non-Christian foul players mostly have moral standards. 


    Christianity is about:

·        Who is star among human beings? 

·        Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) is called „superstar” by the Christian foul players. The “stars” of that “superstar” are slaveholders.

Those are the rankings among those (Christian) toilet’s suckers!


   There is no social, moral and intellectual advancement that is not wrested from Christian sect like the Dutchmen wrest land from the sea.  One should remember the fights for human rights. Those Christian felons wanted to impede human rights by alleging: thus, human beings lift up themselves to god.  Again, this is only a psychological projection very typical of Christian because that is what Christian felons do with their topmost hoodlum Jesus "Christ" .


     Christian foul players only can camouflage their crimes – they call “truths” -- by libeling, denouncing, jailing and killing those ones telling the truths. Lies and deceits just can be maintained as „truths“ by calling those ones saying the truths “liars”,  „criminals“ etc. Otherwise the Christian foul players would had to confess being liars, deceivers, brutes, the scum of the earth – oh yeah, being the planet’s most organized crime.

·      That is Christian „martyrdom“ …  

·      Those „love-crazed“ Christian foul players rather would lay our planet in ruins than to admit that.    


  That is why it is appropriate to call Christian slaveholder felons!

   If these Christian brutes could not stay being slaveholder of humankind they likely would set fire to the entire globe as they set fire to ancient Rome – then capital of the world – in the year 64 and of course blamed their enemies for that atrocity of theirs.  What felon ever could look into the mirror of its self?  The prayer: “do not lead us into temptation” means: do not let us know who we (Christian foul players)  are (German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer) … 


   Blaming others for the baseness, perfidy, outrages and abominations of their own that is one of the most important parts of Christian “love”, anyway.  That is what the Christian „weapons“ of semantic simulations, (“juggling with names”), psychological projections, crimes and provocation crimes etc. are for.  In a Christianly enslaved society (country) rouges’ moral easily can be disseminated because


a)   „ morals“ of such a society (or country) already is a kind of such rogues’ morale.

b)    Each brilliant mind being able to provide social, moral and intellectual progress already is regarded to be a criminal because those “progresses” only can be done at the expenses of Christian swineherds' sect.


    Therefore, rogues’ morals mean that the rogues select certain spheres of interpersonal relationships and accomplish a sick, mad, crazy and insane codex of behavior pertaining to them that makes a mockery of all their other behavior and thus in the end even of those „rogues’ morals“. E.g., rogues that beat each other to death by baseball bats or cut off the heads of each other by knives, all of sudden may contrive a code of practice that they never spank a woman and even abide by it.  Hence, the rogues fancy themselves to be  “moral” to the utmost.  They think that only the average square is unable to get it …



    In particular, Christian foul players select special spheres of interpersonal relationships and fabricate canons of conduct they fancy a lot about.  In those particular spheres, the Christian contrive lunatic codes of conduct they are used to applying very harshly and strictly, if not cruelly, however ridiculing the rest of their views of interpersonal relationship (“morals”).

    One of the spheres of interpersonal relationship is Christian „doctrine“ of sexual abstinence (chastity, frustration).  That turns Christian “love” sect into the religion of masturbation.  Self-deception and masturbation match each other. Sexual frustration (that is called „abstinence“ according to that wily Christian juggling with names) has as much or as less to do with morals like eating and drinking. If the Christian rogues would declare drinking to be a (Christian rouges’ sin) it would be easier to accomplish such prohibition.  Then folks could help themselves by eating food containing much fluid, like for instance, melons.  Unlike that, a Christian schmuck of priest is unable of sweating his sperm through his ribs. The Christian schmucks, hypocrites and Mafiosi cannot do so, even if they pretend to do it.  However, pretending, faking, shamming, feigning – that is the Christian foul players’ business! Christian jerks are used to jerking off while putting a jerk in it … That is what Christian rogues fancy to be “morals”.


·      Whoever wants to admit that masturbation is his or her sexual life?

·       In a vulgar way, those „moral“ bugaboos are called wankers so that one also can call Christian conceited “love” sect the wankers’ sect.

   Confining sexual life to frustration and masturbation -- the most content of Christian rogues’ „love“-- i.e., to chastity has nothing to do with morals but with immorality. Those, who believe that this allegedly has something to do with morals, only turn out the very Christianly brainwashed ones.  Christian felons are used to tormenting their slaves by sexual frustration („chastity“) because of having their slaves better at their fingertips so that they are able to control and to dominate them, totally.  Individuals -- especially male ones -- that are sexual frustrated and limited to masturbation mostly have a very high level of testosterone making them very aggressive and thus a willing tool for Christian infamy, perfidy, crimes and outrages.


Hence, this Christian rogues’ moral promotes recruitment of Christian slaves. Excesses of Christian outrages in the Middle Ages mostly were due to Christian repression of sexuality.  Here, a whole string of further rogues’ morals follows, e.g., rogues’ morals about:


·      prohibition of birth control,

·      outlawry  of mothers of illegitimate children,

·      outlawry of illegitimate children etc. ,

·      death sentence on mothers that for medical reasons have to die while giving birth because abortion is prohibited according to Christian canon of rogues’ morals

·      outlawry of divorce etc.


     More over, here Christian rogues’ morals match Nazi rogues’ morals.  However, this does not prevent Christian felons from mixing the enemies of theirs with the Nazis. The similarities are between Christian foul players and Nazis. There is no falsehood, mendacity, perfidy and outrage Christian felons would refrain from pursuing the profit of their own.  As demonstrated, “Jesus "Christ" ” even trains his accomplices to fake love for that reason. Oh yeah, for that, this sect even does not shrink from fabricating a „god“ of their own.  Didn’t we say that psychological projections always mean: It is not me (the Christian) who is that schmuck but the other one! Lying without blushing that is the first thing a Christian schmuck of priest must have learned …


      Another very secret sphere of activity is to lay hands on still weaker ones in order to get the feeling to be strong, hereby.  Thus, the Christian foul players fool themselves to have a new ego they indeed are lacking most.  We already mentioned that according to the Christian foul players’ doctrines Satan had been a former angel rebelling on god because he did not agree who was first (god) and who was the last one (Satan, Jesus "Christ" or the Christian foul players).  Satan wants to change those ranks. That is precisely what Jesus "Christ" and Christian sect of loving masturbation want to achieve, too, e.g., by putting upside down and downside up. That way one can sum up Christianity!  That is summa theologica Christiana! 


     More over, we pointed out that Jesus "Christ" knows that his followers (Christian foul players) are “the sick needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31). However, that does not mean that Satan or his son (Jesus "Christ" ) shrinks from calling the sick „healthy” ones and the healthy “the sick” (see:  Lu 6:32 – 35). In addition, this happens in exchange of being worshiped as „god“ by the Christian foul players. Therefore, Jesus "Christ" and Christian foul players even  tally with the doctrines of Satan of their own.  Allegedly, Satan promised everything in return for being worshiped by his son (Jesus "Christ" ) in the desert when both encountered in the desert.  This – what Satan wanted him to do -- is what Jesus "Christ" wants other individuals to do. 


      Considering that Satan does not agree who is first und who is last one, it is not hard to infer that Satan likes to rub god’s face in his alleged failures. That is why Satan, Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul players choose god’s alleged „mistakes“ of god (the destitute, poor, sick, lame, disable,  aged and infirm and homeless etc. ones) to puff themselves up with „morals“ …  For Satan, Jesus and the Christian foul players not friendliness, cheerfulness and goodness  etc. are morals but only  help where “god” allegedly  failed …


      Hence,  Christian swineherds fool himself to be „morally“ much superior to others because he “corrects” god’s alleged “failures”. However, no disabled one is allowed to become Christian slaveholder because the object (the disabled) and the slaveholder (Christian “helper”) must be always different.  Secretly Satan, Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul players deem god to be a failure. Sometimes, Freudian slips like the following one occur:


    „The world came about through a mistake. For he (god) who created it wanted to create it imperishable and immortal. He (god)  fell short of attaining his desire. For the world never was imperishable, nor, for that matter, was he (god) who made the world. For things are not imperishable,,…[xi]



   Satan, Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul players deem god to be a failure because he obviously prefers the wrong ones. However, criminal history of Christian felons provides evidence that god is right doing so.


   Oh yeah, Satan, Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul players fool themselves to be of superb „morals“ when rubbing god’s nose in his alleged “failures”.  Anyway, that „trinity“ is ready to proffer  one cut leg of an Inca in return for a breakfast of a homeless one, one slaughtered Jew in exchange for keeping a dying one company.  


    E.g., a plate of soup for a beggar calculated in return for a murdered Inca, a Christian service at railway stations is calculated in exchange of thousand slaughtered Jews, a bun for an unemployed one in exchange for ten burnt heretics, a cut arm of a Maya in exchange of a transport for a sick one, a jailed mother because of abortion in return of two hours praising  “the Lord” (Jesus "Christ" ) in a Christian toilet (“church”), an apple in exchange of an orchard etc. Everything is a matter of Christian calculation.  That is the true trinity of Satan, his son Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul players!


    Without calculation, there is no Christian “love”.


   Already ancient Romans correctly watched that Christian foul players are used to helping each beggar but want to make everybody a beggar.  Why? Because they continue Satan’s rebellion on god making the lastto the first and the first to the last one (putting upside down and downside up). That is the program of vengeance, Satan's, "Jesus Christ’s“ and the Christian foul players' world war they camouflage as „love“ in order to make their hatred and revenge unassailable.


    However, Christian foul players try killing several birds with one stone.  Social services are not only a possibility, to rub god’s nose into his alleged failures but also one to acquire a protection money zone. For the latter Christian religious Mafiosi hardly fight in a different way as any other Mafia does.  


     After infamous emperor Constantine -- who killed almost everybody of his family members -- made Christianity state religion in 315, Christianity took over social services and education from the state of Rome as booty.  Christian swineherds' sect stopped at nothing in order to eliminate rivals and competitors (pagan religions, Mithras-religion, Mani-Religion as well as inner rivals etc.).    By calculation of such „love“ Christian evildoers want to present themselves as benefactors to those that are „poor in spirit“ (Mt 5:3). 


    Since those times,  Satan, his Christ Jesus and all the Christian are very „committed“ – with the gloves off -- to their protection money zone „social services“, like for instance, hospitals, homes for old people  or the disabled etc.  Hence, for a long period of their lives individuals can be extorted so that they do not leave Christian swineherds' sect. In many Christianly enslaved countries a lot conditioned sheep  have to be afraid of getting no place in a home for old people if  they leave Christian swineherds' sect because it is authorized of running almost all – if not all -- facilities of that sort.

·      How is one able to leave Christian organized crime if it keeps almost all facilities of social services?

·      That is what the Christian swineherds know!

·      That is what they are used to demanding from a Christianly enslaved sate!


     Oh yeah, what shall we do with the drunken sailor, pardon, with Christian scapegraces, e.g., monks and nuns, be bored to death?  Sometime all that mumbling and mills of prayer get boring, anyway ...  More over, keeping that protection money zone „social servers“ cares for full cash for Christian swineherds' sect. Because, here it is about much money, each that withstands Christian swineherds' sect concerning that business risks his life, when doing so.   If it is about money and power Christian rogue stop at nothing.  In order to execute outrages of that sort, Christian swineherds' sect founded a special „department” that is called “Opus Dei”; centuries ago, it was “societas Iesu”. Thus, Christian swineherds hope that their crime, felonies and outrages will do no harm for the entire Christian swineherds' sect, quite according to their well-known trick: The “tenets” of the death penalty convict are excellent only some Christian foul players depraved it … Never forget this trick of tricky Christian shoats …! 


     When hospices for dying ones were innovated at the end of the 20th century in Germany the author of this treatise experienced how Christian foul players fight with the gloves off for their protection money zone (living) of social services. In Germany there are special Christian parties making the German state a benefice to major Christian denominations (of Catholics and Protestants). Two times, I escaped an attempt on my life perpetrated by Christian swineherds and their slaves. Firstly, the major Christian sects rejected to install such hospices in Germany. Then I decided to do it.  At first, the Christian waited and saw if I had success.


    After having gathered about 60.000 people and became known in Europe the Christian foul players all of a sudden lawlessly jailed me in order to install a Christian leadership in that organization and to get the money the German state allocated for such hospices. The Mafia in Southern Italy is less efficient. Today, Christian sect in Germany courtships their slaves and the German clumsy oafs that everybody would have to die in pain and agony if there were no Christian foul players, in Germany … The author of this treatise had put an end to those agonies and mendacious Christian foul players wanted to maintain them.  That is the „brotherly love“ of (Christian) Mafiosi! 


      Everything is calculation, everything an attempt to dominate the fellow human beings, even to profit from their misery, to make them slaves and to fleece them.


     „Charity“, „brotherly love“, other sorts of strange Christian „love“, „humbleness“ and “modesty“ shall lull the victims into a false sense of confidence and make them  wake up when they are trapped, already. That is not because Christian churches depraves the alleged „noble“ tenets of  Jesus "Christ" but because feelings and emotions are only a matter of calculation, i.e., hypocrisy, disguise, mendacity, lies and deceits  for Jesus "Christ" – the Christian felons’ coach for successful or the almost perfect crime. This spiteful little devil is incapable of any loving feeling, at all. 


        Rogues’ moral also implies that by helping the helpless ones Christian foul players try shamming goodness they are lacking most.  If the evil are used to shamming to be the good -- like it is habit among Christian foul players - this means that they have to fling mud at those ones that are really good. The latter ones are slandered by those mendacious Christian foul players to be „Pharisees“.  By helping those ones, who can help in return – If you lend to those from whom you hope to receive, what credit is that to you?” (Lu 6:34) -- the Christian foul players want to fool themselves and their victims being of a moral „goodness“ those religious Mafiosi lacking at most.  


    If those jobs that related to social services would be more „moral“ than those ones, for instance,  of education, justice or economics, then this would re-establish medieval distinction of honest and dishonest businesses.  Honest businesses would be those of physicians and nurses and dishonest ones would be that of entrepreneurs, teachers, judges and technicians etc. because one allegedly could not acquire “moral” quality by those jobs. In the end, those are the consequences of this Christian bedlam. Jobs in social services provide as much and as less evidence of a good-hearted individual as other jobs do. On an average, those working in that kind of jobs are not better or worse than those working other sorts of (“normal”) jobs.   On the contrary, claiming “moral” traits because of being involved in social services is the evidence that the Christian foul players are depraved and want to mask their depravity by those commitments. However, feigning that means to veil the contrary of a good-hearted individual.


    More than jobs in social services one could call entrepreneurs to be very “moral” and “good-hearted”.  


·      contribute to keep the economy going on -

·      provide jobs, bred, accommodations etc. for families, that means care for others’ living.

·      keep on the country and its communities existing. Without money, there is no state, no community.  Even Christian swineherds' sect in Christianly enslaved countries cannot exit without the money provided by entrepreneurs - 

·      enable technological advancement and thus steady improvement of the conditions of life, besides universities.


    I.e., entrepreneurs accomplish and maintain social life of man. Without having something in their stomach Christian foul players would have to crib other proprietors’ grains as Jesus and his accomplices („disciples“) did (see Mt 12:1).  Nothing can demonstrate more who is a moral personage and who is not! Jesus and his accomplices obviously think that to taking is good (moral) and to giving (donating) evil. Quite the reverse, taking means nothing but to giving turns out to be good-hearted ones.  Everything the Christian foul players give, they have cribbed and fleeced from their victims before. 


4.   Jesus’ love and morals an alibi for enslavement and corresponding barbarities on humanity


        Christian „morals“ serve as an alibi.  By such alibis, Christian swineherds want to mask their megalomania to become slaveholders of their fellow human beings, more over their greediness, unscrupulousness, impertinence and perfidy by each reverse. Those alibis serve the purpose to abase the fellow human beings being (subservient) salves to the Christian slaveholder and to sham  authorization for   tormenting them concerning sexuality, abortion, outlawry of illegitimate children, mothers of illegitimate children, divorce, voluntary euthanasia etc.  Those calculated Christian rogues’ “love” and “morals” shall serve


a)   the „moral“ pretext of torturing Christian slaves,

b)    making the Christian foul players depravity and crimes ,viz,  providing  the sheep's clothing for oneself as ravenous wolf and

c)    keeping the mask of that  felon they lifted up to their “god” as “benefactor”.   


    Hereby, Christian swineherds' sect shall be able to function and/or  shall be kept working.

    In so far, Christian calculated “love” or „help“ is only calculation by which the Christian foul players primarily help themselves, i.e. a sham-authorization that the last (Christian swineherds) can take vengeance upon  the “first ones” by psychological terror, terror, torments and tortures because they (the Christian swineherds) turned out badly by nature.


    Christianity is about

a)   those tortures of the last (Satan, his son Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul players) on the first and

b)   spoiling enjoyment of life, even the whole life for those that turned out better by nature than those last ones (Christian foul players) do

c)   enslaving one’s “beloved” fellow human beings and

d)  making cash by those abominations (e.g. Constantinian forgery, selling of “letters of indulgence”, making money by faked “remission of sins” etc.). 


     Jesus’ and the Christian foul players’ calculated “love” towards the sick, destitute, blind, lame etc. ones serve for this purpose. In order to make those Christian outrages ,viz,  providing  the sheep's clothing for oneself as ravenous wolf and to veil  Jesus "Christ" and all the other Christian felons as perpetrators  those crimes are feigned by each  moral reverses.



That calculation, i.e., mask of „love“ tallies with the following “commandment of love”, too:


   Lu 14:12-14 NRSV

12 He said also to the one who had invited him, "When you give a luncheon or a dinner, do not invite your friends or your brothers or your relatives or rich neighbors, in case they may invite you in return, and you would be repaid.

13 But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, and the blind.

14  And you will be blessed, because they cannot repay you, for you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous. 


      Nothing comes from heart; everything is calculation, the mask of religious rogues! 

    Thus, the very,  very last ones shall fool themselves to be the „first“ ones by persuading themselves that a lacking reward in  an actual case makes an asset  in heaven.


    That is why one has to mind that natural feelings (emotions) to be grateful to those that rendered help when one was in need. Therefore, this groovy and crazy “love” abases human beings even below higher developed animals because they already are capable of feelings of gratefulness of which the homemade “god” of the Christian foul players (Jesus "Christ" ) and the Christian foul players are evidently incapable.  The only emotions the latter ones -- those cripples of soul and/or that scum of nature -- are able to are:  thirst for power, grudge, hatred and vindictiveness.  The less somebody is incapable of (good) feelings such as love, friendliness and gratefulness the more the concerned one is craving for power and as a result of that:  malicious, mendacious, calculating and perfidious etc.  – in other words: the more he or she becomes a beast of pray and/or a Christian!  That is why enslavement is the peak of “Jesus Christ's"”  and the Christian foul players’ “love”.  About that, they cannot calm down bragging enough …


     Oh yeah, that is how Satan, his Messiah (Jesus "Christ" ) and all their henchmen and henchwomen (Christian foul players) fancy “love”.  That is why they also fool themselves to be morally superior to all their conspecifics (fellow human beings), oh yes, oh yes, even to god!  That is that „love“ Satan, the rogues, religious Mafiosi and all the Christian creeps n’ crooks are used to camouflaging their bestiality as slaveholders and all their crimes and abominations of hatred and vengeance. That is the „love“ by which they veil all their accomplishment caused by the cesspool of their heart in order to make their depravity and abomination unassailable.


      A considerable part of humankind enslaved by Christian creeps n’ crook, toilet suckers, corpse maggots or felon rats worshiping a  felon rat, hoodlum, death penalty convict, villain, rogue and Mafioso as the “god” … My goodness, that is bestia stupida, scelesta et Christiana – the stupid, felonious and Christian beast (not human)!

     The allegedly „beloved“ fellow human being is treated like an animal and abased that way.  The next one serves as mean to lift up oneself above him, to enslave him and to acquire a good asset in the Christian bedlam.   


    Everything that does not come from the heart of one’s own is hypocrisy, lie, deception and Christian!

    Only a spiteful little devil, a bundle of nerves being incapable of any good emotion and that is craving for becoming slaveholder only could concoct this sort of asininity, imbecility and goofiness. 

·      That is the “love” of a felon!

·      That is   Christian “love”!

·      That is Christian bedlam!


    Inadvertently, Jesus "Christ's" commandment of „love“ debunks him as deceiver and as an emotional wreck to whom unscrupulousness has become a matter of course.  They only function for deceits, self-deception and self-blarney (of a fancied halo) of Christian foul players that are used to talking themselves into believing of having a mind they are lacking at most!  “the sick needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31) desire to rig up as „salt of the Earth” (Mt 5:12) or “light of the world” (Mt 5:13) etc. 


   My word! 


          That is why Christianity inevitably became the most organized crime, the most gang of murderers of the blue planet, within living memory!


     Those are the semantic simulations of Jesus "Christ" !

     That is his semantic simulation of “love”!

      For him, for the scum of the earth, for the Christian foul players, everything is only a matter of semantic simulations, i.e.,  how to juggle with names.


     5. Summary:


a)   Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) in Lu 6: 32 – 35 calls those ones „foul players“ he names the healthy in Lu 5: 31 and in the same way those he in Lu 5:31 calls the “foul players” in Lu 6:32 -35 are named the good. Here, the liar is caught in the act.


b)   He believes others to command love and veneration towards one’s enemies. Thus, the mad Christian swineherds shall persuade themselves to believe that they are superior to their slaves, i.e., all other individuals.  Trying to command emotions debunks the hypocrite and the deceiver to whom hypocrisy and deception already have become first nature. An individual doing that already has become a soulless wreck, who does not notice when and where he is playing the hypocrite, lying and deceiving, any longer. Behind Christian esteem, veneration or love is calculation how to outwit the victims and make them slaves subservient to Christian swineherds.


c)   As far as Jesus commands love or veneration towards his adversaries, he deliberately or inadvertently admits that the latter are superior to him or his Christian foul players and that he hates his enemies only because of grudge, hatred and vindictiveness.  To this also corresponds that he calls his followers „sick one needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31). What else did Jesus ever do on his enemies but to hate, to hate and to hate themWhat else Christian felons ever did and do on their enemies?


d)  Jesus "Christ" – and primarily not the churches – depraves his „tenets“.  Christian foul players shall not expect a favor in return when doing one to another individual.  They shall not „love“ those ones that „love“ them. That is „foul players’ love“, allegedly. Because Jesus "Christ" and the Christian feign to „love“ each other, Jesus "Christ" turns out  depraving the  “love” and „tenets“ of his own in practicing “foul players’ love”!  Once more, the liars and deceivers are caught in the act.


e)   Commitment to social services provides no evidence of a better moral mind or of good-hearted individual than, e.g., being busy as entrepreneur. However, that is the unspoken doctrine of Christian brainwashing.  Commitment to  social services shall make the Christian creeps n’ crooks, felons, shoats, barbarians, psychological terrorist,  terrorists  and slaveholder disguise as benefactors to those that “are poor in spirit” (Mt 5:13).  Thus, the Christian swineherds want to worm their way into their victims’ (designed slaves’) confidence. Hereby, the latter shall be lulled into a false sense of confidence and security until they are entrapped and hence can be forced to become slaves of the Christian swineherds. Christian commitment in “charity” shall divert attention from the Christian foul players’ meanness, baseness, abjection, fiendishness, crimes, felonies, murders, outrages,  mass -murders, genocides, barbarities and other abominations. That commitment is an alibi for Christian crimes on human rights and shall avert attention from the Christian foul players’ abominations so that they can perpetrate their infamy, abjection, crimes and outrages unassailably, on the on hand and are able to  continue to do so unhindered, on the other hand. The more outrageous Christian foul players are, the more they are used to praising themselves being committed in “charity”.  Christian charity is Satan’s, his son’s (Jesus Christ's") and the Christian foul players’ mask! That charity serves the purpose to silence others so that they do not dare to say that those Christian foul players that help the beggars, invalids, lame and blind ones are the most abominable brutes, fiends, foes and terrorists among all the bipeds that ever existed and that ever could exist. It is about lifting up oneself to slaveholder on the one hand and to abase the average individual to be (the Christian swineherds') slave, on the other hand. The pope – boss of a planetary Mafia – wants to be slaveholder of a whole planet and behaves like that.


f)    Christian doctrines of social services and sexual behavior are very typical of rouges’ morals.  Many Christian abominations in the Middle Ages can be traced back to the Christian foul players’ mad and insane repression of sexuality. Wankers are not capable of advising others concerning sexual behavior! This is true, indeed completely independent from the fact that the Christian toilet suckers believe the contrary, what we frankly admit to them …! Sexual life of most Christian foul players, in particular that one of Catholic slaveholders is confined to wanking.  On an average, Christian foul players -- allegedly building up a “love’s sect” – are sexual cripples! Christianity is sect of cripples of “love” … Christian foul players are masturbating felons! Those masturbating  or wanking Christian schmuck of priests do not command sexual behavior because they know how to love but because they want to be slaveholders of their slaves. Moreover, this means that they even do not shrink from trying to command the intimate life of their slaves. Jesus "Christ" and the Christian foul players want total enslavement.  That is why Christian sect is a totalitarian one.  For Christian swineherds sexuality is the question how to domineer their slaves totally.



g)   Christian foul players are not committed to social services or charity for honest and reputable reasons. As alleged or real last ones that turned out badly by god or nature and/or being depraved ones (scum of the earth) want to rub god’s nose in his alleged “failures”.  As the secret “Gospel of Philip” proves, in their secret and hidden views god is already a failure because he prefers the wrong ones, i.e., he does not prefer the Christian foul players.  Christian charity  is part of their war of vengeance of the laston the first , i.e., the Christian foul players help each beggar in order to make everybody else  a beggar eating out of their (Christian) slaveholder’s hand. 


h)   That invalid, sick and infirm ones are objects of unscrupulous Christian foul players’ thirst for power and domineeringness is also proven by the fact that no disable, sick or invalid one is allowed to become Christian slaveholder (schmuck of priest, nun or monk).  For instance, in Islam there is no prohibition like that. 


i)    Jesus’ and the Christian foul players’ “love” is only a semantic simulation (“juggling with name”) by which Christian swineherds try veiling  the reverse of love in order to get the victims unsuspecting and thus gull them into the traps of enslaving the Christian schmuck of priests have set.



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