Chapter: 2, Part: 4 Jesus' Training of Foul Play

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime
Christian torture chamber: aim, triumph, paradise and heaven of the dregs of humankind!
Jesus is the lord, savior n' god of mine,

So say the rogues, nuts and swine!


How  Jesus turns his fellow Christians into the most infamous and  successful Felons



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Jesus  knows  that he has nothing to offer but thin air, i.e.,  deception and self-deception:



 Jesus said, "The kingdom of the father is like a certain woman who was carrying a jar full of meal. While she was walking on the road, still some distance from home, the handle of the jar broke and the meal emptied out behind her on the road. She did not realize it; she had noticed no accident. When she reached her house, she set the jar down and found it empty."` [i]



     Well, the „jar“ of Christian sect – however it is called: Conscience“, „love“, „charity“, „god“, „god’s son“, „enemies’ love“,  „lamb of god“, „vicarious atonement“, „remission of sins“, „heaven“ or „hell“ etc.   -- is nothing but bluff...


    And for this empty jug, the big rogue wants to gull his victims into selling all their belongings and property (see Mt 19:21). In that way, he succeeds in plunging all his victims into that misery, he himself is drowned.


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      If one should tolerate the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') lies and deceits, then one would be also obliged to tolerate each criminal and his crimes because mostly the crimes help the criminal.


   Doesn't help the money   a bank robber is looting while raiding a bank and putting up with hostages and corpses? The bank robber could be a poor devil needing urgently that money, e.g. to pay his bills…!


     Because the level of Jesus "Christ" may not be outdone on deadly sin (Clement of Alexandria), so that the last,  i.e. the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) and their Jesus, are reputed to be the „first ones“ and the first as the „last ones“.  Therefore, spite, perfidy, violence, crimes and outrages inevitably are in the wake of Christian faith...


     Therefore, from a moral point of view, all things are just lousy, wherever the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) dominate, respectively enslave.  Pertaining to morals we already argued a lot. Right now, we want to outline the scientific level to which all the people of a Christianly enslaved country ought to be restricted.


    The „god“ of the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners), Jesus, thinks that the Earth does not move because otherwise it would fall down:  


For the earth does not move. Were it to move, it would fall. But it neither moves nor falls..” [ii] 


      How else one could oblige others to believe this stupidity but by spite and crimes? Oh yes, and whoever wants to know it better than the Lord (Clement of Alexandria)?  Having something like that as one’s „god“, everybody can foresee what havoc the perfidious schmucks of this deceiver will wreak in science!


    Oh yes, one imagine the "pride" of some people, which even want to know it better than the "god" of the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners)... You never know what „sinners“ human beings are, wanting to know those things better than Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, the „god“ of the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners), gang name: Jesus "Christ" ... Oh no, what arrogance of these " sinners" without any humbleness and modesty we (Christian clergies and slaveholders) order them...


      Everybody wants to lift up himself to the god, only our Jesus and the popes etc. stay „modest“ ...  Each wants to know it better than felons’ „god“ Jesus "Christ" that the earth is not moving... Oh no, the pride of human beings and the humbleness of the Christian felons’ „god“...!


      In the USA, particularly in some states of the Middle West, Christian jerks, slaves, morons and robots are taking Jesus’ stupidity seriously:  There, in schools it is prohibited to teach the evolution. At the long last, the aim of the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') warfare on humankind and humanity is achieved by reputing the truly last ones as the very “first ones” and the first one as the “last ones”…


     Now and then, absolutely willing people express the view, one can summarize in the following way: Even if everything is lie, deceit and self-deception in Christian sect, nevertheless, one should grant the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) their faith because it helps those poor devils.   Likewise, one would have to grant each criminal his dark activities because without police, attorney and prison crimes pay.


     This opinion is not only ignorant regarding the history of Christian sect, which perpetrated outrages defying description but also from a distinct philosophical point of view it is sheer foolishness.  In return, of all people Jesus is worshiped as „god“ by his adherents (Christians)exactly because he clears all hindrances of conscience and morals away from these followers, so that they can accomplish and give a very vent to their depravity.  Jesus says:


Mt 12: 29 RSV

29  Or how can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man? Then indeed he may plunder his house.

Mr 3: 27 RSV

27        But no one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man; then indeed he may plunder his house.


Jesus said, "It is not possible for anyone to enter the house of a strong man and take it by force unless he binds his hands; then he will (be able to) ransack his house."[iii]


     Jesus realizes that at first one has to steal the weapons of the victims, he could defend himself against the (Christian) robbers.  When perpetrating the crime or felony his or the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') victims must be unable to defend.


     That means: At first Christian brainwashing and then Christian crimes.  What weapons does a house owner have against the (Christian) robbers? Morals, rights, laws, perhaps god. And this Jesus manipulates, cants and adjusts   to crimes and bestiality of his Christian robbers, so that the victim is the “perpetrator” and the perpetrators (Christians)can pose not only as  “victims” but even as  “martyrs”.


     This Jesus achieves by sham-morals, sham-consciences and a sham-god etc. he contrived and adjusted for them.  The sham-moral, sham-truths, sham-conscience and sham- god, etc. are implemented to the (Christian sinners’) victims by brainwashing.


     Again: Firstly, one has to contrive and concoct "morals", "truths", "conscience", "god" etc. camouflaging lies, deceits, crimes and outrages with respect to their true nature and with regard to the advantage for one’s bestiality, and afterwards – but only afterwards! -  one (the Christian) can start perpetrating his foul play, crimes and abominations.


   That is why the most barbarity, abomination and outrage (e.g. having murdered already 300 millions of human beings, mostly by ways defying description) can do any harm to the reputation of Christian sect of infamy.


     As generally known, Jesus himself poses as the sham-god in this “science of successful crimes and bestiality”. Again: At first Christian brainwashing and then Christian infamy, torments, crimes, outrages and abominations. The victims are deprived of the weapons against that organized crime (Christianity) and its crimes, already in advance. That’s the recipe of success of  Jesus "Christ".


     That is the way the Christian barbarians can manage foul play, bestiality and other abominations as they please. By the way, that is why we call Jesus a felons’ coach, sometimes.

    This is what the Christian sinners thoroughly perceived from  Jesus "Christ" and this is what they  "impressively" demonstrate in their history.


·        For that reasons the scum of the world gathers in perfidious  Christian sect.

·        That is why the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) worship this felon and death penalty convict as their “god” that gladly and are used to washing him clean by the same depraved methods, they always try “cleaning” themselves as the Planet’s most abominable felons, rogues and Mafiosi!


Oh yes, one never knows what “self-sacrificing” Jesus is caring for:


·        The liar never wants to be reputed as a liar but all the more as the “truthful” one.  Jesus cares for it, provided that he is worshiped as the “god”, in return!

·        The deceiver never wants to be regarded as a deceiver but as a man or woman of “honor”. Jesus cares for it, provided that he is worshiped as the “god”, in return!

·        A felon murderer wants to be reputed as a murderer but as  a “martyr”. Jesus cares for it, provided that he is worshiped as the “god”, in return!

·        The losers want to be reputed as the “winners”. Jesus cares for it, provided that he is worshiped as the “god”, in return!

·        The scum of the Earth wants the infamy to be reputed as individuals committed to  “brotherly love”. Jesus cares for it!

·        The (morally) the sick want to be reputed as the “healthy“ ones and the healthy to be the “sick” ones. Jesus cares for it, provided that he is worshiped as the “god”, in return!

·        The scum of the Earth wants hatred on one’s father and mother, respectively, on one’s children but being reputed as the  models of family life. Jesus cares for it, provided that he is worshiped as the “god”, in return!

·        The scum of the Earth wants to be reputed as “salt of the Earth”. Jesus cares for it, provided that he is worshiped as the “god”, in return!

·        Creeps n’ crooks want to be reputed as “city on the mountain”. Jesus cares for it, provided that he is worshiped as the “god”, in return!

·        Mafiosi never want to be reputed as Mafiosi but as “moral models” like “Reverends”, “Saints” or “Holy fathers”.  Jesus cares for it, provided that he is worshiped as the “god”, in return!

·        Felons want god to be the same felon, they are themselves. Jesus cares for it, provided that he is worshiped as the “god”, in return!

However, what do the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) want to do, if some don't call the last one  “the first ” ones but keeping to the truths the last ? Or the sick not as desired the  "healthy" or even the "salt of the earth" but sticking to the truths, the sick or the moral scum of the earth what the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) truly impersonate?


Then the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) only can themselves by invective, perfidy, venomous tongue, falsehoods, lies, crimes and finally even by  “murder”, especially since the correctness of this contrary view can be proven not only by reason but also by the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') own writings.


     The success of Christian sect is based on unique bestiality.  Religious deceits necessarily bring crimes, felonies, murders, outrages and other abominations in its wake. There is no swindlers’ sect without crimes, in particular, if it gets political power, as there is   no Christianity without barbarities.


The Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) persuade themselves that those who are weak in morals and are inferior to their congener at all were god’s chosen ones and very truthful person.  Quite, the reverse is true. Inferiority, weakness in mind and morals deprave traits.


    The inferior, the weak one mostly becomes vengeful and wicked. I.e., mostly the very inferior becomes a deceiver grifting that by deceit, he or she does not get by fairness because of his or her lack of nature.  Why? Because the weak one does not want to stay weak but to defeat those who are superior to him or her.


     He or she wants to be the first,  even if he or she ridiculously is inferior to the really first ones. Because the weak never wants to remain the weak but wants to defeat the strong – anyway, as far as the underdog is of a Christian type. 


    Jesus "Christ" detected this type of individuals as his regular clientele in order to become lifted up to the  „god“, in return for blandishing their inferiority and depravity.


     As demonstrated in paragraph e202 (click here) Jesus „liberate“ from guilty conscience, so that his Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) can give a vent to their dark depravity unimpeded by consciences and reason. Jesus thinks to achieve this by sham-morals and sham-truths of a sham-god, he concocted and as the latter he functions as himself in his sect.


     Therefore, the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) can perpetrate spite, perfidy, maliciousness, heinous crimes, abominations and outrages reputed as brilliant moral performances (color of „charity“, „brotherly love“, „love of the enemies“ etc.) according to the concocted, canted spin-doctored Christian „moral“, Jesus adjusts to his and his Christians' foul mouth and foul play.


    Thus the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) get rid off the tooth age without losing their rotten tooth.   That felons can perpetrate their outrages while being reputed as „Reverends“, „Saints“, „Holy fathers“ etc. is what makes them clustering around their felons’ coach (Jesus "Christ" ) and entices them into lifting up him to their (felons’)  „god“.


     This is what Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) mean when pompously boasting that they feel called by „Jesus "Christ" the crucified“: The „liberation“ not from but to nastiness and crimes!


     However, here it is to mention that soothing of a pestering guilty conscience only has a secondary significance to Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners). For the ordinary Christians, it might be more important than for the schmucks in frocks of this sect. It is hardly to be assumed that a Mafiosi that becomes bishop, cardinal or even pope in this sect of perfidy, still knows any conscience.


     Primarily Christian mock-morals, mock-truths and the mock-god (Jesus "Christ" ) serves the purpose in order to outwit the victims, depriving them of their weapons, so that they can defend themselves against Christian felons and their bestiality, in advance, i.e. making the victims defenseless against the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') crimes, in advance.


     The Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) “love” Jesus all over because he disburdens felons from their reputations as felons – i.e. frees them of that what they really are and “bestows” them a mask depicting the reverse.


·        Why do lie, deceit and self-deception immediately turn into crimes and outrages? Because those liars do not want to be reputed as liars but as men, respectively, women of honor!  And how do they succeed achieving that?

By trying to indoctrinate other with his lies. In principle, establishing lies and deceits in a society, there is already designed brainwashing and other bestialities. What evil follows is just a matter of political power.

  Everyone saying the truths, the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) want to replace by their lies, deception and self-deception become disparaged if not slandered to be allegedly incredible. Then it is only one question if an opportunity knocks for him to apply violence or even to kill the one that is saying those truths the liars (or Christian sinners) want to replace by their lies.

The liar lies in order to deceive but everything he grifted by lies and deceit never shall be reputed as lies and swindle but as „probity“ and if it is about very sneaky and crafty Mafiosi disguised as religion, then their lies, fraud, deceit and swindle shall be reputed as „dedication“ to „god’s“ will, „holiness“ and „readiness to die for the truths“...

That is why, the liars have to crack down on righteousness, truthfulness, honesty, decency, and morals, i.e. to wage war on those individuals  still daring to tell the odious and (the liars) devastating truths, those liars want to be tabooed (in favor of their lies).

The following is just a matter of criminal energy and political power if the liars’ actions stop at libeling or at stake, mass-murders or nothing. Apart from some weak-minded and morons, nobody believes that criminal ideology (Christian faith) that is not endowed with quite a lot of criminal energy.

Jesus is right telling that his sect is something for „sinners“, that means brutes and Mafiosi! Regarding that all, the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) are a textbook model!


     Because one thing doesn't exist without the other in this world, the entire being forms a context, i.e., because of the "sympathy of all things in being", lies and deceits never can exist as „a state within the state“ but must be interconnected with attempts of eradicating truth, righteousness, honesty, science, reason, morals and consciences. Hereby, deceit immediately turns itself into spite, foul play, crimes and outrages.


     Therefore, Christian deceit inevitably turns itself into crimes, and Jesus is not separated from but the instigator of that, who even is a paragon of felon to his infamous schmucks (Christian) how to perpetrate successfully crimes and bestiality. That means in Christian „language“ how to run freely and/or give ruthlessly a vent to  one’s criminal instincts and desires while „labeling“ or „perfuming“ those outrages as stunts of morals...


    That means, Jesus is the „beloved“ Christian „god“ because this felon' coach does not only teach them how to turn in a splendid stunt of resurrection from the dead but also stunts of morals... Each Christian term -- for instance: God, truth, god’s son, moral, ethics, brotherly love, enemies’ love, modesty, humbleness, heaven, hell, Satan, devil, doomsday, Armageddon, resurrection, ascension, crucifixion, beyond, Eucharist, commandments, etc. – are only and nothing but stunts as Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection and ascension to heaven just have been.  Christian doctrines and „truths“ –  are stunts all over!


     Cross my heart, Christian: Isn’t your performance of Eucharist, i.e. even eating your „god“, a stunt or not. If your Eucharist is not a stunt but „Transubstantiation“, then you poor devil are a cannibal, in addition!


This is the way, religious deception and self-deception -- allegedly helping those poor devils that much -- immediately turns into spite, maliciousness, wickedness, slander, crimes, felonies, murders, stakes, outrages, barbarities and abominations. Spitefulness of liars and deceivers increases corresponding to their criminal energy and political power.


      In addition, there is to consider the fact that deceit of course never enables  possibilities to reach consents as they are among scientists and the average human being, e.g. by experience, logic and reason.


    Science does not need violence, psycho-terror, terror, outrages and abominations for its reputation of trustworthiness and reliability because one can agree by experience, logic and reason.


    With regard to deceit, this basis of consent is ruled out - and pertaining to a religious deceit anyway!  Regarding deceit, logic, truth and reason have to be replaced by resolutions (dogmas, doctrines), conventions and commands. For the first both matters councils serve, for the latter the despotism of the pope, in Christian sect.


     In Catholic sect, the institution of the pope has been established due to the consideration that only dictatorship can decide the direction of deceit, because pertaining to logic, truths and reason each case contrary opinions have the same rights or lack of rights than the one the majority of deceivers voted for.


     If there would no papacy and its abominable outrages, then there were Christian sects, in which the one would   believe that the others (Christian) sect would contradict, indeed in an incomparable more scale as we already can find among Christian sect today, anyway. E.g., the resolution (doctrine) that Jesus was “god” only could be enforced by outrages against the Arian sect, which rightly contested this resolution.


     In the Nicene council (325 C.E.), before Arius -- a priest from Alexandria – could start expressing his opposing views that Jesus was no „god“ another Christian fellow (perfidious schmucks), who wanted the devil, pardon, Jesus "Christ" , to be worshiped as the “god”, rushed at Arius and knock down and knock out him.


     That’s the “brotherly love” of the Christian devils, by which the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) can be known (according to Jesus "Christ" ).  The adversary was knocked out and hereby; the doctrine of “trinity” that Satan, pardon, Jesus "Christ" , was “god” was settled.


     That was and is the proof that convinced most of his other (Christian) perfidious schmucks…  The Christian barbarians passed that knock-out off as the victory of their holy spirit and the discussion about the devil’s, pardon, Jesus’ “divine” nature was finished, until today!


     About hundred years later, Arius would not only have become knocked out but his fellow Christian terrorists but the latter instantly would have burnt him at the stake! The Christian swineherds' sect, he joined, would have had him burnt alive.


·        Those are the striking and „convincing“ of Christian doctrines! 

·        That is very typical how a deceivers’ sect comes to agreements.

·        That is how human beings behave, if reason is no basis for reaching agreements, any longer. 

·        Those are the techniques of Christian “convincing” and „divine“ revelations.

·        That is the  „Holy Ghost“ of a sect of perfidy!!


     Basically, all Christian doctrines are established that way, that the one Christian swineherds' sect knocked down or killed the (opposing) other one – and the most outrageous one won. Everything is only a die-gamble that is geared to the sect’s interests of power.


    Apparent reason and truths no pompous ass can  contradict without exposing himself to ridicule.  However, to doctrines, dogmas and commands one can contradict very well, because their contesting contains as much „truths“ and/or lies than their allegation.


     Because such resolutions lack any basis of logic, reason and at least truths, they finally can be enforced solely by violence, crimes and outrages. Resolutions (dogmas) conventions and commands (of the pope) only can substitute their lacking logic and reason by violence and additional trickeries, e.g. faking „divine inspiration“ (in man’s murderers’ sect).


     Thus, lies, deceits and crimes turn out to be inevitably in the wake of lies and deceit.  Christian abominations, murders, mass-murders, genocides, pyres, barbarities, atrocities and outrages hereby turn out turn out to be necessary phenomena of Jesus’ lies and deceits and not any lapse of Christian individuals as Christian sect conspicuously tries playing down their crimes and saving its mask of “love”…


Religious crimes once more turn out to be inevitably in the lies’ and deceits’ wake. Thus quintessentially internal war faring is pre-programmed like the Christian sinners’ war faring on reason, truth, humanity, human rights and the mankind, too.  


     In order to enforce the resolutions (doctrines) and commands of the pope and other clergies’ authorities. there is only violence, e.g. withdrawal of the qualification of teaching, defrocking, intimidation, psycho-terror, terror or even murder, etc.


    Reason as the common basis of agreement can only be replaced by foul play, psycho-terror, terror, inhumanities and other abominations. Whoever renounces reason that one calls up spite, crimes, felonies, barbarities and other abominations!


      That is what a Christian already sorted out with his conscience before he or she determined living a lie and a deceit (Christian faith).  Therefore, necessarily crimes come into being against dissidents within the organized crime of their own, as they fight against philosophy, science, competitors and rivals.


    Indeed, because deceit only can be imposed on conspecifics by means of power, violence, crimes and/or brainwashing.


     For these reasons the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) neither can tolerate dissidents nor rivals nor truthful nor honest ones. The latter are slandered and besmirched this scum of the earth (Christians)preferably by psychological projections, for example, by denouncing them as liars, swindlers, children of the Satan etc., i.e. by reproaches that precisely fit the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) indeed but not their enemies.

·        Pertaining to that Christian sect of infamy is a textbook model!


The wise has to be reputed as a fool[iv] so that the Christian fools can fake the wise one and folks believe the fooling Christian deceivers.


      To the sham-morals, sham-truths sham-god (Jesus) in place of truths, truthfulness, and morals and even instead of god acknowledgement has to be gain.


     The Christian sham-morals cover every iniquity, turpitude, crime, outrage, yes barbarity of this religious Mafia. Or is there any heinousness, any felony, any atrocity that ever could do harm to this sect’s reputation? Exactly, here is the evidence that Christian sect is the most abominable outrages of our Planet.


     Generally, each murderer becomes punished for his murder as well as each criminal for his crimes. Aren’t the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) right trembling with the anti-Christ already from their very outset, from their hour zero as a murderer is used to trembling with his judge?


      Liars and deceivers necessarily have two faces. The one that shall deceive and by which they want to worm their way into their victims’ confidence. The other face is that moral cesspit the deceiver hide behind his mask.


    Christian spite, turpitude, denouncing, crimes, outrages, barbarities and other abominations are caused by the deceivers’ necessity to operate with two faces.  Trivializing Christian turpitude, heinousness, crimes, atrocities and outrages as lapses of some individuals or even “traffic accidents” are caused by the necessity of preserving the (deceiver’s) mask.


     That is why Jesus and his perfidious schmucks always command (!)  all sorts of imaginable “love” all over! While commanding, “love”, they just are putting on their mask, because except hatred and vengeance one cannot command any emotions (feeling).  Whoever does so – like Jesus "Christ" – inadvertently debunks him just as a mental wreck.  That’s Jesus "Christ" !


     The excuses of the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) that their crimes, murders, outrages and atrocities, etc.  are matters like „traffic accidents“ are as well as their generally self-praise of allegedly  practicing  „charity”, “brotherly love”, “enemy love”, “humility”,  “modesty”, “spiritual welfare” etc. nothing but the mask of liars and deceivers.


·        Shall the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) admit that they slander, defame, denounce, assassinate, commit mass-murders, atrocities, genocides and other abominations because they want lies to be reputed as „truths“ and deceits as „probity“? 


·        Shall the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) ever admit that they are not only the moral scum of humankind but also that one of all the creatures of nature that still is below the moral level of the most more highly-developed animals?


·        Shall the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) admit being a sect of felons, for felons and bestiality with a felon and death penalty convict from among themselves as their “god”?



No deceit – at least no religious one – ever can be established and maintained without depravity and crimes in a human society. Strictly speaking each lie, each deceit is a creation of a " new " world.  Each sect that consistently stands by its lies and deceits. Therefore, it has to eradicate the existing world in order to establish its deceit. Those, one can only do by spite, perfidy, nastiness, crimes and barbarities, etc.. There is no other way to make any deceit to be reputed as "respectable „truths“. It is general knowledge that Christian deceit does not want to be reputed as deceit but as „respectable truths“.

    Conversely, one can infer from religious crimes religious deceit.  That is why Christian faith directly turns into spite, infamy, psycho-terror, terror and other outrages. How else can someone eliminate individuals naming deceits deceits and the lies lies but by spite, defamation, infamy, psycho-terror, terror, and other bestialities included murders? How else one ever could achieve that?  Christendo(o)m necessarily brings  infamy, crimes, felonies, outrages and abominations in its wake because that is the only way it can escape from the short wings lies are used to  having.

     That is why Christian faith directly turns into hypocrisy, nastiness, infamy, outrages  and other atrocities. Fighting (organized) crime is no contradiction to human rights. It is rather the duty of a state, which wants to guarantee human rights.  There is no  human right to abase one’s fellow human beings to become slaves or robots subservient to the hunger for power of  oneself by lies, deceits, brainwashing, psycho-terror, terror and other outrages!


     On the contrary, that attempt of degrading individuals to be slaves and robots subservient to oneself is a warfare on human rights  and on human beings’  dignity that defies description and each decent citizen is obliged to put a stop to those perpetrations. That is why Christian sect necessarily is a sect of infamy.  Thus,  fighting Christendo(o)m  is no contradiction to human rights, rather refusing to intervene  against it, is  an injury of human rights. As long as this organized crime of Christendo(o)m stays, one can say: Crime pays.





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