Chapter: 2, Part: 3

Jesus' Training of Foul Play

 Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime
Jesus is  Lord, savior and god of mine,
So say the rogues, mugs n' swine!


Jesus'  and the Christians'  perfidious  "Love" of the "Truths": to defy knowing what is true in Favor of the Lust for Powers




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1. How Jesus turns human beings into robots without scruples

2. Genealogy of the Christian barbarians’ unscrupulousness according to German poet Friedrich von Schiller (1759 –1805 C. E.)

3. Why do the Christian sinners love Jesus "Christ" all over?



1.    How Jesus turns human beings into robots without scruples



          With regard to Christian sect German philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762 -1814) once said the following:  


 "Hence, it is no wonder that after bogus "nature" has become (true) nature to us, (true) nature seems to be bogus "nature“ and after having beheld all things upside down at first, we are used to thinking that things that are righted are inverse." [i]




     In Christianly enslaved countries people are used  to believing in most abstruse and most brazen lies due to corresponding conditioning and brainwashing that is used to starting already with infancy.


      Therefore, indeed they usually do not perceive brazen lies and fabrications as such and so they are used to thinking that not believing in those contrivances but disputing them was insane.


     That is why in Christianly enslaved countries the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) make off with its organizations of education.  Their fellow men shall “suck in Christian falsehood (and perfidy) already when being babies” (German philosopher Nietzsche).

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     Thus, the Christian sinners perfidiously want  to make their slave unable to realize their lies that often embody madness, already. Let’s have a look at another example of Jesus Christ's"perfidy:



Joh 8:36 RSV

So if the Son (Jesus) makes you free, you will be free indeed.



     The ordinary citizen might think:  However, one can  be free, if this sect


·       restricts the personal lifestyle to its members, e.g. pertaining to sexuality or

·       wants to command what its members have to think or even

·       cares, that the individual is tormented and tortured even when dying or if

·        its members have to creep into the confessional laying bare their bosom to figures, the boss (Jesus) himself called the sick and sinners, i.e., felons or even

·       prostrate before those felons kissing a ring on their finger?


    Insidiousness requires a variety of deceits. As the concept of “truths”, “love”, “charity”, “morals”, “love” etc. “free” or “freedom” is only a deception (semantic simulation) required by Jesus’ insidiousness.


     Can a brainwashed slave or programmed robot ever be free?  However, here it is not about the "ordinary” human being.


    The "ordinary" human being is called the “healthy” one by  Jesus and does not need a physician, unlike the sick, the Christian sinners. The “ordinary” human being is victim of this sect of the sick, sinners, i.e., of felons. 


     If Jesus, indeed, would have nothing to offer  for his adherents, Christian sect never would have spread itself out that large. In present-day "folks’ churches” there are about 15 percent of  very convinced Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) that dominate, control and torment a majority of approximately 85 percent baptized Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners).


     About 15 percent the sick dominate and boss around about 85 percent the healthy! A classic example of dictatorship!


    However, this sect lives by these approximately 15 percent fanatics.  Therefore, Jesus has to offer  something to this 15 percent, these "sick" ones, sinners, i.e. felons.


     Otherwise, they  never would fight to the bitter end, yes, to the death or even perpetrate any murder, mass-murder and other atrocities for him and his sect. 


    Oh yes, indeed, he frees those “sick” ones, sinners or felons in certain ways. However, the questions that are never put in this context are:


 a)    Whom does he free?

 b)    Of what does he free? – And:

c)       For what purposes does he free someone?

These questions we are now going to resolve in this paragraph.


     Nowadays, machines are provided with artificial intelligence and thus become virtual human beings (robots).


     However, the reverse case has been existing since already for millennia, at least since Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, gang name Jesus "Christ" : That human beings get deprived of their character as persons and are degraded to be robots.


     In the following, we are going to produce evidence that Jesus deprives human beings of their dignity of human beings and degrades them to be robots of his superior perfidious schmucks. 


     Christianity is warfare on human dignity, humankind and human rights from its very outset, for millennia and as long as this organized crime will exist.


     The deceiver wants to go the whole hog. He wants to do away completely with the truths. Nobody ever shall be able to reconstruct the truths he in person destroyed.


 Once and for all, human beings shall get manipulated; once and for all the truths shall become manipulated, so that truths never have a chance to become restored:



Jesus said, "I shall destroy this house, and no one will be able to (re)build it [...]."[ii]




     In this context, house means truths, conscience, reason, morals, heart, soul and human beings he wants to annul, once for all. And even the folks’   perception of god, he wants to shatter and to taboo thoroughly by lifting up himself to the „god“, so that no research on this issue still is allowed.


     Distorting and destroying, in fact thoroughly forever and ever, that is the first and very aim of Jesus "Christ" and his perfidious  schmucks. 


     There is a scripture that is called “The Gospel of Barnabas”. In favor of the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) we want to presume that  is about  a very astute criticism of Christian sect from the Middle Ages. Some – in particular Islamic theologians -- even believe this “gospel” to be an authentic gospel of Jesus’ disciple Barnabas.


    This “gospel” impressively demonstrates how Jesus matches all the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') and his own doctrines about the devil.


     It proofs that Jesus is the devil of the imagination of his own. (Debunking Jesus that way is no evidence of a forgery. For instance, the “Apocryphon of James” does the same and is undoubtedly a very early Christian scripture.  


    Is only proofs that the swindlers knew their deceits respectively  the felons their felonies). In that “gospel” Jesus intent of destroying human beings and all moral meaningfully is debunked in the following way:




 Then said Satan: "O Lord, you have unjustly made me hideous, but I am content thereat, because I desire to annul all that you shall do. And the other devils said: "Calf him not Lord, O Lucifer, for you (Jesus) are Lord." [iii]




     This is already a clue why Christian sect as unique one made a “god” of its own… This  “gospel” says that Jesus is a Satan of the imagination of his own and that one of his perfidious  schmucks (Christians)disguised as the “god”.


     We are going to demonstrate now that Jesus is that beloved by his infamous schmucks (Christians)because -- while proclaiming such abominations as in “The Gospel of Barnabas described -- he expresses just what his infamous schmucks are thinking from the bottom of their depraved heart. 


    Philosopher Baruch Espinoza (1632 –1677 C.E.) once said “deus sive natura” (god or nature is the same) and “The Gospels of Barnabas” says: Iesus sive Satan, i.e., Jesus or Satan that’s the same.


 His perfidious  priests absolutely perceived those "glad tidings" for religious rogues and Mafiosi. For instance, in  middle of September 1976 a " German Pastors’ Day" discussed the notion of  manipulation. 


     There, the Protestant pastors frankly admit that Christian baptism is a "primordial manipulation“, which allegedly prevents any further manipulations.[iv]


    According to these Christian artists of swindling that obviously very felt to be very in private, the Christian church wants „to represent a direction of human matters” by its doctrines “that is no more at somebody’s disposal.“[v]


   That is exactly what Jesus had in mind when saying that he will destroy the house (the truth) and nobody ever will be able to reconstruct it.  That is precisely a definition of the term of brainwashing.


    Therefore, one can realize, that Jesus’ perfidious  schmucks that lifted him up to their “god” in order to destroy the truths and manipulate human beings to robots thoroughly. 


    The Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) absolutely understand the hidden “tidings” of their Jesus and are knowing what felons on human race they are. 


    Why do the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) manipulate the individual once for all?  In order to get rid off the truths, morals, their guilty conscience and that means reason, once for all!


    Reason and truths say that the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) are (organized) brutes that murdered (approximately 300 million persons) and perpetrated other utmost abominations as no other organized crime.


    This perfidious sect even incites its manipulated robots (adherents) to hate their father and mother, respectively their children and thus by hatred thoroughly poisons human relationships like no other organized crime.


     In contrast with reason, their manipulation, i.e. belief tells them, instead of having their closets full of skeletons, having much „charity“ and „love“ – instead of exercising hatred on the closest relatives like father, mother and children, they allegedly even „love“ their enemies...


    The one „voice“ is reason, i.e. the truths and the other is that one that of their belief’s fooling (themselves)...

     Felon’s heart, what else are you still yearning for but getting rid of the shattering truths about yourself and thus the fear of god?


      Because by lifting up the topmost deceiver and felon of your organized crime (Jesus "Christ" ) to the „god“ you can fool yourself getting rid off all your offences, misdeeds, crimes, felonies and abominations once for all?


·       ·       That is the destruction of the “house” that never can be restored as Jesus "Christ" imagined it!

·       ·       Those are the „releasing “ primordial manipulations of the moral scum of humankind giving a “sense of direction” to the utmost bestiality and abomination as feigned “love” that are “no longer at somebody’s disposal”...!



Oh yes, as already said Jesus goes the whole hog and in this very person he compares his  (Christian) sect – even according to the English translation -- with a murderer. My word, what a „love’s“ sect!





The kingdom is like an assassin hired to kill a member of court. When at home he drew his sword and thrust it into the wall in order to gauge if he was strong enough for the task, then he went out and killed the member of court.“[vi]




       Oh yes, the „kingdom“ of Jesus "Christ" , i.e. Jesus’ and the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') perfidy,  is like that  one of a  coward and disguised murderer...! Here, Jesus "Christ" admits that he and his Christian accomplices insidiously  want to murder and are infamous murderers.


     Insidiousness, infamy and perfidy all over in Christian sect!! Perfidy  is the heart, brain and soul of Jesus and Christendo(o)m.


   Oh yes, and don’t the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) assassinate like the devils? Don’t they "love" like the murderers and/or devils?


       The "member of the court" is the conscience and/or the truth. Jesus and the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) want to get rid off them once and for all by infamy.   

Instead of:

·            Truths and conscience there shall be the Christianly brainwashed and trained sheepdog or Christianly programmed robot -

·          dignity of human beings  -- because only reason and conscience bestow individuals to be human beings! -- there shall be Christianly brainwashed zombies,  trained brutes and/or programmed robots stopping at not crime, yes even at nothing in favor of those Christian religious rouges, Mafiosi and slaveholders.


      That is „salvation“ according to this sect of perfidy: Truths and conscience is assassinated by murder. Those Christian criminal slaveholders likewise that scum of the Earth murdered about 300 millions of human beings, in a most bestial way.


     They and their Jesus want to instigate all other fellow human beings to become those beasts, which they embody themselves. 


      One cannot often repeat it enough: The deceiver always has two faces. The first one is his mask, by which he is used to sneaking into his victims’ confidence and the second one is his grifting true face, he hides behind the mask.


     In order to produce evidence of deception one just has to demonstrate a second face of an individual or organization.  No more and no less!


      Therefore, we forgo to point out the mask, by which Jesus and his infamous schmucks (Christians)are used to feigning „love“ they allegedly foster among each other:


Joh 13:35 RSV

35  By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."


        Ah, ah, ah…! The “love” Christian religious rogues “love” each other was already accurately realized and described by Roman emperor Julian (332 – 363 C.E):



“I experienced that even beasts of prey are not that hostile minded to human beings than Christian sinners to each other.”[vii]




       Indeed, that is the „love“, by which religious Mafiosi „love“ each other...  In fact, by this „love“ the sect of insidiousness is to realize – this sect that wants to get rid off the truths and love once and forever in favor of their sham-truths and sham-love.


    And that „love“, by which the great rogue „loves“ everybody he evenly in person debunks to us:





Joh 2:23-25 RSV

23  Now when he was in Jerusalem at the Passover feast, many believed in his name when they saw the signs which he did;

24  but Jesus did not trust himself to them,

25  because he knew all men and needed no one to bear witness of man; for he himself knew what was in man




      This is the "love", by which this religion rogue „loves“ each one, every one and everybody... Isn’t that saying of this swindler sufficiently known?: Jesus „loves“ you!  Here, once more the mask -- by which he „loves“ all human beings -- is falling down.  In reality, he deems each other human being to be that monster, he himself indeed is.


     This is what each Mafiosi inevitably has to do, in order to keep relicts of self-esteem, at least. Because a Satan in a human shape only can endure the truths about his depravity by fooling himself that others were as depraves as he is. 


    The Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') obsession to do missionary work of enslaving human beings to be robot to themselves is predominantly due to the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') panic being unable to admit to themselves that other  (“beloved”) individuals are not that depraved, not that scum of the Earth than the (Christians) are. 


      Rascality of their own is more bearable to the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners), if they do not have to face the truths that other individual are not that disgusting infamous bastards, they abundantly set heinous examples all over. 


     Already those facts obsess Jesus and his perfidious  schmucks (Christians) to get rid off the truths once and forever, so that their lies, deceits, turpitude and crimes are reputed as „truths“, „love“ respectively „morals“ etc.. 


     The Christian sinners zeal of doing missionary agitation and thus degrading all human beings to be robots to themselves and to suppress the truths and/or to get rid of them once and for ever, in fact and predominantly is perpetrated is according to the motto: If all folks are Christian robots, then nobody can be morally better than we, Christian religious Mafiosi and barbarians, are i.e., for the selfish purpose of their own to bear the truth about themselves and thus to bear themselves, at all.



2. Genealogy of the Christian barbarians’ unscrupulousness according to German poet Friedrich von Schiller (1759 –1805 C. E.)



     Now, we want take the analysis of a great intellect of the past -- we sympathize very much with -- as starting point for further analysis.


     There is no dissent between the astute German poet Friedrich of Schiller (1759 -1805) and the author of this treatise about Christian sect.  In this context, Schiller deserves to be eulogized, in particular.


      When the night of Christian barbarity and abomination will be over, and all matters have to be gauged anew, then Schiller stays a lighthouse of orientation beside the antique Greek and Alexandrine philosophers or those of the modern times (Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Fichte, Hegel, Feuerbach, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche). Schiller’s cognitions on the genealogy of pseudo-morals are to esteem still higher than those ones of German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900).


     However, Nietzsche lived about one century later and therefore already could use somewhat clearer speech, in particular an unequivocal one that is not unlike to that one that is used here and correspondingly has to be. 



     However, it is no scientific method of research to reject all because everything is not right or even excellent.  Scientific research has to differentiate between that what is progress of knowledge and that what is nonsense. 


     To reject everything because some matters are not correct, that is method of liars and deceivers like the Christian ones in order to have a pretext to avoid facing the embarrassing, yes hated, truths.


     Schiller calls the Christian criminal sect a "lunacy that only consecrated by statue of limitation", an "utter foolishness, that bosses the earth around“[viii] and reproaches this sect of building  "golden palaces on ruins",[ix]  i.e. on assassinations.


   At all, it is a wonder that the Germans -- who functioned as very robots of utmost Christian barbarities, like for instance the thirty years long war, holocaust etc.  -- didn’t  give Schiller a kick. Schiller is read in each high school in Christian sectarian republic of Germany.


    It is to surmise that most of the German scholars either do not comprehend what they read or that they do not want to scald their tongue on the hot soup.

      In his drama “Don Carlos” Schiller demonstrates that Christian “morals” -- so far one can call them morals – are providing an ideological “justification” for each misdemeanor, crime, felony, murder and/or heinous barbarity, i.e. switch off the individual’s conscience.  Spanish King Philip's son, Carlos, has conspired against his father (Philip) – the king of Spain. 


     Philip now is struggling with the problem to execute the only son of his own because of that conspiracy.


     However, his bad conscience troubles him to assassinate the child of his own. Before that child’s murder takes place he has to provide for benediction by the Christian barbarians’ sect and their homemade death penalty convict “god”:


"" KING. Are you able to establish  a faith to me

That justifies a child’s murder?

GREAT INQUISITOR. Atoning  eternal justice

God’s son died on the tree!

KING: Do you want

To plant this view throughout entire Europe?

GREAT INQUISITOR. As far as the cross is worshiped.[x]



      Here, German poet Schiller describes the way how Christian “morals” work, indeed as best ones for crooks and swindlers. Christian “morals” – that is honor among thieves or rogues. 


     Jesus correctly realized that he only could set his infamous schmucks to warfare against their “beloved” fellow human beings by removing the troublesome conscience of each of his followers.


      This he does by replacing the natural conscience (practical reason) of everybody by an illusion of “conscience” that is adjusted to the requirements of Christian perfidy, crimes, atrocities, barbarities and abominations. 


    As the truths are replaced by sham-truths, love by sham-love, so the conscience (practical reason) is distorted, destroyed, replaced and thus annihilated by a sham-conscience. This Christian sham-conscience is based on a sham-god as which Jesus "Christ" functions in that sect.  


       That sham-conscience Jesus gives the Christian sinners afterwards, is an “artificial” on, just a sham and that is why hypocrisy, mendacity and deception become Christian lifestyle, in general. 


     This sham-conscience is a function of Christian perfidy  backing all Christian baseness, barbarities and abomination, so that no crime, murder, mass-murder, genocide as well as any other atrocity, barbarity and abomination can do no harm to the Christian sinners’ “moral” reputation among their  trained brutes or programmed robots. 


     The “conscience” of Jesus "Christ" and all the Christian swineherds, sheepdogs and robots is: Insidiousness and unscrupulousness!

      Schiller correctly describes Christian “morals” as justifying unscrupulousness. The latter is a fundamental premise for crimes or for brutalizing  of human beings -- a skill the Christian sinners master unbeatably.


      More over, Schiller does not only express an opinion about Christian sect but is quoting from an epistle of  “St”. Peter. That  “honorable” crook  (Peter) at least murdered four human beings.


      These are the murders that even can be tracked   today, for example those ones of the early Christian community members Hananias and Saphira – see: Ac 5:1-10, a young (sexy) girl that was entrusted to him for religious instructions[xi] and the murder on Simon Magus. [xii] (What are the other assassinations of Peter that never were recorded?).


    Peter’s commentary when his murders were detected: „The Lord (of the Christian Mafiosi) has given to them what they deserve...“[xiii]  When will the Christian sinners get what they deserve?




1 Pe 2: 24 RSV

24  He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed.




         That is Christian sinners’ lunatic conceit: Because their homemade sham-god (or his stuntman) died on the tree, they fool themselves that no sin can do any harm further to them. 


       Jesus "Christ" (or his stuntman) lawfully endured maximum penalty for his felony of usurping the Jewish crown (“King of the Jews”). Neither he nor any other real or sham-god never had been “King of the Jews”.


     Indeed,  Jesus "Christ" frees his adherent:  He frees them of any compunction or twinges of remorse and for really any crime of all types of atrocities. No wonder, that the Christian sinners again and again perpetrate those most hideous abominations.


     Do you really wonder?  Do you really expect something else of a barbarians’ sect with a death penalty convict as shamming “god” of their own? 


     Christian sect matches all attributes of gathering the scum of the earth and all barbarians. Jesus "Christ" is no incarnated "god" but incarnated perfidy and depravity. I repeat that Jesus and his Christian sinners morally are below the more highly developed animals.


     That is why they are used to seeking refuge in attack by claiming to be on good terms with (their sham-) “god”, yes even naming themselves to be darlings of (their sham-) “god”…


       Indeed, Jesus and his under slaveholders (Christian priests) know indeed, what else besides bread all depraved ones and barbarians (Jesus: “the sick”) are in need, e.g., the transplantation of a sham-conscience,  sham-morals, sham-truths and a sham-god”…


     Friedrich Schiller still recognizes that in this Christian sect the natural conscience (practical reason) and compassion of individuals for other suffering creatures is suppressed and finally becomes annulled by means of sham- and pseudo-morals.


     Hereby, the Jesus and his infamous schmucks (Christians) establish the basic groundwork for turning human beings into beasts and/or robots.


     The most primitive promptings of pity are exterminated and thus human beings become that atrocious monsters the Christian sinners are because of their depraved nature. 


     A religious Mafia that is disguised as religion does this: Christianity! The German poet Schiller demonstrates how the Christian sinners’ extermination of morals works, again by faking utmost sham-“morals”…


      This is perhaps the most important trick of Jesus’ coaching of felons:  Claim always those matters and terms you are war faring on and one could oppose your crimes, bestiality and abomination: Truths, god, morals, conscience, love, modesty, humbleness etc.. 


     If you rob your targeted victims’ weapons in advance they cannot oppose your infamy and crimes, then they will unable to defend themselves when you (Christian) attack them.


       That is what Jesus meant when saying that one has to fetter the house owner before robbing his house (see: Mt 12:29, Mr 3:27 ), i.e. always claim those weapons in advance, by which one could oppose our (Christian) perfidy, crimes, bestiality, atrocities and abominations. That is why even the utmost barbarity and even the most atrocious abomination can do no harm to the reputation of Christian sect of perfidy



"KING.  I am sinning 

Against nature – even this mighty voice

Do you want to muzzle?

GREAT INQUISITOR. In view of faith,

There is no voice of nature. [xiv]



      Schiller perceives that there is no conscience in Christendo(o)m.  A sham-conscience is no conscience as a sham-god is no god or a sanctimonious "saint" is no saint. The Christian has no conscience – just an illusion of conscience like a fooling imagination of “truths”, “charity”, “morals“, “soul” etc., at best. 


     A true Christian delivers his or her conscience to INRI (Iesus Nazarenus Rex Interfectorum), i.e. Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Murderers, and to his under-slaveholders, i.e. to the officials of the sect’s hierarchy we call under-slaveholders.


         Hence, consequently the Christian generally becomes an unscrupulous and soulless robot of his sect and his slaveholders, especially one of his chief-slaveholder Jesus.  By Christian baptism the conscience and the soul of human beings are washed out and the unscrupulous and soulless robot’s biography starts.


      Schiller makes his character Philip genuinely tell the Christian doctrine, provided this concept is not pompous in context of Christendo(o)m. He sees that pertaining to Christian sect it is about a sham-moral and sham-conscience (practical reason).


    Apparently the conscience is understood as a similar yoke like that one of the laws (commandments of god) Jesus, the Christian sinners and all felons are yearning for getting rid off.


      Thus Jesus turns the human beings into  soulless, unprincipled beasts, who pertaining to morals still fall below the level of the more highly developed animals – as Jesus, who claims to be superior to human beings by faking to be a “god”, indeed is below human beings and most of more highly developed animals.


      This release of consciences and morals by  sham-morals that are adjusted to the advantage of this sect of insidiousness, is another  quite essential component of Jesus’ coaching of felons. 


    Because he is faking and sham-god in this sect, the Christian sinners fool themselves that he can order that no voice of conscience or reason matters in their sect. Instead of reason and conscience death penalty convict INRI (Rex Interfectorum, i.e. the King of the Murderers) matters…


     So, in that way the Christian hands over his  conscience to slaveholder (Jesus) and to his sub-slaveholder, Christian sect and its hierarchy. He or she is  nothing but a trained animal with the reservation that more highly developed animals – and pets anyway --  normally are more trustworthily, i.e. more moral. Therefore, it fits more to call the Christian sinners robots.


      At least, parts of the Christian New Testament German poet Friedrich of Schiller knew well,  otherwise he wouldn’t had been able to  quote from Peter indirectly. Therefore, it is to assume that he knew the following sayings, too.  However - whether or not - we have to continue the matter.


     Jesus correctly realizes that one can turn people into effective fighting robots or beasts for crimes and barbarities on the condition that they are ordered to hand over their conscience and reason to their leader, who uses the stage name “god’s son” or even “god” in this atrocious and heinous sect.  This problem also John has in mind when saying in a roundabout way: 




1Jo 3:19-21 RSV

19  By this we shall know that we are of the truth, and reassure our hearts before him

20  whenever our hearts condemn us; for God is greater than our hearts, and he knows everything.

21  Beloved, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God;




      Here, the word "heart" means conscience and "god" means shamming “god” Jesus "Christ" . A Christian sinners wants to repress the condemnation of the person of its  own by its own conscience in order to get rid of the most important hindrance for committing baseness, spite and crimes. Jesus coaches his infamous schmucks how to get rid of it, at the easiest.


     This a Christian wants to achieve by (deception of)  sham-truths Jesus produces and adjusts to his and his henchmen and henchwomen, i.e.  Christian terrorists’ depravity, insidiousness, crimes, felonies and barbarities. 


    The Christian fools himself that what  conscience and reason say is void and invalid but only what death penalty convict felon (Jesus) as sham-god says was valid.


     Reason and conscience say to the Christian that they are (morally) the very last ones, liars, deceivers, felons, barbarians and the most abominable organized crime of murders that ever exists on our planet.


       Jesus says his and their lies are “truths”, their mendacity “trustworthiness”, their deception “spiritual welfare”, their crimes “serving the next”, their stakes “charity”, their brutes “reverends”, their felons “martyrs”, their most felons  “saints” and the felon of all felons “god’s son”…


     Jesus has contrived and concocted sham-morals he  adjusted to the purpose of putting upside down (lies as “truths”, hatred as “love”, felons as “martyrs” etc.), the principle of all religious lies and mendacity.


      In reality, Christianity is  about the clearance from psychic impediments so that the Christian sinners can give a vent to their dark depraved nature and is able to accomplish it.

·       ·       That is Jesus’ coaching of felons and

·       ·       that is what makes Christian sinners gathering around Jesus and in this sect, always and steadily camouflaged by each reverse intent, e.g. “charity”, “love”, “spiritual welfare”, “dedication to the god” or the next etc.



3. Why do the Christian sinners love Jesus "Christ" all over?



      Jesus abandons himself and his infamous schmucks (Christians) to his, respectively their dark and depraved nature. And Jesus concocted  a system (“belief")  -- that includes himself as sham-god -- in which  the very, very "last ones", the rogues, the felons, i.e. the Christian sinners, are finally released from their frustration that impeded them accomplishing their dark (perfidious) nature.


     For this “liberation” to the evil and abomination of their own, the Christian love their sham-god (Jesus "Christ" ) all over!


     Jesus enables his  infamous schmucks (Christians)to accomplish their depravity, their abominable traits of hatred, spite and infamy and their perfidious nature by the color of morals, yes even by the color of “love” and “charity”.


      There is no better for depravity, felons and Mafiosi! That is why the Christian sinners love Jesus all over.  Heart of felon, what else are you yearning for? For this gift, the Christian worship him as the “god”, instead of  God, and go head over heels to do “missionary  work” for their sect of perfidy and their felons’ coach (Jesus "Christ" ). 


      It’s just a pity,  if somebody  debunks this whole fraud that runs like a clockwork, i.e. if  somebody exposes all Jesus’ and  Christian sinners’ perfidy, poisoning of all human relationship, all the pyres, crusades, mass-murders, genocides, cannibalism and other abominations as well-aimed purpose of that “religion”.  


      According to our (Christian) brainwashing and software for our (Christian) robots those things have to be accidents. Did you get it?!


    The  Christian swineherds already tried preventing that by about 300 millions murders, resolutely and grimly prosecution of dissidents, competitors and rivals, brainwashing already of suckling and transformation of  human beings into robots  (what that infamous hoodlums, creeps n’ crooks call “happening of salvation”…) subservient to themselves.


      Death on Atrott, who doesn’t let himself to be intimidated by all those heinous abominations how Christian sinners “love” their enemies… However, we (Christians) still have some other venoms in our kitchen of poison and tools of murder that  still can come into operation. Our coach of felons (Jesus) coached us (Christians) how to commit bestiality, at best. 


     Producing venom we (Christians) are really the very, very first ones of all (depraved creatures)… So, do not call us (Christians) always liars, when claiming to be the first …


      Therefore, the  drivels of Jesus "Christ" “bestow” his and his perfidious schmucks’ depravity, crimes and abominations a sham of  (faked) morals.


   That is why Jesus had to be “god” in that sect of perfidy in order to put him on a level (of “god”) where he has the (conceited) power to manipulate or to conjure  the (conceited) facts, morals and truths correspondingly to the Christian sinners' desire of deception and self-deception, so that these depraved and mendacious  barbarians can fool themselves to be “moral” ones,  “trustworthy”, “reverends”, “saints”, “holy fathers” and “god’s darlings” etc..


      As already mentioned, reason and conscience of a Christian contradict those sham-truths of  Jesus' and the Christian shmucks' chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels").  The Christian liars and deceivers declare their lies to be the “truths” and the truths of reason and conscience to be “lies” etc..


    In this system of coaching felons  Jesus functions as the “god” because the Christian sinners want to fake that he (Jesus) has  the power (of sorcery)  to turn lies into “truths”, perfidy into “love”, crimes into “charities”, barbarities into “loving the enemies” and other abominations into “dedication to god” and vice versa etc..


       Hence,  Jesus is “god” in this sect in order to fight more successfully against reason, conscience, truths and their enemies and more over to  make their insidiousness, lies, deceit, crimes, felonies, barbarities and other abominations unassailable.


      Jesus is “god” in the sect because there is no perfect lie and crime without a contrived and faking “god”. There must be a “god” that especially has been contrived for those abominable purposes of lies, deceits, self-deceptions and crimes. 


     By faking their instigator (Jesus) to be a “god” or to be an associate of the “god” the Christian sinners entice themselves and their victims into believing Jesus really could put upside down – according to his slogan: Our belief shifts mountains and the truths anyway!


      However, until today one can see that Jesus and his perfidious  schmucks (Christians) can shift the reputation of truths, i.e. mixing up the hollow of the words and their meaning, but  no one mountain!


      By persuading themselves that Jesus is a “god“ the Christian sinners fool themselves that they can follow that what Jesus told them correspondingly to their selfishness (“salt of the earth”, “light of the world”) and not that what reason and conscience tell them: depraved scum of the earth, felons, organized crime, Mafiosi disguised as a religion etc..


     Jesus is god in Christian sect, so that the Christian sinners can fool themselves that reason and conscience were void and invalid and the contrivances and concoctions of Jesus "Christ" , which flatter all the selfish and depraved desires of the Christian sinners, were valid.


    In that way, all matches with the fact that a lawfully death penalty convicted felon is “god” of this most organized crime of our planet, which disguised as religion. 


     Once more I want to make clear that conscience is only a part of reason. Conscience is reason of social behavior. Each one that is trying to claim reason to be invalid also declares morals and conscience to be void and thus preaches unscrupulousness, regardless what else he is shamming.


      I.e. another basic trick of Jesus’ coaching of felons is:  To repress, withstand, replace respectively annul conscience by a sham-conscience, the truths by sham-truths, morals by sham-morals, love by sham-love, trustworthiness by hypocrisy and god by a sham-god etc. . As already said in another paragraph: In principle, each lie and each deception is the creation of a new world because all things in the world are one context.


     Here, the Christian swindlers are only consistent by fabricating a “god” of their own (Jesus) for all their lies, deceit and self-deceptions in order to escape the fact that generally lies have short wings and therefore Jesus and the Christian sinners want make their swindle unassailable.  Conscience and reason shall be muzzled, preferably abolished while referring to the self-made and sham-god Jesus.


Conscience (reason) says that

·         the ugly are ugly

·         the unjust ·are unfair ugly

·         the felon felonious etc..


however Jesus says that

·       the ugly are the beautiful ones

·       the felons “god’s chosen ones”

·       the sick one (brutes)  the healthy (good) ones

·       hatred against father and mother the children of one’ own was charity

·       the criminal martyrs

·       the mass-murderers “saints,

·        the megalomaniac ones “modest” and humble etc. 


      Therefore, if truths are not replaced by (Christian) sham-truths, conscience not by (Christian) sham-conscience etc. then:

·         (Christian) perfidy stays perfidy and cannot be passed off as “love”,

·         (Christian) maliciousness stays maliciousness and cannot passed off as “charity”,

·        (Christian) lies stay lies and cannot pass off as “truths”,

·        (Christian) murderers stay murderers and cannot palmed off as “martyrs” or even “saints” or “holy fathers”,,

·        (Christian) deceivers stay deceivers and cannot pose as “god’s lamb carrying the sins of the world on the cross”, particularly since they are unable to bear the huge amount of the abominable sins of their own,

·       (Christian) barbarians stay barbarians and cannot passed off as “harmless folks that even love their enemies” etc. etc. etc..


Therefore, for Christian sect of infamy there are sufficient reasons for

a)    lifting up Jesus to the sect’s „god“ and/or

b)  contesting the obligation of reason and conscience because this planetary gang of felons disguised as religion, wages war on the truths, humankind and humanity along with a sham-god, sham-conscience and sham-truths.   


       Those are the consequences an religious or political organization inevitably brings in its wake that  wants to establish lies and deceptions to a society.


      In order to say it unequivocally: If our conscience condemns us (Christians), then we are not interested in that, but only in the flatteries (“salt of the earth”, “light of the world” etc.)  Jesus blarneyed us, provided that he is worshiped as the “god”, in return. Solely that what we (Christians) allow to be valid matters because that is the way we (Christians) do well and everything else is a disaster to us (Christians) .


      Thus, the Christian turns out into a soulless and unscrupulous beasts or robots and Jesus is the coach of those soulless beasts training them unscrupulousness by sham-truths, sham-morals, sham-consciousness, sham-love, hypocrisy etc. .


      Whoever - like Jesus and his perfidious schmucks (Christians) – wages war on reason simultaneously wages war on morals and conscience, even against relics of morals, provided there are still some. 


      When saying, that Jesus „liberates“ his perfidious  schmucks (Christians) to unscrupulousness ", we don't mean that the Christian sinners are jolly sinners or brutes. We say that Jesus promotes the Christian sinners' dark instincts by inciting them and easy offering  “remission of sins”. Nobody perfectly can repress reason, conscience and nature. 


     In the end, reason, conscience and nature always haul down the Christian and destroy him or her, much the worse.   This fact the Christian sinners are used to calling doubt – and no Christian is free of it.  Reason and conscience shatter the Christian sinners after each spite, iniquity and infamy all the more and take away the last bit of enjoying life from their soul.


     With age, the Christian sinners mostly are disguising beasts only, who all the more grasp at the straw (Jesus) as last ray of hope like drowning ones, because each new iniquity aggravates the “thirst” for further remission of sins. 


      By disgracefully inveigling them into perpetrating turpitudes, foul play and baseness (e.g., hating father, mother and children while violating god’s ten commandments!) Jesus all the more gets the upper hand of his slaves and robots because each iniquity yearns for further „remission of sin“  -- an illusion Jesus “sells” for being worshiped as the “god”, in exchange.  


      Therefore, Jesus can parade his slaves and robots like bulls or bears with a ring through their noses because on the one hand, he provides always a troubling guilty conscience for them and on the other hand, he simultaneously proffers himself as the unique savior from that bad conscience.


     Hence, in that respect, Jesus himself creates that evil he fakes to be the savior of it – and his Christian schmucks in frocks excellently imitate him that way.  If there are no sick one any longer, the alleged physician (Jesus "Christ" ) or his schmucks in frocks are not needed any longer. So, the „physician“ produces himself the diseases in order to get not unemployed.  


      However, here it is to mention that  soothing  a pestering guilty conscience of one’s  own not yet is of prime significance for the Christian sinners. For the ordinary Christian it might be more important than for the schmucks in frocks of this sect. It is hardly to be assumed that a Mafiosi that becomes  bishop, cardinal or even pope in this sect of perfidy, still knows any conscience. The most important reason for what purpose Christian mock-moral, mock-truths and the Christian sinners' mock-god serves for the Christian schmucks in frocks, is pointed out in the next paragraph (click here).

Therefore, Jesus knows that he strangleholds his slaves and robots by a guilty consciences at easiest  and that his loot  never can escape by strangle holding it, that way.


      Therefore, Jesus knows that he strangleholds his slaves and robots by a guilty consciences at best and that they never can escape, if strangle held that way.


      Therefore, the seemingly "redeemed“ ones more or less look like what they really are: Grimly fettered by their heinousness and baseness that deprived themselves of any capacity of enjoying life by the wrecked or even died soul  -- except enjoying the miserable figure of Jesus’ stuntman on the cross. They love the crucifix that very much because by their depravity they themselves have demolished their heart and soul in similar way.  


     The Christian sinners recognize their inside as small bundle of misery by that picture of misery on the cross.  However, neither that figure on the cross nor each Christian suffer as “lamb of god” but only because of its depravity, i.e. because they are scum of humankind.


      A sect like the Christian one that has 300 million skeletons in their closets and whose founder already was a serial killer of little innocent children[1], does not only consists of monstrosities and/or robots impersonating the scum of the earth but even the scum of all nature, i.e. of all creatures. It would insult the more highly developed animals, which are ancestors of human beings, to equate them with Christian sinners.


       There is not only a dignity of human beings but also one of nature and all its creatures of life, the Christian sinners violated by murders, barbarities and abominations, partially even by fostered cannibalism.


      The „ideology“ that the animals are soulless and thus have no dignity, is nothing but Christian stupidity, ridiculousness primitiveness and if still something else then abyss of Christian felons’ depravity.


       On the contrary, the Christian sinners are without soul, because at first, the soul, conscience and reason must die in the individual before a paltry and/or weak-minded mischief becomes Christian.  The Christian sinners have handed over their soul, reason and conscience to lawful death penalty convict Jesus and his slaveholders’ gang („church“) and therefore are soulless like robots.


      By their brainwashing the Christian extricate soul, reason and consciences of their victims – everything that makes human beings human beings. The Christian replace soul, reason and conscience of a human being with their brainwashing program (“catechism”) and thus make human beings robots or slaves subservient to themselves that even kiss the rings of their slaveholders.


      In contrast with the well-known Christian allegations, John gives away that the voice of conscience (i.e. reason) still is decisive – and not those contrivances of swindle and roguery of Jesus "Christ" , e.g. that he allegedly should have expiated all the bestiality, barbarities and heinous abominations of his infamous schmucks (“Christian sinners”) by his  conviction of death penalty that was lawfully and due because of his felony of high treason according to the legal standards of that time:


1Jo 3:21 RSV

21  Beloved, if our hearts do not condemn us, we have confidence before God;



      Indirectly and inadvertently Johannes contradicts a) himself b) Jesus and c) Christian sects by admitting now that conscience (reason) is above Jesus’ and his perfidious schmucks' concoctions. Therefore, a condemnation by the conscience (reason) of one’s own cannot be annulled by contrivances, fabrication or robots’ programs of Jesus or other Christian swineherds. 


     More over, here John indirectly and inadvertently admits that Jesus’ and the Christian felons’ slogan of Mark 16:16 “He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned”, is nothing but sheer swindle of  Christian  sect of perfidy.


      According to 1Jo 3:21 god reveals himself by natural conscience of the individual, that means, today we would say: by reason. And consequently we need neither a terrorist and faking “god” like Jesus "Christ" , his chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") nor his priest-slaveholders and at least the murders, felonies, barbarities and abominations of theirs stinking to high heaven.


     These barbarities solely become possible, because Jesus and his shamming is put in place of conscience, reason and moral to the Christian slaves and/or robots and the brains of the latter are washed correspondingly by the Christian swineherds (clergies). 


     The conscience is a part of reason. It is moral thinking, the ability of understanding of social behavior.  Moral realizations are connected with emotions. And that is why the term of heart frequently is used for the meaning of conscience, as John does so in this case, here.


     Conscience is not outside reason!  The will (pertaining to social behavior) mostly is called heart; the emotions mostly are called soul.


      In German there is a correct term of “Armseligkeit”, literally this means “poor soul”, in English one says paltriness, i.e. poor in emotions, if not void of emotions (feelings). Therefore, soul is the possibility or richness of emotions (feelings), whereas “heart” means what one is aiming at one’s fellow human being and/or fellow creature of nature, i.e. heart is the direction of will towards one’s fellow human being or fellow creature.


      For Christian swindlers, liars and deceivers “soul” is the body of their slaves or robots faked as spirit (corpus spiritualis) in their cloud cuckoo land -- according to their weak-minded brains.  All individuals in their cloud cuckoo land are labeled “souls” and the rest is labeled spirit. That has nothing to do neither with spirit nor with soul. It is solely a juggling with names but due to the weak-minded felons that want to flatter themselves as great philosopher, quite corresponding to their megalomania.


      Conscience (reason) says that the unjust are unjust. In contrast with that, Jesus and the Christian sinners are used to saying the unjust are „just“, provided they are Christian sinners and the just are „unjust“, on condition that they are no Christian sinners – as Christian „Saint“ Augustine frankly admits:


"The rule of the divine providence is not distorted by ranking the unjust as just ones and the ugly as beautiful.”[xv]



      That is what they Christian sinners felons so gladly would have… This is also what the saying means: „He who believes and is baptized will be saved; but he who does not believe will be condemned“ (Mt 16:16).  That is war faring on truths, humanity, human rights, honesty decency and humankind, at all. 


    By such sayings the sect of insidiousness debunks itself that only is lurking for the right opportunity to ambuscade their victims by violence and abominations for the selfish, ruthless and brutal advantage of their own.


      In both cases (Jesus and Augustine) moral traits – those Christian rogues and their sham-god (Jesus) are lacking most, anyway -- do not matter at all but knuckling under to those religious Mafiosi and becoming their brainwashed slave and/or programmed robot. 


     However, one could ask for moral traits of religious Mafiosi that extricate conscience, soul and reason from the „beloved“ conspecifics’ brain by brainwashing?


     „He who believes and is baptized will be saved...“- that is they way religious rogues are used to blathering by replacing arguments by lies and deceits and who are ready, to burn their hypocritically  „beloved“ next ones and enemies alive, at any time and as so soon as an opportunity comes into being.


·That is the motto of creeps n’ crooks, rogues n’ barbarians rampaging about religion!


     That is the way a coach of felons makes his trainees keen on committing crimes, bestiality and abominations: Never care about twinges, pangs and/or worms of conscience. Never care about compunctions and/or having a guilty conscience. Atoning eternal justice “god’s“ son died on the tree… Or: In view of faith there is no voice of nature, conscience or reason…


     I.e. by Jesus’ or the Christian swineherds’s remission of “sins” without the victims’ consent if the latter ones want to condone their evildoers or not, the last hindrances of conscience for perpetrating hatred, insidiousness, spite, maliciousness, crimes, felonies, murders, mass-murders, other atrocities, barbarities and abominations are eliminated and thus the Christian fiends, slaveholders, slaves and/or robots are freed from “the yoke” of all law, commandments and morals while faking sham-commandments, sham-morals and sham-love.


    The easy Christian "remission of sins"  --


·        firstly by non-involved ones (e.g., their instigator Jesus),

·        secondly by incompetent ones (e.g., advanced perfidious  schmucks in the hierarchy of this sect of perfidy) and

·        thirdly by faked facts that have nothing to do with the sins that are to forgive (e.g., lawful death penalty conviction of Jesus "Christ" because of his felony of usurping the highest office of the Jewish state, that’s a felony even in Christianly enslaved states of today!) –


the Christian  schmucks in frocks only work the tricks of removing  the psychic hindrances from their fellow Christian schmucks for the easier perpetration of perfidy and  crimes and thus condition their Christian brutes, automatons and/or  robots  for crimes and bestiality, in particular for the advantage of their (Christian) sect, if not for that of the schmucks of priests.


     Therefore, the Christian „remission of sins“ has nothing to do with morals but with accomplishing depravity, bestiality, barbarities and other sorts f abominations.

     That is why it is that important in Christian sect. E.g., what does the assassination the last leader of the Platonic Academy in Athens in the year 529 C.E. by the Christian swineherds have to do with the rightly and lawfully sentence of death penalty of Jesus "Christ" ? Jesus failed to usurp the highest Jewish office (“King of the Jews”). That is a felony of high treason even in Christianly-enslaved states of today.


     If you don’t believe so, do the same in your country and wait and see what will happen! What has this to do with the Christian sinners’ murder on an innocent one? Because Jesus established that perfidy, hatred, crimes, felonies, murders, atrocities, barbarities and abomination are to be regarded as  „moral“ matters, provided they are in favor of his sect and his perfidious  schmucks?  


        Jesus did not commit any crime? Don’t make me laugh...! Aren’t the assassinations of the little children of his rival Jezebel [1]  or his failure of usurping the highest Jewish office („King of the Jews“) felonies?


        Don’t hesitate to try doing that in the state of the Vatican! Let’s wait and see what will happen... Jesus – as each other felon or Christian -- only has one goal he is yearning for: Getting released from  „the yoke of the law " and any commandments and morals... Each felon wants to make laws of his own and that is why Jesus even fakes to be a god…



Releasing his infamous schmucks from their panging conscience by “remission of sins” is one of the most important tricks of Jesus "Christ" to condition his felons for bestiality and abominations!


That’s Jesus Christ's"most concern of “charity” and “love”!


That’s a sect of infamy!


Those, who do not believe this, eternally have to fry in pyre of Christian “charity”, “mercy” and in particular because the Christian felon, barbarians and cannibals[1]  “love” their enemies that much… That all according to the vindictive fantasies of the Christian creeps n’ crooks and because the Christian swineherds feel pity and mercy for themselves and their crimes, felonies and abominations...


     However, please never, never and never forget to call this attitude of Christian rouges „charity“ and/or „spiritual welfare“ correspondingly to the madhouse and its software for the robots of that what they call „Christian belief...


That’s the worst organized crime that ever could spread itself out on our planet Earth and that is a promising candidate for the most heinous organized crime in our galaxy, at all.


That is Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera, gang name: Jesus "Christ" !


Those are the Christian sinners!



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