Chapter: 1, Part: 5

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

The Homo scelestus' Deceits, Megalomania, Lust for Powers and Satanism





 How Pharisees convict Jesus monkey-Christ not believing in a vicarious Atonement of Sins by “Sacrifice” on the Cross



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     The unmitigated abomination of blood, bloodshed, death, death penalty, crucifixion and cannibalism in Christian sect is expressed most clearly in the gospel of Jesus’ disciple Philip.




God is a man-eater. For this reason, men are sacrificed to him. Before men were sacrificed, animals were being sacrificed, since those to whom they were sacrificed were not gods.” [i]




  God a man-eater, a cannibal…! Ah, ah, ha! Don’t make me laugh. Always, the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") confuse god with Jesus...!  Indeed, there is no bigger Christian barbarism like that one about death, bloodsheds, martyrdom, vicarious suffering, vicarious atonement etc.. That is Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners'") vicarious madness!


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        It is that idiocy -- of god was a man-eater -- that is behind all those insanity, spiritual and moral depravity, for instance  "vicarious suffering", “vicarious atonement”, “cross”, “salvation from the sins of the world". 


      When that sect in the Middle Ages had enough power to do, as it wanted to do, it transformed the whole European continent in a lunatic asylum.  Whoever can still doubt that pertaining to the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners'") barbarianism it is really about psychic the sick (so Jesus) and that the world has fallen for their heinous tricks. 


      Jesus and the Christian barbarians project the barbaric, dark, vile traits of their own onto god. They believe that enduring their own depravity was not that painful if their golden calf also bears their grimace.


         Now, in the following we will produce evidence that Jesus himself never believed in such insanity and/or stupidity concocted in a sewer. However, Jesus appreciated that idiocy as proper tools in order to bamboozle those  -- as he called them -- poor in spirit, morale and/or brain.


      As demonstrate in other parts of this treatise Jesus also doesn’t believe in god, anyway. Lifting up oneself to the god premises that there is not god.  Nobody can sit down on a chair another one is already sitting.


     All is deceit. All are lies. All is fraud what bears the name Jesus or Christendo(o)m: Crucifixion, resurrection, immaculate birth, ascension, god, morale, love, humbleness, modesty, charity etc.  Jesus and all the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") are liars, deceivers and if something else then the planet’s most abominable and heinous felons, barbarians  and Mafiosi.


       Once more, we have to recall  the concept of a “victory in the situation” or moment. The Pharisees come again putting questions to the would-be god in order to  get him back facing the facts. Of course, he knows that and tries to put one over on his adversary as well.  Where those unscrupulous, wayward gospel writers think their boss having succeeded so they relate the occurrences. However, pertaining to  the fact, whether Jesus  succeeded to do so or not  his perfidious schmucks (“disciples”) that are craftsmen of coarse are often or even mostly off the point. 


      Now, perhaps the Pharisees,  his opponents  may retreat from him  also believing to have missed their goal. They are not with him all the  day and night and therefore cannot  know what rot and  deceit he talks other days or even at the next moment when they just have disappeared.


       So, a supposed victory at a moment can turn out as disastrous debunking  if one knows the entire context of that what the relevant drivels as " God's word ". That is because lies have short wings…The would-be god and his flock think that their boss (Jesus) once more gave it to the Pharisees. That is why these disputes are mentioned in the chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels"), otherwise they surely would had been withheld. 


     That is what we call a victory of the moment or a victory in the situation. In this context, the apparent winners fail to notice that  they may answer well pertaining to the just questioned special matter, however  that by answering well to that specific matter they have debunked themselves as liars and deceivers  if one compares that reply to  all their (other) views, their entire “tenets" or  other  “theories” they have.


     As we often emphasized, no liar and deceiver overlooks perfectly  all the consequences of his or her lies. One does not know what mistake he or she will do but with certainty that mistakes are used to happening. So, the Pharisees question Jesus:  




Mt 9:11 - 13 RSV

11     And when the Pharisees saw this, they said to his disciples, "Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?"

12     But when he heard it, he said, "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.

 13  Go and learn what this means, 'I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.' For I came not to call the righteous, but sinners.".[ii]




     In this context, it is not of interest to us that here Jesus unmasks himself as liars and swindlers particularly in that way that later he will sham the healthy (i.e. the unbelievers) for the sick and the sick persons, (i.e. the believers, the Christian sinners) as the healthy. I.e. furthermore,  that by those flattering lies – he knows deliberately putting upside down and downside up -  Jesus provides a flock for himself that is worshiping him as the god.


    Thus Jesus debunks himself as abominable liar and deceiver pertaining to the gist  of his ideology that the lastbecome the first and the first become the last -  so far one pompously can call that crime, felon and war of psycho-terror  and terror on humankind and humanity an ideology.


    Here, it is  exclusively about how Jesus inadvertently unmasks  his own (and those of the Christian terrorists’) ideas of sacrifices and their blessing as sheer lies, bluff and deceit while  putting  one over on the  Pharisees pertaining to their theological dogma of sacrifices.


    Again and again, Jesus spitefully accuses the  Pharisees of indulging even horrible sacrifices his god –  that god Jesus is faking to be himself according to other passages of the chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") – allegedly does not like. Sacrifices allegedly are not very important to his god. Other matter  ostensibly are much more significant:




Mt 23:23 RSV


23  "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for you tithe mint and dill and cummin, and have neglected the weightier matters of the law, justice and mercy and faith; these you ought to have done, without neglecting the others.




    However, while enjoying how much  the boss of their gang apparently once again has given it to the Pharisee Jesus and his perfidious schmucks (“disciples”, gospel writers and other Christian sinners) fail to notice that while disputing with the Pharisees the mask Jesus fell down.


   So, the alleged victory over the Pharisees only was an apparent one, in reality Jesus was defeated by them he could not be defeated more disastrously. Thus Jesus exposed his most important doctrines, e.g. "vicarious suffering", “vicarious atonement” by being slaughtered himself  on the cross, as brazen lies, absolute nonsense, sheer lies, abominable deceit and heinous bluff.


   Well, the very mark of desperados is not to abide by laws, commandments or costumes. Jesus and his perfidious schmucks (“disciples”) comply with that.  Such "a qualified" barbarian like  Jesus always has an excuse ready to having abide by commandments and laws. If necessary, the barbarian, Pardon, “the bridegroom (without bride)”  serves up the following very “convincing” excuse for not abiding by the Jewish costumes of fasting…:



Mr 2:19  AV

19   And Jesus said unto them, Can the children of the bridechamber fast, while the bridegroom is with them? as long as they have the bridegroom with them, they cannot fast..



   That is really inhuman...! 

   That mercilessness towards always and always wedding Jesus, who on top of everything never had had a bride…!


    If it is useful to pass his "god" off as merciful, then Jesus does so, especially when it is about to play a nasty trick on the Pharisees. If it is about his " ideology "-- provided here such a concept pompously can be applied -- then his "god” he is faking to be  himself  however is a bloodthirsty monster coveting for slaughtered  victims, human victims, yes, that even has the presumption of practicing cannibalism.


    Don’t the Christian fellow schmucks eat the flesh of their slaveholder Jesus? On top of everything, this "compassionate" Jesus -- my heart almost bleeds for him… --   wants to grill all people that do not prostrate before him in order to worship that spiteful little devil as Satan, Pardon, as the god in a hot pan everlastingly grilled in the hell. Oh, that unrecognized model of  inveterate  hatred and vindictiveness, Pardon, of  “compassion”…! Don’t make laugh!


    However,  most decisively  that  quoted replies respectively  reproaches of  Jesus’  to the Pharisees inadvertently debunk that he (Jesus) does not at all really  believe in a sacrifice of a human being or god that is slaughtered on a cross for salvation of humankind, i.e. vicarious suffering and vicarious atonement.


    And this is the gist of Christian “ideology” – if that concept is not too pompous for that heinous deceit. As he demonstrated in another treatise (click here)  Jesus did not die on a cross but seduced someone else – a stuntman -- faking him. Islamic prophet Muhammad already said that.[1] Muhammad is right telling that. We have further compelling evidence of that Christian abominable deceit. 


    First of all, there is evidence that Jesus himself did not believe in such a sacrifice of himself and therefore never would had given up the life of his own -- that of one of one his perfidious schmucks, of course -- for such a purpose.


    Jesus’  fellow schmucks (“disciple ") Philip inadvertently  debunks, that Jesus does not understand the notion of  crucifixion in that sense that he (Jesus) has  to suffer  at all but in that way that he  (Jesus) crucifies the "world", i.e. tortures and torments those allegedly exuberantly "beloved”  next ones in order to  avenge his private  miserable fate of his own on them.



The eucharist is Jesus. For he is called in Syriac "Pharisatha," which is "the one who is spread out," for Jesus came to crucify the world. [iii]



           Crucifixion is only a requirement of Jesus’ and the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners'") perfidy faking the perpetrators to be victims. Jesus insidiously eluded the cross by a double, already because he wanted to fake to be resurrected and only somebody that did not die can claim to be resurrected. However, that is the topic of another treatise of ours.  


    By shamming the agonized one,  Jesus’  and his fellow schmucks’ targeted victims shall get unsuspecting and thus defenceless.  The targeted victims shall think and think that nobody will inflicts torments and onto that was tortured himself that way. However, that Jesus’ and the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") shall thinks so is part of Jesus’ and the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners'")’ perfidy.


        Nobody can imagine that perfidy lamenting about the tortures of an innocent “crucified” one and making the targeted victims feel pity for their future tormentors that want to torture them as they allege their boss had been tortured on the cross!


          Jesus never could have had any interest in real suffering if he wanted to injure others by getting revenge for his private misery. That is what is meant by the phrase of crucifying others.  Hence it is logical that Jesus made use of a stuntman in order to fake being crucified what indeed still can be proved, especially since the findings of Nag Hammadi, but not only from those scriptures. 


          Here, the chronicle  (Christians' cant: "gospel") ofPhilip  unveils what crucifixion really is about in Christendo(o)m : Not reporting to the posterity what allegedly some evil Jews have done to the instigator of Christian worldwide terrorism (Jesus "Christ" ) but  proclaiming what the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") inflicted, are inflicting and will ever inflict on their conspecifics, i.e.: to crucify their feigned "beloved" next ones by psycho-terror and -- if there is enough political power -- even by sheer terror like stakes, holocaust, warfare, genocides etc..


         Crucifying the all human beings (next ones) while faking the reverse of those abominations in order to get their atrocities unassailable, that is the program of these Christian terrorists’ , barbarians’ and terrorists’  sect. There is no and there never had been such an organized crime like Christian sect. And his stuntman on the cross (presumably Judas Iscariot or his gay catamite Lazarus) was the first one Jesus succeeded to crucify!


          In view of the Christian sinners’ servile mind towards their golden calf Jesus never should have got into troubles finding a stuntman for him that supposedly he hypnotized and thereby seduced him to suffer vicariously death penalty  (crucifixion) -- for "vicarious atonement" instead of him. All happens bogusly in Christendo(o)m and that means: vicariously.


           Man's deceiver (Jesus) claims to act vicariously, the popes claim to act vicariously, the clergies claim the same... So one never knows where in Christian barbaric sect the "chain" of  vicars that act  vicariously starts... So it is consistently  when Jesus already had a vicar suffering vicariously for him while execution took place since one only can  fake a resurrection if one never had died before (shamming to have "risen" from the dead)...


         Already long before crucifixion Jesus should have been fully fed up with sufferings in person like enduring death penalty. His intention was to fight back finally for alleged or actual injuries on him by means of deceit or raw violence his infamous schmucks withheld for reasons of deception.


         By the way, it is not only “his” death penalty at Golgotha Jesus executed his mad notion of crucifixion. That means: Crucifying  (others) instead of him (Jesus) and thus cruelly avenging himself on his conspecifics (“beloved” next ones).


         Once more I cannot but remind the reader of the here described traits of a deceiver:  Always consistently faking the opposite of that one desires to accomplish, yes even uttering abhorrence against the real intentions of one’s own in order to worm one’s way into the victims’ confidence and lull them into a false sense of security and hereby making the victims unsuspicious. 


        If they gradually are getting inattentive that way, also a weakling like a (depraved) Christian all of a sudden can hold a pistol to the victim’s head: Either, you are now my slave or dead!


So nobody suspects that perfidy that


·  the one, that is palmed off onto folks as the suffering one, as  " martyr " ore even the "crucified" one, precisely is their torturer, tormentor and slaveholders, who will getting revenge on all the "innocent" for is private misery by   crucifying them,



     ·  one’s "friends“ of all one’s “friends”, i.e.,, Jesus and his infamous schmucks (Christians), that are always, constantly and steadily  warning one of "wolves in a sheep’s clothing" are  exactly that wolf or those wolves in a sheep’s clothing he (Jesus) respectively the (Christians) are warning of. 

      ·  the one, that is always emphasizing that it was “better to suffer than to injure” precisely and willfully is accomplishing the reverse. 

     ·  that those ones (Jesus and his perfidious schmucks) that steadily blame the Pharisees for being pretentious, arrogant and conceited are exactly those pretentious, conceited, megalomaniac, insane and dark ones they are used to blaming  others (the Pharisees).




           Which Pharisee ever could outdo Jesus and his perfidious schmucks, i.e. the popes, cardinals, bishops regarding arrogance, peacockery, conceit or megalomania? What way this ever could happen nobody could tell until today - despite of claiming that much “divine intuitions"… 


          Everything is part of Jesus’ and the Christian sinners’ perfidy: The Christian barbarians are used to feigning humility and modesty in order to lead their victims up the garden path and hereby lifting up themselves to slaveholders, princes, king and even emperors!


         Indeed, it is the simplest and most effective way of enslaving, torturing, tormenting and crucifying one’s conspecifics (“beloved” next ones) if the future slaveholder, tormentor and torturer that is going to crucify all his fellow human being is passed off as the tormented, mistreated, injustice suffering martyr, yes even crucified one on his victims…  


        These perfidious religious barbarians (Christians) even do not shy away from seducing others to take pity on humankind’s most abominable barbarian, slaveholder and felon in order to hoodwink them and to worm their way into their victims’ confidence and hereby submitting and fettering them as their slaves. 


        Perfidy means to sham always the reverse what one has in one’s mind to do. Perfidy is the height of hypocrisy that is out of bounds and stops at nothing. Jesus explicitly instructs perfidy. Let’s look at another part of his perfidy: Whoever wants to be master should sham the reverse as first rule of all perfidy, i.e. feigning to be the most "submissive servant", Jesus “advises”!





Mt 20:26-28 RSV

26  It shall not be so among you; but whoever would be great among you must be your servant,

 27  and whoever would be first among you must be your slave;

 28  even as the Son of man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.



Lu 22:26 RSV

26  But not so with you; rather let the greatest among you become as the youngest, and the leader as one who serves





           We (Christian) perfidious swindlers are used to deceiving always and consistently by faking the reverse of that what we really want. We (Jesus and the Christian sinners) want to be the greatest, the despots, and human beings’ slaveholder that even torment and torture, i.e. “crucify” our that much “beloved” fellow human beings”.  Each concept Jesus and the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") use gets its meaning (semantic) from the requirements of their perfidy.


        The first requirement of perfidy is that “love”, “morals”, “truths”, “charity”, “spiritual welfare”, “modesty” and “humility” etc.  is only a fake in order to worm one’s way into the victims confidence and thus to make them unsuspecting about unscrupulousness one’s own, i.e. of the perfidious one.  


            We (Jesus and the Christian sinners) are used to feigning the reverse of it, i.e. to be  "devoted" "humble" and "modest" “servants ", who only have "charity" and “serving the next” in our minds. So, we (Jesus and the Christian sinners) reach our goal becoming

a)    slaveholder, despots of humankind and

b)    torturers as tormentors of revenge by outwitting our “beloved” next ones.


          And we are used to duping them by faking the opposite of that we (Jesus and the Christian sinners) have in our mind: By shamming to be their slaves and servants so long until they have become unsuspicious pertaining to us (Jesus and the Christian sinners). Those are the requirements of perfidy.


        The meaning of Jesus’ last quotation is: If you want to be slaveholder of your fellow men you insidiously must fake only to serve everybody.  And if nobody suspects you to be ambitious to be your fellows’ slaveholder and all are defenseless toward you and believe you are able to hurt a fly, then your time has come to enslave your first  to take a knife and to ambush from behind, get  them 


        When we (Jesus and the Christian sinners) have wormed our way into our victims’ confidence and successfully lulled them into a false sense of security we are used to “fettering the house owners” -- as Jesus said -- and force them to be our slaves so that they are completely servile to us and to endure all torments and tortures we inflict on them. 


       This we (Christians) succeed in doing so because our master of deceit (Jesus) “taught” us always faking the contrary of that we want to accomplish.  Each sly shark or blackguard knows it, too. The falseness has become second, yes even, first nature to those deceivers (Jesus and the Christian sinners), so that we are not used noticing any longer when we are hypocritical, deceitful, false or even when we are lying.


       Jesus and the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") – that are the incarnated depravity, spite, vindictiveness and maliciousness. The Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") fool themselves being above human beings but indeed they are even below most of the animals and their god Jesus, anyway!


       Most animals are not that depraved and more trustworthy and not that despicable than the Christian god Jesus -- this spiteful little devil -- and his insidious schmucks (Christians)! Who wonders that the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") have jerky views of animals, human beings and last not least about themselves?


      Hardly the Pharisees have disappeared when Jesus’  „god“ turns out having precisely the reverse traits he claimed to the Jewish clergies: Craving for human (slaughtered) sacrifices, yes coveting for murdering an alleged and conceited associate of him – all what this spiteful little devil  as ugly as Satan denied to the Pharisees:



Lk 24:46-47 RSV


46     and said to them, "Thus it is written, that the Christ should suffer and on the third day rise from the dead,

47     and that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be preached in his name to all nations, beginning from Jerusalem.




·        That is the sect of homicide!

·        That is the sect of slaughters!

·        That is the sect of barbarians!

·        That is the sect of pyre and stake!

·        That is the sect of the holocaust!

·        That is the sect of inveterate hatred and vindictiveness!

·        That is what those barbarians fake charity and mercy!

·        Those are the lies and deceptions of a would-be god!


          Everything Jesus alleges is due to the requirements of his perfidy.


        If Christian perfidious barbarians fight Judaism and Islam they indirectly argue that god is cruel, bloodthirsty, yearning for blood, murder, killing and death. The other ones, especially the Moslems, are used to saying that god’s mercy was that abundant that he does not want killing, murder, blood and sacrifices. That is why Christianity only succeeds


1.)   among human beings of coarse lacking of a developed culture and civilization (Stone Age folks or felons, murders, Mafiosi and terrorists),

2.)   where this barbaric sect can force others to be christianized by threatening their live (what those Mafiosi mostly did)

3.)   as a concomitant to colonialism, i.e. an addition of slavery of minds to those ones of economics. The economic slavery went over but those one of minds and  psyches  stayed because the slaves had been deprived of the concepts, i.e. “tools”, in order to free their minds and souls.  


        Those depraved ones, perfidious Jesus and his infamous schmucks, are convinced from the bottom of their heart that nothing is to accomplish without barbarities, bloodsheds, killing, murdering etc.. Soon we will watch “Apostle” Paul that speaking.  So, such a barbaric “tenets” go down very well among those Mafiosi that Jesus called the sick. Those are his infamous schmucks (Christians)!  Why? Because the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") mirror their depraved mind and traits in that barbaric depravity and  grimace of  Jesus.


Thus the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") persuade themselves that the unbearable (their depravity, their mug) become more bearable  to them. That is why the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") persist in alleging that Jesus was god because they cannot stand themselves if the god has not that depravity, barbarians grimace they (the Christian sinners) and Jesus have…



That is why those Mafiosi (Christians)are prepared to vilify, lie, deceive  and even kill you or even to kill themselves but never admit that their chief desperado and barbarian -- the planet’s most felon of all felons and of all times (Jesus "Christ" ) that even is more depraved than any animal -- was respectively is  no spoon-feeding guardian and associate of the god! That is what they really understand by the “concept” of “god’s son”.



The one that allegedly is superior to human beings indeed is  even below animals. Roman emperor (332 – 363 C.E.) Julian, uncle of emperor Constantine, already noticed:



“I (Julian, Roman emperor)  experienced that even beasts of prey are not that hostile minded to human beings than Christians one to another.”[iv]



 This happens if the perfidious love each others. If the one is perfidious and his enemy, then all malice, vileness, cruelties and unscrupulousness is unleashed and the “heavenly inspired” Christian morally even turn out to be below most mammals, even beasts of prey. Perhaps the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners'") god is a brute – not even a “golden calf” because they lifted up an perfidious “brute” to the planet’s god..!


The general gist of his quoted disputes with the Pharisees is: Excuse me (Jesus), my folks (Christians) are (morally) the sick, i.e., depraved ones and many felons, murderers and much scum of the Earth is respectively are among them.


 Barbarians and Mafiosi like bloodsheds and slaughters that much. So I (Jesus) have to contrive such “tenets” to my deprave perfidious schmucks (Christians) that are depraved as I am (myself)…Jesus grifted a victory over the Pharisees just for a moment that is for the whole context of his drivel a complete debunking and defeat.  Paul exposes about the  „mercy“ the „god“ the following:




 Heb 9:22 RSV


22 Indeed, under the law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.




·        That is the (bird) brain of barbarians!

·        Those are barbarians!

·        calling the depraved,  barbarians, terrorists as true“ lovable” ones chosen (by their golden calf or brute) and

·        That is the god of the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners")!



 At first, it is to notice that the comparison of Christian human sacrifices – to which also belong the Christian barbarians’ cult of “martyrs” on the one hand -- with those of pagan sacrifices of animals is drawn by the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") and not by their opponents. On the other hand, not in the least one can say that Jesus’ rejects sacrifices in favor of mercy.  Once more, the Pharisees have brought down his mask from his ugly mug hidden behind abhorrent lies and heinous deceit. 


 Jesus never believes at all in any sense of such a reputed sacrifice but only appreciates it as an effective tool of bluff and deception. To the possible objection of a barbarian (Christian), that  god's mercy allegedly is accomplished by that blood-slaughter on a human being or even god, it is to reply that:  



1.)    The Pharisees in same manner conceived their sacrifices of animals. The one as the other want to atone its (not merciful but) vindictive god by bloodshed. 


2.)    Both (Jesus and the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") on the one hand and Jews or pagans on the other) impute that their god or gods insist(s) on bloodsheds in order to get atoned with human beings. That is nothing but the “mirror” of the barbaric mind and psyche of those arguing that way – whoever does so!


3.)    Undoubtedly Sacrifices of animals are not that execrable   than those of human beings or god!  That is why Jesus and Christendo(o)m can be called the incarnated hatred and vindictiveness.


4.)     Exactly the one that propagates sacrifice of a human being (Jesus) has the least reason for throwing a stone at others, i.e. the Pharisees. That crafty, sneaky, spiteful little devil does not only see the speck in his adversaries’ eyes and is not willing to notice the log in his own but this incarnated vileness maliciousness among human beings (Jesus) is hypocritical enough for blaming (projecting on) others doing that was he really does.   


5.)     When that abominable organized crime disguised as a religions (Christian sect) came to power it showed the world quite plainly that sacrifices of human beings in the pyre at their stakes are their most camouflaged enjoyable as desirable business. That is what those barbarians call “mysteries of (Christian) belief”… Why? Because Jesus’ and his insidious schmucks’ (Christian sinners’ or the very last ones’) inveterate hatred and revenge on the first hereby is accomplished. 



That is why the Christian barbarian sect persists in bloodsheds at any, really any price!  One never should make high demands on barbarians and on Christian ones, anyway!



That is why Christian barbarians cannot stop dreaming of sacrifices of human being and extolling and glorifying them.











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[i]  The Gospel of Philip, Translated by Wesley W. Isenberg, Saying 50 (63,1ff), on: The Gospel of Philip is also a gospel the Christian sinners so gladly wanted to get rid of for ever. This almost perfect crime almost succeeded to do so – however, only almost! Christian sect could not bode that only one clever truthful one did not take part in that deceit and in the beginning of 4th   century's put all the chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") Christian sect want to get rid of in jar and hid that jar in cave near the commentary of Egyptian hamlet Nag Hammadi.  There, the jar was detected approximately 1700 year later, in the middle of the 20th Century. Among others it also contained “The Gospel of (Jesus disciple) Philip”. About his authenticity there can be no doubt among serious researchers, to which, however, do not belong those Christian conjurers of lies and deception that call themselves “theologians". The author of this gospel, for example, is the only one that can tell us a) that also – and how much -- women were in the flock of itinerant preacher Jesus, b) he can tell us the names of all and c) how Jesus behaved when greeting them. One hardly can produce that out of thin air.





[iii] The Gospel of Philip,  Saying 53, Translated by Wesley W. Isenberg, on:


[iv] Quoted according to: Kurt Eggers, der Kaiser der Römer gegen den König der Juden – Aus den Schriften Julians, des Abtrünnigen, Berlin 1941, S. 63, Translation from the German into US-English of my own.