Chapter: 1, Part: 2, Section: 2

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

The Homo scelestus' Deceits, Megalomania, Lust for Powers and Satanism

How Jesus monkey-god indirectly and inadvertently admits to be Satan of the idea of his own


Sixthly:  The illustrations of  Jesus'  “temptations” by Satan in Rio de Janeiro and Lisbon

 Seventhly: Summary

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If one walks in the streets of US-American cities, like for example Los Angeles, sometimes one can find secret signs painted on houses and other buildings. Here, a gang or a Mafia marks its territory. Those rivals or competitors, who do not respect the claims of that territory, have to be prepared for war with the claiming gang or Mafia. In principle, this behavioral pattern stems form Christian Mafia (“sects” or “churches”). It differs only in a much lager scale. Exactly such examples turn out correctness of such comparison of religious (Christian) terrorism with economic Mafiosi.


By their conditioned slaves in politics, the Christian swineherds' sect has made arrangements that already at the entrance of villages or cities their territory is marked. The Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") terrorism camouflages those alleged indispensable marks of its territory by faking that everybody who enters a village or city first wants to know where there is next toilet, pardon, where the next Jesus (Satanic) service takes place …

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Christian swineherds' sect is used to marking (at the entrance of villages and towns) its territory not differently from any other Mafia, e.g., in Chicago or Moscow. The latter ones are used to calling their territory   "protection money-zone".


Almost each higher mountain in Christianly enslaved countries, e.g., in the European Alps, is marked by Christian a cross. Therefore, the Christian swineherds unmistakably tell everybody that no democracy but Christian terrorism prevails. Each one that does not "respect" that Christian barbarity’s territory has to be prepared for war with the Christian terrorism like each competitor or rival that does not respect a gang's territory in L.A. or Chicago has to face war with the claiming gang.


There is no difference of the Christian swineherds' sect with any other Mafia or gang concerning the claims of territories. One even can compare the expression of "protection money zone" with the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners'") claims on human beings.


The Mafia in Chicago demands money from businessperson in their respective district to "protect" them (the extorted ones) against itself (the cashing Mafia) and other competing Mafiosi. To the owners of business they are used to telling: If you do not pay, the robbers will break into your restaurant or house and plunder you. However, if you pay money to us we demand from you, your business will be secure in this district. 


Christian sects demand   money and the soul of their victims to “protect“ them against themselves (Christian Mafiosi), i.e., not being vilified, libeled, slandered and condemned by the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners"), and to "protect" their slaves against rivaling and competing sects that would play the same nasty tricks and harms on them.


All apply the same nasty tricks - all are Mafiosi. Both -- Christian and economic -- Mafiosi only promise to "protect" from dangers, fears and harms the feigning „protectors" produce themselves.


 "You all are condemned and have to go hell but we (Christian swineherds) aren't that barbaric not to offer you a way out. That way is that you obey and comply with everything we (Christian swineherds) order you to do... If you obey us, you will go to heaven...


 Without the Christian swineherds, that danger or psycho-terror of eternal tortures and torments would not exist. Those are the feigned Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners'") "glad tidings"! Those “tidings” are glad for the slaveholders and Mafiosi for making slaves and money, money and money!


Joh 15:22 RSV

22 If I had not come and spoken to them, they would not have sin; but now they have no excuse for their sin.


  Thus, Jesus admits to "save" from evils that only came into existence by him and that were not existent without him. He promises to defend against harms and damages he himself provides for those that do not want to worship him as the “god”. Consequently, where is the difference between religious (Christian) and economic Mafiosi...?



In Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) and Lisbon (Portugal) those Christian Mafiosi come up with a special gag: Marking their territory or "protection money zone", they erected a statue of their (beautified) misshapen dwarfish monstrosity (Jesus) they worship as their “god” on top of a vast mountains. In both cities, the Christian swineherds do not confine themselves to a cross on top of a mountain.


Of course, they tremendously enlarged and strongly beautified their golden calf. Why did they enlarge and beautify Jesus? Because they fear that even morons know that a god does not look like as Satan or as Jesus "Christ“!   Why took god all the beauty away from Satan he was keeping as a former angel? Because everybody shall realize Satan and his (Jesus) Christ already by their outward appearance! Here, it is not about a faking prophet, viz, human being but about a faking “god”! Therefore, the Christian sinners’ references to the Jewish bible for apologizing Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Satan name: Jesus "Christ“) deformity do not work since there is only one god and no Messiah or prophet claiming to be “god” or an associate of “god”…!


Those statues of Rio and Lisbon on vast mountains show Jesus just having got all the realms of the world handed over from Satan to him while keeping his promise from the desert’s encounter. Both statues fix Jesus in an attitude thanking the devil, his father.


There, the Christian swineherds let their leader (Jesus) attitudinizes and says by stones or concrete: I did everything (worshiping and introducing the devil as the “god” to this planet) and I got “all authority in heaven and on Earth” (Mt 28:18) ... That is scene what the statues of Rio and Lisbon fix in stone or concrete:




Mt 4:8-9 RSV

8 Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain, and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them;

9 and he said to him, "All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me."


Therefore, both statues fix the moment when Jesus thanks Satan: Thank you for keeping your promise. I did everything you (Satan) wanted me to do and I received everything you (Satan) wanted to give me, in return. Nobody with brain can fail to notice that both statues refer to Jesus' encounter with Satan in the desert and that his Christian fellow barbarians made a Freudian slip by both statues.


However, the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") conceal that Jesus never would have got something from the devil if he would not had complied with Satan's demands. Oh yes, there is also honor among thieves and even among devils -- and among Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners"), anyway...!


A well-conditioned Christian might object that the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") always talk about “god” when worshiping and not about Satan. However, poor Christian sods, did the devil say to Jesus that he is to be worshiped as Satan or did he say as the "god"? Therefore, poor and depraved Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners"), Jesus and you comply with all Satan's demands...

The Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") try to give the impression that each deceiver tries to outwit its victims by faking to be honest but Jesus,  first would had announced his deceit before deceiving. Oh, poor and depraved Christian, that is precisely the behavioral pattern of any wily, crafty and sneaky deceivers- and that one of Jesus' anyway!


To those behavioral pattern of Jesus' and of any other crafty deceiver it belongs to deny what one is doing or did or is about to do and to fake the (moral) reverse it, i.e., here: not having comply with the demands of Satan:


·         As you (Christian abominable deceivers) deny that the post of signs at the entrance of hamlets, villages or cities do not mark the territory of your Christian swineherds' sect but were the most desired and urgent information’s everybody is used to yearning at first when entering a place or:

·        As you deny that your crosses and statues on high mountains are no signs of territory threatening who has to obey whom in this area but were signposts where to find the next (Christian) toilet...


A deceiver denies everything that debunks him - and a Christian one, anyway!

The Christian liars and deceivers missed to see that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (felons name: Jesus "Christ" )  should not reject Satan’s offer because of feigning to renounce the world but because of purportedly keeping already that what Satan offered to him (see Mt 28:18). If those Christian scriptures would be true, Satan so-to-speak offered a house or a car to Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ“) he is already keeping …

And while failing to see that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ“) is debunked as liar when bragging about keeping “all authority in heaven and on earth” (Mt 28:18)  he is unmasked as liar and deceiver or having got that “authority in heaven and on Earth” (Mt 28:18) from Satan and thus being Satan’s Christ and not that one of the Jews or of god!  Satan’s Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") can choose between both possibilities.



Mt 24: 35 RSV 

24 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.

  Mt 28:18 RSV

18 All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.


Jesus "Christ“, do not make me laugh about the bats in your belfry or that what Satan gifted to you. Oh, my goodness, what a "modesty"! My word, what “humbleness" the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners'") upper desperado and barbarian (Jesus) is showing off! In addition, the Pharisees and all "domineering" and "arrogant" folks do not believe it... 

By the way, those phrases Satan certainly had told to him when both (Satan and his son Jesus) had their important meeting to make a deal in the desert or in dream. Precisely those phrases! You do not believe it? Then, listen to this saying of Satan witnessed by Jesus "Christ“:


Lu 4:6 RSV 

6 and (Satan) said to him  (Jesus), "To you (Jesus) I (Satan) will give all this authority and their glory; for it has been delivered to me, and I give it to whom I will.


Well, are not Satan and Jesus the same phrase mongers? Are not their phrases exchangeable, one another? Let us watch:


Lu 10:22 RSV

22 All things have been delivered to me (Jesus) by my Father; and no one knows who the Son is except the Father, or who the Father is except the Son and any one to whom the Son chooses to reveal him."


The words of Jesus and Satan are that alike. Therefore, nobody really can doubt what things Satan delivered to Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (swine name: Jesus "Christ“) when encountering in the desert. Of course, on condition that Satan is named and worshiped as “god” by Jesus and his Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners"), in exchange! 


Do not both fake possessing "all authority on earth and heaven" (Mt 28:18) and other "counterfeit money" and to pass it on to those they want to do it, e.g., Jesus the "keys of heaven" to Peter he called Satan?


Satan or Jesus "Christ" is the same, irrespectively Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera’s (swine name: Jesus Christ's") claims: I am not that I am but want I desire to be - or the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners"): We do not want to be reputed what we really are but that what we desire to be. 


In addition, they desire to be “god”, “gods” or “god's”-- not Satan's - chosen ones. They want to Satan, Satan’s son and Satan’s chosen ones but they do not desire to be reputed as such but as “god”, “god’s son”, “god’s chosen ones” etc. Satan, Jesus or the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent sinners") -- they all want to be what they are but to be reputed the reverse they are. Therefore, slaves behave well and comply with the demands of your Christian Satanic slaveholders...

By the way, heaven can pass away anyway because Jesus did not believe in it as we have produced evidence in another part of this treatise  (click here).

I see, meantime Satan's insidious schmucks (Christians) made that desert’s deal stony or in concrete: In Rio de Janeiro and in Lisbon, since they enjoy their loot very much.




The" Sermon on the Mountain of Jesus "Christ" – or how Satan demonstrates his „moral“ Superiority to God  (There is provided evidence that  likewise Satan Jesus "Christ" gives away the whole world that does not belong to him.   Jesus and Satan only distribute counterfeit money or "Constantine donations" to fences).

The" Sermon on the Mountain of Jesus "Christ" – or how Satan demonstrates his „moral“ Superiority to God  (There is provided evidence that  likewise Satan Jesus "Christ" gives away the whole world that does not belong to him.   Jesus and Satan only distribute counterfeit money or "Constantine Donations" to fences).



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