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 The most fundamental Controversies between Christianity and Islam   


 Could there be a better foundation for human rights? 

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المسيح فى الإسلام

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  If Muslims complain that the Christians  do not acknowledge Muhammad as the “Paraclete” promised by    Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ"), (see: Joh 14:16, 14:26,15:26, 16:7) , i.e., as one (Jesus) following prophet, then it is not only due to the Christian foul players’ maliciousness but also to the innumerous lies - and thus consequently to the innumerous contradictions - of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Jesus "Christ" ).

Each contradiction consists of two parts, at least. The first part of the respective contradiction is that one we already quoted in the preceding paragraph about the Paraclete. There, Jesus divulges that his followers (Christian brutes) do not know the truths at all because they could not bear them:


  Joh 16:12-14 RSV

12  "I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.

 13 When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.

 14 He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you.

 15 All that the Father has is mine; therefore I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you.

Joh 15:26 RSV

26 ¶ But when the Counselor (Greek: Parakletos)   comes, whom I shall send to you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, who proceeds from the Father, he will bear witness to me;


Here, it expressly is said that: 

1.      First, another prophet (Paraclete) is still to come.

2.      Secondly, this prophet was necessary because the Christian brutes still do not have (sufficient) truths and:

3. Thirdly, the Christian terrorists cannot have (sufficient) truths, because they cannot bear them.  

Regarding the last point, whoever could not agree with Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ")?

The second part of this contradiction is not only the refusal of each further prophet still to come after him (Jesus) but also already its preventive denunciation. Likewise, all the Christian brutes' crimes (“sins”) are already forgiven -- before the Christian foul players ever perpetrated them, at all -- he (Jesus) preventively and projectively denounces also further prophets as diabolical swindlers, again already before they are born.  Projectively? Projection means: putting the blame and shame for oneself on somebody else. That is what slick and furtive Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ“) does.  Yes, because Yehoshua (Jesus "Christ“) accuses others only by that what matches himself:  To be false prophets, false Christ’s, false sons of "God". Jesus "Christ"   solely is used to accusing others what at first and precisely is to apply to him:


Mt 24:5 RSV

5 For many will come in my name, saying, 'I am the Christ,' and they will lead many astray.

 Mt 24:11 RSV

11 And many false prophets will arise and lead many astray.


Mt 24:23-24 RSV

23 Then if any one says to you, 'Lo, here is the Christ!' or 'There he is!' do not believe it.

 24 For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect.


Mr 13:22 RSV

22 False Christs and false prophets will arise and show signs and wonders, to lead astray, if possible, the elect.


Now, all of a sudden all further prophets are furiously damned as false Christs, indeed by slick, furtive, sneaky and depraved Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) himself.   Since these “predictions” regarding doomsday in fact failed to take place[i]  ,he (Jesus) is afraid of losing all his possession (of slaves) --  that is used to worshiping him as "god". Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ“) just wants to protect his possession of slaves, pets (“sheep”) and robots from deceivers and sorcerers of the same caliber of his.  Thus, he stirs up hatred and denounces his “fellows”, his  “colleagues“ already before they were born or even begotten and this he is used to doing by arguments that first of all are to apply to nobody but him: Lying and swindling. 

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To this contradiction one more over has to take into account the so-called “Revelation of John” that even more perfidiously demonstrates the contradiction in Christian sects' “god’s” word:


Re 18:19 NRSV

18  I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this book;

19  if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away that person’s share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.


In the preceding part, we already demonstrated that this passage contradicts those ones of De 4:2 and 13:1.

I see, this puking stems from a so-called “god’s word” where the prophet of the sect, who is even exalted to “god” or an associate of “god” tells his fellow desperadoes, brutes and Mafiosi: Many things are still to say to you but you cannot bear them (see: Joh 16:12) … Those Christian murderers of all organized crimes feel compelled to murder each that wants to add something to this blather and baloney …!

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Christians while accomplishing their "love": "Jesus came to crucify the world" (The Gospel of Philip). Who is worse - the Nazis or the Christians

Do you still doubt that Christian sect is a Mafia of bossy, phony, sneaky, stealthy, perfidious and infamous bastards n’ dastards or rogues n’ frogs in frocks and without frocks that want to lift up themselves to be slaveholders of humankind and that stoop to anything to get their (abominable) way, even by lifting a fellow of their own up to “god” or “god’s guardian”?  For enslaving humankind Christian brutes  made a fellow of theirs as the “god” of their own and “morals” and “love” particularly adjusted to their lies, deceits, spite, perfidy, infamy, genocide, atrocities, barbarities and other abominations!

Once more, the Christian sham-god succeeds in stirring up hatred (his kind of “love”!) of folks against one another (see: Lu 14:26).  Nobody shall have a good life because this deformity, this failure of nature – Jesus  "Christ" -- has no good life. 


There’s no spite,

Like that one of the “gospel’s “ "Christ" !


   Muslims claiming that Muhammad was the promised Paraclete by Jesus can refer to chapter 14, 15 and 16 of John’s gospel and the Christian crusaders that massacred the Muslims while crusading against them can refer to chapter 24 of Matthew’s gospel.   It is to assume that the latter is a later interpolation.  The Christians finally could not warfare that fiercely, if everything is uncertain and not finished as the prophet (Jesus) said to them. Obviously, the censors of the "gospels"  deem an interpolation to be necessary to correct their deified prophet...  Finally, the Christian sham-god has to make sure that people make life hard for one another, yes even mutually murder them. In addition, everything is accomplished by his strange sort of “love” and “morals”. This means that it specifically   is to adjust for those abominations.   The planet’s most rogues – Jesus "Christ" and the Christian brutes -- excellently accomplished that.  Do count the pretty millions of skeletons in the closets of Christian Mafia!

When describing the method of our chronicles' (Christians' cant: "gospels'") investigation (e001.htm), we already said that we will also examine if quarrels among supporters and opponents of Jesus are only due: 

1.      To the adherents' wickedness and maliciousness as Christians are used to accusing their rivals and competitors or if they stem from

2.      Jesus’ contradictions and inconsistencies that inevitably and time delayed were going to burst out when adopted by his followers. 


Here, we have a model that the Christian brutes rightly may blame the Muslims for abusing the sayings of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Jesus "Christ“) or that the Muslims rightly reproach the same towards the Christian priests n' beasts. Jesus  "Christ" provided everybody with ammunition of argument to instigate fiendishness, fights, murders and wars against one another. He provided that to one point of views as well to its contrary one can appeal.    Both -- the Christian brutes and the Muslims -- certainly are used to believing that the respective other one misleads and misguides and therefore is to blame or even to punish.


However, both belligerent ones are right. The only one that is wrong and that is to blame and to punish is Jesus  "Christ" -- man's deceiver what he is used to calling man's son --  saying the one and each reverse of it.  Therefore, here we have a model, how Jesus himself causes and instigates the quarrels, stabbing, wars and murders among different faiths, e.g., among different Christian sects or among Muslims and Christian brutes. 


How one can recommend another to believe in a further Paraclete or to believe in another prophet while he is libeled to be a “false prophet” or “false Christ”?  One just can decide this matter but only by   --  concealing that Jesus  said each opposite -- denouncing, libeling, muzzling, stabbing etc. the opponent, i.e. but by terror and terrorism...!  Because of its lies and deceits Christendo(o)m inevitably is a terrorism that is used to appearing in most Christian countries as terrorism of state (that means that mostly Christianized state perpetrate  Christian terror camouflaged as law and order in Christian states).


The Christian brutes, of course, do not consider this, since moral beasts -- nothing else but this means the Christian brutes’ notion of sin and sinners – are striving for acquitting their shamming "god" when debunking their, respectively,  his (moral) grimace.  This is their sole interest, in fact, also the interest of Jesus (monkey-God) the Christian brutes’ shamming "god": Lying and deceiving for advantage of one’s own.  That is their last "emergency break" if deceit and abominations are inescapably to admit: Then, the topmost deceiver, the topmost terrorist and brute, i.e., their sham-god shall be rescued, at least. Hence, the Christian priests'  n' beasts’ “apology” that only the Christian brutes are evil and Jesus monkey-God was good, in any case, is nothing but their depraved, sneaky, slyly, silly, crafty trick in order to trap rats and their victims.

If the Christian brutes try to converting Muslims, for example, they first of all have to explain to the Muslims why  -- in view of god’s infinitive goodness and mercy and in contrast with Psalm 91:1-13,  Jesus confirms in Lu 4:10-11 and Mt 9:13 and 12:7 -- crucifixion, torments, tortures, and man-slaughter allegedly are  necessary to make him merciful.  The Christians indirectly claim that god does not have his feelings under control that he at least wants to indulge one slaughter (of his purported son). However, how else Christians could cant ignominy of their prophet's hanging?  Let us watch what Christian Shaul Paul has to say to this topic:


Heb 9:22 RSV

9 Indeed, under the law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.


Ah, ah, ah...! 

1.       That is very typical of brutes' and terrorists'  “morals”! 

2.       That very typical of desperadoes' way of thinking! 

3.       That is how felons, Mafiosi and deceivers fancy morals! 

4.       That is the way Satan would fancy “morals”!

5.      Those are the genuine „morals" of the scum of the earth!


 This is the real credo of desperadoes and brutes! However, Shaul Paul completely is "apologized".   He did not know that "Islamic" terrorists of today take the same view...

This makes Christianity bestiality and terrorism behind a sheep's clothing of "love" to trap all the nerds n' jerks or goofs n' fools, if it is not about Christian priests n' beasts.

In the USA each father that would allow killing his son in order to take revenge on or for others would be convicted death penalty and would get the lethal injection ...  If the North-Americans really would believe in Jesus  "Christ" they would have to decorate those perfidious and infamous (Christian) murderers!


1.      This is the Christian brutes' god!

2.      This is the desperadoes’ god!

3.      This  is the terrorists' god!

Those Islamic „martyrs",  who crashed into the two towers of the World-Trade-Center in New York City on September 11th, 2001, have chosen the wrong religion. "Without bloodshed there is no remission of sins" - that was proven by Islamic terrorists by about four or three thousand corpses on September 11, 2001 in New York City!  In Jesus "Christ" -- obviously  all brutes', terrorists' and felons' "god" -- they all would have matched their proper and genuine leader, "Lord" and the "god"...

Here, the Christian priests  n' beasts have a bad hand to palm off such raw sewage as summit of  "morals" on Muslims, since only Mafiosi, creeps n’ crooks, rouges and other  brutes adequately fancy such a way of "remission of sins". Moreover, apart from such barbarians and other depraved or weak-minded ones, nobody of the Muslims converts to Christian brutes' sect of perfidy and infamy, however many Christian misguided sheep lift up them to Islam. No doubt, this is a (moral) advancement, at least.

       Nothing debunks more Christian sects' depravity as real scum of humankind as the way how the Christian priests n' beasts fancy the way of “remission of sins”.  “God” has to commit the felony of high treason (usurping the Jewish crown, see: Joh 12:13, is exactly such a felony) and even had to become a felon in order to forgive all other felons’ sins... Ah, ah, ah...!  In this manner, Christian brutes only project the brute’s mug or grimace of their own to “god”. Whoever honestly can doubt that the “god” of felons is a felon and so the Christian Mafiosi’s god a brute and death penalty convict?  Felons only can “clear up” everything only by felonies and Christian brutes, anyway!

          This bloodshed is very typical way of thinking of gangsters, Mafiosi, brutes and terrorists --  and one   of this slyly, sneaky gangsters and terrorists knowing all dodges and being up to all tricks, anyway!


This is that much very typical that there never could be a suitable  model for that wayward way of Jesus' and the Christian brutes' thinking.  Precisely that way and in no other way criminals, hoodlums, barbarians and terrorists (or Christian brutes) are used to fancying any remission of sins – according to the brutal and felonious mind of their own. Foul players, brutes and  barbarians with  closets full of skeletons --like the Christian Mafia  has and that are used to shedding others' blood -- only can fancy the atonement of their perpetrations ("sins") in this manner: by bloodshed. 


         Here, Islam is used to hitting the mark and therefore Christianity mostly is placed “second best” when competing with Islam.  The "religion" of perfidy and infamy (Christendo<o>m) only could spread in the wake of   most serious crimes, colonialism and other sorts crimes on humanity and humankind,  At most, Christian pestilence was successful among Stone Age’s human beings... 


Christian psychological terrorist (thieves' cant: "missionary"): God his son slained, you Stone Age-being to heaven now go.

Stone Age’s human being:  I like that.  I gladly am used to slaying. Jesus immediately my God is. I also gladly prefer gobbling human flesh and human blood guzzling. You, Christian, also something me offers?

Christian psychological terrorist (thieves' cant: "missionary"): Oh yes, of course!   We Christian priests n' beasts at least millions of folks already slain and if not stuck, burnt while still alive and could so much cry, i.e. PTL, i.e. again: Praise the (Depraved) Lord. Befouling, knives and pyre, we morale and charity call. That special “philosophy” of ours is.  Each time Eucharist you share ours you human flesh gobbles and human blood guzzle. You this like? All Christian beasts eating hog n' sod  in our bog church call. Our god for love of cannibalism.

Stone Age’s human being:  That proper God, genuine love and authentic religion for cannibals is. I immediately Christian become. Finally found religion for us cannibals... What is called your sod, bog, hog or god?

Christian psychological terrorist (thieves' cant: "missionary"):  Name we keep secret 'cause  not want refuted. We are very cautious. We allow not read Bible. No one able  refute us if not known Bible and other things blurred, darkened or destroyed. However having nick name: Jesus.

In Jesus’ name  let's start the trap's game – Amen!


             By the way, not in the least it is about god, heaven, hell, hereafter etc. pertaining to Christian sect of perfidy and infamy – as we  produced evidence in the first chapter.  The objectives of Jesus and his infamous schmucks (Christian brutes) are solely to establish dominance (as conceited "shepherd" over abased "sheep"), will for power, slavery and the virtually perfect crime. Corresponding to their nature as wimps, cowards, flops and miscarriages or damp squibs of nature (thieves' cant: "last ones")  Jesus and the Christian brutes want to  establish dominance over those to whom they cannot hold a candle (Christian jargon: "first ones") by lies, hypocrisy, mendacity, befouling, deceits theft, robberies, murders, barbarities, atrocities, genocide etc. In other words: It is about  enslaving humankind by  bestiality cowardly  camouflaged in a sheep's clothing of "love".  

In order to do make those barbarities and terrorism unassailable for the victims and adversaries, those cowards, wimps, sissies, flops and miscarriages of nature are used to labeling everything as “religion”, “truth”, “god”, “morals”, “love” etc. , i.e., by each moral reverse.   Those pretty terms are only Christian Trojan Horses  or  juggling with names contrived by their felons’ coach:

The “gospel’s” Christ!

Satan’s  catamite!

             Those concepts are specifically adjusted to the depravity, barbarities and abominations of the Christian brutes, only for the goal of getting their felonies, terror, abominations and barbarities unassailable, viz, for accomplishing the (almost) perfect crime.  E.g., by that juggling with names (semantic simulations) the Christian underhand foul players feign that they  do not psychologically terrorize, terrorize or even enslave others  but  god purportedly is the perpetrator doing that...

  In addition,  if sincere ones oppose those  (Christian) brutes and their bestiality  the latter presume to accuse each standing for  human rights to  commit „blasphemy“.  Those are the “divine benefits” (Simon Peter[ii]) when perpetrating spite, crimes and bestiality with a self-made “god”…! That is why the Christian priests n' beasts „love“ god that much and even are used to striving to peg out for „god“ and the „truths“, i.e. to perpetrate their bestiality and barbarities unassailably.

            Hence, the duffers, goofs, mugs, blockheads and/ or morons can and will not defend themselves against that (Christian) terrorism and their enslaving by those rogues, crooks  n' brutes, i.e. by the Christian priests n' beasts! They do not want to commit „blasphemy“ as their brains are washed to think by their Christian swineherds... This, the Christian brutes are used to accomplishing by naming the instigator of their terrorism and abomination (Jesus  "Christ") "god", who at best is a devil. Therefore, the jerks, the duped are "impressed" being psychologically terrorized or even terrorized by the „god“ while mixing up god and (Christianly trained) sods n' hogs in bogs ...  


Because the Christians mix up hogs, bogs and gods,

They  claim the poor sod Jesus ben-Pandera as god!


Wanna know Satan's hog and catamite?

Satan's sects call him Jesus Christ!


           If you want to take unassailable revenge on humankind and humanity, then you must have the cheek  to organize  your own sect   -- like Jesus  "Christ" did --  or at least join such a sect of vindictiveness... and call it promoting "love", "god", "morale", "justice", "doomsday" and the "truths"...

          In contrast with Christianity, Islam is to appreciate as monotheism even if Muhammad partly refers to Jesus. However he is referring to a sort of Jesus one cannot find in disclosed and undisclosed Christian chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels"), at all.    Muhammad is not this kicked worm, who takes revenge for its personal handicaps by nature, like, for example, ugly deformity Jesus "Christ" does. The Christian brutes even prefer to conceal that  their “god” Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) is  as ugly as sin or as Satan.  Muhammad obviously was a distinguished person, a family’s father with a balanced sexual-life - no freak of ugliness and corresponding vindictive ideas like the Christian-barbarians’ god  (Jesus  "Christ"). 

        By appealing to the god, Islamic prophet Muhammad – comparably to Jewish prophet Moses --  tries to order human's social existence corresponding to principles, one cannot declare as imbecile, with a  lock, stock and barrel.  By comparison, the Christian brutes and their god (Jesus  "Christ") have nothing to „offer“ but sorcery, lies, trickeries, deceits, „counterfeit money“, „Trojan Horses“, false promises etc..  However, obviously that is sufficient for instigating grudge, envy, vindictiveness and spite. Jesus and his infamous schmucks (Christian priests n' beasts) try to poisoning social life by stirring up the last or dregs of humankind to wage war on the first . 

It is amazing how religious and other totalitarian movements match one another.  No wonder that “legendary” early Christian sect was a communistic one:


Ac 4:32 NRSV

32 ¶  Now the whole group of those who believed were of one heart and soul, and no one claimed private ownership of any possessions, but everything they owned was held in common.


Simon Peter even killed  those members that did not deliver all their properties to this greedy sect (see: Ac 5:1-11).[iii]

This is not possible without falsehood naming,


1.             truths "lies" and lies "truths",

2.             god as Satan and Satan as "god",

3.             felony as "martyrdom" and martyrdom "felony",

4.         "spite" as  charity and "charity" as spite,

5.           love as "hatred" and hatred as  "love",

6.       revenge as  "justice" and justice as "atrocity".

         I stick to the view: In comparison with Christian sects of perfidy, Islam is a moral advancement of humankind.

         For Muhammad, death penalty of Jesus by crucifixion is what it actually was or is:  The proper ignominy of a felon. By disclosing a stuntman for Jesus’ execution – that was crucified and died instead of the Jesus (see: Su 4:158) -- Muhammad even wants to take off these disgrace and odium from Yehoshua. Hereby, Muhammad does not want to expose Jesus as liar and deceiver but believes to restore the "honor" of Jesus.

             More over, Muhammad does not presume to claim that dark vengeance, Jesus and his infamous schmucks, the Christian brutes, are used to fostering. For example, Christian sects of perfidy allege that the supposed the evil ones will be surrendered to the devil in hell and then only depend on Satan's mercy. (This is the repressed Christian knowledge that this Satan is Jesus "Christ" and/or the ominous father to which the latter and his henchmen refer by addressing him as  "god" as Satan demands to do it from his followers. Christians and their "Christ" fancy that they  can take unrestrained revenge on those to whom they cannot hold a candle). There is no depravity like Christianity!  In Islam, special angels, for instance, will execute punishment for the evil.

In Islam Satan had fallen from god because he did not revere human beings god created. Therefore, Satan became condemned to hell. However, respite was granted to him until doomsday. For the following quotation one has to know that Iblis is another notion for Satan.

Su 38: 72 85 (Yusuf Ali Edition)

72  "When I have fashioned him (in due proportion) and breathed into him  (Adam) of My spirit, fall ye  (angels) down in obeisance unto him."

73  So the angels prostrated themselves, all of them together:

74  Not so Iblis: He was haughty, and became one of those who reject Faith.

75  (Allah) said: "O Iblis! What prevents thee from prostrating thyself to one (Adam) whom I have created with My hands? Art thou haughty? Or art thou one of the high (and mighty) ones?"

76  (Iblis) said: "I am better than he: Thou createdst me from fire and him thou createdst from clay."

77  (Allah) said: "Then get thee out from here: For thou art rejected, accursed.

78  "And My Curse shall be on thee till the Day of Judgment."

79  (Iblis) said: "O my Lord! Give me then respite till the Day the (dead) are raised."

80  (Allah) said: "Respite then is granted thee—

81  "Till the Day of the Time Appointed."

82  (Iblis) said: "Then by Thy Power, I will put them all in the wrong, —

83  "Except Thy Servants amongst them, sincere and purified (by Thy grace)."

84  (Allah) said: "Then it is just and fitting—and I say what is just and fitting—

85  "That I will certainly fill Hell with thee and those that follow thee. —Every one."

For Christian sects, this is a dangerous knowledge about Satan since even in Christian regions and even independent from Islam, people in Christianly conditioned countries had the same view. In a German-Christian encyclopaedia it is written:

“Faith of people imagined that this angel (that later became Satan) with other arch-angels together should revere Adam but refused to do so since because he regarded this below his dignity <Vita Adae et Evae 14> what (Christian) scholarly theology rejected as views of stupid people >Pseudo-Athanasius, Questiones ad  Antiochum 10>.[iv]


It is very miraculous that people in Christianly conditioned countries pertaining to a crucial element of theism follow Islam and do not share Christian views about it...! This also illustrates why Christianity is that afraid of Islam. Even Christianized people are inclined to believe in principles of Islam instead of Christian ones.  Undoubtedly, the Islamic views about Satan are positive ones as far as  human beings  are concerned since god does not tolerate that some (grudging) angels disrespect human beings. Those angels who do not respect human beings are called devils. Could there be a better foundation for human rights? 

In Christianity, Satan is a former angel that severed from god because he did not agree who was the first one (god) and who inferior or the last. Satan wanted himself to be "god".  That means, Satan came into being due to a rebellion on god because he himself wants to be "god".  This turns Satan out  as the first Christian.  One  can also put it that way that Christianity is the permanent continuation of Satan's rebellion on God.  Therefore, it is no incident but logical that the Christians feign a fellow of theirs as  "god"...

Firstly, corresponding Christian doctrines Satan wants to change the ranks of the first and the last . That is what Christianity precisely is about according to its "gospels":

Mt 20:16 NRSV

16 So the last will be first, and the first will be last.

Secondly, according to the Christian "gospels" Jesus calls his followers (Christians) "the sick needing a physician" (see: Mt 9:12, Mr 2:17, Lu 5:31). However, like Satan those (morally) last ones (Christians) do not want to be that what they are. In the "Sermon on the Mountain" -- the Christians praise as very hype of theirs -- those morally "the sick", i.e. the evil, are flattered as "salt of the Earth" (Mt 5:13) or even as "light of the world" (Mt 5:14), i.e. as "first ones". Consequently, Christians match their own doctrines about Satan. Who wonders that even Christianly conditioned people rejected that theory and adopted the view of Islam about Satan?


In Islam, god does not surrender human beings to the devil as  vindictive (and „love“ and „charity“ shamming) Christian sects do. Here, human beings' dignity is still preserved in Islam whereas Jesus of the “gospels” and his Christian brutes feed Satan with human beings. The genuine ideas for (Christian) cannibals (Christians’ cant:  “Eucharist”) …!

              Jesus -- as presented in the “gospels”--  and his Christian barbarians make up all filthy things and are boundless vindictive on all individuals that do not want to be enslaved by those very and real last and depraved ones kissing the rings of those damp squibs of morale and nature. More over, they are capable of calling that abomination  even as  „charity “ and „love“...  However, in this respect and to a certain degree Christian brutes are to excuse. Why?: Because barbarians, hoodlums and terrorists are shattered psychic cripples unable to know what love is ... Therefore they cannot stop blathering about love… For instance, each Christian shall feign to “love” his enemies but hates his father, mother and children, oh yeah, even himself.


Lu 14:26 NKJV

"If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciple.



Oh my goodness, what a sect of “love”… What an abomination of perfidy!


Vengeance, instead of justice,  in hell, that is  what crooks n' brutes, the scum of the earth, i.e. Christian priests n' beasts, fancy and  love, to the utmost and therefore deem themselves to be members of a sect of “love” ...  Hand on heart, will people goading others into hating their father and mother, respectively, their children go heaven or hell…? Do you still wonder that the “god” of the planet’s most organized crime is a death penalty convict?  One only can wonder about that, if one is tricked by the perfidious lies and infamous deceits of Christian wolves in a sheep’s clothing!


        Beside Jesus’ – as he is presented in the Christian “gospels” -- (and his infamous schmucks’) abominable claim of purportedly being "god", the alleged execution of his and consequently his fake of "resurrection from the dead" rightly  are insurmountable differences between Islam and Christendo(o)m.  Regarding those two crucial aspects  any reasonable human being  just can say that Muhammad and the Moslems are right and the Christian brutes are just mean, base, vile, perfidious liars and  infamous criminals.  Christianity  is the  everlasting  “blemish on humankind” as German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) already verbatim couched it.

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[i] Pertaining  “canceled” doomsday megalomaniac Jesus  "Christ" according to Christian gospels falsely prophesied  and did not take place as he presumed to predict according to the “gospels” I advise to read our explanations on: http://www.bare-jesus.net/d103a.htm. The contradiction I there pointed out came into existence because those sayings about “false prophets” and “false Christs” chronologically are before evidence turned out that his predicted doomsday failed to take place. (As there is pointed out, he predicted that event in his generation’s lifetime!).  When Armageddon or his “prophesied ” end of the world, of course, did not occur,  Jesus  "Christ" had been at a loss of excusing his (“almighty and everlasting”) failure… More over, he did it in the following manner: I (Jesus) am completely innocent. You (my Christian infamous schmucks) are to blame for it. The world is not able to end now, because you (all my Christian infamous schmucks) still do not know  the truths, at least sufficiently. Therefore, another prophet (Paraclete) is to come revealing the truths to you. If you (my Christian infamous schmucks) ask me (Jesus) why I am not doing that what the other prophet (Paraclete) will do I have a very big convincing excuse: I (Jesus) am completely innocent. You (my Christian infamous schmucks) I plainly called the sick are to blame for it. You cannot bear the truths. That is why I cannot tell them to you.  (Dear reader, who honestly is able to contradict Jesus  "Christ" in this regard…!). Therefore, I (Jesus) am totally apologized… In addition, after the truths are divulged the end of the world will come… So, the goal obviously was achieved. However, what a “hope“! This “achievement” ends with an (another) announcement of another Messiah (Paraclete). So, they have to do what they had to do before: Always waiting for another one and always leading the others up the garden path: In the next five minutes the true chronicles (Christian

[ii]  Qoted according  to  THE ACTS OF PETER, From "The Apocryphal New Testament", M.R. James, Translation and Notes Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1924, Chapter II. Auf: http://wesley.nnu.edu/biblical_studies/noncanon/acts/actpete.htm  last call on: 05/02/2007  See also: http://www.bare-jesus.net/d4032.htm "O worthy gain and suitable to God, to escape the insolence of the flesh and mortify the boastfulness of the blood! But that old man, faithless, and not knowing the greatness of the heavenly favour, ignorant of the divine benefit, entreated Peter that his only daughter might be raised again"


[iii] For more detail about Simon Peter’s – the purported first Christian pope’s -  murders see: http://www.bare-jesus.net/e4031.htm , http://www.bare-jesus.net/e4032.htm and http://www.bare-jesus.net/e4033.htm


[iv]  Edited by Heinrich Fries, Handbuch theologischer Grundbegriffe (handbook of theological essentials),  , Munich 1970, vo. IV, p. 26f, Translation from the German by my own.  German Text: “Der Volksglaube stellte sich das so vor, dass dieser Engel mit anderen Erzengeln zusammen Adam hätte verehren sollen, dies aber als seiner nicht würdig verweigerte (Vita Adae et Evae 14), was  gelehrte Theologie allerdings als  Meinung dummer Menschen verwarf…“