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Jesus in Islam

Isa in Islam

 (Christianity is) “An attack of priests! An attack of parasites! The vampirism of pale, subterranean leeches!” (Friedrich Nietzsche, German philosopher 1844 -1900)

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المسيح فى الإسلام

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Table of contents of the first section


Firstly:    Jesus’ commandment for violence and Muhammad’s commandment for freedom

Secondly:   Christians’ lies and deceit and how they seal them off from reason and truths

Thirdly:  Jesus' and Muhammad’s correspondence about imperfection of Christian faith and its necessity to complete

Fourthly:  Some basic knowledge about Islam



Firstly:     Jesus’ commandment for violence and Muhammad’s commandment for freedom

The so-called „Christian Occident“ is not to understand without the Muslims’ contributions to it. However, here it is about embarrassments the Christian sect likes to blur as it conceals the truths how Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ") performed his stunt of  „resurrection from the dead“ or what he -- this deformity (Jesus “Christ”) -- looks like. This information Christian foul players' sect withholds to its pets (Christian jargon: „sheep"). One even can say that Islam perhaps has a much more positive impact on the Occident than Christian sect has. The latter is only „outstanding“ for the idolatry of one of their fellow (perfidiously disguised) brutes (Jesus), its crimes, devastation and abominations beyond description, even in the occident’s history.

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Like the Jews and other real or putative competitors and rivals, the Christians are used to misusing the Muslims as psychological projection of the murderous intolerance and foul play of their own. Intolerance is fear of the truths. Unlike Jesus "Christ", Muhammad declares that there may be no compulsion in religion.

First, we want to spell out the term of psychological projection. By a psychological projection the concerned tries to push the dirt, depravity, iniquities,  shortcomings etc. of his own  preferably at his competitors' and rivals' door. Hereby, the projecting one does not only want to fool his social environment but also wants to bear his bad conscience of his own. This means that psychological projections are as well deception as self-deception. The concerning one is unable to bear the truths about himself and therefore projects them on others. Beside gross barbarities and atrocities,

·     hypocrisy,

·     semantic  simulations („juggling with names“),

·     false, deliberately misleading comparisons

·     provocation crimes,

·     psychological projections

are the  basic tricks by which ideological and/or religious (perfidiously disguised) brutes are used to faking to be “nice guys”, “upholder of moral standards”, “martyrs”, “reverends”, “saints”, “holy fathers” etc. Such religious crimes, in particular, Christian crimes are underhand foul play. Only if religious Mafiosi have the political powers to perpetrate atrocities they do it openly. However mostly and especially Christian crimes are underhand, camouflaged, veiled and hidden. 

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Christians while accomplishing their "love": "Jesus came to crucify the world" (The Gospel of Philip). Who is worse - the Nazis or the Christians?

Those Christian wimps, sissies, cowards, bastards n’ dastards, maggots, brutes n’ crooks only can defeat their victims by (mis)using the trustworthiness of the victims. So, Christian underhand foul players are used to putting on a "sheep's clothing" of  “love”, “truthfulness”, “commitment”, “confidence” and/or  being on good terms with "god" etc.  Even the weakest wife can stab the strongest husband while he is sleeping in bed. That is perfidious Christian dastards and cowards’ lifestyle, viz, foul play!


 Finally, no felon can say without further ado: I am no criminal but „martyr“ and „saint“. Turning upside down and downside up, e.g., putting truth as „lies“ and lies as „truths“ etc., one need an arsenal of tricks to trap those who are „poor in spirit“ (Mt 5:3) …

Right now, we are going to produce evidence about the one who does not only put up with murders, outrages and atrocities but also intends those foul play firstly from its very principle, secondly  from the very outset and thirdly: thoroughly!

Jesus’ commandment („New Testament“) of compulsion in religion:


Mr 16:16 NRSV

16      The one who believes and is baptized will be saved; but the one who does not believe will be condemned.


Lu 14:16-24 NRSV

16  Then Jesus said to him, "Someone gave a great dinner and invited many.

17  At the time for the dinner he sent his slave to say to those who had been invited, ‘Come; for everything is ready now.’

18  But they all alike began to make excuses. The first said to him, ‘I have bought a piece of land, and I must go out and see it; please accept my regrets.’

19  Another said, ‘I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I am going to try them out; please accept my regrets.’

20  Another said, ‘I have just been married, and therefore I cannot come.’

21  So the slave returned and reported this to his master. Then the owner of the house became angry and said to his slave, ‘Go out at once into the streets and lanes of the town and bring in the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame.’

22  And the slave said, ‘Sir, what you ordered has been done, and there is still room."

23  Then the master said to the slave, ‘Go out into the roads and lanes, and compel people to come in, so that my house (Christian sect)  may be filled.


Muhammad’s  commandment of freedom of faith


Su 2: 256

256  Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: Whoever rejects Evil and believes in Allah hath grasped the most trustworthy handhold, that never breaks. And Allah heareth and knoweth all things.[i]  


While the Koran admonishes to freedom of religion, Christian chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") instigate to compulsion and hence violence and crimes. This already is sufficient to call Christianity an organized crime. Evidently, here it is about instigation to crimes. Therefore, Christianity is to reconcile with bestiality but not with human rights.


Some Christian try to prevaricating that this perhaps was a mistake of translation. It is hard being forced to see into the mirror of one’s brute’s mug. However, it is no mistake of translation.   Latin Vulgate Bible the only decisive one in Catholic sect translates with „conpelle“ that means to compel.

Here, we already face the first one important difference between Islam and Christian sect:

Islamic thesis: Koran says: do not compel in religion (see: Su 2:256).

Christian antithesis:  compel all the people to Christian toilet (Christian jargon: „church"), (see: Lu 14:23).

The latter is what makes Christian bestiality (camouflaged as “love”).  Unlike Christian “New Testament”, there is no instigation to crimes on human rights in the Koran!

  Now, let us have a still closer look at the passage we are just quoted from Christian gospel of Luke (14: 16-23). It debunks much more than the Christians obviously assume.

Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Jesus "Christ“) first tries succeeding to get the upper crust by fair play (see: Lu 14:16-18). However, when failing (see: Lu 14: 18-20), he tries to gain that what he wants (being worshiped as „god“) by underhand foul play. Since deceit always is unfair, a deceiver only can be successful by foul play. If desperadoes do not succeed in getting what they want, they do everything according to their first credo: Brutes' faith shifts mountains and the truths, anyway. However, one thing desperadoes never will do and Christian ones not at all: to lower their signs and eat humble pie. This does not mean that they refrain from giving a correspondent impression (Christian jargon: „sheep's clothing") to hoodwink their victims.

 Deception already is part of underhand foul play. Facing his failure, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus „Christ") touches those that are marked by bad nature (the poor, sick, lame and crippled) to fatten himself on their misery, i.e., to become worshiped as „god“ by them, at least (see: Lu 14:21).  Now, he betrays why Christians dote on the misery of others. This is what perfidious Christians on top of everything call „charity“ …

 In truth, hereby Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus Christ“) continues Satan’s rebellion of the laston the „first ones“ according to the Christians’ own doctrines. According to Christian doctrines Satan as former angel fell from god because he did not agree with god who was first (god) and who was the last one (Satan or all his Christians). Therefore, he decided to rebel on "god". This insurgence is continued by his sect called Christianity. Therefore, Satan was the first Christian!


 Because the desired upper crust could not be trapped by bloody smarmy Yehoshua (Christian jargon: Jesus„Christ"), he turns to the last (he calls poor, lame, crippled etc.) to adulate them allegedly being the „first ones“, e.g., „salt of the Earth“ (Mt 5:13), „light of the world“ (Mt 5: 14) etc.

 Once burnt with Satanic passion of a  world war of the (perfidiously disguised) brutes or last ones on  the first intolerance, compulsion, violence, outrages, atrocities and other kinds of foul play are logical consequences and no „weakness of the flesh“ as those hypocrites, i.e., liars, deceivers, foul player try camouflaging their depravity, perfidy and infamy. That is no “weakness of the flesh” of this hypocrite and all the Christian hypocrites but the “weakness” of the perfidy and infamy of his and his Christian fellow (perfidiously disguised) brutes!

While  Mohammed advises to refrain from any compulsion in religion, this perfidious spiteful little devil, brute of venom and foul player openly instigates to compel others to join his toilet or sect (“meal”), see: Lu 14:23. Hark, hark: „ … and compel people to come in, so that my house (Christian sect)  may be filled.”

Oh yeah, this is Satan's innocent son or lamb "suffering for the sins of his and the world..."!  Why is Christianity a religious crime? The answer:  Because it compels to it by perfidy, infamy, psychological terror, underhand terror and even terror of state! 

Thus, on the one hand we have Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus Christ) and on the other we have Muhammad rejecting compulsion in faith and thus promoting freedom of faith.


So, let us repeat: The difference between Christian „New Testament’s “ saying of   Mr 16:16 („The one who believes and is baptized will be saved …“) and Lu 14:23 (compel into my sect), on the one hand and Su 2:256 of the Koran („Let there be no compulsion in religion…“), on the other, is equivalent to:


·     Intolerance and tolerance,

·     crimes  and human rights,

·     barbarity and civilization,

·     tyranny and humanitarianism or to that one of

·     bestiality (in the sheep's clothing of a religion) etc. 


There are no other ways by which such perfidious foul players and  (perfidiously disguised) brutes can feign to be „decent and upright fellows“, „reverends“, „martyrs“, „saints“, „holy fathers“ etc. but by the just described tricks, in particular, by psychological projections. Correspondingly, by Christian brainwashing in Christian enslaved countries Islam is depicted as a sort of  band of murderous robbers 24 hours a day plotting  what Christian  is to  murder next – as Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (foul name: Jesus "Christ") similarly did so regarding  the Pharisees  (by a psychological projection of his)…  

The currently pending conflict in the Middle East seemingly bears the adversaries of Islam out in this impression. However, only apparently! The there concerned Muslims want to carry the war to those countries that support the enemies of theirs, according to their view. Hereby, I want to emphasize that do not say that I agree to do so. However, it is brashly impertinent Christian propaganda and/or views of ignoramuses to reduce Islam to the behavior of one party of the current conflict or war in Middle East. 

Christians instantly would resort to pose as "martyrs" if Muslims would judge Christian sect only from its behavior in North Ireland.  Comparably the same do Christians reducing Islam to the current occurrences of terrorists that presume to refer to Islam.

Being in real tearjerker Christians complain in the very hypocritical, mendacious and perfidious manner of their own that in Islamic countries Christians allegedly are disadvantaged. What those insidious and deceitful Christians withheld is fact that only due to Muslims’ tolerance there are still Christians in Islamic countries, today. If Muslims would have been that felonious and murderous  like the perfidious Christians („Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved …”)  are , there would be no Christians in Islamic countries, today as there were not tolerated Muslims in Christianly enslaved  countries until proclamation of human rights by anti-Christian French Revolution. Christians did not change that but anti-Christians! In most Islamic countries, Muslims had to power to exterminate Christians if they would have done so. This friendliness does not make Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes tolerant towards other religions, not in the least.

That means that in Islamic countries there are Christian because Islam rendered humanitarianism towards (bestiality of) Christianity that always wants to erase Islam. Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes on top of everything even faking to „love their enemies“ turned out to be obsessively incapable or granting the right to live to Muslims where it had and has the power to perpetrate such foul play.  Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes' only answer for different faiths is befouling, denouncing, murder, murder and murder, if those the accursed ofgod (De 21:23) can do like they want.

What else one can expect from the (perfidiously disguised) brutes of an the accursed ofgod (De 21:23)? What else one can expect from a fair players’ sect that already and until now murdered about 300 millions of human beings?

According to their depraved mind of (perfidiously disguised) brutes (Christian jargon: „the sick needing a physician“ ,Lu 5:31) Christians perfidiously  want to libel, slander, jail, mar, spoil, wreck, devastate, kill, murder, burn and ruin everything that is not Christian.  In addition, this foul play those perfidious put on a sheep' clothing and to not only fake „charity“, „love“ but even to „love of their enemies … Is there something more insidious, perfidious and abominable but Christians? Brutes are atrocious but the most abominable brutes, the most scum not only of human beings but also of all creatures are (perfidiously disguised) brutes even faking love, on top of everything. That is bogus beyond belief but accomplished by Christianity.

 It is only a question of strategies and tactics if the Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes commits crimes and refrains from perpetrating them.  That means, it is only a questions if Christianly conditioned politicians are able to provide impunity for the fellow Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes. It the latter is the case Christian soldiery immediately starts.

The secret heaven of Christianity are the Middle Ages, anyway. Withholding the latter is one of the Christian “mysteries”. Wherever those brutes in a sheep's clothing get enough political powers hell or the Middle Ages instantly follows.

 The "outstanding offer" Christians are very conceited about and are convince to trap all the "sheep" (duffers, mugs, goofs n' fools) is to live eternally with those brutes in a sheep's clothing together...  In Christian "heaven“, salvation would be much more necessary than on Earth! Redemption from the Christians would be the first necessary matter! Who doubts that Christian "heaven" is just is a semantic simulation for hell... Was not prophet Muhammad right predicting that

·      on doomsday Isa will witness against his fellow Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy  not having passed himself off as god and

·      hereby cares for fellow Christians' marching to hell (see: Su 4:159)?

Oh when the brutes go marching hell, I do not want to be in that number...

As far as the Christians today do not perpetrate those abominations as they did in the Middle Ages, it is due to the fact that modern Western states are no pure Christian societies but a mixture of Christian bestiality  and humanism. In some countries, e.g., in France, the latter is more powerful in others, e.g., Germany or Austria less.

In some, in particular, in the last mentioned ones bestiality of Christianity is able to perpetrate foul play, they cannot do in others. More over, one should not forget that because of Christian murders millions over millions of individuals had to die enabling humanism to prevail.

In other regions of our globe where Christian priests n' beasts are not impaired by human rights movement, they are able to life their bestiality to the full.   In 1994, Christians again perpetrated genocide in Rwanda (Africa). Five millions individuals were killed only in about one year (in order to compare: During the holocaust it took about 12 years to kill approximately 6 millions Jews by European, especially German, Christians.  Killing five millions individuals in about one year proves that Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes' killing has become much more effective meantime. Do not dare to say that Christian toilet (Christian jargon: "church") does not modernize...! 

In Rwanda Christian priests n' beasts lured the hunted ones into their toilets (Christian jargon: "church") by perfidiously pretending to offer a sanctuary to protect the persecuted one's lives. Christians claimed that the bravely fight voluntary euthanasia in the Western hemisphere and that the just succeeded in jailing two of euthanasia's most prominent representatives, one in the USA, on in Germany. The latter they jailed unlawfully. Christian desperadoes and brute only abide by laws they like but from other laws they feel "freed" by their topmost desperado, felon, rogue (without frock), Mafioso, terrorist and brute, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ"), see: Ro 7:6.  Criminals are used to breaking the laws. That is what makes them criminals or Christians.

When the Christian toilets (Christian jargon: „churches“) were full up they instantly became close and the lessons of Christians' "protection of life" started: The individuals become slaughters worse than cattle by those perfidious Christian wimps, sissies, cowards, dastards n' bastards or perfumed brutes.  

An open fight those Christian damp squibs, failure, flops and miscarriage of nature dodged because they only can lose it. Therefore, they only lay hands on those they made defenseless before by worming their way into their targeted victims' confidence as Jesus "Christ" coaches those abominable brutes (see:  Mt 12:29, Mr 3:27).  Those Christian priests n' beasts, creeps, crooks n' brutes only are able to achieve their goals by lies, deceits, perfidy, insidiousness and infamy.

More over, this is a good example to demonstrate Christian perfidy.  The latter means saying something one does not mean or mostly the contrary of that what is uttered. In Rwanda, the hunted ones were said that they are granted their "right to live" and so can survive in the Christian toilets. However, Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes meant their conceited "right" of murder by feigning that.  Oh well, this happens if one falls for the traps of the Christian rats. Christian toilet (Christian jargon: "Christian church") is perfidy in its very principle and from the very outset.

This means, where Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes are not restricted by human rights movement, they live off their bestiality to the full.  The brute of pope in Rome who was responsible for everything his fellow objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy  and (perfidiously disguised) brutes perpetrated tried to protect his fellow Christian criminals from "prosecution (of Christians)".  More over, in those parts of the globe where there is Christian conditioning of human beings, this Roman brute even poses as "humanity that has become flesh" or as pope of millennium...  Once more, one can see how easily Mafiosi are able to lead their biological robots (Christian jargon: "believers") up the garden path.   Where there are Christians, there are no human beings any longer but biological robots.



This means, one cannot compare nations of the Western hemisphere with Arabic or Asian countries that are dominated by Islam. Whoever does so compares apples with oranges, viz, Islamic countries with Christian countries that are more or less “tamed” by French Revolution and humanism resulting from it. For instance, the founding fathers of the United States’ declaration of independence and constitution are more or less of the same stamp as the author of this treatise is.[ii]  In addition, the same is to say to the fathers of the French Revolution and of the proclamation of human rights, anyway!

Therefore, it is completely nonsense to call the Western states Christian ones. Unlike the Western ones, Islamic countries are almost thoroughly designed by Islam. Christians strut in borrowed plumes when giving the impression of the reverse. However, this does not make  perfidious and unscrupulous Christians shrink from that … In addition, I also read all significant philosophers of the Occident (Parmenides, Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus, Descartes, Spinoza, Fichte, Kant, Rousseau, Friedrich von Schiller,  Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche etc.) and found no one Christian but more a less folks of my stamp! Why? The answer: Because from a certain degree of intelligence upward Christian deception and fraud are in vain. 

If I would have to examine candidates in philosophy, I only would give a copy of the “New Testament” to them and later ask them: What do you say to it? Then I would know if somebody has the sufficient level of intelligence being a philosopher or not. The one that does not detect this most abominable crime of all abominable crimes is incapable of philosophy due to insufficient intelligence. I frankly   admit that in Christianly conditioned countries "philosophers" might say something else. Finally Christian toilet (Christian jargon: Christian "church") is about posing the lastas the "first ones". Who wonders ...?

Below, we will produce evidence that Islam did not inconsiderably contribute to Western philosophy. Already due to this fact, one cannot confront on the one hand Christian countries and on the other Islamic ones if Islam contributed to both hemispheres.

Unlike the already mentioned distinguished personalities, Hitler Gobbles and Goring were members of Christian foul players’ sect, in fact, until each of them committed suicide. This stays true, even if Christians imploringly try beseeching us to believe the contrary …! Birds of a feather flock together! Thus, one brute kept the other company...

Certainly Christian brutes (in the „sheep’s clothing“ of „love“) defy being responsible for Hitler’s and the Nazis’ bestiality, too. If there is a difference, then there is this one: As well Christian bestiality as its camouflage (Christian jargon: "sheep's clothing") exceeds those ones of Christian Nazis.

 This, Christians only defy in order to care for the „sheep’s clothing“ of theirs:

Firstly, without Christian robotizing of anti-Semitism the atrocities of European, in particular, German Christians never would have perpetrated.

Secondly, Christian collaborated with Nazis due to their hope getting rid of atheistic communism by the Nazis’ barbarities.

Thirdly, the Vatican helped Nazi war criminals to fly to Catholic South America. One hardly can more unveil with whom one is sympathizing.

Fourthly, at least in Germany Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes (of „love“) try befouling their adversaries and opponent in the following way: They look in what association somebody is member. Then they look if in the concerned association once there had been a Nazi when Nazis were ruling Germany. If the found somebody then as a matter of course to Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes  declare all others members to be the same felons and Nazis as Hitler and Gobbles, even if the members did not know before that there once was a member of the Nazi party in their association.

Sometimes Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes are that inflamed to bestiality (Christian jargon: „love“) that they even find Nazis within an organization – that unlike Christian sects – was forbidden by the Nazis, viz, did not exist when Nazis ruled.

Finally, it is not unfair to judge the Christians by the measure they give (see: Mt 7:2). Those are the double standards of Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes. Which brute dares to show its face? The Christians never will do that.

Sum: Where there are Christian sects, there are befouling perfidy, insidiousness, ambushing, viz, foul mouths and foul play. Fighting and prevention of crimes are called in Christian jargon: “persecution of Christians”.

Unlike Christian hiding, disguising, prevaricating and canting, there is

·       a right of self-defense against (perfidiously disguised) brutes – even more against those ones in a “sheep’s clothing” and especially against an organized crime that already murdered about 300 millions of individuals.

·      Already Christian anti-Semitism sufficiently justifies prohibition and prosecution of this organized crime, if it human rights do not require it. “Persecution of Christians” is just a joke trying to oblige crooks, goofs n' fools to become fooled and hoodwinked by Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes.

This means “persecution of Christians” is the Christians' concoction of a “human right” to bluff, befoul, perpetrate crimes, enslave and murder everybody that does not want to be a slave to Christian brutes (Christian jargon: “good shepherds”) and their bestiality. Against an organized crime (of bestiality) like the Christian one, one

·      first has the right and obligation to fight this organized crime,

·      secondly, the right of self-defense and

·      thirdly, even the right and obligation to prevent the crimes of this organized crime.


This means, even if the Christians’ allegation would be right that they were persecuted and prosecuted innocently, what is not the case, all the prosecutions of Christians retrospectively are justified as –-- on top of everything: insufficient – prevention of the crimes of Christian organized crime. A state that does not comply with this obligation to human rights otherwise, those the state itself is a state of terror!

There is no moral progress in the „Christian Occident“ that was not to wrest from bestiality of Christianity like the Dutch are used to extracting land from the sea. No moral progress in Christianly enslaved countries without Christians’ denunciation, slandering, jailing or even slaughter, unless one could exterminate Christian Mafiosi fist, what French Revolution succeeded to do. (It is no crime to fight and prevent crimes!!!).

Human rights’ proclamation by French Revolution was fought  by Christian  Mafia and all its spiteful little devils, dunces, nerds n’ jerks or fools n’ goofs with the „argument“ human makes himself to be "god" by those rights …!   Viz, in Christianly enslaved countries moral progress has to be wrest from the institution of „morals“ of such societies …!  Well, what a „nice“ Christian Occident …! 

Hence, it is about ignorance, lie and deceit depicting Western societies as complete Christian ones. Western countries are the result of a war of Christian bestiality and humanism. The war still endures and Christian foul players lost many battles, although now they are not defeated, yet. Finally, if you believe it or not, there are already Christianly enslaved countries having separated state and religion what already is a matter of course in Turkey, for about hundred years … One does not find this separation of state and religion, e.g., in Austria and Germany – countries in which Hitler war born, respectively live and countries that perpetrated the holocaust and other Christian abominations! 


It is very typical of Christian mendacity when Christian sinners alleged that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ“) is highly esteemed in the Koran. Thus, by very typical Christian falsehood the Christian sinners want to give the  impression that hereby  prophet Muhammad approves all Christian lunacies or abominations, for instance, canting death penalty of Jesus "Christ" , „resurrection“ of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) or other Christian baloney, e.g., „trinity“ or „vicarious atonement“ etc.  

It is right that Prophet Muhammad appreciates Isa (Jesus "Christ") as a prophet among Jewish prophets. However, very typical of Christian falsehood is to conceal that Muhammad’s Isa (Jesus) hardly has something in common with that Jesus of Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes. Hence, Christian foul players' arguing -- about the purportedly highly esteemed Isa (Jesus) in the Koran -- is nothing but Christian mendacity.

 For example what has Isa (Jesus) of Muhammad in common with that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ“) of Christianity, if Muhammad predicts that on doomsday Isa (Jesus "Christ") will witness against all the Christians that he never declared himself to be "god" or equal to "god" and hereby will care that the Christian sinners will go to hell (see Koran, Su 4:159)?

Thus, Isa (Jesus "Christ“) is no redeemer for Christian sinners enabling eternal life in heaven; on the contrary, Isa (Jesus "Christ“) is a prophet that provides hell for the Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes and their victims by his testimony. Isa (Jesus "Christ“) is a witness of Christian wickedness and a guarantor that Christians are going to marching in hell. (All the Christians will be in that number...).

This Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Mafia name: Jesus "Christ“) as presented by Christian writings is esteemed by Muhammad, not at all! If Muhammad predicts that Christians have to go to hell than he „esteems“ Christian sect and its Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ“) as soul mates of Satan designed to be going to hell, i.e., to   Satan's fixed abode.


 This is what mendacious Christian brutes withhold when impertinently even claiming Muhammad for their lies, deceits, crimes, atrocities and other abominations. Prophet Muhammad certainly would not object to our recognition that the Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes and their Jesus "Christ"   continue Satan’s rebellion on god converting the ranks of the last and first ones and therefore worship Satan as “god” …!

For the Christians, true Jesus "Christ" will turn out on doomsday as an enemy of all Christians caring for the due punishment of theirs, viz, that all the Christians have to go to hell.

Since we are going to debunk that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Mafia name: Jesus "Christ“) as he is portrayed in Christian disclosed and undisclosed writings, thus necessarily the Koran’s description of Isa (Jesus "Christ“) is not affected. Here, we debunk what the planet’s most organized crime,  foul mouths, foul players and brutes (camouflaged in a sheep’s clothing of “love”) pass as “god”, “god’s son”, “god’s word” and “love” etc.  off on the   weak-minded, blockheads, duffers n’ bluffers, nerds n’ jerks and  goofs n’ fools. Here, we demonstrate how and  what Christian bastards, dastards and brutes fake as sham-“authorization” for disrespecting human rights,  conquering, robotizing and enslaving humankind.

That is quite different a problem, indeed, the question: Who is portraying truly this creature – the Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes or Muhammad? What the Christian priests n' beasts are used to telling about Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ“) debunks   our planet’s most insidious, perfidious and infamous felon, viz, the objectification (epitomization)  of evil.

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) called it a “vampirism of pale and subterranean leeches” (Anti-Christ § 49). In addition, perfidy and insidiousness are of that extend that everything dastardly is feigned by its moral reverse.

The Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes and their victims inadvertently and indirectly illustrate Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Isa) as the torch of foul play to the utmost, from the very outset and in its very principle and more over as the torch for the most abominable atrocities and barbarities that happened and ever could happen to the planet, until now already about 300 hundreds of millions perpetrated murders! 

The most abominable and despicable of all is that Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera demonstrates how to perpetrate barbarities and abominations while faking utmost "love" and "morals" and hereby wants to make is and his fellow Christian sinners atrocities and barbarities unassailable. That is not Isa (Jesus) Christ as pictured by Muhammad. Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera is illustrated as liar, deceiver, felon, death penalty convict and Satanic terrorist by the Christian sinners' chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels"), of course, perfidiously hidden in a sheep's clothing of love. Once more, we have to ask: What brute does show its face? Therefore, Jesus "Christ" corresponds with those Christian Mafiosi worshiping him, as "god" ... Each individual believing in god rather would die of fear before faking himself to be "god" or a peer to "god".  Only an atheist could perpetrate this. That what it is about when debunking Christian atheists’ hog in the  bog, pardon,  „god“...!


Secondly:     Christians’ lies and deceit and how they seal them off from reason and truths


There is no difference between reason and truth, except the fact that reason is the “tool” finding out truths. Each war on reason is war on the truths in favor of lies, deceits and foul play. Precisely perfidious Christian bestiality demonstrates this.

The basic controversy between Islam and Christendo(o)m is caused by Jesus’ deception. At first sight, Jesus even seems to be innocent and distorted by his “fruits,” i.e., by the Christian foul players. Muhammad realized this very failure of Jesus' or of the Christian foul players’ fundament by his obvious brilliant keen mind. Jesus in Islam - that exposes the rotten, stinking fundament of Jesus’ and the Christian foul play.

That is what we are now going to point out. Already the existence of Islam produces evidence that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus “Christ”) is a deceiver.

However, right from the start I want to make clear that I am no Muslim and I do not intend to defend Islam, at all. The author of this treatise is only obliged to the truths. I agree with the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (1788 – 1860 C.E.) that monotheistic religions are cruel. However, Christian foul play (sect) is the worst of all that ever could be established and perpetrated. It exceeds befouling spite, maliciousness, viciousness, depravity and foul play bipeds ever got set on.

 Even many atrocities have happened in Jewry and Islam.

However, there is a big difference if a sect’s instigator – on top of everything lifted up to “god” -- inveigles into compulsion and thus into violence in favor of his (perfidiously disguised) brutes or if he promulgates freedom of faith!!! The first do Christian underhand foul players (Jesus “Christ” and the Christians). The latter does Muhammad. The first mentioned one is criminality in its very principle and from the very outset!!! Therefore, it is logic of evil that Christian sect goes beyond all bounds of bestiality and terrorism. In this sense, the following is to be understood.

  Christian fundamental fear of the truths and hence of science is worded in the so-called "Revelation of John", later more impressively by Early Christian rogue Tertullian, who  died about 222 C.E. 


Re 22:18-20 NRSV

18 I  (John) warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: if anyone adds to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this book;

19 if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will take away that person’s share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.

20 The one who testifies to these things (Jesus "Christ“) says, "Surely I am coming soon." ...

According to this allegation, truths are completely "revealed". Individuals now have to sit down in a waiting room and waiting for Godot, pardon, for the end of the world, "doomsday" or "Armageddon".  Doing something else but sitting in the fancied waiting room means perpetrating serious crimes or "sins" that only are to "atone" by "death penalty" by underhand Christian terrorists and not by doomsday.

Why not by doomsday but by Christian atrocities on humanity and humankind? The answer: Because  for Christian brutes' terms  like, for instance,  “heaven”, “god”, “father”, “Satan”, “hell”, “eternal punishment”, “god’s son”, “love”, “truths”, “vicarious atonement” etc.  are only bogies to frighten others in order to enslave them to the Christian slaveholders – that is what Christian priests n' beasts are and want to be.  Christian foul players (sect) cannot believe in that what they preach. They only are interested in sham-authorization believed by the all the crooks, brutes, goofs n' fools to establish domination of the world. Christianity hypocrisy, mendacity and perfidy turn out when taking into account the following passage of the Bible (Christian jargon: "Old Testament").


 De 4:2 NRSV

2 You must neither add anything to what I command you nor take away anything from it, but keep the commandments of the LORD your God with which I am charging you. 

 De 13:1 NRSV

You must diligently observe everything that I command you; do not add to it or take anything from it.


In contrast with Jesus „Christ“ admittance having concealed truths (see: Joh 16:12) since his sick followers that „need a physician“ (see: Lu 5:31) cannot bear them, Judaism (Christian jargon: „Old Testament“) claims to be complete.  Hence, Christians’ addition to the Jewish Bible that is called „New Testament“ is already an illicit supplement therefore transgression.  That means that Christian „god’s“ word is nothing but an iniquity according to the scripture it refers for (sham) evidence and sham-authorization.

Thus, Christian “New Testament” is already an iniquity onto god because it adds something to a scripture (Bible of the Jews) that is not allowed to become enlarged.

However, how do those little wimps, cowards, sissies, bastards n’ dastards or perfidious creeps, crooks and perfumed brutes suffering with the defect of Christendo(o)m dodge this debunking truth?  They add something to the Bible although it is forbidden and afterwards those the perfidious „admonish“ folks that nothing is to add to that sewage, urine and crap, they illicitly  added, viz, they prohibit others to do that what these underhand foul mouths and foul players do for the profit, benefit and selfishness of their own …!  Once more, it is confirmed that a Christian perfidious schmuck and/or brute never is at a loss for any unscrupulousness and perfidy …! 


Even from here, one can see that De 21:23 (“he who hanged is accursed of god”) in no way is an isolated saying within the Bible (“Old Testament”). Also Ex 20:3, De 4:2 and De 13:1 identify Christians as transgressors onto god, which neither care about god nor of   god’s word:

Firstly, by replacing god by a “god” of their own, viz, by a perfidious brute (Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus “Christ”) of their own although Ex 20:2 forbids it.

Secondly, by adding a “god’s” word of their own that adulates those Christian brute (Christian jargon: “the sick needing a physician”, Lu 5:31) all over, e.g. as “salt of the earth” (Mt 5:13) or “light of the world” (Mt 5:14), although the scripture the Christians refer for sham-evidence and sham-authorization forbids such enlargements (see: De 4:2). 

Unlike Christian „New Testament“ the Islamic Koran is no forbidden amendment to the (Jews’) Bible. Muhammad says that the Bible (of the Jews) and the Christians' illicit annex to it ("gospels" and "epistles") are forgeries of god’s word. Whoever could object to Muhammad regarding Christian scriptures? That what is authentic and non-authentic in Christendo(o)m only is and had been a matter of murder, since ever!

Hence, unlike Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera and his fellow perfidious brutes (Christians) he does not refer to the Bible for evidence of the Koran’s revelation.  The Koran so-to-speak is a restoration god’s messages to humankind revealed by the (now forged) Jewish Bible and the (forged) Christians’ additions to it.    The Koran embodies God’s Word that is not forged.  Therefore, Muslims do not have to study the Jewish Bible or Christian supplements to it in order to believe in god.   

A Muslim might object that he cannot agree with me since Muhammad’s description of Jesus “Christ” and that one presented here often differ. Muhammad refers to divine revelation. That Jesus “Christ” he presents does not exist in Christian scriptures but by or in his divine revelation, Muhammad is not wrong calling Christian scriptures downright forgeries.

What is authentic among underhand foul players? What is the “truth” for foul players?  I will not judge Muhammad’s revelations. Here, the relevant Christian scriptures are scrutinized and debunked what they underhandedly tell and hide.  If Muhammad would have done this what the author is doing, the author is convinced that he would have reached the same conclusions and inferences.

More over, pertaining  to Christian toilet or Christian sect it is to notice and to scrutinize the insurmountable abyss between claims (demands), on the one hand and reality, on the other. How the Christians try excusing, prevaricating, spin-doctoring and canting this contrast ("mysterious accident", "weakness of the flesh", "original sin" etc.) is one and their explanation. We unbiasedly have to scrutinize if this conflict is already given by the whole "theory", viz, by working with two faces (the brute and his sheep's clothing of love), double standards resulting from that and therefore if no accidents but necessities occur.

Christian the perfidious honestly  do not trust in "doomsday", "hell" and "heaven" etc., in particular, that those things ever would happen corresponding the desires of a perfidious  hangmen's sect that is humankind's most organized crime. Therefore, Christian the perfidious only trust in the crimes they can inflict on the hated ("beloved") competitors and rivals, now, today and on the spot!

That is precisely the case: Christian sect is the most intolerant foul play (sect) because Christian the perfidious are humankind's most liars, deceivers and brutes. Intolerance is nothing but fear of the truths! The more lies, the more the concerned one is afraid of the truths and therefore intolerant, befouling and violent.  Christianity is bogus belief.

That what Christianity, viz, Christian foul play is, it only is due to its barbarities and atrocities. By having murdered already about 300 millions of individuals until now, Christian perfidious sect is an absolute champion among organized crimes! It even outdoes Hitler’s and Stalin’s atrocities, together.  Everything is underhand in Christian foul play (sect) as Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera is accursed of god like Satan is accused of god (see: De 21:23). 

One never can trust any convinced Christian one (perhaps the simply enslaved ones)   because of their underhand, hypocritical, sneaky, mendacious and thus extremely depraved nature. Due to his perfidious nature of brute, a Christian feigns utmost morals (“love”, “commitment”, “truths” etc.) just in order to lull the targeted victims into a false sense of security, viz, to defeat them more easily as we demonstrated it by the example of Rwanda, in 1994.  It is not wrong to say the Christian are a negative selection of the (moral) sewage of humankind.   Each gift form those the perfidious , i.e., Christians, is a Trojan Horse, viz, bearing ulterior motives and making the victims unsuspicious.

In general, neither Jesus “Christ” nor Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes mean what the say. They only are interested in enslaving others and being worshiped as “god” or slaveholders of humankind.


Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ") evenly bears Satan’s (mark of Cain of) ugliness. He is as ugly as sin and as Satan is. [iii] Satan and his (Jesus) “Christ” are ugly due to god’s warning of them, already by their outward appearance.


Christian perfidious sect "father" Tertullian (he died about 222 C.E.)  phrased this  basic "thesis" of Christian "belief". 

“However, since Jesus Christ we  do not need researching any longer, even not any investigation since the gospels have been proclaimed. If we believe, then we desire that there is nothing to believe, in addition.  Because this is the first thing we do believe:  There is nothing in addition, which we have still to believe besides  faith."[iv]

      Again, the Christian toilet („belief") is passed off as closed one – not only as complete but also as perfect one because of claimed divine revelation – not needing any supplement because any enlarging rather is  destruction,  " blasphemy" and consequently a severe felony against that what the Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes juggle as "belief".  Hostility against science, for example, the case of  Galileo Galilee, suppression of the scriptures of antique philosophers, among others also those ones of Plato and Aristotle (until the beginning of  13th century!) etc., general intolerance and preparedness to befouling and open or underhand terrorism (i.e.: crimes, murder, mass-murder and genocide) are already established by this maxim, which Tertullian naively  expresses.

Everything was allegedly perfect. Therefore, touching it – must be a felony. In this manner the Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes put upside down and downside up. Eat or die - that is the motto of the Christian foul players, provided they have enough political powers to perpetrate murders without (following) punishment.  If there should be still lack of evidence that Christendo(o)m is (perfidious or even open) bestiality, here Tertullian and Re 22:18-19 delivers it.  By those principles, Tertullian properly summarizes the dark traits of the perfidious Christian brutes' sect. It is just a question of opportunity or of crafty tactics to what extent one lowers the mask or feigns.


Christian foul play cannot be interested in science, reason and truths because the latter threatens the profitable deceits. Christian sinners only can lose by science, reason and truth but not win.


Since we are pointing out Islam and Christendo(o)m right now we do not want to leave unmentioned that Christian foul play exterminated everything that was besides its silly, naughty, foolish, depraved as bestial „belief“. Insofar Christian mind and Nazi mind are not far from each other. Like Hitler, who wanted to destroy the basis of  economic life for his German fellows  by ordering destruction of all larger German industry complexes when having lost World War II, the underhand Christian terrorists  in a similar way wanted to deprive their enslaved nations of all their foundations of knowledge and science  after infamous emperor Constantine, who almost murdered his whole family, enabled perfidious Christian bestiality and terrorism to power. All the Christian foul players’ slaves should be Christian slaves and nothing else in addition.

The "Serapeion" in Alexandria (Egypt), the largest library of the ancient world that archived almost all knowledge of then world, was already fully burned down by the perfidious Early Christian brutes. There had been already a fire in the year 47 B.C.E., however the Christian arsonists destroyed it, entirely. Until the present day, solely this single loss is not made up for the self-praise the Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes plentifully and exuberantly are used to heaping on themselves… In the year 529 C.E., Christian terrorists closed Plato’s Academy -- established already in the year 385 B.C.E.

Its last director -- a woman teacher – became tortured and murdered by perfidious Christian brutes just because there is nothing allowed in addition and beyond underhand Christian foul play and its lies, deception and falsehood those artists of juggling with names label “faith”.  The Christian clumsy oafs and  (perfidiously disguised) brutes also prohibited the writings of  "pagans" like those ones of ancient philosophers Plato, Aristotle and Plotinus.


Indeed, still even in the year 1209 a Catholic synod in Paris forbade reading Greek philosopher Aristotle.[v] In the 12th century the scriptures of Plato, Aristotle' and Plotinus came to Christian bestial Occident because Muslims (Arabs) conquered Southern Spain (Andalusia) and established sophisticated research and education, there. Therefore, due to the Muslims but not to “native” clumsy Christian oafs and brutes we still can read the Ancient Greek and Alexandrian philosophers, today.  Famous German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770 – 1831) points out:

 In Spain, under the Arabians, the sciences flourished greatly. In particular the university of Cordova in Andalusia was a centre-point of learning; many from the lands of the West journeyed thither, just as even the Pope Sylvester II., so well known in his earlier days as Gerbert, escaped as a monk to Spain for the purpose of studying with the Arabs.”[vi]


This madhouse of Christian sect one has to think over: (Christian) brutes suppress science and in the end even their upper Mafiosi (pope) creeps among the opponents of his sect to find out what he in fact is suppressing...!  Particularly, Muslims at first served as goat for projections to the Christian barbarians -- mainly, to project the frenzy and intolerant as well as depraved nature of their own on them.  In order to avoid being shaken off by the Muslims, Christian the perfidious finally allowed reading ancient philosophers in the beginning of the 13th century – however only in the manner, they now Christianly violated them, viz, Christianized them.   For those reasons, the Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes finally permitted the writings of the ancient philosophers. Hegel adds complacently: 

"... the faith of the Church that we catch sight of, and a formalism which is merely an eternal analysis and constant re-iteration within itself. The more general acceptance of the Aristotelian writings has merely brought forth a difference of degree and caused no real scientific progress. Here there is indeed a history of men, but speaking properly none of scientific knowledge..."[vii]

It is a hanging-around in itself that what the Christian barbarians are adulating and persuading themselves allegedly being intellectual and spiritual grandeur -- according to their denseness and depravity of those disguised brutes -- just because there may not be anything besides that, is what they euphemistically call faith or belief.  Christian diabologians – so called “theologians” – even have to enslave themselves to the Vatican desperado and brute by taking an oath. Instead of hanging-around one can also speak of lies, deception and perpetrate grift because that blather and baloney the Christian bastards n' dastards called „theo“-logy shall not be a romping about oneself but funnily is faking spiritual and intellectual "quality".  That is to say: What can be the result if Mafiosi, barbarians and (perfidiously disguised) brutes have a romp in philosophy?

They stay the same oafs and (disguised) brutes they ever have been – today and then, always striving for reputing the very, very last and „the sick needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31) faking the “first ones” and suppressing the real first ones to be the “last ones”. Such duffers, jerks n' nerds, morons, goofs n' fools, bastards n' dastards, flops, failures, damp squibs and  miscarriages of nature are used to becoming professors of philosophy in Christianly conditioned  and corrupted countries because the state is a weapon of their (the Christian sinners’) bestiality. Where there are Christian sects, there necessarily are befouling and foul play, viz, crimes.

That will remain as long as Western or other Christian countries, afford themselves a sect of rogues and (perfidiously disguised) brutes (Jesus: “the sick needing a physician”, Lu 5:31) as "moral" trendsetter. This does not work at zero prices as the (perfidiously disguised) brutes drill their sheep into believing for the selfhisness of their own. The harm this barbarians’ sect causes is not restricted to itself and not even to the mass of skeletons in their closets but inevitably depraves all the other sectors of societies.

Those mountains of corpses are only the tip of the iceberg of (perfidiously disguised) brutes (Christians') atrocities and abomination. Do not wonder! What do you expect else if rogues, murderers, desperadoes and (perfidiously disguised) brutes with a death penalty convict as the "god" of their own „work“ as moral trendsetter of your society? 

Even in the "Christian" West, one owes thank to the loathed competitors, namely, the Muslims, very much. Obviously more than to the Christian terrorists - or does somebody seriously dare to judge the venomous tongue, hypocrisy, deceits, tortures, pyres, stakes, anti-Semitism, those mountains of corpses of the Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes, i.e., Christian terrorism, as a benefit for the West?

They did not perpetrate that all their bestiality because of any mistake or failure but because of their hearts’ and souls’ depravity and perfidiously disguised bestiality that there may not be anything besides their perfidiously disguised bestiality, viz, Christian toilet those priests n' beasts label „faith“! Do you really wonder that they strive for palming off a death penalty convict as alleged humankind’s redeemer? 

·      That is sod's law!

·      Those are brutes' blather n' baloney!

·      That is the horizon of nerds n' jerks!

·      Those are Satan and/or his son assisted by his mother and brothers faking to be "god"...! (Do not forget that according to Christian toilet Satan is a big clan composed of mother, father, brothers, sisters and some strange ghosts dwelling in this toilet as long as ghost busters are not successful...).

So, what is unusual? If the Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes do not suppress science, other religions and views to that extend any longer today as they did in the Middle Ages, then this is not due to any listening to reason but because their adversaries  more and more are prevailing.  Their dogmas as well as their bestiality still exist unchanged, however their capability to accomplish them, not any longer to that extend.




Thirdly:  Jesus’ and Muhammad’s correspondence about imperfection of Christian faith 


On the other hand, pertaining to science and open mind there are the Muslims and apparently -- but only apparently -- Jesus, i.e., that fellow the Christian (perfidiously disguised) brutes refer when perpetrating all their abominations.


 Joh 16:12-14 RSV

12  "I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.

 13  When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth; for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.

 14  He will glorify me, for he will take what is mine and declare it to you.

 15  All that the Father has is mine; therefore I said that he will take what is mine and declare it to you.

Joh 15:26 RSV

26 ¶ But when the Counselor (Greek: Parakletos – that means Paraclete )   comes, whom I shall send to you from the Father, even the Spirit of truth, who proceeds from the Father, he will bear witness to me;


According to Su 61:6 of the Koran Muhammad claims to be the further prophet predicted by Jesus Christ, foreseen even in a Christian disclosed gospel (“god’s word”):


And remember, Jesus, the son of Mary, said: "O Children of Israel! I am the apostle of Allah (sent) to you, confirming the Law (which came) before me, and giving Glad Tidings of an Apostle to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad."[viii]


The here mentioned name Ahmed is understood as an abbreviation of Muhammad.

Compared with Re 22:18f Christian sect sufficiently is debunked as an unconditioned lust for power at any price, i.e., a crime of  deceit on humankind faking deceivers' and rogues' word as "god's" word.  A religion that is incomplete has to be tolerant. Only people craving for power or that cannot master their lust for power at all costs fake something incomplete to be absolute complete and sham this faked absoluteness as sham-authorization to enslave their fellow human beings.  Christian toilet (Christian jargon: "church") is a deceivers' and religious Mafiosi’s war of deceit!

Anyway, if not both, one at least lies in the Christian brutes' "god's" word: either Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ“) in Joh 16:12 or John faking a "revelation" in Re 22:18-19...!

Listen, listen: The “spirit of truth” is still to come to those (perfidiously disguised) brutes faking to be authorized keeping the "absolute truth" and therefore being sham-authorized to murder due to  those “truths” they  do not have, yet (see: Joh 16:12)…! Since the Christian swindler (Jesus) said the one as well the opposite of it, we can offer the Islamic antithesis by the words of Yehoshua, man's deceiver and destroyer.


If Yehoshua-ben-Pandera („Jesus Christ“) says that truths are still to come because his henchmen cannot bear them, then Christians cannot reject Muhammad by puked ravings such as: „I (the accursed one of god according to De 21:23) am the way, the truths and life (see: Joh 14:6)…” Even if he would be right boasting that, what is not the case,  this does not necessarily mean that he said all the truths, since one cannot interpret Joh 14:6 from its coherent context of Joh 16:12.  Then, Joh 16 restricts Joh 14:6:12-14. Otherwise, Christians indirectly and inadvertently admit their topmost fellow, they lifted to be their “god” (Jesus "Christ”) to be an impostor and hereby liar and deceiver. Either here or there he lies, if not here and there …! The latter is to assume!


That means, if Christian  (perfidiously disguised) brutes and Muslims  dispute if Jesus announced Muhammad (as further prophet after him), they are doing this not because the one is good and the other evil and mendacious but because Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera is the first of this  riffraff of Christian impostors, liars and deceivers, who, of course, contradicts himself. Therefore, there is no basis to declare Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera to be innocent and his fruits (Christian desperadoes, impostors and brutes) misappropriating him. The latter is the (last) emergency break of the Christian impostors and (perfidiously camouflaged) brutes if lies and deception are inevitably to admit, otherwise. However, not only therefore we name this Islamic antithesis. Concerning Islam, it is about openness of ideas. Each structure of ideas that are not open is sheer deception.  This is what we are going to spell out now more in detail.

There are clues that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ") at least initially declared himself as such a Paraclete  before going round the bend naming himself a "god", quite according to the motto of the brute: "All authority in heaven and on earth is given to me (Mt 28:18)” or “heaven and earth will pass but not my word (Mt 24:35)”… Since god is a constituent of heaven – in part e103 of this treatise we will prove that impostor Jesus did not believe in any heaven at all -- perishing even is announced to the “almighty and everlasting god”…

 Do you really doubt that Christian organized crime is atheism just faking to be "religion" to make its bestiality unassailable? What a wacky, frenzy, funny “god” is the Christian sinners’ “god…! Christian (perfidiously camouflaged) brutes primarily are not interested in religion, god, and doomsday and heaven etc. but in any bogies as sham-authorization to establish dominance over their fellow human beings. To Christian impostors, priests n' beast it only matters by what one can lead up one's conspecifics the garden path.  Telling them the one is "authorized" by "god" to dominate one's fellow human beings as "shepherd" and abase the latter as one's slaves (Christian jargon: "sheep") is a trick that evidently works according to the poor  and depraved brain of many people. 

Therefore, because most duffers, goofs n' fools, nerds' and jerks', schmucks n' mugs, duffers n' bluffers, creeps, crooks n' brutes are very, very impressed by referring to "god" when impostors want to establish dominance and enslavement over them, Christian dastards n' bastards sham to be on good terms with good, talking with him every day and everybody, who does not believe so that one has to go to hell...  If something would work better for exalting oneself to become slaveholders of humankind (Christian jargon: "good shepherds") they would claim that, viz, something else.

How can we provide evidence that Christian "doctrines" are just a fake to hide the lust for power, at any price and at all cost?

Well, if on the one hand one knows that Christian belief is incomplete (see: Joh 16:12) and on the other, Christians fake it to be absolutely complete (Re 22:18f), on the other so that one even feels sham-authorized to massacre masses of individuals, then evidence is given that the concerned believers, i.e., Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy , are not interested in their doctrines anyway, but in a fake to establish dominance over their conspecifics (lust for power).

Christian perfidiously disguised brutes do not believe in god, hell and heaven but claim that what serves their intention to make human beings (subservient)  slaves (Christian jargon: "sheep") to themselves or  to exalt themselves to slaveholders of humankind (Christian jargon: "good shepherd") ... Why should Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera and his fellow Christian brutes ever believe in hell and heaven? Do not they know that they -- as planet's Earth most impostors, desperadoes, foul players, brutes and terrorists -- were the first going marching in (hell)?


Those are the reasons why Christian impostors and perfidiously camouflaged brutes claim and feign to be a "religion" and "refer" to "god". If something else would work better to accomplish their will or lust for power, they would fake that.  The only goal Christian brutes have is to dominate, rule and enslave their fellow human beings. That what serves this purpose best comes in handy and is feigned to be possessed by them. One cannot emphasize enough: Faking an incomplete faith to be that complete, yes, even perfect, that one even pretends to be "authorized" of befouling and even massacring one's fellow human beings for it, debunks that one does not feel obliged to those words that are shammed as "god's word" but is looking for the sham-authorization to establish dominance over one's conspecifics. Christian toilet, Christian sect, Christian religion, Christian doctrines etc. are only about a sham-authorization to exalt oneself as slaveholder (Christian jargon: "good shepherd") over one's fellow human beings, i.e., Christian sect is about a sham-authorization hiding one's lust for power behind a sheep's clothing of religious and moral terms.

In the first epistle of John that is also indexed to the Christian brutes’ “New Testament” one can find the following clue:

1Jo 2:1 RSV¶
1 ¶ My little children, I am writing this to you so that you may not sin; but if any one does sin, we have an advocate (Greek: Parakletos – that means Paraclete) with the Father, Jesus "Christ" the righteous;


Now, here Jesus is named the comforter or advocate, i.e., Paraclete – and not as the “god” of the Christian sinners. By the way, that exactly is the part Prophet Muhammad has in Islam: An advocate of the believers in view of the god. This produces evidence that Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera did not name himself "god" or an associate ("son") of the "god" from the very outset. Faking "god" or an associate of "god" was due to an advanced stage in the course of Jesus' madness of megalomania.  

The Koran says that on doomsday Jesus will witness against all the Christian brutes that he never claimed to be a "god" and all the Christian objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy  therefore will go to hell:


Su 4:159
“... and on the Day of Judgement he (Jesus) will be a witness against them (Christians);


Pretty outlooks for Christian brutes perfidiously disguised in a sheep's clothing of "love"! However, do cross my heart: Do not those followers of a terrorists’ sect that perpetrated humankind’s most abominations and Jesus deserve it, don’t they?! Therefore, here Yehoshua is called comforter or advocate but not god. Once more, an evidence that Jesus’ claim of being a companion or associate (“son”) of "god" -- whatever wacky meaning this gadget (“son of god”) has – was due to a gradual intensification in the course of his megalomaniac sickness and not from the very outset.

However, since long ago the Christian brutes perfidiously disguised in a sheep's clothing do not want to know anything and no more about this “self-degrading” of their “god” Jesus, because  they want to have gotten all those “advantages” adulating their (the Christian sinners’) selfishness directly from a “god“. Otherwise, the Christian brutes perfidiously disguised in a sheep's clothing are afraid that the deceived ones do not mix up their (the Christian sinners’) „counterfeit money" as "money", so to speak...

So, the terrorists „deep in their heart do believe that folks confuse the Christian sinners’ „counterfeit money“ (e.g., „Salt of the Earth, „Light of the world) to be genuine (money) if the one who fabricated it, can be claimed to be a “god”... That means the Christian brutes perfidiously disguised in a sheep's clothing claim their instigator (Jesus) to be “god” because their lies and deceit is that abominable and beyond belief. The more deceit the more the instigator is claimed to be “god”...

·        The more depraved and miserable the “believers” are, the more their instigator (of their bestiality and terrorism) is claimed to be “god”…

·        The more they lie, the more the fabricator of all their lies is claimed to be “god”…

·        The more they are felons and terrorists, the more their instigator (of terrorism) is claimed to be “god”...

Exalting the instigator of lies, deceits and bestiality to be a "god" shall make the mentioned abomination unassailable.  

Therefore, already the existence of Islam produces evidence that the Christian sinners’ claims of possessing (the end of) all wisdom and truths is nothing but a sheer deceit. Jesus says the contrary, however as real and crafty deceiver – who wonders? – he also was used to saying the opposite of the opposite. The opposite of that quotation we will present in section II of this part (e008a). (Today, the latter only appears in Christian „theo“logy, viz diabology. How could it be else?). 

In order to continue, we still have to work out some groundwork. As already mentioned, Muhammad correctly says that Jesus dodged his death penalty by crucifixion for his felony of high treason (that is his unsuccessful attempt of becoming illegitimately “king of the Jews”) by a stuntman. The Koran debunks the following about Jesus alleged „crucifixion“:  


 That they said (in boast), "We killed Christ Jesus the son of Mary, the Apostle of Allah"; --But they killed him not, nor crucified him, but so it was made to appear to them, and those who differ therein are full of doubts, with no (certain) knowledge, but only conjecture to follow, for of a surety they killed him not: [ix]


 We will produce evidence that this statement of Muhammad is correct. In part, e005 it has been pointed out already that there are natural reasons for it why Muhammad knew  Jesus more as the Christian slaveholders (Christian jargon: "good shepherds") would like the slaves (Christian jargon: sheep) to know him and most Christian brutes perfidiously disguised in a sheep's clothing of "love"  indeed know.


Only criminals, felons, terrorists other sorts of brutes call a lawfully convicted one a martyr. The defendant (Yehoshua) had a fair trial Christian brutes perfidiously disguised in a sheep's clothing never gave and give to their adversaries or enemies.  To call felons martyrs is very typical of terrorism and thus Christian! The Christians inadvertently expose their toilet (Christian sect) to be terrorism while permanently repressing the truth that their instigator (Jesus) had a fair trail and lawfully was convicted, inasmuch he did not bluff the authorities by a stuntman.


He was not convicted because of his deceit claiming to be a "god" but because of his attempt usurping the office of “King of the Jews”. This means that he or his stuntman was not punished for being mentally sick, viz, suffering from delusion of grandeur. Usurping the office of "King of Israel" (Joh 12:13) -- John account and all other gospel writers meaningfully conceal! --  is and was undoubtedly a felony (of high treason) that even in most Christianly enslaved countries of today is to punish by maximum penalty.

Therefore, nobody rightly can complain but professional brutes in a sheep's clothing of "love" ... That the Christian sinners -- despite the truths -- call the crime of their instigator "martyrdom" debunks their true nature of terrorism.  That is the truth of the Christian deception about a “vicarious atonement” of the sins of Christian terrorism, pardon, “sins of the world”.  Well, in a sect of bestiality everything happens vicariously: Vicarious suffering, vicarious atonement, and vicar of the „god“… So, why not a vicar for the vicar and vicarious bluff for the vicarious bluff…?


There are also a lot of Christian writings that obviously could not be purged perfectly relating the fact that “man’s brute” -- that is the real meaning of "man’s son" in this sect – replaced himself by a stuntman when he was going to be executed death penalty by crucifixion because of his felony of high treason. That is the only way a magician – that was the real job of Jesus "Christ" - can fake a resurrection of his own: The one that has to play the "resurrected from the dead" one does not die but another one, perhaps one that is similar to him. One must not be divine to fake such sorcery but false, mendacious and hypocritical like Christian underhand foul players. That is all!

 There are other Christian reports that Jesus secretly as hidden continued to live on while his perfidious schmucks were faking that he allegedly had ascended to heaven residing to god’s right hand. He had to make himself scarce, so that the authorities would not detect his deceit. Otherwise, execution would have been repeated on the right delinquent and presumably much more cruelly.  In addition, the allegation of him that he did not cheat the authorities but did resurrect would not have helped that sneaky as slyly deceiver.

Certainly, Pilate would have said to him what I would have done:  "So, would-be king of the Jews, you are claiming not deceiving and lying when blathering to be resurrected?  Enticing another one into dying instead of oneself is another felony (of murder) that is to punish by maximum penalty, too. So murderer, never mind: If you can resurrect, repetition of execution is to take place, even more. If you could resurrect once then you can resurrect twice. However, this time I will better take care that nobody can crib the corpse.  Therefore, if one alleges to have resurrected a second time I will present the corpse of the second stuntman of the murderous magician I executed and will instantly execute all your stuntmen until I get the true evildoer: Jesus "Christ“,  would-be King of the Jews and serial murderer!"

If resurrected or not - the latter is the case - Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ") had to disappear from the view to prevent repetition of execution. His "resurrection from the dead" as his "virginal begetting" was and is only believed by Christian robots and brainwashed sheep. That the chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") writers conceal his threat (of repetition of execution) of the "resurrected" one, sufficiently debunks them as conspiring liars and deceivers.  That was the first danger he had to fly (to Damascus).

His perfidious schmucks (“disciples”) now apparently without leadership and guidance had to be calmed. Jesus did it by kidding them to wait for Godot – for a “Paraclete ” --, i.e., for a person that is heralded, however the proclaiming one knows that the announced one never will come because that figure is just a fabrication of him.

However, hereby he counteracted the danger that his gang will break asunder when he is not directly leading it, any longer.   Therefore, the supposedly closed "belief" that allegedly is „beyond all human reason" (ah, ah, ah!) all of sudden became insufficient, deficient and thus open for supplements and complements. Thus, Jesus heralded another prophet, so that the perfidious schmucks stayed together while being kept in leading strings by waiting for “extraordinary assistance”, i.e., another prophet. Crafty Jesus distracts attention from one empty prophecy that turned out to be sheer deceit by another empty one.

To this passage of John’s gospel, Muhammad and the Muslims can refer and do refer when declaring that the prophet of Islam (Muhammad) was the Paraclete  (prophet) promised by Jesus. In the first paragraph of this part we will point out that this claim of Muhammad is not that naughty and deceitful like Jesus’ claim on John the Baptist that the latter aimed at Jesus when saying that he was paving the way for a Messiah – for a Messiah anyway, but not for the conceited liar and man’s deceiver like Jesus "Christ“!

However, the most important matter is the fact that Joh 14:16, 14:26, 15:26 and Joh 16:12-14 do not only announce another prophet (perhaps Barnabas, perhaps Ahmad) but sufficiently debunks Jesus "Christ" and Christian toilet (Christian jargon: "church") as sheer felony of deceit. The Christian "correctors" did not realize what security risk the chronicle  (Christians' cant: "gospel") imputed to John is for their deceits and bestiality.  Otherwise, they certainly would have declared it for "non-authentic", a trick Christian brutes always used for hiding the mug of abominable brutes.

Christians predominately refer to prophet Isaiah for sham-evidence for Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera as purportedly predicted Messiah (Greek: "Christos").  However, there is no one passage in the whole Bible (Christian jargon: "Old Testament") saying the Messiah once come only to allege that he is the Messiah and after saying "hello", he disappears as death penalty convict saying that he then will accomplish what the scripture told him to do instantly and the people expected him to do.

For instance, now Christians purportedly expect Yehoshua to come back but not only to come back. They expect him to perform the "final judgment" when coming back. They do not expect him to come back, say "hello" and announcing that another time, he will come back to do the job the Christians expect him to do. The same is the prediction about the Messiah by the prophets (Christian jargon: "Old Testament"). When the Messiah Immanuel comes, he instantly will install the "New Jerusalem" and live eternally with the Jews together as the Christian desperadoes now --as far they earnestly believe his blather and baloney, at all -- expect a "retuning" Jesus "Christ" to perform doomsday. They do not expect somebody saying hello that one should believe he is the Messiah etc.  This already sufficiently debunks the  Christian toilet as an organized crime of the lust for power at all costs.

However, complete nonsense is that the Messiah that is predicted to the prophets firstly does not install the "New Jerusalem" and secondly alleges that another Paraclete of prophet will come to do this job living eternally with the Jews together:


Joh 14:16 NRSV

16 And I (Jesus "Christ") will ask the Father, and he (god) will give you another Advocate (than me), to be with you forever.


Therefore, this impostor, desperado, and deceiver says that the Messiah that is predicted to come indeed will come as all the Jews believe but that he (Yehoshua) is not that Messiah (Greek: Christos). He passes the function of the Messiah to another one.


Joh 12:34 NRSV

34 The crowd answered him, "We have heard from the law that the Messiah remains forever.


(See also: Dan 7:13-14). The Messiah does not leave the Jews but stays and rules them eternally. Therefore, more indirectly and inadvertently Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ") blathers that he is not Christ but somebody else he allegedly will ask "the father" to come to human beings... The features for Christ (Hebrew: Messiah), e.g., living together forever with the Jews, Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera does not attribute to himself but to the "Paraclete" he (Yehoshua) wants to ask god to come...

Yehoshua realizes that he is unable to do that what he Messiah (Greek: Christos) is able to do. However, as a genuine desperado he is unable to lower his signs and to eat humble pie. Never and not all, desperadoes are used to giving in!  He is unable to admit that he is not Christ but mendaciously and perfidiously as desperadoes are, he once more announces the Messiah or "Christ" by a new term (Paraclete) but stays obsessed to live his megalomania to the full (being "Christ")  - despite failing completely to turn out as Messiah. Lying by terms, (semantic simulation) is a very specialty of objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy !

"Paraclete" that is the Jewish "Christ" (Hebrew: Messiah) to come. It is only a new word for "Christ" or only a lying by terms (semantic simulation), since the impostor, does not want to abandon his megalomania not being "Christ", not in the least.  Therefore, he claims to be "Christ" by "Christ" (Paraclete) is still to come...

Therefore, if the Muslims claim that Muhammad is that Paraclete predicted by Jesus "Christ" they rightly argue that Muhammad is incomparably  superior to Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian Jargon: Jesus "Christ").

One should think over the quoted saying from the gospel of John about the “Paraclete” (Latin: "advocatus", in English often translated also as “comforter”) ten times and if not ten times, then thousand times:

1.) Jesus did not teach Christian "belief" completely - provided, here one can speak about belief, teaching, doctrines and tenets, at all. The so-called Christian "faith” is just a weapon of deceit for the thieves becoming the first and making the victims subservient and servile, i.e., slaves to themselves.  Just to camouflage and to make this felony and its further resulting abominations on humanity unassailable, this “gadget” is labeled and hereby faked as “faith” or “religion”. Cribbing concepts is a weapon to hide Christian bestiality. The decent citizen rejecting such deceits is vilified as blasphemer, psychologically terrorized by those terrorists, if even not murdered. Therefore, Yehoshua did not “teach” a closed – and above all – a complete “faith”, so that Christian “theo”logian solely  have to present as a summary and that (Christian “belief’s”) summary as sum of all human knowledge claiming that there is  nothing besides it.  Those Christian priests n' beasts showing off are only carnival windbag posing as "philosophers" like, for example, Thomas of Ass   or as they were called similarly etc.  They mostly wrote summaries of the Christian deceit („summae theologicae“), i.e., “theo”logical summaries of Yehoshua‘s and the Christian sinners' deceit that was imposed as summarized knowledge for all their stupid slaves... Moreover, the slaves are conditioned to believe that there is nothing besides that foolishness.


2) The „belief“-- that was preached by Jesus -- is insufficient.  Whoever has an ear to listen that listens well!  In contrast with Christian “theo”logians even the Christian brutes’ "god" himself admits it... That is real carnival, what these priests n' beasts want to fob off on “homo stupidus Christianusque” (on the morons, mugs, duffers, oafs and goofs n' fools) as utmost summits of human “wisdom”…ah, ah, ah…



3)    Even according to Jesus "Christ" "belief" is in need of considerable complements, because – again according to Yehoshua – the Christian priests n' beasts are unable to bear the truths (see: Joh 16:12). Whoever could contradict Yehoshua in this respect?! Remember those "the sick" (see: Lu 5:31) that fool themselves to be healthy ("salt of the Earth") and are used to shamming even to peg out for the truths!  Do not make me laugh...!  In this manner, Jesus at least apologizes having omitted truths, i.e., having told lies to the depraved just in order to become worshiped as their "god", in return for those lies and deception. Do not let us imagine what would have happened if he nevertheless had told the truths to them.  Apparently, his fellow objectifications of perfidy  full of "love" would have lynched him so that neither Governor Pilate nor the Jews had to hang him... That there should be nothing besides belief mainly means that there is nothing beyond the „truths“ (lies!) of the concerned “faith” (bestiality). Hence, if now the mines of those “truths” feel compelled to admit that the alleged “owners “of the "truth" are not able to bear fundamental truths, then it  is produced evidence that here it is about a  sect or organized crime of liars, swindlers and above all self-deceivers! Only sects of terrorism of liars, deceiver, self-deceivers, spiteful little devils and other brutes -- like the   Christian one -- are not able to bear the truths while they are used to faking (lying) to be extremely dedicated to them.  Christian brutes’ ill-famed intolerance, their atrocities,  abominations, i.e., the Christian priests' n' beasts dark mind that is mostly past comprehension is caused by the fear that those truths may come up Yehoshua omitted for his sick perfidious schmucks (see: Lu 5:31) to get worshiped as the "god", in exchange. That is why Christendo(o)m inevitably is bestiality: Because the Christian brutes are afraid of the truths, they libel, vilify, denounce or kill others or even themselves just to get their lies and deceit to be reputed as "truths".  The Christian brutes are used to faking that a liar labels his lies to be lies.  Since the Christian priests n' beasts do not claim to be liars, they demand to be reputed  to be truthful. A liar is somebody wanting his lies to be reputed and/or believed as truths - as the Christian sinners demanding their conspecifics to do in favor of themselves (of the Christian sinners)...! Not the Christian brutes' adversaries testify that the Christian liars cannot bear the truths  but even their “god” Jesus, they refer…!   Therefore, Jesus could foresee all the barbarities and atrocities of his fellow  Christian brutes but at least put up with them to get worship as the "god".


4)     Christian sect is still in need of the “spirit of truths”…! Ah, ah, ah…! Is not it funny – a sect or liars, deceivers and  brutes that is faking to keep infallible truths? A real miracle now happens: An infallible sect needs the “spirit of truths”! Do you really object to Jesus…? In fact, does  somebody object  that liars, deceivers, self-deceivers, creeps n' crooks, rouges, brutes and thus Christian desperadoes first are lacking the “spirit  of truths”? That is the first thing pack of liars, deceivers and terrorists need…!  My word, do not make me laugh…



5)     At least partially, Jesus abstained from telling the truth to his perfidious schmucks (Christians)! That did the one that faked – by a stuntman – even to die for telling the truths...! What "martyrs" of the "truths" ...! Well, otherwise one does not get  the scum of the earth on their knees to worship a spiteful little devil, felon,  a death penalty convict  with a terror sect full of skeletons in their closets as the "god"…! Who wonders?  According to Yehoshua, truths are unbearable for his insidious schmucks (the Christian brutes)... Ah, ah, ah – as if it was a saying of mine (Atrott)…!  To  Christian foul players one cannot say that  what should be said to them, at least to then time. While libeling, if not killing and burning   (of course, by "charity"…),  all the prophets after Jesus, thus the truths never could be granted to them, although the liars and swindlers are urgently in need of them.  My goodness, this happens pertaining to a sect  that even makes a lot of fuss about giving the impression that its insidious schmucks (adherents) even die for the truths and not for the reputation of their lies as truths! That their counterfeit money is reputed to be real money for those purposes perfidious Christian brutes are as well determined to kill others as getting killed themselves. Those “martyrs” are very typical of terrorists.  Again, Christian sect complies with all criteria of terrorism.


6)      Telling the truths to  alleged "truthful" Christian brutes means to inflict most serious sufferings on them – according to the admission of the “god” of their own! Truths are the most severe  prosecution that ever could happen to Christian sinners and those terrorists ever can imagine…!  This is why  Yehoshua – at least partly -  abstains from telling  truths to his fellow Christian desperadoes, his perfidious schmucks! My word, that all in view of the fact that those barbarians and brutes are used to faking to do everything for the “infallible”  truths …!



7)     While truths make life  unbearable to  Christian sinners, (adulating) lies  make life bearable to them. That is the very mind of terrorists. Well,  who wonders about the barbarities of those barbarians’ and that terrorists’ sect?  Without those  advantageous lies that adulate, the Christian sinners,  there is no life for Christian sinners…!  Therefore, they prefer to commit murder and suicide  - they label as martyrdom as any other terrorists’ organization labels its casualties -  instead of  admitting the truths. Therefore, bloodshed belongs with the Christian brutes as to any other terrorists’ sect.  However, never forget to praise Jesus "Christ" for his mercy towards his infamous schmucks because he took the view that finding out  by what lies he can flattered  them in order to become addressed and  worshiped as their "god",  in return, is no job of his but for somebody else, perhaps for Atrott…



8)     Jesus announces as well another prophet (Paraclete , comforter, advocate) as further revelations that shall  complete his insufficient "revelation”. However, they wanted to grant each further prophet solely that fate, in which their instigator (Jesus) – neck or nothing – did entice a stuntman into replacing him (Jesus): Death by tortures, provided that they have sufficient political powers to perpetrate that terrorism without being punished themselves. For instance,  if the Christian brutes  could have “resolved” the problem Muhammad, as they were and are used to doing it, then Muhammad would not have been a prophet not even for a  week, since a corpse cannot preach… 



In contrast with Tertullian, this antithesis is Islamic, even if presented in words of Jesus, inasmuch Muhammad and the Muslims claim that Muhammad is this promised “Paraclete ” (advocate or comforter). The Christian sinners are used to playing down this concept (of Paraclete ) of the "god" of their own because they are in “need of the spirit of truths”. This  debunks the Christian sinners  as sheer deceivers, especially when claiming of “truths” that they use as pretext  to command others, yes, even to enslave them (to become Christian brutes).

Like the Jews, who do not acknowledge dwarfish, misshapen Jesus -- as ugly as Satan and/or as sin --  as Messiah and are blamed and often killed by the Christian brutes therefore,  the Christian desperadoes on their part refuse to  acknowledge Muhammad as  “Parakletos” (prophet) promised by Jesus. Each does that what  he is used to accusing  the other (psychological projection)!


Fourthly: Some basic knowledge about Islam

Continuing this treatise, some fundamental information about Islam is necessary, especially since the principles of Islam are withheld in Christian countries („because there should be nothing in addition to Christian lies that are called "belief").   Christian barbarians care for that. Of course, the (Christian) slaveholders do not want to lose their huge possession of slaves, they cribbed by so many crimes and barbarities to Islam. One can also summarize Tertullian ‘s quotation in that way: The more knowledge, the more threats to Christianity! 

Islam asserts a line of prophets (see: Koran, Su 2:87ff and Su 42:13), with which those ones of the Jewish Bible ("Old Testament"), even Isa (see: Koran Su 2:136 and 2:253) and last not least Muhammad belong.  Muhammad is reputed to be the last prophet of this succession and had been announced by Jesus (see: Su 61:6).

 If one reads Jesus' expositions about the "Parakletos" in John’s gospel, -- the other gospel writers meaningfully  withhold – then, by no means, it is that off the point to say that Muhammad’s claim on Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (“Jesus Christ”) is much more underpinned by Christian “New Testament” than that one of Yehoshua  on   John the Baptist. Yehoshua ‘s claims on John the Baptist are already refuted by the continuation of John’s sect.  The latter would have disbanded itself in favor of Christian sect if the successors of John had believed in the ravings of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus Christ). 

Obviously willing John’s sect underestimated Christian Mafiosi. Second successor of John the Baptist in his sect, Simon Magus, even was  murdered by Christian brute (Christian jargon: “martyr”) Simon Peter – rock on which this religious Mafia is built ... That is the well-known criminal energy by which liars, deceivers, felons, Mafiosi and in particular Christian murderers “love” their enemies, all over …!  In the same manner, Christians murdered Muslims and Jews especially during the crusades. John the Baptist’s successors were an obstacle to Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera’s and his Christians’ occupations of John’s sect. Therefore, they had to die!   Christianity is bestiality  religiously camouflaged. What else one can expect from those who are accursed of god (see: De 21:23)?

  Because Muhammad shall complete the prophets’ line, Islam even in Persia of today largely tolerates the Jews and Christian brutes that do refer to reputed predecessors of Muhammad.  Unlike those "old" sects, Baha'i-religion  severely is persecuted in most Muslim countries, especially in Persia, because that religion refers to a (Persian) prophet after Muhammad that should not exist, at all. Believing in a succession of prophets according to which the latter makes obsolete the earlier ones, makes Islam a kind of faith (ideology) of progress to a certain degree unlike Judaism and Christianity.  Muslims believe that Judaism and Christianity became obsolete by Prophet Muhammad and Islam.

Thus, Abraham, Moses and the other known Jewish prophets are also respectable figures in Islam.   For instance, the Kaaba in Mecca (Saudi Arabia) -- the most sanctuary of Islam – the place to which all prayers Muslims of the whole world are aligned, is reputed to have been Abraham’s place of prayers.  Other scientists suppose a meteorite there. However, the one does not exclude the other.

In Islam Jesus is a prophet among prophets but no god or an associate of the god what the Christian priests n' beasts call "god’s” son. Meantime, Muhammad supersedes him. According to the Koran, Jesus is – so to speak -- , something for folks that had not became adult pertaining to matters of religion (see: Koran, Su 9:31).  I doubt if Muhammad and the Muslims are completely mistaken, here.  Islam also believes major parts of Jesus’ alleged "miracles", for example, alleged "virgin birth" (see: Su 3:40-45) or the supposed healing of the sick. That is why Jesus always is called “son of Mary” (see: Koran, Su 9:31) even if such a name is more reputed to be disgraceful in Arabia, since everybody is named corresponding  his father.

 Muhammad becomes rigid, however, in fact not unjust, where underhand  Christian foul players are used to glorifying the barbaric nature of their own as an alleged divine one, that is to say: Where Christian brutes deliberately confound god with Satan to the advantage of their own. This causes considerable differences between Islam and Christendo(o)m. Especially because this, conversion of major parts of early Christendo(o)m to Islam (e.g., in the Middle East, Arabia, Turkey, Northern Africa)  is to appreciate as  moral progress.  It distinguishes those nations indeed, that they already achieved that change centuries ago. In Persia Islam is said having prevented an imminent Christianizing, so to speak, in last minute. There are already Christian volumes about „Christian) Persian martyrs“ on a large scale having become in vain because Christianity was defeated, in the end.

When the Shah in Persia still was ruling, many western religion scientists spoke about a “Catholic instinct” of Islam pertaining to the Persian kind of Islam. Comparably to Christianity that is divided into Protestants, Catholics and other sects, Islam also is subdivided. In Persia, the Islamic sect of Shia is prevailing. Many religion scientists regard this sort of Islam very similar to Christianity.  For example, infallibility is no matter in Islam except Persian Shia. Before the revolution Western religious scientists spoke about the "Catholic instinct of Islam" when referring to Shia's doctrine of infallibility of the leading imams.  However, meantime Western scientists do not like to draw a parallel between Islamic Shia and Christendo(o)m because of the Shia's reputation in the West, today… It is known that the  perfidious Vatican pope despot  always admired his conceited “colleagues” in Persia and would like to act as they do, so gladly.

In Islam there is no a permanent terrorism of the lastagainst the first and all that  venom of spite, viciousness, maliciousness and depravity in its wake what made Christendo(o)m the planet’s most abomination. As pointed out in another context, putting upside down and downside up, i.e., lying the last to be "the first " and vice versa, are the reasons for Satan’s falling away from  god as a former angel  -- according to the Christian sinners’ doctrines of their own.  I.e., further, that Jesus accomplishes  a program that the Christian sinners themselves  identify as that of  Satan in another context. Who wonders, that Yehoshua thus instigated the most organized crime of our planet? Muhammad therefore rightly names the Christian sinners “rebellious transgressors"[x], exactly that what the Christian brutes reproach Satan to be. I think the best translation to mark the Christian sinners is: “(rebellious) desperadoes, brutes and terrorists” because the concept of  terrorism was not known at the time of Muhammad.


According to Muhammad god does not  need any human sacrifices  for  remission of sins. This is the most decisive difference between Islam and Christianity. Exactly here Islam turns out to be a considerable progress towards humanity. God's mercy and goodness are infinite according to Muhammad. As known, according to ridiculous Christian doctrines  "god" or a conceited associate of him (Jesus) had to perpetrate or fake to commit a felony of  high treason (usurping of the Jewish crown) to quench his vindictiveness and to take it vicariously  on him for all the other  Christian brutes, pardon, objectifications of perfidy  by blood squirting death penalty.


According to silly, funny and ridiculous Christian doctrines "god" first wants revenge for the sins, i.e.,  bloodshed, torments, tortures, death and secondly remission of the Christian sinners. Obviously, this occurs quite according to the depravity of the Christian barbarians and brutes. The latter  “created”  a "god" of their own by projecting their depraved and cruel heart and soul of their own on him. Very, very typical of honor among thieves or a rogues’, barbarians’ or brutes’ morale! Islam rightly is rejecting this.  In Islam, the believers should comply with their duties to go to heaven hereafter.


Su 2:110

110 “And be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity: And whatever good ye send forth for your souls before you, ye shall find it with Allah: For Allah sees well all that ye do.


No renunciations of the world, austerity,  sacrifice and thus  faked "selflessness”, "self-renunciation" like in Christianity  brings about spiritual welfare to the others (the next ones) and thus "god’s” favor, according to Muhammad. Unlike Jesus "Christ“, Muhammad was no flop or  miscarriage of nature. Therefore, Muhammad rightly rejects monasticism.[xi]  Undoubtedly, that is a progress of morale.

Above all, hereby the venom of the hypocrisy – that is the heart and soul of Christian brutes – is removed. Hypocrisy is lying and deceiving that has become habit or lifestyle.  The Jesus brute -- apparently asserting the opposite of Muhammad (keyword: sola gratia  - that means: only grace) --  has  gotten caught in his own snafu contradictions that caused many knifing, stabbing and slaying  among Christian brutes, especially between Catholics and Protestants. E.g., if it was about to play a nasty trick on the Pharisees -- he hated that much from the bottom of his depraved heart (Oh yes, what a „love“ of enemies!) -- then man’s deceiver and brute (Jesus "Christ" ) claims "god" being merciful and rejecting all sacrifices …


Mt 9: 13 RSV

13      Go and learn what this means, 'I desire mercy, and not sacrifice.'


Exactly, this is why god does not need any slaughtered, tortured victims - no perpetration of bestiality and consequently no execution of a death penalty  convict or even of one conceited relative to quench his thirst of vengeance. This "god" breathing vengeance is only a psychological projection of the Jesus brute and of his fellow Christian brutes. Death penalty (of Jesus) according to Islam is what it really is: Disgrace of a felon! God had relieved Jesus of this disgrace by granting him a stuntman who finally endured execution (crucifixion) instead of  Yehoshua. 

According to the Koran, Muhammad's important mission even is to relieve this disgrace of execution from Jesus as death penalty convict by revealing that a stuntman – instead of Jesus - has suffered the tortures, torments, death and disgrace.

So, let us record, in what way Muhammad means a considerable moral advancement compared with Christendo(o)m: 


1.)   Morals are not involved with self-renunciation, alleged selflessness, asceticism and other foolish hypocrisy but because the ego and the next, morals and happiness work sympathetically, viz are mutually dependent. Happiness of one’s own principally  does not contradict that of  others. According to Christian bestiality,  happiness of one’s own is excluded while caring for that one of one’s next ones.  The more one provides charity for others and is unhappy oneself, the more one will be  rewarded on "doomsday". Those are the concealed premises of a brute of vicarious suffering – inasmuch one can call the madness of a brute’s brain ideology.

2.)   „Innocent“ victims, bloodshed, slaughtering of human beings, vicarious suffering and similar madness of  brains of brutes are no requirements for remission of sins by the god.


According to the brainwashing of Christian brutes' Sunday Schools, Muhammad’s account about the stuntman does not seem to be completely off the point. However, this is not the case, especially if one carefully reads the  Early Christian brutes’ own writings, particularly those ones, the Christian sinners always wanted to get rid of, keyword: Nag-Hammadi. The more one lies, the more one wants to get rid of and the more one is interested in the truths, the more one wants to preserve. The Christian brutes  did the first .

We will produce evidence that the Islamic Koran tells the truths about Jesus' stunt of "resurrection from the dead" with the exception that is was not god’s mercy removing Jesus from deserved maximum  penalty according to then laws but Jesus’ refined and sophisticated skills of lying, deceiving and hoodwinking. Even today, the truth about Jesus’ stunt is (still or perhaps: again) demonstrable.  However, this is not only demonstrably by the Nag-Hammadi-scriptures. Even one passage of John’s gospel reveals the stuntman.  John obviously had a wide mouth, thus talked too much and really was a security risk for a sect of impostors, deceivers and brutes.  As already said, the mentioned quotations about the Paraclete are  also from John’s gospel. All the other keep secret about those important utterances.


However, that were only remarks of Jesus when he had to disappear from the view because the stuntman endured what he (himself) deserved.  John was the only one of the authors of the disclosed gospel talking about these crucial topics and his Christian infamous schmucks were not clever enough to find completely out what unveils their lies and deceit.  As said, otherwise they would have claimed John’s gospel to be apocryphal.  However, that does not mean that those liars and deceivers will not do so  it if is advantageous for them.  I put nothing  past them. In other writings of John, we can find descriptions of the very adverse, sinister, dark and lunatic traits of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ".[xii]

Just because of John, Christian soldiery never would have spread if there had been free speech for the adversaries.  Only such crimes on human rights enabled those Christian brutes faking and labeling lies as "truths" and similar juggling with names, at least to such an extend. There are even Christian scriptures telling what Jesus did when the stuntman was languishing for him.  e.g., there is always alleged that Jesus – due to  his irascibility and his blood of a terrorist – never laughed. However, if one reads all the Early Christian scriptures about him, then one has to state that this is not true. Once, even if only once, he laughed (up his sleeve: When his stuntman was tortured on the cross and the entire world assumed having caught the right felon…! 

Read the next section: The most fundamental controversies between Christianity and Islam



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