Preliminaries, Part: 6

Method and Extend of the Investigation As well  Definitions of Concepts

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Jesus is the lord, savior n' god of mine,
So say the rogues, mugs and swine!

 Some fundamental concerning Jesus' Magic, “Wonders”, Wizardry and Sorcery


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Table of contents

  ·          A rival that outdid Jesus pertaining to magic

·        Jesus admits that wonders give evidence of nothing but swindle 

·        Where Jesus learnt his skills of magic

·        Evidence that neither Jesus nor Peter could not do only one wonder but swindling

·        Where is the exact evidence that neither Jesus nor Peter could do any miracle?

·        The example of an elephant “resurrecting from the dead”


A rival that outdid Jesus pertaining to Magic  


          There was a serious competitor in sorcery to Jesus who was named Simon Magus. Simon indirectly came from the followers of John of the Baptist. As you know, after John the Baptist’s death the Christian sinners posthumously had fudged him allegedly having been a worshiper of their barbarian “god“ Jesus. Otherwise, they could not outdo admiration of very popular John because of his miracles and his sincere preaching. However, Simon Magus lived and the Christian sinners could not fabricate anything about him without having the possibility to defend him against the Christian sinners’ rape. As later many Christian sinners, e.g., Peter or Mark, Simon Magus had moved from Jerusalem or Rome because one could make more slaves and more money by magic in that capital of the ancient world.

         No emperor did that favor to the Christian barbarians to slay a competitors as Herode did regarding John the Baptist after John felt forced to comment on the wedding of Herode with the Herodias. So, the Christian barbarians had no choice but to eliminate that awkward rival Simon Magus who obviously outdid Jesus regarding “miracles” (sorcery). That was a sure thing for slaughterer Peter to execute. He did it like any barbarian would do it and the Christian sinners are used to doing it from their very outset. It was not the unique demonstrable murder of Peter - the rock on that the Christian barbarity is built. According to the “The Acts of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul” also a Christian writing ranking as an apocryphal gospel “martyr " Peter was sentenced to death penalty (crucifixion) by emperor Nero because of having murdered Simon Magus.


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“Wherefore I (emperor Nero) order them to take iron clubs, and to be killed in the sea-fight. Agrippa the propretor said: Most sacred emperor, what thou hast ordered is not fitting for these men, since Paul seems innocent beside Peter. Nero said: By what fate, then, shall they die? Agrippa answered and said: As seems to me, it is just that Paul's head should be cut off, and that Peter should be raised on a cross as the cause of the murder (of Simon). Nero said: Thou hast most excellently judged.”[i]


I emphasize once more that this is quoted from a Christian scripture – not from one of mine. Now, what “miracles” Simon Magus could perform, so that compared to him barbarian Jesus just is ridiculed by him  -- that Jesus that wanted to fake being a god because of his sorcery, e.g., "changing water into wine", "dining a huge crowd of folk by solely a few fishes", "walking on waters" etc..



For I (Simon Magus) am able to render myself invisible to those who wish to lay hold of me, and again to be visible when I am willing to be seen.[3] If I wish to flee, I can dig through the mountains, and pass through rocks as if they were clay. If I should throw myself headlong from a lofty mountain, I should be borne unhurt to the earth, as if I were held up; when bound, I can loose myself, and bind those who had bound me; being shut up in prison, I can make the barriers open of their own accord; I can render statues animated, so that those who see suppose that they are men. I can make new trees suddenly spring up, and produce sprouts at once. I can throw myself into the fire, and not be burnt; I can change my countenance, so that I cannot be recognised; but I can show people that I have two faces. I shall change myself into a sheep or a goat; I shall make a beard to grow upon little boys; I shall ascend by flight into the air; I shall exhibit abundance of gold, and shall make and unmake kings. I shall be worshiped as God; I shall have divine honours publicly assigned to me, so that an image of me shall be set up, and I shall be worshiped and adored as God. And what need of more words? Whatever I wish, that I shall be able to do. For already I have achieved many things by way of experiment. In short,' says he, 'once when my mother Rachel ordered me to go to the field to reap, and I saw a sickle lying, I ordered it to go and reap; and it reaped ten times more than the others. Lately, I produced many new sprouts from the earth, and made them bear leaves and produce fruit in a moment; and the nearest mountain I successfully bored through.'”[ii]



             Well, Christian sinners is your barbaric god Jesus or any other of his accomplices able to compete with that guy? Yes? Why did you murder him?

  Simon Magus had to die for two reasons, because:         

·        Firstly, he outdid Jesus pertaining to sorcery and       

·         Secondly, obviously knew that his competitive sorcerer Jesus that allegedly died on the cross - instead of a stuntman – di d not die and resurrect and never had gone to heaven “sitting to god’s right” but had moved to Tripolis hiding there and giving commands to his accomplices (Mafiosi), for instance, to Peter or Paul. So, for example, to set fire to Rome and to give the blame for all corpses and debris to that oh, so " beloved“ enemy Nero – then of Roman emperor who refused to become a fellow of the Christian barbarians and to support all their barbarity…


          “Wonders" and other trickeries seem to have cogency only to duffers, morons and conditioned robots, sheepdogs and deceivers because Christian barbarians reviled, libeled, tormented or even murdered anybody who could do the same sorcery or even better than Jesus or his accomplices – and as demonstrated Christian barbarians committed that barbarity from the very outset of their barbarism. I.e. cogency of the “miracles” of Jesus or other Christian barbarians is due to their barbarity to outlaw, libel, torment or assassinate those who are able and willing to prove the reverse of that the Christian barbarians want to prove by their faked wonders evenly by wonders.

           Therefore, cogency of  “wonders” is due to lies, deceit, meanness, spite, rape, torments and/or murder. What nice evidence! Don’t make me laugh! If a wonder can prove one thing and its reverse evenly by a miracle then wonders give evidence of nothing but lies, deceit, swindling, malice, criminals, felonies, barbarity, barbarians etc.


Jesus admits that wonders give evidence of nothing but swindle   


      Here we are only interested in the "miracles" of Jesus and his accomplices (Mafiosi). Wonders of other religions do not interest here because there is no other sect or "religion" deifying the homo scelestus (homo=human, scelestus= criminal), i.e. which addresses and worships the homo scelestus as its hog, pardon, "god"...  Moreover we will demonstrate that Jesus himself knew being the devil of the perception of his own. In the course of this treatise when arriving to the proper issues we will remind you that the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') claim on   Judaism ("Old Testament") is nothing but sheer hypocrisy and fake - and more over theft of sneaky thieves. 

         Therefore, miracles - instead of rational evidences – prove nothing else but deceit and never and not all any truths of any messages or persons -- and this not only according to reason but also, even and exactly according to perception of Jesus the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') "god" or "golden calf".  


Mt 24:24 RSV

24 For false Christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect..


         Hereby, it is proved that Jesus' "miracles" produce evidence nothing at all but deceit, in fact not only according reason but also according to the ideology of that conjurer of deception that plays "the god" in a barbarism.  If other folks precisely can do the same for what exactly one should worship that megalomaniac as "god" because "miracles" -- if be needed  -- prove one thing: the crook. However, not only that evidence thus is produced. The Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') god unmasks himself as a swindler and most repulsive barbarians among all the bipeds because -- as we are going to demonstrate -- he palms off his megalomaniac and so desired position to be the god and his "counterfeit money" onto those allegedly and bigotedly "beloved" next exactly by those trickeries each unscrupulous sorcerer can do like he did:


Joh 14:11 RSV

11 Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father in me; or else believe me for the sake of the works themselves.



          Each swindler talks like he does. That is what he himself admits.  He is no exception to the rule. For the advantage of their own also his accomplices (foul mouths and foul playersi) want to fob off their gang's boss as the god on there that bigotedly "beloved“ next -- I'm already on the verge of tears -- for exactly those reasons:  



Ac 2: 22 RSV

22 "Men of Israel, hear these words: Jesus of Nazareth, a man attested to you by God with mighty works and wonders and signs which God did through him in your midst, as you yourselves know—



          Ah, ah, ah... don't make me laugh! Obviously that is why Peter assassinated Simon Magus! "Miracles" are just for the purpose in order to palm  "counterfeit money" off as real money on the victims. All what Jesus has to offer with a stick ("Woe unto you...") and a carrot ("Blessed are...") is founded on nothing else but  "counterfeit money". So, when he and his accomplices (foul mouths and foul playersi) get hold of acknowledgment as the god respectively as god’s honeys. They do this solely for the advantage of their own, e.g. getting hold of advantages that do not belong to them in every day's social struggle.

          By this "counterfeit money" they buy a license firstly for permanent foul play and secondly to disguise that foul play as "real money", i.e., "love", "charity" "truths" , "truthfulness" etc.. We demonstrated already the gang's leader (Jesus) said that before robbing someone one has to fetter the victim that is targeted, in advance. Those "miracles" are just "counterfeit money" to manacle the victims before they will be robbed of their goods and even their houses so that the "beloved" enemies are not able to defend them when going to be deprived by that barbarians' or Jesus' (that is the same!) gang.

            The wonders are for the purpose of the victims’ bondage, for those phony Christian morals, that faked authority guiding and enslaving others -- just in a word: For the "counterfeit money" of this barbarism.

 Jesus' "wonders" shall feign a vicinity to the god or even a nature as god. That is the counterfeit money of that barbarism.  

Jesus'  "miracles" shall fake a moral competence. That is the counterfeit money of that Christian barbarism. That is the counterfeit money of that barbarism.   In reality, they prove an "area" of authority for most repulsive and most disgusting barbarity, in particular. 

Jesus'  "miracles" shall produce evidence of an "area" of authority being slaveholder of human beings by pretending having the power to forgive sins.  That is the counterfeit money of the barbarism. In reality, those "wonders“ prove the most despicable and unscrupulous swindler. And if not that - then it proves the devil worshiped as the god. And we will demonstrate that even he thought so.  

Jesus' "wonders" shall sham an authority of the mediation between god and human being. That is the counterfeit money of the Christian barbarism!  That is the "counterfeit money" of the Christian barbarism.  In reality, Jesus'  "miracles" stand for a competence of underhandedness, swindling, perfidy and abysmal spite! 


Where Jesus learnt his skills of magic   

If now Jesus'  "miracles", wizardry and magic generally are going to be our subject in order to explain later Jesus’ alleged "miracles", sorcery and wizardry specifically the reader should always keep in mind the following report of Greek philosopher Celsus (about 178):


“For he [Celsus] represents the Jew disputing with Jesus, and confuting Him, as he thinks, on many points; and in the first place, he accuses Him of having invented his birth from a virgin, and upbraids Him with being born in a certain Jewish village, of a poor woman of the country, who gained her subsistence by spinning, and who was turned out of doors by her husband, a carpenter by trade, because she was convicted of adultery; that after being driven away by her husband, and wandering about for a time, she disgracefully gave birth to Jesus, an illegitimate child, who having hired himself out as a servant in Egypt on account of his poverty, and having there acquired some miraculous powers, on which the Egyptians greatly pride themselves, returned to his own country, highly elated on account of them, and by means of these proclaimed himself a God.” [iii]



Jesus learnt sorcery in Egypt where all kinds of sorcery had been already very sophisticated from the times of the pharaohs, i.e. already since millennia of years before he disgracefully was born.[i][i]


Evidence that neither Jesus nor Peter could not do only one wonder but swindling


The previous expositions of this subject -- especially the example of the Simon Magus -- has proven that - assumed Jesus really would had performed those miracles his accomplices allege  - that in contrast with Jesus deceitful statements no evidence of any deity would had been given about him. No miracle is the appropriate means to give evidence of that – even if some bird brains or other cerebellums think: Or (barbaric) faith shifts mountains and the truths anyway.

In the “Acts of John” (§ 96)  he openly admitted being a deceiver. viHere Jesus indirectly confesses being a swindler by demanding acknowledging for himself as ostensible god or slaveholder (that is same in Christian sect) because of his alleged wonders on the one hand (see John 14:11), and on the other hand he demands to refuse the same acknowledgement to others even if they outdo his “miracles“, e.g. Simon Magus (see Mt. 24:24). So, he admits that all his “wonders” are nothing but swindling.

Gospel writer Luke allows a Freudian slip among others but this one remarkably does not occur to his fellow gospel writers:  


Lu 10:1 RSV

1 ¶ After this the Lord appointed seventy others, and sent them on ahead of him, two by two, into every town and place where he himself was about to come.


Why do the other gospel writers withhold this fact that the Jesus gang consisted of approximately hundred people – and not twelve men like the other evangelists try to give impression? Because everyone can imagine how   easily one can work  „miracles “if one has incognito available approximately hundred people.  One never knows how rapidly and all of a sudden  “lame” ones, “blind” persons, “invalids”, yes even “dead” ones that are incognito mixed among the crowds of folks are able to go, respectively to see, to go or even the dead ones abruptly bright and cheery liven up… Of course that all after the query: What is easier to presume the competence to remit sins or to fake  “miracles"? " I (Jesus), your boss, your god and slaveholders, say to you (my obsequious “disciple”): Stand up and go…” And quickly the obedient “disciple” that fake to be lame or blind gets up as if he is newborn – not a trace of any disease or disability  ... and the crowd as any Christian is overwhelmed not knowing at all that the "heal" is a member of the man’s deceiver gang …


Thus he indirectly admits that "miracles" serve only one purpose, namely deceit. Even if the ostensible "miracles" really would have happened that way those mendacious, depraved  (Christian) adherent – that even did not recoil from denying the truth by the felony of perjury as it is already proven in the foreword on:  -- allege to have been what is not the case  (May a honest human being ever believe in perjurers?)  Then those “wonders” would never prove any deity of a Jesus as those  “miracles” of Simon Magus are no appropriates means to give evidence that this guy had been a god.  In both cases, the “wonders“ only give evidence that Jesus and   Simon Magus are rogues, rascals, tricksters, magicians and swindlers at the utmost.

Nevertheless, there is still compelling evidence that Jesus in fact could lie and swindle excellently but never could accomplish even one miracle – the same pertaining to his accomplices, above all Peter. Jesus was strikingly stigmatized by hideous ugliness – a heavy cross he had to bear -- what the Early Christian sinners zealous tried hide and kept secret until the took over political power and put upside down – not only pertaining to the abominable appearance of their golden calf. If they did not consent that a god is that ugly the devil is according to the Christian sinners’ doctrines they never would have beautified him! Beside the circumstances of his shameful birth and his homosexuality those stigma of deformity Jesus strangely marked had made him driven  - - to an ideology of hatred and revenge of the lastagainst the first and – getting stuck on madness of faking a god.  That misshapenness became that blatantly obvious and known that even Simon Magus -- a contemporary and competing Jewish sorcerer of Jesus – referred to it when he disputed with Peter in a public contest of sorcery in Ancient Rome.  

Jesus outer appearance was that shattering and traumatic that the Christian chroniclers does not report what rival Simon Magus really reported what the Christian sinners’ golden calf (Jesus) looked like. They rather prefer to withhold that and to give just the answer of Peter on Simon Magus relating to this. v So, if one reads the “Acts of Peter” one gets the impression Peter insanely talks about topics nobody is questioning. In order to avoid repeating me I recommend another treatise “What did Jesus look like”. That is why the Christian wanted to get rid of the “Acts of Peter” forever. That scripture belongs to those that were regained in Nag Hammadi.

Indirectly, the chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") admit the quite disastrous physical defects of Jesus in that way that the big “miracle worker” feels compelled to respond to the objection strikingly speaking out of the eyes of his spectators:  

Lu 4:23 RSV

23    And he said to them, "Doubtless you will quote to me this proverb, 'Physician, heal yourself...’


That means that the ostensible “miracle worker” at fist was in need of a miracle if he really would have been able to accomplish one. Before anybody else needed a miracle he firstly needed one in order to get rid of his marked ugliness – by the way, a stigma of the devil according to the Christian sinners’ doctrines.  Jesus looked like a barbarian, behaved like barbarian and was a barbarian. That defect of him his accomplices (Christians) solely could get rid of by lies, forgeries and fabrications. However, isn’t that the stuff all Christian “wonders” are made of? Admittedly he could bluff outstandingly, but “miracle” -- that also prove nothing but a rogue and gangsters with abnormal abilities and nothing else – man’s deceiver that called himself man’s son -- could not do.

         Until the middle of the 20th century there was known a story in fragments that an unknown Early Christian woman should have preferred paralyze and consequently disfigurement of her body to sexuality.  Well, there were and are many mad persons among those Early Christian barbarians like, for instance, the here more frequent quoted early sectarian Origen (185-254 CE) who castrated himself. However, since the Christian scriptures inadvertently were retrieved in Nag Hammadi (Egypt)  -- as it is reported in the next –- the 6th -- part of our preliminaries  we know the true and entire facts of this matter.

             Since then, we also know why the Christian sinners wanted to get rid of the “Acts of Peter” for ever – not suspecting that a clever Egyptian outwitted that felony and deceit of the Christian sinners in the middle of the fourth century by a trick. He did all the scriptures the Christian sinners wanted to get rid of forever in a jar and that jar into cave at a graveyard near Nag Hammadi (Egypt). He presumably hoped that these jar like a  "bottle post" would get to posterity when Christian barbarian sect has no power any longer to suppress the writings and to destroy them. You read correctly: The Nag Hammadi scriptures are about Christian writings, partially even about chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") of Jesus’ disciples and none of the Christian sinners’ opponents.

          In Nag Hammadi, “The Acts of Peter” were recovered, too. Therefore, we now know that those said and miserable woman was the daughter of the Peter. She was married with an exceeding rich good-hearted man called Ptolemaeus. vii Shortly after her marriages a stroke of apoplexy happened to that young wife and paralyzed her body. viii   Since that time  life of that young woman was one long lifelong torment or her life just a process of dying for several score of years. The servants of Ptolemaeus brought her home to Peter’s family. ix Now, a true miracle was needed to heal that miserable woman.  Peter, his "god" Jesus and all the other disciples that allegedly performed countless "wonders" could demonstrate their capability of doing miracles.

          However, nothing happened. Nobody was able to help that woman suffering at the utmost – certainly much more than Jesus (all deceivers’) Christ ever did. Peter’s god Jesus also could demonstrate his reputed ability of working "miracles" to the benefit of that suffering one because -- as we will still prove in the treatise of the alleged crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus respectively his stuntman – Jesus was still (secretly) alive and had not gone to heaven (or hell where he really belongs to) as the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) deceitfully claim.

           However, not only one of those (Christian) barbarians, terrorists and psycho terrorist could transact only one miracle to her. Instead of helping by a “wonder” the Christian barbarians helped themselves as they ever used to doing so: By brazen lies, deceit and self-deception. Peter now quibbles that those stroke of apoplexy and that consequent suffering of that already married woman – a suffering that was almost past belief – was a blessing or expedient for her, otherwise she would have got too much sexual intercourse with her husband. x And as you all know catamite Jesus (all deceivers’) Christ did not like those pleasure of couples…  ah, ah, ah! Don’t make me laugh! Do you still doubt that Christendo(o)m is a totalitarian sect of and for barbarians as well lunatics or for both?

          That is the  juggler  of lies or the rock, on which the Christian barbarism is built… Firstly, the  already married woman was already “defiled” and secondly she was married with a good-hearted man – never that depraved than Peter had been. Because of his wife’s calamity he should have wept that much  that he finally  became blind. xi

           When he  died he bequeathed an acre to his   impecunious, wretched and wasting away wife. xii  However, Peter – who already murdered two members of the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') early community (Ananias and Saphira) because they passed not all the money to him (Peter) they got from selling an acre of their own (see Ac. 5.1:10) – did not respect the legacy of his miserable daughter. Thereupon "God’s deputy on earth" sold the acre and  distributed the money not to her but allegedly to have given it to the poor. xiii

           This one shall believe a murder that does not respect what his daughter was bequeathed and who already murdered several human beings because of sheer greed.  Don’t make me laugh…! Don’t you still know why the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) wanted to get rid of  “The Acts of Peter”  forever?  Peter, Jesus or any other disciple of the Jesus gang could not  accomplish only one  miracle at all. All is swindling.

         All is fraud.  On the contrary, Peter passed his bad genotype that possibly made him a protagonist, series-killer of a sect of barbarians with a barbaric individual as the god of the very last ones desiring to wage war on  the first one  and really became the first perpetrating crimes, barbarity, atrocities and barbarity that are past belief. So, who wonders that  Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) wanted to get rid of the “Acts of  Peter” because they give evidence that all claimed "miracles" of the Jesus gang are nothing but  bluff and deception?


Where is the exact evidence  that neither Jesus nor Peter could do any miracle?  

           Jesus could not  work any miracle because the cripple was not able to remove or even to reverse the  marked  ugliness and  deficiencies  of his misshapen body (and mind). By beautifying him as  superstar, Christian Mafiosi indirectly admit that no god or outstanding human beings looks like this freak,  miscarriage of nature, monster, spiteful little devil and/or Anointed One (Hebrew: Messiah, Greek: Christos) of Satan.  Jesus (Satan's) Christ betrays his Satanic mind already by his outward appearance. He even could not  help the daughter of his closest accomplice Peter. Jesus deformity and ugliness  – besides the mentioned shameful circumstances of his birth according to his own and his time’s standards – made him man’s instigator of Chandala hatred and Chandala revenge among human beings disguised in Trojan Horses of each reverse.  Peter could not accomplish any  miracle because he turned out to be unable to put his daughter  out of  her misery. Peter’s daughter was the first needing a miracle but nobody of the Jesus gang could help that wretched one.  

Jesus' and the Christians' fake of "miracles" shall pretend "divinity" to the impostor (Jesus) so that Christian clergies mostly being the lastcan pose as "the first " by that foul mouth and foul play. Jesus' "wonders" shall serve that purpose to make the goofs n' fools worshiping him as "god" and make them to kiss the rings of Christian Mafiosi being execrable creeps n' crooks, past description. Those are the tricks of the homo scelestus (homo=human, scelestus=criminal, felonious) craving for lust for power, past description and stopping at nothing, even not at faking to be a "god".


There's no spite,

Like Jesus Christ!


There's no perfidy,

Like Christianity!


The example of an elephant “resurrecting from the dead” 


            Most simply, the "miracle" of a resurrection can be accomplished in that way that the one that should rise did not die in order to present him later as (alleged) resurrected.  So, Jesus did it, too. Before we will scrutinize  the most infamous swindle of the Christian barbarians, namely the feigned resurrection, we are going now  to demonstrate how easily a magician can deceive folks  by shammed wonders.  

          How does a magician dissemble an elephant to resurrect from the dead?  By caring for the elephant that it never dies! And how did sorcerer Jesus made Lazarus and even himself to raise from the dead? Both, by never dying!

         Imagine a large stage.  At the front of the stage a magician faces the audience.  In the back of the stage is an elephant. We want to conjure up that the elephant disappears in nothing and rises from the dead afterwards. In the middle  of the stage there is two wings of a gate like fences that close together at a slanted angle of about 45 degree.

          One can open and close that gate and look through the bars of the lattice until the other end of the stage.  The magician enters the stage while the audience is applauding much to him. Through the lattice one can see an elephant right behind the lattice of stage.   If the magician is called Jesus then at first he would ask: What is easier to release a human being’s sin or to make an elephant vanishing and afterwards resurrecting from the dead, again? 

         All of a sudden, there is a big bang, then fume and after all it darkens so that one can see nothing at all for a short moment. When the smoke gets thin finally away after a while the spectators see an apparently empty stage. The elephant is not to be seen on the stage, any longer. If that magician would be called Jesus he now would fart to the audience: Heaven and earth will pass but my words never. Some even would applaud to him… The giant elephant seems to have gone to heaven by that cloud of smoke.

        Generously the magician opens the mentioned gate of lattice on stage, now. Everybody can convince itself that there is no elephant on the stage, any longer.  The " transparent " gate gets closed, again. Again, if the magician now were called Jesus he would utter or blather correspondingly: Hereby it is proven that all power in heaven and on earth is up to me. For evidence that I (Jesus) have control over all elephants’ and human being’s life and death I, Jesus, puke to you - my elephant - to rise from the dead and to appear on stage again.

        Again smoke, haze and mist! After a very short while the smoke is more and more getting thin. Now, through the lattice like a fence one can see the elephant standing in the middle of the stage right behind the gate, again.  For proving, the gate of the stage becomes completely opened again.

        The "resurrected elephant" is really back again! If the magician would be called Jesus or JADC (Jesus All Deceivers’  Christ) then he would puke something like that out of his mouth: For reasons of evidence that all powers in heaven and on earth is passed to me -- the man’s son  -- I (Jesus) hereby declare absolution for all elephants’ and all bipeds’ sins provided that all concerned ones immediately knuckle under me and worship me as the god...  The victims of your sins have to shut up or they will have good stake by my accomplices (foul mouths and foul playersi) or even will got to he hell of my imagination of hatred and vengeance instead of you. However, my accomplices (foul mouths and foul playersi) do never forget to feign love of your next or enemy when jailing, burning or killing them.


       Taking the attitude of hypocrisy you will win and without it you will loose. Therefore, you will never loose because you are malicious, wicked or cruel but if you do not play well the hypocrite.  Listen, if I died for all sins of the world I never can be punished for that grave ones of my own: Man’s most deceiver, most calumny, most instigator for hatred, vengeance, torments, murders, stakes, pyres, atrocities, mass murders and wars – in two words: Man’s Son. I have so much sins that those of the other vanish compared to that ones of my own.

        If the magician would be called Jesus then he would vomit something like that out of his mouth: If you do not believe my sayings that I am "god" then   believe it because of all "miracles" I fake so well… What is more difficult making an elephant vanishing and resurrecting or releasing sins?

          How did the magician accomplish resurrection of the elephant of the dead? Because he is man’s son? Because he is god’s son? Because he is the god or because he is very good in deceiving?  Did the “Holy Spirit” take the elephant to heaven and instantly brought the animal back? If the magician would pass himself off as the God a lot of folks  - the stupid ones, the miserable, the very last ones – would believe him.

          And still more folks would believe if that god would declare the last one to be the first to come and all science and philosophy as nonsense or the believers would libel, revile, denigrate, jail, torture, psycho terrorize, terrorize, kill, slay, murder, burnt or even wage war against the better ones that are not that stupid believing the trickster was a god. Many cerebellums think that there must be involved a divine power if their brains understandably turn out to be insufficient to find out how the trickster arranges its tricks… Magic is just a play: Who is more intelligent: The magician or the audience? In most cases it is the magician. That is why the magician likes to be a magician.

     The two wings of the gate (made of bars) locked the stage at the angles of approximately 45 degrees. That is an angel of reflection if one works with mirrors.  The front part of the stage, i.e. before the gate, was completely decorated the same way like its rear part. The space in between the bars of the gate was that constructed that mirrors could stuff the gaps. The spectators did not always see through the grid of the gate. The smoke dazzled for a short moment that only mirrors had been pushed in between the bars (empty spaces) of the grid of the gate. In that moment the spectators did not see through the fence on the stage, as they wrongly were convinced to do so. While believing to see through the fence the spectators indeed just saw the mirrored front-area of the stage and because that part of the stages was as decorated the same way like the rear part they could not recognize just seeing the front of the stage and not the rear trough the bars of the lattice.  To mirror the front part of the stage that was similar to the back part the two wings of the fence on the stage closed diagonally about 45 degrees. 


         So, the spectators could not differ if they are seeing through the fence or not.  Therefore, the elephant was still "comfortably" stayed on the stage while the spectators thought him taken off by the cloud to heaven.  While the magician was blathering, pulling faces and fooling around the came some disciples of the magician from the backstage and slowly escorted the elephant off the stage. (An elephant is not very quick).  The disciples of the magician could do this because the spectators thought to see the background but didn’t do it.  Finally, when the gate was opened there really was no elephant, anymore.  Then, the gate was closed again and the elephant again escorted to the stage. When the gate was opened again: the elephant was resurrected staying there where he stood before “the miracle happened”…


     If now the magician would be called Jesus he would puke something corresponding: Hereby it is proven: I am resurrection and lives because my "miracles" do not only vanish elephants but also God – and correspondingly the truths anyway! What is easier: To lie or to make an elephant vanishing and resurrecting?

Well, anyway -- the concept of the man’s son is very dubious and far from concrete, especially because he obviously and secretly comprehended man’s deceiver by it.

Especially because of the “wonders” and wizardries of Satan (Jesus) Christ the Christian sinners deserve nothing but derision and mockery.  



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