Preliminaries , Part: 4

Method and Extend of the Investigation As well  Definitions of Concepts


"Do not resist the evil" (Mt 5:39)

The credo of all organized crimes, Mafiosi, Satan and the "Sermon on the Mountain"! CHRISTIANITY THE "HUMAN RIGHT" OF CRIMINALITY...


The Notions of Desperado and Satanism as Groundwork of Subjection to a Slaveholder



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         The concept of desperado is in fact repeatedly explained and illustrated in the context of our criminological investigation of the chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels"). However, it maybe helpful to have some knowledge in advance before starting to read the investigation.


         In contrast with “ordinary” criminals of the first level we described in our treatise pertaining to the concept of crime a desperado first of all is a perpetrator of despair. The concept originates from Latin de­spe­rare and this means: to despair. Desperadoes are no longer in complete control of themselves.  The more despaired those perpetrators of despair (desperadoes) are, the more they loose control of themselves and the ability to distinguish between what they are fooling or feigning for the advantage of their own and what the true facts are. 

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          It is hardly to differ between terrorism and totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is the ideology  of terrorism or terrorism the practice of totalitarianism. So, each totalitarianism is also a terrorism because all and everything is a means to end for it. More over each terrorist is also a desperado. Desperado is the violence as of a  desperate one. All terrorists are desperate perpetrators and thus desperadoes.


          Regarding the perpetrators of despair (desperadoes) first of all it is about their  “naked” psychic existence that they can stand themselves.  That means that they are not able to look the face (of the true self) of their own in the mirror. In the most inner core of his or her soul the desperado disdains himself or herself to be most despicable and detestable – and that even according to standards of his or her own. Sometimes that is admitted to oneself.  Sometimes that is repressed to the subconscious but always and in both way torturing the concerned one.



         Therefore, desperadoes want to get rid of their true (hated) nature (self) and are looking for new identity of their own. That is the business of Pied Pipers. They offer of Pied Pipers is a pretended new identities for those the miserable in exchange to be worshiped as “the great leader” or “master” or even as their “God”, indeed as their slaveholder in return. 



E.g., there had been also offers to get a new identity by the concept of a nation or a correspondent community. For instance, Pied Piper Hitler offered the Arian race as new identity to the German barbarians or desperadoes.  To the German barbarians he told: “You (individual) are nothing, your nation or race is all.” So many German barbarians all of a sudden felt to be very extraordinary human beings because of belonging to the Arian race.



       All troubles about the despised self of their own suddenly and apparently became to be solved. So apparently humbly and modestly the German Nazi adherent subordinated themselves to the will of their  “god” or   Pied Piper Hitler and did not feel dishonored in any way. However, such solutions of problems are just fakes.  To their adherents the communist offered to get their  “new” identity   from the social class they belonged to, for example, class of the workers and farmers. Thus they kid themselves belonging to an avant-garde of human development.


           So many worker abruptly felt to be very extraordinary individuals just because of the “miracle” belonging to the workers’ and farmers’ class and the Stalinists’ saying that history has great things in mind with that social classes. Suddenly that miserable communist individual that felt inferior to others now abruptly felt superior to them and again a wonder happened that the last (fooling themselves) became the very first ones.



The offered (last) resort of receiving an apparent new identity by those Pied pipers means apparently getting rid of the detested true self of their own by such an new faked one, of course, are regarded to be “glad tidings” by the for the concerned the miserable (the clientele of the objectifications of perfidy). Of course, there were such (totalitarian) ideologies of  self-deception by a new (faked) identity already before “ideological” movements, like for example Nazism or communism, came into existence. Since thinking of the people in former times happened in magic and miracles the frame of religion had been a vehicle for such self-deceits. 


          However, that does not mean that each and all religions are working out misuse of deceit, self-deception and barbarity on humankind like the Christian one does already from its very outset and by its instigator (Jesus) himself. Likewise one may not libel any businessman or businesswoman to be a Mafiosi. The Christian priests are astonished until the present-day that a desperadism like that one of their own even works without  religious framework, too. That is why it   seems to be the best for those deceivers to rope god in for the liars' advantage while pretending a new identity. So the idea of god is also misused allegedly to approve their crimes and barbarity resulting from their faked identity. Crimes, felonies and atrocities of those desperadism are used to coming into existence because one never can foster a lies about oneself without violating the “rest” of the world to comply with that selfish lie. 



         Until the present day Christian imperious popes and priest are endeavored to deny that they are the same deceit and fraud just in an older medium as they are determined to shift mountains and the truths, anyway. (Did you ever hear about a mountain that was shifted by Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) or their Pied Piper and “god” Jesus, the death penalty convict?).  Sine the distinguishing mark of such self-deception is egoism at any price all moral matters are camouflaged mostly in the reverse: egoism as humbleness, lies as truths, revenge as justice, (self-)-hatred as love etc.  


        Morals are adjusted (canted) to the intended egoism of the worshiper and so  resulting from these offenses, crimes and barbarity come into existence. So the total crime and the total barbarity is enabled that is not perturbed by any moral inhibition and/or a guilty conscience, any longer. So, morale is abolished under the label of morale in a kind of a stationary wave.  In this way one can sum up the “glad tidings” of Christianity and all ideological de­spe­rad­ism.



·        That is what Christendo(o)m is for.

·        Those are the reasons for the Christian desperadoes’ success.


 If all ways and means are   good  for the  advantage of a sect or one’s own, then morals  are annulled  so to speak  in a stationary wave. That is the mystery of Christian de­spe­rad­ism why the slavery allegedly is so obliged to morale, loves, truths etc. and indeed commits so many barbarities –  or claims to be so glad and is scowling so much. In desperadism like the Christian one morals work as fake in order to make the evil, vicious, spiteful, criminal and atrocious behavior of those desperadoes incontestable. That is why the Christian perfidy claims so much beyond all reason and is not only very much below reason but also below  more developed animals… If they cannot help otherwise the (Christian) liars claim mystery, mystery, mystery in order to get the dimwits inattentive… Mystery is the last emergency break of perfidy before admitting to be liars and  deceivers in the most despicable way. If they cannot but admit to be deceivers  that despicable ones say: Mystery, beyond (instead of below) reason -  search me!



     In this treatise it is also pointed out  that  the Christian sinners (barbarians) were the first communists. That means one can demonstrate  from  the inner texture of this sect the  context to all  the other totalitarian de­spe­rad­ism.  Each ideology or “religious” sect that promises  a new identity its desperate adherents represents  totalitarianism and de­spe­rad­ism.



     Each ideology or religious sect that fakes being able to offer a new identity to its desperate adherents, is totalitarian. Those ideologies or "religions" are totalitarian -- provided one can call those monstrosities religions --  because those fakes about a conceited new identity (Jesus: rebirth) solely can be enforced by lies about all other individuals, yes even about the whole world in its wake and thus only is to maintain by unsocial behavior, hypocrisy, spite, mendacity, crimes, felonies, atrocities, barbarities like history of Christendo(o)m, Stalinism or Nazism impressively produce evidence. The last mentioned abominations do not come like a bolt  from the blue or because of “original sin” and comparable asininity as the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) are used to diverting attention (from themselves):



1.      Jesus absolutely knows that concerning his infamous schmucks (Christians)it is about "the sick", i.e. morally depraved fellows:

Lu 5:31 RSV 

31 … They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.



2.      Evenly Jesus knows that his (morally) "the sick", i.e. depraved fellows hating and detesting themselves not at all cannot endure the truths about themselves, i.e., that truths are worst that can happen to them:



Joh 16:12 RSV

12 "I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.



         One has to think it over: A sect that wants to make others believing that its adherents even die for the truths – and not for the purpose that all their lies are reputed to be truths – is attested by the god of its own that its perfidious schmucks are unable to bear the truths…


         Desperado and Pied piper  Jesus pretends a rebirth of water and spirit to his adherent by worshiping him as “the God” in exchange: 



Mt 19:28 ASV

… that ye who have followed me, in the regeneration when the Son of man shall sit on the throne of his glory, ye also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel

Joh 3,3 RSV

... unless one is born anew, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

Joh 3, 5 RSV

... unless one is( re)born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. .1


         Henceforth the Christian (desperado) does not understand himself or  herself what he or she is but by the fake of  allegedly god’s chosen one as his or her  Pied Piper seduces him to do so  in return of being worshiped as  the god. That happens  analogically to a Nazi that  kids him- or herself to be part of the conceited best people in world and therefore allegedly being  one of the best individuals that exist. So, it fools itself no longer being that miserable, hateful and vengeful individual he or she really is and his or her guilty conscience is used to reproaching to him or her to be. All fool themselves being a newly reborn individual and have gotten rid of their deeply hated (still remaining) selves. Such desperation can increased that disastrously that one even worships a deceiver and Pied pipers as one’s god.



           All sorts of “excuses” (“theories”, “apologies”) are proffered by the by those Pied Pipers, e.g., “original sin”, “downfall of paradise”, ”pollution of the Arian blood by the Jewish one”, “the invention of private property” etc.).  Desperadoes are in need of   those “apologies” because feel themselves as  so depraved (as sinners) and cannot bear themselves, otherwise. (They correctly feel to be so depraved because one cannot repress truths totally and fool oneself perfectly! The subconscious is still no dead part of the psyche but a very alive one).  Atrocities come into existence because living a lie is the only alternative to suicide for them. Adopting de­spe­rad­ism (feigning  a new identity, i.e. lie about one’s ego) simultaneously  is a decision rather to murder others than oneself. 



Therefore, if you tell them the truths they are prepared to murder you than themselves. And for that assassination they already have prepared further “apologies” from the very outset. Therefore, the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners), for instance, foster those cults of “martyr” and “charity” due to the fact that a successful deceiver always fakes the contrary of that what really has in mind  in order to worm his or her way into the others’ confidence and lull the victims into a false sense of security. That is why de­spe­rad­ism, for instance, Christian sect or the German Nazism inevitably are insidiously  criminal or perfidious in principal and from the very outset.



Thus the sufferings of  desperadoes are relieved not being coerced to see their true face (self) in the mirror of “truth”. Everybody and everything is to blame for their misery, except themselves. That is why they do not live only  by bread. Pied Piper Jesus preferred to abstain from telling what else his perfidious schmucks need. Each human being does not need the same. However and especially, the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) further need lies to lay the blame  for the maliciousness of their own at the others’  door. As in other totalitarian ideologies like Nazism it is proffered   rebirth as last resort by Jesus.  Here in the Christian case: A rebirth after death when their slaveholder Jesus and faking god should wash off all badness of these barbarians and not only that one of his (Jesus) own…  


              The only requirement for this, is the sole belief in the Pied Piper, however not the condition being a human being, of course.  That means one worships him as the god.  If one does not so one is condemned  – the most conclusive piece of evidence that Jesus like any other Pied Piper is just a liar, deceiver, the barbarian above all barbarians and otherwise below the brain of most animals. Finally the desperadoes know well the terms they are able to accomplish and what they cannot. 



At least, in the deeper layers of their psyche (subconscious) they know    to differ their Jesus-bluff from the facts because that difference is too big. They know this very well. This is also the background of the silly disputation of Catholics and Protestant if slaveholders can have merits at god or not… It is the same  “profound” disputation if guardians of Nazi concentration camps will enter heaven after death or not… If someone will meet Jesus in heaven after death he will also meet Hitler and Stalin there.  However, this could be possible just due to the fact that Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) mix up hell and heaven as well as god and devil. Therefore, they can call slaveholder Jesus, the death penalty convict, a god and themselves terribly “moral” ones…  



            The desperado first of all is characterized not being able to stand him- or her. His or her true self is unbearable for him- or herself.  Because truths and facts about him- or herself are unbearable for him or her, so the barbarians declares as well war on their guilty conscience as well on their neighbors or next ones.  For the barbarians it is a matter of live and death. The desperado has just the choice living a lie (and brainwashing all his fellow creatures according his or her lies) or to die (that means to commit suicide.


That is why one cannot talk reasonably about suicide in a Christian brainwashed society because those objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy are always maneuvering in front of the abyss of suicide because of despair). Nobody can fool him- or herself without fooling others because the entire world is connected. That is why de­spe­rad­ism is totalitarian and Satanism because one cannot put downside up without putting upside down. The desperado is the total felon, i.e. a Satanic one. Each ideology if it is in the frame of a religion or philosophical one that requires brainwashing of their conspecifics is a totalitarian one.


           That is the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') necessity to lie, to libel, to revile, to commit offenses, crime and barbarity or even mass-murderers. Most barbarians are not barbarians because they want to commit any barbarity but because of the advantages they think to gain by their barbarity. Nothing else are the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') crimes and barbarity. Those slaveholders that commit barbarity because they like barbarity are psychiatric ones that belong to a lunatic asylum.  Almost all crimes that are committed by sane ones are perpetrated because of the advantages the barbarians intend to gain but not because they love barbarity. Nothing else are the Christian barbarity. However, there is a big difference to the Christian barbarity compared with that ones of ordinary barbarians: The barbarity of desperadoes aim at the whole world or the whole being. That means that a desperado felon is incomparably more serious than any other that even is convicted to death penalty and is waiting for his death in the death row of a jailhouse. One can proof that by Christian repressed and suppressed history.


           The (Christian) desperado made up his mind rather to kill others than him- or herself when converting to slaveholder Jesus. Without despicable behavior, villainous deeds, libeling, reviling, offenses and barbarity a lie never will exist and Christian de­spe­rad­ism never existed. Even Simon Peter Jesus’ closest under slaveholder, already killed two members of the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') early community just for despicable greediness.  Desperadoes prefer living a lie than committing suicide  - the only other option a desperado has.  Without that deception and self-deception life make no sense to a desperado and he or she “loves” his or her next one so “humbly” that he or she complies the slogan: Before I have to kill myself because I hate myself and cannot bear the truth about myself I will kill you and all the others that are telling the hated truths to me. 


         The desperado “humbly” and “modestly” thinks:  First of all me than you – even if this means that I have to kill you! That is the true meaning of Christian feigned unselfishness, modesty, humbleness or charity. That the hidden hatred they fake as charity. (Some deeds of “charity” are also for the purpose working out a guilty conscience. This firstly means the desperadoes help themselves).  Those are the sick Pied Piper Jesus recognized and used for himself. That is why telling the truth to a desperado is the same as to declare war on him or her because his or her decision to believe in a new pretended identity is nothing else but a declaration of war on truths and his or her sincere fellow creatures.  By deciding to live a lie the desperado declares that war. 



            Another despicable way the desperado helps him- or herself are projections.  Projections are very serious obsessions of barbarians and a basic requirement of all self-deception.  A projection means a) that one puts the blame upon another one that b) indeed belongs to oneself and that c) one is believing in that lie (self-deception). Regarding Jesus his sayings about the Pharisees are mere projections.



The megalomaniac one gathering the sick – not the healthy! Those the sick he flattered as “salt of the earth” or “light of the world” because just those rascals, scoundrels, terrorists and riffraff he got to worship him as the god what he desired so gladly. However, arrogance, conceit, and megalomaniac trait that very ill megalomaniac madman Jesus could only find out at his opponents and not at himself… And there are still some furtive under-slaveholders of him that will tell one that hypocrisy came with the downfall of the church into existence…  


         If one needs a good description of the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) read what the death penalty convict told about the Pharisees. That is the mirror of himself and that one of his slaves. The same did Hitler when talking about the Jews.  He accused the Jews to rule over the world by money. However, Hitler wanted nothing else but to rule over the whole planet.  A typical projection! Today, the Germans cannot "afford" misusing the Jews as their scapegoats or victim of projection. I recently saw a TV broadcast in Germany libeling and denigrating Scientology church as the Jews were libeled and reviled before in Germany. Obviously the Germans cannot refrain from being warriors. Then one of Christian sectarian warriors said the reason for it: "Scientology wants to conquer the world." I do not know if Scientology wants to do so however I know that Catholic church wants to do so already since two millennia. Also a typical projection!


         Projections are for the purpose of repressing more successful a sore or bad conscious. By putting the blame upon the hated opponent or enemy that really belongs to the projecting one he or she fools him- or herself not to be that malicious his or her sore conscious is always reproaching to him and her. E.g. according the slogan: Look, how much I castigate the phoniness of my opponents (e.g. the Pharisees). So nobody can accuse me to be megalomaniac or phony minded…  Desperadoes and de­spe­rad­ism belong to the topmost crime – the described third level of it.


The most atrocities and cruelties of objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy are caused by their obsessions with projections, e.g., the holocaust etc. Because of those obsessed projections those movements of “love” poison all human relationships in the very details. There is no worst in the world than projections – there is no worst in the world than Christian projections. Everybody that is competent like these Christian pretenders so gladly would like to be gets suspected by them to be a (possibly) successful competitor and rival to them. So those folks of calumny will spread out all their “love” of hatred and poison on him or her. 


            By projection they can perform the whole planet into a kitchen of poison and they did so when they had the political power to do so. Doing projections further means to mix up perpetrator and victim, murder and martyr – a very refined and furtive perfidy. In their views a felon is each one that dares to refuse the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) claims putting upside down, e.g., naming the lastfor that last ones and not the first as they want one to do for the advantage of their own.  Martyr is everybody that accomplishes the lie that those that were declared as the sick even by their Pied Piper and chieftain slaveholder (Jesus) are to be reputed as the healthy– even by murdering.


              One always has to remember that the borderline between deceit and self-deception of a desperado is always fluent in both directions. When truths about him- or herself become sheer unbearable to the desperado he or she flees from deceit into the self-deception, i.e., in one moment the one matter can be perceived deliberately as swindle or lie and in the next one immediately repressed to subconscious mind and so to believed as truth (of self-deception) since it turned out to be unbearable. In another moment the same fact again can become conscious and the same one can flatter him- or her that others just do not act likewise because they are morons. In an extreme degree of accomplishment one can call de­spe­rad­ism Satanism. That is why also occasionally we speak of Jesus (Satan's) Christ or of Christian Satanism or Christian Satanic sect.


          Satanism is not only omission of all morals -- that is crime and barbarity -- but also the (miss-) use of morals for the crimes and barbarity of one's own, for advantage of one's own at any price. In Satanism morale becomes a constituent part of crimes, barbarity, atrocities, and baseness -- of evil. Satanism first shapes morality according to its purposes before starting any vileness, baseness, crime, barbarity, and atrocity. In the preliminaries to this treatise we already gave a definition of crimes.  The topmost degree of crimes one can also call Satanism. We are going to demonstrate that precisely such Satanism is Jesus "glad tidings" for his Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners)...  



The desperado always is maneuvering at the border between life and death, which means to live or to commit suicide. Contempt of death is no problem for him or her because that contempt corresponds to his or her spite against oneself.  Since he or she hates his or her life in the very deep angles of his or her heart death is nothing else but suicide performed by another individual’s hand what he or she even enjoys because it provides the delusion of martyr. They mix up martyr and killing on demand.  For a felon there is no better relieve of his or her bad conscience but to fool him- or herself being a martyr.


More over because he or she thinks that fortune does not smile at her or at him there is a repressed desire to die. If somebody tells that without Jesus life makes no sense to him or her any longer he or she tells nothing else that Jesus is his or her (last) emergency break before suicide. The soul of de­spe­rad­ism, the soul of Jesus, the soul of Christendom is deep hatred against oneself.


Lu 14:26 RSV  

26 If any one comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.;2


        That is typical of deceiver: Talking of   “love” and instigating hatred even against oneself and the own family.  Hey, Jesus did you ever hear something about the Ten Commandments? Isn’t there written that one should honor father and mother? And that desperado of “love”, “charity”, “truths” and other deceptions that is faking to comply with the laws of Judaism, however instigates one member of a family to hate the other one. Why? Because no Christian and anybody else that hates him- or herself can love another one but hates them as he or she hates him- herself. And again very typical of deceivers the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) sham to love their  next in order to veil their hatred on them. Does this liar and rogue (Jesus) have  something in common  with Judaism if he even does not abide by the Ten Commandments? Since when  a desperado is used to respecting any law, rule, commandment or custom?


Do cross my heart: If the First Commandment says: I am your god, you shall have no other god beside me – doesn’t this mean that one is not allowed to add an associate to the god like a fabricated son with nickname Jesus, doesn’t it? The Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) attitude become more despicable if one considers that those desperados libel, vilify and prosecute their competitors and rivals, e.g. Scientology, Hare-Krishna and other competing  religions by arguing they allegedly split families…” Who wants to split families (by hatred): Jesus and his perfidious schmucks (Christians)or the others? Jesus and the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) hate themselves because they cannot stand the truth about their selves!


        To love your next as yourself means to Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners): Do hate your next as you hate yourself.  Dear reader let me ask you some questions: Do you really hate your father and your mother that have given birth and life to you as   Pied Piper and barbarians Jesus did and commands you to do? Do you really hate your children like that deceiver is commanding you? Are you brainwashed enough by his under-slaveholders to answer yes, aren’t you? Aren’t those com­mand­ments perfidious?



What reason there are to be a Christian?   Firstly: Hatred towards oneself (that is the true soul and heart of Christendom). Secondly: Lack of brains to see through tricks and motives. Thirdly:  Successful brainwashing by Christian Satanic priests that turns the concerned into Christian zombies, morons or fighting brutes and fourthly: The description that fits most Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners): A mixture of all.  That means as well hatred toward oneself as well as destruction of the person by Christian brainwashing as well as a lack of brain to recognize furtive, snaky, sneaky and depraved deceivers. In this treatise we will evidence in detail that Satan Jesus preached hatred towards oneself quite frankly.


That is the way he “loved” himself and likewise all the other. That are the ways the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) „love” themselves and likewise their neighbors. The very desperado is always Satanic wants to destroy happiness of others just because he has none. His or her hatred is unlimited. The slaveholder as well as the desperado is the total or totalitarian felon.



Two final remarks at the end of this part:

a)  Here we are writing about de­spe­rad­ism in its most extreme way. Such an extreme way is also Satanism and is represented by Jesus (Satan's) Christ and sect or Nazism and a little weaker by communism. However, Judaism and Islam are no de­spe­rad­ism and no Satanism.  Yet, not at all and very much less Asian religions like, for instance, Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism, and Shintoism etc. Those are honorable religions, partly of a high philosophical level.  Compared to these religions, Christendo(o)m does not tally like, for instance, the  Mafia does not tally with ordinary economics. Christendom is the felony among those religions so far one can call it a religion. There are religions believing that there is a god. And there is a sect believing that Satan can be the "god" instead of god because everything is just a matter of belief and if one believes that Satan or Jesus was "god" then they are - that is Christian Satanism or Jesus (Satan's) Christ and sect. There Christians are very, very convince that faith shifts mountains and the truths, anyway!


 Joh 3:20 RSV

  20 For every one who does evil hates the light, and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.



 b) This also corresponds to   the fact  that a breakthrough of truths is nowhere that much feared as in that Christian desperadoes' sect. Those are the reasons for Christian Satanic intolerance, persecution, inquisition, poisoning, calumny, murders and even mass-murderers. That all happens in the name of morals if Satan is your god but not because of any weakness of the flesh how the Christian Satanic sect want to hide itself.  That is why the Christian withheld all the facts about their chieftain slaveholder’s (Jesus) biography by concealing, feigning and stealing stories that do not tally with the facts, as we will demonstrate. That is why they have been quivering with the anti-Christ already since as long as they exist.  Did you ever hear from somewhat like the anti-Moslem, Anti-Moses, Anti-Buddha, and Anti-Confucius etc.? Well, however did you ever hear something from the anti-Christ? Why? Because each deceit is afraid of the truths and is always shivering that the swindle might collapse.    No better way the subconscious of that Pied Piper could give a vent.


By the way, the anti-Christ presumably is god himself because as we will demonstrate in this treatise the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) at most named the devil to be (their) god, indeed for the advantage of their own. So far one can the belief in Jesus barbarity a religious belief, at all. (For the Christian sinners god is only a pattern to lift up their chieftain slaveholder as the god or just a hollow to paint the misshapen ugly face of the chieftain slaveholder in it. They do not trust in god unless they have forced the misshapen mug of their Pied Piper on god’s face and they do not trust in god unless they do not move a watchdog forward him so that god may not tell anything that is not advantageous for them. Lifting up oneself to the god as faking Jesus did means: believing that there is no god. On cannot sit down on a chair another one is already sitting on it.


 In Christendo(o)m god – if believed to exist, at all -- needs a watchdog (that is the “mystery” of trinity!) otherwise the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) correctly cannot claim that there is a god.  That watchdog shall be Pied piper  (the Jesus barbarian) according the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') doctrines. That is why Christendo(o)m is the only sect that made its “prophet” a god so far one can call that unscrupulous barbarian and Mafiosi a prophet… That is no religion and no god – just a fake of those concepts for the advantage of the sect and it adherents.


c) Regarding the three-mentioned de­spe­rad­ism the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') slaveholders sect is the most logical, most extreme human being domineering and despising one, the most unscrupulous, darkest and the best camouflaged one. That is why one can call Jesus Satan and his sect Satanism. It is to the Stalinists’ honor that they realized by themselves that they cannot pursue aims that turned out too badly. In some respect success made the communists again "normal" that means sane beings. If one likes or dislikes it, one has to consider that the communists had the power to put the whole globe in ruins.  I am convinced that all of the roughly 300  Christian (desperado) popes this globe had to suffer up today, would not had refrain from doing so if they had had the power to do so, just because they foster the Latin slogan: Fiat “justitia” ut pereat mundus.  


d)  This slogan means: If one does not play as the pope is ordering the whole world is to put in ruins. Or: If Satan Jesus is not worshiped, as god the whole globe shall perish. That is the revenge Jesus wants to take. On the contrary,  (political) power and success never could help the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) to become psychically sane ones but incited them to manifest their true dark and Satanic mind the more. The truths of Christian Satanism are the Middle Ages.  The more successful that barbarians are the more Satanic they become. That is what the Middle Ages teach. At that time, they had the full and nearly almost power to manifest whoever they are. There one can study true Christian nature.  Each further word about this Satan Jesus sect actually is superfluous. The Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) even outdo the atrocities and barbarity of the Nazi-murderers by far.  Those who contradict may know what atrocities the German Nazis committed however, not that ones the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) perpetrated and obviously they do not know the share of Christian Satan's sect in the Holocaust, e.g., by anti-Semitism. 


e)  Today, Christian Satanism hideously uses the atrocities and barbarity of the Nazis for the advantage of their sect. Now the Nazis serve the Christian Satanic sect as a projection of the wickedness of their own. That does not mean that the Nazis were no murderers or not Satanic ones. However, that evenly does not mean that the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) are opposite of that the evil as they are faking to be and brainwashing their fellow creatures.  Those Christian mixer of poison talk about the Nazis’ atrocities just in order distract attention that there is still a more cruel and much more dangerous Satanism that is called Jesus and Christendo(o)m.  They talk about the Nazis in order to fool that the maliciousness of their own does not exceed that one of the Nazis.  Christian repulsiveness, Satan Jesus and Christian Satanism cannot be outdone.


A projection does not  necessarily mean that the victim of it  in each and any case and without any exception is completely  free  of the  trait  that are projected to him. However, a projection  means that  the trait, which is projected to the other one first of all  is to apply to  the projecting one.  The projecting  one even  is endeavored  to  find victims to whom the intended projections apparently match  since he or she  obviously  tries to avoid a boomerang of course. Otherwise everybody would laugh at him or her  instead of believing him or her.  However, the gist is that  the projecting  one wants to acquit him- or herself while unscrupulously libeling  another one no matter of the facts and  truths.  So, projection is a necessary consequence of hatred towards oneself. It is  no  incident as  Christian Satanism wants to camouflage and excuse their selves. Projection is a concomitant to lie, deception and  self-deception  as well as  hypocrisy is one. If malicious ones fake the good how shall that happen but by projections, lies and hypocrisy?  Therefore,  projection even is a particular manifestation of  envy that is the real  urge of all conversion to Pied piper  and to hate oneself as Pied Piper (Jesus) hated himself from the bottom of his heart so that he irresistibly wanted to die, to die and to die.  (All is proved in this treatise). 


f)  Jesus can be named Satan just because:


Firstly, he exactly  matches  those criterions that the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) themselves teach as trait of Satan.


Secondly,  he is the devil of the perception of his own – as we are going to produce evidence.


This is not the topic at this point. In this context we only want to quote that according to the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) doctrines the devil fell away from god because as an former lower angel he did not agree with god who was first (god) and who last (he).  That was why he fell away from god according to the Christian doctrine. Well, if one summarizes the "program of the Christendo(o)m" then it is nothing else making the lastto the first and the first to last – precisely  Satan had in mind when he was falling away from god.  More over severity and dimension of Christian sect’s barbarity against  humankind and humanity, above  all their denial and finally even still their camouflage as shammed moral whoppers are only  to define by the concept of  Satanism - and if Jesus impersonates a metaphysical figure then not that of a god or a god’s family-member but that of  Satan as well as fiend’s  incarnation. 


Exactly, if Jesus says  himself that each is to be recognized by one’s fruits then after two millennia  he is to be realize just as Satan and his sect as Satanism. By Satanic barbarity Satanism is to be recognized. More over it is demonstrated  in this treatise that nobody can lift up oneself as the very last one to the very first one without  lying not only by lying and deceiving about himself but also about others. Because  falsehood about oneself  requires lies about one’s fellow human being. Again, Jesus does not abide by the Ten Commandments that oblige the individual: You shall  not talk false thing about your next. The Ten Commandments are just a mockup for Jesus hiding the opposite of them, i.e., a kind of Trojan Horse.


 Those are the reasons for Christian sect’s Satanic atrocities. Vileness, atrocities, hypocrisy and deceitfulness etc. therefore systematically occur because the lastlie and fake themselves to be the first . 

Therefore with regard to Christendo(o)m one can properly speak about a sect of Satanism because all crimes –except very few ones that perpetrated because of madness  - are perpetrated for the advantage of their deceit.  Of course, those  Christian help themselves by projecting the wickedness of their own upon others. Those -- who believe that the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) are less evil violators  on humanity and human rights as Nazis are -- ignore the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') participation in the Nazi-crimes, for example, the impact of Christian anti-Semitism on the  holocaust.  More over they  ignore Christian sect’s  history that Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) are used to  darkening and hiding until to today. Human right in Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) enslaved countries means to complain of all violations of human rights on others but never on Christendo(o)m that exceed all the other together regarding barbarity, atrocities, cruelties, enslaving of humankind etc..  At the first glance one may think that the German Nazis were barbarians past comprehension. Pertaining to almost all respects this is correct. However, compared with Jesus "Christ" and his infamous schmucks (Christians)Hitler  and the Nazis are “just” a “small” under devils if compared with the upper devils like Jesus "Christ" and his perfidious schmucks.


By the way, almost all prominent Nazis were very well conditioned Christian sheepdogs, especially conditioned anti-Semitism by Satanic Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners). Even Satan Hitler was paying member of  Catholic Satanism until he committed suicide. I.e.,  Satan Hitler was at that time in community with Jesus (Satan’s) Christ. Similar patterns match  other Nazi bosses, for example,  Goebbels or Mengele. After World War II this Jesus’ (Satan’s) sect helped Hitler’s warriors to escape to South America. One does not  help somebody, especially most atrocious murders on humankind and humanity if one does not  sympathize with them … 





If one murders others like the German Nazis did, one gets helped to escape from justice by Christian desperado sect. If one tells the truths to them or care for moral progress one gets jailed, killed or burnt by them. One desperado helps the other fellow and murders those telling the truths to him or her. Don’t objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy foster “charity” among themselves? And there are still some calling them liars and deceivers…




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1      Latin Vulgate: Joh 3: 3  respondit Iesus et dixit ei amen amen dico tibi nisi quis natus    fuerit denuo non potest videre regnum Dei  ...(5) respondit Iesus amen amen dico tibi nisi quis renatus fuerit ex aqua et Spiritu non potest introire in regnum Die

Mt 19,28 Iesus autem dixit illis amen dico vobis quod vos qui secuti estis me in regeneratione cum sederit Filius hominis in sede maiestatis suae sedebitis et vos super sedes duodecim iudicantes duodecim tribus Israhel

2   Vulgate: Lk 14 :26 :  si quis venit ad me et non odit patrem suum et matrem et uxorem et filios et fratres et sorores adhuc autem et animam suam non potest esse meus discipulus