Chapter: 9, Part: 4

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Miscellaneous  - or the Christian "Martyrdom" in the lunatic Asylum



Why can Christians catch Prey on Humans, again and again?

The psychic conditions to become victim of religious rogues with frocks or  without frocks


“(Christianity is) a vampirism of pale subterranean leeches.” German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 -1900), Anti-Christ § 49


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Table of contents:



1st:  Jesus admission of deceiving

2nd: An experiment´

3rd:  Only by sects or "ideologies" like, e.g., the Christian one personal inferiority becomes moral scum and thus societies' standards

4th: "Apparitions" of Jesus, Mary etc. and near-death experiences

5th: Self-knowledge by peers

6th: The five stages of the psychic overcoming of hardly bearable occurrences

7th: To whom Jesus was targeting?


1.      Jesus admission of  deceiving


“And if thou wouldst know concerning me, what I was, know that with a word did I deceive all things and I was no whit deceived.”1


So, Jesus according to his disciple John! Surely, there are enough oafs falling for the deceit of such a Pied Pieper.  However,  by those few morons a  barbarity  like the Christendo(o)m never could conquer almost one third of the universe -- as  antique Greeks manifestly predicted the disaster of  Christianity  by the notion of  Hades that literally  means: Satan.  In order to succeed so there have to be additional factors we are going to point out now. Jesus and Christendo(o)m are less a problem of deceit but more one of the desire of self-deception, i.e., of  those individuals that wanted be deceived. Thus, the most important question seems to be: Why do people want to be deceived? However, let us proceed systematically.


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2. An experiment

Recently a German television-station made the following test.  A precious ring was put on a washbasin of a ladies' restroom that was frequented by ladies of lower social classes and then the ring was put also on a wash-basin in a ladies' restroom of a luxury-hotel that was frequented only by very rich ladies. However at first, a poll was started among Christianly conditioned Germans what they think who more likely would pilfer the jewelry: the rich or the poor (or ordinary) people. All interviewees in the street strongly were convinced that rather the rich than the poor ones would pilfer the ring. The test resulted quite the reverse: Almost each woman of the “honest and decent" poor  ones robbed the ring and afterwards has as much excuses for that theft as the pope has such for the crimes of his Christian organized crime. Unlike the poor ladies the rich ones left the ring where it had been or gave it to the guard or delivered it to the finding-office of the hotel. Those are the differences between being and being reputed in Christianly-enslaved countries.  The rich ones are mostly reputed to be criminals and the poor folks as decent, although the latter solely   have the one aim, namely, to become first ones instead of the first and consider all evil that way that the wrong ones are the first . That is very much due to Christian tenets of envy and thus resulting poisoning of wealth and wealthy ones.


 3rd: Only by sects or "ideologies" like, e.g., the Christian one personal inferiority becomes moral scum and thus societies' standards


Envy, grudge, rancor, hate, vindictiveness and war are the striking and domineering contents of Christian mind from the very outset camouflaged and disguised by masks by each reverse, in this case by “love” and “charity”. Nobody else than  James -- the brother of the "Lord" (Jesus) and first head of the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') early  Jerusalem community (presumably he was  bribed by his brother  to do this job) -- noticed the following trait on those "Saints of the latter Days", i.e., Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners):


Jas 4:1-2 RSV

1 ¶ What causes wars, and what causes fightings among you (Christians)? Is it not your passions that are at war in your members?

2 You (Christians) desire and do not have; so you (Christians) kill. And you covet and cannot obtain; so you fight and (Christians) wage war...



That is the verdict of the "brother of the Lord" (James) on those who worship his brother (Jesus) as their “god”. James knew that Christian folk of his brother because he was the first head of the Christian Jerusalem community. Envy, quarreling, warfare and assassination are the behaviors of the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) from the very outset. This is witnessed by the “holy scripture” of Christian sect (presumably  this letter is written about the year 50 CE, if not earlier). I see,  that all is testified by the "Lord's" brother James depicting the nucleus of the brother's (Christian) barbarism.  

The German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach  (1804 –1872 CE) characterized that what happens to a human being’s consciousness regarding life and the meaning of life in that way:


“Our perfection consists of nothing else than in development, and development in nothing else than in clarification and awareness  what are we”[i]


This is a modern formulation of Plato's idea of anamnesis. Plato said that we (ourselves) have  pre-existence as a mere idea and have chosen the fate we are living before birth was given to us. All what we are living and experiencing in our life and also human recognition at all is just a remembrance (anamnesis) of that what we had determined ourselves to be when we were just a mere idea.  Therefore, life and the meaning of life are as well according to Plato as  to German philosopher Feuerbach just experiencing who or what one is. In another regard this doctrine means that there is no common and not everybody obliging meaning of life because each one itself is the meaning of the life of its own. As different as human beings are as different is each meaning of life. Consequently life of human beings and thus meaning of life is getting aware of oneself. 


However, what shall we do with the “drunken sailor”? That means: What shall we do with individuals experiencing themselves as those ones described by Jesus’ brother James: As liars, rogues, sinners, swindlers, depraved ones, yes even as murderers - as the very last ones, i.e., as the scum of the earth? These scoundrels will never admit what they are, i.e., what their true conscience is telling them to be. Their aim is to do everything and at any price and to stop at nothing "in order not to refuse admitting what is true (about themselves” (Nietzsche). 


As far Jesus admitted that the ones he was targeting are the sick, the last , the evil, the desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners), the barbarians he did so because it was necessary that “the concerned” get to know that they are “called”. Otherwise he flattered the sick as “healthy”, the desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) as “god’s chosen ones”, the last as the “first ones”, the evil as the “the good” (“salt of the earth”, ”light of the world”) in exchange of being worship as their “god” or better: golden calf. Those very last ones will declare and wage war on those that are not as depraved as they are. They will try to pull down everybody to that level of depravity,  which is their nature. Because the most unbearable to those ones is to admit the truth that others are not that depraved they are. 


That is one reason for the Christian eagerness to Christianize, Christianize and Christianize the entire world and its intolerant and martial mind to exterminate all rivals and competitors.  At any price -- even that one of mass-murders -- the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) never will allow the reputation of   a moral standard that other human beings are not that depraved they (themselves) are. Christianizing means to destroy each moral level that is above of those ones their instigator (Jesus) called the very (moral) last ones.  Each has to become a last one that is why the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) are obsessed by missionary work: Refuse to admit that there are better than they are, i.e., that there are more and better than the last – the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners). Whoever claims to be better than the last (Christians) are – there are no last ones without first ones -- will be fiercely libeled as Jesus demonstrated it regarding the Jews especially concerning the Pharisees if not burned on the stake without hesitation – if those very last depraved felons and barbarians (Christians) have the political power to do so.


There is a proverb in the German:  Richness depraves  mind.  That saying is not quite atypically for the proverbial envy of the Germans that always made the Germans the best hangmen of Christian organized crime. Most of the atrocities of Christian sect were perpetrated on Latin American and German territory. The Germans made the hangmen for the most abominable barbarities of this Mafia. E.g., anti-Semitism culminating in the holocaust that only impersonated and projected the hatred of the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) and the Germans of their own to the Jews. However, at a closer look mind less corrupted becomes by wealth. An already existing depraved mind reveals itself more distinctly by wealth than by destitution. How to show off with something if one has nothing to brag about?  The boastful mind already existed before  richness happened and unveils itself by sudden wealth. There is nothing corrupt that had not been corrupted before. However, the opposite of it is incomparably (!) right, i.e., that poverty and other social inferiority deprave mind . 


The saying that wealth depraves mind just frequently impersonates the hypocritical distortion of morals veiling that the exact opposite is correct, namely, that destitution very, very often ruins mind. Christianity, anti-Semitism, Communism (the Christian sinners were the first Stalinists!), Nazism, fascism, Mafia  and other sorts of  organized crime - everything like that is because destitution or any other social inferiority depraves very, very often and very, very thoroughly mind. Those who do not want to consent first may start numbering the felonies of all Christian  bestiality or at least its corpses before driveling something else. On the contrary: Nothing seems to deprave more minds and characters than social inferiority. However, inferiority is not only related to poverty.



In order to explain the fact why Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) are Christian we have to go back a long way and to proceed step by step. The reader must read till the end to understand what we mean. One cannot start building a house by constructing the roof, at first.


Once operating the remote control of a television set I got into a Christian propaganda television channel, by chance. A hell pilot (that is a cleric fooling himself being a sky pilot) told the following story. He once had been sitting in an airplane and on the left next to him there was a mongoloid child. This child had asked him whether he has already read any books what he confirmed to have done. Thereupon, the child had said: “Books are interesting". Then the child had questioned him whether he believes in Jesus. He also had confirmed that. The child once more answered: “That’s good. People that believe in Jesus will go to heaven ".


Such little conditioned goofs and duffers are not aimed by our following exposition of deceit and self-deception. At the moment, I also do not talk about “John Bull” or “Brother Jonathan”. So to speak, those morons represent the sacrifices of Christian brainwashing.  Evidently,  about  10 to 15 percent of the population perpetrate dictatorship over 85 to 90% of it (that are non-Christian sinners).   In the following the Christian activists are concerned, - the converted ones that feel them “called” by Jesus as they euphemistically are used to say so.  Here are not concerned the conditioned pets, German shepherds or slaves  but the conditioning ones, the slaveholders, Christian curs , the Christian curs or schmucks n’ thugs, rogues n’ frogs in frocks etc. -- not the brainwashed ones but the brain washers.


4th: Apparitions of Jesus, Mary etc. and near-death experiences


Again  we want to make it clear that in Christian sect it is not  about:

·     god,

·      heaven,

·      hell,

·      hereafter,

·      doomsday,

·      morals, love, brotherly love, charity etc.

Christian sect is about:


·     faking of the last , sometimes very last ones to be reputed as the “first ones” -

·     being evil, depraved and criminal but being regarded as “reverend”, “martyrs”, “saints”, “holy father” etc.

·     keeping one’s rotten teeth but getting rid of the tooth ages -

·     enslaving humankind by the minority that craves for power

·     blocking religion so that the Christian organized crime’s camouflaged as “religion” can work -

·     preventing any belief in god so that the Christian felon and death penalty convict Jesus "Christ" can be palmed off as “god” – a felon that promised everything to his Christian accomplices  -

·     faking “religion”, “love”, “morals”, “truths”, “spiritual welfare” in order to make the Christian organized crime  and its abominations unassailable  -


There is no more spite, evilness, perfidy, infamy, outrage, abomination and barbarity but  Jesus "Christ" , Christianity.  That is what Christianity is about!


More over,  it is to emphasize that near death experience has nothing to do with Christian sect, except its brainwashing. In general, what happens while  near death experiences is described in the ancient „Tibetan book of death“. This has nothing to do with Christian lies, deceits, forgeries and Christian terror.


Even the following cases are not concerned hereinafter:  While suffering severe crises of one's life, for example, a road accident when life or dying is on a razor's edge, perhaps all of a sudden, Jesus, Mary or other "saints" appear to somebody instructing them what to do, provided, the one has grown up and is conditioned in Christianly enslaved countries. Those psychically harmed ones mostly even have such apparitions later on. Today parapsychology has found out today that human brain is able to produce such appearances - so to speak while fighting to survive. Those psychically injured ones subjectively and honestly believe that those "things" their brain is producing represent the  (outer) reality.


They are not  able to differ between that what their brain produces as reality and what their brain recognize as (outer) reality. However, confusion of products of (bird) brain and the matters of reality is a general Christian problem, e.g., when medieval scholasticism attached real existing essences to each concept of human mind ("realism "). So, they, for instance, used to inferring , that a god, Satan, hell or angel etc. exist because one has a term of those matters. This is complete nonsense and the so-called near-death experiences are not  to be deemed else.


There is just worked out a film of what the individuals had been conditioned lifelong. In Saudi Arabia no Jesus and Mary or another Christian "saint" will "appear" to a Moslem or in Nepal no Buddhist will get the distinctive marks of Jesus’ or his stuntman's crucifixion as some psychically injured Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) claim to get. Such "apparitions" are just films demonstrating what the folk is conditioned in respective countries. A brain is able producing worlds of its own that only exists in itself, respectively in an individual's mind and nowhere else -- and a Christianly mutilated brain is able to produce those conceited imaginary "worlds" anyway!





 5th : Self-knowledge by peers


Each individual experiences in its everyday contacts with  peers and other people develops an idea or “picture” of itself. Already at kindergarten or at school one experiences by comparison with ones peers whoever one is.  The one is a real looker, the other plain-looking or even bad looking or the one can talk better (or worse), the one is more courageously the other less, the one is more intelligent the others less, the one is very skillful in making friends the other less, the one is very clever in making business the other less or not at all etc. So gradually one gets an idea of whoever is   the first , second, third, fourth etc.  respectively one or whoever is to regard as nondescript person and who is the last or who are the lastthat exactly are not given a kick, however despised on the quiet.  This is not at all a special case of cognition that one recognizes himself -- so to speak  -- by the other. German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) phrased in that manner:


"According to this, explaining and comprehending means to demonstrate something as mediated by something else…”[3]


Giving the gist, in his drama “Wallenstein” German poet Friedrich of Schiller, 1759 - 1805, let one of his leading actors say: In wealth of ideas there is place for the one and the exact opposite. In the reality, the one must yield where the other sits down.  In the reality, the one has to budge from the spot the other is sitting down.  By others,  one we realize who one is. So far German poet Schiller!


Therefore, self-knowledge of the human being by other (human beings) is no special case regarding theory of human cognition. More over,  the person concerned contrives also an idea about what he or she would like to be. Of course, that one would like to be, on the one hand and whoever one (really) is, on the other, may coincide, sometimes. However, it can turn out a large discrepancy between that one would like to be and whoever one is, indeed. Namely, it doesn't mean that an ambitious person who finds others considerably more intelligent than it becomes content with mediocrity and correspondingly lowers its demands. 


Those who are   an eyesore or monstrosity do not want absolutely and in any case to be an eyesore or monstrosity. That is a matter of course many readers might say. However, if one has comprehended what from this difference comes into being between that one is and that, one gladly would like to be then one has deciphered almost all mysteries and atrocities of humankind. If the difference of what someone is and of that someone wants to be is too large that one will keep the disparity as a very personal secret.  In almost any cases this is regarded as the person's most important secret that is meticulously kept.  What does an individual react that covets to be the first one and experiences by comparison with peers to be one of the last – so to speak that belongs with  that picture of misery one looks down only with contempt and/or pity?


Do you think the individual will reconcile with it? Perhaps, but only perhaps! And if it does not?  Do you think all will eat humble pie when experiencing that others are better than oneself?  Certainly no diabolic and dark individual like Jesus "Christ" will do that but seeking refuge in attack by naming oneself quite a dish of morale, e.g., “saint” or even the “god”. The more want and reality diverge, the more the wishes are projected into megalomania. This insanity we want to call the Jesus-illness! Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) that are those barbaric individuals that do never admit what is true regarding their disadvantages and therefore their concept of truth is “refusing to admit any (unpleasant) truth” (Friedrich Nietzsche) about oneself and their barbaric organization  (sect).  That is why they imagine the heaven.


However, we do not acknowledge that game (on “Earth”) now. The real game is after death in heaven and there we will be the greatest. We are not that what we will be, yet. Heaven for them is an invention: Refusing to admit the truth about themselves. It is an imagination of hatred and vengeance:  If I do not defeat you (my “loved” next or neighbor) right now, today and here – I will do it in heaven. And if you defeat me here that is only evidence that I will defeat you in heaven because the lastwill become the first and those who are first here will be the lastin heaven…


Here, on Earth we (Christians) are experiencing us as the lastbut in heaven we (Christians)   will be the first … 

That hatred and vindictiveness they flatter themselves as “love” and “charity” because otherwise they could not stand themselves… That is why Jesus and his fellow curs (Christians) do play bogusly from the very outset and lies, falsehood and hypocrisy are the evil heart of that system they call “Christian faith”. That is why Christianity is bogus beyond belief!  Jesus is the bogus “god” of the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) because he teaches a bogus technique of terrorism: If you win or lose you never give in and name yourself always the winner.


If you win it is o.k. If you lose then you start doing foul play:  To lie, to deceive, to tell "fairy tales”, to fake miracles etc. and saying: No, you -- the winner -- did not win because after death the real play starts and we have made god our fellow swine ensuring us that he is besotted with all his failures to make them the winners in heaven. So, you have lost because you have won. Therefore, I am the winner because, precisely because, precisely because and precisely because I am the loser.  All the more, all the more, precisely because I (Christian) have lost, I (Christian) am the winner… Escaping in attack, they label that falsehood “truthfulness” and that megalomania  (of the bad Christian) loser “modesty” and “humbleness”.  That is Jesus' or the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') system of falsehood from the very outset – a trait they correctly recognize as a devilish one but refuse to admit that this is exactly to apply to themselves, i.e., that is what they  proper attribute to the devil.


That is falsehood, spite and perfidy from the very outset. That is the behavior  of barbarians.  “Heaven” and “earth” are  just instruments in a  bogus play to pass oneself off as the winner. If those brutes win then they adore Earth and if they lose, those bad and false Christian loser shout: That game doesn’t count. The “real” and “true” games will happen after death in “heaven”... There we are the predicted to be  winners by our pied Pipers' “god”...  That is why we (Christian schmucks) exalted this felon of us to our “god” …That's a Mafia!  That’s Christian terrorism!

At first we want to take a closer look at psychology of the overcoming serious psychic injuries that considerably impair the self-image of a human being.



6th: The five stages of the psychic overcoming hardly bearable occurrences


Some psychologists ideal-typically point out five stages people have to undergo in order to mastering an occurrence or news that are hardly bearable to them.  Let us assume the worst case: A doctor has to tell a human being that it will die soon while the one is enjoying the best time of its life. According to what pattern of behavior does an individual ideal-typically respond that?  Of course, there are people that react completely in a panic and jump down from the next skyscraper, the next bridge or next observation tower. However, that is not the rule.


The five general ideal-typical stages of mastering hardly bearable news or occurrences  are:


1.    Refusing to admit the happened or forthcoming misfortune


In this stage, the individual emotionally is aghast, affected, dismayed, in extreme cases it is like paralyzed. Most folks can already imagine that distress happens to others but not to themselves.  That one in person can be the concerned one of a calamity is hard to realize. “Why me of all people”? -- the concerned one asks itself in the beginning of that process.  In this stage, the individual buries his head like an  ostrich in the sand believing if it sees nothing also nothing could happen to it. Or rather all kinds of excuses are fabricated in order to fool oneself about the earnestness of the situation. In the case of the described message about a forthcoming death, a human being tries to console itself, e.g., that the medical diagnoses are possibly mistaken or one did not tell the truth about it.  The concerned one still hopes in this phase that everything will turn out as " hoax ", so to speak. There are many people that do not develop further from that first stage but persists in it.


2. The stage of Christian or desperado


As said before, here it is about an ideal-typical dissection. This stage differs with  the first one  concerning the degree of aggression the concerned wants to admit the truth. The first and second stage both has in common that the concerned one refuses to admit the forthcoming blow of fate. Now the concerned one revolts against the immanent or already happened calamity.  The more inescapable knowledge becomes that the bad news is not at all just rumor, wrong diagnose, defamation etc. but truth, the more aggression grows if one is still refusing to admit the truth. Things are going from bad to worse if one knows that the shattering statements of the adversary about oneself are right. Whereas they will do no harm if one knows that all are lies and fabrications. In this stage the individual starts  quarreling with itself and helping itself with slogans like that: I don't believe it! That's impossible! This can’t be true! That's a defamation etc. The individual rebels with considerable aggression in this phase.


If the individual now persists in this stage  it means revolting, e.g., according to the mottoes: Now more than ever…! Now all the more…! Precisely because…! If  a person that is going to die this would mean that the concerned one resists realizing forthcoming fate comparatively in following manner: Exactly because all say that I have to die now I shall not die , under no circumstances. Now more than ever, I don't believe the doctors... In case that someone in comparison with peers experiences that he or she is not the first or one of the first but just a nondescript person or even one of the last , the concerned one would say, for example: Now more than ever I believe to be the best! The more the other says I am not that good, the more I believe I am!  Precisely because all those evil say that I am not that good I am convinced to be the best. Many persist in this stage of psychic overcoming serious news or occurrences that still is no psychic mastering. Problems are not done. However a mock world is created that shall replace the real one. Later we will give evidence that this is a point where the Christian swineherds start to offer self-deception or illusory worlds for enslaving the individuals. This attitude of desperado even can worsen to utmost barbarity or sheer Satanism. The most threats against  humanity are desperados. Generally, we call this stage the Christian stage, too, since pertaining to the truths about themselves Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) are used to persisting in this stage (of desperadoes).


3.    The stage of negotiating


In this phase, the concerned one is still quarreling about his misery. However, there is already a degree of inclination  to accept it. The person wishes something in return, even as a cold comfort when accepting the truth about its misery.  For example, an individual that has to “swallow " a sad truth is ready to do it if it is in some other, even irrelevant respect in a good position, as a mere comfort. Another example: A dying one in this stage wishes still to experience his or her grandson’s achieving of high school diploma. Then he or she would be ready to die. Or regarding peers the one would say, e.g.,:  If I’m good in another subject  (respect) I will accept that others are superior to me.


4.  The stage of the depression


Accepting a very sad truth is not to master without a more or less long stage of the depression. An individual that always was convinced be able to outdo everybody and now is experiencing that others are outdoing it, will not eat humble pie without a certain period of sadness and/or depression. How long such a period takes depends on how far one's philosophy about oneself is touched or collapsing. Depression itself is nothing ill. It belongs with the repertoire of common human behavior. On the contrary, sometimes it can become even dangerous or ill if no depression emerges.  Then depression is repressed to unconsciousness developing an uncontrolled life of its own that may become overwhelming. It is better to face depression and to put with all compunctions, fears, rage and mourning. Furthermore, depression is overwhelming and ruining if the concerned if one persists in this stage and cannot get rid of it. In this -- but only in this -- case it becomes an illness that has to be treated.


5.     The acceptance of the truth


Accepting a destructive, fateful truth that is a hard blow of fate is the last point of psychic mastering. A person that recognizes that the relationship of itself to all the other individuals is an abyss reconciles itself to truth and reality  -– e.g.,  “It's alright”, “Life goes on”, “ There are still many places to have cake and ale”, “There are still many things for enjoying life.”   Now the individual is going to eat humble pie and becoming content with itself and its life. In this stage, for example, a dying one says to itself, e.g., "everything has an end and so my life" or  “everyone once has to die and now it's my turn“. Now the dying one accepts its death with equanimity.


The most decisive about these stages of mastering mourning is that it does not work like clockwork but more comparably like an elevator that drives all stages up and down and down and up. E.g., one can return from the stage of negotiating to that one of refusing to admit the truth, again and, for example, and from this one directly get to the stage of depression etc. A psychologist or physician that helps to master those severe problems of an individual first has to realize in which stage the patient actual is and from here the expert has to start helping.


 7th: To whom  Jesus was targeting?


Remember his program:


Mt 20:16 RSV

So the last will be first, and the first last.


Lu 14:11 RSV

For every one who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.



As the first quotations proofs, here it is very conspicuously about social ranking of who are first and who are last ones. The second quotation proves that it is about exaltation or humiliation, pertaining to Christendo(o)m. So, it becomes quite  obvious that the matter with Jesus is very significantly about social ranking and domineeringness. That means further, that Jesus aims at those who are not content with their social position or even are revolting against it. Outstanding rankings are promised to those individuals; admittedly on condition they adore that prophet or Pied Piper as the “god”.


Now we are going to prove that Jesus aims exactly at those sort  of folks that are very discontent with their social ranking – those folks where the discrepancy between that what they want to be and that what they are, is a blatant contradiction. The crucial about this  is that life is what you make of it. That means that everybody sets the level of  standards he is demanding for himself. According to those standards of its own others judge him.  For example,  one can blame or disparage  no human because he or she  is no Plato, Aristotle or Einstein. It means  Christian poisoning to judge someone by standards he or she does not claim, at all. However, if 


·        a death penalty convict  and felon wants to be a “god”,

·        murderers and mass-murderer  want to pose as those who “protect lives” or even as  “martyrs”,

·        producers of pack of lies as models of “truthfulness”,

·        a dissembler as “saint”,

·        damp squibs of nature god’s “chosen” ones etc.,


 then one can make of fun of such “splendor” ...  That is why German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) rightly says:



“The critic of Christianity cannot evade the necessity of making Christianity contemptible” (Anti-Christ § 57).


Indeed, Christian sect is as well the most criminal and abominable matter as the planet’s most ridiculousness.  One does not know if one should be outraged or if one should laugh about it.

In this connection it must be noted that inferiority regarding outer attractiveness is not that decisive than  (moral) depravity. This expresses his saying that the sick persons are in need of a doctor need and not the healthy one:



Lu 5: 31

31 Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick;



Let us summarize: Those ones Jesus looks to catch must be:

a) discontented about their social ranking,

b) about their life and

c) even must be in a very distress:




Lu 19:10 RVS

10    For the Son of man came to seek and to save the lost.




The people he is targeting  apparently must be in a very earnest crisis of life having obviously serious problems mastering their conflicts:




Joh 16:33 RSV

33 I have said this to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world."



Quite obviously, somebody proffers helping to master earnest conflicts of life.

In these treatises we are going to investigate whether indeed Jesus "Christ" delivered any contribution of mastering earnest psychic conflicts or crisis of life   or whether that conflicts are exactly poked so that the miserable stick or cling to the (second) stage (of desperado) and persist in it so that  "redeemer“ can use those needs of those folks  for  personal egoistic purposes of his own, for instance, to lift up himself to their slaveholder, i.e., being exalted as their “god” or golden calf. That would proof that the most detestable malefactor, Satan’s son  or cur  had successfully disguised as most “benefactor”.


It is much more shattering to experience inferiority regarding morals, e.g., finding out oneself as depraved character, malicious mind or unprincipled bastard than experiencing oneself as ugly as sin compared to peers.  The consciousness of the reprehensible nature of one's own is the worst truth those  people have to suffer.  Most of those unprincipled characters and other detestable ones persist rather in the second stage of the "mental mastering" than to overcome shattering truths about oneself. Those are the slaveholders (of the described second stage) who prefer  " lying at any price "[4], because they “avoid knowing what is true.”[5] According to the barbarians' motto: I can't believe it and I never will believe it, i.e., “that the truth shall never be allowed its rights on any point.” [6].  Jesus recognized psychology of barbarians very well, the barbarians' worries and needs. He skillfully knows how to made them persisting in the described second stage. That is camouflaged behind his saying that man does not live just by bread.


 Of course, man doesn't live only by bread, however what else besides  bread his “the sick“ need, Jesus intentionally omitted to say. Slaveholders – besides  bread -- still need subtle arts of lying, illusions, deceiving and also crimes, that the truths that may not be true, are done away with lies and that lies are feigned as the “truths”. Barbarians need further burning of books and later even human victims at the stake.  The last ones even need “counterfeit money” to fool themselves having  those attributes of nature they really are lacking so much. They are in need of deception and self-deception  never to  admit (especially to themselves)  being  the lastand having those attributes they  so gladly would like to have but don't have.  Besides  bread they need  barbarity and always a feigned “moral”,  camouflaging their most detestable mind  as “models” of “ethics”, yes even as “saints” or the “sods”. I see, they need much more than bread.


Arranging perjuries as we caught Early Christian Clement and a certain Theodore in the act,  is the least crime to which those liars and deceivers at any price have the presumption. Christian Clemens never could had incited or just advised his fellow believer, i.e., fellow (under) slaveholders, Theodore even to commit perjury if in this sect of  " loving the truths ",  if lying at any price would not be  a concealed matter of course.  Only on this condition,  one can incite or advise the crime of perjury what demonstrably early Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) did. Jesus knew how to feign appearances of “morals” and “truths” to barbarians in their lunatic asylum seeing their needs of lies, deceit and self-deception that stink to high heaven. He knew that one skillfully could use barbarians to submit as slaves and to exalt himself as their slaveholder what he calls “son of man“, “son of god”. All those titles he bestows himself just have one meaning: Slaveholder of slaves. Especially, one has to provide an illusion for these unprincipled bastards and dastards --  an illusion to kid themselves to be “aromatic perfume” or that they have overcome their psychic problems they are exactly aggravating by submitting to such a slaveholder. Jesus was right despicably calling those to be sick who adore him as  “god”.


That is also what one of their chief barbarians Paul had in mind when saying



2Co 2:15-16 RSV

15 For we are the aroma of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing,

16 to one a fragrance from death to death,...  



Being aware of all their failure, inferiority in  fair contests and competitions, being conscious of all their  perfidy, envy, vindictiveness, meanness and depravity they know that they are to each sensible human being an odor of decay, death, feces, urine in other words:  They know that they are to all honest and truthful human beings just a little bit of shit. The Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) solely want to get rid of only their stinking smell of putrefaction, the excrement or the death, however they never want to change themselves at no price and under no circumstances. They just want to get rid of their toothaches but to keep their rotten teeth.


Therefore, Jesus ironically conceals  to enumerate what his despised desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) need besides bread.

That is the barbarians’ typical attitude: Being a small piece of putrefaction or a little bit of crap and to stay being shit but smell like roses. Pied Pipers like Jesus "Christ" deliver that “perfume” or counterfeit money. It is not about what things are but they are regarded or reputed to be.  (Christian) Faith shifts mountains and in case of an emergency – that is  the desperado's usual and durable status - the adversaries and enemies (by faking “love”) to the stake.  Thus, truths become vanished by the concept of “truth” camouflaging  lies. Therefore, lies correspondingly become shammed “truths”, hatred and meanness shammed “love”. In order to accomplish that Jesus “taught” the  subtle “art” of juggling with names. This way, the barbarians (Christians) turn out to be the most perfidious brutes... 


Compared to barbarians of the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') caliber the real brutes are still to regard as moral creatures. Therefore, perhaps one insults animals by calling Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) brutes or rats in the sewers. Those Christian barbarians are the nastiest egotists among all creatures, especially among miss creatures: The Christian outlaws rather would lay all planets in ruins than to refrain from having the first position and/or from being slaveholders... Rather setting fire to the whole world than to be really humbly and modest  or eating humble pie instead of fooling oneself being  "salt of the earth" (Mt 5:13), " the light of the world " (Mt 5:14)  or " city that is on the mountain” (ibid.). That is Christendo(o)m!  


Christian schmucks n’ mug, rogues n’ frogs and bastards n’ dastards are  used to doing it  according their slogan: Our faith shifts mountains (see Mt 17:20) and morals and truths, anyway ... For each barbarity they perpetrated they used to work out thousand "nice " apologies". That is the nature of Satan’s or his (Jesus) Christ’s children!


In the USA it is sufficient to get death penalty for murdering once. How many murders are allowed to Christian sects?  Jesus was right for despicably calling ill those who worshiping him as the “god”. Yes, he did so! Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" )  knows how to fix those the wretched with the phase of desperado instead of advising others how to get along with “unpleasant" truths. He knows that those worshiping him as “god” are depraved ones at least, if not schmucks, rogues, bastards and other sort of felons.  Jesus correctly recognized that (see: Lu 5:31). 


Barbarians at all cost rather want to be fooled by a new ego, the illusion of a rebirth of their selves, by an ostensible  new identity or rather murder others telling the truths to them. However,  in any case they refuse to admit the truth about themselves. That is  their concept of “truth” and “truthfulness”. To be a Christian means to be a desperado. Wherever there are no desperado, there are no Christian, unless he or she is a small loggerhead with a philosophical understanding comparable to a seven-years-old one.   Let us see how Jesus captures those desperadoes by lies those the miserable are craving for and how Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) profits from illness of his barbarians (slaves).


 Jesus knows that one can guide  and misguide around, i.e., fool,  folks getting to stick with the phase of desperado as one can guide  a   bear or bull by a ring in its nose. He knows where a Pied Piper has to start up.  He gulls  his " sick persons " into remaining in that phase (of desperado) instead of advising them how to get out of it.  All  sorts of blandishments, for example, that his ill ones are  “the salt of the earth” (Mt 5:13), “light of the world” (Mt 5:14),  “city on the mountain” (ibid.) serve for this purpose. In this manner,  this false physician blarneys  the sick in need of  the physician (see: Lu 5:31), those depraved sinner, those monstrosities of malice to which he proper belongs!


Keep on sticking with that (desperado) what you (Christian desperado really) are -- that is what he indirectly says to his slaves knowing it better. Did he really know it better? Yes, however this is much more clearly expressed in those chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) tried to get rid of, for ever. However about half of a century ago a lot of them were recovered in a cave near Nag Hammadi by an Egyptian farmer… Not, Atrott but Jesus himself said according to the undisclosed chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") of James:



"Woe to you who are in want of an advocate! Woe to you who are in need of grace! Blessed are those who have spoken freely and have produced grace for themselves.”7



That is not written by me (Atrott) but credibly reported from him – the Christian terrorists' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') Pied Piper. The " advocate “ that proffers himself to the barbarians is nobody else  but Jesus himself. The “richness of grace“ they are flattering themselves -- being bestowed without any merit without any contribution of their own by the “god” (Jesus) to them -- is the counterfeit money he (cur Jesus "Christ" )  produces and that is the currency of Christian sects. Enabling  grace for oneself means to get out of the phase of hatred and vindictiveness of the desperado. For heaven's sake, they never should do so  because then Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" )  is no “god”,  any longer. If one is able to do this, those poor Christian souls, those venomous Christian dwarfs libel them lifting up oneself to the “god” what exactly they and their chief Mafioso are doing.

I.e.,  the special spite of the Christian is to hinder the individual  that their life is what they make of it. Because if those schmucks n’ thugs   do not succeed  to lead the others up the garden path and to domineer or to enslave them, then these dwarfs of poison (Christians) are used to imputing  claims to others the latter  do not demand, at all  (e.g., the hereby libeled one  wants to lift up itself to the god what only the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) and their gangster boss do).


The standards one is to measure – a very fundamental human right of individual’s self determination – are robbed from the individual by the Christian in order to deteriorate all the other that do not prostrate before those “modest” and “humble” slaveholders. Thus the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) respectively their slaveholder and his under slaveholders  become the perpetrator of the misery of their  – oh, that “beloved” next and neighbors’ -- because they impute claims to others (the libeled ones do not claim) just in order to ruin the mind , reputation and  personality  of their victims and to   enslave them.


Hence, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Foul player name: Jesus "Christ" )  puts on the ring through the nose of those monsters that shall adore him as the “god”. Afterwards, so to speak, he pulls their leg first to the advantage of his own: Knuckle under to me and adore me as your “god”. Hurry!  Therefore, the slaves lifted up their slaveholder to their “god” – the “god” that is working with the ring through nose of his slaves and thus enslaving them.



"O you wretched (Christians)! O you unfortunates (Christians)! O you dissemblers of the truth! O you falsifiers of knowledge!”8



Nice “salt of the earth”, “light of the world“, “city on a mountain” – aren't they? Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (foul play name: Jesus "Christ" )  knows deceiving them and they know and want to be deceived. The one (slaveholder)   wants to hoodwink and the slaves (Christians) want to be hoodwinked.  He knows in what state of mind those  “salt of the earth", "light of the world" or "city that is on a mountain” indeed has gone astray and he knows how to profit by the wretchedness and refusal of this flock (of Christian sinners) to accept a way out by eating humble pie.

Many fools ask: Why do you crack down on Christian barbarism? This barbarism (allegedly) has no influence modern society, any longer... Moronism! Nobody has a right to deceive another one - at least to make him a robot or a slave for the advantage (of the deceiver). That is no matter of freedom of religion but freedom of crime. Do ask those driveling morons why those Christian counterfeiters  persecute  Scientologists, Hare Krishna, Islam, Judaism or even Christian competitors like Jehovah' Witnesses in Europe.


What kind of influence do those sects have in Europe? None! However, that does not matter to the Christian curs in furs to persecute their rivals in most parts of Europe.
Do ask those false counterfeiters why they are so fiercely waging war on Hindus, Moslems and other denominations in Asia  - on religions and denominations Christian sect could take a leaf out of their book -- not regarding reviling, stakes, torments and atrocities but concerning honesty, truthfulness and morale. 

The influence of the Christian deceiving sect does not entirely depend on the possibility if those rogues in frocks or curs in furs are able to organize stakes today or tomorrow what inevitably and immediately would happen again if the Christian political party could provide  political power to them to do so.  (The reasons for those atrocities still exit but not the power for the Christian terrorism to perpetrate them). The whole social and individual life is poisoned if a deceiving sectarian terrorism like, for instance,  Christian organized crime sets the moral standards of a society. The fact, that somebody is not intelligent enough to recognize those facts does not mean that they do not  exit.


 Especially Christian sect refers to all aspects of social inferiority and seeks their advantages by unprecedented unscrupulousness to make other fellow bipeds subservient for itself as slaves while brainwashing and double-crossing them and lifting up oneself to be slaveholder of the fellow bipeds. The German proverb that wealth depraves mind is quite a very typical Christian perverseness of brainwashing to fool oneself a clear conscience and more over to put upside down. On the Hindu island of Bali (Indonesia) a rich one can have a palace and a poor can live in a shack as neighbor next to him.


 I am daring to doubt whether this would work well in Christianly enslaved countries, in fact, not because the rich one would steel the poor one's last belongings but because the poor would set to work on the fortune of the rich one by feigning of lovely terms, as for example " social justice “ or by using Jesus' or Christian techniques of terrorism like reproaching to the rich one doing that what their golden calf did: Lifting up himself to the “god”. However, the poor one in Christianly enslaved countries never would admit at any price: It is unbearable to me that another one has more than me: I cannot master my grudge and envy that another one has that I desire to have for myself, so gladly. I (Christian cur in fur) cannot resist and master my urge to become dark for envy and revenge. Yes, he would say: Not my destitution, not my inferiority does deprave my mind but the rich one; the owner of the house or palace has an evil mind. And suddenly  there comes “help” to him. That “support” is called the Pied Piper Jesus "Christ" and his Christian organized crime. They have special techniques of terrorism how to plunder an owner of a house or pilfer something from him that way the owner is unable to defend him against that robberies and burglaries. Listen to Jesus "Christ" in person:



 Mt 12: 29 RSV

Or how can one enter a strong man's house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man? Then indeed he may plunder his house


Mr 3:27 RSV

 But no one can enter a strong man's house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man; then indeed he may plunder his house.



Really, whoever has ears to listen, that listens! And if one has none, then one should read what this terrorist that was faking. Question: That one that is lifting up himself to the “god” does  this one believe in  god? Reply: No, because one can lift up oneself to the “god” only on the condition of disbelieving in god!  Because nobody can take a seat on a chair somebody is already sitting on it. That is  Jesus' and Christian  curs in furs  operating “theism” …!


Who wonders about the conditions we find in Christianly enslaved  states that apparently have nothing, nothing at all to do with religion? However, just apparently!  This monkey that is faking “god's lamb carrying the sins of the world" says in no way that it is wrong to rob or to deprive your next. On the contrary, he demonstrates ways and techniques how to perpetrate one's robberies and how to do it very successful. This buffoon really did ask whether somebody can give evidence of a sin he ever had committed… Triple J (Jolly joker Jesus) did you ever hear about  « Ten Commandments “? Isn't there written you shall not covet the belongings of you next, isn't it?  What does Jesus or Christendo(o)m has in common with Judaism? That what a faking has in common with an original!


We will concern ourselves with  this quotation in our criminological investigation more in detail, yet.

Richness depraves mind? Perhaps! However, not in the least that much as destitution and/or paltriness and from that resulting  inferiority depraves mind!  If one considers that those filths and vileness are regarded as  a “summit of morals” in Christianly enslaved continents then one can estimate how much social inferiority not only  poisons and  ruins characters and minds but also any  morals, anyway. On top of everything, the henchmen and henchwomen  of this robber expert still condition the bipeds  of this planet in such  “robber science” that this was the summit of all “morals” by means of brainwashing them.


This cur in fur, this rogue n’ thug, this schmuck n’ mug and robber expert stirs up social inferiority and thus completely corrupts  the individuals' character and mind just in order to  make them  really usable (even for any barbarity) for himself  and his heinous under-slaveholders, i.e., for the Christian  priests n’ beasts or bastards n’ dastards.


If you are  that desperate because of the maliciousness or stupidity or both of your own, then you can choose between living a lie (self-deception)  or commit suicide. Those who commit suicide are only dangerous for themselves.  “Charity” and “love” practicing Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Foul player name: Jesus "Christ" )  and his Christian organized crime are dangerous for the others – for humankind, for the whole planet because Jesus and his Christian sect is nothing else what  already “the brethren of the Lord” correctly recognized: Spite, hypocrisy, perfidy, infamy, war and murder against one’s next by faking the reverse (“charity”, “love”) . “Love” and “charity” are just chains to fetter the fellow human being that is superior to the wily Christian underhand foul player in order to make  him unable defending himself.  



Bad religion, bad Jesus "Christ" , bad Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners), bad chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels"), evilness, perfidy and  infamy,  - in other words: The planet's most organized and almost perfect crime or bogus beyond belief.



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