Preliminaries , Part: 3

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Method and Extend of the Investigation As well  Definitions of Concept

Crime-laundry  - the Notion of Crime, Barbarity, Terrorism and Totalitarianism 

Christianity and Crime 


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        Since the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') takeover of power by  Christian and criminal Ancient Roman emperor Constantine in the beginning of the fourth century, in Christianly enslaved countries Christian crimes, atrocities and barbarities are hardly to realize as those ones perpetrated by Christian terrorists.  In Christianly enslaved countries, Christian terrorists easily can pretend to be a “good uncle” or “aunt” or "shepherd". In those countries, Christian criminals, felons and terrorists can camouflage themselves up to point of being unrecognizable when perpetrating their crimes, felons, outrages, atrocities and other abominations.


Instead of Christian felons or terrorists there do appear some journalists, politicians and/or Christianly brainwashed juridical authorities that mostly are not to reveal as that what they in fact are and as that what they are used for:  Christianly trained and programmed robots, Christianly programmed biological robots or other Christianly programmed criminal biological automatons. The author of this treatise already experienced this in the Christian denominational republic of Germany, in person.


Between 1618 and 1648 Christianly brainwashed German clumsy oafs committed  genocide on two third of their fellow Christianly brainwashed Germans.


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 What was left of German clumsy oafs even seems to be worse.  In the 20th century, Christianly trained brutes committed another genocide. This time they perpetrated the holocaust on the Jews. Almost all the concentration camp guardians (biological killing machines) were members of Christian terror sect practicing Christian “brotherly love”, in particular the leading Nazis like, for instance, Hitler, Goring, and Gobbles etc.  once more, Christian terrorism turned out to be very compatible with other sorts of terrorism. Christian priests or beast terrorists say:

·        Everybody is to blame but not them.

·        Anti-Semitism is only a contrivance by the Nazis.

·        The Christian sinners always treated the Jews with “charity” and “brotherly love” and never tried to commit  genocide on them before  …

·        The Christian sinners are only “innocent lambs of god carrying the sins of the world on the cross” – and those who believe that will be blissful …

Much (counterfeit money) is promised to those believing Christian all the  lies and deceits. The instigators, the most felons and terrorists stay unrecognized  in the background in their parrot’s  or cockatoo’s clothing laughing up their sleeves …


In Christianly enslaved countries, more or less the laws mostly are already aiming at Christian terrorists’ crimes  on human rights and the benefit of Christian terrorism.



As already clued, the author of this treatise is able to present a lot of examples from  his own experience that Christian terrorism in Christianly enslaved country uses its corresponding journalism, its politicians and corresponding juridical authorities, so that the real Christian terrorists or schmucks n’ mugs, bastards and dastard that are dominating the scene stay behind the scene and are hardly to recognize, if at all.  in Christianly enslaved countries Christian priest terrorists do not appear as terrorists but as „good uncles“ („good shepherds“) since they perpetrate their crimes, outrages and terror by Christianly trained brutes, Christianly programed biological robots and other sorts of scum of the Earth they gather! As said, the real criminals and terrorists stay in the backstage laughing up their sleeves. 


In Christianly enslaved countries, already  laws mostly have become weapons of Christian terrorism.  In France or USA this a less the case but  in other countries like , for instance, Germany, Austria, Italy or most Southern American countries this is more the case. It depends on the matter how much Christian terrorism is able to prevent the ruling of human rights. E.g., debunking Christian felons and their crimes -- i.e., that organized crime that killed already about 300 millions of human beings (more than all other organized crimes together!!!) -- in most Christianly enslaved countries is already punished as “blasphemy”, although Christianity is an organized blasphemy nobody can outdo.  i.e., telling the truth is already an offence  in most Christianly enslaved countries … That is the rule of terror!


In those Christian countries terrorism almost completely  is hidden behind laws of terror or „honesty“, „decency“, „morals“ even „love“ and the terrorists are hidden in a parrot’s or cockatoo’s clothing and more over behind walls of exemption from punishment.  As demonstrated below those are the criterions of Mafia. Christian terrorism already starts by structural violence matching the needs of its  terrorism.


Structural violence is violence that is not to realize as such. Do Christian sinners in the USA suppose Christian terrorism behind the following facts?


·        One president of the USA having a sexual relationship with a co-worker had to undergo procedures of impeachment. Those crazy Christian politicians spent millions of dollars for perpetrating that ludicrousness.   The Christian sinning politicians  did not omit any opportunity denouncing that president to whom those very last ones, i.e., those impeaching Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) could not hold a candle.  More over, the way those spiteful Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) tried impeaching their enemy matched the most play of pornography … His very Christian successor – an expressively to Jesus "Christ" converted alcoholic or other kind of scum of the Earth!!! -- raids another country. For this purpose, this war criminal fakes reasons and forges documents. Very typical of Christian, he lies to the whole people of the USA, to the United Nations and to the entire world! Finally, that war criminal murders ten thousands of human beings, mutilated hundreds of thousands, jails his enemies without juridical sentence (human rights!).  Christian American politicians cannot find fault with that mass-murderer and war criminal because everything matches Christian “morals” …! Nothing happens to this war criminal and mass-murder in the US-Congress, apart from applauding! This behavior is very typical of Christian terrorism and terrorists. Therefore, Christianly trained German shepherd of American politicians see no reason for impeaching that mass-murderer! Those are the “benefits” form Christian terrorism! Now, everybody can see what we will lose when abolishing Christian terrorism disguised as religion in order to make itself unassailable …


·        Whatever Christianly trained  German shepherd would realize that the so-called „church tax“ he pays in German speaking countries like Germany, Austria or Switzerland is similar to the „protection money“ an owner of a restaurant pays to the Mafia in Chicago? Both – the Mafia and Christian churches – feign to protect from „evilness“ that would not exist without the existence of theirs! By telling that all disbelievers have to go to hell, those Christian schmucks only “protect” or “redeem” from evilness they accomplish. Nothing else Mafiosi are used to doing! They tell the owner that nobody will raid him as long as he pays to them! So do Mafiosi, so do Christian terrorists!


·         What Christian German shepherd in South America is able to recognize Christian that prohibition of divorce or of birth control -- things that are laws  in most South American countries – accomplish Christian terrorism? He certainly will deem that terror of Christian objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy  to be "morals" according to Christian brainwashing, even if it contradicts the interests of his own! 


·        Whatever Christianly trained German shepherd will doubt that on December 25th  he does not  celebrate the birth day of death penalty convict and/or suicide gangster Jesus "Christ" but that one of Mithras – the redeemer and god of Christian rival Mithras religion?


·        Whatever young men or woman is able to recognize that having sex without being married and without the intention to give birth to a child is  the reverse of morals and only  grudge, envy, spite, hatred and vindictiveness of Christian terrorists that turned out badly by nature and correspondingly do not allow any greatness and any happiness those damp squibs of nature, those creeps n’ crooks creeping in the cesspool do not have and therefore perpetrate terror?


If one got used to terror, it is hardly to realize.



In addition, the really  topmost Christian brutes and terrorists are still protected against extradition because of keeping a state of their own (Vatican) they –- however could it be else? – conned by the „Constantinian forgery“, i.e., by humankind’s most offence against property.  This record crime  - which is  more than all thieves of the world ever stole together --- more over was perpetrated by a sect that even feigns to be a sect of the “poor ones” spitefully denouncing all the adversaries and enemies to be profit-seekers (see: 2 Pe 2:3; Tit 1:11), demonstrably already form the very outset. 


 Again, however could it be else among terrorists?  In a felons’ and/or terrorists’ sect the terrorists  mutually forgive their crimes (“sins”) one another. Again, how could it be else among terrorists? They,  of course, forgive one another without the victims’ knowing, never mind, the victims’ consent! In addition, they call this:  “love” …!


Oh yeah,  oh yeah, as already proven, the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) spitefully libel all their enemies and adversaries to be “profit-seekers” but the Planet’s  most perpetrators against properties are  used to feigning only to be interested in the “benefit” of other … Even the author of this treatise – however could it be else? – is libeled as profit-seeker by the planets most felons against properties and terrorists …


However, sometimes even Christianly directly laws turn out to be insufficient to accomplish the interests of Christian organized crime and terrorism, particular since Western countries have to save their face of human rights.


For instance, if the Christian organized crime or terrorism wants to get rid off an adversary or enemy in a Christianly enslaved country, then there does not appear any clergyman or clergywoman but apparently "honorable" journalists, politicians or juridical authorities that mostly are not recognizable as  Christian terrorists. They manage everything regardless if it is punishable or not. What matters is what Christian terrorists want or do not want. In order to accomplish Christian terror the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) have  terrorists’ "morals" and even a self-made terrorists’ „god“ …


If the worst comes to the worst, they have the cheek to claim brazenly that not they (themselves) perpetrated all those crimes, outrages and atrocities but the other one, e.g., the Christianly enslaved state. Indeed for committing all their crimes and outrages, in Christianly enslaved countries Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) have produced  slaves, trained brutes or biological robots to do that …  We still have take into account that they can move behind the Vatican walls of exemption from punishment.  There are cases that the Vatican even rejected extradition of bishop desperadoes or even cardinal terrorists to the USA.


Only in the year 2000 Christian pope terrorist made an exception to camouflage Christian terrorism in that manner. He tried excusing his sect to the victims of Christian terrorism for outrages, atrocities and barbarities of two millennia. Hereby this juggler of lying made severe (debunking) mistakes pertaining to his juggling of deceiving.  If one wants to know what is terrorism, one only should read the pope terrorist's record of Christian barbarities and abominations!


Here, he  failed to see that hereby inadvertently he admitted the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') claim of „potestas ligandi et solvendi“ (the power to bind and to loose on earth what allegedly and simultaneously is loosed or bound in heaven) is  sheer counterfeit money – the real currency of Christian organized crime or terrorism. Thus, the pope terrorist admitted that the „potestas ligandi et solvendi“ is just counterfeit money the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) fob off as real money on their victims. 


Hence, he inadvertently confessed that regardless the faked „potestas ligandi et solvendi“ Christian terrorists cannot forgive crimes and outrages one another as it is habit among Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners).  There is no forgiveness without the victim’s consent and the accomplishment of the conditions the victim demand for forgiveness.  No Christian terrorist and even not their topmost felon and deceiver Jesus "Christ" can forgive anything to the Christian Mafiosi but the victims. That is what Christian pope terrorist hence  inadvertently and indirect admitted hereby and therefore belied his own sect.


The Christian sinning pope terrorist's apology already turned out to be in vain because no victim of Christian crimes and/or torments accepted that excuse! Do you know any Christian victim accepting that "apology"? An excuse requires two people, at least: the one that apologizes and the other one that accepts that excuse. There is no apology without the concerned victims consent!


That the about 300 millions of tortured, slaughtered and murdered Christine victims are dead because murdered by this sect of „love“  and „martyrs“ only proves that any possibility of forgiveness is already forfeited.  If the victim is unable to consent -- for whatever reasons -- there is no possibility for remission any longer and thus the scores with the perpetrators stay unsettled.  In this case this means: with the Christian terrorists and its Christianly programed biological robots! Christian sect has more unsettled old and new scores than toilets (hall of “churches”).

Therefore, let us summarize: The pope terrorist’s „apology“ stays already unaccomplished  because:


·        It  did not come to be known that even one Christian victim had accepted it and each would have to do it! There was and is no reason to do so, indeed for the following reasons:

·        No compensation was offered to the victims, at all and compensation is the truth of an apology.

·        The pope terrorist and Christian terrorism generally  continue to benefit from those crimes the pope terrorist shams to "apologize", e.g., from the concordat wit Adolph Hitler  or from the Constantinian forgery (for instance the „independence” of the Vatican originates from that forgery). 

·        Obviously the Christian pope terrorists fabricated this „apology“ because he is afraid that in the wake of shrinking Christian influence in Western countries the adversaries of Christian terror are about to settle the old scores with the  Christian terrorists. He obviously fears that the Christian sect will get  in return that what it inflicted on others and that what these hypocrites -- no liar can outdo -- these “martyrs, everywhere, and all the time “persecuted” -- rightly deserve. Oh yeah, let us wait and see. Future certainly will become interesting.


Because the author of this treatise himself became a victim of Christian terrorism and because he is one of the very few individuals being able to debunk Christian terrorism  on humankind, he thinks himself to authorized to respond to that „excuse“, at least for a considerable number of those victims:


This “apology” is to reject as a very typical Christian monkey-donkey-theater of hypocrisy and abyss of very typical Christian falsehood.  On the contrary, the old and new scores with the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) are to settle. Anyway, one has to be aware of one thing: Christian hypocritical terrorists and war criminals are not to civilize by fine-sounding words but by due punishment for their  lies, deceits, outrages, murders, mass-murders, genocides and other barbarities, provided that this scum of the earth is capable of civilization. Everybody is equal to the law and so Christian felons, objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy  have to be. Public at large is to protect from such brutes trying to make their crimes and themselves unassailable by faking a religion.


Victims crying at the stake,

Jesus Christ is Satan’s fake!


The Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners)  howling and bawling about allegedly „ prosecutions and/or persecutions of Christian sinners“  do not represent any persecutions and/or prosecutions Christian liars, deceivers, terrorists and war criminals  had to suffer but that what they inflicted on the adversaries or enemies. That means: Such saying represent -- very typical of Christian! – psychological projections. This means further: The Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) blame their adversaries or enemies of that what primarily they perpetrated  (on others). Moreover, by that howling and wailing about alleged „ prosecutions and/or persecutions of Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) do not report what was inflicted on them but what those liars, deceivers, murders and barbarians perpetrate and therefore rightly deserve.  By a psychological projection, the concerned one lays the blame for the mess and guilt of his own at other’s (preferably his adversary’s and enemy’s) door. 


The are no persecutions or prosecutions of Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) but by the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) because there is no punishment that is appropriate to  Christian outrages, abominations and other barbarities. If they "bewailed" violence the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) claim to have suffered  in their first centuries would had occurred to them in that extend -- what is not the case!!! -- then it is to realize that the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) justified all those  punishments as insufficient  retrospectively by the outrages, murders, mass-murderers and other abominations of theirs.

The worse the conscience of the  spawns of hell, the more they contrive psychological projections. There are psychological projections in huge numbers wherever there is scum of the Earth being unwilling to admit the truths about themselves. That is why those Christian dastards n’ bastards project the wickedness of their own on the “beloved” next ones. Being a dastard, bastard and/or terrorists and faking to be “martyr”, “saint”, “reverend” one or even “god” does not work without  masses of psychological projections.

That is why psychological projections are the very Christian sophistication of perfidy and infamy, nobody can outdo!


The Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) are used to juggling this as “brotherly love”, “charity” or even “love” towards one’s enemy!!! My word!!! The Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') crying about prosecutions of Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) is the premonition that the Christian spiteful hypocrites, bastards n’ dastards, felons n’ murderers that fake “love” and to be “martyrs” once will get the punishment they deserve. 


By the way, delivering that fine record  of Christian abominations and barbarities of Christian terrorism, in his very person the pope terrorist provided evidence that there were no prosecution and/or persecution of the Christian sinners but by the Christian sinners (terrorists).  Thus, the topmost Christian terrorist passed sentence what his spiteful liars’, deceivers’ and felons’ sect deserve.  


 One only can counter Christian terrorists as well as other sorts of terrorists because Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) are used to sealing off from truths and any reality by tricks and determination of mendacity. Everything that does no match their insanity what they call „belief” becomes ignored, repressed, distorted or even murdered.  Each that does not admit reason evenly does not admit truths, morals, love, honesty, decency, human rights, democracy etc. but commits any lie, deceits, felony, outrage, atrocities, abomination and other barbarities. Christian sect is the evidence of that! This type of individuals only can be jailed in a lunatic asylum or prison.  


One has to protect public at large from those brutes objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy .  Where they succeeded to enslave a country, the state becomes the enforcer Christian terrorism. Either Christianity or human rights rule! There is no third!

Christianity is war and terror on humankind and humanity.

·        Damp squib or excrements n’ recrements of nature,

·        bastards n’ dastards,

·        skunks n’ monks,

·        schmucks n’ mugs,

·         rogues in  frocks,

·        bluffers n’ duffers,

·        hooligans n’ fooligans,

·        creeps n’ crooks,

·         goofs full of spoofs “modestly” and “humbly” want to lift up themselves to slaveholder of their fellow human beings! And everything camouflaged by

·        their fellow felon,

·        desperadoes and

·         terrorists Jesus "Christ" -- full of instigation to terror and spite!


Christian terror is perpetrated in those parts of the world and at that time where, respectively, when the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) are not in power.  Where Christian underhand foul players (objectifications
 of perfidy ) succeeded to conquer the state they wage war by the authorities of the state so that the real felons, desperadoes and terrorists are not to realize and can feign to be a “good uncle” or “aunt” or "shepherd".


In a war, one cannot fight the enemy that is armed by machine guns or even tanks by fine-sounding words but by arming oneself and arresting him. As said, Christianity is war on morals, truths, good, beauty, love, honesty, decency, heaven, humanity and humankind!  It even is war on god by a self-made bogey of a felons’ “god” comparable to any other suicide bomber.  More over, Christianity is an additional war to exterminate all other competitive religions because it is no religion but organized crime faking to be religion in order to make its crimes, terror and barbarities unassailable. Therefore, more over it  is crime (terror) on the human right of freedom of religion. One cannot convert a desperado and/or terrorist by fine-sounding words!


 Being lenient with terrorists of the Christian caliber is only regarded as weakness by them or as „grace“ or „protection“ by Satan allowing each abomination to  his followers and being exempted from punishment. Only proper  punishment tames those types of brutes to become civilized individuals, provided that they are capable of civilization, at all.  It is to doubt that they are ...!

Delivering the record of the outrages,  abominations and barbarities of Christian  terrorism the pope terrorist indirectly and inadvertently unveiled


·        Christian sect to be a liars’, deceivers’ and terrorists’ sect (because it is about matters Christian type of felons denied those crimes, bestiality and barbarities for two millennia and by appealing to that „god“, "holy ghost" and "god's word"  obliging  them to the "truths". Admitting having lied and deceived for two millennia inadvertently and indirectly the pope terrorist debunks Christian sect he leads  as an organized crime of deceivers! Thus, the pope terrorists inadvertently and indirectly provided evidence how easily the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) hoodwink the whole world.




What are the prerequisites of the possibility of recognition of crimes?


Naively one could say that all that conflicts important laws. However, here the problems start. To all laws human rights are of overriding importance. And so it absolutely occurs that there are laws in almost every  country that are contrary to the human rights. For example, those laws of a state that privilege a certain religion or faith are contrary with the human right of freedom of religion, especially if the rivals and competitors of that religion are persecuted by the authorities of the state. This is case in most European and Latin American countries.  How little laws of a state could  tally with human rights, although a state give the impression to profess them, can be demonstrated by the state of Germany. Within the last hundred years Germany has changed Germany its type of state four times – absolute monarchy headed by an emperor, democracy (Republic of Weimar), Hitler’s dictatorship and finally the current Christian denominational Republic of Bonn and Berlin.


Most of the still today existing German laws were enacted during monarchy.  When having enacted a new, allegedly democratic constitution in 1949, in which human rights are supposedly professed – among others also freedom of religion – the Christian denominational politicians didn’t consider it to be necessary to check whether all the laws that worked well in the absolute monarchy or even during Hitler’s dictatorship still match the new type of state, i.e., the democracy.


By omitting to do so they inadvertently admitted that they regarded the constitution they just had made only to be a bluff (“window dressing”) likewise the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) sham morals, love, truths… Judges in Germany are selected according their readiness to authorize that deceit. So the politicians are not running the risk getting caught deceiving.  Thus separation of power – a prerequisite of democracy – successfully is circumvented.


This already adequately produces evidence how difficult the cognition of crime is because we have no ideal world opposing a criminal (underground).  Occasionally governing ones are inclined to revile even legitimate resistance as terrorism in order to relieve the bad conscience of their own and to bluff the masses about their own crimes. E.g. Nazi-Germans called the partisans fighting  them, hoodlums and felons although those terms match the Nazis themselves, indeed at best.


So, a completely correct cognition of crimes first presupposes an “ideal world”. Further there have to be morals and rights that are legitimate respectively genuine. That ideal world however does not exist and that is why crimes and criminals often are very difficult to recognize.



Ideal typically there are three levels of camouflaging “white collar” crimes:


a)       Money-laundry 

generally belongs with organized crime.  

More sophisticated higher organized crime is typified by 

b) brainwashing

However, the top of all organized crime, i.e., the total or totalitarian crime, works by 

c) Crime-laundry.

One cannot investigate the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') scriptures without being fully aware of the notion of crime.

Ideal typically and generally there are to distinguish the following three levels of crimes.

Usually one thinks there are the honest citizens and respectable state on the one side and the measly criminals or felons on the other.

This classification of citizens and human society is already conditioned to folks by education. In this context, we confine to the reference that this claimed world exists nowhere. Nazis likewise Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) as Stalinists foster this mirage. They all want the decent, “good” citizen that complies its duties and is subservient to them, who does complain about anything and considers as good and evil what Christian sects’ priest, the politicians, the newspapers, magazines and TV stations drum into him or her to do so.  Woe, somebody dares to vary   from it! Here one has to add the rulers of societies today are not only the politicians but also the sects and the appropriate media etc. Today, one can say that with contrast to the Middle Ages the popish priesthood now is divided into those (Christian) hell pilots (“priests”) that still can continue being up for humankind’s mischief and the journalists (media). Especially Christian sects pay scholarships to students of communications to have them later on strings because of gratitude.

That mirage shall make citizen believing the society in which they are born and conditioned is all right. That is the most important objective of any education.  However, a little consideration makes this façade crumbling fast. Just imagine that at the end of the 20th century there were various attempts by Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) in the USA denouncing the president a criminal. That means that either the president or those who pursued him were or are criminals. Thus, such notion of crime is contradicted at the clearest.

The first degree of crime

Here, the crime is quite transparent and recognizable as crime as well as the criminal as criminal.

Mostly, that sort of criminal is perceivable its offensive manners and now and then even still the way he is dressed. So one can easily realize the “Pistolero “or his bride. That criminal steals, perpetrates any job-crimes, makes some fat purses by robberies etc. or makes other subservient victims to him or her by brute force. Everybody knows that this is reprehensible and punishable. Everyone knows that this is a case for the prosecuting attorney, the criminal judge and the penal system. The world would be fair if crimes and criminals always were that easily perceivable as on the first level. If one could always differ that easily evil from good and good from evil indeed, we would live in perfect world. However, that is not the case. There are still quite different levels of crimes.

 The second degree of crime

Already on the second level of crime the criminal or perpetrator no longer faces relatively open the public but is relatively covered its reputation now and then even by the legal system of his state. On that level the perpetrator approaches the public, for instance, as:

·       The “respectable” banker, who, e.g., talks a family into taking a loan knowing that this will lead to the family’s destruction etc. or who advises investments against his better judgment knowing that this will ruin the customer but increase his commissions by dark companies etc.

·       The “trustworthy” journalist that, e.g., is pretending to be independent, however indeed financed by interested companies, secret services, Christian sects etc. in order to do their business in the public or to do what they openly do not want to do etc. Or: The respectable journalist faking the honest and indeed is driving citizens to suicide by concealed envy, hatred and/or vindictiveness because of prejudices etc.

·       Honest physician that, for instance, fakes just desiring welfare of the patient, indeed however, is obsessed profiling him and her and getting famous. Thus, e.g., experimenting on the patient exactly knowing that he is putting up with the patient’s death. Or, for instance, talking the patient into taking medications that do further harm to the patient but do increase the doctor’s payments of commissions by the interested pharmaceutical company…etc.

·       Credible politician etc. that gravely sermonize all he does not only care about but deliberately violates. The “honest” politician that in principle does not care about the laws, for example, the laws regarding parties, financing campaigns of elections, collecting bribes in exchange for getting giant orders of the state or a special legislation that is in favor of the advantage of those who pay the bribes etc. Or: The honest politician that gets subsidies of millions of Dollars by the state because he concealed the true amount of donations he got.  Or that honest politician that even burgles an office of   the political opponent in order to get hold of advantages he never would get legally. (That did not only happen, already. There even was a US-President that got hold of burgling the office of his adversary…) etc.

·       “ Respectable lawyer “ that deliberately advises his clients that do not know their rights however makes his revenue prospering.

·       The “ state-loyal “ police officer who shoots down a prosecuted one that is already unable to escape and/or to defend him- or herself and afterwards claims urgent self-defense to camouflage his murder etc.

Such crimes, by which profits of millions or billions Dollars are often obtained, remain generally unknown and if at all are normally revealed only as an exception to the rule mostly by sheer coincidence.

Since there are not all people doing their job such criminals as described above but much more than one usually supposes the criminal one is hard to find among its really respectable peers or colleagues. Therefore, the honorable ones inadvertently serve them to disguise.  The abjectness of those crimes is that actually few respectable are a camouflage to the many unscrupulous, despicable ones or to the Christian sinners and Quasi-Christian sinners. By quasi-Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) we understand depraved ones that feign morals, respectability, sincerity and a friendly mind to others however that are and intending quite the reverse of all they are faking but do not profess Christian sect. Those are the ill ones Pied Piper Jesus is looking for, but were not caught by that Pied Piper, yet. Those are depraved ones that do not need a “toilet”–what is the true meaning of a confessional in a Christian church. They represent the reservoir in which that nefarious sect still can catch.

(E.g. telecasts of the German television, in which household effects and equipments were faked not working, proved by a large majority that not the deceitful but the respectable craftsperson is rare! Regarding Germany, here it is to mention that the German legal situation does not only favor Christian sects but also generally the deceiver.  However, it seems doubtful whether there is a very big difference between Germany and other Christian countries).

The second degree of crime we call the Mafia that is engaged perpetration of bestiality in order to get profits.

One speaks about a Mafia if crime occurs as constituent or even configuring medium of a state or societies that are standardizing the state, i.e., if the criminals must not work in the underground (state in the state) for example and therefore appear to the ignorant citizen, for instance, as respectable bankers, businesspersons or even police etc.  Mafia means all crimes that are committed by camouflaging respectability.

This crime is an organized one even if there is an apparent single perpetrator because the organization of the state is used for crimes. In this respect, a state that does not take action against such fraudulence always turns into the fellow swine delivering the link of organization to the single perpetrator. The state always has to examine to what extent its laws and its politics favor those crimes and to take remedial action in order to impede that the respectability of the state can be abuse for crimes. This type of crime often is called “white collar criminality”, too.

As said before, on this second level of crime the perpetrator is not recognizable as perpetrator.  however, the crime is still to perceive as a crime.  If the perpetrator commits a crime on this level, e.g., falsifying documents, bribing, burgling, extorting or even killing someone and he cannot successfully impede being caught, the perpetrator’s game as honest citizen is over. However, on this level the perpetrators have much influence in society to prevent indictments against them and to promote wrong and even successful charges against their competitors, rivals, adversaries or enemies. However, they cannot rely on succeeding so, anyway.

Sometimes, the criminal has to reckon with it, for example, that somebody of that folk that secretly received the bribe chats, or e.g., the restaurant-owner that composes the remains of the dishes for serving new customers cannot exclude that an employee will reveal that one day to the public. For instance, in Germany they had a case of chasing a felon of arms supplies. While investigating his crimes it became known that all the German notables including the Christian (German) chancellor were involved in the bestiality of that felon. They all took money from him and they all eagerly and hastily alleged they did it just helping the felon to get rid off the money, the felon did not know how to spend else…  However, the criminal did not want to play the scapegoat for the squad of German Christian hypocritical notables and hence by and by he revealed his knowledge about the German notables.   Now, with great relish he enjoyed observing the coming up dismay of the collapsing the “intact“ world the Germans they fooled themselves to live while having escaped to “secure” North America. Hardly a German politician of rank that was not financed by him, secretly!

The third and supreme level of crime 

On the third and supreme level of crime not only the criminals but also the crime itself and its moral infamy evenly   is as almost as unrecognizable as the criminals themselves. While on the second level frequently crimes are whitewashed, e.g., by money-laundry, bestiality on the third level are successfully at all and thus not recognizable as such. That means crime-laundry. 


 At first, such a crime-laundry requires brainwashing. Bestiality or crimes in context with crime-laundry turn out to be (the almost) total or totalitarian crime. That is why we also speak about barbarism on that level because the crimes of the first two levels presuppose that there are notions of good and evil and that there is a trustworthy penal code as well as system of justice. On the third level none of this is given. Here concepts, penal codes and system of justice are corrupted and aligned in the sense of the felons and their bestiality. Therefore, on this level the felons appear as benefactors and their bestiality as benevolence.

 On this supreme level, not only the criminal but also even the crime and felony faces the common people as a peak of all "morals".

On this topmost degree of crime that means the total crime or barbarity, the criminals already have bound the hands of their opponents, adversaries and enemies with respect to all they could be recognized, impeded, reputed and punished (!) as criminals that perpetrate bestiality. In anticipation of the objections and reactions of the opponents, enemies and victims that are to expect, the notions of decency, honesty, sincerity, right, justice, legitimating, yes those ones of  morals and even that one of god are adjusted to the advantage and disadvantages of the criminals and hereby  accordingly manipulated and deliberately misleading. Thus, for instance, a homeowner powerlessly has to put up with burgling, ransacking and plundering his house by burglars, thefts, criminal and felons. 


Then, if the homeowner objects that it is immoral and criminal to plunder  his property then he gets   a thump into the intestines and is rebuked “: Did you insult us that we shall be immoral ones – hoodlums, gangsters and criminals?  Homeowner, you are the one that is immoral because you oppose and try to impede us robbing you.” Then the real victim of a crime of criminals, even becomes denounced to be a criminal or even felon instead of the true criminals and true felons: “Why do you oppose ‘god’s will’, the ‘people’s will or the ‘the fist of the workers’ class will’ that we obediently, modestly and humbly are going to accomplish by ransacking and robbing your home? Why are you, homeowner, that barbaric opposing us robbing you…?”


Now, the concepts of morals, crimes, love, hatred, wickedness, law and even sometimes god etc. -- are manipulated in such a manner that now the robbed and deprived “homeowner” is running the risked getting indicted for insult and even jailed if he dares to call the robbers robbers, the criminals criminals, the slaveholders slaveholders and the barbarians barbarians. Now the robbers are reputed as whoppers of moral that even are to honor. The victims now have to thank the offenders and to call themselves perpetrators and the perpetrators the persecuted victims. The perpetrators’ robberies now are not reputed to be crimes but a performance of justice, people’s will, workers’ class will, the people’s community will or absolute obedience towards the god. Neither crime nor the criminals are almost to recognize.

This third degree of crime therefore is the total crime.  that means that   neither criminals nor crimes are implicitly recognizable. On the other hand, behaviors and matters are declared crimes that of course are good deed. 


Barbarity, terrorism and totalitarianism

The total or totalitarian crime or barbarism is not restricted to criminal or barbaric actions or deeds but first fabricates a peculiar morale that becomes unscrupulously adjust ed to the ruthless advantage of the organized crime. That is why the total or totalitarian crime is a) not implicitly perceivable and b) even often is mixed up as a paragon of morale by the public. Those barbarians (willfully) intend this mistake.     

It is hardly to differ between terrorism and totalitarianism. Totalitarianism is the ideology of terrorism or terrorism the practice of totalitarianism. Therefore, each totalitarianism is also terrorism because all and everything is a means to end for it. More over each terrorist is also a desperado. Terrorist are the acts of a terrorist and desperado (desperate) is the mind of the terrorist. Desperado is the violence as of a desperate one. All terrorists are desperate perpetrators and thus desperadoes.

However, it is to differentiate between the concept of totalitarianism and that one of barbarity. Barbarity differs fwith totalitarianism in that way that the crime, as crime completely is recognizable pertaining to its heinousness or abomination, however it is not to impede. Therefore, the barbarian is a primitive criminal of the first level, who succeeded in getting hold of sufficient political power to prevent any punishment or avengement for his bestiality or atrocities.   The barbarian commits his outrageousness knowing how reprehensible it is and hardly takes care of that what other think about it. He even has no ideology. The barbarian does not care about justifying his barbarities. He does that what his power allows him to do – regardless any other consideration but the supposed advantage of his own.  Bestiality and atrocities are the barbarians’ lifestyle.  The barbarian knows about his power that – however in the long term -- does not last because of the lack to camouflage abominations.  Open immorality never will last long.      


 Nazism of the (ugly) Germans was more barbarism than totalitarianism because the Nazis relatively frankly admitted to commit their heinousness that is past comprehension, e.g. in Hitler’s book “My fight”.  By the enabling Act of March 1933 the Nazi even provided a legal basis for all their warfare, abominations and atrocities.   The Nazi-barbarians neither concealed intending warfare on the remaining humankind nor to be willing to commit genocide on the Jews.  The Christianity partially is a barbarity, partially is totalitarianism. On the one hand, the atrocities of Christian sect are based on the deceitful hypocritical description of each reverse. For example, the war of the laston the first one is passed off as charity, service at the next, obedience to god’s wills etc.     


On the other hand, the ruses and techniques of deceit are extensively expressed in the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') scriptures. However, here one has to recall that all those writings – even the Bible – were strictly forbidden to the Christian slaves (general public), in fact for the very longest time of Christian sect’s existence. More over there are very deliberately misleading translations into the national languages of the New Testament.


Some of them we will mention in this treatise. By the way, faking the reverse of one’s intentions and deeds is the crucial feature of any deceit. Therefore, consequently totalitarianism is also total deceit, on which it is based. Inhumanity without deception is pure barbarity. Inhumanity with deceit is totalitarianism.


On this level of crime crowds, people, tribes, nations, masses of human beings are turned into slaves and it is constantly drummed into their heads that they were free and the prisoners of those totalitarian crimes even believe it, mostly. They are fleeced regarding their good will and their finances, and it is always dinned into their heads that the slaveholder is the humble not domineering one who is sacrificing him for them and that the abased slaves are the boastful ones. According those slogans like this one: “You are nothing but your nation, your class, your god, your faith, your sect etc. is everything. Therefore, be slave!”

So that the sheep do not get wary, they are fluttered around believing that their slave-hood is “true individualism.” (Such attributes to nouns like “true” mostly serve to camouflage the reverse of the meaning of the nouns or lie, fraudulence, crimes and bestiality!). Because there never speaks neither the people nor a society’s class nor the God but only individuals like Adolph Hitler, Stalin, Jesus etc. pretending to be the mouthpiece of such concepts nobody becomes the Nazis’ slave, god’s slave, the people’s slave etc., but a slave of Jesus, Adolph Hitler, Stalin, of a pope, a bishop, a priest etc. Those are the slaveholders that humiliate others to be their slaves.


In truth, that slaveholder is apathetic about what a slave thinks while cringing before him and kissing the slaveholder’s ring.  In this respect, the slaveholders behave like a woman that buys a male prostitute for enjoying sex. Since man cannot let happen in the contrast with woman but has to act, the male prostitute helps himself by corresponding imaginations if the paying woman is not handsome enough to turn him on.  The thus delighted woman does not object to any fantasy the male prostitute might have. For her it only matters that the male gets his erection, fires away and how he fires away.  What the paid one thinks in his head while having sex with her is completely unimportant. Similarly, the Christian swineherds, i.e., Jesus and his under-slaveholders like popes, bishops, priests use to thinking. They all know that the slaves think to worship the God while cringing before Jesus, the popes, bishops or priest and kissing their rings. Or they all know that the slaves think to be investigated by orders of the God while creeping into the confessional (the Christian desperadoes’ toilet).  However, they just getting conditioned by their slaveholder in the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') toilet (the confessional).

That is evenly of no importance to the slaveholder. Jesus and his under-slaveholders think: What matters to them is getting the bipeds down on their knees, docile and to subservient slaves – and the rest, what they foolishly think in their head is of no importance.  It just matters what they do and if and in what way they obey and comply what we command them – and all others things does not matter. That is really like a woman that has engaged a male prostitute. However, that is slave hood for a few hours and good paid in exchange, at least. The totalitarian slave is a lifetime slave hood.     

 Christianity, Nazism and Stalinism represent the uppermost crimes, i.e., the total crime or barbarity.  Those are examples of totalitarian criminality. Totalitarian criminality impersonates organized crime that does not only perpetrate bestiality and atrocities but also immediately provides a “teaching” of “morals” and “philosophy“ that do justify all the crimes and bestiality of the respective organized crime and evenly twist the meaning of the moral concepts to their reverse for the advantage of its own.  Jesus and his Christian sects are models of organized crime (barbarity) of the topmost level that was never outdone and that presumably one never can outdo. As we are going to prove, there is no totalitarian crime (barbarity) like Jesus "Christ" and his warriors or under-slaveholders. History of that sect from the very beginning is one of envy, hatred, vindictiveness, deception, self-deception, fraudulence, irascibility, domineeringness, murders, mass-murders, atrocities, and torments – one word: barbarity.

 However, that could do no harm to the planets most barbarism and slaveholders to continue tormenting their slaves because is was not demonstrated that deliberately, basically, immediately and in the very beginning a “theory” of being and the morals is delivered that camouflages all the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') advantages (and so even crime, bestiality, barbarity) as "good" and all their disadvantages as "evil". That is quite the contrary of moral. That is immorality reputed as morals. Thus, the totalitarian Mafia expects to get its barbarity that is camouflaged as morale to be irrefutable. That is the way the topmost level of crime works and almost gets the crimes and criminals undetected.  We will give further evidence that Jesus "Christ" properly perceived this and willfully faked good for "evil" and evil for "good" just in order to get the wicked worshiping him as the God.

Even if the mass-murders of Hitler and Stalin are making a mockery to all human civilization that already is beyond all comprehension, they are even outdone by Christian tortures, torments, mass-murderers and barbarity that this sect perpetrated in about 2000 year of its time of existence. (Many atrocities the Nazis committed, like for example the holocaust, the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) were involved regarding three aspects: At first Christian sects’ anti-Semitism camouflaged as god’s word in that sect that does nothing else than veiling the lies of hatred and vindictiveness for lacks of the trait of the Christian super barbarian they lifted up to their golden calf. Secondly, almost all Nazi tormentors of the Jews in the European concentration camps were (paying) members of Christian sect.  Thirdly, after having lost the war the Vatican   headquarters of Catholic sect helped the Nazi-mass-murderers to the escape to Catholic countries of South America.

In so far the holocaust is not only genocide of the Germans (it is doubtlessly genocide of the Germans!) but also genocide of the whole Christendo (o) m.  Among all Christianly conditioned European nations, Hitler found subservient warriors as he succeeded to do so among the (Christian) Germans.


The confession of Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) and Christian countries regarding the genocide of the holocaust is not sincere, as long as resolutely and deliberately deny the involvement of Christian sect to this gigantic atrocity on humanity and outlaw investigation of its causes – especially so long the respective phrases of lies and fraudulence against the Jews of those (Christian) barbarians’ god words are not retrenched. 


The confession of Christian sects towards   the holocaust is <quite typically Christianly> shamed as long as those sects do not delete anti-Semitic phrases from their book “New Testament“ that they are faking as “ God’s word” in order to get their lies, their deception, their repulsiveness, their barbarity, their war on humankind they have been leading already for two millennia irrefutable. (Put a Pied Piper’s word, as god’s word and nobody will dare to contradict… That is one of the terms of their business!).    As long the Christian swineherds do not do so, that Christian drivel is nothing else than very typical Christian depravity of hypocrisy. One cannot regret the consequences of statements on the one hand and further foster the causes of such crimes that the statements have on the other!

Moreover, we are going to proof that Jesus the super barbarians’ god wanted bestiality like that – besides the fact that he was the instigator of anti-Semitism. The business of Jesus was how one can perpetrate misdeeds, maliciousness, offenses, crimes, bestiality, barbarity etc. disguised as moral deeds.


However, his and the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') business is not doing the good but the evil faked as the "good", the lies veiled as "truth" and hatred feigned as "love" etc. To demonstrate how to do it that is why the most despicable folks worship him as god. That is the business of Jesus and that one of Christian sects. That is why this golden calf is worshiped as the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') "god". In addition, Jesus "Christ" realized standing a chance being worshiped as the God by depraved human beings demonstrating how to do so, in return.

Well, to the reader’s big surprise we are now going to prove that the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') and I think the barbarians’ golden calf (Jesus "Christ" ) exactly knew how to map out and commit the (almost) perfect crimes that way.

Yes, the reader correctly read:  Jesus "Christ" knew those structure and rules of the (almost) perfect, i.e., (totalitarian) crime or barbarity and mapped out it and perpetrated it by exact deliberation. We are now going to prove it.

Anyway, in principle Jesus "Christ" , Christian sect’s instigator, god and slaveholder, is verifiable as instigators of all crimes of its under-slaveholders and slaves. He is the topmost barbarian among the bipeds! He is topmost felon that tempted to make himself unrecognizable as Pied Piper by faking to be a "god" and was feigned to be the "god" by his warriors for the advantages of their own.

Pass off lies and deception as "god’s" word – and no bird brained will dare to contradict you. Pass off the boss of you warriors as the "god” - and no cerebellum will dare to contradict you. 

Then you can commit any wickedness, deception, offenses, crimes, barbarity and even enslaving the world to be your slaves without being disturbed by any law, morale, god, government, human being or any else.

Jesus of Nazareth wanted hatred and vindictiveness by the pretense of the respective reverse and deliberately sowed it. His successors or under-slaveholders harvested and are harvesting it. That we are going to prove now. Well, isn’t it hard to imagine that the perfect felon is perpetrating his bestiality by the camouflage of a god, isn’t it? What way could be more successful for a Pied Piper of such a caliber? There, he reckons to be immune against any unmasking.

The success of Christian sect, i.e., the success of its unique history of barbarity is essentially because then time still had no appearances of totalitarian crimes that are almost perfectly impersonated by Jesus of Nazareth and Christian sects. Their success is because then world was not prepared for such a phenomenon of crimes nobody could imagine or would imagine at that time. It was more than that time could handle. Jesus of Nazareth and Christendo(o)m were and are  a new quantum leap – a new quantum leap of crime.

Just in the last two centuries, sects or ideologies  came into existence that are comparable to  the Christian totalitarian sect and that were also already mentioned here. Those ideologies mostly refrain from faking  concepts of god, devil, angels, miracles etc. due to intellectual level of current humankind. One has to say “mostly”  because the even  Nazis seem to believe in miracles and demons. ´Those facts  illustrate the uniqueness of Jesus Pied Piper and  Christian bestiality of that time. One really has to state that with regard to Christendo (o) m in one respect, the incredible became true – the unbelievable barbarity  bipeds ever could get involved.

This investigation is less about a national penal code. As we described, already on the level of  crime there are many opportunities  to manipulate the laws of a penal code, i.e., that many crimes of that level already are perpetrated according to national or regional laws, even if that happens not always and far from almost perfectly.  On the third and topmost level of crime, a penal code fizzles out, mostly.  Recognizing crimes as crimes means that there is an intact background, i.e., a non-corrupted society. That is not given if barbarians have took over power. That is not given in a Christian country.

For example,  the crimes of the Nazis  and most of Christian sects were perpetrated in accordance with the political laws, i.e., they were committed completely legally. If slaveholders enact the laws, the law itself is already mostly a felony. However, this is to examine in each case.

Of course, one can call that topmost level of crime the topmost level of Mafia.

Today, in many Christian countries there are still legalized crimes of the Christian swineherds’ sect, for example, the Christian terrorists’ procurement of money cashed directly by political authorities in some  Christian states, the transfer of most part of the branches of health and Human Services (hospitals, facilities for elderly and the disabled, hospices for dying, home for orphans etc.) to the Christian barbarians. Christian sects of today – especially in Europe and Latin America – defend those impropriations mostly guaranteed by conditioned slaves of politicians like each Mafia responds  when rivals invade its districts, e.g.  in Chicago,  where   they cash in heavily “protective custodies” on extorted keepers of restaurants.


The pope terrorist calls that “powers of the  keys  of heaven” the Christian swineherds and barbarians are used to shamming  to possess. Those are legalized Christian crimes made by the Christian sinners (or their slaves) for the advantage of their own and forcing folks not to leave the Christian barbaric sects – that means a violation of human rights, a violation of religious freedom.

The mentioned   laws in Germany were enacted by the Nazis as well as by subservient Christian slaves in politics. In order to get a treaty with Hitler the Catholic pope told the Christian slaves in the German parliament to approve  Hitler’s “Enabling Act” of March 1933 that made it possible for Hitler perpetrating the holocaust and all the Nazi barbarity and even starting  World War II completely legally. In addition, the most astonishing is that the Roman felon still takes advantage of that treaty (of both barbarians: Hitler and the pope) until today!

All what the Christian swineherds regret is just a trick in order to get the adversaries inattentive and get rid of the evil conscience of their own in order to start maliciousness the better the next moment. It is just a procedure like going to a toilet and taking a crap. New crap certainly will follow. A Christian does not live just of bread. What else a Christian need the slyly deceiver could not tell (lies, deception, slaves, crimes, barbarity, a golden calf!). Perhaps he thought that a Christian even need a toilet in the Church that is euphemistically called “confessional”.

Once more, of course this topmost level of crime is also the topmost level of Mafia.


On the third level of crime, the criminal does not confine him- or herself to be reputed as a  respectable person but wants to be unearthly  -- if the surroundings believe in matters like this and he can gain something by faking this – and the criminal wants to immunize his deceits, fraudulence, offenses, wickedness and barbarity against all objections and criticism. On the second level, only the perpetrating persons try to beautify themselves as respectable ones.


On the third level also the matters, i.e., the maliciousness, repulsiveness, the offense, the deceit, the fooling, the lies, the crimes, the barbarity, the torments, the atrocities are turned to dazzle as whoppers of morale. At first, the perpetrators fake " respectable" persons and secondly feigning the maliciousness or crimes (the matters) as "moral" deeds.  This  is the almost (perfect) crime, the total crime or totalitarian crime.


On this level of crime, barbarians appear that are obsessed by power regarding human being something like ants that are to be submitted to be their salves that have to be subservient to them.  Of course, they also emphasize how they allegedly “love” their salves. Even a farmer cannot permanently maltreat his cow he wants to get milk of it.


If they say something else than contempt for human being the victims are flattered in order to fall into the trap of slavery.  Those who are obsessed by domineeringness want to be slaveholders. Whoever does not want to submit or somehow has given the slaveholder cause for that insatiable hatred that one is to destroy, to eliminate, to exterminate, to be burnt to death – not only individuals but also nations and even whole continents. That is no theory! This is barbarity! That is Jesus!  This is their golden calf! That is  Christendo(o)m!


Only the subservient slave is pleasant. However, even  the subservient slave is not immune to fall out of favor with the slaveholders and getting familiar with their cruelty, viciousness, tortures and the barbaric mind of the slaveholder and their bloodhounds serving as under-slaveholders. The most pleasure of a totalitarian Pied Piper (slaveholder) – a pleasure that is much more to him or her than sex is  to torture, torment, plague, pester or martyr etc. the victims (slaves) and simultaneously being reputed as quite a dish of morale, acting like the devil and being reputed  as the god and while perpetrating his most repulsive tortures and barbarity  being  adored  as saints  its slaves. 


 If those barbarians are prosecuted, they are reputed to be “martyrs” just because sometimes the (offended and violated) adversaries are as impertinent as to hit back… It is a damned cheek! A tortured slave believes all lies, deception and nonsense. If the slave does not, the slaveholder has not  tortured the slave enough. The utmost pleasure of Jesus was being like a devil and being reputed as god. The utmost pleasure of Simon Peter who murdered two members of the Christian desperadoes' (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners') early parish and even other individuals was being a murderer and being praised as a saint. 


That is the utmost  pleasure these unscrupulous  as ruthless barbarians relish by their crime-laundering and what (joyfully) induce them  cringing before their chief barbarian Jesus: To let off steam  of their heart’s hell and while being praised  as whoppers of morale… That is almost everything these the miserable are able to enjoy  and for this pleasure it is easy and joyful for them  to libel, revile, defame, denounce and even murder everyone  that dares to disturb that pleasure to them. Either they relish  that pleasure or they murder or they commit suicide what they are used to praising  as “martyrdom” because of their brainwashing and crime washing.


The pleasure of each Christian is being  false, mendacious, infamous, malicious, despicable, vile, dark and being praised as quite  a dish of morale,  trustworthy, open minded, loving one’s next, life and the world… That is the pleasure of Jesus! That is pleasure of all Christian swineherds! That is the pleasure of each Christian. That is the total or totalitarian crime. That is crime-laundry. That is true (Christian) barbarity!  However, they never became and they never will become happy but that does not matter to them because they do not want to be happy. What they want is to  dominate their conspecifics (ruthless aspiration for power above all conspecifics) – they just want to be slaveholders at any, really at any, price – and nothing else matters because they are not capable of enjoying life.


 The Christian are never interested in truths but that their lies and deceit are reputed to be the truths. Before a Christian became a Christian, he made up his mind: Always and constantly refusing to admit what is true or to lie at any, really any price (German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche).



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