Preliminaries , Part: 2

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Method and Extend of the Investigation As well  Definitions of Concepts

How to investigate Christianity?

How to scrutinize the Christian Chronicles ("Gospels")?

The Notion of criminological Investigation

“Woe to those who have seen the son of Man! Blessed are those who have not seen the Man, and who have not consorted with him, and who have not spoken with him, and who have not listened to anything from him. Yours is life!” (Jesus "Christ" ) [i]


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1st:   The conditions of the possibility of being capable of the Truths 

2nd : The  essential prejudices for an investigation on Jesus and the Christian foul mouths

3rd: How to detect falsehood and deceit of a sect or an ideology?

4th:The method of criminological investigation

5th :Concerning  Quotations

6th: The method of presentation

7th:The measure you give will be the measure you get



 1st: The conditions of the possibility of being capable of the truths


Criminology starts from the assumption that there is no perfect crime. We also take this as our starting point for this criminal investigation on Christian sect, in particular on its scriptures. Somewhere each felon makes mistakes, even if he obsessively has to brag about his successful deceits.  is it no special joy and particular satisfaction to rub one’s victim nose in the very successful deceit demonstrating them how swimmingly one could bamboozle them? That is a very feeling of superiority for a deceiver and a deceiver only deceives because he fools himself to be superior to those “duffers” and “goofs” caring for morals...



 “And if thou wouldst know concerning me (Jesus), what I (Jesus) was, know that with a word did I (Jesus) deceive all things and I (Jesus) was no whit deceived.”[i]



Oh yeah, I (Jesus "Christ" ) led everybody up the garden path but nobody could take me (Jesus "Christ" ) for a ride … that is somewhat the Christian foul mouths lifted up to their “god”!


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Oh goodness, what a Christian “god”!

Certainly confused with Satan or hog!


The scripture we are just quoting from is taken from a contemporary collection of apocryphe (non-authentic) scriptures but is no apocryphe one. It is an authentic one that already has been cited in early Christianity, in particular on special holidays. 


For instance, if the Christian foul mouths today tell something about the life of Jesus favorite disciple John, then they know that what they tell mostly only from this scripture. Then they do not tell: If we now are going to inform you about John’s life then we are going to talk nineteen to the dozen from a forged scripture but directly or indirectly claim the authenticity of this scripture. 


However, deceivers used everything that is in favor of their (hidden) deceit as evidence and everything that debunks their deceit is non-authentic. That is why the same scripture can be “authentic” as well as “non-authentic” one, in Christian sect. For the faith of objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy everything is possible.


The desperadoes’ belief shifts mountains and the truths anyway! What is easier: to lie or to shift mountains? It depends on that what advantage or disadvantage the deceivers expect.  Are the Christian foul mouths about to become the same „superb“ deceivers as Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" )?


Here, we already face a problem: One only can point out respectable matters with respect. I.e., what generally is a matter of course is not given in this case: That matters that socially are highly reputed are good. Here, this is to demonstrate, first. Arguing Christianity while keeping a straight face presupposes something that at first is to be proved: that here it is not about deceits and crimes on humankind!
 In philosophy this is called circulus vitiosus, viz, a proof that already presupposes what is to be proved. So, a circulus vitiosus proves nothing but its presuppositions.   Whoever deals deceits, crimes and bestiality with respect already has fallen for the deceivers and is making a laughing stock of his, even if he remains seriously or even if laughing is forbidden (in Christian Middle Ages by death penalty!!!).  
Deceivers, here: the Christians, want to keep us a straight face because they already veiled their deceits by about 300 millions of corpses of murder. They desire to continue to camouflage their deception. Deception only works if it is hidden. Our investigation and scrutinizing led to opposite results than the Christians beseech us to believe. Neither because of goofiness, moronism and stupidly nor because of depravity we are not willing to contribute to deceits but to debunk them.
Expressively we want to clue that any other arguing of (bestiality of) we judge that way. It is not accident that below is written that is exposition is published although it is still to be continued, just because there is nothing comparable to it.
The Christians desire us to point out the following „serious”, “respectable” and “unbiased” saying of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) soaked up with his “immense” “love” towards his enemies:

Mt 23:33 (NRSV)
33 You (Pharisees, you) snakes, you brood of vipers! How can you escape being sentenced to hell?

Finally, the high goal of each Christian is to emulate Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ), i.e., imitatio Christi. However, we deem this saying to be nothing but to be spitefulness and vindictiveness of a hypocrite that even presumes to feign “loving” his enemies …


However, that is not all we deem. Here, we also realize a psychological projection of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ). Psychological projections mean to lay the blame for oneself at someone’s else (preferably at one’s rival, adversary or enemy) door. That means „Jesus "Christ" “ pins the dirt, flaws and depravity of his and his Christian accomplices own on his enemies (here: on the Pharisees). By faking to describe his enemies (here: the Pharisees), indeed he only describes himself and his Christian followers. This is as spiteful as funny!
In this manner we realize that Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) rather could compare himself and his Christian henchmen to be snakes and vipers. He and the Christians should not search to detect depravity and other flaws of mind at his adversaries and enemies if he is dripping with them, all over.


It is to question if his enemies, viz, the Pharisees are of those flaws but it is not to question that he and his Christian henchmen precisely turn out to be of that depravity! A sect of all sect that already and only until now has murdered about 300 millions of individuals while faking “meekness”, “non-violence”, “feasibleness”, yes even “loving the enemies” causes no grounds to libel their adversaries or enemies to be snakes or vipers, viz, throw stone at somebody else …


If the worst comes to the worst Christians try prevaricating that the sect (church) is bad and “Jesus "Christ" ” was good. A fine excuse having no foundation in the Christian chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") and only fabricated for saving Christian deceit.

 LU 19,27 NKJV
27 “ But bring here those enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, and slay them before me." 


Christian murders beyond belief are an accomplishment of this instigation (see also: Re 2:23).

However, as know, Lord hypocrite or Satan’s catamite very firmly believes in his psychological projections and therefore only sees others perpetrating spite, hypocrisy, iniquities, transgressions, crimes and abominations.


Hereby, he debunks his unscrupulousness behind his and his Christians’ mask of „love“.

 Here, it is not to expect respect for a felony of deception lying, deceiving, feigning, slandering, libeling and murdering like no one else! In addition, this and no other way is a due arguing concerning such an organized crime!

Therefore, because of such differing point of views about a due exposition of Christian organized crime with about 300 millions of skeletons in its closets of course Christians will fool themselves and others that here it is only about polemics on them as they already did so regarding Ancient Greek philosopher Celsus (about the year 178 C.E.) or German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900). Deceivers only deem that to be „serious“ what takes part in the deceits.


So, it happens that until today nowhere is more to experience about Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) but in the books of Ancient Greek philosopher Celsus, whom the Christian spitefully accuse of polemics to get him -- and the embarrassing truths about „Jesus "Christ" “ he hands over to us -- fall into oblivion.
Finally we refuse to sympathize with the objectifications (incarnations) of perfidy, viz, the priests n beasts, bastards n’ dastard, curs in furs, murderers and mass-murderers and their camouflaged spite, insidiousness and infamy, i.e. perfidy. Christian brainwashing full of spoofs, frightening its victims with spooks and making others to behave like fools n’ goofs obliges its victims to do so!  Unlike those Christian brainwashed ones, we side with the slandered, libeled, tortured, tormented and murdered victims of bestiality of Christianity. 

Burning victims are crying at the stake,
Christ and Christian sect are Satan’s fake!


We have good case for being skeptical and performing a criminal investigation concerning Jesus "Christ's" boasting (I am …, I am …, I am …) and his alleged earth shaking „miracles“ he purportedly has worked two millennia ago.  A criminal investigation is due, since it is about a case of a death penalty convict, who claims – as most death penalty convicts do – to be innocent.


An attorney cannot investigate a case when having fallen for the mask of the deceiver or criminal by thinking that the suspected one is incapable of the perpetration he is suspected having committed so that he only can judge the statements of the accused one in a way the latter wants him to do or otherwise his is bias or and polemical. More over, we did not start the investigation we are going to work out with intent that the accused one is guilty, anyway.


On the contrary, we started scrutinizing Christian chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") willingly to inform us about a presumably good matter. However, the more we scrutinized, the more evidence grew that regarding Christianity humankind has fallen for deceits and abomination beyond belief. Even if the concerned, the Christian perpetrators want to fool themselves that way, we did not start with a circulus vitiosus for the Christians' disadvantage.


As long as Christianity is not ready to admit that there are very honest reasons for rejecting it, nobody can make an investigation for the deceivers, desperadoes and even terrorists evil heart’s content unless he shares in the Christians' perfidy, i.e.,  infamy, deceits, crimes, outrages and others sorts of their abomination. In view of this profitable crime, does somebody expect the Christians admitting: Oh yes, we are foul mouths and very, very deceivers and felons on humankind?


Pertaining to Christianity, it is not about

·         researching honest and profound philosophy

·         or religion.


It is about


·         "avoid knowing what is true" or

·         "lying at any price" as German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 -1900) realized. It is about

·         the planet's most brutes and its

·         most  bestiality!


If brutes feigning to be "martyrs" and/or even "saints" become faced with the truths, nobody needs to wonder how the are used to reacting. Therefore, nobody should "marvel" about their murders and mass-murders!


Conspicuously the “wonders” of Jesus "Christ" only work by two premises: There must be

·    a spacious distance and

·    a delay of time

and the more that distance or delay is, the better those alleged „miracles“ work. 


Already, at the first glance that is no way how „miracles“ but sorceries work. The more distant the place is, the more time has gone, the less one can verify what is lied and what it true, i.e., the more one can tell brazen lies and/or nineteen to the dozen without running the risk to get belied.


Concerning the „miracles“ of Jesus "Christ" it is already conspicuous that – besides the few members of his desperadoes’ and terrorists’ gang -- nobody knows them, indeed where they allegedly have occurred and when they purportedly have happened. That is why Christian sect until today could not considerably disseminate among Jews but only in far distant regions of our planet nobody could verify if the Christian foul mouths tell the truth or nineteen to the dozen. The Jews did not let themselves to be intimidated to accept Christian fairy tales even by several Christian attempts of genocide on them.



This religious rogue does not only make the mistake to brag about his skills of deception that allegedly bamboozle almost everybody. Because lies have short wings he even makes a lot of others “mistakes” unmasking him as sheer liar and deceiver.

For instance, in Mr 6: 37 – 44 he boast of having fed 5000 men (women and children allegedly were not counted) by five breads and two fishes. After that “meal”, purportedly nobody was still hungry.

However, we doubt if the magician and sorcerer did anything else but bamboozling others and us.  if this topmost rogue (Jesus "Christ" ) could solve the problem of feeding that easily, then we cannot understand why he and his desperadoes’ and terrorists’ gang felt forced to raid other people's grain fields, while violating god’s commandment that prohibits stealing and stole the heads of grain that belonged to someone else just in order to prevent himself and his gang members from starving: 



 Lu 6:1-2 NRSV

1 ¶  One sabbath while Jesus was going through the grainfields, his disciples plucked some heads of grain, rubbed them in their hands, and ate them.

2  But some of the Pharisees said, "Why are you doing what is not lawful on the sabbath?"




Oh my goodness, what a stealing „god“ that is mixed up with a robber! In views of the fact that the wretched Christian „god“ Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ" ) steals food on other folks’ grain fields to prevent him and his fellow objectifications  of perfidy  form starving while in addition violating god’s commandment that forbids stealing we only can regard that purported “feeding of the five thousands” as a conjuring trick of a sorcerer that is proud of having bamboozled almost everybody!  Otherwise, we only can say: schmucks n’ thugs, bastards n’ dastards, priests n’ beasts, skunks n’ monks do not make me laugh!


Therefore, we have reasons for scrutinizing why Jesus "Christ" was able to bamboozle almost everybody and why nobody could pull his leg.


Admitting to be a deceiver – even if not that openly - does Jesus "Christ" even in those scriptures, the Christian foul mouths call “gospels” of the “New Testament” as we are going to demonstrate now. 



Jesus’ parable of the sower brings to light that he knew that there are conditions of the possibility of being willing to know the truths as well as those ones for being ready for lies, deception and self-deception. Nothing grows on trees, even if blackguards and rogues are used to faking something else.



Mt 13:3-8 NRSV

3 And he told them many things in parables, saying: "Listen! A sower went out to sow.

4 And as he sowed, some seeds fell on the path, and the birds came and ate them up.

5 Other seeds fell on rocky ground, where they did not have much soil, and they sprang up quickly, since they had no depth of soil.

6 but when the sun rose, they were scorched; and since they had no root, they withered away.

7 Other seeds fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked them.

8 Other seeds fell on good soil and brought forth grain, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty.


Some seeds falling on fertile ground bring forth grain, germinates; some other seeds falling on infertile ground do not. The problem Jesus "Christ" withholds is the following one:

What are fertile grounds for truths and what are fertile ones for lies, deceits and self-deception?  In another passage, he answers this question.  In another context when questioned by the Pharisees, he once rashly – and very typical of desperado and terrorist!!! tried hiding his perfidious and infamous venture by apparently honorable reasons:


Lu  5:31-32 NRSV

31 Jesus answered, "Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick;

32 I have come to call not the righteous but sinners to repentance.


His venture is perfidious and infamous because he blarneys the sick (Christian) one to be „righteous“ and  the righteous (non-Christian) ones  he libels to be „sick“ ones full of spite and venom, as we are going to provide evidence in this treatise.  Unselfishly he does nothing: 

·        Firstly only if being worshiped as „god“, in return and

·        secondly because he himself belongs to the sick needing a physician as well as his Christian accomplices!


Otherwise, he would not be a deceiver boasting how swimmingly he bamboozled others. Anyway, the „good shepherd“ is only promoting the selfishness of his own. However, this alleged „poor boy“ just wants to „help“ the sick one. Indeed, he is „helping“ them very much! Do not these sick one have the audacity, spite and perfidy to call themselves „the healthy“ and the adversaries debunking them to be “the sick”?   Don’t they?

Fertile ground for lies, deceits and self-deception is the sickness of soul – according to Jesus "Christ" , to whom the Christian foul mouths refer as fount of „truths“. In the last quotation, Jesus "Christ" does not mean any physically the sick but those who are sick concerning their soul and mind. .  “Moral sickness” is evilness. Here, moral sickness and those one of mind (insanity) mingle. No insane one is able to be receptive to rational argumentation or even to facts that are related to his insanity or depravity. 


·        That is why generally a Christian is sick or insane and

·        that is why Jesus "Christ" rightly calls the Christian foul mouths the sick. 


The Christian foul mouths’ blocking of reason is an attempt to seal themselves off the truths and thus an evidence of their sickness or insanity that is even witnessed by their „god” Jesus "Christ" (see: Lu 5:31f). The  Christian foul mouths fool themselves this insanity to be a „divine call“ or „selection“ but indeed is nothing but a product of insanity of their lunatic brain and wicked heart, i.e., a fabrication of the sickness of theirs. 

 The sickness of those mad (Christian) ones is to label lies and deceits as „truths“, i.e., juggling with names in order to hide their perfidious and infamous deceits and crimes and to make them unassailable.  Those the sick concerning mind and soul only desire lies and deception flattering their ruthless and unscrupulous selfishness of being or become human beings’ slaveholders.

That is why Jesus "Christ" rightly calls the Christian foul mouths the sick


Another time, Jesus "Christ" – the Christian foul mouths’ „god“ – admits that he has to conceal not only a few but many truths to his „the sick needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31) because those „martyrs of the truths“ cannot endure the truths. Imagine those: The Christian foul mouths’ „god“ has to withhold a lot of truths to the Christian foul mouths because those religious rogues n’ frocks, priests n’ beasts are unable to bear a lot of truths while they even are used to faking even to croak for the truths and thus to perpetrate any crime and abomination for them …  Ah, ah, ah, do not make me laugh! However, let us listen to the Christian foul mouths’ Satan, pardon, “god”:


Joh 16:12 NRSV

 12  "I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.


My word, damp squibs of creation pulling others’ leg that they allegedly snuff it for the truths – and not for their selfishness of their own of being or becoming humankind’s slaveholders and all their lies, deceits and crimes resulting from that – are unable to endure the truths about many things … Oh yeah, oh yeah, whoever could expect something else from „the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31)?  My word, and the “god”  of those (Christian) objectifications  of perfidy  admits that  he deceives his Christian henchmen because they cannot bear the truths …  Thus, Jesus "Christ" himself  admits to be a liar and deceiver!


One can lie and deceive by falsifying matters and even by concealing many things. By withholding „many things“ (Joh 16:12)  Jesus "Christ" fabricates wrong impressions and thus falsifies the truths.  That is lying and deceiving. If he would not falsify the truths then he did not need to conceal them.   Jesus "Christ" keeps “many things” secret in order to prevent the truths from coming to light. That is lying and deceiving.


Those things he withholds have to appear differently than the are because otherwise those truths would be martyrdoms to the Christian foul mouths those (Christian) “martyrs” cannot bear … That is lying and deceiving and  those are the Christian „martyrdoms“ … Ah, ah, ah, - do not make me laugh!  Jesus "Christ" admits to present many  things differently from that what they really are  and thus evenly confesses to lie and to deceive because otherwise his Christian „martyrs“ would not bear their martyrdoms of the truths but go on the warpath on him instead of kneeling down and  worshiping this Satanic liar and deceiver as their “god” ... 


That is the relationship of Christian foul mouths n’ villains, Christian rogues n’ frocks, thugs n’ schmucks, bastards n’ dastards, priests n’ beasts to the truths that even do not refrain from shamming (without blushing!!!) to croak for the truths …  Even the “prophet” of this sect that is lifted up to the “god” by his henchmen has to shut up because his chosen the sick cannot endure the truths …! Hence, Jesus "Christ" admits the lies and deceits of his own and those ones of his Christian sect. Instead of telling the truths to the Christian goofs n’ crooks, skunks n’ monks or frogs in frocks he prefers to withhold them, i.e., to flatter the Christian the sick by lies and deceits. What matters is that they worship him as the “god”. Abiding by the truths that is the least Jesus "Christ" would ever do in order to achieve that. This rogue and mug does not want having died for the crimes of his but for those ones of the world … However, never forget that the most important things he withheld …!


  He withholds only because the matters shall give a wrong impression. Otherwise one does not need to withhold „many things“ (Joh 16:12).  That is already a testimony of being a liar and deceiver. Things should appear differently from that what they are because otherwise the “sick one needing a physician” (Lu 5:31) cannot endure them.

·        That is lying!

·        That is deceiving!

·        That is the instigation to a religious Mafia!


Once more, Jesus "Christ" wanted to hide his perfidious and infamous venture of instigating Christian Mafia behind apparently honorable reasons.


·        That is very typical of desperado!

·        That is very typical of terrorist!


However, he misses to see losing his mask while trying to do that. Nobody is perfect, even no religious rogue of the caliber of Jesus "Christ" ! 


 Oh my goodness, this „poor“ Jesus "Christ" only lies because his Christian accomplices cannot endure the truths … Please, feel  pity for that „poor“ guy! This „poor  one“ does not lie and deceive because he is a liar and deceiver but because his accomplice desire lies and deception …  Oh my goodness, he is completely innocent – the “innocent lamb of god carrying the crimes of the world on the cross” – not those ones of his …! Please, please have pity on him that only the „the sick needing a physician“ flock around him to worship him as the “god”… Therefore, the „wretched one “deplorably" is forced to lie and to deceive all over! 


This means that the one desperado or terrorist (Jesus "Christ" ) „excuses“ himself by his fellow accomplices (the Christian foul mouths), who allegedly are the sick and therefore cannot bear (all) the truths and thus he (Jesus "Christ" ) – oh, what a pity -  “regrettably”  has to lie and to deceive …  The  Christian foul mouths on the other hand „apologize“ themselves by their fellow desperado and terrorist (Jesus "Christ" ) because his lies and deceits allegedly are „god’s word” … (That is why they lift him up to the „god“) … Do not the Christian foul mouths have the right “god” that is trembling with them and thus does not dare telling the truths to those schmucks n’ mugs? 


Oh my goodness, what a “god” that is trembling with Christian Mafiosi and rogues and therefore does not dare to tell the “many things” (Joh 15:12) to them but only blandishments …! Hence, the one felon (Jesus "Christ" ) gives the blame for his lies and deceits to the other (the Christian foul mouths) … Each is innocent because the one  (Jesus "Christ" ) „excuses“ himself by the other  (Christians) and vice versa …   That is the way how the „innocence of the lamb of god carrying the crimes of the world” works … ah, ah, ah …!


However, Jesus "Christ" blather only has become Christian foul mouths’ „god’s“ word because he blarney selfishness of Christian bastards n’ dastards to become slaveholders of human beings by those unscrupulous lies and deceits and by  ruthlessly withholding important truths but it does not become “god’s word” by the god, in Christian sect! On the other hand, the needs of lies and deceits of the „the sick needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31) come into existence because it is well served by Jesus "Christ" and thus instigated. He instigates that depravity in order to make use of the desire for lies, deceits and self-deception to become worshiped as „god“ …


Hence, the hypocrite, liar and deceiver (Jesus "Christ" ) worsens that depravity he feigns to complain and offers “redemption”!  The firebug “generously” wants to be firefighter of fires he set, himself! That is the „redemption“ Jesus "Christ" „offers“: of wickedness he himself fabricated, e.g., being „redeemed“  from disbelieving  a liars’ deceivers’, murderers’ and barbarians’ sect and all the nonsense it contrives … isn’t it better to abolish Christian sect, so that nobody can be threatened when disbelieving in the planet’s most organized crime and murderers’ sect?  Hence, nobody would need that “salvation” because the evildoer could not fabricate those depravities they offer redemption …


Both  – Jesus "Christ" (his „god’s“ word) on the one hand and Christian rogues on the other  – only exist because one type of criminal found his accomplice or one “sick one needing a physician” (Lu 5:31) found another “sick one needing a physician” (Lu 5:31).  This „immortal blemish upon the human race“ only exists because birds of a feather flock together.  



Instead of apologizing each other Jesus "Christ" and Christian sect worsen felons, desperadoes, terrorists or brutes in a human shape. Converting to Christian sect does not change human beings. Only depravity of that scum of the earth becomes labeled or perfumed as „love“, „truthfulness“, „charity“, „spiritual welfare“ etc. , i.e., by juggling with names enabled by a spurious “morals”  of Jesus "Christ" he  adjust ed to  the  Christian foul mouths’ depravities and outrages. Thus, perfidy, i.e. infamy, outrages, barbarities and abomination are hidden behind apparently honorable terms and reasons but no behavior is changed but worsens.  Perfidy appear in the disguise of „love“, “charity” and „morals“ if rogues n’ toughs, bastards n’ dastards, thugs n’ schmucks and all the villains become Christian foul mouths.  Evil is most dangerous if it appears by disguise of it moral reverse, e.g., by Christian juggling with names. 


Christian liars and deceivers allege that the canonized gospels were complete and we still only need to wait for Godot, pardon, for the end of the word („doomsday“). Obviously, the Christian gospels are somewhat of the most imperfect and defective in the world, on top of everything, even admitted by the “god” of Christian sect!


However can the Christian foul mouths purport perfection of their deception („revelation“), more over infer exclusively „blissful“ making  deceits, pardon, „truths“ if the source of those allegations (Jesus "Christ" ) they refer to says: Oh no, that’s not by far I should say to you Christian foul mouths since however I (Jesus "Christ" ) could tell the (whole)  truth to folks that are “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5, 31) and therefore unable to endure them?


 E.g., you Christian foul mouths,  are you able to bear that everything  I (Jesus "Christ" ) told to you was done in order to slaver your selfishness to make you to worship me as your „god“ and otherwise could take revenge on the world for the misery of mine by my (Christian) sect ….?  Could Christian foul mouths ever bear those truths? All they can endure Jesus "Christ" presumably told them … What they Christian cannot endure he left to say to the Christian foul mouths opponents …!  He already knew division of labor …! 


·        Hand on heart, you Christian foul mouths –

·        Hand on heart you the sick needing a physician (Lu 5:31) could you ever endure those truths?

·        Hand on heart:  Would not you Christian foul mouths rather lay the world in ruins than to bear those truths?



Well, you Christian foul mouths:  why do you wonder that Jesus "Christ" did not conceal a few things to you but “many things” (Joh 16:12)?  The answer: Because the Christian foul mouths want to be deceived that way and that much! Jesus only said to you what your sick, i.e., evil heart desires and that you worship him as the „god“ and everything that is detrimental to that he kept secret because otherwise you would not worship him as your “god” … Finally the terms of business have to abide by both partners.


That what is withheld to the Christian foul mouths has to be said to them, here and now!

In order to make the deception and self-deception unassailable the Christian fanatically, unscrupulously and fiercely label their lies and deceits as „truths“. The meaning of the Christian concept of „truth“ is to „avoid knowing what is truth“ or “lying at any price”  … 


Because the Christian foul mouths are „the sick needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31) they are not to convince by truths and not receptive to rational argumentation since they are not capable of truths. They are only able to lie. There is too much at stake for the selfishness of these deceivers that want to be slaveholders of humankind.

Therefore, Jesus "Christ" rightly calls the Christian foul mouths „the sick needing a physician“ (Lu 5:31).


Truths supposes being capable of the truths. The Christian foul mouths are only capable of lies, living a lie, deceits and self-deception as each lunatic one is able to be, respectively, to do.


Once more:  Christian foul mouths are not capable of the truths!

Why not?

Reply: Because they are the sick pertaining to mind and soul.


After all, this is the Christian foul mouths’ „god“ realization, too!!!  Evidently, Christian foul mouths only have fertile ground for lies, deceits, crimes, murder, mass-murder and genocide making them slaveholders of humankind. Then, everything germinates thirty, sixty or hundred times. Unlike megalomania and corresponding crimes and depravities, nothing germinates if it is about truths, love, humanity and human rights.

That is why this criminal investigation of Christian chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") does not and cannot intend for Christian foul mouths. This treatise presupposes being capable of the truths. Finally, when converting to Jesus "Christ" truths are choked to death by the converting one because doing that means living a lie! That is the contents of conversion to Jesus "Christ" .



Target group of this treatise only can be folks being capable of truths, i.e.,:

·        The victims of religious deceits, violence and other crimes that want to inform themselves and free themselves of such slavery.

·        Those, who never want to become such victims and getting brainwashed or

·        those, who are interested in science.



The Christian foul mouths are used to lying, deceiving and perpetrating abominable outrages because they are unable to admit their unscrupulous selfishness by their own they label as its moral reverse, e.g., as “modesty”, “humbleness” and other terms that are very ridiculous when misused by the Christian foul mouths.  Thus, the Christian foul mouths provide the means and measure of their moral condemnation by their own. Concealing oneself, e.g., by juggling with names, means the confession of one’s abomination and depravity.


One hides, camouflages or conceals oneself because one knows that the truths about oneself are unbearable. That is why we do not need to point out moral terms and measures of our own in order to condemn Jesus "Christ" , the Christian foul mouths and Christian sect.  By the measures of their own we condemn Christian foul mouths as they condemn themselves by living a lie, playing the hypocrites and fooling themselves by juggling with names.  The names they are used to juggling are the measures we condemn Christianity.  Christian foul mouths hide their true selves because they know they are out of bounds of that what their “beloved” fellow human beings would accept and tolerant if knowing the true selves of Christian foul mouths. That is why Christian foul mouths prefer “truths” having the meaning “avoid knowing what is true”  and “lying at any price.”   These recognitions can be verified, respectively, confuted in modern psychiatry. 





2nd: The  essential prejudices for an investigation on Jesus and the Christian foul mouths

Investigating Christianity is faced with two seemingly insurmountable obstacles, at first. One is habit and the other one is the incredibleness of that (organized) crime.

At fist, pertaining to habit:

Regarding Christian sect of perfidy German philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762 -1814) once said the following: 


 "Hence, it is no wonder that after bogus "nature" has become (true) nature to us, (true) nature seems to be bogus "nature“ and after having beheld all things upside down at first, we are used to thinking that things that are righted are reverse."[ii]


In Christianly enslaved countries people are accustomed to believing in most abstruse and most brazen lies due to corresponding conditioning and brainwashing that is used to starting already with infancy. Therefore, indeed they usually do not perceive brazen lies and fabrications as such and so they are used to thinking that not believing in those contrivances but disputing them was insane. In this respect, just a few examples of which Christian sect of perfidy is not short:

-          Pantheon (club) of three persons, i.e., three “god” s that is denied as polytheism and lied as monotheism ... According to this deceitful and asinine "logic", e.g., Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon, Athena etc. also could be conceived as such “god” -persons and thus evenly understood as one “god”  or  "monotheism" …

1.     Differentiation between the “god”  and the capability of a “god”  – the latter means the “holy spirit” (as autonomous person) in this sect.  Similarly asininely -- as the Christian foul mouths are used to differ between “god”  and the "holy spirit", i.e., the capability of being a “god”  -- one could also differentiate between a cat and the capability of being a cat, between a tree and the capability of being a tree or between a Christian jerk and the capability of being a Christian jerk. The latter would be the Christian foul mouths’  “jerky Christian spirit“ that wants to be reputed as great philosopher, that gladly… 

2.          “Ascension in person” of some figures in this barbaric sect, for example, Jesus and his mother Mary, although Jesus himself did not believed in heaven at all [iii] and obviously as a precaution threatened it with ruin.[iv] 

3.            „Immaculate Conception“ (sheer contrivance and vanity of feigning eunuchs!).  

-       Palming off a felon and death penalty convict -- that even in Christianly enslaved countries of today would be sentenced to maximum penalty for the same felony he perpetrated (illegitimate usurpation of the state’s supreme office, keyword "King of the Jews") -- as prime example of “morals" on all conspecifics... Ah, ah, ah...!

4.                             Having one’s revenge upon one (Jesus) as substitute on all the other felons, murderers, mass-murderers and barbarians etc., although according to Mt. 9:13 “god”  desires “mercy, and not sacrifice” -- what, by the way, even Muhammad and all the Muslims object to barbaric Christian “conjurers” of lying.   for example, in what way Adolph Hitler’s and the Christian foul mouths’ holocaust and other Christian abominations could be expiated by the felony of high treason (illegitimately usurping the Jewish crown) of Jesus "Christ" ? If the Christian foul mouths here claim any spirituality or intellectuality they are confusing brain and excrements. 

5.                                   Otherworldly rewards and punishments just according to belief and independent from any moral goodness (see. Mr 16:16). That is the way desperadoes, terrorists and/or other barbarians fancy a life hereafter.

6.                             Sorcery as alleged evidence of "supernatural", “moral" and " philosophical”  “goodness”! That is the manner deceivers fancy their job…!

-       The Christian foul mouths’ allegation that they would supposedly die because of the truths, however, their own "prophet" or "“god” " (Jesus) told that he could not tell the truths to his fellow Christian foul mouths due to the fact that they are unable to bear them…(see Joh 12:16). 


These and similar „gadgets“ of insanity – one could almost infinitely continue that plenty of madness for ever and ever – folks in Christianly enslaved countries already absorb by their mother's milk and the rest is done by conditioning and brainwashing. Once, for instance, I read on a web page about folks wondering how I am able to exposed homosexuality of faking “eunuch” Jesus "Christ" .  Those people could not conceive what it means if one faces an organized crime that tried by every means to suppress the truths over two millennia and very quickly murdered everyone at the stake that objected to those barbarians... Why do the Christian foul mouths pyre that many individuals? Because the like murdering? No, because this sect of feigning "truthfulness" indeed is frightened of the truths! Intolerance - the essential feature of this sect - is nothing but fearing the truths.

Pertaining to incredibleness of the Christian (organized) crime:

Already in the early 40ties of the last century the US-American, as well the British secret services reported to their respective governments about the mass-murders on Jews in the Christian and Nazi republic of Germany. The capital perpetrators: Hitler, Gobbles and Goring were members of Christian sect of infamy, in fact until at the end of their lives.[v] So to speak, they had sucked Christian anti-Semitism already by their Catholic respective Protestant mother's milk. The Nazis’ popularity did come into existence unexpectedly as the Christian foul players and Germans try to deceive themselves and others, today.  They became popular within Christianly enslaved Germany because they agreed to  most venomous dogmas of the Christian foul mouths sect and their German compatriots, especially pertaining to anti-Semitism, wonders (the Nazi called them “providence”) and leadership by one despot (pope or Fuehrer). That is why the Nazis had no difficulties to recruit henchmen for the genocide on the Jews in other Christianly enslaved countries outside Germany.

The Vatican even enabled the legal fundamentals of all of the Nazis’ barbarities and abominations by instructing the Christian parties of the German „Reichstag“, to approve the „Enabling Act“ of March 1933. This made all the Nazis’ murders, mass-murders and genocides legal according to German law and thus smashed all resistance against the Christian foul mouths and Nazis within Germany.  (In exchange, Christian sect made a counter-business with Hitler, keyword: Concordat – and depraved as this abominable sect is, it is still sucking advantage out of this crime, until today. Therefore, that is not past but presence!). After the end of World War II, the Vatican continued to collaborate with German and Christian war criminals by helping them to escape from justice to South America, among others, even Mengele and Eichman. One never helps somebody to escape from justice if one is a) not sympathetic towards him or her and b) oneself a criminal!

However, neither the US-government nor that of the United Kingdom believed the reports on the Nazis’ abominations in the concentration camps. Even the German opposition abroad that also got knowledge of those reports did not believe them. One deemed them exaggerations made by the secret services - until the soldiers of the Allied forces entered the Nazis’ concentration camps in spring 1945 and thus could convince themselves of those atrocities that really happened. 

Why did not one believe those reports of the secret services? Because the crimes were that monstrous, that abominable and out of all bounds that they are past comprehension...

 I.e., recognizing a crime also depends -- among other conditions also – on the fact whether the one that should realize it, is able to imagine it, at all. If this is not the case, then a crime even can become unassailable, because that what individuals cannot imagine does not exist in their views.

Similarly, it is concerning the crimes and barbarities of the Christian-sect. Folks are able to imagine that individuals can be of that evilness.  However, they hardly --or even not at all! -- can imagine that falsehood of making one’s crimes unassailable in advance by deliberate camouflaging them by putting the respective upside down: E.g., passing off evil as “good”, hatred as "love", crimes as “charity”, bestiality as “martyrdom”, atrocities as “spiritual welfare” and murders as “obedience to “god” ” … 


The same is pertaining to the Christian foul mouths’ “notion” of “god”” and/or his “son”: Partly deliberately, partly by self-deception they confuse “god”  with Satan…  Usually, for an average individual that ruthless and barbaric juggling with names without blushing is past comprehension -- and hereby it becomes one the “secrets” of the Christian foul mouths’ success.


That morals are specifically adjust ed to the depravity of one’s followers and their permanent crimes against humankind and humanity in order to get their barbarities immune, that is usually past comprehension for the average individual – at least at this level of evolution of humankind. Therefore, depravity, crimes and abomination turn to be trumps for Christian sect, just because most people are unable to see the wood (organized crime) because of all the trees (crimes). 

For an average intelligent human being it is also past comprehension that a felon wants to make himself unassailable by faking to be a ““god” ” or his fellow felons by shamming to be “saints", yes "martyrs". The average intelligent one thinks that each that talks about good willingly means that.   The brutes - and the Christian ones, anyway! – sneer at this attitude and do not deem this attitude as evidence of decency but to be a manifestation of the morons’ idiocy.     He cannot imagine that one can make a crime almost perfect by adjust ing and rigging “morals” precisely in favor of the intended crimes and barbarities in order to immunize them, exactly this way. The latter is the real "innovation" of Jesus "Christ" .

Those are the psychological obstacles one is faced when exposing our planet’s or even our galaxy’s most abomination that ever occurred.  Against denseness and brainwashing, even the gods fight in vain. Satan, his “son” and/or his Christ (Jesus) – both confuse themselves with “god”  – and their followers (Christians) know that, too!  my goal is to set the ball rolling, since the door of freedom has been opened a crack by the Internet, after two millennia most severe barbarities and abominations several continents of our planet had to suffer from this Satanic organized barbarity.  I consider it a contribution for the honor of humankind that the age of free information that came into existence by the Internet, immediately starts with a piece of information (revelation) on the most abominable barbarity that ever occurred among bipeds. 

It is my hope that those ones that not that dark and savagely natured like the Christian foul mouths are, do not competently agree to getting bamboozled in favor of humankind’s and humanity’s most abhorrent enemies, criminals and barbarians. For this purpose, here it is mediated a framework of the realization preventing any willing individual from falling for the Christian liars’, swindlers’, brutes’ and barbarians’ tricks. Everybody has to accomplish recognition by his own.  I just can help others to realize.

I do not want to oppose this abominable Mafiosi-sect with a new one but to enable everyone to shake off the fetters of psycho-terror and terror, that those religious rogues are used to accomplishing by the camouflaging labels of  "“god” ", „heaven", „hell“, „truths", „love" etc. in order to get this abhorrent felony unassailable. 

 Discovering the truths always means discovering oneself, either. Be the one you are - that is your chance of happiness! Moreover, if this is no chance of happiness to someone, then it might be about a Christian foul mouth, who has more excuses for his misery as the Christian murderers have corpses of their murders. There is only one reason for the Christian foul mouths’ suffering: Their dark, malicious and malign nature of their own that guarantees sufferings all their lives.  Deceiver Jesus knows this:


 "Pay attention to the Word. Understand Knowledge. Love Life. And no one will persecute you, nor will any one oppress you, other than you yourselves.

"O you wretched (Christians)! O you unfortunates (Christians)! O you (Christian) dissemblers of the truth! O you (Christian) falsifiers of knowledge!”[vi]


Jesus knows that the misery of those ones he is enticing into worshiping him as the “god” , is just caused by the depravity of their mind, traits, character, heart and soul, i.e., by the dark nature of their own but not by the so-called “evil” world and all their supposed wicked next ones – as the Christian foul mouths fool themselves. The Christian foul mouths’ kidded “temptations” by Satan are only the “temptations” by the Christian foul players' depraved nature of their own. However, in order to be successful among that sort individuals that even clutch at a draw out of despair in their misery, Jesus – the great liar and deceiver – has to stir up and instigate hatred against all and everything, in particular against one’s own life:


Lu 14:26 RSV

26 "If any one comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple.”

(Just in order to compare Christian sect with Judaism:

Ex 20:12 ¶RSV

 "Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be long in the land which the LORD your “god”  gives you.”).


 On condition of the Christian foul players’ depraved traits and nature life becomes hell, and what the Christian foul mouths try is to accomplish the hell to all other individuals camouflaged by each reverse, e.g., “love”, “heaven” etc. That is hatred on all and everything, especially on oneself.  Therefore, they start living a lie because the truths became unbearable to them. Therefore, they foster a barbaric and abominable lies at the expenses of their next and millions of skeletons in their closets. Thus, they are obsessed to enslave all conspecifics to their sect as to perpetrate lies, falsehood, venom, calumny, offences, crimes, bestiality, and barbarities – any abomination a biped is able to contrive and do and that are past comprehension.  




3rd :  how to detect falsehood and deceit of a sect or an ideology?


What is the difference between a liar and deceiver on the one hand and an honest individual on the other? That one always finds two views (the one and its reverse) of the liar and only one view of an honest one. Therefore, the deceivers always quote that, what they need to bamboozle others. Therefore, one always has to investigate if there are always two views pertaining to for the same matter.

The Christian foul mouths believe having successfully immunized their lies and deception (“promises”) against reason when postponing the evidence about them in the life hereafter, i.e., when people are dead and thus cannot realize anymore, what way and extend they had been fooled, e.g., eternal beatitude in heaven or torments and tortures in hell.

However, this is not the case.

1.                             They have to establish authority for such sayings about eternity.

2.     For this purpose there are claimed occurrences, like for example, prophecies in another more ancient scriptures (e.g., in the “Old Testament”) that can be falsified or verified without referring to philosophy or

3.     Claimed other facts (happenings) for this purpose, for instance, miracles, "immaculate conception", “innocent death penalty by crucifixion”,  “resurrection", “ascension to heaven“ that can also investigated because all facts can be examined by brain and reason, even if each swindler and criminals tries to darken evidence and wants to clear away, of course. (Catholic sect, for instance, ha a commission that examines reputed wonders allegedly occurred, e.g., at places of pilgrimage. Thus, Catholic sect inadvertently admits that there is a rational investigation of alleged miracles. Even if later on that commission should claim that, there is not rational explanation for that occurrence, supposedly. Those Christian commissions have a biased notion of science confining it to science of physics and chemistry and omitting psychology, in particular the power of psyche that is a very natural one. However, hereby they admit that one only can repute something to be a miracle what really is not to explain by reason. Exactly, according to this method, we are going to proceed). E.g., most murderers fail in camouflaging their felony because each dead person leaves a corpse. Evenly everyone, that wants to claim being ascended to heaven – so Jesus.

4.     Furthermore, religious "revelations" can be investigated by reason where they expressively admit such a rational examination, even if they later on darken that permit, because thus realization of deception becomes inevitable.  For example, if Jesus says, “one" will know his followers by the "love" they “love” one another, then he expressly says that reason will turn out the “truths” about Christian foul mouths because the “ones” that allegedly or ridiculously “admire” the Christian foul mouths for “love” (they “love” one another) are the non-Christian foul mouths that understand by brain and reason. Thus, it already becomes evident that escaping reason is just a fusing constituent of lie and deception.

5.     More over, the formation of a sect is a historical fact and facts absolutely can examined by brain and reason, e.g., whether the sect was established by folks that do not shrink from

6.     any perjury other crime, 

or even murder in order to achieve their aims. Those facts can be checked, no matter what and how much “apologies” the felons, Mafiosi and barbarians are marketing for their abominations… In the end, each lie is a “creation “of a new world, which comes to the actual in conflict somewhere. In the short or long run, each lie is a "creation" of a new world that somewhere and always comes into conflict with the existing one. I.e., that even a total and/or religious lie -- that claims defying description, pardon , being beyond reason – cannot elude a scrutinizing by reason and being detected as lie and deception. Why are there that much intolerance and infamy among Christian sects? Because these adherents of Jesus "Christ" are fond of reviling, slandering, denigrating, tormenting, yes, murdering? No, just because all of them are frightened of the truths, the one, and the other are craving for dominating and enslaving their fellow human beings. Intolerance and all religious felonies are nothing but unrestrained thirst for power and dread of the truths, because (also religious) lies and deceptions completely cannot seal  from reason as allegedly beyond it. There is no perfect lie and no perfect crime, even if religious rogues and Mafiosi try achieving it. 

I.e., claiming, that religious saying is  sealed from reason is already perfidy, i.e. by means of lies and deceits.  This is particular the case when Jesus asserts that one generally can realize the alleged "moral excellence" (“love” -- ah, ah, ah...) of his foul schmucks (Christians). Jesus, do not make me laugh…! Therefore, regarding their perfidy they mendaciously “morals” or even "love" -- i.e., insidiousness, baseness, infamy, barbarities, atrocities and abominations etc. -- the Christian cannot refer to something that is beyond reason but to something  being below it.   More over, lie and deception can be detected by the

1.     consistency of the own sayings,  

2.     claimed prophecies the sect passes their “authority” off as predicted

3.     facts (occurrences), which they claim, e.g., “resurrection”

4.     way the sect historically dealt with the truths, e.g., gulling into perjury or even murder in order to cover lie and deception r

5.     fact, that the supporters of a ““god” ” find themselves compelled to correct the allegedly “omniscient” and "almighty “god” " of their own.


According to those methods, we are going to proceed. Therefore, we will declare everything that is religious to be stupidity but scrutinizing all concerned religious matters and thus we will see that the most devastating debunking of Jesus "Christ" as liar, deceiver and man’s felon comes from the Bible the Christian foul mouths call “Old Testament”.  Therefore, we will produce evidence that fitting together the Jewish Bible with that what the Christian foul mouths call "New Testament” to from a whole, is the same as mingling  honesty and mendacity.   

That the Christian foul mouths never fringed from murder, mass-murder and genocide is a matter of common knowledge. Here, we are going to produce evidence that murdering among Christian foul mouths already was the Christian impostors’ “lifestyle”, even at the time when Jesus lived. Jesus' brother James grew angry about those abominations with his fellow Christian rogues. We further will demonstrate that enticing into perjury in order to hide the truths was no problem for Early Christian hoodlums that are used to faking even to die for the (lies of their own that they are reputed to be) “truths”. Already, that such perpetrations belong to the repertory of Christian behavior, speaks volumes about the traits and nature of those brutes worshiping that death penalty convict and fiend as the ““god” ”.


German Martin Luther very skilfully paraded that Christian foul mouths' perfidy of excusing themselves:

Jesus is our “god”  -- fine, immaculate, virginal. He would never hurt even a fly.  If Christian sect of perfidy embodies nothing else but a chain of most severe and lowest barbarity on human beings and humanity then this is because the organization of Christendom (the “churches”) has depraved Jesus. Jesus was no church but even the reverse of it. Well, so Luther, join me as fast as possible as the only "true prophet" of Jesus.  Now, I will provide a church to you as fine, as immaculate, as noble, as good, as moral as Jesus was... Listen, within the next five minutes  “true” Christendom is going to happen. All you need to do is to worship me (Martin Luther), as Christ’s true prophet and all of a sudden “true” Jesus and “true” Christendom will happen. 

In no way, that is an exclusive Protestant ploy but a fundamental dodge as well as Trojan Horse practiced by all Christian sects.  For instance, if Catholic sect calls for a council then it occurs in the same way: Hitherto, everything was bad stemming from the “weakness of flesh”.  However, now we are going perform a council and five minutes afterwards, almost everything will remain as it was before.  Pardon  me:  everything (purportedly) will change, because the true gospel is about to come within  the next five minutes, at latest ... However, those “five minutes” already take two millennia and for millennia they will feign like this so far they still should exist at that time. Instead of poison and murder, now heaven will pour “love” and “mercy” all over the planet ... Christian foul mouths abruptly will become such nice folks nobody is able to imagine...! That is nothing else but Martin Luther’s ploy.


Now, in what way one can speak about the Copernican turning point regarding detection of lying and deceiving of ideologies and sects the author is promising. 

1.) We scrutinize claims and reality. I.e., firstly, we look at the way what an ideology or sect (that is the same) understands itself and wants to be reputed, for example, that it possibly teaches

1.     to love one’s next or even one’s foes,

2.     always to serve one’s next,

3.      just to strive for the other’s salvation,

4.     never to strive for the advantage of one’s own, 

5.     but to vouch for others   and

6.     even to die for the truths etc.

  2.) In a next step we examine whether

1.     claims and reality correspond one another or respectively deviate

2.     if they do not tally with one another we will scrutinize if those differences are scant or marked ones or

3.     even claims and reality are diametrically opposed.


3.) If the said variation is blatantly then we examined what excuses the concerned (“ideologists ") make for those contradictions of claims and reality.


4.) In case of a flagrant contradictions between claims and reality apologies from those who advocate that tenets for it are scrutinized if they  tally with the logic of camouflaging and veiling the evil, lies, deceit and self-deception. Exactly, this we regard as the "Copernican turning point" of studying ideologies. For instance, if Jesus, his gospel writers and his adherents claim that he (Jesus) only wanted the good, the truths and the love (charity) and his and their deeds ("fruits") -- by which one can recognized him and his adherents according to the tenets of his own -- demonstrate marked deviations of such claims or even quite the reverse of them, then we will outline


-  what the tenets and deeds have to be that correspond one another and


-  what they might be if those claims are just for the purpose of camouflaging, veiling and hiding selfish demands. As we already demonstrated, the prerequisite of any deceit is to fake the reserve the deceiver has in its mind in order to worm its way into the targeted victims' confidence. Solely in that way, the weaker and depraved one can conquer the stronger one. Therefore, any deceit is an "identity card" or "passport" of inferiority to one's next or conspecifics). Because one zealously alleges that he does not fake, feign, fabricate and/or deceives we do not conclude that the concerned one does not so - what obviously the Christian foul mouths demand their next or conspecifics to do so...


-  Afterwards we compare the two outlined possibilities -- of being honest or (willfully) deceitful -- with the actual tenets of Jesus that are reported in the disclosed and undisclosed Christian chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") and   Christian "fruits"  -- that means their deeds and their history -- in order to see to what possibility the actual tenets and Christian foul mouths' real history do correspond or even coincide most. That will be our basis of our decisions making in order to answer the question if Jesus and his adherents (the Christian) really want something good or just camouflaging and veiling very selfish interests.


However, we will not answer that question solely from that what Jesus, the gospel writers or any Christian claim. Preaching  "love", "charity", "truths", the "good" etc. is firstly nothing else but just a claim. If that claim is honest or just deceitful, that is to decide by reality, deeds, and history - or as Jesus said by "fruits" and not by "original sin" or similar drivel, I never found in any of the disclosed or undisclosed chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels"). Once more, because one is claiming all those nice concepts of "morale", of "love", of "justice" of "truths" we do not conclude that those claims are true or honest but by that what follows those claims.


Hence, we will also prove that - even according to Jesus - by reality in order to decide if a claim is honest or just deceit in order to make the targeted victims inattentive. Therefore, first, the reader has to conceive that claims and reality are different matters as chalk and cheese.


5.) In a final step we will analyze whether ideology respectively the doctrines a "prophet" proclaimed are that contradictory programed so that among the adherents conflicts time-delayed and inevitably must break out  (because of those contradictions) and -- depending on the trait of the followers -- even will lead to bloodshed.

That means, conflicts of a sectarian or ideological organization that are apologized as degeneracy, incidents or misappropriation of the ideas of the "prophet" or the founder of an ideology can be the (programed) linchpin of the doctrine what the adherents refuse to admit and therefore contrive all sorts of apologies. For example, if a person is at odds with itself what it should claim to be, for example, just a simple human being, prophet, Messiah or even the “god” , then later on there likely will refine factions among the worshipers.

Very likely there will be one fraction claiming the human being, another one the prophet, the next one the Messiah, another one will claim deity for the instigator and perhaps a last one all of that and each will combat the others very fanatically and each one will reprimand the others to deprave the instigator’s tenets...  Then, those wars are no degeneracy, incidents or misappropriations of the instigator’s doctrines and tenets but the “prophet’s” shortcomings or even maliciousness.

I.e., "statements", “apologies“ and/or  “excuses” for inhumanities and barbarity are not only regarded as facts but also compared with other and/or similar "statements" of the context and are questioned whether or not they  tally with the logic of camouflaging, veiling and hiding defects or even wickedness.  


6.) Specifically pertaining to Christianity we will examine whether those “excuses” and “apologies” of barbarity additionally constitute a (further) contradiction to the Christian foul mouths’ "“god” ’s word". That means, here it is to examine if those “excuses” presuppose maxims that are quite the contrary of that what their ““god” ’s word” teaches pertaining to the relationship of deeds and mind. E.g., one cannot excuse one’s bestiality or depravity while worshiping a “god”  that told that one is to realize by one’s fruit -- and not by the original sin. According to that ““god” ” each deed is a revelation of one’s mind or trait not one of incidents and accidents. That means the parable that one can be known by one’s fruits.                 


Unlike current prevalent ideology that has chosen Karl Marx as its prophet that tries to excuse all human failures by social conditions (Karl Marx: human being is the ensemble of social conditions) and therefore excuse all failures and wickedness by social causes, Jesus thought quite reverse to be true. For Jesus each deed is a revelation of mind and by each deed, the trait of the concerned individual can be recognized. Therefore, if we realize that the Christian foul mouths’ claim and reality are incompatible we will not fake naivety of an alleged unfathomable   “will of “god” ” (“It has pleased the “god”  in his mysterious wisdom...) or accept the Christian foul mouths’ well-known excuses, e.g., "weakness of the flesh" “original sin" etc. 


Then we will start to make observations about the logic of deceit and evil and put the question if the deeds correspond to the logic of deceit by which those who tuned out badly want to get that by deceitful means what he does not gain by fair means. Well that means: Before we resort to the unfathomable will of “god”  when deeds irreconcilably collide with claims we will examine if the claims are wrong and or even hatched deceit. There is also logic of deceit and one always has to check if claims are just for the purpose of deception if deeds and claims are too divergent or even quite the reverse.  



 Therefore we will make hypothetically observations about the tenets of the devil (radical evil), i.e., what the “tenets” of a devil would be.  Was not the devil a former angel of “god”  that had left “god”  because he did not agree with “god”  who is first (that is “god” ) and who one of the last (that was the devil)? Because the devil wanted to change it, he left the “god” .  So we have hypothetically imagine what the “tenets” of such a being would like and then we will them compare with those of Jesus "Christ" of whom we all know that he also does not consent who are the first and who are the lastand who also wants to change that.


 E.g., would the devil hypothetically in favor of all successes of “god”  or nature’s creation or would the devil side with “god” ’s (or nature’s) failures of creation, i.e., with bodily and morally misshapen ones, with the crippled, the evil, the felons, the barbarians etc. That does not mean that one should not help a disabled one. Of course, one has to do that. However, that is not the matter in views of evil or the devil.  A devil logically would call those failures “god” ’s chosen ones he obsessively is besotted with and abuse them for his hatred and revenge…


After all, we will put the question if shrewd swindlers, deceivers, jugglers, Satan or satanic people posing as the “god”  would have secretes (“mysteries”) all over or not. Since when do swindlers have no secrets (“mysteries”) in view of the fact that the nature of deception is to bewilder the deceived (the victims) pertaining to the perpetrator’s real intentions? The Christian foul mouths and their magicians allegedly have worked many miracles. However, they did never assert   that a deception was without secrets (“mysteries”), yet. Can Christian barbarism be understood in this way?




4th :  the method of criminological investigation


In his treatise “The world as will and perception" German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer describes the nature of lying and deceit in the following manner:



“... since all guile and deceiving only can succeed that the one  perpetrating them  at the same time has to express abhorrence and contempt about them for  sneaking into others’ confidence. His victory is due to a credited  probity of his,  he doesn't have."[vii]


Strictly speaking, this quotation summarizes the method of criminological examination. An honest individual always has only one face, a deceiver always two, indeed:


1.     The one face what he is feigning to be in order to put across his victims, i.e., the mask and:

2.     The other is what was he really is, hidden behind his deceptive mask.


Therefore, not in the least we dispute that a Christian artist of lying and deceiving („Theo“-logian) can offer a lot of quotations from the chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") expressing quite the reverse than we are debunking here, i.e., in this case Jesus’ mask of  “love”, “humbleness”, “modesty”, “peaceableness” etc. instead of his instigations and perpetrations of violence. It is admitted to the Christian apologetics that Jesus has a fine mask of „love“, „charity“, „loving his enemies“, „truthfulness“, „meekness“, „modesty“ and „humbleness“ etc.. We can and mostly give us a miss demonstrating this mask because the Christian schmucks in frocks are used to presenting that mask of Jesus daily, if no hourly! However, the swindler and deceivers does not turn out by one face but by two! Jesus would be an honest man and his sect a respectable religion, if there would be only one face of theirs. Therefore, we have to scrutinize if there is a second face of Jesus "Christ" (and the Christian foul mouths) that is disseminating and instigating the reverse what is exhibited as dummy.


  Jesus confirms German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, i.e., his second face: 


Mt 12:29 RSV 

29 Or how can one enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man? Then indeed he may plunder his house

Mr 3:27 RSV

27 But no one can enter a strong man’s house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man; then indeed he may plunder his house.


"Jesus said, "It is not possible for anyone to enter the house of a strong man and take it by force unless he binds his hands; then he will (be able to) ransack his house." [viii]

Ex 20: 17 RSV

17 "You shall not covet your neighbor’s house; you shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his manservant, or his maidservant, or his ox, or his ass, or anything that is your neighbor’s.


Jesus advises his infamous schmucks (Christian) how to steal at best: At first, we have to do is to lull our victims into a false sense of security and to worm our way into our victims' confidence. Therefore are the Christian foul mouths' pertinences of " morals ", charity ", truths ", "fear of “god” ", " and suffering for the sins of the world „,“ vicarious atonement " serve this etc.. That means to present a fist face, a mask concealing their real traits and intents.


The victims of the Christian foul mouths' deceit shall not realize Jesus and his infamous schmucks as swindlers, liars, robbers, desperados, murderers and barbarians but repute them for "serpents and simple as the doves" (Mt 10:16). Otherwise, Jesus and his infamous schmucks (Christians) will be unable to get a good haul. If already the least mistrust emerges, Jesus and his infamous schmucks (Christians) rightly fear of getting the avalanche of debunking under way.


It is recommended to recall Schopenhauer’s realization when we get to deal with Jesus’ and the Christian foul mouths’ Trojan Horses, for example, “charity”, “truthfulness”, ““god” ’s love”, “enemies’ love”,  “vicarious sacrifices”,  “martyrdom” etc.:  Deceit always consists of faking the reverse of that what one is intending. If this does not happen then there is no deceit. The method of criminological investigation is the background of our treatise and starts from the following principles:

1st Each swindler deceives for the purpose of the advantage of his or her own or of his or her organization – and not for his, her or their disadvantage as Christian foul mouths apelike try conditioning others in believing so eagerly.

2nd The con man or swindler always fakes the reverse of that what he or she is intending and going to do - yes, even feigns dislike and -- if especially perfidious minded -- contempt and abhorrence with respect to that what he or she exactly is going to accomplish in order to outwit the victims by making them inattentive. At first, for a deceiver it is most important to get the targeted victims inattentive and making them believing that he or she is not capable of that what he or she is fully determined to do. The Christian foul mouths ridiculously seem to vow that all deceivers never would announce their deceptions and sorceries in advance but their golden calf (Jesus) at first would had declared to be going to swindle before starting to deceive... 

3rd That lies and hypocrisy never can be perfect and thus get into conflict with the remaining consistency of the words and deeds of the deceiver as well to the other (remaining) consistent world (being). Strictly speaking, each lie is a fabrication ("creation") of a new world that somewhere always and inevitably gets into conflict with the existing one.

4th   In these zones of conflict between lies, pretenses, hypocrisy on the one hand, and the consistency of the whole (remaining) world or being on the other hand, the liar can be convicted. The latter means, that the liar (deceiver) in some of the following links of its lies, e.g., in the second or twentieth etc. link of consequences, has to contradict him- or herself. The less intelligent the liar is the sooner he or she will contradict him- or herself. Each deceiver fails to see perfectly all the consequences of his or her lies. This does the sayings mean: Lies have short wings or truth will be out.

5th Afterwards the contradictions of the deceiver (liar) are to examine if they present (a second and competing) logical stringent version to the feigned “official” (lied) one. Here one has also to take into account that especially a brazen liar will use any lie in order to accomplish his or her goal.  

6th If members of a gang of terrorists and deceivers (wilfully) conspire to hide the truths and to tell untruths in order to profit by it -- what is the case concerning Christendo(o)m as we  already proved in our introduction --  then criminological investigators help themselves by separate interrogations of each of  the respective perpetrators. By means of the mutual inconsistency of the gang’s members testimonies the investigators get hereby, the interrogators become able   to find out the truths. Analogously we shall investigate the contradictions of each gospel writer or even eyewitnesses, for example, those ones of Matthew and John who both were disciples of Jesus and thus experienced all alleged or actual events, in order to find out the truths. More over we will compare the undisclosed with the disclosed ones and each gospel with the other one.


In another context, Jesus describes the tricks of always faking the opposite of that a deceiver, pardon , a Christian perfidious one intends in the following way:

Whoever wants to be master should sham the reverse as first rule of all deception, i.e., the most submissive servant, Jesus “advises”!


Mt 20:26-28  NRSV

26 It will not be so among you; but whoever wishes to be great among you must be your servant,
27 and whoever wishes to be first among you must be your slave;
28 just as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life a ransom for many." 


Lu 22:26 RSV

26  But not so with you; rather let the greatest among you become as the youngest, and the leader as one who serves



We (Christian) swindlers are used to deceiving always and consistently by faking the reverse of that what we really want. We (Jesus and the Christian the perfidious ) want to be the greatest, the despots, and human beings’ slaveholder that crucify the individuals. However, we (Jesus and the Christian the perfidious ) are used to feigning the reverse of it, i.e., to be ”devoted" "humble" and "modest" “servants ", who only have "charity" and “serving the next” in our mind. Therefore, we (Jesus and the Christian the perfidious ) reach our goal becoming a) slaveholder, despots of humankind and b) torturers as tormentors of revenge by outwitting our “beloved” next ones. Moreover, we are used to duping them by faking the opposite of that we (Jesus and the Christian foul mouths) have in our mind: By shamming, to be their slaves and servants so long until they have become unsuspicious regarding us (Jesus and the Christian foul mouths).


When we (Jesus and the Christian foul mouths) have wormed our way into our victims’ confidence and successfully lulled them into a false sense of security we are used to “fettering the house owners” -- as Jesus said -- and force them to be our slaves that are completely servile to us and to endure all torments and tortures we inflict on them. This we (Christians) succeed in doing so because our master of deceit (Jesus) “taught” us always faking the contrary of that we want to accomplish.  Each sly shark or blackguard knows it, too. The falseness has become second, yes even, first nature to those deceivers (Jesus and the Christian foul mouths), so that they are not used noticing any longer when they are hypocritical, deceitful, false or even when they are lying.


This psychology of lie and deception is because each lie is the creation of a (new) bogus world since is all matters of existence are coherent.  That is why there are never deceits and lies without contradictions to it. Another fact of this method is that Christian sects like any other sects of deceivers do not acknowledge reason or any rational argument and proof for verification of its doctrines because of hopelessness. Jesus knew that he and his fellow Christian foul mouths argue in that manner (of the alleged incompetence of knowledge and reason) just because they will not get caught as liars and deceivers.


 That was the only way of   defending his faking, his lies and his deceptions and those of his fellows. More over he knew and acknowledged that knowledge and not a conceited or fooled divine inspiration is the criteria of truth. That is why some chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") were kept secret. According to the secret book of James – the third man of Christianity (after Jesus and Peter) -- he said the following about knowledge that certainly would have put him to prosecution as heretic and burning at the stake by the warriors of his own in the Middle Ages:


“Thus it is also possible for you all to receive the Kingdom of Heaven: unless you receive it through knowledge, you will not be able to find it".[ix]



Marvel well: If you do not get the heaven by knowledge, you never will get it. That is telling to you your “god” . That means the Christian foul mouths’ allegation that their belief is beyond reason and knowledge is nothing else than a sneaky, slyly, perfidious, vile and spiteful lie and deceit in order to “protect” the rest of all their lies and deceiving.

More over, if the Christian foul mouths say that their “morale” obliges all individuals, what especially the Christian foul mouths so eagerly do, then they indirectly argue that all has to be verified by reason because otherwise one cannot force disbelievers to the standards of believers. Those are not the single contradictions of those liars! Here in this treatise, we will give evidence that Jesus knew that knowledge is the criteria of all truth and all allegations to ignore it by alleged divine inspiration etc. are just camouflages to veil lies, deceits and self-deceptions. 


That rogue and deceiver knew the truth from the very outset. However, it was too nice for him to be worship as the “god” … Dissembler of the truth, falsifiers of knowledge – what else one has to say about Jesus "Christ" and his fellow objectifications  of perfidy  (Christians)? This is saying Jesus to both of his most important warriors Peter – the alleged first pope – and James, his second most important fellow swine (“disciple”)! We are going to demonstrate now how perfidiously and furtively that terrorism faking a religion fakes the truth and falsifies knowledge – not only by that madness that their cesspool (“doctrines”) that are just lousy allegedly shall be beyond all knowledge. Some of these secret chronicles (Christians' cant: "gospels") obviously are kept secret because they contain too many truths (that are to falsify).  


Since all being and existence are coherent repulsiveness, falsehood, lies and hypocrisy of Jesus (and his under-slaveholders) even are provable from Jesus sayings itself or by the Christian doctrine of its own and not only by reason and knowledge, indeed because lies have short wings.


That is what we are going to demonstrate now. Not only will we judge Jesus and his fellows (Christians) by reason but also by the standards of his or of their own.  Therefore, if there is spoken about the devil in the following then it is not done because the author of this treatise suffers such an obsession like the objects of his investigations but because we will demonstrate that Jesus "Christ" even is the devil of the comprehension of his own as well as that one of his flock.  We will prove that all criteria he and the Christian doctrines name as that ones of the devil do match Jesus himself. Most of those descriptions the Christian foul mouths usually give for the devil as well fit Jesus. 


That is why we will talk about the devil as if we also believe in this bugaboo. Therefore, already now we can put the question: Would the devil or devilish monster appear to human beings admitting: Oh yes, I am a devil, I am a deceiver that wants to deceive everybody, and I want to get all human beings or as much as I can to be my slaves. Now, prostrate yourself at my feet and worship me as the "“god” ".  Would not  monster like that  feign to be ““god” ”, ““god” ’s son”, “men’s son” etc. revealing the truths to other (not accomplishing lies) and thus getting worshiped as the ““god” ”, in exchange? 

·       Did such a monstrosity exist?

·       Does such a monster sect already exist

 That means that the “tidings” of Jesus and the doctrines of his under-slaveholders (Christians) do not correspond only to rational terms of depravity but also to the alleged “supernatural” standards of their own. In this context, we will omit to examine if the Christian call matters that are below all nature and just lousy as supernatural. Precisely here is the proof that Jesus was a (deliberate) Pied Piper and not only an insane lunatic one.

What is a religion? Does each religion determine itself to be a religion or are there certain criteria one can judge a religion? We are going to give evidence that Jesus neither matches the criteria of a “god”  but of a deceiver and barbarian. Christianity is no religion or theism whereas, for instance, Islam or Judaism match the criteria as well of religion as well those of theism. In addition, Hinduism and Buddhism are religions. Whereas Jesus and/or Christendo(o)m is just a (barbaric)) totalitarianism (terrorism) exalting oneself to become slaveholder and abasing  mass of human being subservient as their slaves by faking methods of religion.

In chapters 6 of this treatise, it is demonstrated that Ancient Greek philosopher Parmenides (about 540 to 480 before CE) had already refuted the doctrines of theism, i.e., the existence of an (anthropomorphous) “god”  that is tripled in Christendo(o)m,  and that this refutation was the birth of philosophy. However,  Egyptian daily  laborer Jesus  never heard about such a philosopher and his doctrines and therefore he is fully "apologized" ...: Me, Jesus, I am  only “god”  of slaves and all depraved ones ... I nothing know... Me (Jesus) excuse, please… I deceive just can, no having knowledge of philosophy,   not necessary for a “god”  faking...  Excuse me, please! I (Jesus, faking the “god” )  substitute philosophy all by sorcery I good am very in it – excuse, me please… Here I (Jesus) present you my “profound knowledge” of "philosophy". Afterwards you will understand why I always tried to impress others by sorcery and wizardry:


“For the earth does not move. Were it to move, it would fall. But it neither moves nor falls... ”[x]


Oh my dear fellow objectifications  (incarnations)  of perfidy: I Jesus tell you that in the year 2002 a jerk of mine has become president calling me the greatest philosopher of planet Earth. Believe me, if I (Jesus) am the greatest philosopher on Earth that moron, mug, duffer and weak-minded simpleton is second greatest philosopher on Earth… Do not laugh, because finally I blessed myself and all my fools and fellows that are “poor in spirit” (see: Mt 5:3).  Whoever does not believe so that one will eternally burn at the stake in hell…! Those are the “divine” knowledge of a barbarism and the planet’s most despicable and repulsive terrorism as well as sect… 

That is the Christian foul mouths’ “god” ! Education and knowledge were  not the subject and line of Jesus, the Christian foul mouths' “god” . By his sorcery (black magic), Jesus just wanted to veil his lack of philosophical intellectual ability and education. However, more about this, later on! The devil is a projection of those ones who profess him.  This concept and the mechanism of projection will be explained at a detail. Projections are as well important as well concealed in Christianity.

One could call Jesus a master of projections. Repulsiveness, malice, wickedness and  depravity, i.e. perfidy of Jesus and his under-slaveholders will be demonstrated by the doctrines of their own – not only by that ones of reason.


Concerning the purported "wonders", we are going to demonstrate that not only the author of this treatise but also death penalty convicted barbarian (Jesus) himself sometimes said that miracles stand for deceit.  However, we admit that sometimes the liar said quite the contrary. In so far, we are able to provide evidence that this deceiver knew himself to be a swindler (Pied Piper) and is not only reputed that  by the author.

Therefore, from the Christian foul mouths’ and Jesus’ own doctrines and not only by the history of  Christendo(o)m itself it is verifiable as a barbarism of planetary extend.   We do not solely need to oppose reason to  that sophisticated black magic of deceit. Regarding certain views of that sophisticated black magic of deceit,  we further  will explain  it  in  detail  in order to illustrate how masterly Jesus handled it .

Therefore, we can summarize:

Scrutinizing if it is about a deceit respectively a deceiver, we can spare to list all the nice proverbs and sayings of the deceiver or to mention all the sorts of "chalk" the wolf has eaten, as the Germans are used to saying. The deceiver turns out by two faces and therefore we just have to scrutinize if there is a second face of Jesus (and the Christian foul mouths) that is in contrast with the mask of feigning "love". That is necessary but all we have to do





5th : Concerning  Quotations 


It is indeed ridiculous  for an intelligent and educated human being to emphasize the following  but here it is about a slavery rampaging in the religious area. If here somebody is quoted that does not mean that the author agrees with the entire philosophy of the quoted one but only a) within in the respect he or she is quoted, b) if in the context of the quotation consent is uttered and c) only defined for the  limits  of the quotation. It is no scholarly procedure -- probably however a Christian venomous one -- either to adore a quoted one as an idol or damning him or her as devil. If we here, for example, quote  philosophers like Nietzsche or Schopenhauer then we do agree with them only regarding the quotation, not however with their total work, not even to their fundamental ideas.

That is the difference between a scientific procedure and that one of Christian reverence of slaveholders that mostly is passed off as worshiping of saints… We read treatises with respect to  what is usable of it, those however,  how they can set  lies, myths and manias instead of life, reality and humanity. 

A  scientist can absolutely be mistaken in principle, however despite being mistaken in that way he can achieve much new knowledge so to speak as side effects of his research.  This fact one also has to take into account. For instance,  the author of this treatise thinks Egyptian philosopher  Plotinus, (205 - 270 CE) to be the greatest thinker of humankind. His most prominent student was Greek philosopher Porphyry (232-304 CE) who is repeatedly quoted here.    However, I esteem Plotinus' perception about the aim and meaning  of  life as an introverted sexuality and thus consequently completely bizarre. I never would do as he advises to do and I never would recommend somebody to do so.

However, being mistaken in some regards does not mean being completely mistaken or even a Pied Piper. Nevertheless, many bizarre ideas of Plotinus  do not block my clear head what Plotinus has contributed to the history of philosophy. We do not venerate anything but the truth and the contributions that had been achieved for it, regardless of status.      

Moreover, as already Plotinus' student Porphyry had nothing in mind but the truths when he wrote his book against Jesus’ and the Christian terrorism.  Porphyry’s book was the first one  debunking  Simon Peter as murderer on Early Christian foul mouths and the first book that  Christian barbarism burnt  (later this abominable   sect burnt human beings).

There is nothing but the truth I have in mind and I feel to be obliged  by writing this treatise. I am no angel but much more, yes incomparably  better than those perfidious, infamous, spiteful, vile  and venomous Christian foul mouths and too intelligent to be fooled by that “immortal blemish on humankind” (Nietzsche). There is no right fluttering around an imagination of the  “god”   while making the conspecifics subservient as ones slaves and getting them down kissing one's rings.

Christendo(o)m  is (concealed) trickery how to  enslave  conspecifics at any, even any price by feigning a  religion and faking the “god” . It is the only major known sect or  barbarism that made one of its warriors a shamming “god” . There is no human right of deceiving and enslaving. There is no (human) right of perpetrating barbarity in the disguise of “god” , the saints, angels, devil and/or religion.



6th : The method of presentation


Already quoted German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer continues regarding the nature of lying and deceiving:


"The grave abhorrence  guile, perfidy and betrayal are used to  arousing  everywhere are due to  the fact that  trust  and probity are the ties associating the will of  individuals being splintered  into  multiplicity again towards unity from the outside and hereby restrict the results  of egotism emerging the from that fragmentation. Perfidy and betrayal destroy this latter outer bond and thus make the consequence of egotism off limits[xi]


We are now going to produce evidence that under pretense of „morals“, „charity“, „love“ and other fair concepts by Jesus and his Christian barbarism all morals become annihilated  and absolute egoism is practiced – while feigning  utmost and topmost morals. Those concepts and morals are weapons like Trojan Horses of the Christian foul mouths’ (or Jesus’) social war on humankind.  Destroying  by faking -- is the Christian barbarism's concealed slogan! 

Due to that annihilation of all morals while intensively  shamming them, the Christian foul mouths’ unique history of barbarity never can be  outdone  by  other dark organizations, for example the Nazis, Stalinism or any other terrorism on earth.  In this context it is to recall that by their anti-Semitism based on camouflaged hatred, vindictiveness and spite the Christian foul mouths were substantial warriors to the utmost repulsive barbarity of the Nazis, namely to the holocaust. Almost all Nazis were paying and praying members of Christian sects.  Regarding their barbarity, Christian foul mouths proceed very cannily, i.e., very deceitfully.  At first, they claim all good terms feigning to keep them, e.g.,  morals, truth, love, “god”  (Trojan Horses) etc.   -- all those that concepts that are highly esteemed by human beings. They corrupt them  by attributing them meanings according to their unprincipled, ruthless and unscrupulous egoism at any price, i.e., by bogus labeling. At first, the  Christian foul mouths use to place Trojan Horses on the right spots and then and only then they set to work. 

Most notions handled by Christian foul mouths often have the reverse meaning they truly have and are reputed to have. Thus and then exterminated all arguments one  can oppose to their barbarity and atrocities -- only after that, they set  to work perpetrating all their barbarity and atrocities. Insidious Jesus says that one  firstly  has to bind the owner  before setting to work stealing his house or goods so that the robbed one cannot defend him when being robbed.  Again: At first, they must have placed all  their Trojan Horses on the right places and then the set to work. That is Christian sly, furtive, perfidious, sneaky and depraved “science”. That means (Christian) barbarity or atrocities are only successful if they are  introduced by almost perfect deceit:  



Mt 12:29 RSV

29   Or how can one enter a strong man's house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man? Then indeed he may plunder his house.

Mr 3:27 RSV

27   But no one can enter a strong man's house and plunder his goods, unless he first binds the strong man; then indeed he may plunder his house.  




In this manner terms of morals, truth, forgiveness, love, charity, “god” , devil etc. become conceptually occupied (manipulated)  by furtive Jesus and his (Christian) barbarism so that they do not become disturbed or even impeded when practicing  infinite, mad and ruthless egoism  or perpetrating their barbarity or atrocities. That what one has and will object to the Christian foul mouths’  malice and repulsiveness they have stolen (by their Trojan Horses) in advance – that is the way the Jesus  barbarian and his Christian warriors bind their victims in advance.  Let us illustrate this by an example the Christian foul mouths admit to have happened. You read correctly: The following report is not contrived by me but is contents of the Christian “god” ’s (or better:) devil’s word:



Ac 5:1-10 RSV

1 ¶ But a man named Ananias with his wife Sapphira sold a piece of property,

 2  and with his wife's knowledge he kept back some of the proceeds, and brought only a part and laid it at the apostles' feet.

 3  But Peter said, "Ananias, why has Satan filled your heart to lie to the Holy Spirit and to keep back part of the proceeds of the land?

 4  While it remained unsold, did it not remain your own? And after it was sold, was it not at your disposal? How is it that you have contrived this deed in your heart? You have not lied to men but to “god” ."

 5  When Ananias heard these words, he fell down and died. And great fear came upon all who heard of it.

 6  The young men rose and wrapped him up and carried him out and buried him.

 7  After an interval of about three hours his wife came in, not knowing what had happened.

 8  And Peter said to her, "Tell me whether you sold the land for so much." And she said, "Yes, for so much."

 9  But Peter said to her, "How is it that you have agreed together to tempt the Spirit of the Lord? Hark, the feet of those that have buried your husband are at the door, and they will carry you out."

10     Immediately she fell down at his feet and died. When the young men came in they found her dead, and they carried her out and buried her beside her husband.  



What has happened? The young Christian barbarism needs money. That is to acquire. The new members -- at the same time victims as well as perpetrators -- are exploited. Each one must hand over its whole fortune of the young Christian terrorism. When joining the Christian terrorism one has  become  helpless slaves of that terrorism because the new members thus became destitute and lost any (financial) means and ways to leave that terrorism.

Because of their now accomplished destitution,  they completely depend on  the Christian terrorism’s mercy – slaves as if sentenced to  death. Once and for all Peter -- the new boss and first  Christian foul mouths’ pope – makes it clear. Some like Ananias and Saphira – members of the Early Christian community -- do not want completely  depending  on the mercy of Christian sect’s new chieftain slaveholder.  they want to leave themselves a way out of that barbarism or terrorism by holding back some of their (not the Christian terrorism’s!) money.

However, the new boss of the sect – slaughterer Peter  -- was already conditioned into a “world” of concepts (Trojan Horses)  by one of his warriors they lifted up to their “god”  that all who are chosen by that barbarism’s  “god”  possess  all in the world. In other words:  not the stealing ones but the robbed ones are committing crimes and  sins…  Those furtive and depraved mad objectifications of perfidy are conditioned by their fellow (“god” or Jesus)  that all advantages are for those ones that worship him as the “god” , in return.

 Therefore, the Christian barbarians  possess all and their slaves nothing. Thus, Christian thieves do not steal while  stealing  others’  houses or acres but the robbed ones  steal…  Therefore, the Christian terrorism does not  rob their members if  demanding to hand over  their entire  fortune. Only  the members  that do not comply with the doctrines about possession of this barbarism in favor of its chief  and under slaveholders “plunder” the Christian swineherds …! In addition, if a Christian slaveholder – like murderer Peter –  murders someone else – even a member of the barbarism -- than not Peter but the terrorist  the Christian foul mouths lifted up to their ““god” ” – murders. 

 However, because they claim their warrior and terrorism leader Jesus was “god”  they often succeed to lead others up the garden path that their barbarity and atrocities have to be out of discussion. That is they way (Trojan Horse) those Christian robbers bind their victims before they plunder them.  However, we do not only discuss the barbarity of the warrior the Christian foul mouths lifted up to their “god”  – who promised all to them in exchanged being worshiped as the “god”  – but here, we both unmask him and them.

The Christian foul mouths even do not stop at the concept or the idea of “god” .  Therefore, the most unscrupulous among them – the gang’s most scoundrel, swindler and rogue – is lifted up to their “god”   and  thus “god”  tool of Christian foul mouths’  deceiving, swindling, murders and other barbarity. In Christianity “god”  is a mean to fetter the victims before the Christian desperadoes (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) start stealing them, i.e., making them for one’s subservient slaves.


Morals are adjust ed to their unscrupulous  and boundless egoism of the “handmade” concocted ““god” ”   -- the most unscrupulous one among those scoundrels, swindlers and terrorists – and his “chosen ones” that are promised to keep all things of world (as the devil promised it to his obvious son Jesus),  just in exchange to one price: Worshiping that bastard and rogue (devil or Jesus) as the ““god” ”.

 Therefore, the Christian foul mouths’ "“god” " promises everything but really everything, if he is worshiped as the “god” … Like Satan modeled it to Jesus "Christ" in the desert! Conspicuously, the attributes of the Christian foul mouths’ “god”  Jesus strikingly coincide with those ones of the devil – and this on the top of all, quite according to the Christian foul mouths’ doctrines of their own!

In this way, the Christian foul mouths thoroughly poison the lives of all with all, thoroughly.  in so far,  Jesus (or the Christian foul mouths) usurp the “keys of knowledge”  by blocking any cognition  of them to those ones that trustworthy want to get and they hinder anybody to realize those term by libeling them or even killing them because they only can lose by knowledge – all those advantages versus their opponent conspecifics  their concocted “god”  promised them in return of worshiping him.

Everybody  going to  church should know, that the place on that he is sitting or kneeling at least is accomplished  by one murder of Christian terrorism.  In Christendo(o)m  even “god”  is nothing else than a Trojan Horse (just a weapon) to outwit one’s next they sham to love. 

However, a sly, furtive and perfidious rogue is always resourceful in helping himself. Jesus and  Christendo(o)m  are calumny for all social togetherness. He always uses to blame someone else – his  rivals, his foes – for all the  maliciousness, faults, spite and evil of his own. In psychology such a behavior is called projection.  His warriors will imitate this behavior,  afterwards. Those projections are his most efficient machine in order to produce that "counterfeit money" he is “donating”.  


Lu 11:52 RSV

52 "Woe to you lawyers! for you have taken away the key of knowledge; you did not enter yourselves, and you hindered those who were entering."    


Barbarians  try to pass off themselves as saints by projecting their trait, misdeeds, and barbarity on others. Here, in this special case  Jesus  preferably projected  his entire demonic and devilish mind  on the Jews -- especially on the Pharisees.  The most Pharisees are: Jesus, the popes, the Christian clergies, the Christian foul mouths at all but not the Jewish clergies called Pharisees. The one that wanted to be a “god”  understandably saw all the other to be phony, conceited, arrogant and megalomaniac but himself… therefore,  projection becomes a fundamental component of our investigation.

 Without projection no barbarian, no deceiver and no hypocrite can exist.  Projections are the self-condemnation of the evil. This perfidy is practiced always and always again  by Jesus and his Christian foul mouths. The evidence that he is exactly doing that what he is blaming others to do is produced by one  the Christian foul mouths’ undisclosed gospel where there is related that  he passes on that sham keys – that "counterfeit money" he is paying himself and all his warriors  --  to Peter who just is convicted of murdering twice:  


Mt 16:19  RSV

19 “I (fiend Jesus) will give you (murder Peter) the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."  


This is precisely the “counterfeit money” of the Mafiosi sect! Jesus is just doing what he is blaming others  – Jesus the topmost dissembler of all topmost hypocrites! Because, if he would not fancy  having seized  those " keys "  he never would  had thought  being able to pass them on.

Of course, one euphemistically  could also describe the common atrocity  of the Christian foul mouths and the  Nazis -- the holocaust – in the following way:

“There was a common conviction that  the Jews are in need of a final solution. Never  Almost all Jews were that close together.  By a great deal of energy, dedication and charity they were brought together from all over Europe and gathered in special camps. Never before, almost all Jews living in Europe were that closed one another.

In specific facilities installed for their communities they associated in numbers that are unimaginable  regarding our nuclear families of today. Finally a death of deliverance was granted to almost all of the Jews. They did not got death by  pyre, not  fettered or nailed at a stake etc. as the Christian usually did regarding those who were superior to them but received a quick death in quite a few minutes. What kind of agonies so many dying ones have to suffer when dying in our hospitals of today? “

In such a humanity despising  way an unprincipled character could describe the most repulsive murderers and enormity of the 20th century -- the genocide on our Jewish fellow citizens, too. However, that is the euphemistic way the Christian foul mouths want to gloss over the history  of their own -- their barbarity, enormities, atrocities etc. until to today. Whoever does not do so  is reviled as doing it from the subjective  or “evil” point of view.  Many non-Christian even think that way because they cannot imagine that the beastliness past comprehension became true in that barbarism.  Therefore,  we have another understanding of objectivity and do perceive it in quite  a different way than Christian clergies or Mafiosi – that is the same – are used to conditioning their slaves or “shepherd-dogs”.


Oh yes, Jesus allegedly shall have nothing to do with the Christian  sect’s barbarity?  However, he knew it better: " You shall recognize them by their fruits”, he said. And you  --  Christian clergies, Christian swineherds, Christian slaves, Christian shepherd dogs -- did he ever order not to apply this correct cognition  to you,  to his sect,  to all the Christian Mafiosi or even  to himself? Everybody is invited to produce evidence that he did so!

Here, we do nothing else but recognizing the Christian foul mouths and their “god”  each by each fruits. Furthermore, we will prove that the barbarism's  “god”  (Jesus) does advance all this warriors regarding lies, falsehood, hypocrisy, sorcery, crimes and barbarity. In order to outwit the next, their conspecifics,  the Christian lifted up a fellow swine  to  the  “god”  of their own and thus faking advantages in daily terrorism they do not have, e.g., being “god” ’s preferred ones. They use to do this by rigorous conditioning  of the individuals – which that way  become their slaves – so that they really believe the  "counterfeit money" of their chief warrior (Jesus) to be real "money"… That is the way each Christian becomes a "counterfeit money millionaire"...



7th : The measure you give will be the measure you get


Anyway, there is  only one alternative: Either, Jesus is “god”  or the most abominable (psycho-)terrorist, the most abomination, the most abhorrent creep and crook that ever existed and will exist and that had  two legs. Tertium non datur -  there is no third.  Jesus is no “god”  but death penalty convict that perpetrated the felony of high treason that is punishable by death even in all Christianly enslaved countries of today. However, the barbarity for  which he became sentenced and that was already judged to be worthy of  death penalty was one of the least atrocities he perpetrated. Therefore, the rest is already said. His success is due to a paragon of deceiving: Because no average individual can imagine that sly, sneaky, spiteful, base, low-minded, scurvy, furtive abyss of depravity he accomplished.


·        Liars and perpetrators of the perjury are bad. However, the worst are such liars  and perjurers that even  fake dying  for the truths. 

·        Infamous people are bad. However,  most repugnant and most detestable are those infamous ones that even  sham their malice as  charity.

·        Egotists are bad. However worst, most repulsive and  most detestable are such egotists that feign to be modest and humble. 

·        Power-voracious ones are bad. However,  the most disgusting are those that simulate their greediness for power as serving others.

·        Slaveholders are bad. However worst and most detestable are those slaveholders feigning to be  “good shepherds” and passing off the  prison of  their slaves as freedom. 

·        Murderers are bad. However, the worst are those murderers shamming to be  martyrs.  

·        Perpetrators of genocides like  Hitler are bad. However the worst, the most detestable are those perpetrators of genocides shaming to be saints, yes a “god”  like the Christian foul mouths and Jesus do.

·        Demonic or diabolical people are bad.  However the abyss of all infamy impersonates that devil that wants to be worshiped as the “god”  and is called Jesus (Satan’s) Christ.  


Those are the Christian foul mouths and their chieftain Jesus worshiped as their ““god” ”! By such hypocrisy, malice, vileness, low-down tricks, and depravity --  by  this poison the most primitive forms of any good social togetherness of folks  are trampled down. I cannot but repeat: This barbarism disguised as religion is a calumny to humankind.

A society  never can exist with the Christian barbarism and their faking “god”  Jesus but  despite that sect and in spite of that depravity of faking “god” ... 

Here  I am writing about the largest and most repulsive crime that ever occurred  on our planet and possibly in the whole universe. I am not willing to play  it down, extenuate  or even  to gloss over it. Whoever does so become fellow swine of the crimes of that barbarism and that barbarian faking the “god” . I call  things by their  names if the Christian foul mouths can bear the truth or not.   Finally  did not their chief slaveholder and gangster already tell them?:  


Mt 7:2 RSV

2  “For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and the measure you give will be the measure you get.”    


Let us rub our eyes, roll up our sleeves and let us get cracking to do it.

  Oh, yes - above all, do not let us forget that according to Jesus we are damned not at all, if we outwit that sly brute by an equal level of shrewdness:


"Jesus said, 'Fortunate is the man who knows where the brigands will enter, so that he may get up, muster his domain, and arm himself before they invade.'"  [xii]


That is exactly what we want to do and that is what we are going to do now. This is also why this writing may appear to some folks as a scripture from another star. We know where the robber called Jesus and his brigands (Christians) will enter and break into our house!



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[v] It is known to us that the Christian foul mouths always try to ruin their competitors and rivals if a member of them perpetrated any misdemeanor, offence or crime. However, they furiously refuse to apply the same measurement to them. Then the Christian foul mouths are used to alleging that this measure is only to apply to others but not to them...  This is much known to us. Applying the same measurement to them all of a sudden was sheer hatred on the Christian foul mouths… In addition, there are folks contesting that “miracles” happen in this Christian sect…

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