Preliminaries , Part: 1, Section: 2

Christianity the attempt at the perfect crime

Method and Extend of the Investigation As well  Definitions of Concepts


Walking into the traps of the Objektivationen  of Perfidy?


Debunking  Jesus and the Christians in what Manner?


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I see, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christians' cant: Jesus "Christ") was Messiah (Greek: Christos). The evidence for that purportedly is given by the Bible (Christians' cant: "Old Testament") since he allegedly matches all the features that are told, there. This means that the Bible (Christians' cant: "Old Testament") so-to-speak is Christian law of "authorization" to fob a fellow of theirs off as "god" or "god's son" and exalt themselves as "shepherd" and abase others to be their pets (Christians' cant: sheep).  Since, Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera purportedly matches all the features of the Messiah that are predicted by the prophets of Judaism, Christians have the right to conquer the world in the name of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christians' cant: Jesus "Christ") (see 1Joh 5:4).


Now, let us have a look what the concerned Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera tells about this "law of authorization" playing "god" of a planet:




Lu 24:24-25 NRSV

25 Then he said to them, "Oh, how foolish you are, and how slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have declared!

26 Was it not necessary that the Messiah should suffer these things and then enter into his glory?"





Joh 10: 8 NRSV

All (prophets) who came before me (Jesus) are thieves and bandits..." 


 Oh yeah, I see only fools believe in that what the prophets have spoken - the prophet that shall provide evidence for him purportedly being Messiah (Greek: Christos) and allegedly even "god"...! Is not is foolish to trust in thieves and bandits? Therefore, do not blame Christians' self-made "god" Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christians' cant: Jesus "Christ") to be erroneous...!


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The prophets shall prove that the impostor was Messiah (Greek: "Christ") and therefore, ruler of planet Earth...! I see, the evidence for Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christians' cant: Jesus "Christ") for faking to be Messiah (Greek: Christos) are thieves and bandits.  Do not make me laugh about this "honesty", "humbleness" and "truthfulness"!  Whoever refers to thieves and bandits for arguing and proving the mission of his own,  only can be a thief and bandit, himself.  I expressively reject that the Jewish prophets are to call as such but I say that that Yehoshua-Ben-Pandera here perpetrates a psychological projection, i.e. he dishes depravity and criminality of his own on others (his competitors, rivals and enemies).  This blather does not differ from the foul mouth and foul play Christian Mafia later libel, denounce and torture the heretics. His henchmen only emulate Joh 10:8 when burning the heretics at the stakes wile being alive.


Christian hypocrites and foul mouths do not make me laugh when complaining about the manner of derision and contempt we refute and debunk planet Earth's most organized crime! As long as you are impertinent and perfidious enough as to call the prophets of the Bible (Christians' cant: Old Testament) to be thieves and bandits everybody has the right to measure you according to your own scripture as dregs of humankind or Mafiosi, respectively, Mafia... As long as you are that  perfidious as to palm that impertinence off as "god's word" even according to the Christians' fake of "god's word"  ((see: Mt 7:2, Mr 4:24, Lu: 6:38) I have to right to call your faking "god" to be :


Lord Muck n' Schmuck,

Puking mud n' mire,

All the felons and Mafiosi admire!


Christian hypocrites, do not make me laugh!


How could it be else? Demonstrably the problem exists as long as there is Christian sect.




Definitely, some individuals being not hostile to criticism on Christianity might say that, of course, one can find fault with Christianity. However, they could complain about harsh terms like, for instance, underhand foul players’ sect, felons, felons’ sect, religious Mafiosi, felons’ „god“ etc.
Such criticism on our criticism of this sect assumes something that is not given, in this context. Those people think that principally Christianity is all right. Believing in it only is a matter if one believes in god or not. Hereby, nature of Christian sect and what it is about becomes hidden and/or veiled. Christians – not those who are hoodwinked by them – craftily, insidiously and perfidiously do so to avoid speaking about that they should do. Evil is most effective as long as the victims fail to recognize and thus misjudge it. Nobody knew this better than Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus “Christ”)!


Presupposing religion to be honest and thus to argue in a respectable manner   could be applied to other religions, like, for instance, to Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism or Islam but not to Christian sect. Therefore, we already want to make it clear that our debunking of Christian sect, e.g. of  Christian “love”, “truths”, “commitment to one’s next” does not mean that each religion is to judge the same way, viz,  to be hypocritical, mendacious, perfidious and to perpetrate other sorts of  foul play. Already German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) expressed himself in that way.[1]



 Christian foul players always complained about the contemptible and ridiculing manner of those critics seeing through the deceits of theirs. Already Early Christian Origin (185 – 254) reproached ancient Greek philosopher Celsus (about the year 178!) with jesting and ridiculing Christian sect. Celsus examined the “miraculous” allegations about Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus “Christ”) and his (Christian) sect by interrogating then Jews. 



 „For when he (Celsus) ought seriously to apply himself to argument, he leaves serious argument aside, and betakes himself to jesting and buffoonery, imagining that he is writing mimes or scoffing verses; not observing that such a method of procedure defeats his purpose, which is to make us abandon Christianity and give in our adherence to his opinions, which, perhaps, had they been stated with some degree of gravity, would have appeared more likely to convince, whereas since he continues to ridicule, and scoff, and play the buffoon, we answer that it is because he has no argument of weight (for such he neither had, nor could understand) that he has betaken himself to such driveling."[2]



Evidently, this problem exists since Christianity came into existence.

German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) is completely right when saying:



The critic of Christianity cannot evade the necessity of making Christianity contemptible."[3]




Why? Here, „the sick needing a physician“ (according to the „god“ of their own, namely Lu5:31) desire to pose as „salt of the earth“ (Mt 5:13), „light of the world“ (Mt 5:14) or even as  „city on the mountain“ (ibidem). Here, individuals being unable to bare the truths according to their own “god’s word” (see: Joh 16:12) even feign to wither for the truths …! My word!   This necessarily causes ludicrousness or permanent carnival, all over.


Right now, pertaining to one point we already want to make clear that debunking Christian sect does not mean to make Christians abandon from their sect but to unveil Christian sect’s (underhanded) lies, perfidious deceits, insane self-deception, unscrupulous crimes, infamous barbarities, in short:  abominable foul play. The only purpose is to separate the Christian foul players from their victims. Everything else would mean that Christians are good-hearted and reasonable folks open to truths, ethics, and reason. They eagerly feign to do so but feeling to be called by Jesus “Christ” indeed simultaneously  means to abandon honesty, decency, truthfulness, ethics and even god (by a mock-up “god” called Jesus “Christ”) and living a lie  as well  deceiving others as oneself.


Early Christian Origin thoroughly misunderstood Celsus. Whoever does not  turn away from truths to spoofs, from reason to lies and deceits, from honesty to unscrupulousness and from decency to foul play, that one – provided he is not suffering from imbecility --  never will worship Jesus “Christ” and his accomplices (“good shepherds”) as his “god” or, respectively   his “reverends” 

Depravity on the one hand   and/or  imbecility, stupidity and goofiness making the individual unable to see through deceits and spoofs on the other hand, that  is what makes a Christian to become  Christian. Mostly it is due to a mixture of both.


Here it is not about arguing or questioning a kind of philosophy or religion but to debunk an organized crime and/or religious Mafia! Trying to convince Christian “good shepherds” about Christian foul play and abomination would mean  the same as to persuade a liar stop lying, a deceiver to refrain from deceiving and/or a Mafioso to abstain from perpetrating  his profitable crimes and felonies …  The latter is what Christian foul players want and in  “morals” (“love”, “truths”, “god” etc.) Christians are only interested as they serve the purpose to make their perfidy, infamy, foul play, and/or abomination unassailable.


What did German philosopher Johann Gottlieb Fichte (1762 -1814) say to this topic?



"Hence, it is no wonder  that  after bogus "nature" has become  nature to us,  nature seems to be bogus "nature"  and after having  beheld  all things upside down at first, we are used to thinking  that  things that are righted  are inverse."[4] 



Indeed, due to insistent conditioning starting already before being able to speak, e.g. by baptism, Christians deem the lunacy of theirs to be sane and the healthiness of their adversaries to be madness. For instance, despite Christians’ “god’s” word is witnessing that Christians are “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31), Christians are cocksure that those, who reject their sect are “the sick needing a physician” … They do not notice that hereby they indirectly and inadvertently belie that what they call “god’s word” …! That is why bogus and conceited “nature” of theirs has become nature to them!


·     Foul play and especially perfidy this Christian sect has been perpetrating from its very outset and its very principle,

·     the cunning way how this Christian sect  veils abominable mendacity, insidiousness, infamy and barbarities defying description and even passing everything of that off as „moral sacrifice“ for the „sins of the world“


is just bogus beyond belief and cannot be expressed by words. Due to conditioning  and brainwashing starting  already when the victims are  babies, this abomination is regarded as its opposite, viz,  as revered „morals“, „love“,  „truths and as “commitment to one’s neighbor” and even as one to bog, pardon,  “to god”…! Therefore, it happens that „the sick needing a physician“ (see: Lu 5:31) do not deem themselves to be the sick but those ones rejecting their stupidity, goofiness and foul play, although their “infallible” “god’s word” is witnessing it …! This “revelation” of all standards, this putting upside down and downside up, viz, passing the sick off as „healthy“ ones, truths as „lies“, hatred as „love“, evil as „good“ or Satan as „god“, the lastfor the „first“ ones and mostly vice very, that is what this hypocrisy, mendacity, deceit and foul play on human beings and humanity of (bestiality of) Christianity is about!


Christianity is bestiality! Those, who complain off the contemptible way in which the author of this treatise is arguing on this crime first should produce evidence that it is no criminality and secondly should complain about the way investigation on it is pointed out.


 Spoken in terms of a penal code, Christianity   is an organized crime duping the world for the selfishness of those disseminating it. The latter speak about “god” in order to become worshipped like god by those they succeed to take in. This organized crime cannot be persecuted since those who should do this also belong with this organized crime.

Religiously spoken, Christianity is an abomination to god (see: De 21:23).


Philosophically spoken, Christianity is joke people are trained to take with a straight face. Taking Christians’ ridiculous drivel as “serious” means being also a criminal striving for the (almost) perfect crime or a goof n’ fool.


If somebody wants to object that the manner, in which we write on Christianity differs from other philosophers on Christianity, then he takes advantage of Christian crimes, in particular, of Christian crime of murder and mass-murder on those rejecting this organized crime faking a religion.  Indeed, that is what the Christian predators wanted to achieve: By killing adversaries and enemies having “refuted” the truths against Christianity… People are murdered but the hereby repressed truths on this murdering Mafia  stays!


For instance, as far as we still are keeping debunking scriptures on this organized crime from ancient times like, for example, the just quoted one of Celsus (about the year 178) or that on or ancient Roman Emperor Julian (332-363), the Christian erased those expressions and passages calling the matter by its name. For instance, concerning Emperor’s revelation on this religious Mafia Wilmer Cave Wright writes in his introduction to the fragments of Emperor Julian’s scripture “Against the Galilees”:


“In the fifth century (Christian) Cyril of Alexandria regarded the treatise (of Julian ‘Against the Galilees’) as peculiarly dangerous, and said that it had shaken many believers… Moreover, he (Christian Cyril of Alexandria) says that he omitted invectives (of Emperor Julian) against Christ and such matter as might contaminate the minds of Christians. We have seen that a similar mutilation of the letters occurred for similar reasons.”[5]



In  Christianly enslaved countries Christianity is regarded to be honest because Christian sect -- perfidiously feigning to be “martyrs” of the “truths” -- ruthlessly and unscrupulously murdered each who had the ability to unveil planet earth’s most organized crime, if Christian Mafiosi successfully provided impunity for themselves. However, they could not murder everybody.  In addition,  those objectifications of the trinity of depravity, perfidy and criminality manipulated and mutilated the scriptures debunking abomination of this religious organized crime.  Hence, if the manner of this exposition on this sect differs from that of unbiased philosophers, it is only because the Christians removed those parts, in which the philosophers told the matter by its name!


Consequently, Christians -- complaining about the purported uniquely disdainful manner they are debunked, here -- just take advantage of Christian criminality, i.e. crimen quod maius cogitari non potest (a crime one cannot think more).  The author neither honors criminality nor imbecility.


Saying it unambiguously, Christianity is no religion but an organized crime for the selfishness, in particular of those disseminating it, that wants to make itself unassailable by faking a “religion” and feigning “god” as an accomplice of it.


The author of this treatise expressively rejects to bow to religious Mafiosi and to keep a straight face to their concocted, contrived and fabricated jokes by which they want to submit the goofs n’ fools to their selfishness (thieves’ cant: “humbleness”, “meekness” and “modesty”)!


Those jokes necessarily come into being if Mafiosi and other sorts of utmost mendacious and perfidious impostors want to fake “great philosophers”, i. e. if the lastpose as the “first ones”…   


The author of this exposition writes in a way that is due to the matter (Christian sect).  Writing in an honest manner about this crime -- one cannot think to be more (with concocted felon “morals” and a fabricated felon “god”) -- either is perfidious and infamous or imbecile.





  Recently I watched a TV report about the methods Christians try imposing the insanity of theirs on the last native pagans in Africa. Even this foul play they do it is bogus beyond and criminal belief.  


Christian perfidy faces the native ones by presenting them horror picture presenting bogies that want to torture them how Christian want their adversaries and enemies be tormented in hell … The African governments do not try protecting their fellow countrymen against those unscrupulous and infamous  Christian rogues and brutes. Each businessperson trying to succeed in that way would be jailed. Christians can do their crimes on humanity with impunity.


Those Christian rogues do not care in the least that the pagans’ belief is useful to them, e.g., keeps their large families together and that the drug of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (Christian jargon: Jesus "Christ") generally is followed by alcoholism – and due to crazy Christian anti-sexualism – even by prostitution! However, if one attacks Christianity  in already Christianly enslaved countries, those perfidious Christian ones come up with all those arguments they and their Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka: Jesus “Christ”)  do not care in the least (see: Lu 14:26)  if it is about making pagans to be Christian slaves …


What matters to Christians is only the fact having made some more slaves and having achieved another step forward to conquer the world.



Each Christian presuming to contradict this investigation about his sect should know that he is a Christian sect’s member because his ancestors became menaced by Christian „missionaries“ in a same heinous manner, if not in a more abominable one or even because some of his ancestors even were murder by those Christian rogues that cannot stop “loving” all human beings being their subservient sheep and worshiping the Christian superior ones as their (commanding) “good shepherds” …  


It is already lying and deceit to argue something respectably that is foul play and therefore despicableness and even abomination. That what is abominable must be presented to be abominable if the study is honest und truthful. Consequently, it is not wrong to infer that the author of this treatise regards those treatises about Christian sect that do not comply with this principle due to flaws and/or lack of brain as far as the concerned rightly want to escape from crimes or even murder of this abominable sect on them … Nobody is obliged to go the slaughter block of (religious) Mafiosi! The Christians do not stop such crimes and murders if they are able to perpetrate them with impunity. Christian politicians care for the latter!


Wherever something abominable is presented in a respectable manner or even as a reasonable and/or moral option of behavior lies, deceits and crimes of brainwashing are committed. As generally known, those Christian (religious) Mafiosi want to pursue their advantage, profit and others kinds of selfishness by stopping at nothing but want to pose as “persecuted ones, “martyrs”, “reverends”, “saints”, “holy fathers” etc. This is Christian underhandedness, insidiousness, perfidy and/or foul play or to say it by only two words: Christian abomination! Christians want to impede being debunked to foster, worship and appreciate abomination.



Temporarily let us summarize: There are already lies, deceits and there already is brainwashing presenting an abominable organized crime as something else but as an abomination! Each one doing something else hereby reveals flaws or incompetence and more over is promoting this organized crime, psychological terror, terrorism, unless he is not an open or camouflaged accomplice of this heinous sect full of murders.


Therefore, first one should provide evidence of honesty and truthfulness of Christian sect and afterwards one could object to the way, in which Christian sect is debunked by this author.

Shamming to be ignorant about Christian sect’s barbarities, atrocities and heinousness and to cant them as “accidents” only turns out the black -- and for two millennia refined -- skills of Christian lying, deceiving and brain washing.


Apart from that, this contradicts the downrightly correct recognitions of Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka: „Jesus Christ“) that everybody can be known by its fruits (see: Mt 7:16ff). This means that by its crimes Christianity can be known as bestiality. It is generally known that Christians claim that everybody is to know by his fruit, except the Christians and, in particular, Yehoshua-ben-Pandera (aka: „Jesus Christ“) … The latter extremely desire to be known by their extremely inventive apologies and canting they unload on the market for their „fruits“ …! As generally known, the Christians are never at a loss to produce excuses for their hypocrisy, mendacity, unscrupulousness, insidiousness, perfidy, infamy and foul play, especially, all the crimes and atrocities resulting from that … That is why they want to judge everybody by its fruits; however, they want to be known by their apologies …!


There is no (organized) crime in human history that is able to outdo bestiality of Christianity! The worse the conscience is, the more the hypocrites fake to be “innocents” ones, “prosecutes” ones, “martyrs” or even “saints” …! More over, Christian murders, mass-murders, and genocide are only the tip of the iceberg of Christian abomination! Those atrocities are the peak but not the bottom of Christian foul play. There is no foul play like the Christian one! Moreover, those atrocities the Christians perpetrated and perpetrated do not grow on trees but there are premises of the possibilities of such crimes. Those premises are Christian mendacity, Christian deceitfulness, Christian perfidy, Christian insidiousness, and Christian unscrupulousness or to say it by just two words: Christian depravity!


So, before finding fault with the harsh way the author of this treatise is debunking Christian organized crime, first the concerned should provide evidence that Christian sect is no foul play and abomination on humankind and afterwards they may complain of the way Christians are debunked, here.


Even if we do not want to snub somebody superfluously and unnecessarily, we have to object to this well meant advises: There are
· No trustworthy liars!
· No sincere deceivers!
· No honorable brutes!
· No lovable murders!
· No harmless mass-murderers and
· No moral barbarians!

So, let us summarize, once again: A harmless manner of writing requires that the object that is to scrutinize is without harm. Concerning Christianity, this is not the case. Whoever believes something else is already trapped by Christian foul play.  Nobody would mind writing on the Nazis in that manner we are applying to Christian sect since this would correspond with the Nazis' atrocities. Therefore, even more, it tallies with Christian perfidy, infamy and abomination! Here, to some extent the manner is brought into line with the Christian object of investigation. Why to some extent? Because Christian perfidy, infamy and abomination is past description and beyond comprehension!


Another matter making Christian sect very contemptible in principle and from the very outset stems from the Christian sinners’ fobbing of stupidity and depravity of a Mafia’s  way of thinking as so-to-speak „peak of philosophy“ on their  (weak-minded and moronic) conspecifics (fellow human beings).  The Mafia as well in Chicago as in Palermo is used to going to the shop owners telling them: Your shop is in danger of being raided. 


However, there is a possibility for you of becoming protected from that harm by giving us a good share of that what you earn, weekly or monthly. On this condition your are completely protected...  That those shamming “benefactors” indeed are the evildoers raiding those shops they cannot extort is that what makes those Mafiosi very contemptible.


In principle, Christian sect is nothing different from that. The Christian torturer and slaveholders tell their victims: Each is lost, each condemned going to hell grilling in a hot pan of oil, everlasting.  However, there is a way to protect you from that harm. This way is that you obey us and comply with everything we command you to do.


In both cases


·        the evildoers only saves from harm or disaster they only provide themselves,

·        the firebugs pose as (masked) firefighters of “brotherly love“ for the benefit of their own.




And what is more to say is that Christian religious Mafia is still much more unscrupulous and incomparably makes much more fortune than those economic type of Mafia.  Palming off this cesspool of spirit, intelligence and mind as „peak of philosophy“ on other  weak-minded make Christianity of model as well of ridiculousness as contemptibleness or permanent carnival. 



Respectably one only can point out matters that are respectable but not lies, deceits and crimes. The latter always is to compare with the claims and the gap between claims and reality causes ridiculousness and the laughing stocks but not an ill will of the critics.   



One only can expose lie as lie, deceit as deceit and abjection as abjection. Doing everything else means lie and oafishness or been taken in by deceivers. There is no respectability of Christianity! Imputing that to Christian sect is nothing but deceiving and/or goofiness.  



Whoever deals with Christianity in another way as the here mentioned philosophers are used to doing, thus already reveals himself that he does not know what this sect is about and that he is fallen for the Christian sinners tricks. There is no point in talking or reading about it any longer.



However, Christian sect is not only lunatically funny but also infamous like a (religious) Mafia. Already the attempt of this sect to fob a felon and death penalty convict of their own as “god” on other stems from a criminal aggressiveness that hardly can be outdone.


Even concerning the fact that it is about the most organized crime of our planet this criminal energy of that large scale is astonishing.  That is why readers believing that Christian sect is about god, love, truths, morals and justice etc. get shocked when reading treatises of authors seeing grounds through the waters the Christian sinners deliberately darkened.


Here, we want to quote some examples from Nietzsche’s „The Antichrist“:



"(Christian sinners are)...those insignificant bigots and the three-fourths insane may assume that the laws of nature are constantly suspended in their behalf." [6]



„ (Christianity is :) An attack of priests! An attack of parasites! The vampirism of pale, subterranean leeches!“ [7]



"... to a (Christian) priest: for his instincts prompt him to the lie that sickness is not sickness and lunatic asylums not lunatic asylums.." [8]


" (Christian sect)...this cowardly, effeminate and sugar-coated gang...“  [9]


These stealthy worms (of Christian sinners), which under the cover of night, mist and duplicity, crept upon every individual…"[10]


(Christianity is :) “Chandala-morality,”[11], “Chandala hatred”[12],  “Chandala revenge”[13], “ the sneakishness of hypocrisy, the secrecy of the conventicle,...[14]




·        That is the imperative way one has to write about those liars and deceivers stopping at nothing even not at the most abominable outrages and mass-murders. 

·        That is the manner, in which  one has to write on the most organized crime of our planet.




Whoever may write in a different manner might be a willing one – if not a furtive and sneaky Christian -- but does not know what is going on. Whoever argues in another way already proves by his manner to go completely off the subject, either because of imbecility or because he is a perfidious Christian. Cobblers overrating themselves rather should stick to their last and never meddle with things they do not understand.



 Those Christian “good shepherds” are not led by reason, honesty and decency but only by the concealed benefits and profits they (hope to) achieve by their foul play. Christians are only to reject, despise and condemn! Recognizing Christian sect means condemning this sect.


However, Christian sect never could exist without hoodwinking willing ones. Separating the deceivers from the duped is the beginning of the end of this abomination. That is what debunking of this sect is about – about nothing more but also nothing less!



Lying about oneself necessarily has lying about one's next ones, in its wake (bearing false witness about one's neighbors).  E.g., the lastcannot deceive themselves to be the "first" ones without lying the first to be the "last" ones or even jailing or killing the latter.  


The manner, in which one argues something, has to correspond to the matter. Otherwise, one precisely does that what we reproach Christian “theologians” to do: serving urine in golden cups or crap on trays made of other precious metals.


For instance, there is economy and there are economic crimes. There are honest businesspersons but there are also Mafiosi. Religion is not different from such social phenomena. Correspondingly, there are religions and religious (organized) crimes. Why religions should be else from that what individuals are? Because one has become Christian already by birth in a particular area of the globe …? Because as child one already was trained to be Christian …? Almost each Christian only offers that for his sect what he or she was drummed into believing. This fact stays true if even the male of female Christian denies just babbling that he or she is instilled to think and say … More over, Christian sect differs between those who may think and those who have to obey the “thinkers”, e.g., between “sheep” and “shepherds” … Where is superiority of Christian frocks degrading their fellow human beings to be “sheep” and exalting themselves to be “shepherds” …? Do not make me laugh …!


Those, who object the manner, in which we argue about Christian sect fail to see or do not want to see that the result of the investigation is already assumed beforehand or philosophically spoken: A circulus vitiosus is done. The latter means that that what should be the result is already presupposed before scrutinizing. Consequently, such “studies” about Christian sect only produce the premises of their own as “results” … We do not follow that absurdity, even if that stupidity is very reputed in Christianly enslaved societies.


 Here, we do not only produce evidence that Christianity is religious bestiality but even the most abominable organized crime that ever happened in history of our planet.   We do not honor crimes, organized crimes and other sorts of foul play and therefore we present despicableness in a due contemptible way.


Making a verdict on a matter one is unable to recognize is no moral attitude but coincidence of depravity and imbecility. Generally, being imbecile does not mean being depraved because lack of brain is no moral failure.  However, deliberately ignoring the limits of one’s own reveals depravity.  



Thus, not at all, it is about convincing those „stealthy worms“ (Nietzsche) of Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners).  One cannot repeat it enough


·     that  one never can convince a Mafia to give up committing its crimes – in the least, if its depraved, bloody and filthy business is running like clockwork --

·     Christian (deceivers) to condemn but not to convince


If Christians deserve something, then they are to be punished for their atrocities and barbarities. To them, that shall and must happen what they dream to inflict on those that turned out better by nature, hereafter.



One only can convince folks willing to be truthful and honest. However, for the advantage and selfishness of their own Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) are determined “lying at any price[15], “avoid knowing that is true[16] or “that the truth shall never be allowed its rights on any point.”[17] Christianity is “the most subterranean form of falsehood to be found on earth.”[18]  Whoever believes to talks in another way, is already be taken in by those planetary gang, unless, he is not one of those brutes in a sheep’s clothing. To those deceivers and brutes stopping at nothing for the selfishness of their own, one cannot argue but accomplish prevention of crimes.


Objektivations (incarnations) of perfidy as each other sort of criminals only are to punish but not to convince. Christianity is commitment to lies, deceit, self-deception and crimes at any price, even at that one of camouflaging perfidy and foul play of one’s own by its (moral) reverse to make them unassailable!





                     Millions of victims crying at the stake,

                    Jesus "Christ" is Satan’s fake!



If there is no punishment for Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) then everything will repeat in another “shape”… Christians fake to suffer for the sins of the world. So, why not first let them start to suffer for the very innumerous “sins” (foul play, crimes etc.) of their own? In this sense, Christian foul players truly have the chance to suffer for the sins (outrages, atrocities, barbarities and abominations) of their own, so that no individual ever would try installing a deceit and organized crime like Christian sect on our planet, again.

Oh yeah, if the Christian allegedly yearn for suffering for others, all the more they now should suffer for the foul play, especially for the atrocities and barbarities of their own!  More over, the latter is called prevention of crimes – an important reason for punishing criminals!


In that way, each punished criminal – Christian or non-Christian -- suffers vicariously…!


·      It is about to unmask the felons and (religious) Mafiosi and to impede them making victims, further on. 

·      It is about to put the “the sick needing a physician” (Lu 5:31) on those marks (of Cain) in human societies that are proper for them. 


The Christian cross is a mark of Cain. Christian sect is a sect of Cain.  In particular, by the crusades the Christian terrorists (Christians' cant: "innocent" sinners) reified their cross as mark of Cain.



How the author of this treatise lightens the darkened waters or knowledge about the planet’s most abominable organized crime is now to study in the following.



First provide evidence that Christianity is no crime of deceit instigating to hypocrisy, lies, mendacity, insidiousness, perfidy, infamy and other sorts of foul play and crimes or even atrocities and afterwards you may complain of  the way this sect is debunked, here.  Everything else is a circulus vitiosus, viz, here underhandedly is presupposed that beforehand what should be proofed (as result). Already mostly repressed and canted history of this sect at first sight saliently accounts something else. Not to mention that any premise about “honesty” and “truthfulness” of Christianity does not stand closer examination. This only can be denied by conditioning (brainwashing) Christian frocks are used to mastering, shrewdly. Failing to see through this abomination of foul play, in particular insidiousness, perfidy, infamy, (organized) crime, atrocity and barbarity does not mean that it does not exist since in contrast with Christians’ (and Nazis’) allegations, faith cannot shift mountains and the truths, not at all! Unlike Christian „theologians“ or other sorts of depraved Christian jugglers of  foul play  we do not serve  feces  in golden cups and on  golden trays. The author of this treatise objects to doing so  even if the concerned so gladly and/or with rage and/or even by crimes want to force others to do so …  To make a long story bluntly short: Arguing Christian sect in another way than ancient Greek philosopher Celsus (about 178), German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844 – 1900) and the author of this treatise  are doing first is bias and/or  partisan and secondly  nothing but thieves’ cant –  the canting  of thieves and/or (religious) rogues n’  frocks n’ (intellectual) frogs  wanting to give impression of a “honorable society”…!





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